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Programming / Re: Adventures of Da'lar
« on: October 08, 2008, 12:53:54 PM »
I've just added Da'lar to Planet Roguelike; any new development since july?

Programming / Re: Terrain objects
« on: April 27, 2008, 03:37:54 PM »
No. 287 errors left!

Will there be some release when you reach zero error ? If not, why bother us with them ? We all know you are an excellent coder.

Hi Adral,

Glad to know that you enjoy MoE :). For the charge to be effective, you need to hit the monster in the same direction that you were charging. A good way (but not very convenient...) to know if you are actually charging is to check your inventory ('i' key); if charging, your damage points will be increased.

A new version of Pygame has been released, have you tried it ? Under Ubuntu, you need to:
* download source files and unzip them:
* install it: python install
That version should include the patch to the problem you had with 64bit Ubuntu.

Some more screenshots:

You can get the windows binary at:

And the source release at:

After unzipping it, you can launch the game with:
- moe-pygame.exe (graphical version) or moe-curses (ascii version) under Windows
- python (graphical version) or python (ascii version) under a real Operating System  ;)

There is a readme.txt file pretty complete about the game in the folder. Have fun!

I've release beta 4 of Mines of Elderlore. Final version is close, here is the changelog so far:
- [Bug] It is now really possible to hit monsters with axes and warhammers while
in fuzzy mode.
- [Bug] In pygame mode, you can use '1' to '4' keys from the keypad to change
your equipped weapon.
- [Bug] No more crashing to desktop when hitting a wrong key under moe-pygame.
- [Feature] In pygame mode, a menu is displayed to play multiple games without
quitting each time.
- [Feature] In pygame mode, if 'random' dungeon selected in 'moe.ini', the same
random dungeon will be proposed from game to game.
- [Feature] On floor level 'n', monsters can only progress to level 'n + n-1'.

Other Announcements / Re: The 2008 7DRL Challenge Thread!!
« on: March 11, 2008, 09:03:56 PM »
Graphic tiles ?  I like that; show them to us !

Welcome to the magic of dependencies !  ::) A solution would be to change some logical link, but I don't have enough knowledge to tell you what to do.

Perhaps another solution is to install python 2.4 to satisfy those package requirments ?

Update : you can get this debian package that I think should solve your problem:

This bug is indeed related to 64 bit OSes, and has been corrected in pygame cvs during year 2005:

Please let me know if it solves your problem ! (crosses fingers...)

I have found there a possible solution:

That's a bit technical, but here is what is suggested:

AMD64/Linux Installation Issues

If you are running on the AMD64 platform (and possibly others) you may see this error on startup:

    Exception in thread Thread-1:
    #Traceback (most recent call last):
    ValueError: unsupported datatype for array

If this occurs, you need to download and install the latest development release of pygame. Follow the instructions at to obtain the latest development release, then:

1. Build the new release by running:
    # python
    # python install --prefix=/path/to/temporary/spot

2. Find the directory named "pygame" within /path/to/temporary/spot/lib (on a development machine, the path was lib/python2.4/site-packages/pygame) and copy or move it (all of it, including the directory itself) into the folder containing and the rest of the PyKaraoke files.

Good idea Anvilfolk; you can launch python 2.5 with "python2.5", and 2.4 with "python2.4".

The command "whereis python" will give you all the folders where python is installed.

ok, let's try something; could you change line 294 of to this:

Code: [Select]
alpha = pygame.surfarray.make_surface(N.array(tab))
Does it solves it ?

oops sorry I meant "python-pygame".

Congratulations on the new release!

Sadly, I can't play it with graphics:
Code: [Select]
[0954]adral@adral-desktop:~/sda4/Juegos/roguelikes/moe/moe$ python
New game initiated in the mines of Random...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 741, in <module>
    update_display(s, player)
  File "", line 497, in update_display
    s.blit(map(player), (SCREEN_SIZE[0] - 256 + 16, 16))
  File "", line 294, in map
    alpha = pygame.surfarray.make_surface(tab)
ValueError: unsupported datatype for array

Do you know why this could be?

Executing $python does nothing, and executing $python works.

"python" is the right command to launch it, but you need to have pygame installed. Under ubuntu, the name of the package is "python-ubuntu".

Here is the new release of MoE:
(watch out, the size of the file is about 34 Mb, sorry for short bandwidth, I'll publish a reduced release later with no music !)

Here is the changelog:
- new pygame release with graphics and music, sounds, and ambiance sounds
- if a mushroom is dropped on the player, he will grab it automatically
- weapons flavor bug corrected (first weapons found will be training ones
instead of iron ones)
- fuzzy state of axes and warhammers only hinders damage (instead of prevents
player from hitting monsters)
- monsters cannot move on player position anymore

Here are some screenshots of the graphics.

Do you have the same moe.ini parameters on the two computers ? Width and height change the dungeon name also. A good test would be to remove (rename) 'moe.ini' and 'moe.sav' and launch the game on both sides to see if the generated dungeons are different.

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