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Title: [7DRL 2019] Summoner's Handbook - Success
Post by: Numeron on March 11, 2019, 03:11:16 AM
Really not a lot of action here this year, maybe we just need someone to kick it off :)


Download here (http://'https://numeron.itch.io/summoners-handbook')

My game is called Summoner's Handbook, and is my 11th entry for the 7DRL challenge.

This is an asymmetric two player game, where each player must summon minions to defend their side of the dungeon, and attack the opposing side. The game features traditional turn-by-turn grid movement, but each side of the dungeon has its own turn cycle so players are not restricted by one another.

There is also a single player defence mode, where 10 waves of increasingly huge hordes attack, while you must summon enough minions to hold them back.

Being the only person I know who plays roguelikes, the 2 player mode is probably horribly unbalanced, or maybe so balanced it's impossible to win haha.