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Hi, I enjoyed your game enough to create an account just to give feedback.

So far, have won once each with a Human Pugilist worshipping Urgoth for all 3 endings. Questions and comments so far:

1) Except for incorporeal enemies, I never seem to attract enemies before I can see them. Is this a case of "If I can't see you, you can't see me?"

2) Worshipping evil deities seem to come with too few drawbacks.
a)Their sole dislike is something that you practically have to commit on purpose
b)There's a certain named orge on a certain island on the west side of the world that's always generated friendly, which I think is due to us sharing the same diety. This gives me impunity to slaughter his comrades before I need to focus on him.
c) I can attack and slaughter hirelings for their enchanted gear, and not only not get penalised, I even gain piety for it.

3) Wouldn't it be more intuitive to have base speed be 100?

4) The gods seem to be all melee. They do hit hard, but when you are a pugilist who's been boosted by the Smith, you hit back harder, and you end up being more afraid of their spellcasting goons, since the gods do you the favour of walking up to you so you can punch them in the face.

5) Possibly related to 1), but I found that half the time, entering the shrines from the bottom entrance allowed me to grab the gems without a fight.

6) Would it be possible to set your own keybindings? I lost a couple of characters due to accidentally double-pressing Y on to a mountain before I learnt to give them a wide berth.

7) Weaving seems like it doesn't scale well. I raised it to 100 for 1 game, and promptly decided to stick with having it in the teens for my future games. (I did read your previous comment about revisiting crafting skills when the game is more mature though)

8) Food seems really plentiful and easy to get. This was already the case before I figured out where the Hunting trainer was. This turned the starvation counter into more of a "how long do I have to wait before I can consume this corpse for resists?"

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