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DragonFangZ (now available)
« on: December 28, 2017, 01:28:41 PM »  $24.99 Switch/PC later?

This game offers nostalgic and new experiences! This is a wonderful rogue-like dungeon RPG!

Rose is a human and a half dragon. One day, she wanders into the world called "Tree of time" with a fairy instead of a parent.

The treasure falls asleep deep under the dungeon in the world. So, they try the dungeon to return to the their home with the power of treasure!

This is a wonderful rogue-like game. If she dies in adventure, she loses all items and the level is reset. And because the dungeon transforms with every play through, the quest will never be the same. Your courage and growth will be the power to clear the dungeon!


    This game play is turn-based, and both Rose and enemies take turns performing actions. You can think about what to do next over time.
    The "Fang" system: Rose can wear fangs of monsters and gain that ability. There are more than 200 kinds of monsters. You can adventure by combining the capabilities of your favorite monsters.
    The "Brave" system: Rose powers up by fighting in 8 surrounding squares without obstacles. This overturns the theory of the rogue-like game
    This game also has the function of Ranking, Item warehouse, Monster's gallery, Achievement, Mini puzzle, and Dungeon for advanced players.

Seems to be something of a Mystery Dungeon'ish persuasion, which is always a good thing regardless of whatever rough bits it may have alongside it~   8)
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