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Title: Dungeon Fray Released - $6.99 (now at v0.8)
Post by: Legend on March 12, 2013, 02:40:37 AM
http://indiegames.com/2013/03/dungeon_fray_now_available_for.html (http://indiegames.com/2013/03/dungeon_fray_now_available_for.html)

Just saw this a few moments ago on indiegames.com.

It's an interesting looking new commercial roguelike and is on sale for $6.99 for today only. Looks like there is a demo too.

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Indie developer Nitesh Gupta has released Dungeon Fray, a briskly-paced, fully-featured roguelike for Windows and Linux. A free demo version is also available.
Dungeon Fray features three playable classes, each of which offers its own unique spells and abilities. There's an eight-level story mode to get you acquainted with the game's mechanics, along with a more traditional infinite mode with randomly generated challenges and permadeath.
One interesting twist is that the game's achievement system has a real impact upon your subsequent playthroughs; unlock enough awards and you'll earn the right to tack on an additional perk at the adventure's outset, giving you a leg up on any luck-related mishaps you may encounter.
Dungeon Fray is priced at $6.99. For today only, you can get 20% off of its regular price by entering the code ILOVEROGUELIKE at checkout.

http://www.dungeonfray.com/p/dungeon-fray.html (http://www.dungeonfray.com/p/dungeon-fray.html)


Just gave the demo a few tries. It's pretty interesting. Plays similar to the Desktop Dungeons alpha. Only 3 classes. The main way they differ is how they use spells. The spells are pretty interesting.

There are spells, but no items that I can find other than money and potions. I think money is only used for the achievements. There doesn't seem to be armor, weapons, tools, etc.  (Edit: Turns out coins are used to upgrade your character)

There are some orbs scattered around the dungeons though that provide star and health boosts as well as one that will randomly reduce an enemy or your hp to 1. The last one isn't that effective though since you can still get killed by taking on a level 4 enemy with 1 hp while you are level 1 or 2 with full hp.

The monsters don't move, but after looking at the dev blog, it looks like they will be moving in the next build but not quite the traditional sense.

So far, the monsters all seem to be the same. They have different sprites and names, but they all have the exact same stats. I have only encountered 3 different enemies so far up to level 4. I haven't gotten past the first level yet though after about 15 plays.

The level layouts are pretty simple. They look nice enough though. No diagonal movement. 

User interface is nice and smooth.

The achievement system seems kinda cool where for each one you unlock, it lets you use an in-game perk.

So far it's pretty interesting roguelike/puzzle hybrid, although, the big thing keeping me from actually buying it is the lack of fullscreen support.
Title: Re: Dungeon Fray Released - $6.99 today only
Post by: Legend on March 12, 2013, 06:21:54 AM
Had a few more plays and got a better hang on it. Using coins to upgrade your stats and buy potions and spells is the main part of the strategy. And trying to take on enemies in a specific order like Desktop Dungeons.

Each level has a different motif, but seem to only have 3 tiles each.

Not being able to attack diagonally can be a pain in the tuchas.

The jump spell is almost useless except for turning them into coins. Since the monsters don't move, there is not really any need for a sudden teleport escape.

Monsters in the later levels differ by having different extra effects like poison or bleeding. But still, each enemy of the same level have exactly the same stats.
Title: Re: Dungeon Fray Released - $6.99 (now at v0.5)
Post by: getter77 on March 14, 2013, 12:02:05 PM

Dungeon Fray has been updated to version 0.5 with following changes:

    Fixed after jumping, hero can attack monster with spell
    Fixed hero can use a spell after converting spell
    Added fullscreen mode, F11 key (Windowed mode is still recommended way of playing)
    All monsters, even of same type and level now have different stats
    Implemented alert monsters that will chase you once attacked
    Savegame and settings files location has been changed (see README.txt)
    Fixed opening chests can sometimes leave stains

Note for Dungeon Fray Players

Linux Users:

Dungeon Fray version 0.5 onwards, the two save files (savegame and savestate) and settings.ini files are saved in ~/.dungeonfray folder. You will need to move these files to the new location. '~' stands for your home folder.

Windows Users:

Dungeonfray version 0.5 onwards, the two save files (savegame and savestate) and settings.ini files are saved in C:\Users\Administrator\.dungeonfray folder. You will need to move these files to the new location.

Apologies for inconvenience.

If you have bought the game from Dungeon Fray Store (FastSpring), use your existing download link to get the update.

If the link is not working, let me know as soon as possible and I will reactivate it.
Title: Re: Dungeon Fray Released - $6.99 (now at v0.7)
Post by: getter77 on March 17, 2013, 11:59:32 AM


    Fixed game crashes sometimes when monster is chasing
    Increased number of coins received on level up
    Added estimated damage to tooltip
    Clearing a level now gives a coin bonus
    Full health is restored when starting a new level

I will mainly be focusing on fixing bugs and adding polish to the game for next few days as the game is going to be released on Desura soon.


    Added scoreboard
    Disabled start-up help screen
    Help screen is now slightly less wordy
    Fixed cursor not changing when triggering achievements menu
    Added more tips to info icon
    Monsters on first few levels are now less challenging
    Removed spell on goblin kid
    Changed mage random spell to zap, permanently reduces enemy def by 1
Title: Re: Dungeon Fray Released - $6.99 (now at v0.8)
Post by: getter77 on March 23, 2013, 11:54:20 AM


    Fullscreen mode can be now enabled throughout the game (F11 key, Windowed mode is still recommended way of playing)
    Hero now moves only one tile when monster is chasing to prevent accidental multiple attacks
    Fixed crash when monster jumps while chasing
    Fixed monster can still chase hero after jumping
    Fixed coin animation is not shown sometimes
    Added new silver chests (50% chance to get gold coins or turn out to be a trap)
    Implemented 3 new blessings: Regen, Berserk and Protect (only one can be active at a time)
    Added a mirror image of High Wizard Bhudab that will grant you a blessing of your choice
    Added charactersheet button for easier access to upgrades
    Improved explanation in perks menu
    Fixed some typos in tooltip text
    Fixed text color coding issues in message box
    Some game balance tweaks