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Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.5.0)
« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2017, 11:10:38 AM »


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Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.5.2!)
« Reply #16 on: August 08, 2017, 12:37:52 PM »

Hey everyone,

The last couple of releases have been more about bug fixes, but 0.5.2 has more of a focus on balance and creating a better structural integrity for future releases. I've spent quite a bit of time poring through the bug reports for new information on some of the old bugs. I think I may have remedied some during some circumstances, but it's hard to say since I don't actually get the errors myself.  Turns out it's really hard to rectify issues you cannot recreate.

There are a ridiculous number of edge cases for the limb system, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around a decent way to deal with them all. Consider the following: You have normal arms until your genetics destabilize, corrupting your flesh. These make wielding a weapon or off hand impossible. So you go and do what any normal person would do in this circumstance: Get a doctor to chop them off, and replace the arms with mechanical ones. Had these arms been organic, it would make sense for your genes to take over and corrupt these arms as well, but machines don't care about what your body WANTS to be. Because of  the way Axu is coded, you still cannot wield items in your new arms. This is one of many stories I have heard, and it certainly is a big enough issue to warrant some restructuring.

 One large change I'm planning on making is the introduction of hands as a slot. Instead of the usual "Weapon" and "Off Hand" slots, each arm will have a "Hand" slot that you can put any item into. Your dominant non-severed arm hand will serve as the main weapon, while all others can perform actions as well, based on your Dexterity stat. Not only does this mean Dexterity will be more viable for close-ranged combatants, but it makes multi-wielding with a large number of arms possible and user friendly. I think this will help with edge cases regarding weapons vs arms too. Let me know what you think!


    The world seed is now different than your character's name.
    Ensis Interior walls should no longer be overwritten by snow.
    New custom maps.
    Added the Xul faction and their portable base in the Red Desert.
    Added the Xul Nomad and Blacksmith NPCs.
    The Blacksmith has a small quest line that allows you to get a powerful modifier for your weapon.
    Snow no longer inhibits travel. It was tedious and silly.
    Changed the layouts of the static vaults.

    You can now only have three hired followers at one time. (Quest NPCs don't count.)
    Reduced the frequency of NPCs using skills.
    Added a stat that resists electrical and other energy-based attacks.
    More NPC skills use their stamina, so they can't spam them as often.
    Only the hit body part's armor proficiency increases upon taking damage, and only from physical damage.
    You deal 2.5x damage to an enemy that has not seen you yet, making stealth more viable.
    Nerfed throwing item damage.
    Some heavier and slower weapons can knock back creatures.
    You get less speed through level ups.
    Starving only damages you every 3 turns instead of every 1.
    Crystallization and Leprosy effect your limbs slightly more often.
    Crystalization can only spread to organic limbs.
    Limbs from humans correctly give you the "Cannibal" trait if eaten in front of other humans.
    Enemies in the arena no longer have loot.
    Reduced the amount of radiation given by many items.
    Increased the power of Frostborne faction members.

    Severed mechanical limbs now turn into scrap upon being severed.
    Severed limbs are now displayed as "Severed [Limb Name]"
    If you have one unmutated arm, you can equip a weapon. If you have two, you can equip an offhand item.

    You automatically pick up stackable items that you walk over (that you are already carrying)
    Items that match your Ranged weapon that are stackable get put into that stack instead.
    More non-unique artifacts.
    Throwing items can now be put into the Firearm slot (now renamed "Ranged") and thrown by pressing "F"
    Added an overflow scrollbar for the equipment menu for if the player gets too many limbs to fit on screen.

    Swapped texture maps to the new map creator format.
    Added various console commands to set stats for debugging purposes.
    Console: Changed "grant" and "multigrant" to "give" and "multigive". The old "give" command wasn't really used, as it took an index. Typing the name is way easier.
    Cleaned up space in the Professions.json file. 0 level proficiencies no longer require a field of their own.
    Worked on map editor to make it available for public release.

    Added another swing animation for knife-like weapons.
    Ported level up screen to new UI.
    Loot panel now shows your inventory capacity.
    The ability panel has gotten an upgrade. It now has a scrollbar for out-of view abilities, and has a tooltip displaying the information of the current highlighted ability. This includes its level and experience needed to level it up.
    Moved the main menu options button to the top of the screen.
    Traits in the character panel have colored names.
    Fetch quest steps now have a quest icon on the world map that shows up.
    The quest arrow now points at fetch quest targets.

    Vaults are checked to see if they have been visited in data before spawning more enemies, placing more objects, etc.
    Removed the backpack infinite storage exploit.
    The skill "Teleport" now can only take you to a random viewed tile.
    You will no longer find unique items on enemies that don't own them.
    Did some more work on assuring NPC objects will be destroyed after they die.
    Frostborne are now hostile again, as intended.
    You can have multiples of a stackable mutation.
    Handled some exceptions where thrown items would show up in a separate item pile from dropped items. Might not have caught them all.
    Surgeon's Kit no longer takes money to use.
    Teleport and Blink can no longer put you in doors.
    Items given by NPCs (Akk-Lune, Isazna) no longer show up as their IDs in the log.
    Attempting to buy items while you cannot hold any more no longer steals your money.
    Fixed the offset of the Bandit Adept's sprite.
    You can no longer path to stairs when there is a locked door in the way, even when you know the stairs position.
    After you complete a quest where the NPC follows you, their faction is reset to their original.
    Randomly generated "named" items now have their costs increased by 500%. They also can only be generated as a weapon, armor, firearm or offhand item. They can also have properties associated with them as well, granting them abilities.
    Gaining stats via level up now displays the proper message.
    Diseases and Wounds have proper color codes while being displayed.
    Edible items no longer give you their stats upon consuming them.
    You can no longer force an attack while stunned or frozen.

    Added the framework for tiers of mutations.
    Several mutations now have more advanced versions of themselves.
    Most data now relies on IDs instead of strict names. This will make modding and translating much easier.
    Moved the name generator syllable list over to data for modders to edit.
    Ported the Pause menu to the new UI, which fixed many issues, including the character panel not showing up from that menu.
    Capped frame rate to 60 fps.
    You can now disable permadeath (saves being deleted upon death) in the options menu.
    Added an option from the pause menu to Save without quitting the game.
    Settings save when clicking "Apply" or when you close it, and not just when you exit the game.
    Removed the oxygen levels. Didn't add enough to the game to justify keeping around.
    Removed the penalty to ranged weapons' accuracy when your last turn was a movement action.
    The quest item Curious Artifact now has a price of 0.
    Slimmed down save file size.
    Many NPCs now equip weapons from a larger pool.
    Better mouse handling of off-screen travel (local only).
    Clicking on an adjacent non-hostile NPC or object interacts with them.
    The Loot panel now scrolls with the currently selected item.
    Digging tools now have a limited amount of uses.
    New camp fire art.
    New art for direction select.
    Doubled max hunger, but greatly increased the food consumption for world map travel. (To accurately represent how many tiles it would take to cross one screen on the local map) Compensated this by increasing the effectiveness of food items.
    Proper close button for Options menu.
    Added a scroll bar to the Body Parts panel in the Character window if it exceeds a certain size.
    Body part armor is now displayed in the Character panel. This includes equipped gear and natural defense.
    Made the Characer panel a little prettier with its layout, specifically in the Trait/Body Part segments.
    Firearms can be unloaded of their ammunition.
    Caves under ruins can now house buildings.
    Above caves contain very difficult enemies further down.
    Chests now show a different sprite if they have been opened by the player.
    Implemented a flood fill algorithm to find connected floor tiles to place enemies and items.
    New random premade maps.
    Added decorative permanent bloodstains.

    1920x1080 resolution doesn't make the camera jitter about.
    The damn stairs bug upon reloading a game has been fixed finally!
    Mutated parts now affect stats properly.
    Fixed Genetic Reassemblers.
    Fixed some errors with item tooltips.
    Becoming "Starving" while on the world map kicks you to the local map rather than requiring a restart.
    Dying from hunger should no longer crash the game.
    Dead enemy objects keep their original tag. Hopefully this gets rid of the "ghost" NPCs staying on every screen until a reload.
    Items thrown underground now properly show up at the correct elevation.
    Various traits were showing the wrong colour-to-affect. Fixed.
    You shouldn't get "stuck" in UI windows after alerts anymore.
    Broken fences now just turn into grass.
    You can no longer equip off-hand items with a two-handed weapon unless you have the special trait allowing it.
    Broken walls with a grass background won't show up in ruins.
    Quests asking for multiples of the same item now properly take multiples from your inventory.
    Using directional skills on your own position no longer crashes the game.
    Ruins now use the sand water autotile.
    Sweep attacks now have the proper sprite and rotation on their swings.
    Rain won't show in the Cathedral or Ensis interior.
    Genetic Reassemblers now can remove mutations' body parts.
    Mutation overwriting and equipment handling is working much better.
    Arm mutations now replace the weapon/offhand slots properly.
    Fixed some missing ID vs name changes in quests.
    Gear gets equipped/unequipped properly after removing mutations.
    Reworked dungeon generation code to (hopefully) place stairs more effectively.
    Gore, Trip, Double Strike, and Shield Bash abilities are now working again.
    Ruins should no longer show up in the ocean.
    Resolution options persist through save/load.
    Weapon modifiers no longer show up on offhand items.
    You can no longer dig through the walls in the prison/lab.
    Increased the effectiveness of digging tools.
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Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.5.2!)
« Reply #17 on: August 08, 2017, 03:01:23 PM »
 :o How did I not know about this game? Has anyone played it lately?


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Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.5.3)
« Reply #18 on: August 18, 2017, 07:53:26 PM »
Hey everyone,

0.5.3 started as a hotfix for some issues with 0.5.2, but got pushed back. This is because I wanted to add some much-needed content to Axu's story, lore and various other aspects. There are now some new story quests with the Ensis, Kin of the Deep, and Xul for you all to do. I've also added several new mutations, traits, and Vampirism! Vampirism is a pretty fun disease to catch. One large change in 0.5.3 is with enemies. They used to randomly use skills available to them, regardless of any cooldowns. This seemed unfair, as the player has to wait to use abilities.

Take a look at the changelog to see all the new stuff!


Matt (Cynapse)

    Manually picking up a similar item to the one in your Ranged slot stacks the items together in that slot.
    The Throwing menu now shows Throwing items first, and follows the scroll bar.
    Explosives and flasks of poison are now designated as throwing weapons.
    Having a throwing item in your Ranged slot displays the item's amount rather than ammo on the side panel.
    NPCs now use Stamina in all abilities they have, and have to wait for cooldowns, same as the player.
    A new disease: Vampirism.
    New main quests for Ensis, Kindred, and Xul.
    A new stat: Attack Delay. The lower the value, the faster you attack.
    New mutations.
    New level-up traits.
    Summon Spirits has been buffed.
    Mysterious Liquids now give more radiation than Irradiated Corpses.
    Slightly increased regen rate while resting.
    Reduced the frequency of radiation being given to the player through enemy attacks.
    Reduced Ranger of Xzol's ranged damage and accuracy slightly.
    Added the option to simplify damage numbers as a range rather than dice.
    A new, improved options menu.
    A consistent options menu between the title screen and the game.
    Altered the character creation screen a little to be more clear.
    Added a tooltip for the character screen. It shows definitions for each stat.
    The Character Creation screen remembers your last selected name, and places it in the NAME box by default.
    Reworked the name generator to give some actually pronounceable names.
    Slimmed down save file even further, and culled unwanted screens/npcs/objects past a certain threshold of turns.
    Hunger costs while on the world map halved while flying.
    Experiments with no legs still get an inhibitor attached to a limb.
    The Experiment felony now starts with random stats.
    The world map camera is now pixel-perfect.
    Test Subjects no longer have a ridiculous amount of intrinsic armor.

    Enemies cannot use their skills while stunned, toppled or frozen.
    Fixed some exceptions with quests being duplicated and causing errors.
    Fixed tileset oddness and a crash due to it.
    Fixed an issue where NPCs are killed mid turn, causing the player to stand there unable to move or act.
    Fixed level up traits being different than displayed after closing an alert to get to the traits menu.
    Fixed severed limb naming.
    Enemies now have energy resistances. Having a voltaic weapon no longer crashes the game upon hit.
    Firearms no longer have a sprite to display, since it was overriding weapon sprite.
    NPCs that have a ranged weapon to start no longer get "None" equipped when swapping to the firearm.
    Mute option now mutes weather sounds.
    The equipment panel doesn't scroll when you scroll on the inventory panel.
    Inventory and Loot panels scroll properly with many items.
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Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.5.4)
« Reply #19 on: September 06, 2017, 11:51:20 AM »

Hey everyone,

I'm very excited to say that translation of Axu is now supported! If I have missed any text, please let me know. I worked very hard the last two weeks fixing bugs, adding new content, and overall making the experience much smoother! 0.5.4 is a "something of everything" kind of release. I've fixed numerous bugs that you guys have brought to my attention, made random artifacts much more interesting, tweaked the UI, added NPC sprites, updated world generation to be less same-y, and rebalanced quite a few enemies. Check out the changelog below to see all the good stuff!

So what's next for Axu? Right now I'm working on restructuring the game's balance. The initial plan was to have a low power curve, but I feel that this is not the best direction to go, since there are so many systems in place. I've seen players have ridiculous stats, and nothing to challenge them. So I need to beef up the mid-game, and start working on end-game content. This is a very difficult task, given the diversity of characters. I want all playstyles to be somewhat viable throughout the entire game, given enough skill. I'm also working my way towards a slimmed-down UI as a toggle-able option. Roguelikes are an information-heavy game, given their usual lack of animations and other tells. I feel that the combat log is still necessary for understanding exactly what's going on, so I am going to leave that in, though taking up less space. Other necessary interface elements include HP, ST, status effects, and the minimap. I've been drawing mock-ups for the past few weeks, but have yet to stumble upon anything clear and functional, yet visually appealing. Aside from those two major focuses, as always, I am slowly working through the main story quests. It makes me sad that Axu is not fully playable from start to finish, but I want to make sure the base game is fun before plowing through the story. Rest assured, I am doing all I can!

On another note, I will be attending the Roguelike Celebration in San Fransisco on November 11-12. I hope to do a talk related to Axu, and would love to meet you guys!


Matt (Cynapse)


        Misc Additions:
    New item modifiers, including firearm-specific ones.
    Daily Hunt and Arena quests once you pass a certain thresholds.
    Villagers and Farmers have new tiles to be more diverse.
    If you have any followers, while in 'L'ook mode, press the Enter key to pick a target for them to attack. You can even harass villagers by having your party follow them.
    Added a sound effect for missing.
    An animation for fang-like weapons.
    New objects: Anvil and Web. The latter causes you to struggle to break free for a random amount of turns while caught. You can still attack, but normal movement is not possible while stuck.
    New traits, including one that increases storage capacity.
    Random Artifacts (Named Items) are now even more versatile. They can have increases or decreases in damage/armor, inherent abilities, and even extra properties the base item does not.

    Reworked world map generation to produce more interesting results.
    World generation time improved by a significant amount by removing cellars (will put them back in once I work around an issue)
    New random Tundra maps.
    Sanctarix now has a static bottom floor.   

    Default damage numbers are dice.
    Reworked status effects in general. All of them now have a set duration rather than a random chance based on Endurance to go away.
    Ported Limb Replacement, Amputation, and Called Shot screens to the new UI system.
    Ported the Look tooltip over to the new UI. It conforms to screen edges, making sure it won't clip.
    New Status Effect UI with icons instead of text.Hover-over tooltips for status effects.
    New combat log and map name UI.
    New poetry panel + art.
    UI panels are slightly more opaque.
    Map quest pointer now displays while not traveling.
    Better handling of the feature list while on the world map.
    Map editor tiles now scale better with different resolutions.
    The screen properly centers if the local map is smaller than the camera's view port.

    Reduced a starting save file to a ridiculously small size by comparison.
    During one of the Ensis' quests, statues can be toppled by walking into them with a digging tool equipped.
    Arrow keys can be used for movement and menu actions.

    Ambushes only occur on the world map.
    While being ambushed, you get a chance to hand over money or a specific item to go free before the bandits attack you.
    Bandit attack severity increased.
    Added a "Hit and Run" AI type.
    Doctors and Book Merchants shuffle their inventories.
    Summoned slime creatures are now considerably weaker, and have new art.
    Felonies can now have HP and ST bonuses.
    Reduced the chance of acquiring Vampirism via a bite.
    Seed Spitters have unlimited ammo.
    Enemies with ranged weapons will attack with that item instead of fists.
    Shovel and Pickaxe are no longer Two-Handed.
    Removed negative item modifiers, but decreased the chance for them to appear.

    Moved all text in the game to the Text.json file, which is editable by modders. This allows FULL translation of the game!   

    Quests shouldn't take all items of a specific category upon completion anymore.
    Bandits no longer spawn in Friendly areas when returning to a map.
    Virash Saints now have their proper tile.
    Capped ability levels at 5. Tomes can no longer increase that level beyond that cap.
    Fixed a crash dealing with Leprosy taking off all the player's available limbs.
    Severed limbs can no longer spam the message log saying they were severed again multiple times.
    Player should more effectively be warned of starving while on the world map.
    No more crash upon getting the alert that you're starving while on the world map.
    Fixed an inventory duplication bug and memory leak.
    You can no longer equip an Off hand item with only one arm.
    Stat tooltips go away when you close the character panel.
    Enemies respawn underground.
    Fixed some pronoun issues with poetry generation.
    Fixed a rare crash when generating poems.
    Tall grass will more rarely show up in water.
    Hopefully fixed an issue with certain glyphs not displaying correctly on some platforms.
    Weapon/Armor proficiencies should no longer display as leveling up +1 from your actual skill.
    The Experiment felony no longer always starts with 9 HP and 3 ST.
    Fixed an issue where multiple quest events weren't happening all at once.
    Fixed a crash with summoning NPCs before SpawnController is initialized.
    Abilities given by mutations will be removed when that mutation is cured.
    Throwing items won't be overwritten by a firearm, if the latter is equipped after the former.
    Money is no longer taken from the player by just entering the limb replacement service screen.
    Fixed an issue where, when saving underground, reloading, then going back up stairs, all items would be moved to the top left corner of the map.
    Item mods are saved in NPC inventories.
    Firearms will no longer stack in your Ranged slot.
    Camera jitter with varied resolutions resolved after temporary fix from before.
    Group spawning for quests works properly now.
    Un-equipping items with an ability you already innately have no longer gets rid of the ability for good.
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Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.5.5)
« Reply #20 on: September 26, 2017, 11:39:59 AM »
Hey everyone,

It's been a long time coming, longer than I would have liked, but 0.5.5 is here! I took my time, releasing experimentals along the way to help search for bugs or awful balance. I'm pretty confident there should be no crippling bugs for the majority of players, and that the content I've added here will be a stepping stone towards the finished product. The limb system has gotten a large overhaul to make way for some new features: grappling, off-hand weapons, and training limbs. I've had to re-adjust my opinion of Axu's power curve recently due to players wanting some more rewards. I had intended to keep it quite shallow, but I realize that this didn't suit the atmosphere of the game too well. Limbs will gain stats via use (up to a point), but only organic ones. Prosthetics have also gotten a huge price drop in shops, and severed limbs from enemies will have randomized stats. I'm hoping this will create a better power scaling presence in the game. I have a feeling the content of the mid-game will be too easy, but I will address that as we come to it. There is a late-game quest with some very difficult enemies, so tough players can test their mettle against them. That particular area is only available through the Ensis quest line (for now), so keep that in mind.

If you'd like to see, in detail, the list of fixes and changes, see the changelog below!


Matt (Cynapse)

    Segmented body code from inventory.
    Added the ability to wrestle enemies via the "Grappling" skill. It is a tome you can find. You can grab onto limbs, push enemies, strangle them, and drag them to the ground. The availability of each skill depends on your strength and proficiency with the ability.
    Enemies can hold and take you down via grappling.
    You can strangle opponents if you grab onto their head.
    Two new status effect icons dealing with grappling states.
    Implemented a vague form of "handed-ness". Weapons and off-hand items (now all in the same category) can be equipped to your main or off hand.
    "Off hand"-wielded items have a chance to do an extra attack based on your Dexterity and off hand skill.
    Holding a shield in your main hand now increases your chance to block.
    Holding a disarming item in your main hand gives you the chance to disarm.
    Added damage values to some shields so they can be wielded as weapons.
    Extra attacks give offhand exp.
    Limbs gain stats through use.
    Creature limbs have semi-randomized stats.
    Adjusted the stats of various replacement limbs.
    Attacking or using arm-based skills trains your arms.
    Moving trains your legs/tails/wings.
    Using mental skills trains head.
    Reduced the price of all prosthetic limbs.
    A new static 3x3 zone with new tough enemy types.
    If the system cannot find an underground area on the map, it will make a new one.
    Re-implemented Cellars.
    You can move items up and down in the inventory list with the "Go Up Stairs" and "Go Down Stairs" keys. The same applies to abilities.
    Shield Bash stuns and knocks enemies back.
    Map generation tweaks.
    New alternate power plant levels.
    New song (rough).
    Added a new encounter type for ocean tiles to prevent players from traveling mostly over water.
    Limbs on the character screen have their attributes available to be localized.
    Localization of map screen names.
    Added translation support for body parts and structures.
    Local tile values are more moddable. They have parameters for dig-ability, whether or not they are see-through, and if they are considered a "wall" by the autotiling system.
    Reduced Parasect's armor.
    New traits.
    Adjusted the stats of many polearm items, giving them knockback and more damage to compensate for being two-handed.
    Hostile enemies attack villagers and other passive entities on occasion.
    New explosion graphic for 3x3 explosions.
    Reworked tile-based damage system to be more data-driven.
    Various combat tweaks.

    Replacement Limbs no longer have their stats show up as opposite (+/-) values.
    Unequipping an item with the same skill as another equipped item no longer removes the skill completely.
    Tentacles (Tendrils II) now gives you the proper equipped item.
    Reduced the chance screens will be different between sessions.
    Experiment body parts use IDs instead of names to find.
    Fixed Ensis/Kin hostility past a certain point in each quest line.
    Fixed Isazna's quest trying to give you a nonexistent item upon completion.
    Missing item ID fixed.
    Fixed various spawn bugs.
    Fixed the color code display for shock damaging weapons.
    Fixed the log display when thrown items shatter.
    Hopefully fixed an issue with shoving enemies into others.
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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