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7DRLs / Long Dark Dark Night [7DRL 2016 success]
« on: March 12, 2016, 08:47:19 PM »
Hi all.
This is a roguelike about engineer who must repair some machinery to save some light, because there are bad things in the darkness. Monsters kill you with first hit, so your only hope is the light that distracts and dissipates them.

I had 7drl.orgs posts with announcement, but it's down so i'm creating topic here.
Programmed with FreePascal using BearLib libraries (of which BearLibTerminal is most well-known and well-developed, but others will be hopefully boosted soon.)
Windows only, sorry. Oh, and perhaps ingame english is ugly.

Honestly not best of my entries, but all mechanics are done, somewhat playable and winnable. Pretty unpolished and perhaps unbalanced, i should been spending more nights on it instead of sleeping or gaming, but oh well.
Download link is here:

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Liberation of Yarna (7DRL 2013)
« on: March 17, 2013, 10:29:29 AM »
Hello all, this my second official 7DRL (and fourth if count OoC).

Or, unless you care about strict following the rules, you should get "7drl+12h" version with two bugs fixed:

    This year i decided to don't learn new language at this challeng but instead try to implement relatively complex idea. So I used Ruby language, UI system from another my project and BearLib as a "libtcod-killer". The goal was to make roguelike in a city with "living" citizens, playing as a saboreur.

    The plot is roughly based on sci-fi novels about Sagon Wars. But I'm definitely not ready to create game about this universe as this is my favorite novels. So i favoured gameplay and simplicity of realization over recreating athmosphere or following the spirit of books.

    You are an agent, sent to different cities of planet Yarna with a mission to cause maximum damage before full scale invasion. You must bomb bioweapon factories, kill v.i.p., set up listening devices and do other espionage actions. Well, i have implemented only factories, but also added missions to kill knastors (members of jedi-like order).

    Due to limited time frame i replaced 'concept of many missions in one generated city' to concept 'each mission in a new generated city' that is less fun, but was much easier to implement. Many features remains unimplemented, and others does not works as intended - enemies can do everyday things relatively good (but i don't think player can see it), but their reaction to player crimes is pretty stupid.
   Also, today i dicovered two serious bugs in 7drl version (mission with knastors is unwinnable and regeneration don't starts if player didn't have proteins atm of wound, but got them later). They are fixed in 7drl+12h version, but this is of cource out of challenge already.

Early Dev / Mech combats roguelike in Ruby
« on: March 19, 2011, 12:19:37 PM »
The best way of learning a new language is to write a game in it. So it's my first attempt to create something in Ruby and my first attempt to use Curses library.
I've used algorithms from roguebasin page about ruby (permissive FOV and Bresenham). At first I've used recommended at roguebasin library NCurses, but there is no compiled version of this module for ruby 1.9, so i migrated to standard curses module (sadly it doesn't support some keypresses (arrows and numpad without Numlock)).

The link is

You need a Ruby ( to run it though. I have only tried it in Windows, but it should works in linux too (at least i hope so).

Early Dev / Witch vs. zombies (WitchRL)
« on: February 18, 2011, 09:23:13 AM »
Hi all. I'm glad to announce my small project of semi-realtime roguelike with a non-standard magic system.
I've created the first version in 7 days (that was 7 holidays though), but it was in russian.

Now i have a bugfix and balancetweak release, translated to english (my english isn't very good, but i hope it's understandable).

- original magic system, based on placing energy sources and drawing lines between them.
- In-game tutorial, integrated into game plot
- burn zombies with fire, summon demons and golems.
- OpenGL graphics with gradients (no shaders and other features though - i'm not a designer anyway).
- Open source (in FreePascal)

Download link:

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