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Title: Veins of the Earth beta 13 "Anyone can be a winner" released!
Post by: Zireael on August 29, 2016, 07:58:38 AM
Veins of the Earth is a d20-based module for T-Engine.

The new beta is out!

Grab it from GitHub (https://github.com/Zireael07/The-Veins-of-the-Earth/releases) or ModDB (http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-veins-of-the-earth/downloads/beta-13-anyone-can-be-a-winner).

The downloads are standalone, so you don't need a copy of T-Engine (ToME 4) itself.


* bug fix - item getting equipped in weird slots
* bug fix - display gameplay tab when starting game; add confirmation for settings
* bug fix - errors when cause fear spell works on an enemy
* bug fix - no more keeping old zone name displayed for 1 turn after changing
* bug fix - no more superfluous saving throws in log with many spells
* bug fix - Lua error when increasing stats on level up
* bug fix - intro message was supposed to be colored but a typo rendered it all white
* bug fix - warning message pops up in log every time you spot a monster, not just the very first one
* bug fix - traps no longer throwing up errors

* update to T-Engine 1.4.8
* the game now counts level generation attempts and aborts after too many (default is 50)
* quests: main quest, tutorial
* achievement for completing either quest
* the game now has a win condition
* new zones: Vatic Wastes, thieves guild
* new tiles: ring, signet ring, house insignia, greaves, cave floor, cave wall
* new items: signet ring, house insignia, gloves, greaves; waterskin
* new item slots: bracers, legs; bracers are now won in the bracers slots
* Iron Will etc. now scale with character level; restore Toughness as a separate feat; fold Dodge into Mobility
* implement climbing, opening locks on chests and doors
* a generic interact with environment button (e.g. get apples from a tree)
* NPCs in noble compound now have a correct faction
* adjust many rarities
* kids' spawn is now delayed

Title: Re: Veins of the Earth beta 13 "Anyone can be a winner" released!
Post by: getter77 on August 29, 2016, 12:11:47 PM
Awesome---congrats on landing this release to kick things off anew again!   8)