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Classic Roguelikes / Re: TomeNet — MMORPG roguelike game
« on: September 17, 2017, 01:16:28 AM »
- There are a lot of old rumours about NetHack Online (InterHack, HackNet).. I tried hard to be able to play Nethack online, but didn't get success; it seems all devs abandoned their work long time ago, clients doesn't work.

Interhack was actually shut down and morphed into Rogue Element RPG. The code is well established and the game is certainly playable. However I am unable to dedicate the time necessary to build the momentum on the game (having a full time job does that).

Classic Roguelikes / Re: TomeNet — MMORPG roguelike game
« on: October 10, 2015, 09:33:17 PM »
the only actively developed MMO-roguelike nowadays.

Incorrect. Rogue Element RPG is in active development. Big differences between Rogue Element RPG and TomeNet:

* Fully turn based gameplay (and there is no need to wait for other players)

* Multi-lingual (English and Japanese are supported right now)

* 3d client (I have put development on hold for this as my laptop is so old and I can not afford something newer to improve the graphics)

There is one server online in the US and I can easily expand to have more servers.

Is it ready for gameplay? Almost - I still have to arrange at least one quest for the game and improve the monster AI a little more.

Screenshots etc.:

Incubator / Rogue Element RPG - Testers Wanted
« on: April 04, 2015, 06:47:49 AM »
I am after about ten people to conduct some testing for Rogue Element RPG. It is a fully turn based multi-player roguelike similar to Nethack. While I would like to say the game is in a beta state, I would have to say it is very much in an alpha stage - so there will be plenty of crashes and problems during testing.

What will you get in return? If you have actively engaged in the testing process, you will get free access to the game once it is officially online.

The server is currently located in the US, and players in other locations may find the ping times are too slow to make the game playable.

There are currently two client versions available: Linux-32bit-Curses and Windows-32bit-Curses.

You can contact me through one of the following methods:

1. Facebook:

2. Website:

3. Leave a message through these forums.

Yeah, yeah - there have been plenty of discussions on this in the past... however rather than talk about how to do it, I thought I would tell the story about the development process.

In the next couple of weeks I plan on finally starting the servers up for my first Roguelike, Rogue Element RPG. Shameless plug - you can see some screenshots on the Facebook page:

It all started in about 1998 - 17 years ago now. I wanted to create a turn based multi player roguelike. And so did every other RL player. I read through many of the original emails and find that quite often people have great ideas about what THEY want developed in a game, but few actually have the coding skill to actually write the code required (let alone the time to dedicate to such a project).

Often you come across a huge number of challenges when coming up with something new or innovative in terms of a game. Rogue Element RPG has been through about two complete re-writes from scratch. It is a hard decision to make, but sometimes you make fundamental assumptions in earlier code that can not be fixed. Some people would say you can avoid this with good planning, however when writing something so different there are no guides on what the algorithms look like.

Sometimes you need to take a break from programming. In fact often the solution to a complex problem is very simple, you just have to give yourself time to think about it. Initially the movement in Rogue Element RPG mean the use of real time when players were physically close on the map. It took quite a number of years thinking about how to come up with a solution that allows players to remain turn based the whole time.

About a week ago I came across a problem in gameplay that could have resulted in major problems whichever way I looked at it. So I took a break and worked on some other things. The solution was ultimately very simple - but it was only by taking a break that it was solved.

Be ambitious, but not too much. I have heaps of grand ideas for the future development of Rogue Element RPG. I have added support for multiple languages, 3D graphics and a variety of other things. However many of these things will take time to develop. If you are too ambitious you will spend all your time working toward something that will never be ready for the big time.

But take a risk. Do I think my game is ready for release? No. There are bugs. The server still crashes from time to time. There are things that annoy me. The monster movement code is not fantastic. But sometimes you need to put your game out there and see what happens.

People will not like some of my decisions. For instance I am going to charge a small amount for access to the server(s). But in return, players will be able to be rewarded in the game as well. Permadeath is still enabled.

Use another game as a basis for what you want, but when you are comfortable, do not worry about drifting away from that game. Rogue Element RPG is based originally on Nethack 3.4.3. However in the last 12 months I have removed anything that strictly ties my game to the original (mainly for copyright reasons). Your game can be as unique as you want, but if players are familiar with what your game is based on, they will likely find it easier to adapt.

And finally - don't give up. Rogue Element RPG is my 17 year roguelike. I have spent countless hours coding and trawling through code dumps to track down bugs. It is very possible to have a independent turn-based multi-player roguelike. No co-op, no real-time.

Other Announcements / Re: Nathan withdrew Interhack from sourceforge
« on: February 28, 2015, 03:15:06 AM »
It was taken down because the Interhack code breached copyright of some other code that was included in Interhack many eons ago.

I have spent the last 6-9 months working hard on Rogue Element RPG - the follow-on from Interhack. In fact in the next few days I hope to be releasing a project on to raise initial funding to get the servers online in a few months time. Rogue Element take Interhack several steps further...

* Fully independent turn based multiplayer. This means no waiting for other players to move. It is not real time. You move when you want, other players move when they want.

* Multi-lingual support. There is still a fair bit of work to do, but the game has been designed so you can play along side other players with different languages, and yet still read the messages in your native language.

and finally...

* A 3D interface. This has really been developed in the last three weeks, and is progressing rapidly. Unfortunately I can not release too many images at this stage as I borrowed the 3D models from a variety of sources and need to replace with my own models.

You can find some screenshots from Rogue Element RPG on

There will be a small fee to play and the 2D curses interface will be free to download. The 3D graphical version will be a small once off fee to download.

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