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Title: Cardinal Quest 2
Post by: Rickton on March 24, 2014, 10:35:19 PM
Cardinal Quest 2 came out on iOS a few days ago, and I've been playing it pretty much nonstop since then. It's really well designed, not only the game itself (I never played the first one so I don't know what's different about it), but I've been pleasantly surprised on how well it works on a touch screen too (the one problem I've encountered is that sometimes when I try to tap an enemy next to me to attack them, I tap myself and skip a turn instead). I've played a couple of other roguelikes on my phone so far that haven't really clicked, but CQ2's controls work well, and the gameplay is fast-paced enough that it's easy to pick up and play "just one game."

I really like the fact that the classes play very differently. My favorite (that I've unlocked so far) is probably the thief. I like actually having to sneak around and stealth-kill monsters. The inventory and power systems are interesting too. Any character can use any item or spell, but you only have a certain amount of slots to store them in, and the spells recharge faster depending on your stats.

The game itself is free, but the classes and class upgrades are locked, but can be opened with "morale," that's gained from progressing in the game and completing achievements. Each class also has a unique way of gaining morale (thief gets it for stealth kills, wizard gets it for killing with spells, etc.). Of course, you can also pay money to get a large amount of morale at once. I'd be interested in seeing how that system works out profit-wise, because it's not very difficult to unlock things through playing, it just takes some time.

Unfortunately it looks like it's iOS only right now, but I think an Android port is coming. Has anyone else played it yet?
Title: Re: Cardinal Quest 2
Post by: guest509 on March 25, 2014, 01:09:00 AM
I played the crap out of the demo and Cardinal Quest 1.

I can't wait to get it on PC.

Title: Re: Cardinal Quest 2
Post by: awake on March 26, 2014, 06:34:38 PM
I was having a nice time until I realized there was no food clock. The fact that you don't regenerate health is probably supposed to make up for this but it looks tentatively game-breaking anyway provided you don't mind running up the in-game time.

Otherwise I agree with OP. The in-game purchases are luckily done in an acceptable way.
Title: Re: Cardinal Quest 2
Post by: Rickton on March 26, 2014, 08:15:10 PM
I don't really think it's that game-breaking. Like you said, you don't regen health, and I don't think enemies respawn either, so it's not really like it makes much difference.
I guess with infinite time you can wait until enemies wander far enough away from each other to take them out singly but I wouldn't really call that game-breaking.
Title: Re: Cardinal Quest 2
Post by: guest509 on March 27, 2014, 05:44:04 PM
If it's like Cardinal Quest 1, zero XP enemies start spawning after awhile. This replaced the food clock, propels you forward.
Title: Re: Cardinal Quest 2
Post by: awake on March 27, 2014, 06:49:31 PM
You can lame it up pretty bad with hit/run/recharge tactics as a mage, it can get a little ridiculous against enemies with magic resistance that have no hope of catching you. I think time may affect your score (?). Actually I would like to know how the scoring works.

I was breezing through Act II on Suicide difficulty thinking I had the game figured out until I got to the boss.