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Haque (now at Update #1) $
« on: November 23, 2017, 01:37:40 AM »

$14.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Haque (/hak/) is a glitch fantasy roguelike adventure about cute monsters, low-bit hauntings, and a suspiciously talkative narrator. Choose your character and battle through forests, deserts and dungeons to defeat a mysterious evil. Die often. Try again!

Explore a vibrant fantasy world falling apart at the seams.

An old man has asked you to complete a quest: purge the land of evil monsters! What land is this? It doesn't matter. Don't ask too many questions.

Journey into the pixelated wilderness with your beloved pet at your side. Encounter dangerous foes, make some new allies, and challenge the reigning bosses. Ignore the mounting sense of dread. That's normal.
Key Features
Character selection featuring an endless array of randomized characters
Detailed character statistics and a classic armor slot system
Procedurally generated maps and settings
Challenging turn-based combat with an emphasis on movement and strategy
Dozens of unique enemies-- don't get surrounded!
Rotating roster of bosses, each with different fighting styles and priorities
Hundreds of items to equip, eat, or... reanimate
Weapon and armor crafting
New character quirks at the end of every level
In memoriam screens to immortalize your permanently dead characters
A slider for screen grime!

Use every tool at your disposal to deliver Haque from evil. Find the truth. Save the game.

Content Warning: Haque contains flashing images and adult language.

Fingers crossed for another substantial KS success story!   8)
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Re: Haque (now at Update #1) $
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2017, 12:44:38 AM »
Update #1
Penguins have been added as Ultra Rare pets but will become Common in December, January, and February or year-round if playing on Linux.
Added Jumbo Krill as Penguin treats
Added Duel Gear, a rare forgeable armor piece that increases Critical Hit chance.
Hovering your mouse over an Item on the ground will reveal that Item’s name. Right-clicking will show a description of that item.
Reminder prompt for picking up items added to Tutorial and Level 1
A handful of new names and name-elements have been added to the name generator.
Screenshot button added to Game Over screen
It is now possible to take screenshots with Steam however Steam takes two screenshots every time the screenshot button is pressed. We’re uh… gonna figure that one out.

Bouldertoss is now slower, slightly less accurate and has a slightly longer cooldown.
Bouldertoss’s starting damage has been changed from BaseAttack+[3-18] to BaseAttack+[4-10]
Bouldertoss’s damage can now be augmented by quirks like Brawn, Sneaking, Raging, and Bleeding.
Boreal creatures (like Jotuns and Penguins) now have a penalty to their Fire Affinity.
Pet Hoodoo quirk now also increases the chance of Familiars remembering to use skills.
Ring of the Dead now reanimates your character at 50% health instead of 100%
Straight Arrow no longer transfers through same-material mainhand forging.

Fixed game crash when using Autocombat (aka the “T” glitch)
Fixed game crash when hovering over the Jester Mask in your inventory
Fixed animation hang on magic casted by allies on the edge of your sightlines
Fixed gamepad button prompts displaying when no gamepad is connected.
Fixed game not saving settings when backing out of the control rebind menu with Deny
Fixed minor animation glitch for Bardsong and Power Attack.
Fixed extra long boss names not displaying properly

There is a known issue on some Linux machines where Haque’s framerate will not be limited and it will run insanely fast. Turning V-synch on in the options menu is a possible workaround. This is apparently a Game Maker issue but we’re investigating a fix.
Inventory Text is slightly uglier on Mac. This will be fixed next update.
Removed Hook & Pull AI debug messages.
Quickened Ice Wall and Lingering Ice Wall have been removed. Rapid
Summon and Stable Summon now impart their effects to summoned glaciers.
War Fan’s Underhanded quirk has been replaced by Poison Hit, an identical quirk.
It is still extremely cumbersome to equip your pet and followers with items from a controller. We’re working on a big UI update that will fix this but it’s still a bug for now.

Thanks for your feedback and for a great first week of Haque!
Kevin Cole, Developer
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training