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Stoneshard RL [In-Dev]
« on: October 23, 2016, 01:15:54 AM »

Hello guys!

We are a small team of game developers from Russia, currently working on our roguelike/dungeon crawl called Stoneshard.

Recently we all have witnessed loads of roguelikes, roguelites and roguelikelikes being released literally non-stop, so we may seem like a bunch of dudes trying to hop on the trend. Well, this may be true, however, we always dreamed of making some quite canonic roguelike with not only a vast list of features, but also user-friendly UI, handy controls and well-drawn graphics as well.

We were inspired by many roguelikes, both classic (like ADOM and Nethack) and recently released (like Dungeons of Dredmor and Rogue’s Tale). Also Diablo series and various dungeon crawls heavily influenced us too.

We’re in prealpha at the moment. For now we don’t have that much content, but core mechanics are already implemented and work quite well.

Current features:

  • First dungeon type – The Crypt.
  • Random generation of rooms.
  • Stats system (well, 70% of it) and leveling.
  • Inventory and item generation.
  • Basic combat system (e.g. you can miss, evade, fumble, parry attacks, even critically fail by striking yourself etc.).
  • Low-tier undead and beasts.
  • Hunger system.
  • Generation of potions.

Upcoming features:

  • Various traps and trap disarming.
  • Pain system. Embrace it and burn it as fuel for your journey.
  • Advanced system of damaging and unique combinations of damage types.
  • Also some skills and spells for monsters.
  • Equipment durability and spoiling food.
  • First boss (pure evil)

Planned features:

  • Races, classes and their combinations.
  • Skills and spells.
  • Modular (as we hope) plot.
  • Randomly generated global map and different events, quests, ambushes and encounters (also moral dilemmas, eh).
  • Your very personal caravan (like those classic RPG-towns, but also moves with you). Develop it and attract new followers during your travels.
  • Some interesting environment interaction possibilities.
  • Gods (atheism could be beneficial too).
  • Diverse layouts for dungeons, severely affecting gameplay. Surface locations are planned too.
  • Tons of enemies (and friends).
  • Advanced customization. Unlike the majority of other roguelikes, your equipment actually changes the look of your character. Also many cool haircuts to choose.

As we already mentioned, demo is about to come in the nearest future, so if you feel interested in our game – we will be glad to hear your opinions on it.



Some screenshots:

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Re: Stoneshard RL [In-Dev]
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2016, 12:59:02 PM »
It sounds excellent---keep at the hard work! 8)
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Re: Stoneshard RL [In-Dev]
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2016, 11:59:36 PM »
Hello, everyone!

We are going to issue short devlogs, devoted to current developments.

The latest and the main ones are combat system and hunger mechanic.


The gameplay of our combat system has been quite easy for a long time and looked precisely like a kind of Pixel Dungeon or some mobile roguelike. The hit could get only three results – “on target”, fatal hit and miss. This minimum did not contribute into the depth of the gameplay obviously. We improved it partly by widening attribute system, thus the combat is more interesting and unpredictable now.

Each hit now can lead to several results: attacks are parried and counterattacks answer them, swing can be failure and damage much less than it supposed to be.

Moreover, we realized an ability to commit fatal failures and misses. Fatal failure means that your hit doesn't just damage less than it supposed but also damages the weapon.
If the character warmed with battle misses an enemy he accidentally may hit his own leg instead, for instance and commit fatal miss

Probability of all these results depends on many variables that can be changed dynamically in correspondence with the character's development, his outfit and enemies’ qualities.


Hunger at the first blush is not so important addition which influences gameplay dramatically.

Character gathers hunger conducting different actions.
And the significant point is whether these actions are exhaustible or not.
The character starts feeling hunger in a fight or shifting through remains much faster than while regular movements.

The hunger has three degrees. They affect the character differently and can lead to the character's death if he doesn't manage to find any food from his last bit of strength. So, if the character is really precious to you, never forget to control the amount of provision - it must be in your stock constantly.

Variety of food is also worth writing about, because there is plenty of it and each variant copes with hunger differently. Apart from it, food getting stale, so it's use can lead to intoxication and poisoning.

In the near future we are going to add some more interesting mechanics, and we will tell you about it certainly as soon as it finished. So follow the news!