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Hello people of the roguelike community, I'm milky nugget and I'd like to announce the development of my new game GiantCurryExplorer (working title).

The game is very much still in development but I plan to add things such as:
  • Procedurally generated worlds.
  • A vast extent of items.
  • A race and class system. (Or not if you prefer a more dynamic play style).
  • Building.
  • Crafting.
and many other things!

Of course at such an early stage it's important not to get too over excited and focus on the base game itself so for now I'm going to focus on making sure the engine fully supports customization. This game is open source and I encourage modding (after all a good role playing should be just as much your game as it is the authors). Tilesets and fonts will be easily editable and interchangeable as well as configuration avaliable if you want to remap tiles or characters.

I appreciate any and all feedback you may have. You can reach me easily at my twitter, my facebook page and my email too (although I rarely check it)

If you wish to get involved with the project feel free to contact me, I'd be more than happy to accommodate contributors! Which reminds me, the game is on github too if you're interested! (Please excuse the messy code, I try to comment it as much as possible and to make it as modular as possible although if you see anything you know could be done better then I'd greatly appreciate your contributions!)

Here is an image of the first two screens you will see in the game (obviously there is no main menu implemented yet).

One last thing, if you were wondering about the name, it was something that was generated by a name generator I made, it is not the official title.  :P

I really hope you guys enjoy the completed game, I know I'm enjoying making it!  ;D

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