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Made a brainfuck interpreter in the library for general practice :D

Might be offtopic, but the library is fast enough to make it viable!

Edit: hey, I'm gettin bits of issues: when I run the .exe normally it sets itself up OK but when I run it with cmd.exe it doesn't set up the font. Any ideas why?

Been a while hehe but I've gotten round to playing with it again and, well, got this thingy here --- "error: 'terminal_delay' was not declared in this scope". Every other thing I've used works so it's not bad linking, and I copied it off the API reference a couple of times just to make sure I wasn't doing something bad. Oversight?

Ah thanks a lot! So far I'll be playing with the reference and samples to see what I can do. I'm using C++ with MinGW GCC 4.8 (I think) or the latest regular Clang from 27.10.2014. (whichever I feel like I guess) on Win7 Ultimate 64-bit.

A newbie's question: any tutorial on using this work of art hehe?

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