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Gunnhildr - FPS Rogue-Lite
« on: January 03, 2017, 07:28:49 AM »

A Doom Meets The Binding of Isaac FPS Rogue-Lite

Playable Build Download:

Please Give Us Your Feedback!

Game Overview:

Gunnhildr is a FPS Rogue-Lite inspired by Norse Mythology, in which players assume the role of an exiled heroine. She is leading a rebellion against the Elders of Niflheim to protect its innocent citizens from the one natural resource (halite) which is both the planet's salvation and undoing.

The game features procedurally generated environments, a multitude of power ups, and a rich lore for players to uncover through its environments and items. Players will encounter more than 10 unique enemy types and 4 larger than life bosses. Unlike most shooters the world of Gunnhildr is not one of a traditional bullet hell variety. Each enemy has one or more weak points to uncover and exploit. Every enemy is dangerous in their own way and requires players to learn their mannerisms to efficiently defeat them. Gunnhildr will use her jetpack to dodge, gun arm to fight and a multitude of acquired powers found along their journey to become the new leader of Niflheim.

Why is halite so important? It is the lifeblood of all Niflheim. For the rich it can provide everlasting life. For the poor ... a death eternal in the halite mines. ​How would YOU manage your halite if your entire wellbeing, currency, ammo, and even your existence depended on it. Players must prioritize the halite they find in order to survive the deadly environments to reach
the Elders to lead Niflheim through the darkness back to its former glory.

Gunnhildr takes place on the world of Niflheim (the “Ice World”), one of the Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology. As the most distant of the Nine Worlds, Niflheim is mostly isolated from the other worlds, particularly Asgard and Midgard (the world of the gods and Earth respectively).

Early in Niflheim’s history, the population (known as Niflungar) learned that they could use black alchemy to transfigure Niflheim’s most abundant resource, Halite, into a life giving substance. The transfigured Halite would react with the Noble Gases in the atmosphere to create a breathable air that could improve health and even make them nearly immortal. With prolonged exposure to the processed Halite, the Niflungar become Frost-Giants. Alchemically altered Halite is used for everything from currency, to healthcare, all the way down to ammunition.

Unfortunately, this transfigured Halite has a half-life and becomes toxic with time. The alchemical process that Halite goes through to make it usable also gives it a half-life. After each half-life, the balance of beneficial air to toxic air will continue to tilt towards toxicity until it produces almost all poison. The people of Niflheim have never found a way to destroy or neutralize this toxicity, so every bit of depleted Halite has continued to destroy the atmosphere to the point that the people of Niflheim are now dependant on the transfigured Halite to protect them from the toxic refuse. Vast hills of toxic Halite litter the countryside of Niflheim as a result.

Raw Halite has been running out for quite some time, but even though all of Niflheim is dependent on it, the indecisive Frost-Giants are slow in response. Many debates are had, but no plan is made until the decision to call on Asgard (never very popular among the people of Niflheim) for aid is decided on.

Because of her unique position in society, Gunnhildr is selected as savior or damner of Niflheim. The Three Primes advised her to beg for the gods to restore Niflheim, but most importantly she must secure the transport of the Frost-Giants off of Niflheim so that they might “preserve the rich culture of their world.” The gods of Asgard reject Malphor’s plea and send her back to Niflheim empty handed.

Gunnhildr arrives on the Ancient Mountain broken and beaten with the rainbow bridge’s connection to Niflheim destroyed behind her. A warrant is out for her arrest, and she must evade capture. Gunnhildr is unable to evade capture. The Three Primes declared her “Damner of Niflheim” and sentenced her to 1000 years imprisonment in Niflhel. After an indeterminate amount of time, Gunnhildr is broken out of her cell by an unknown figure. She must now escape from Niflhel and return to Niflheim to find the Three Primes.

Feature List Goal
  • Heavy Focus on Narrative told through Replayability
  • Four highly modifiable weapons through acquired power ups
  • 150-200 Power Ups
  • Single Resource Based Gameplay: Halite->Currency, Healing, Ammo forcing players to make fast, important decisions
  • Four Distinct Procedurally Generated Environments

Gameplay Footage:

Hi Everyone!

My name is Andrew and I am part of a small indie team called RatDog Games. Above you'll see our game Gunnhildr, we've been working on it for over a year now and are excited to start sharing it with the community! I'll be using this post for the foreseeable future to post updates about the project and gain as much feedback as possible :)


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Re: Gunnhildr - FPS Rogue-Lite
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2017, 01:06:53 PM »
Absolutely seems to have potential and be onto something at that---looking forward to seeing how this shapes up so keep us in the loop!   8)

You'd probably do well to get a nice page up for ease of early feedback prior to waging the war needed to get the finished product on Steam.
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Re: Gunnhildr - FPS Rogue-Lite
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2017, 06:36:56 PM »
Thanks for the positive feedback.

Itch is actually a really great idea, I'll need to look into it!