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Forced Gameplay

I once heard it said that players and developers enter into an unwritten, hard to define contract during the game experience. Before purchase you have a general sense of what the game entails, and then in-game the general framework is laid out for you regarding what you can and cannot do. When this contract is broken, frustration ensues. This is why Final Fantasy XV’s Chapter 13 had to be remade post-launch. The developer forces you to play in a way that was either optional or did not exist up until this point.

We all know about the ham-fisted stealth mechanics that are thrown in without the control scheme or AI to back it up. Or the most classic example – forced party members in an RPG. Remember when we told you you could pick your own party members? Well good luck beating that boss now with this level three dude. Sometimes it makes sense story-wise (you can’t really use Aerith after she’s dead), but most times it could’ve been avoided. How about the Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts, because we all bought that game to battle through space in a rocket ship right? Ok Square Enix you win, I will upgrade the damn Gummi Ship. Just this once.

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