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Title: Harmonia Kickstarter
Post by: getter77 on August 13, 2012, 12:41:32 PM

An online tactical RPG with a healthy dose of Roguelike and MUD sensibilities.

What is Harmonia?

Harmonia is an online tactical RPG, a fusion of the real-time strategy and roguelike genres. Think Shining Force + Warcraft + Nethack. Players command forces of one or more heroes and collaborate (or clash) as they battle, conquer, and explore.
Control a Band of Characters

Blending the social engagement of an MMO with the strategic interplay of a turn-based strategy game is no simple task, but that is the goal of the Harmonious engine. Gameplay will have the feel of an RTS like Starcraft but with greater emphasis on effective maneuvering and use of of individual units' skills. Though it is possible for players to adventure alone, they will quickly find that many areas cannot be traversed with a mere handful of units, and they must join forces to overcome the enemies that await them.
Eight Playable Classes

A force consists of characters composed from eight classes or mercenaries awarded during quests. To defeat their opponents, players must position their forces wisely when engaging in battle - protect the Archers, keep the Warriors on guard, use Knights to disrupt enemy front lines, attack the back ranks with mobile Birdsoldiers, and successfully manage the chaos on the battlefield while the opponent does the same. Complete quests, earn money, gather equipment, and gain experience to bolster your force. Unlock new player classes like the Dragon, Robot, or Lich by completing large zones.
Fully Moddable

Though there will be an official server with a unique storyline, setting, and characters, the Harmonious engine is designed for modding and players and developers alike will have the ability to run their own servers with completely different elements thanks to Harmonia's built-in scripting language.

Win/Linux initial demo available with Mac inbound ASAP when it can get wrangled, wide range of crazy platforms possible as per SDL's inherent sorcery, $15K initial goal.

Looks promising!   8)