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Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 24) $
« on: September 16, 2016, 12:35:12 AM »  Win/Mac/Linux

Streets of Rogue is a rogue-lite about player choice, freedom, and anarchic fun. The game takes inspiration from fast-paced top-down rogue-lites like Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, and adds free-form, experimentation-driven, emergent gameplay elements of RPGs like Deus Ex.

Rather than taking place in a dungeon, the game is set in a functioning, procedurally generated city, where complex AI informs denizens from all walks of life, who are just trying to get by in their daily activities.

In order to progress, the player will need to accomplish specific mission goals in any way they see fit through use of their special character traits, items, and the environment.

    Will you play as a soldier who shoots first and asks questions later?
    A stealthy scientist who uses chloroform and tranquilizer darts to silently take down the opposition?
    A genial bartender who can talk his way past the most intimidating of guards?
    Or how about a hyper-intelligent gorilla, rescuing other caged gorillas to form a small mobilized gorilla army?

The Mighty Feature-List

    Play the game YOUR way! Don't want to kill anybody? That's cool! Want to hack computers? Got ya covered!
    Random world generation and TOTALLY EXTREME gameplay variety means you can play for 600 hours and not get bored! Seriously though, go outside!!!
    Super-advanced artificial intelligence that won't put up with your crap! Outsmart these virtual humans and feel superior to your computer!
    Play as over 40 types of characters (in the final version)! Bartender, scientist, hacker, gorilla — hey, your job is probably in there too!
    Stupidly huge number of items (in the final version)! Shrink rays, hypnotizing devices, boomboxes, bear traps, food processors.. Oh, and guns too.
    2-Player cooperative mode lets you brutalize goons AND loneliness!
    Lead a gang, free slaves, drink beer, gib ghosts, become a vampire, shrink people and stomp on them. The most insanely varied game ever made.

When’s the final version coming out?
The current planned release date is August 2017.

How much will it cost?
Likely in the $12-$15 range.

How long will the game be in free alpha?
I can’t say for sure, but likely awhile.

What platforms will the game be on?
Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4.

When is the next build coming out?
It varies. I’m going to try and keep it between 2 weeks and a month in the immediate future.

How can I stay informed about the game?
Sign up for the mailing list. Also, if you load up the game, there’s a widget at the top-right corner of the Main Menu that will notify you about updates to my devlog, and new builds that are released.

How long has the game been in development?
Since December of 2013. Full-time development began in March of 2015.

What engine are you using?
Unity 5. The game began development on Construct 2, but I ported it to Unity about 9 months in.

Will the game ever have online multiplayer?
Possibly. I can’t make any promises, though.

How about 4-player split-screen coop?
Probably not, given how chaotic that would probably be. But you never know.

Mod support?
I’d like to have some sort of mod support at some point.  It might not happen for the game’s ship date, but hopefully I’ll find some time in the future.

When will the game have music?
Hopefully in the near future.

In what languages will the game be available?
To be decided.

Will the game have unlocks?
Ya. The game will have a Home Base where you’ll be able to unlock things, skip levels, activate mutators, etc., similar to the home bases in Enter the Gungeon and Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Where can I report bugs?
You can send them through the in-game feedback form (click Feedback on the main menu), send them directly to my email, or post them in the #bug-reports channel of my Discord.

Do you take suggestions?
Yes, I’m planning on making a lot of content for Streets of Rogue, so suggestions for character classes, items, environmental objects, status effects, game mutators, secrets, etc. are always welcome, and actually have a decent chance of ending up in the game.  Send them through the routes mentioned in the previous question.

Can I make YouTube videos or stream the game?
Yes, there are no embargoes in place.

Did you make Burger Joint?

Why is your online handle “Madguy”?
My initials are M.A.D.  Also, literally been using it for 2 decades.

Alpha 12  ARRP'ish

I’ve been working pretty hard on Alpha 12 since I got back from PAX last week, and as a result, it includes no less than 108 bug fixes and 38 other gameplay and balance changes.
A big THANK YOU to everyone who’s been sending me their bugs and suggestions.  A huge chunk of the changes that went into this build are the direct result of your feedback.  I may not respond to everything I get in my inbox, but rest assured that your contributions are having a major impact.  If you sent me something, there’s a very good chance that it’s been addressed somewhere in this changelog.


Suspicious (Thief)
Other Additions and Changes

Killer Robot bleeds yellow blood
Red background for equipped items is more prominent
UI / Controls
Dev Notes removed from title screen
Tooltips for consumables now tell players how long the status effect will last
Cursor Text tells you when a chest is empty
The Take All button automatically closes the chest
Level numbers like 1-1 replaced with names in several spots
Included text to make it more obvious what some of the Stats screen information actually means
Feedback window can now be scrolled
Sound plays when trying to change hair/skin color etc. on a character where this is not possible
Sound plays when entering and exiting Cardboard Box
Doctor can use thrown weapons
Bumping into people as Assassin no longer removes Invisibility
Added a bit of time to the slow motion period after split screen occurs
Player cannot hire people to join their party after dismissing them
NPCs with the Resurrection status effect no longer drop items when they die
Vampire sucks blood faster than before
Player movement speed slowed down when biting people or operating objects
Slaves are now capable of buying their own freedom
Shapeshifter keeps their traits when switching bodies, except for Naked and Diminutive
Thief does not lunge forward as much when using Stealing Glove
Slave Helmet Remover can be used by the player on themselves
If an owned slave wanders too far from their Slavemasters, their Slave Helmet will explode
Shopkeeper, Bartender and Drug Dealer appear Missions Screen map
Interacting with empty chests will prompt the player character to tell you that they’re empty
Ammo Dispenser refill price takes into account the number of bullets you have left
It is now possible to complete multiple actions on the computer without the interaction stopping
Money is not given as a mission reward as frequently
Slave Helmet explodes when an owned Slave attempts to remove it
Shapeshifter loses health if the person they are possessing is killed
Comedian has a lower chance to make people hostile with unsuccessful jokes
Comedian has a chance for people to become followers after telling a successful joke
Artificial Intelligence
Cops no longer attack you if they see a property owner chasing you – only if they see an attack occur, as per the “Law of the Land” sign on Floor 1-2
Slightly more difficult to get Aligned people to turn against you
Friends of the person you turned on are more cognizant of what has happened
Followers leash back to you from a shorter distance if engaged in combat
If Killer Robot has no weapon, he will try to punch you
Bug Fixes

UI / Controls
Fix for environment objects staying highlighted if the mouse was highlighting them when the player entered the Missions screen or Main Menu
Fix for touch screen users not being able to click buttons with mouse
Fix for control rebinding menu not appearing
Fix for people’s health bars appearing to be full after being depossessed by Shapeshifter
Status effects that the player cannot keep between levels are removed from the side of the screen when player completes the level
Fix for armor-based starting items not appearing on the Character Select screen
Fix for slowdown remaining after scrolling weapons and then immediately entering the main menu
Fix for “Guilty” text appearing in weird spots when viewing all objects’ information with space bar
Fix for button weirdness when interacting with windows from the inside with Thief
Possible fix for a person’s name remaining on the screen if they are killed while a player is interacting with them
Right-clicking on Missions screen no longer attempts to teleport the player
Fix for names of objects appearing permanently next to gamepad target
Fix for inventory disappearing on entering new levels when auto-sort is turned off
Possible fix for Missions Screen getting stuck in certain 2-player circumstances
Fix for sign text not closing if sign is destroyed while player 2 is viewing
Fixed issues with skill bar and related text not displaying properly after Esc was pressed
Fix for traits sometimes appearing in slightly the wrong spot for Shapeshifter
Fix for NPC health bar sometimes going haywire after rescuing people on Rescur missions
Tooltips appear when moving the cursor over “mission slot boxes” for objects and people
Dark background appears behind cursor text on Missions screen when using gamepad
Shapeshifter’s face in the upper-left corner looks correct when possessing people
Fix for hair not appearing properly on Character Select if the player starts bald and switches styles
Fix for only 5 items being capable of appearing under Starting Items on Character Select screen
Possible fix for floors not appearing when certain video recording software is turned on
Fix for being able to see the Assassin’s face when changing hair type
Flamethrower fire no longer appears to clip through walls, and also looks a bit better
Short character select animation only plays if player clicks slot with character in it
Cardboard box no longer appears tiny when placed over Shapeshifter
Fix for people sometimes holding their guns weird when dancing
Fix for hats not initially appearing when new people are spawned into the game
Playfield Objects
Fix for Laser Emitter immediately blowing up when the player commanded followers to attack it
No longer possible to use the Clone Machine to clone certain items like Possession Stone
Fix for Generator counting down negative numbers after being destroyed using Wrench
No longer possible to trigger lasers with melee weapons from behind walls
Fix for the player sometimes not being able to pick up items if there were a lot of items on the ground
Wrestler has Codpiece initially equipped as intended
Fix for Key and Safe Combination sometimes not working
Possible fix for Quick Escape Teleporter teleporting the player outside the level
Fix for armor not being equipped properly when received from NPCs
Possible fix for items turning into random glitchy graphics when playing as Wrestler
Player faces proper direction after exiting Cardboard Box
Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Gorilla exits Cardboard Box when using Primal Lunge, Cop during Arrest, and Wrestler during Toss
No longer possible to receive “Ghost” status effect twice
Killer Robot can no longer be handcuffed
Fix for Assassin being able to keep Camouflage permanently if it was on when exiting level
Special Ability recharge stops after a person exits the level
Can no longer Backstab dead bodies
“Clumsiness Accepted” now allows you to break windows without repercussions.  But not doors.
If Shapeshifter possesses another Shapeshifter, that Shapeshifter cannot possess another person
People with Resurrection will not stay frozen if they die after being frozen
Fix for game potentially locking up when entering elevator if player was about to lose status effect
Possible fix for Camouflage not working in some cases after player was teleported
Fix for Camouflage not working if a Security Camera was viewing the player prior to being destroyed
Fix for people not noticing the player when they stopped being invisible if they were standing still
Fix for issues occurring if certain things like death happened while Gorilla or Jock were charging their special abilities
No longer possible to Bite, Possess, Handcuff, Chloroform or Steal from people through shelves and doors
As Wrestler, no longer possible to pick up objects from behind walls
Fix for players always facing to the right after being Frozen
Fix for armor not being equipped properly when possessing people wearing armor
Slave Helmet is automatically equipped and unequipped when possessing/depossessing Slave
No longer possible for the Jock to charge into ghosts
Gorillas are capable of using Primal Lunge while holding thrown weapons
Player does not receive as many skill points for knocking out innocents
Fix for Game Over appearing if a player died directly after the other person exited the level
Fix for Game Over appearing if a player was teleporting while the other player died
Fix for level completing if a player was teleporting while the other player exited the level
Fix for game ending if a player dies while the other is falling into a hole
Gas no longer affects Holograms and playfield objects
Player can no longer gain skill points for killing people with Resurrection status effect
No longer possible for shopkeeper to ask the other player for his Key and Safe Combination
Player can no longer lose health while in the process of teleporting
Possible fix for players being teleported over Flame Grates and other dangers
Attempted fix for people going through walls and not breaking them
Fix for player sometimes being unable to teleport after failing Rescue quest
Fix for cases where player wasn’t able to move after being resurrected
Fix for controls locking when player trips on banana peel or crashes into wall as Jock while under cardboard box
Fix for player sometimes not doing proper amount of damage to aligned people who had turned hostile toward them
Fix for cases where player wouldn’t gain skill points for freeing prisoners
Missions complete properly if the player is dead while it completes, but is about to Resurrect
No longer possible to “Dismiss” slaves or people who you are rescuing for a mission
Mission status takes into account when people are dead but have Resurrection status effect
Doctor receives mission rewards properly now, instead of banana peels
Artificial Intelligence
Fix for followers not returning to follow you if you told them to attack something and they couldn’t find a path
Fix for slave ownership not transferring properly when possessing Slavemaster
Fix for people sometimes not recognizing when they have been broken out of prison
Slavemasters react properly when speaking to their owned Slaves
Fix for people getting angry at invisible people when they knock other people through walls and objects
Aligned NPCs can no longer turn on each other by accidentally hitting each other
Cops can never become “Guilty”
“Alerted” sound and animation no longer triggers every time people get up after being tripped
Non-owners in quest-oriented buildings are no longer considered “Guilty”
Fix for other cases on quests where people who were supposed to be Guilty were Innocent
Non-residents of an area who you dismiss from your party will always do “wander” behavior
People react appropriately when you enter their property and talk to them from behind
No longer able to distract people from property damage by having the other player talk to them
Fix for cases where AI wouldn’t realize that you had caused property damage
People no longer immediately stop searching for you when you turn invisible
Killer Robot no longer continues moving after being tripped by Banana Peel
Fix for Slaves not having the “Follow Me” option when possessing their Slavemaster
Level Generation
Fix for random objects appearing at the bottom left corner of the level
Possible fix for player spawning outside of the map
Corrected a small sound issue when using Gorilla’s Primal Lunge
Fix for Flamethrower and Ghost Gibber sound effects continuing after player was teleported
Gorillas no longer speak English when they get annoyed at you
Corrected misspelling in Tech Expert description
Fix for “Death By” appearing incorrectly on stats when killed by Turret or Fire Spewer
Fixed other cases where wrong “Death By” message was appearing
“Killer” text on stats screen no longer appears if you killed yourself with explosions or other means
Slaves owned by the player say correct line of dialogue upon interaction

One of the most promising recent projects really striking out there of late!    8)
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Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 13 "So Twitchy")
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2016, 01:22:25 AM »
Alpha 13  8)

New build is out!  Plenty of new stuff to check out, including Twitch integration!  If you’re a Twitch streamer, your viewers can now vote on disasters that occur throughout the game (do you want to face a riot, or a killer robot?), traits that the player receives at the end of levels, and certain quest rewards.  More stuff coming – as always, I’m open to your ideas.

I’ll be at TwitchCon all weekend, so if you’re there, stop by Taco Bell’s “Feed the Beta” booth and say hey, cuz that’s where I’ll be set up.  I’ll also be on TwitchCon’s Indie Stage at 2:15 PST Saturday and 3:45 PST Sunday if you wanna see me in full-on hype mode.
Big Features

Twitch Integration
Can be turned on from the Settings screen.  Twitch viewers can vote on which Traits the player receives at the end of levels, specific quest rewards that the player receives, and which disaster occurs on every third level (riot, killer robot, etc.).  Any of these can be turned on or off.


    Slum Dweller (as playable) - A “blank slate”
    Investment Banker - Get your Patrick Bateman on
    Assassin (as NPC) - Shows up if you owe money and don’t pay it back.

    Addict (Investment Banker) -  You’re addicted to drugs… all of them.  Take any status-effect-causing drug on a regular basis to avoid withdrawal effects.
    Moocher (Investment Banker) - Borrow money from Drug Dealer, Shopkeeper, and Bartender
    Super Studious (Slum Dweller) - Gain lots of extra skill points
    Jack of Extra Trades (Slum Dweller) - More traits to choose from when you level up
    Potential to Not Suck (Slum Dweller) - A random stat gains a point every other level-up, starting with level 2
    Camera Shy (Vampire) - Invisible to Security Cameras
    Floats Like Butterfly - More mobility when performing melee attacks
    Durabilitacious - Melee weapons take longer to break
    G-P-Yesss - Map is entirely filled at the beginning of levels
    Nimble Fingers - Your “(Doing something)…” bar fills much more quickly
    Studious -  Gain extra skill points
    I’m Outtie -  Gain speed when health is low
    Don’t Make Me Angry - Inflict more damage on enemies when health is low
    Disturbing Facial Expressions - Enemies are more likely to run away during battle
    Infectious Spirit - Followers gain extra health
    Kneecapper - Chance to cause Slow when hitting enemies
    Promise I’ll Return It! - People do not become angry when you steal their property
    Blends In Nicely - Distance at which people can see you is reduced
    Butterfinger-er - Chance to knock an enemy’s weapon out of their hands when they are blocking

Status Effects
    Withdrawal (Investment Banker) -  Ohhhhhh the pain.  The pain is unbearable.  You know what will make it all better?  DRUGS!
    Feelin’ Alright (Investment Banker) -  Life is good when you’re on drugs!  Until you’re not on drugs!  Then it’s terrible!
    Cyanide - Ow.
    Debt -  You’d better pay this back, or face potentially deadly consequences!  Also, interest.

    Shuriken - People generally dislike when you plant these in their faces.
    EMP Grenade - Shuts down electronics of all varieties.
    Dizzy Grenade - Named for the popular European egg-based video game hero.  Coincidentally, also causes dizziness.
    Hiring Voucher - Hire someone without paying them.  This voucher ensures that the Resistance will compensate them later.  Provided they feel like it.  Spoiler: They won’t.
    Cyanide Pill - Maybe don’t eat this.  Seriously.
    Kill Ammunizer - As a reward for killing people your guns will receive ammunition to ensure that the cycle of violence continues!
    Kill Healthenizer - Killing people heals you a bit.  But it won’t heal your tortured soul!
    Blindenizer - Creates a blinding flash that reduces people’s vision significantly (if temporarily), ensuring a dark future ravaged by stubbed toes.
    Paralyzer Trap - Paralyzes people temporarily.
    Water Pistol - Who says water pistols are just for water?  Combine this with anything that causes Status Effects.  Good times.
    Leafblower - Causes extreme noise pollution, aggravating bedroom programmers the world over. But in this game, it creates a huge gust of wind.

    Goodie Dispenser - Gives you a random treat.

    Thief occasionally says “Yoink!” when pickpocketing

Other Additions and Changes

UI / Controls
    Added “All Go Here”/”All Stand Guard” commands for when the player has multiple followers
    Not as easy to accidentally cancel out of handcuffing someone with the right mouse button
    Character Select screen shows the number of starting items the player will receive
    Player movement is only slowed down when biting or arresting, they will have full mobility when “operating” in other ways
    Made adjustments to Character Select screen to accommodate more Stats information

    Quick Escape Teleporter does not fire when player is possessing another agent with Shapeshifter
    Ammo Processor notifies the player if they try to use it with no guns in their inventory
    Fix for people not being killed by explosions when the player is far away
    If Vampire becomes full while biting someone, the victim becomes Dizzy
    Armor durability is taken into account when selling items
    People can no longer melee attack other people through bars
    No longer possible for items to be knocked through bars (they can be thrown through them still)
    Safes are unlocked when a computer in the area is destroyed
    When serving cocktails to people as Bartender, the drink takes 5 seconds to take effect
    Keys and Safe Combinations for a door/safe are removed from the game if the door or safe is opened through other means.  The same goes for Slave Helmet Remotes.
    Fires are destroyed when they injure people a couple of times.
    Grenades take less time to explode.
    People with Computer Illiterate can’t interact with Security Cams

Artificial Intelligence
    Added gang behavior for roving bands of Assassins

Bug Fixes

UI / Controls
    Fix for cursor text background staying on the screen after drag-dropping an item
    Fix for target sometimes remaining on the screen after player’s death in coop
    Fix for target sometimes flying over from a far-off location after player is revived
    “Throw limit” target that appears when a thrown item is equipped and using keyboard, no longer appears when player is using Hypnotizer, Laptop, etc.
    Fix for “Follow Me” choice sometimes appearing multiple times when talking to people
    Fix for “Follow Me” choice sometimes not appearing after you told someone to Stand Guard
    “Stole Items” stat appears properly at the end of the game
    Context buttons on other people are ordered in a more consistent way
    Giving people items from a stack no longer gives them an entire stack of items, creating dupes
    Fix for cursor always appearing red when combining an item with an item in the toolbar
    People’s “mouseover box” is correctly sized when person is a Giant or Shrunk
    Giants are highlighted properly when the player mouses over them
    People’s State Indicators (exclamation marks, etc.) appear in the proper position when the person is a Giant
    Adjusted health bar position for Giants
    When player starts the game with armor, its slot is placed to the right of the Special Ability slot
    Attempted fix for rare issue where opening Missions screen can break the game
    Fix for issue where player 2 could press A or RT to press one of player 1’s context buttons while player 1 hovered the mouse over the button
    Fix for player 2 cursor text not appearing on Missions Screen when player 1 is using keyboard and mouse

    Fix for people holding melee weapons incorrectly while dancing
    Fix for tiny issue where character highlighting (from mouse cursor) lagged by a frame
    Fix for Flamethrower fire sometimes appearing enormous when playing as Giant
    Ghost Gibber stream does not increase or decrease in size when Shrunk or Giant

Playfield Objects
    Fix for sometimes being able to destroy a single Laser Emitter, and not have the Laser be tripped
    No longer possible to emit gas from vents while gas was already spewing
    Clone machine can no longer be used to get more agents than a player’s limit
    Flaming barrels tossed by Wrestler cause people to become angry when they walk into the fire

    Fix for Four-Leaf Clovers actually increasing the chance of the owner’s opponent to score a crit
    Fix for cigarettes not hurting you when you smoke them
    Haterator no longer causes people to attack objects – only other people
    Ammo Processor can’t be used on important items like Key and Safe Combination
    Quick Escape Teleporter does not go off when reviving the other player
    Friend Phone can no longer be used to get more agents than a player’s limit beyond 1 extra
    Fix for instances where Flamethrower and Fire Spewer hitbox could continue past the point where the fire was blocked by a wall
    Land Mines explode when triggered by a nearby explosion or a melee attack
    Incendiary damage on items only occurs if the item is flashing red
    Fix for syringes being sold in stacks at Sell-O-Matic rather than individually
    Can no longer use Hypnotizer and Haterator on dead people.
    For for items dropping from player’s body in coop mode if player died immediately after consuming

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
    Fix for random walls breaking when Wrestler throws objects at people
    No longer possible to bite, possess, etc. through windows
    Thief can no longer steal from people when their back is against the wall
    Backstab no longer works on people whose backs are against walls
    People who are sleeping can no longer be Backstabbed
    Comedian can no longer recruit the following types of people with jokes: Ghosts, questgivers, owned slaves, people who are already employed, and non-humans
    “Longer Status Effects” no longer causes certain items to give 15,000-second status effects
    Fix for screwy-ness occurring if a Wrestler died while holding an object

    When various things are teleported into the game world, they will not be teleported through windows and bars when they were not supposed to be in buildings
    Game is better at determining when people who can’t speak the same language should be able to interact with one another
    Gorillas (and anyone else who can’t speak English) won’t speak English, unless you have a translator or are of their species
    Player only receives skill points for freeing prisoners if they aren’t blown up in the process
    Shrunk and Diminutive people have the same size environment hitbox as normal-sized people to prevent them from slipping past objects they’re not supposed to
    When slaves blow up due to their slavemaster being too far away, other nearby people are killed properly.  The same goes for when the Slave Helmet is blown up while lying on the ground.
    Fix for owned slaves blowing up when the player teleported away
    Potential fix for people going through walls and not breaking them

Stats / Unlocks
    Player receives Skill Points for knocking people into holes
    Fixed exploit where players could get “Found Cool Stuff” multiple times by picking up objects in chests individually instead of using Take All
    Kills from Slave Helmet explosions are always attributed to the slave’s owner
    Player receives Skill Points for killing Slaves

    Mission fails when a Mission Item (or the person carrying it) falls down a hole

Artificial Intelligence
    Fix for people sometimes attempting to sleep in nonexistent beds
    No longer possible to get Slum Dweller into a state where they can’t Cause a Ruckus
    Can no longer trick people who wouldn’t normally Attack or Stand Guard for you into doing these things by saying All Attack or All Stand Guard to other followers
    Internal fix for “noises” that direct the AI to their location sticking around forever in some instances
    People who you release from prison won’t immediately follow you if you’ve reached your follower limit
    Fix for Cops getting angry when you knock around items that you’ve placed on the ground

Level Generation
    Another attempted fix for player spawning outside of the map

    Fix for sound effect not playing when Electro Touch is used on people
    Fix for sound effect not playing when certain types of projectiles hit windows

    Fix for wrong person saying “I’m too weak to do that” when reviving other player
    Followers no longer sometimes say “E_CantCome” when you try to bring them to the next level
    Limited Invisibility is now correctly known as Camouflage
    Corrected Backstab description – 10x damage only works when using Camouflage, not normal Invisibility

    Fix for oversight on people’s vision distances that should improve performance a bit

    Upgraded to Unity 5.4.1f1
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Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 13 "So Twitchy")
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2016, 02:47:32 PM »
Wow, this game is actually pretty impressive. Enough content right now it's definitely worth messing around with. Haven't gotten too far, so I dunno how many levels there are, but definitely looks like it's one to watch.


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Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 14 "Spook-tacular")
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2016, 10:44:22 PM »
Alpha 14

It’s October, which means I’ve added some obligatory Halloween-themed content to Streets of Rogue, in the form of the Werewolf character.  Consider your spine tingled and your pants soiled.
It has recently come to my attention that Streets of Rogue has gained a lot of popularity in China.  Hacked versions of the game have popped up, featuring a new logo and translated text – which I think is pretty frigging impressive!  But, I also wanted to offer people a more “legit” means of translating the game.  While I plan to have official translations in the completed version of Streets of Rogue next year, Alpha 14 allows anyone to translate the game to other languages.  For instructions on how this works, check out the file in your Streets of Rogue directory: “/StreetsOfRogue_Data/Localization/How To Make Translations.txt”.
The “huge new feature” mentioned in last update’s video is in the works, which is why this update is a bit smaller than usual.  STAY TUNED, KIDS.
Big Features

Fan Translation Support
Support for fan translations to other languages has been added.

Werewolf - Rip and tear to your heart’s content, but be sure to get out of harm’s way before the effect runs off!
Special Abilities
Werewolf Transformation
Sharp Lunge

Bloodlust (Werewolf) - Gibbing people restores your health
Sausage Fingers (Werewolf) - Can’t use weapons
Pea-Brained (Werewolf) - Can’t interact with objects or use items
Status Effects
Crazy-Dizzy - Works like Dizzy, but being attacked doesn’t remove the effect
Other Additions and Changes

Yet another attempt at minimizing times when people are knocked through walls without them breaking
Items thrown with the gamepad without aiming are always thrown their maximum distance
Security Cameras don’t become alert when the player is under a Cardboard Box
Dizzy now removes Withdrawal from Investment Banker
Soldier starts with Kill Ammunizer
Clone Machine has a 3 item limit
Drug Dealer sells more varied items
Artificial Intelligence
When possessing Slavemasters as Shapeshifter, owned Slaves will join your party

Don’t Trigger Floor Hazards is now called Graceful
Good Trader is now called Shrewd Negotiator
Bad Trader is now called Sucker
Lunges (Gorilla, Werewolf) knock people back further
When using Lunges (Werewolf, Gorilla), game does extra prediction to figure out who you were trying to target

Bug Fixes

UI / Controls
No longer possible to interact with things while performing a melee attack or throw
Fix for longer level names not always fitting on the Missions screen
Projectile weapon ammo count appears red when the weapon is at 25% capacity
Pressing LT on the gamepad now cancels hacker’s special ability
Fix for status effect display moving to odd location on the screen if the player opened a Shop or Chest while having more than one status effect.
Fix for cursor text background appearing when it shouldn’t when dropping items
Fix for cops getting angry if you stole from trash cans by clicking specific items instead of Take All
oAuth field text is now blocked so that viewers can’t see it

Fix for player’s head being missing after Depossessing from Gorilla
Fix for the wrong hair/facial hair/hair color/skin color appearing on recently Depossessed person

Playfield Objects
Goodie Machine context buttons close properly after hacker lowers the price
Player does not lose a Hacking Tool every time they do something new on a Computer
Checking email on computers does not cost you a Hacking Tool

Dynamite is affected by incendiary damage
Ammo Stealer can no longer be used on the player
Water Pistol no longer appears to have 12 ammo initially despite not being filled
Water Pistol can no longer be cloned
Fix for armor breaking repeatedly but never disappearing after being given to an NPC follower
Fix for Food Processor being able to turn important items into food
Key is not destroyed if a door is opened, but not unlocked
Keys and Safe Combinations are destroyed if the corresponding Door or Safe is destroyed
Key is not destroyed if a door is opened/destroyed, but is not a prison door

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for being able to do 1 damage to Aligned people when they are Invincible
Kneecapper can no longer be used by the player on themselves with AoE weapons
Fix for Kneecapper having effect that “Don’t Make Me Angry” was supposed to have
When depossessing as Shapeshifter, Slow and Fast remain active as they should
Fix for Slum Dweller’s health not being restored properly during level-up when gaining Endurance due to “Potential to Not Suck”
Fix for stats being able to go past 4 as a result of “Potential to Not Suck”
Fix for two players being able to simultaneously arrest the same person
Fix for Vampire victims not becoming Dizzy if Vampire walked away mid-snack
People can no longer be knocked out while Invincible
Fix for debt not being reset properly between games
Fix for “I’m Outtie” causing ghost player to run at extremely high speeds
Fix for dizzy stars appearing at times when they weren’t supposed to
Fix for Confused not carrying over between levels
Confused people will no longer walk around while Frozen
When Possessing, the Shapeshifter only switches weapons if the possessed person is unable to use the currently wielded weapon, or if the possessed person had a weapon and the Shapeshifter did not
Fix for “Charge” and “Lunge” being cancelled during freeze frames

Fix for issue where killing someone on a Retrieve mission after bribing them for the item would cause the mission to fail
Fix for issue that could prevent “Find Bombs” mission from being completed if bombs fell in holes
In “Bombs Falling” levels, fixed issue where bombs could spawn near a player who had already exited the level

Artificial Intelligence
Fix for people ignoring your other party members when factoring ‘threaten’ percentage, and determining whether to keep fighting you

Made internal adjustments to support long pieces of text fitting in small spaces, for when languages other than English are being used
Fix for Hiring Voucher button having error text
Fix for Gorilla not speaking English when talking to you while being rescued
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Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 15 Online Multiplayer Beta)
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2016, 10:52:50 PM »
Alpha 15

Following the most grueling 2.5-month crunch of Streets of Rogue’s entire development / my entire lifetime, 4-player online multiplayer coop is finally, like, a real thing!  Kinda!
Let me explain!  I don’t consider the current iteration of Multiplayer stable enough to be included with the primary release build.  There’s still a lot of bugs to be fixed, and connection issues are semi-rampant with the matchmaking system I have in place right now.  Still, it’s functional enough that you should be able to get in there and have some GOOD, CLEAN FUN.  That’s right, don’t go on and harass people and such.  Edgelording is soooo 2015.
Back to what I was saying - You can play Streets of Rogue multiplayer by downloading the new Development Build of the game.  I will be updating this build more frequently (and with less fanfare) than I do the normal alpha updates.  The Development Build sends information and error reports up to the cloud where I can make use of it to fix bugs.  It’s potentially less stable than the normal builds, and performs slightly worse.  But if you want to help with the game’s development, this is what you should be using.
Also of note, Streets of Rogue FINALLY has MUSIC, thanks to the lovely and talented Craig Barnes.  You can get the entire soundtrack on his bandcamp site for cheap right now.  New tracks will be added throughout the game’s development, and the price might end up higher too, so be sure to get in on this early!
Since multiplayer has been essentially my only focus, there haven’t been many changes to the base game since Alpha 14.  But, don’t expect a 2-month wait between builds again – Adding multiplayer support was no joke.  Seriously, my brain is mush.  Here’s the full changelog:
Big Features

‘Nuff said.  Only available in the Development Build.
It’s really catchy, ‘90s hip-hop and jock jam inspired stuff.
Other Additions and Changes

UI / Controls
Main Menu button added
Text spacing changed in a few spots to better accommodate translations
Bug Fixes

UI / Controls
Fix for Accept and Complete buttons not working when clicked
Controller vibration is now functional on Mac and Linux
Playfield Objects
Fix for generator flashing repeatedly and never exploding (literally dozens of people emailed me about this one, holy crap)
Fix for weapons not being unequipped after being sold, given away, etc.
Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for Shapeshifter not being able to interact with things after death and resurrection when lighting was set to None
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Re: Streets of Rogue (now Early Access) $
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2017, 06:23:46 PM »
Now on Early Access, with the last early edition apparently still there on itch for the time being:  STILL!   8)

New features for the Steam version:

    Online Multiplayer
    4-Player Local Coop Support
    Home Base
    Daily Runs
    Steam Achievements
    Game is saved when the player quits
    Cloud Saves
    Steam Big Picture virtual keyboard support
    Introduction, Tutorial, and story stuff
    Support for 7 new languages: Chinese (simplified), Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian

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Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 20f) $
« Reply #6 on: March 19, 2017, 01:12:37 PM »
Alpha 20f

Lots of fixes -- Notably, 21:9 support has been added (edit: won't be available until next build unless you force it, see here), and a bunch of the multiplayer disconnect issues (where a person's avatar did not leave the game after they were disconnected) may be cleared up now.

UI / Controls
Gamepad targeting movement (i.e. using hacking tools, telling people who to attack, etc.) slowed down a bit
Added failsafe for people getting very far in Endless and not having any more traits to pick
Fix for people getting very far in endless and banana peels appearing as rewards
Potential fix for Twitch vote staying on the screen after it has completed
If the player chooses Industrial through the Mysterious Elevator and dies, they will start at 2-1.
Fix for Unlocks not working in Home Base if Sandbox mutator is activated
Fix for stackable items sometimes changing position in the inventory when a new item of that type was picked up
Fixed ability to duplicate items when the player’s inventory is full

Added better 21:9 Widescreen support so you can actually see the whole interface (edit: won't be available until next build unless you force it)
Added simple command line parameters for fullscreen and windowed: +fullscreen and +windowed
When blood is disabled, players who are gibbed will simply disappear in a puff of smoke
Fix for characters sometimes appearing weird in Daily Run after the player had done a normal run

Fix for Shapeshifter being able to use weapons after possessing people who weren’t capable of using them, and subsequent weapon wheel weirdness
Gave Killer Robot some potential drops. These are just temporary, I’ll change this later!

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for Werewolf sometimes losing his transform ability after dying in multiplayer
Fix for players not punching when affected by Rage Poison

Fix for characters getting stuck inside walls

Stats / Unlocks
Fix for “Time Limit + Time Bonuses” not appearing on Mutators menu
Level timer begins when level has finished loading entirely

Artificial Intelligence
Fixed Killer Robot not punching if he loses his ammo

Level Generation
Fixed rare freeze when spawning Killer Robot

Character Select screen no longer shows E_ in circumstances where the player will not start off with any items due to mutators that they’ve applied
Added text to indicate more clearly that Save and Quit exists
Sandbox text indicates that you can’t unlock things in this mode.
Localization files updated

Fixed issue where player could teleport to the beginning of the level after destroying the generator, allowing them to get stuck

Added another method of checking for disconnects. This will hopefully alleviate issues where someone disconnects and their character remains in the game.
Added 60 second timeout when host exits level. After completion, everyone will be teleported to the elevator.
If someone remains on the character select screen for too long when other people have finished the level, the straggler will be kicked from the game.
Clients quitting manually and kicked players are forced out of the game more quickly and using a modified algorithm
When kicking, no longer necessary to use proper capitalization in the player’s name
Fixed some instances where player could enter the game as a horrific purple lollipop monster thing

Fixed last build's addition of "miniature health pack"

UI / Controls
Potential fix for some players not being able to use gamepads past the title screen
Potential fix for some players not seeing gamepad button icons properly within in-game instruction texts
Fix for being able to scroll “details” text in local coop scrolling menus out of its box by using the d-pad
Now possible to use d-pad on scrolling menus in local coop
Fix for being able to accidentally return to home base if ‘Q’ was pressed after dying as Shapeshifter in while in someone else’s body
Fixed characters appearing with wrong heads on Character Select after achieving new unlocks

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for “Addict” trait not appearing for Investment Banker on Character Select
Players who are knocked out are revived in 10 seconds, and no longer need someone else to revive them

Stats / Unlocks
If the player triggers achievements while Steam is not online, they will be triggered when the player goes online and starts the game
Added limit of 50 nuggets that the player may possess at any time

Level Generation
Possible fix for game occasionally getting stuck at 100% on loading screen
Fixed being able to break the tutorial by hitting bouncer into lasers
Fixed yet another tutorial exploit where you could get an extra Wall Bypasser if you used the first one in just the right spot

Level Generation
Possible fix for game occasionally getting stuck at 100% on loading screen

Fixed being able to break the tutorial by hitting bouncer into lasers
Fixed yet another tutorial exploit where you could get an extra Wall Bypasser if you used the first one in just the right spot

Added Region setting to make it easier for people to find games
Fixed clients not being able to bring party members between levels during online play
Fixed player 4 not being able to bring party members between levels during local play
Fix for not being able to create or join games after pressing Esc while on the Loading screen
Fixed some instances where client could connect and choose a character, only for it to say “Waiting for host to select a character” when he already had
Fix for scenario where clients could screw up the host’s game if they quit at the exact right time while the level was changing
When clients quit manually, they are removed from the server immediately

EDIT: Forgot to include this:
We had mistakenly listed the game as supporting Portuguese, when in actuality we are supporting Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br). Changes have been made in-game, in Steam Achievements, and on the store page to reflect this. Localization files updated as well.
Fixed text size for various languages in a few spots[/list

Changed appearance of Health Pack so that the Red Cross won’t throw a fit (also I accidentally introduced a bug where it appears super tiny. Will fix it next build)

UI / Controls
Added “Online” option to Home Base “Co-Op” character
Nugget display appears at the corner of menus to make your nugget count more obvious
Devlog button now links to Steam news

Level Generation
Tutorial is now accessible through a more obviously placed character in the Home Base
Wrestler now appears properly in the Home Base
Fixed tutorial exploit that allowed the shopkeeper to open the locked door

Stats / Unlocks
Now possible to unlocks Assassin if you anger someone (just not make them hostile)
Reduced number of drinks to unlock Bartender to 10

UI / Controls
Fix for game sometimes freezing if you unlocked something while simultaneously completing a mission
Fix for unlock notifications sometimes staying on the screen permanently if activated at the end of a level
Unlock notifications are non-skippable to prevent people from missing them
/teleport can no longer be used in the Home Base
Fix for user’s Fan Translations setting not being saved properly

No longer possible to receive certain items that have not been properly programmed for multiplayer

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for players being able to keep some status effects permanently between levels if exiting with 1 second left

Stats / Unlocks
Fix for one of the Unlock items not actually being unlockable
Fix for clients not being able to unlock certain end-of-level unlocks in multiplayer mode
Fix for some end-of-level unlocks not triggering when completing the final level

Artificial Intelligence
Fixed other people being “Aligned” or “Hostile” toward the player in Home Base

Fixed Chinese text appearing too small in certain spots
“Rewarded” text now appears in the appropriate language
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Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 20h) $
« Reply #7 on: March 30, 2017, 12:46:44 PM »
Alpha 20h
Today's update includes a brand new Mutator called "Rogue Vision". When enabled, the camera will only display objects and people that are within your character's field of vision, much like a traditional roguelike. It changes up the gameplay in a pretty significant way -- let me know what you think of it, and how it can be improved

UI / Controls
    Now possible to click multiplayer browser headings to sort by their value
    Small fixes to timing when quest completion notification appears
    Fix for game not being paused while “Mission Complete” notification was on the screen after completing optional missions

    Fix for characters sometimes appearing with gorilla head after playing Daily Run
    Chicken nugget appears less potato-like and more chicken nugget-like

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
    Fix for game freeze that could occur when exiting levels as Investment Banker
    Fix for Giantizer not allowing players to knock down walls if they used it while standing next to a steel door
    Fixed syringe giving NPCs 2 status effects when given directly to them

    Fixed difficulties going through east/west-facing windows

    “Hidden Bombs” disaster does not occur in Sandbox mode since it is essentially a mission
    Fix for banana peels appearing as Optional mission rewards

    Fix for instructions sometimes not appearing directly after killing Shopkeeper

    Added “Rogue Vision” mutator: You can only see people within your character’s line of sight
    In “Everyone Hates You”, people who are normally aligned with you remain aligned
    Killer Robot does not run out of ammo during Rocket Chaos mutator
    Fixed “New character every level” not giving people access to all characters during Daily Runs

Level Generation
    Time-based disasters such as Radiation or “Find Bombs” will not spawn when the player has activated a time-based mutator

    Updated localization files with some new text

    Twitch integration can be used in multiplayer games
    Updated NAT Traversal plugin
    Fix for clients not being able to properly give items to NPCs
    Fixed NPC text sometimes appearing in the wrong language when playing with someone from a different territory
    Fix for pick-uppable items not flashing on client

UI / Controls
    Potential fix for game starting with black screen and “New Text”
    Potential fix for game occasionally freezing when displaying “Quest Completed” messages
    Added more controller calibration options so players can set dead zone, sensitivity, etc.
    Players can now rebind the Attack and Special Ability buttons on the gamepad (RT and LT).

    Ultrawide resolutions should appear in the graphics settings now if your monitor supports them (let me know if they don’t)
    More interface changes to accommodate Ultrawide users

Playfield Objects
    Fix for issue where characters could disappear and then reappear at the very corner of the map, introduced along with last update’s “people can’t get stuck in walls” fix

    Fixed NPCs taking damage while in Elevator during Radiation levels

Stats / Unlocks
    Fix for “Time Limit + Time Bonuses” not unlocking

Artificial Intelligence
    Fix for some instances where characters could appear stuck between an object and the wall

Level Generation
    Fix for Rescue missions appearing more often than they were intended to
    Another potential fix for “Freeze at 100%”

    Quick-Health button will always use health items during “Low Health” mutator
    No longer possible to use the Item Teleporter while in ghost form in Sandbox mode

    Fix for end-of-level time limits being shorter than stated in the text (example: “You have 30 seconds to exit the level” only gave the player 10 seconds.)
    Fix for “Everyone Hates You” mutator not affecting clients
    Players are required to enter password when invited to password-protected matches
    Fix for clients being able to close host’s menus
    Improvements to how canceling during load works as client
    Set up the basis for retrieving multiplayer game ping on matchmaking screen (still needs testing before I add to the UI)
    Fixed clients not receiving skill points for stealing items from chests
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Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 22) $
« Reply #8 on: April 14, 2017, 01:48:04 AM »
Alpha 22
The bulk of today’s update deals with new content for the Industrial levels. Admittedly, I bit off a little more than I could chew. Basically, I started working on a whole bunch of new content at once, and wasn’t able to finish all of it before this week’s update. There have been some significant updates to the Industrial levels, but I’m by no means finished with them. At the very least, this should give you a clearer idea of the direction I want to go with this part of the game. I’m still open very to suggestions if you’ve got ‘em. Also, please report any new bugs you find with the new content, because I'm sure there are a bunch...

I’ll be starting work on the Park levels very soon. They’re essentially the game’s version of the grassy/outdoor theme. The next bi-weekly update might be a fairly minor one, because I’ll be knee-deep in prepping these new levels. It might be a couple of updates before they’re officially “open for business”. Taking suggestions now!

There are still a bunch of modifications I want to make based on the feedback from the previous update. I only had time to buff the Vampire a bit for this update.

Alpha 22
Factory floor

Status Effects
Wet (serves no purpose yet)
Electrocuted (can't do this yet)

Items Added
Gas Mask
Oil Container

Items Modified
Cigarette Lighter can be used to set oil on fire
Fix for Killer Robot sometimes getting “non-infinite” version of Rocket Launcher

Objects Added
Saw Blade
Mine Cart
Conveyor Belt
Tubes that spew objects onto conveyor belts
Objects spewed from tubes
Continuous Crusher Trap
Overclocked Generator
Non-trapdoor-based holes
Slime Barrel
Slime Puddle
Fire Hydrant
Indoor flame grates
Permanently flaming flame grates
Permanently spewing gas vents
Oil spilled on ground
Water spilled on ground (with “expanding puddles”)
Water projectile

Objects Modified
Crusher does damage as soon as it hits people, rather than having to traps people between it and the wall
Crusher does 30 damage instead of 40
Changed collider size of Crusher
Fixed issue where Crusher would get screwy on clients if they went far away and came back
Floor trap switches are no longer found in Industrial

Vampire’s victims no longer get “tapped out”. Vampire gains 1 health for every 3 health he drains from his victim. Victim also emits a louder noise for other people to hear.

Fix for player’s death method being classified as “Fell in Hole” if this occurred after they died

Level Generation
Added new Industrial objects into existing buildings
Industrial factories tend to be filled with Workers and Goons
Some factories will permanently spawn gas
NPCs will wear Gas Masks when necessary, if factory is permanently spawning gas
Mine Cart tracks may now appear in the middle of levels
Industrial factories no longer have Floor Switch traps
Oil appears on the ground at random spots in Industrial levels

Artificial Intelligence
NPCs are better at avoiding traps and holes

Things I started but didn't finish yet
Moving Fire Spewers
Fireball Spitter
Pipes on walls that spew gas when shot
Fireball projectile
Robots that aren't trying to murder you
New buildings and "level chunks"
A bunch of other little Industrial modifications

UI / Controls
Game does not go into slow-motion mode when remotely hacking
When hacking certain objects that allow for multiple commands, the contextual buttons do not disappear after entering a command
Auto-aim is slightly smarter
Fix for issue where it was possible for players to get stuck in walls after returning from ghost form
Fix for not being able to place some stackable items into toolbar slots

Cops and other character classes that are walking around levels randomly have a chance to carry guns and other more powerful weapons. This chance is increased as the player progresses in the game.
Hackers start with 2 Time Bombs instead of 3
Investment Banker starts with $300 instead of $500

Playfield Objects
Destroying Gravestones has a chance of spawning an angry Ghost
When Wrestler throws certain types of objects, they will inflict status effects upon the person they hit
Objects thrown by Wrestler have a chance of dizzying the person they hit
Stove spawns a fire when destroyed
When hacked, Refrigerator is capable of breaking through walls
Refrigerator plays proper sound effect when smacking into people after being hacked
Doors armed with Detonators can now be hacked to disarm them
Sell-O-Matic and Portable Sell-O-Matic prices for weapons and armor now take durability and ammo into account
Player receives 100 skill points for “Found Cool Stuff” instead of 200
Safes no longer have a chance of containing a tiny amount of money
Winning chances on slot machine are capped at a certain point when using things like the hacking ability and Four-Leaf Clovers in conjunction with one another.

Added item “Fud”, which is a new type of food item
Food Processor only produces Fud
Resurrection Shampoo’s value has been increased from $100 to $200
Armor Durability Spray’s price increased from $50 to $100
Cyanide Pill’s price increased from $50 to $150
Kill Ammunizer only restores ammo for 1 of the weapons in your inventory, selected at random
Kill Ammunizer and Kill Profiter show status text when giving the player ammo and money
Water Pistol holds 8 shots instead of 12
Water Pistol cannot be refilled through Ammo Dispenser or Kill Ammunizer
EMP Grenades cause Killer Robot to become temporarily Paralyzed
Doctor is capable of using Tranquilizer Gun and Leafblower, but can no longer use throwable weapons that inflict damage
Portable Sell-O-Matic gives slightly worse deals than normal Sell-O-Matic
NPCs have a lower chance of carrying items that are not weapons or money
Chest Objects have a lower chance of containing multiple items
Throwing Rocks does damage to people now
Investment Banker can no longer use Cigarettes to prevent withdrawal from taking hold -- they’re just not strong enough!
Fix for some NPCs having an item called “E_”

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Vampire’s bite adds 3 health per suck instead of 2. Damage per suck is still 4.
Vampire’s bite may do a max damage of 20 to a person (+15 health to vampire) before that person is “tapped out”.
Skinny Nerdlinger now causes certain guns to cause knockback to the player when fired
Tank-Like cancels out all gun knockback
Shapeshifter “Possess” ability now has a 10 second cooldown after exiting someone’s body
Fix for Shapeshifter not being able to possess sleeping people
Shapeshifter now has “Antisocial” trait
If Shapeshifter possesses someone in front of a Neutral NPC, that NPC will become Annoyed
Werewolf is no longer required to gib people for Bloodlust to activate, he only needs to kill them
Werewolf’s Lunge ability no longer has a charge-up period
Added “Unstoppable-ish” trait for Werewolf, which works similar to Tank-Like, but bullets do not cause knockback
Added “Ultimate Butterfinger-er” trait for Werewolf, which knocks weapons out of people’s hands every time a collision occurs
Size of Werewolf’s claws increased
Comedian’s audience has a lower chance of becoming hostile and attacking the Comedian when a joke fails
Comedian’s audience has a small chance of becoming Aligned instead of Loyal when a joke is successful
Backstabs can only be performed if the victim is not already in combat
Added “Master of Disaster” trait for Jock, which gives him a small amount of XP for each object or wall that he destroys
Thief receives 15 skill points for pickpocketing instead of 10
Investment Banker’s “Withdrawal” stops taking health from the player at 20 HP (10 with the Low Health mutator) instead of 5

Radiation blasts occur every 20 seconds instead of every 15 seconds
Falling bombs produce a more obvious lighting effect to help players better avoid their radius

In Rogue Vision, fences are always visible, so doors next to fences won’t appear to be floating in a void
When Low Health mutator is activated, hazard damage from crusher traps, holes, acid, and poison is halved to alleviate the chance of cheap deaths
In Low Health mode, health items only give the player half the health they normally do.
Fix for Crusher sometimes appearing at inappropriate times with Rogue Vision turned on
In Rogue Vision, fix for out-of-view NPCs’ flashing outlines appearing when using Hypnotizer and other methods where NPCs are being targeted
Fix for bullet particles sometimes remaining on-screen for clients in multiplayer Rogue Vision mode

Level Generation
Player is more likely to see 1 of each type of “vending machine” per level (Sell-O-Matic, Ammo Dispenser, etc.), with fewer duplicates

Artificial Intelligence
When a cop starts arresting someone, interactions between that person and other players will cease
Ghosts deal with solid walls a bit better
Cops now only attack people who they’ve witnessed attack someone else, instead of just attacking both people. However, if they see two people fighting, they will still attack both of them.
If cops witness a property owner attacking someone, they will always side with the property owner and attack the other person.
People employed by Werewolf do not run away when player turns into Werewolf
Releasing people from prison makes them Loyal toward the player
After rescuing someone for an optional mission and bringing them to a questgiver, they will remain Loyal to you

Fix for some of the German translation not appearing properly
“Acid” is now known as “Sulfuric Acid” to avoid confusion with the drug of the same name

Mutators are cleared when the player enters the Tutorial

Fix for Shapeshifter clients losing their extra traits when depossessing
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Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 23) $
« Reply #9 on: April 27, 2017, 11:01:37 PM »
Alpha 23

As I mentioned in the previous update, this week's update is relatively minor. It's mostly bugfixes relating to the Industrial content that I added in Alpha 22.

Most of my time has been spent on programming for the upcoming Level 3, the "Park" area. Bodies of water are now possible in the game, and swimming is working quite nicely. I want these levels to have a much more open, less claustrophobic feel to them, to give players a nice mid-game change of pace before the more city-oriented Levels 4 and 5.

I can't promise that Level 3 will be playable in the May 11th update, but definitely the one after that. In the meantime, I'm still taking suggestions for the Industrial and Park areas. And as always, let me know if anything is horribly broken in this build, so that I can hotfix it!

Alpha 23
Fix for NPCs sometimes not coming from one level to the next

Traits / Status Effects
Players can no longer move by attacking when Paralyzed
Reduced Shapeshifter’s Depossess cooldown from 10 to 5
Noise created when Vampire bites someone is softer, essentially reverting one of the changes from the previous version.

Rocket Launchers have a much lower monetary value when Rocket Launcher Chaos is activated
It is easier to find Cigarette Lighters
Fix for “E_” items dropping from NPCs when “No Melee Weapons” and “No Guns” mutators are activated

Saw Blades, Crushers, Mine Carts and Refrigerators no longer harm ghosts
It should no longer be possible for Floor Switches, Saw Blades, etc. to spawn outside buildings
Fix for Ghost not being able to pass through extended Crusher
Fix for sound effect of Crusher extending sometimes not playing
Fix for Mine Cart tracks not always appearing
Fix for Saw Blade light continuing to appear after the object is destroyed
Fixed issue where Crusher could continue operating after its wall was destroyed
Fixed Fire Spewer not functioning on client side during multiplayer games
Saw Blades no longer appear at extremely narrow gaps, since the AI won’t be able to deal with it well
Increased hitbox size on Mine Cart
If important items are knocked into incinerators, they will be teleported out
Fixed issue where players could be teleported on top of Flame Grates
Water from Fire Hydrant doesn’t knock the player back as far, preventing situations where the player can get stuck
Toilet causes water explosion when destroyed
Robot no longer has the good sense to stop moving when there is danger ahead, such as a mine cart about to go by
NPCs will no longer try to use the Oil Container as a weapon
Robot can no longer take damage from certain status effects such as Cyanide
Fix for a number of instances where “trap” objects could be positioned improperly
Fixed instances where Objects were placed in spots where they could be accidentally set on fire by conveyor belt objects

Added Camera Speed option to prevent camera from following target
Fix for Gamepad 3 and Gamepad 4 buttons on Control Settings screen not working properly when clicked with mouse
Fix for multiplayer client sometimes not being able to hack or otherwise target in a similar manner when using the gamepad
When using hacking target with gamepad, frame rate does not affect movement speed

Fix for certain types of bullets not always having correct lighting

NPCs are better about knowing when to flee burning buildings
NPCs don’t stop at mine cart tracks when fleeing

Stove removed from Tutorial, since it can now burn the walls down
Rocks do not do damage during the tutorial, since the player was able to kill the Tutorial Giver

Fix for players dying after other players had entered elevator, and entering the next level as a non-ghost with 0 health
Fix for some instances of “purple worm E_ man” appearing, particularly in Home Base

Updated Unity engine to 5.6.0f3 from 5.5.2f1, and fixed a bunch of new bugs stemming from the upgrade, most of which were related to the physics, UI and animation systems. The engine upgrade could mean a few things. From Unity’s patch notes:
“Improved stability when running on less-than-reliable network conditions”.
“The internal 2D contact processing system has been completely rewritten providing a more robust and reliable reporting of contacts, ensuring correct Enter, Stay & Exit callback state under all conditions.” This could hopefully reduce or eliminate cases where characters are hit through walls without breaking them.
Particle effect performance is apparently improved.
Updated 2D Toolkit plugin to 2.5.8
Updated Rewired plugin to
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Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 24) $
« Reply #10 on: May 14, 2017, 03:02:43 AM »
Alpha 24

Yayy, the first iteration of the Park level has finally been added to the game! Bear in mind, it's still very much a work in progress, and and I have more new elements in the works. Not sure people will find the balance of this level in its current state (too easy/hard?), but I'm sure I'll find out soon! If you have suggestions for stuff you'd like me to add, feel free to post them in this thread. And as always, let me know if anything is buggy/broken!

Alpha 24
Park Levels 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3 added

3 New tracks added (mp3s are available to soundtrack owners)
Floor 3-1 Ace of La Boots
Floor 3-2 Do the Gorilla
Floor 3-3 Don't Stop Movin'! Like Really! Killer Robot is After You!

Level Generation
Lots of small and large changes made to level generation for Park levels.
Lamps and Trash Cans are now placed at random instead of being tied to specific level chunks
Fix for some issues where objects could be spawned in narrow passages that blocked the player’s path
Fixed a couple instances where fire pits could block the player from achieving objectives

Water Bodies
Frozen Water Bodies

Building Types
Military Outpost
Hedge Maze

Cannibal NPC
Soldiers may now appear as NPCs
Free-roaming Gorillas

Wall Types

Small Boulder
Water Pump (needs art)
Barbed Wire Fence
Fixed issue where Overclocked Generator could not be destroyed after being hit with EMP Grenade
Added measures to prevent certain things like Fire from damaging the player multiple times within a short timespan

Active Bear Traps may appear in the environment
Fix for a change in the previous build, where Rocket Launcher was supposed to have a lower monetary value in Rocket Launcher Chaos, but this instead occurred in Everyone Hates You

Park President
Unlock Elevator Access (Park)

Fix for dark bar sometimes appearing over Win screen

Fix for human eyes appearing on gorilla faces

Status Effects
"Slow" reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds

Artificial Intelligence
Lots of modifications to allow the AI to deal with new terrain types and objects
Non-owners will no longer try to walk through owned property, even if the walls have been destroyed

Game now pauses when minimized
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training