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20XX (now at v1.2 and Hawk DLC!) $
« on: August 17, 2017, 11:49:05 AM »  $14.99 Win

If you like roguelikes or Mega Man, 20XX is for you!

20XX is a roguelike action platformer that you can play with a friend. Jump and shoot your way through ever-changing levels, collect awesome new powers, and battle mighty bosses in the name of saving the human race maybe!

20XX also features full co-op. Play with a friend on the couch or over the interwebs!

20XX supports 1-2 players locally or online via Steam. (Online play is 90% stable at this time.)

~3 years in Early Access seem to have paid off at long last.   8)
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Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: 20XX (now at v1.10) $
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2017, 09:45:44 PM »
v1.10  8)

Hello! Today's 20XX patch -- Patch 1.10 -- is a content patch. It adds several new Augs, lots of new level pieces, some new visual effects, and overhauls a good chunk of the 20XX engine. It also contains a ton of tweaks, fixes, and QOL changes!

That's all! It doesn't contain anything else. Nope.

NB: We've changed a few animations for Ace and Nina, and their texture sheets have changed a bit. If you're using graphical mods for these characters, this patch likely breaks them until they're updated by their creators. Sorry for the hassle!

Also NB: 20XX's online co-op has a reconnect feature! If you crash or otherwise disconnect, the other player can stay in the game while you reboot 20XX, enter HQ (the Hub), right click your friend in the Steam Overlay, and click Join Game. This isn't new, but we've been pretty bad at messaging it.

Triple NB: Today's patch reworks 20XX's font system. As a result, the first time you run the game or change to a specific resolution for a given language, the game will take a few seconds to generate the font files it'll need. If you notice short delay when changing to a given resolution or language for the first time, don't panic!


Added 10 new Augs, including three Prototypes, three Once-per-Run Augs, and four stackables.
New level pieces! Multiple themes (especially Level 9) now have additional level variations.
Text drawing improved! (It should now be much more readable, too.)
In preparation for some future technical work on 20XX, we've rewritten some major pieces of the game's engine. In general, we expect that most players should see better load times and faster performance, but we'll be vigilant about any issues this may cause for some players. If you consistently feel like your performance has gotten worse (with the same resolution/gfx quality), please tell us!
Regenerative Plating now restores 2 HP on pickup, in addition to its other effects.
Reworked Primary Weapon Chest drops. They now *do* take previous Primary Chests into account, but *don't* take your current weapon into account (so it's possible to find the weapon you're using, but shouldn't happen without the other weapons being rolled first).
Armatort's Dome (Head Core) now has a 50% chance to restore 1 Health when picking up Armor. (This only applies to the +2 Armor Capsules, and not to anything else that grants Armor.)
In response to a lot of player feedback from our achievement hunters, we've scaled back the Endless achievement requirements (Extended, Everlasting, Eternal). 20XX's harder achievements are challenge-based, not grind-based, and these achievements left completionist players feeling worn out by the grind.
Extended now requires clearing Endless level 16 (down from 25).
Everlasting now requires clearing Endless level 25 (down from 50).
Eternal now requires clearing Endless level 40 (down from 100).
We understand that if you've previously played a ton of Endless and cleared level 100, this might feel cheap, and if you've ground up to 40+ and stopped, it feels bad that you don't already have Eternal. If you're really bothered by this, drop me a line and we'll set things straight.
Lightning removed from the Bold, Probably Cheating, and Fervor achievements.
Lightning mucks with the game's mechanics in a way that no other Skull does, and it feels pretty bad having it tied to any Achievements.
Removed some obnoxious Rollster spawns from Level 9.
Glory Zones will spawn past Level 8 in Endless again.
Seed Racer now properly behaves/displays score like a Challenge.
Improved Boomerang Blade diagonal throw detection for controller sticks.
Plasma Blender nerfed slightly. As Ace builds the rapier's size and damage by attacking foes, the damage will now ramp up 25% slower than before. It'll deal 12.5% less damage at maximum size without Dracopent's Claw, and 16.7% less damage with Dracopent's Claw. The initial hits from the Blender (at minimum size) are unaffected.
The Blender is still very, very powerful, and we may need to go a bit further.
Added a handful of spicier visuals!
20XX now immediately loads into a screen-sized loading screen (instead of a tiny window in non-fullscreen, or an empty black screen in fullscreen).

Fixed an issue causing Glory Zone BLP to fail sometimes. (This means we're back to "maybe we overdid it!" status, so let us know if you think you're seeing too many Glory Zones.)
Fixed a runaway Armor display issue.
Fixed a bad Pause Screen display in local co-op causing both players' Health/NRG numbers to draw in the status section.

Some players may experience cutscene slowdowns. Tell us if this is you!

Anomaly Report AR-903 indicates [REDACTED] models of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] may persist in the Network.
Gaze up, and try to remember them.

Thanks for reading!
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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Re: 20XX (now at v1.2 and Hawk DLC!) $
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2018, 11:32:01 PM »
v1.2 + Hawk DLC   8)   $3

Hello! Today's 20XX 1.2 patch introduces Hawk, 20XX's third full playable character! Master her whip-like Siphon, and rain destruction on your foes with her nearly-limitless pool of whip-stolen Energy. (Using her requires the new Hawk DLC, which will be about $2 until the end of the Lunar New Year sale, and $2.99 thereafter.)

This patch also contains 9 new Augs and a tremendous number of QOL updates and fixes. These non-Hawk updates are free for all players, and are not part of the DLC.

Read more about Hawk and the new changes below!

IT'S HAWK (requires Hawk DLC to use!):
Hawk is 20XX's third full character, built to master 20XX's Powers. Her whip-like Siphon steals energy from foes, giving her a nearly limitless supply of fuel for her devastating unique Powers.
Hawk has five unique Powers - she begins with one (the Protorifle), and can find four more in the game's Primary Weapon Chests. Hawk finds these Powers in lieu of Primary Weapon swaps.
Hawk's DLC allows players to use Hawk in all of 20XX's gameplay modes. If you're playing with a friend who doesn't own the Hawk DLC, you can still use her, and your friend will see her as normal.
The Hawk DLC costs $2.99 (USD), but through the end of the Lunar New Year sale, Hawk will be 34% off. Her DLC won't be part of every sale, so get it while it's hot!
The rest of Patch 1.2's features are free for all players, and do not require the Hawk DLC. Enjoy!

Made a general performance improvement that should help people experiencing slowdowns.
Added 9 new Augs! Discover them, and unleash their power.
New Skull: Dearth! Dearth disables the three-item Boss Choice from appearing in the post-Boss room after Level 3. (This means only up to 3 Powers can spawn in that run, and if a Boss doesn't show up in the first three levels, its Power is unavailable this run.)
In scored modes, Level 10's time bonus now applies after defeating the boss, instead of at the end of the level. The bonus timer now also shows up properly during the level during Challenge/Seeded runs.
Nina's shots now combo on bosses similar to Ace's attacks. If Nina strikes a boss with a primary weapon, she can now hit the boss up to twice more in quick succession for additional damage. Scatterbeam is excluded from this change. (This is a Nina buff.)
This combo does not scale with how many shots Nina can have on screen at once.
Enemies protected by Maintcore shields (Beta and Gamma variants) now take 90% reduced damage (instead of being completely immune to damage).
Shield-piercing weapons still ignore this damage reduction.
Juiced Force Nova no longer has any damage scaling as it chains. (This is a buff - the damage scaling was negative.)
The Bonus Timer no longer ticks down in the pre-boss hallway.
Co-op pairs playing the same character once again receive the same Primary Weapon when destroying a Blue Chest.
Oxjack's Blitz (Leg Core) now has a "grace zone" when air-dashing horizontally very close to the ground.
Airdashing super close to the ground currently has a feel-bad case where a falling player intends to dash immediately upon reaching the ground, but instead activates his airdash a hair above the ground (so he never lands, and never restores his jump or airdash). This feels bad. Today's change checks if you're really close to the ground when activating an airdash, and if so, pretends you landed before dashing.
This change will not count the player as having landed for safe-return calculations.
Moved Character Select text so it doesn't overlap the HQ sign.
Normalized Flat's mortars a bit. (No more hyperspeed Mortars.)
Implemented a jump buffer. Jump presses will buffer for up to 100ms, so if you hit Jump a hair too early (say, right before hitting the ground), you'll jump anyway upon ground/wall contact if you're still holding Jump.
Added a pop-up menu notification when attempting to join a player's game when you're not in the lobby.
Memory optimization: 20XX now unloads characters not in use by the game on game start. Please tell us if you still see Flat black-boxing sometimes!
Tweaked Core Aug availability. Reduced Glory Zone occurrence by a hair, and decreased the chance that a given Shop item is a Core Aug. On average, the goal here is to reduce the number of Cores that spawn by about 25%.
We understand this one might be controversial, and we're keeping an eye on it. In general, too many Cores were spawning in a typical run - when all 16 are likely to spawn, players don't really have to make choices about what to take - doing the best with what's available is an important part of 20XX.
Reorganized Datalore. Primaries are now all one section, and Powers have their own section.
Tiny Flamespewer rebalance:
Tiny Flamespewer's flames no longer pierce except when they kill the enemy they hit.
Tiny Flamespewer's flame base damage increased to 15 (from 10).
Tiny Flamespewer's flames deal reduced damage to Bosses, but each flame can now hit a Boss separately.

Really, really fixed the way cutscenes draw.
Fixed an issue causing some projectiles that pierce slain enemies from failing to do so (and vice versa).
Fixed an issue causing chests to draw in front of other enemies.
Juiced Force Nova no longer sometimes hurts your online co-op partner. (This is also a buff, unless you're a jerk.)
Fixed a spooky invisible Wind Platform in a certain Skytemple config.
Fixed a bug causing leaderboard finishes to display Level 10 instead of "FINISH!" in the Level column.
Fixed a netplay issue causing the host to be able to pull up the Main Menu while waiting for the client, resulting in general havoc.
Fixed the Bonus Timer in Boss Rush.
Fixed a bug causing a super-zealous Re-Flapp to gobble up an Astral before the fight starts, breaking the game.
Fixed a missing Level 10 drop-through platform.
Fixed an issue causing Death Lotus and Spirit Vine attacks to occasionally fail to register.

Thanks for reading!
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training