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Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.3.1!)
« on: June 05, 2017, 12:47:18 PM » Win

Dungeonlike is a traditional roguelike dungeon crawler. Turn based, with tile graphics, randomisation, and a ton of character customisation, as well as an advanced health and ability system.

Your task is to slay Durgaz, the chief of Orcs who resides at the bottom of a 10-level underground fortress. At least, that is the official agenda. In reality, your task is to turn this dungeon into a gallery of orcish guts and remains.

    Randomised dungeon levels.
    Randomised enemy equipment.
    6 races to choose from.
    Over 40 attacks and spells to end your foes.
    Over 60 items to utilise.
    Slash & Stab! Weapons often provide more than one way of slamming them against those who get in your way.
    Health and inventory system fully based on body parts.  Cut of their legs, then crush their skulls!
    Design your own versions of spells and techiques. Tame the magic, master the steel!
    Discover hidden rooms with treasure.
    Full built-in wiki, aka. Dungeonpedia.

Dungeonlike is still under development (alpha) and will be receiving periodic updates with hot new features. Currently the game is in its infancy and is still missing many elements which will be added with time.

 Future Goals

    Mouse support.
    Diablo-like magic item system, with both randomised enchantments and unique powerful items (nearly done).
    Stealth, sneaking, surprise attacks (nearly done).
    Shop with currency.
    More location types aside from the dungeon.
    More enemy types, to take advantage of the health system.
    Open world gameplay with cities and optional dungeon adventures.

Seems promising~   8)
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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.1.3)
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2017, 12:02:22 PM »

Hello everybody! I am extremely happy to see that the game is getting some attention. I have received some information about the control being less than intuitive and with little to no explanation, so I added a short (and optional) tutorial and provided a link to Dungeonpedia in the main menu, to make that thing more accessible. Other than that, minor things have been done here and there, everything listed below.

Save files from previous versions will not be compatible, sorry!

Changes in v.0.1.3

New Stuff:
    Optional tutorial added. It can be accessed after creating you character.
    Items now display if they use two slots (eg. gloves), displayed as "Glove (1 or 2)".
    Items show now if they require two slots (eg. claymore), displayed as "Hand (2)".
    Items can be now equiped/unequiped/used with Enter key from the Inventory screen, instead of having separate equip/use keys (Enter/U previously).
    Added a Dungeonpedia link to main menu.
    Waiting a turn can be now performed with the period "." key. For the numpadless.

    Fixed list resizing for container view on all resolution settings. Previously it would scramble all over the place on non-default resolution.
    Pressing a hotkey when no item highlighted in inventory would crash the game.
    Updated Dungeonpedia keybinds, as some were missing.
    Implemented a retry system for reading/saving the config files to increase stability, as I've seen an instance of it crashing the game.
    Implemented a retry system for save files as well, just in case.

    Increased the resource cost of Sweep attack, as it was way overpowered.

    Creature detail windows are now permanently expanded.
    Updated accreditation.
    Changed the font of the floating text during combat.
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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.1.4)
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2017, 12:04:16 PM »

Alright, new version coming out, 0.1.4. There is a ton of changes coming out this time around, and they mostly have something to do with accessibility and general quality of life improvements. Creating a new character was taking a bit too long, so I've made a lot of improvements in that area. A full list of changes is provided below.

Save files from v.0.1.3 should be compatible.

New Stuff:
    Holding Ctrl allows the player to see last targeted enemy (or just the closest one, if not possible)
    Holding Ctrl and pressing V will allow to cycle between enemies viewed that way.
    Player Classes introduced, mostly for the purpose of quicker character creation (stats/skills/weapon).
    Old system of custom character creation can be now accessed by choosing "Create New" in Class select window. Such custom classes will be saved for the future.
    When having multiple windows open, the display will dim all the background windows.
    If a position contains more than one unlocked container, a list of containers will pop up when trying to interact with containers (previously only the first container from the top was possible to inspect).
    Containers in inventory can also be opened now (with Enter).
    Can lockpick chests in the inventory (also Enter).
    Containers now get heavier due to their contents.
    All windows in character creation process allow to use Ctrl+up/down for quicker top/bottom navigation.
    Skill and stats windows in character creation allow to use Ctrl+left/right for quicker assignment of points.
    Tutorial can now be disabled if the "Do you want to play the tutorial" becomes annoying. It can be also disabled/re-enabled from the options.
    Game now autosaves on first turn.
    Diagonal movement is now also possible with Shift+arrows, something for those without numpads on their keyboards.

    Upgraded to the latest Monogame framework version. This allows the builds to be based on OpenGL.
    If lockpicking action was canceled before choosing an object from the list, action preview window would stay open.
    Default attacks (Heavy Strike etc.) would not load up on the first turn after loading a save file.
    Attack names no longer protrude beyond the attack list (the popup one) and hotkeys window.
    If the player hit Enter when no attack was available for the attack list (the popup one), the game would crash.

    I totally forgot that the game was rendering all tiles at a 40x40 size, even though source files are 32x32. Switched the tile size to 32, so all dungeon tiles will be a bit smaller, but no longer so blurry.
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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.1.5)
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2017, 08:57:16 PM »
Hello, dungeonlike-liking people! The big feature going out this time around is... magical items! Quite a basic thing for a loot-rich game, and I always wanted to have them around. So here they are, currently a bit over 20 enchants for a good start. Almost any weapon or armor spawned in the game might be enchanted, having a special prefix in front of the name and providing bonus effects. These effects will be selected at random, and will have varying power, so two "Brutal" Arming Swords might have a different bonus to their damage.

I also got a bunch of fixes for you, of which about half are a result of your bug reports sent to me! Big thanks to everybody who sent one, as this speeds up the development tremendously and helps me keep the game as good as I can manage. Keep them coming!

Saves from back to 0.1.3 are theoretically compatible, but you will not see any of the magic items spawn. Also, the mage robe sets will have their hex resistance removed.

New Stuff:
    Magic items with bonus stats can now be found in chests or on the enemies.
    Removed Staff of Energy from the game. Any staff can now have the same effect if it has the "Focused" magic effect.
    Removed innate hex resist bonuses from mage robes (Neophyte and Magus sets). Any piece of armor can now have the "resistive" magic effect offering a similar bonus.
    Mana potions and Stamina potions can now be found in the Dungeon. No idea why I did not have these items in the game in the first place.
    Armor penalty - if applied - is now displayed as a condition (armor with a red exclamation mark) to bring it to player's attention. Armor penalty makes magic really hard to aim, which confused a lot of people, I hope this makes it a bit clearer.
    An open chest with no items insisde will display "Small Chest (Empty)" to signify that.
    Female character tiles have been improved.

    Dual Strike would not become the primary attack when dual wielding, making the entire gamestyle broken. It would also lead to corrupted attacks being created, causing crashes.
    Mage gloves would take only one equipment slot.
    Attempting to equip gloves or boots while having some equiped already would make them disappear.
    Killing an enemy with Ctrl view mode on would crash the game if there was another enemy around.
    Upon a crash, the game will allow you to continue or give up playing. This should prevent trivial bugs from crashing your game, as sometimes the failure is not really serious enough.
    When drawing range of AOE spells, the game would use vision-based calculations instead of passability-based. So if you used Conjure Smoke and then attempted to throw a fireball at it, the game would not show that this area will be affected. Switched the logic to use passability instead of vision here.
    Additionally, if entire target area was covered by smoke, the game would actually crash! This has been fixed as well.
    LineAOE spells did not have their cost influenced by range modifications, making them very cheap.
    The item type filtering in Container and Equipment windows would not reset after closing, which even got me going WTF? "why are there no items in that box?".
    Targetting crosshair did some wierd stuff, getting permamently stuck on the screen in some rare cases.
    The "Full" condition applied when a creature eats enough would atually remain applied even if satiety levels dropped to "Satiated".

    Blocking with shields takes twice as much stamina per block as before, but increasing the Shielding skill reduces that amount four times as fast. In other words, you need to be good with shields in order to really make use of them in the long run. To avoid "trolling" new players, the initial buckler is now NOT EQUIPPED AUTOMATICALLY after character creation, as this would lead to rapid stamina depletion.
    Ranged weapons pierce easier through armor (would pierce through 25%, now 50%) to make ranged enemies an actual threat.
    Chests will spawn slightly more stuff.
    Kobold thieves will drop more lockpicks.
    Kobold thieves and Orcish Henchmen will be slightly more accurate and deal slightly more damage (about 10% increase).

    Added a piece of test/tip under the attacks window popup to suggest that the player can hold Ctrl to re-attack. I see a lot of people go through all the menus during combat (select attack => select enemy => select body part) while this boring procedure can be nearly totally skipped. I personally would get carpal tunnel  not enjoy the game  at all if I had to go through all of that on each turn.
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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.2.0!)
« Reply #4 on: July 09, 2017, 08:57:44 PM »
0.2.0   8)

Greetings, orc slayers. We're hopping from 0.1.x versions into the realm of 0.2.x, as huge changes have come to the land of Dungeonlike. A town level is now available with a Blacksmith who sells weapons and armor, a general Trader who sells consumables, a Healer who makes sarcastic comments about your existence and heals you for a hefty price, and a Bank (personal stash).

Apart from that, there are a bunch of new enemies in the Dungeon, including non-humanoids. Orc Warriors are now weaker, but Orc Veterans will take their place as the first scary melee guys. Orc Blazers can be found earlier in the dungeon, but powerful Orc Infernalists will appear on deeper levels. War Dogs and Wargs can also be found in the Dungeon, toghether with their more dangerous Rabid versions, with poison-applying bites. On lowest levels, Orc Duelists will make your life miserable with their mobility.

Instead of having just one Healing Potion, the game now also offers a Marrow Extract (increases Structure regeneration for all limbs), a Regenerative Balm (increases Tissue regeneration for a given limb) and a Potion of Transfusion (increases Blood regeneration).

On top of that, some new scrolls, with the Town Portal being probably the most interesting one. This scroll will never drop within the dungeon, so if you want to keep jumping between the town and the orcish massacre, better supply yourself beforehand.

Saves from earlier versions won't work.

New Stuff:
    Town level with a Blacksmith, a Trader a Bank and a Healer.
    Currency (gold) introduced. It can be viewed as an item in inventory, but possesed amount is displayed in several windows for quick reference.
    Most items have value (but corpses etc. won't).
    Magical items have their value increased depending on what enchants they have.
    New enemies: Orc Veteran, Orc Duelist, Orc Infernalist, War Dog, Rabid War Dog, Warg, Rabid Warg.
    New healing items: Marrow Extract, Regenerative Balm and Potion of Transfusion. Old Healing Potion made a bit weaker to compensate.
    New scroll items: Scroll of Blink, Scroll of Teleport, Scroll of Town Portal, Scroll of Haste.
    New low-level items: Ragged Gloves, Boots, Leather Helmet. Od leather items rebalanced.
    Orc Blazers and Infernalists can use two kinds of spells now, AOE and locational.
    Overburden and Armor Penalty condition icons are now displayed in the inventory window as a hint.
    The Action preview window in the main Actions Window is now only displaying useful information, instead of a huge "N/A" list.
    When poisoned, your poison stack count is displayed on the icon for reference.
    Can now compare any equipable item with the item currently worn by pressing Ctrl. This works in inventory screen, shop screen, container interaction screen and when browsing items on the ground.

    Orcish Hunters would crash the game if they got blocked in all directions while trying to dash away from danger.
    Window used for number netry (eg. when picking up stacks of items) would crash if the amount was deleted from the input.
    Can no longer create game-breaking paradoxes by putting chests into themselves.
    Disarming with Smash Grip when the enemy has a two handed weapon would lead to him still "having" the weapon in the off hand, leading to potential crashes.
    Some attacks (eg. Axe Hook) would never miss due to a failure in the attack logic.

    Reworked the item sets of most enemies to make the difficulty progression smoother.
    Two handed weapons are now faster than before, but they deal less damage. They did way too much damage previously, which resulted in getting insta-nuked by enemies using them, or just breezing through the dungeon as a two handed user. Should be a bit more balanced now.
    Low level one handed weapons got a damage buff to make them actually usable.
    Orcish Berserkers will never run away, and now can occasionaly spawn with two handed weapons instead of dual wield.
    Rapier has 50% armor piercing on all attacks.
    All sword stab attacks have 25% armor piercing.
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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.2.0!)
« Reply #5 on: July 10, 2017, 11:38:39 AM »
Can no longer create game-breaking paradoxes by putting chests into themselves.

:D :D


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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.2.1)
« Reply #6 on: July 24, 2017, 11:16:38 PM »

Hello and welcome! This time I bring to you a symbolical break of the vow of silence, which is sounds! Pretty basic for now, I tried to give every turn-passing action a sound effect to mostly inform the player that time is ticking. If you feel that any of the sounds are out of place, or even better - you know where to find some sweet sounds that I could use without draining my wallet dry, I'd be very grateful.

Mages have also received a huge buff, as they were "slightly underpowered", especially after War Dogs have been introduced and low-tier weapons have had their damage improved.  To keep up with this, I have improved damage of almost all spells, with high-tier spells receiving staggering buffs. It is also slightly more difficult to resist all spells, as their base effect power has gone up. On top of that, the Sorcery skill offers you the Mage Armor spell which improves your protection for a time, and all staves have been redesigned to benefit the user with mid-high-tier spells instead of the low-tier ones you have anyway at start:

    Staff of Flames gives access to Conjure Flames, which means you always have that AOE nuke at your disposal.
    Staff of Force gives access to Push, so you can keep safe distance from your enemies while smiting them.
    Staff of Malice gives access to Drain Blood, so you can feel like a vampire early on and compensate for that bloody costs of Sangumantic spells.

I have also removed the Conjure Smoke spell as it has been pointed out ot me that with current AI this actually is an invincibility spell, since AI will not do you any harm while it cannot see you. Woops! Will bring this spell back (possibly in a different form) once I get to stealth-oriented features, as this will be when AI will have to cope with invisible enemies on regular basis.

Apart from that, there are tons of quality of life improvements and some good old bugfixes, mostly a result of your comments and bug reports. Big thanks to all of you who keep coming back to this game and letting me know what rocks and what sucks!

Saves from previous versions will not work.

New Stuff:
    Sounds! Together with sound volume controls in options.
    The game now starts with a bit of story, and ends with an actual winning screen.
    If you try to hurt yourself, the game will warn you about your suicidal attempts.
    Town now has guards who will turn on you if you dare to hurt either them or the villagers.
    Quick-Resting is now available with R button. It will rest for up to 120 turns, and will stop if you are at full health, there are enemies nearby or your satiety is dangerously low.
    Armor Penetration is now displayed in a more intuitive way, with % values. So what was displayed at "0.75" (meaning that 0.75 of armor is taken into consideration) is now "25%" (meaning that armor is reduced by 25% for that attack).
    Creatures with disabled legs can no longer use mobility-reliant actions (Dash, Charge, Backslash, Lunge). This should keep those legless  Berserkers off your back. But it also means you cannot Dash around on one leg anymore, so it might as well be your downfall...
    Dodging power is displayed in the Status window (the one you see when pressing "U"), next to Hex Resistance. No idea why I waited so long with making it visible.
    All hints at the bottom of windows are now rendered with a larger font, as I've seen numerous people miss the fact that these hints are even there.

    Fixed a nasty bug that would cause your game to crash if you left a level with creatures targeting you, then saved -> loaded -> saved game. This was actually a symptom of a much bigger issue I have, as currently time does not pass on inactive levels (ones without player on them). Making time pass in a simplified manner on inactive levels is something that I will probably work on for the next version.
    Fixed the way in which game handled level sizes. You could actually cuase a crash by teleporting within the last level of the dungeon.
    Game would crash if you had the enemy preview window open while dying.
    Sellings chests will now calculate all the worth of the stuff inside the chest, and the vendor will unpack all of the items inside so you can buy them back separately, if you accidentally sell your best sword together with a bunch of junk.
    AI improved to better keep track of their target's location. It should no longer be possible to make full of your enemies by walking in circles and making the enemy lose track of you behind a pillar.
    Speed reduction due to missing legs was not calculated properly, causing War Dogs to not care at all about missing one of their legs.

    Mages reworked as described above.
    Durgaz has some backup, as he was a bit too easy to deal with 1 on 1. It makes sense that he would have some bodyguards.
    Trader now will always spawn with basic survivability items: bandages, healing potions, bread and some town portal scrolls.
    Similarly, Blacksmith always spawns with quite a bit of ammo.
    All non-food consumables have had their costs cut down considerably.
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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.2.2)
« Reply #7 on: August 11, 2017, 12:19:57 AM »

Hello and welcome! New version of Dungeonlike is out with some additions here and there, including the Talar Scroll of Wholesale which speeds up the process of selling masses of loot. Apart from that I have made a bunch of changes to quicken first levels of the game, as skirmishes often felt drawn-out. Early enemies are slightly less durable now and new "Bloodloss" conditions should allow for even faster combat, once you get an advantage in a battle. All changes listed below.

Some changes, especially optimisation of AI and modifications done to level generation are a form of ground work for new features I have in plans. These actually took majority of my time since last release, which is why the list of changes is not that long. I will post some information about what is coming up, as I probably should keep you guys informed about what I am working on and what is the general roadmap for upcoming releases.

Saves from earlier versions will not work.

New Stuff:
    Talar Scroll of Wholesale added. It is an item that you can purchase for 500 gold from the general store. It sells all reachable (eg. not blocked by doors or walls) items on a given floor for 75% of their price, but saves a lot of your time.
    Gold is now always sorted to reside at the top of any item stack and is picked up automatically (without passing a turn) when walked over (player only).
     Levels which do not contain the player still remain active - up till now time would stop once player has left.
    Creatures can now follow their targets between levels.
    When creating a spell or attack, player can now choose scaling stats instead of static ones. Attacks which use scaling stats will automatically recalibrate each time you level up their primary skill and can be set to scale with 20/40/60/80/100/120/140/160/180/200% of that skill.
    Spells which have duration will now allow to modify their duration independently of their power.
    Severe bloodloss (50% and even worse at 75% blood missing) will affect the creature negatively, making it slower and weaker. This actually serves two purposes, as it makes semi-dead creatures easier to dispatch and therefore speeds up the combat, but it will also draw player's attention to his own low blood levels. I managed to bleed out insisde the town on one playthrough because I simply forgot that I was bleeding and the game didn't really draw my attention to it, so this should make such deaths avoidable.
    Armor penalty will now also reduce movement speed. This is a very minor reduction, but it means that heavily armored enemies will not catch a mage or archer that quickly.
    Level generator refactored to prepare for future features. What you will see at the moment is that staircase rooms will never have monsters, and general density of monsters is far more balanced. No longer will you see 5 empty rooms just to find a band of orcs in a small room behind the corner.

    Costs of "Line" AOE spells were incredibly high (higher than circular AOE) for no reason.
    Message system sometimes would report that a creature received damage after it was already dead.
    Countless optimisation changes. The game offers now much faster AI operations, faster pathfinding, less redundant checks and so on. This was necessary in order to allow more than one level to be active, and will be crucial for some of the future features I have planned.

    Killing enemies in early game took way too long in comparison to later enemies when you build up more attack power, so I reduced the endurance of early enemies to avoid running around that much and waiting for them to bleed out. This should speed up early game considerably.
    While implementing independent duration stat for spells I rebalanced a lot of enduring spells as some of them were still in a "prototype" state.
    Made all the dogs and wargs a bit weaker, as they were a bit more intimidating than I have actually planned.
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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.2.3!)
« Reply #8 on: October 24, 2017, 11:48:09 AM »

Hello again adventurers! It's been a while! And since it's been a while, there is a nice bunch of new features going out, including rare enemies(powerful, although still randomised), rare items (a random mix of existing enchantments, packed into one item) and a whole new dungeon type with a bunch of undead creatures for you to fight. And since Dungeonlike tries to make best sense out of its world, undead are not the easiest type of enemy to slay, since they don't bleed, can't be poisoned, they never run away and they almost don't tire. Regular dungeons also feature new enemies, as Trolls and Ogres make it to the game - although these guys are unarmored, they make up for it in sheer resilience and slight resistance to blunt weaponry.

I've also done quite a number of test runs of the game, quite a few per each class, so I was able to pick out a lot of sources of imbalance, although I bet there is far more to find. Balance aside, I think I managed to get the pacing up, as bleeding is now more serious for badly damaged creatures, while stamina and mana are more difficult to deplete, leading to less running around waiting for enemies to bleed out/stamina to regenerate.

On a more real-life note, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates over last months, but I needed a break from Dungeonlike. I guess that the initial idea of having a version released every two weeks actually led to a slight burnout, as I was both pushing out the features really quickly, but also writing rushed, bad quality code that I wasn't too proud of in the long run. I will be taking my time now, making sure I am 100% happy with stuff that goes out. Can't really promise anything here, but something like 1-2 months will probably be the case.

New Stuff (mechanics & content):
    New level type: Crypt - currently only as a fork dungeon.
    Undead enemies! Far more annoying than orcs.
    Rare items! A standard magic item has 1 enchant, while a rare has 3 enchants combined and some random name. They can be found on rare enemies, in treasure chests and in ordinary locked chests.
    Rare enemies! They are a buffed version of their normal counterpart, with increased stats and skill, and far better equipment, including a rare item. They give more experience as well.
    Treasure rooms! A major treasure room will be at the bottom of any fork, while minor treasure rooms can be found almost anywhere. They are always guarded by a rare enemy.
    Main dungeon level size reduced from 40x40 to 30x30, but the dungeon features 20 levels instead of 10.
    Bulky Horde creatures: Trolls and Ogres! Neither wear armor, but they are quite resilient without it. Way easier to bleed out than to bash down with blunt damage.
    Shielding is now chance-based and drains far less stamina on successful blocks. Block power can be viewed in Status window (U key).
    AI makes use of their staff-based spells, if they have a staff equipped.
    AI will not use Sangumantic spells if they would reduce their blood pool too much.
    New Sorcery spell: Spellshield. Because mages need to protect themselves from other mages.
    New ammo types: Steel Arrows/Bolts will pierce armor with ease, while Barbed Arrows/Bolts will deal increased damage.

New Stuff (UI & usability):
    Item quality is now indicated by a little star in the upper right corner. Blue for magic items, yellow for rares.
    Armor penalty and Overburden now show their severity on their icons.
    If a consumable is used, the action is reported in the console log.
    If a consumable item does not require any player input/aiming to use it (eg. bread), it will no longer close the inventory window. This means that you can eat 5 kobold snacks one after another without having to open inventory again. The window does close for more complex consumables, like a bandage, which requires the player to specify a limb.
    Equipped items can be replaced in the inventory window. The system will try its best to replace a matching item, so if you have a bow and ammo, equipping new ammo wil replace the old one (and not the bow).
    Due to shielding being now an rng-based factor in combat, hit chance displayed next to a targeted enemy body part displays a combined chance of the attack being either evaded or blocked.
    Creatures have descriptions which can often hint their weak points.
    Level name is now displayed in top right, next to current time.
    Stackable items display their stack count.

    It was possible to bleed out while resting. I suppose eternal rest should not be a hidden feature there.
    Sometimes ammo would get bugged and have its weight multiplied, making enemy archers overburdened.
    Archers would not switch to melee weapon after their bow hand was cut off, standing there with ammo in their other hand doing nothing. Now that was stupid, even for Kobold standards.
    Sources displayed on the Hotkey list would get wiped from time to time, multiple bugs fixed here.
    Staff-based ations had wrong numbers (damage/cost) displayed all over the place.

    Armor penalty of non-torso items increased.
    Armor penalty no longer reduces spell effectiveness. Since implementing this I've actually made penalty quite painful in general, so this mage-specific effect doesn't really seem fair anymore.
    AOE spells should be significantly cheaper now, especially LineAOE which would sometimes be more expensive to cast than comparable CircleAOE, that wasn't right.
    All armor enchants are more powerful than before.
    Rebalanced secondary sword attacks to make them more viable. Stab is now a good anti-armor attack for sword users, while Flatside inflicts reasonable blunt damage.
    Consumable shop has significantly more items of each type to offer.
    Skills reduce action costs way faster now when leveled up.
    Passive skill cost increase reduced from 5 to 2. This should make multiclassing actually possible.
    Creatures have more stamina and stamina regen across the board.
    Creatures have significantly more mana across the board.
    Prices of many consumables have been reduced, some to a great extent (I'm looking at you, Talar Scroll).
    Ranged weapons damage increased, stamina costs reduced.
    Dash action cost doubled.
    Ammo prices reduced significantly.
    Ranged enemies carry 25 ammo instead of 50. Was a bit too easy to just farm all that ammo off them.
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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.3.0!)
« Reply #9 on: March 04, 2018, 08:11:00 PM »
v0.3.0  8)

Hello everyone! It's been a WHILE! Probably a while too long, but life is life and I can't always devote as much time to Dungeonlike as I would like. But here it is, a new major version increment, yay! This version comes with three massive feature clusters, one being the open world, as described in the previous post. All "in progress" items from that post have been completed, with some additional stuff, especially in UI. Yet, open world is still in fully experimental stages and no feature is written in stone to stay. As always, I am open to suggestions and ideas.

The second feature cluster is a large number of tweaks done to the combat and health systems. Although I wouldn't call this an "overhaul" as the core mehcanics remain the same, the number of tweaks, rebalancing and new sub-systems amounts to a sizeable pool of changes in this area. The game now features critical hits, which apart from increased damage and armor penetration can lead to critical conditions (eg. broken ribs, punctured lungs). Apart from being debuffs in their own right, critical conditions (and missing health in general) will now cause pain, which in drastic situations may turn a powerful enemy into a punching bag.

I've also tweaked AI in some places, but most importantly enemies can now use consumables and defensive spells. So you might have to face mages who drink mana potions and teleport around the level if you get close. They will also use new mana-oriented single handed staves, together with shields and reworked mage robes, which now can actually be used for something more than decoration.

I've made the descision to keep the main Pinfell Dungeon as it was, until I figure out how to exactly treat it within this open world setting. The only difference would be that now it sits outside of Pinefell, so you cannot lure enemies out to be killed by guards anymore, but in essence you can ignore the open world and just play this game as you would version 0.2.3, heading straight for Durgaz. This makes the open world an optional aspect, which is probably most suitable for its experimental state at the moment.

But enough of me spitting words! Full-ish list of changes can be found below, for those who crave the details.

New Stuff (mechanics & content):
    Open world introduced, with following features:
        Camps - Small, single level locations which can be cleared out by killing the rare enemy in one of the tents. They generate ambushes when player walks near them.
        Dungeons - Multi-level locations which can be cleared out by killing the rare enemy at the bottom of the dungeon. Pinefell ruins are an exception as they will never vanish.
        Cities - There are now three cities, including the good old (yet revamped) Pinefell, a major city of Dewmere and a minor orcish settlement of Zilgurd. These locations do not differ massively (yet), but they offer different services and different levels of items to represent their economic power.
    Explicit factions introduced. The game always had "hidden" factions, but now it has them out in the open, so that the player can distinguish between Bandits, Horde Deserters, Undead and other Alarian Kingdom.
    Bandits are a new faction, with a batch of new enemies to fight. Both camps and dungeons can spawn inhabited by Bandit faction.
    Undead now feature some mages, Liches. In fact, these are the most powerful mages in the game and probably the most powerful enemies in general, if not eliminated quickly.
    Auto-eat feature introduced, so that as long as you have some food in your inventory, you will eat it automatically to avoid dying while traveling.
    Two "specialist shops" are now available, with Tavern selling food and Alchemist selling potions.
    Talar Guild allows to set a given city as Town Portal target.
    Town Portals now teleport to a dedicated "teleport pad" area near Talar Guild within cities which support Town Portals.
    Talar Guild allows to choose if you want your Talar Scroll gold to be sent to your Strongbox, or directly to your inventory.
    Body Part based attacks are now possible, although this is mostly limited to punches. This will need more work in the future with a full blown martial arts feature, but for now it means that weaponless berserkers will not just stand there.
    Hex resistance reduces all incoming damage by a %, on top of allowing to resist the spell outright. So even if the spell hits, there is some level of protection involved.
    Dash made more expensive and only moves player by distance of 2. Greater Dash, unlocked at Athletics (20 lvl), allows to move by 3 tiles and comes at an even greater cost. Costs of both actions get reduced significantly with higher level of Athletics.
    Spells now have a Piercing (as in, resistance piercing) characteristic to mirror the Aim of ordinary attacks. This allows players to create "resistance breaking spells" by focusing on that parameter instead of sheer power.
    Critical hit mechanics overhauled.
        Critical chance introduced as a weapon/spell characteristic.
        Increasing Aim of an attack or Piercing of a spell will increase critical chance significantly.
        Critical hits can inflict critical conditions which are very annoying and take a lot of time to heal, if not treated correctly. These can also come about as a result of incredibly strong attack, when it doesn't need to be a critical (similar to old blunt damage conditions). These conditions depend on the Body Part which was hit and type of damage that was sustained.
        Concentration and Athletics give partial protection from critical hits by lowering the crititcal chance of incoming attacks and spells.
    Blindness no longer fully takes the sight away, it only limits sight to 1 tile (this would be the most annoying feature in the world if the player was stuck blind for couple of hundred of turns). It does, however, lower other combat stats as well, so it's still a valuable debuff, and/or a pain in the... eye.
    Introduced Pain debuff. This reduces hit/dodge chances for all attacks, including spells, so a creature under severe pain becomes practically helpless. Pain comes from sustained damage and Critical Conditions, but a part of it (based on Endurance and Intelligence) will be ignored.
    Sphere of Protection spell added. This is essentially a combination of Mage Armor and Spell Shield.
    Enemy mages can now use more spells.  I will let you find out yourself how amusing that is exactly.
    Enemies can use consumables. This generally means potions, but it also means that it is now possible to loot potions off your enemies (if they didn't manage to use them or had multiples).
    Some new staves are available now to offer something for wizards in the late game.
    Staves made one-handed. This means that both staff+shield and dual staves are a possibility for a mage. Enemies will utilise both approaches as well.
    Any enemy who has enough Athletics will now use Dash to escape.
    Scorching arrows and bolts are now available for a hefty price in shops. These inflict fire damage, which together with critical hits gives archers a tool when facing heavily armored enemies who are otherwise nearly unaffected by ranged weapons.
    Different shields now offer different bonuses to block chance.
    New enchants can further improve block chance of shields or decrease stamina drain of blocks.
    Greater health potion added as a late-game consumable offering faster healing, especially effective when dealing with critical conditions.

New Stuff (UI & usability):
    Dungeonpedia fully updated with all features, as I don't think I touched it since version 0.2.0 or so.
    All message logs are now timestamped.
    Current weight + limit, food reserves and carried gold are now constantly displayed above the message log.
    When experience is gained by killing a creature, the message now specifies which creature was the source of experience gain.
    Holding Ctrl on the world map allows to view location names (font color informing about friend/foe status) and their factional control.
    Holding Ctrl will now also display creature resource levels (small window) and factional allegiance (as an icon).
     Minimap improved in multiple ways, showing more detail and not losing any information.
    Town Portals remain active for a limited time now, displaying time left before the portal vanishes.
    Town Portals inform on when they lead to, when inspected in Look mode.
    Basic day/night cycle. This does not affect the game mechanically (yet), but makes passage of time more meaningful, especially when traveling.
    Attack speed is now displayed as a turn fraction (eg. 0.5 turn, 1.2 turn) to make it clearer on what is fast and what is slow, and how exactly this translates to combat situations.
    When aiming an attack at a Body Part, both the hit chance and critical strike chance are displayed.
    All body parts are now described in detail, as many descriptions were missing previously.
    Item descriptions are now visible for non-consumables.
    When blocking attacks with a shield, the amount of stamina used for the block is reported in the message log.
    Food can no longer be consumed when the action would lead to wasting the food item due to hitting satiety limit.

    Bread is more filling now.
    All food and consumables made significantly cheaper.
    Speed, although still much of a secondary stat for attacks, is now far cheaper to improve. This is a change to both weapons themselves and custom attack cost calculations.
    Shields no longer increase armor penalty.
    All armor pieces made significantly more powerful, especially chest pieces and head armor.
    Blocks and hit chances can no longer go above 95% or below 5%. So there is always a chance... to die.
    Slash-to-blunt converts at a lower rate when protected by armor (mostly visible when using chain armor).
    Zombies, especially Ogre Zombies, made more powerful as they were not much of a threat.
    Spells rebalanced to prevent crazy lategame scaling. Well, at least make crazy lategame scaling more of a challenge.
    Mage armors significantly buffed to make them actually viable in combat situations. They also provide hex resistance even when not enchanted.
    Mage enemies are now a far bigger threat, as they hit much harder than before and use more diverse armor (although never the highest plate tier and such).
    Armor penalty decreases global speed instead of movement speed. This means that a heavily armored creature with little training in armor will become extremely slow in combat in general, not only when running.
    Advanced weapon attacks reworked, a lot of details have been changed here and some attacks (jabs) were removed altogether. In general, these attacks should be now far more viable, as during my past playthroughs I realised I would have never used them myself.
    Starting classes offer different armor sets now, while custom player-made classes start out with a comparable boost in gold, to decide on their armor through ingame purchase.
    Above change to item sets made it necessary to boost low-level enemies, as they would be (and I still feel they slightly are) underpowered.
    As the game now offers a large number of camps and dungeons to "farm" gold, Talar scroll sells items for 50% of their value instead of 75%.
    Two-handed weapons got nerfed as the damage difference between them and single-handed weapons was far too big, especially visible when getting one-shotwith a critical hit from an Orcish Warlord.
    Rusty Mail removed, got Light Mail instead to actually bridge the gap between early and mid-game armors.
    Rare items will now have slightly more diverse properties, as the same base enchant cannot be applied more than once (it was in theory possible to roll a weapon with +100% damage, which could lead to severe imbalance).
    Health potion now lasts for 180 turns and speeds up healing of critical conditions.
    Healer prices reduced.
    Some numerical fixes to enchants. Damage increasing enchants have been nerfed. Armor enchants no longer increase defence by % values, they use larger flat values instead (+10 instead of +40%, etc.).

    Fixed a bug which caused the "You are full!" to appear multiple times at once.
    Stairs/pillars and other permanent dungeon features no longer vanish when not in line of sight.
    Target memory (for ctrl+hotkey and ctrl+arrow) improved considerably, as it would break after using a consumable, or after cancelling an attack half-way.
    Escaping enemies no longer walk into walls and pillars, which would sometimes happen and prevent players from reaching the loot.
    Smash Grip attack can no longer be used to generate infinite weapon copies.
    Aiming actions like Dash allows now to point at invalid targets, as this would previously prevent player from changing Dash directions in tight corridors, as he had to pass himself as the target and the system would prevent this.
    Dogs were resistant to blindness.
    Cost multiplier for spells (when creating a spell) was displaying some astronomical values, which were not true.
    Multi-shield setups did not actually count additional shields (sorry mr. Tower Wizard :/) but now they do. Introduced some rebalacing here, to make second shield less useful than the first, so multi-shielding is no longer a no brainer for wizards.
    Player no longer "drops" armor from an equipment slot when a body part becomes disabled. Only handheld items are now dropped in such situations.
    AOE attacks would often get blocked from being used with Ctrl+hotkey.
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Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.3.1!)
« Reply #10 on: April 17, 2018, 09:50:15 PM »

Greetings adventurers! This time around I focused more on some long-pending changes in the UI and a lot of lesser fixes. As development goes forward, you will see more and more of updates which no longer roll out gamechanging experimental systems, but instead build up the content within existing framework and polish gameplay. Adding new items, enemy creatures, skills, spells, attacks, races, world map locations, dungeon types, factions, etc. will be one side such updates, but fleshing out systems which have been introduced and never really got too much attention: secret rooms, stealth & thievery, poison mechanics, gold balancing (especially endgame, when there is nothing to buy anymore), will also be on my radar. But enough promises, here is what I got for you today!

The biggest change this time around is probably (yet another) rebalance of combat stats. As I've mentioned in my recent Facebook post, a lot of care has been put to get critical hits, armor and armor piercing done right. Enemies will always try to follow some build (which means their attacks as well as equipment) which allows the to tackle armor, as previously many endgame warriors would be useless trying to strike the player with their arming swords.

Dungeons will now feature special rooms like Libraries and Granaries, serving the purpose of "treasure rooms" with specific types of items, but also forcing player to face multiple enemies more often, adding a bit of value to AOE attacks. Town Portals no longer insta-teleport, which means that escaping dangerous situations will be more challenging.

There is also a new batch of items (both equipment and consumables), enchants (speed bonuses), some new creatures (especially endgame ones), and a good number of UI quality of life improvements.

Big thanks to all of you who are providing me with feedback, it is really appreciated. I've been lucky enough to get very constructive criticism so far, and I am sure you can see your comments and ideas come to life within Dungeonlike, even if it's taking me a bit of time on the implementation side of things.

New Stuff (mechanics & content):

    Block per turn attempts are limited by shielding skill, to 1 + Skill/10. This means that you cannot block an infinite number of attacks per turn anymore.
    Factional weapons and armor are now available, spawning on respective faction members and buyable for their settlements (
    Two consumables have been added to enable immediate healing: Violent Meatgrowth and Violent Bonegrowth potions. They heal a part of your missing Tissue/Structure, but also apply a very heavy debuff limiting natural regeneration of health.
    Town Portal scroll no longer instantly teleports to cities. Instead it applies a 60-turn timer and once those turns are up, the teleport happens. This prevents the scroll from being a means of escape, as it should be a means of travel only. Reduced the cost of this item as well, since it's far less of a life saver now.
    Potion of Mercy added to the game, it temporarily nullifies pain.
    Liches can now cost a Reconstruction spell which heals them instantly in battle.
    If you thought Ogre Brutes were tough and dangerous, I added a more powerful Ogre Warrior creature to bend that armor a bit more.
     Dungeons will contain special rooms with specific spawn for items and creatures, as well as individual decoration (
    Two "new" skills introduced: Acrobatics and Mediation. As Athletics and Concentration had too many effects (eg. stamina regen + dodging + crit protection + dash actions), I had to split them out. Now Acrobatics has dodge + dashes while Concentration has hex resist.
    Mediation skill increases both mana regeneration and maximum value (with emphasis on maximum). It also offers a Deep Focus action which allows to convert stamina into mana.
    Athletics skill increases both stamina rengeration and maximum value (with emphasis on regeneration). It also offers a Second Wind action which allows to convert mana into stamina.
    Lockbreaker (super-lockpick) introduced. More expensive than a normal lockpick, but far easier to use (
    Two Rune items introduced to allow warriors to inflict some AOE fire damage: Firebomb Rune and Hellfire Rune.
    New armor enchants added. They can improve: global speed, movement speed and blood regeneration rate.
    New spell type added, called "Hollow Circle". This will result in a nova-like AOE spell centered on the caster.
    Bandit Backstabbers, Assasins and Duelists added. These guys will be critical-strike oriented, so keep your healing potions close.
    Orc Destroyer added. He is basically a really strong version of the Orc Berserker, hitting even harder than Warlords, but having mediore defense.
    Scroll of Banishment added, a consumable which allows you to teleport away all enemies adjacent to you (it uses the Hollow Cricle logic mentioned above).

New Stuff (UI & usability):

    Dungeons and camps now show their threat level as a range, not a single digit (which used to show just the maximum threat).
    When an action is performed in the inventory screen, the console window will become temporarily visible so that the information ("you equip the sword", etc.) is visible.
    Bandage condition icons visible on your body parts after using a bandage actually look like a bandage now.
    The amount of turns rested by pressing R button can now be configured in options.
    Unspent experience is visible on the tab above console window.
    Unspent stat points will now cause a "reminder" window now to appear and instruct on how to spend them.
    Lockpicking list window now shows chance to pick a lock (
    Different types of scrolls now have different colors. Locumantic scrolls are blue, while Talar (town portal and wholesale) scrolls are yellow.


    Critical hits have been reworked to double the armor piercing value instead of giving a flat bonus.
    Critial hit chances are much higher now for some attacks.
    Enemies who aim for least-armored body parts will now sometimes switch between multiple body parts if they have comparable armor levels. This will help with the annoying trend of endgame enemies always hitting your one hand but never the other.
    A massive amount of fixes around armor values of armor pieces and armor piercing capabilities of attacks/ammunition etc.
     Bandit thugs can now use Stab attack, which means they will remain a threat even in mid-game with their critical hit capabilities.
    Arms and legs are 5% more difficult to hit now.
    Swords, as now they rely more on precise armor piercing attacks, do less overall damage.
    Engulfing spells (eg. Conjure Fire) will in general pick more body parts, as previously minimum count was 1, now 2.
    Bandit archers made significantly weaker to make them appear in lowest levels of bandit dungeons, as seeing 1000 bandit thugs in a row was really dull.
    Enemies close to end game will use some kind of armor-countering equipment. Either stabbing weapons with high critical capabilities or two handed axes and hammers. The idea is, these warriors often face armored enemies, so walking around with a one handed axe was pointless even from "lore" point of view.
    Enemies who have lost a lot of blood will now run at 25% blood reserves, not 50%.


     Archers within encounters (ambushes) would cause the game to crash when running away from the player. The issue was that they checked if anybody is close to them (in case they needed to switch to melee) and while checking all positions adjacent to them, they would even check ones outside level boundaries...
    Fixed dungeons which spawned with a very limited choice of enemies, especially low level ones. A bug was causing some random dungeons to have 5 levels full of bandit thugs, etc.
    Dungeons would appear to be in "cleared" state immediately after entering them.
    Food could be still eaten when player was full if done via inventory directly by pressing enter.
    Special ammo (barbed, steel etc.) was unavailable in shops at all.
    Having no melee weapon and going into melee attack craft window would throw an error.
    Unavailable secondary attacks (eg. a Stab attack when no sword was equipped) would have no Source or Description displayed.
    It was possible to use weapon-specific attacks (eg. Beak Strike) with any weapon of that type (eg. any Hammer) once a custom attack was created.
    Critical hit system will no longer re-apply the same condition if it is already applied. Previously it would often happen that eg. 3 crits in a row would keep cutting the tendons, which was pretty annoying and pointless.
    Shields no longer had armor penalty (removed in version 0.3.0), but could still spawn with armor penalty reducing enchants.
    Can no longer preview objects/creatures outside of line of sight in Lookaround mode.
    One of the endgame enchants would give up to +150% attack speed instead of +15% to weapons.
    After loading a saved game, items in strongbox and shops had their ennchants erased.
    A very annoying bug with Teleport spell fixed. It caused enemies to seemingly teleport into walls, while actually it was the AI walking into them.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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