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As for the inventory issues people have mentioned, are you able to page the inventory?  This is something that probably needs to be explained better, but the keys to use to page are in the message at the bottom of the inventory screen.  It should allow going back and forth between pages to allow you to select any inventory item.  Is this buggy as well?

I'm able to page through the inventory just fine, using [,] and [.]. However, attempting to select some items in the drop menu will turn the page instead of dropping the item. I can drop them (usually) if I filter which item type is to be displayed, though.

- The pickup thing is a bug with huge creatures such as Ogres and Giants (see my post above for how to fix it in your local copy).

Oh, I probably should have mentioned that the pickup issues I experienced were on a goblin. I was incapable of picking up large stacks of items - after dropping a stack of ~100 ivory pieces, I couldn't pick them up again. I could pick up other items in smaller stacks, however.

The game looks really interesting, and I'm excited to see how it develops.

Am I correct in thinking that beserker's rings give +10 to damage? I found a couple of them in Siriath's dungeon with my thief, resulting in a 2-hit kill on Siriath. Do they have some sort of downside that I can't see?

Not really a bug, but... is there a more efficient way to travel over water? Having to carry a boat in my inventory seems to be a unnecessarily burden on the character. I'm afraid to ever drop it, for fear of losing it - especially in the dungeon on the island to the northeast.

As for bugs...

-In dungeon generation, I noticed that sometimes doors generate next to each other in odd formations. Groups of 4, and such.

-Holding a poisoned dagger in hand, picking up another poisoned dagger will stack them in my hand. I don't know if that's affecting my damage, but I'm assuming that's not intended. I was playing as a goblin thief, if that means anything.

- There was a fisherman in a town that I visited in the northwest, with no water on the town map. "Good fishing, today." Seems out of place.

- I've also had inventory issues - there aren't enough keys to be designated to items, I can't select some items in the drop screen, and some items (ivory pieces, to be exact) can't be picked up after they are dropped ("You cannot carry that many items.").

-Additionally, I can't leave the dungeon under the old castle northwest of the first town. To be specific, it's the northern dungeon behind the castle - I cannot ascend the < to get out. ("There is no exit in that direction.")

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