Author Topic: ArchiveRL - building the ultimate Roguelike Archive (v0.7 released)  (Read 92 times)


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V0.7 "Happy New Year (Of Hachi)"

-added MISC & VARIANT sections
-updated BETA+STABLE/DOS/SOURCE sections
-further reorganised and simplified
-Stats: 1038 archives - 10.4 Gigabytes - 677 games - 620 individual ones - 361 sources 

This is now a fairly complete package, ie everything-but-the-7DRLs. And non-Windows platform exclusives. And some games I missed. Oh well. Coming in the next editions.

Hosted at (torrent and direct download)

Detailed readme:


Up till now this project has been mostly an individual effort, only announced on Roguetemple forums and plagued by slow pace due to IRL debuffs. However, it now reached a major completion stage, where it makes sense to publicize it more widely and ask for rogulike community's assistance. 

Here's what  would be most appreciated:
-simple "bug reporting" - despite thorough examination there are bound to be mistakes: spelling errors, archive/files/directory problems, doc-file mismatches and so on.
-trying to find & rescue games from the MISSING doc ( MISSING.ods)
-testing the games: I've personally tried quite lot of them - but not all, and mostly on x64 Windows
-any historical and informational error corrections and contributions
-adding more games/sources/docs/info/etc
-compiling sources that have no corresponding binaries
-building either Linux or Mac side of this archive.
-providing feedback regarding structure and methodology of this project

Please read the ARL README or check the website for more details regarding this section.