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Hey guys, new update live for Warsim!

Mostly new throne room stuff, some fixes, and a new character!


New Warsim update 1.18

Bringing new throne room encounters, bug fixes, and a player voted suggested to be able to ask your allies to attack other kingdoms

Warsim 45% off for the Endless Replayability Fest! If you've been on the fence grab it now :)

And if you know any friends that might like it let them know!

Calling all Warsim-likes! That's right if anyone knows any Warsimlikes or has their own little project let me know

There are more than you might think but many have slipped through the cracks through the years and I want to give them their due

Read more here -

New Warsim Update Live!

Including some bugfixes, improved recruiting, the ability to finally attack and rule the city of Shaian, and a collab with the CK3 mod Godherja adding some new kingdom names, some new kingdom types, and some lich filled towers in the lands beyond!

New Warsim update live!

With 5 new starts for the game that drastically change how the start of the game goes, and some bugfixes and tweaks and pics of the new Warsim coins!

Hello! New Update live!

Warsim 1.1.5 (Vassalisation War Update)

* Adds the ability to attack kingdoms and force them to be a vassal
* Some new musicians to the music guild
* Bugfixes and undead tweaks
* 2 new lands beyond encounters
* Some new content (kingdom names/hero names)
* Extras' Generators screen better displayed
* Recruiter knight system reworked

See the full changelog and screenshots here!


Wrote a big article on steam for Warsim's 9th Anniversary with a shitload of stats and history!

New Warsim update live!


* Godtier Arena Update
* New battle opinion system
* Some encounters and bugfixes

New Warsim update, I know we had one 3 days ago but hey merry xmas and happy hols!

New Merc stuff and some other things :)


New Warsim update adding a gnome wonderland, and a bunch of new features

Also a pic of my new Warsim tattoo!

Warsim 1.1 released with some fixes and features to celebrate the steam sale and awesome support warsim has had from it's community lately

Info, screens, etc here -

New video up explaining the history and existence of Warsim! (explicit language! sorry)

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