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« on: November 02, 2017, 07:00:31 PM »
I'm working on a simple roguelike that uses 3d graphics.

The features that I plan to implement are:
  • low-end 3D graphics, including models, animations, effects etc.
  • Music score, with procedurally generated sound effects
  • Procedurally generated monsters, including three bosses
  • (cubic) Dungeon generator: builds and connects room in all three dimensions
  • Turn-based combat on tactical grids, allowing you to take advantage of height differences
  • Three different environments: dungeons, caverns, and wilderness
  • A starting city (hubworld) with shops
  • Three different player archetypes: wizard, rogue, and paladin

I am using C++, with Irrlicht and Blender for 3d graphics, and will probably integrate Bullet and Spark for physics and effects, respectively.

-room size increased to 16x16x6, added first room with multiple stories: image
-integrated with Bullet to allow more advanced collision detection.
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