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A new release of Dragon's Lunch is now available.
Get it here:

Added notes to find and read.
Added a new type of room - large circular room with lots of the same type of monster.
Added a Steam achievement for each descent.

Improved the turret trap room - turrets now rotate and fire by themselves.
Remove the orange twisty passages as they didn't add to the game play.
Added code to reduce the number of dead end corridors.
These two changes result in much better maps now.
The Dragon now has much more hit points.

Added some usability improvements to the menus and in game messages.
Separated the local and steam high score buttons on the high score screen.
Added a prompt to press the Escape key when the player dies.

Fixed an issue with treasure rooms getting no exits due to the doors being secret.
Giant Spiders no longer spawn at random in walls.
Start room with 4 keys can no longer place a door leading off the level into the void.
Fixed some issues with updating the light after opening and closing doors.
Fixed some issues with updating the light after shooting wands.
Fixed a bug which allow the player to take all items instead of one from some treasure rooms.
Turrets are no longer placed where they would block passageways.
Fixed a bug that allowed the player to glide through monsters when swinging her weapon.
Fixed a bug that caused instant death when the player collided with moving walls.
Fixed a bug with uploading the high score to steam.
Fixed a crash problem with loading save games that have a puzzle trap.

Dragon's Lunch will be released on Steam on September 12.

Dragon's Lunch now has an Editor where you can create your own Modules!
Comes with the following premade modules:

Added a new dynamic lighting system which greatly enhances the gameplay visuals.
Added Steam Integration support including High Scores and Achievements.
Added mouse support to the menus and revamped the main menu to support the new features.

Added turrets that fire periodically.
Scroll to the player position after a teleport.
Arrows can now trigger levers (which leads to more interesting traps).
Added Explode traps.
Traps can be undisarmable.
Added scrolls that are just written notes.
Added fire sound effects.
Improved the Dragon's attack.
Allow the start animation to be turned off.

Prevented monsters generating on top of fires (and instantly dying).
Prevented chests generating on top of fires.
Shattering no longer destroys word puzzle floor traps.
Dragons no longer appear on level 11.
Fixed word puzzle problem with back door aligned with wall so cant get out.
Fixed problem with Room that needs 4 keys - had an exit off the level.
Prevent teleports into closed areas.
Fixed issue with taking off armour.
Now shows big and dead monsters on the map.
Improved earth tiles for corners.
Remove floating text when item is chosen in a ChooseOne trap.
Fixed crash bug with firing arrow before moving at the start of the game.
Monsters who summon no longer get stuck to the summoned monster.

v.1.3.0 of Dragon's Lunch has been uploaded to and the humble store.

Now supports treasure chests and load/save!!

Many thanks to everyone for their support!

**** Play the free demo of the first 4 levels ***
See links at the bottom.

Added new game modes -
   IronMan - no Load or Save.
   WedgeMan - can Load and Save at any point by pressing the Save hotkey (default F5), but this quits the current game. Reloading in, deletes the save game file (this is standard Roguelike saving).
   PutterMan - can Load and Save at any point by pressing the Save hotkey (default F5).
High score is now ordered by mode.
New menu font to make it more readable.
Added option to turn off menu music.

Added chests which may be locked requiring a key, and will contain an item.
Added new room with lightning and mirrors.
Changed bow graphic to arrows.
Changed stairs down graphic.
Now shows the way down highlighted on the map.
Floor traps now indicate better when they are recharging.
Improved the shoot web and shoot turret sounds.

Tweaked the weapons to hit more often.
Made the Turn Undead wand less powerful.
Potion of speed now also speeds up combat.
Potion of protection potion now gives total immunity from attacks.
Reduced the number of arrows lying on the ground from 20 to 10 per bundle.
Improved the distribution of items across the levels.
Dragons now flee and heal faster.
Effect damage from weapons is now a percentage chance of effecting based on the number of enchantments.
Reduced the probability of monsters deflecting missiles.
Reduced the effect of paralysis.
Can no longer paralyse stone walls.

Goblin fire pit no longer appears in twisty passage.
Teleporting yourself by reflection no longer causes crash.
Ensured the information trap in treasure vaults can be reached.
Fixed bow melee animation.
Ensured monsters healing from healing trap is at the same rate as player.
Fixed the gas flames graphic.
Added exception handling around file i/o.
Fixed crash if pickup weapon/arrows when no weapon wielded.
Monsters no longer spawn on fire pits.
Chests no longer spawn on fires pits.
Shattering no longer destroys word puzzle floor traps.
Big dragons can no longer appear above level 12!
Word puzzle back door aligned with wall is now accessible.
Room that needs 4 keys no longer puts an exit off the level.
Big Spiders dont get blocked by other monsters.
Teleport can no longer end up in closed areas.

Please support Dragon's Lunch on Steam.

v.1.2.0 of Dragon's Lunch has been released.

Many thanks to everyone who supported the game so far!

**** The free demo has been extended to 4 levels to show off a new style on level 4. ***


Added new water based level.
Add player and weapon animations for 8 directions.
Added swing animations for each weapon.
Added hit boxes for each weapon. Spears are more effective from further away.
Reduced the weapon swing delay each time the player strength is increased.
Synchronised the weapon swing sound to the animation better.
Added see-through 'crystal' walls that reflect magic missiles.
Added better looking water tiles.
Added new monster - giant spider.
Improved the keep distance trait used by Goblin Wizards etc
Improved the lighting and 'seeing' graphics.
Added blood effects when striking monsters.
Reduced the time between hammer swings.

Bard no longer tries to mesmerize the dead player.
Fixed case sensitivity problems with the file names in linux.
Added exception handling around file I/O.
Made sure summon wall trap can summon enough walls to fill the chasm gap.
Mushrooms healing has no longer heal the player if the player is dead.
Don't allow treasure pedestals to be in front of the doorway.
Can no longer see treasure messages thru walls if a monster steps on the trap.
Special weapons can no longer get multiple special properties.
Don't leave inventory full message up forever.
Special hammer now always shatters when the player swings it.
Changed the file names to conform to case sensitivity for linux version.
Fixed paralysis weapon animation.

Please support Dragon's Lunch Greenlight on Steam.


v1.1.0 of Dragon's Lunch has been released.
(Free demo of first 3 levels on

Now supports fire effects!!

Added support for fire effects - Fireballs will now set fire to everything flammable.
Added fire pits.
Cold missiles will put out fires and torches.
Added puddles of water on the floor.
Fixed the display of the health bar and effect symbols when a monster has been 'giantised'.
Fixed bug in treasure rooms if the player dropped the selected treasure and then tried to pick it up again.

Programming / Re: Roguelike graphics project
« on: February 22, 2017, 10:18:00 AM »
These are great  :D

I did a bit of editing to the Brogue font files once and made the J look like a jackal with eyes, arms etc

Me and my son nearly bust a gut each when we saw what it did to the text messages in the game ;D

Thanks very much for the comments guys.

Looks good,  Oryx stylings it seems?

What's the current state of the game's development?  Future plans considering then?

Version 1 has been released.
If things go well I will look at adding more features, monster abilities, dungeon level types etc
Another possibility I am looking at is extracting all the data to external files so that it could be modded.

(I had to google Oryx - a lot of the graphics were inspired by the old Gervais tile set)

Looks like a cute action "rpg" shooter, but it's not a roguelike. As if we didn't have enough these games flooding this forum that was originally for roguelikes. Of course moderators never delete these, but they do delete and lock actual discussion about real stuff. I'm getting so tired and frustrated about this situation.

Sorry about that, I did post in Announcements and put "real time" in the post title. Without getting into whether it's a roguelike or not, can I just say that the objective was to make it as roguelike as possible in the gameplay, but in real time (and not in ASCII). It's not a shooter - running around hacking everything up will get you killed pretty fast like it would in Angband, Tome etc.
So for me it's a roguelike but not using ASCII, and in real time - but each to their own.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Dragon's Lunch v1.5.0 released.
« on: February 18, 2017, 12:58:02 PM »
Hi there all.
I hope it's okay to announce my game in my first post.
I didn't see any forum rules to the contrary.
I've been visiting temple of the rogue like for years but of course never joined the forum  ::)

Dragon's Lunch is a real time rogue like heavily influenced by Brogue and to a lesser extent Tome and Angband.
It's currently available for Windows with Linux/MacOS to follow.

12 levels.
Randomly generated levels.
20+ monsters/npcs with unique abilities.
Weapons, Armour, Wands, Scrolls and Potions.
Trap rooms.
No pause.

*** Runs in real time ***

There's a 3 level playable demo on the website.

And also a video taster:
Promo Video:

Would love to hear your feedback.

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