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Hey everyone! I'm sorry I disappeared for so long: our third and fourth episodes are now available on Soundcloud and iTunes. I will also post links to thos at the end of this post. We also did an interview with Oleg Dolya, creator of Pixel Dungeon, which can be read on our website. On that post I also explained hwy I've been gone for almost four months - the show IS getting back on track now though and we expect to be very consistently posting content through the rest of this year!

Episode 3:

Interview with Oleg Dolya:

Episode 4:

One of my first RLs, awesome game. Found it through the marvel of HOTU and been playing occasionally ever since (though also not enough to get anywhere significant).

It`s a real gem, complex and original, with an added bonus of retro-cute Win 3.1 design. I can run it straight, without any wrappers on my Win XP machine, sound also works fine.

I also recall playing the DEC original...probably on some online portal, though don`t remember where now. The sequel, Mission Firestorm is said to be even better - haven`t got around to trying it yet though. Can be found at Macintosh Garden.

Yeah I haven't played Firestorm either, would LOVE to though! I've tried setting up Mac emulators to do it, but about half way through realize I have no clue what I'm doing and whatever I am doing isn't working haha  :o

Yes, that is where I downloaded it from originally! Do the sounds work for you? I find they don't seem to work on my computer - they're a bit laggy.

Our second episode is now live, and we are finally on iTunes! You can go check it out here!

In this episode we discuss Ananias and interview Santiago Zapata, slashie himself!

For our next two episodes we will be discussing Pixel Dungeon and Shattered Pixel Dungeon: more info about that in the blog post! Love all the feedback everyone, feel free to keep sending it in! :)

Player's Plaza / Re: Rogue-likes and Diablo 3
« on: May 08, 2015, 10:32:09 PM »
For me, when I am looking at Roguelikes, I also like to look at games that are INFLUENCED by the Roguelike genre. Diablo is undoubtedly inspired by the roguelike genre, in particular the first game which may not have a lot of the gameplay features of roguelikes, but the inspiration and THEME of the game are undoubtedly roguelike inspired. The theme of descending into a randomly/procedurally generated dungeon with a task that involves fighting and surviving your way down to the final level is a very clear roguelike theme.

While I wouldn't label Diablo and Diablo-clones (and I do say Diablo-clones and not ARPGs, because ARPGs could mean a lot of games that are NOT like Diablo) roguelikes, necessarily, for me my love of Diablo-clones comes from my love of Roguelikes, and the ways in which they are similar. So while I do agree that I wouldn't label them as roguelikes, I do NOT agree with the way most people seem to just dismiss the idea of there being any connection between the two, and refusing to discuss them. There is a huge connection there, and I think that history is important!

I think it's totally fine too - I mean I've started a podcast called LikeLikeLite for a reason, clearly I'm okay with games that mix it up! I think the main difficulty that is always going to come up with this is that... people are going to view roguelikes as being whatever few games they are familiar with, and unfortunately people don't really like to learn more about the games they are playing, thus the misunderstanding Samildanach was talking about. I think people need to be encouraged to learn more about the genre, but it needs to be done THROUGH the games that they love. If your reaction to someone who loves Spelunky or Binding of Isaac or Dungeons of Dredmor is condescending, rude, and dismissive, you're not going to be encouraging those people to look into the traditional roguelikes that you love. And this is something that I think is true for entertainment in general - if you meet someone who is interested in roguelikes but has only played The Crypt of the NecroDancer and Ziggurat, that could be a great shooting off point to recommend they try out NetHack (maybe recommend some good tilesets they can use to ease them into it, or they can get Vulture on Steam) or other such games. There are so many options out there if people are just encouraged to explore them.

Player's Plaza / Re: free RL for android
« on: May 08, 2015, 10:16:57 PM »
There are actually very user friendly ports of NetHack and UnNetHack on the play store right now:

That link is for NetHack and the same user also has UnNetHack up. They did a surprisingly good job of making the user face... just work on mobile - something I never thought possible. I love being able to have NetHack on the go like this, and UnNetHack has the DawnHack tileset (my favourite) built into it, though both also let you use any tileset you want!

I just discovered there is an introduction thread, and I had never posted on it!

Hello everyone! My name is Barry, and I have started a new roguelike podcast called LikeLikeLite, that is aiming to offer a different, but equally as entertaining discussion on roguelikes than the current podcasts out there! Our focus is on getting as much player perspective as possible, while only having developer involvement specifically when we are discussing that developer's game. Our second episode is coming up soon (been a few setbacks for this one, but we're coming back strong) and I am very excited about our upcoming Pixel Dungeon special!

As for me, I am a LONG time roguelike fan, and lurker of these forums - my love of roguelikes began before I even knew what the genre was, when I was just a kid with Fatal Labyrinth on the Sega Genesis and JauntTrooper: Mission Thunderbolt on our old Mac. Now I am obsessed with the genre, enough so that I went and started a podcast.

I look forward to discussing roguelikes with all of you, and hope you'll check out the podcast when you get a chance! Our second episode is about Ananias and features the creator of the game, who also just happens to be the creator of this website ;)

Hello everybody!

So I was thinking about this game recently, and I saw that there was a thread here where the creator of Mission Thunderbolt offered to make it available to folks on the forum, as the thread was largely about getting our hand on this game again. What I DIDN'T find, though, was any discussion ABOUT the game itself!

How many of you have played this game? What do you think? What are some of your experiences with it?

Mission Thunderbolt was one of two games that introduced me to the genre (along with Fatal Labyrinth for the Sega Genesis) and still remains one of the most prominent games in my life - I frequently go back to it and am amazed by the complexity of all the possible interactions - one of my favourites being when I accidentally and unwittingly befriended a troglodyte by getting it out of a jam, and it proceeded to be the most useful ally I'd ever had in a roguelike. Ever.

Would love to hear some thoughts / stories about this game! Is anyone, like me, still playing it?

Other Announcements / Re: LikeLikeLite Podcast
« on: April 20, 2015, 07:21:48 AM »
Sorry I haven't replied in a while! Been busy both with working on the podcast and just with life in general. Thank you guys so much for your replies, and to you vultures for your enthusiasm!  :D

Episode two will be out this week, finally! Editing is taking a bit longer than planned, but it's on the way! We also are now on iTunes, so things are running much smoother for us!

For our NEXT episode we will be talking about Pixel Dungeon and Shattered Pixel Dungeon - BOTH episodes will be featuring Evan Debenham, the creator of Shattered Pixel Dungeon, AND we will be doing a separatei nterview with Oleg Dolya, creator of Pixel Dungeon!

Would love your input on these games! What do you think of them? What do you like / dislike? What questions would you ask the developers of the games?

I'll make another post / update the main post once our second episode is up! :)



Other Announcements / Re: LikeLikeLite Podcast
« on: March 28, 2015, 01:21:29 AM »
Hahaha I appreciate your enthusiasm! ^_^

We do have episode coming up where the interviews are separate somewhat, and some where we don't even have the dev on. I do like having them involved in the conversation though as they can comment on things we're saying. Ruari admitted that he loves hearing people talk about his game and had a tendency to get caught up listening to us hahaha :P .  Tried to keep it as balanced as possible though.

Also her name is Jaya, and if you check on Twitter she is following LikeLikeLite, so be sure to follow her! She's got some pretty cool projects on the way aside from this that she'll likely be tweeting about :)

Other Announcements / Re: LikeLikeLite Podcast
« on: March 26, 2015, 08:40:14 PM »
Don't worry, stuff like audio levels and whether to include music just has to be felt out as you go along. It'll take at least a few episodes to really settle on the best format for you.

Mr Zapata has done a variety of interesting stuff, including roguelike adaptations of Zelda, Mega Man and Metroid for previous 7 Day Roguelike challenges. It'll be good if you manage to get him on the podcast.

He has definitely agreed to do it we're just working out a time. With 7DRL going on messaging can be a bit on the slow side haha! Pretty excited about it though, he's a big name for sure!

Thx for sharing your enthusiasm, will listen and post apropriate feedback.

Just glancing over it 'cause I couldn't play the EP1 from website, and I've found the Archive. Great! There are downloads, but dudes - 120 megs of mp3? There's OGG, M4A, Real Audio (though not entirely free) and of course - AAC. The Advanced Audio works extremely well as far as compressing podcasts is concerned. And because its supremacy regarding Lossy settings, packing 22 kHz files with it offers fantastic results.
Just pointing it out though, not complaining the very least, dudes. :-). For reference, imagine across-web Tubes without the 144 setting for mobiles / poor connections, even though it is meant for streaming to those on-the-move devices.

Irregardless, what an excellent idea to begin with! :-)

I know! Over on Reddit Darren Grey noted the same thing haha. SoundCloud seems to play it pretty well, but we're currently working on trying to get the file size down, and DEFINITELY will for the next episode. It also came out much longer than we had planned, which adds on to that ginormous file size!  :-\

This has been a huge learning experience for all of us haha. Hopefully we get a smaller version uploaded soon, but if not the next episode for sure will be much more reasonable in size.

Other Announcements / Re: LikeLikeLite Podcast
« on: March 25, 2015, 08:38:48 PM »
Thanks guys! I haven't even thought about that, but I will definitely make sure to start off with a short intro to the game. That is definitely a great idea!

As for the music, that is good feedback as well! We did have some sound issues with this being our first time, so it may have been better had that been corrected (I didn't realize while setting up the audio that I had turned my mic down really low -_- ) but whether or not to have background music is definitely something we are still discussing, so thanks for that input! Maybe we'll reupload this episode without it, going to have to talk to the editor on that one haha

Also, in case anyone is following this thread: our next episode is going to be about Ananias and we would love to get some input on what people think of that game! We are also hoping to have Santiago Zapata join us for the episode, so if there's anything you want us to ask him about Ananias or any of his other work, please let us know! :D

Hello everyone!

My name is Barry and I have started a new podcast with some friends called LikeLikeLite. The purpose of our podcast is to give the player's perspective on roguelikes, and games with roguelike elements. Our panel is made up of a diverse group of gamers that have different levels of experience with roguelikes, and each episode we will be playing a new game and discussing it! In between episodes I also hope to be posting in this forum and on other social media websites, looking to get comments from the community about the next game we will be discussing. Those comments will then help shape what we will be discussing, what questions we will be asking developers, and likely will be mentioned on the show!

Our first episode is about Cardinal Quest 2, and guest stars creator Ruari O'Sullivan. You can listen to it here!

At the time of posting the episode and the bonus clip are not available on iTunes or SoundCloud, but I am working on it! The episodes should be available there soon! Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

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