Author Topic: American Ball Hog or Landon's Last Run [7DRL 2016 SUCCESSish]  (Read 1704 times)


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Hoplite crossed with Super Mario Strikers in honor of Landon Donovan's retirement from international play. Built in Unity and using their roguelike tutorial as a jumping off point.

-Feint, dash, and Cruyff to blow past your opponents
-Foul your opponents
-Engulf your opponents in flames with a virtual literal ball of fire
-Dodge streakers
-Consider passing the ball to your imbecile teammates with terrible AI
-Get sweet cleats
-Show Kinsmann that you were the soccer star America needed in Brazil
-Cut off a referee's head with a sword
-But don't let the ball go out of bounds and end your run!
-And don't red carded either (note: it may or may not help to kill referees)

(ADDENDUM: Never finished a game before. Tried to do a 7DRL last year and failed miserably. I love Darren Grey and Roguelike Radio and dream about getting interviewed though.)
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Re: American Ball Hog or Landon's Last Run [7DRL 2016]
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Try to make it to the exit sign without the ball going out of bounds, in a hole, or receiving two yellows. Click on adjacent tiles to move. If you move into the ball, you'll dribble one space forward. If you move into an opponent, referee, or teammate, you will push them aside, but it is not considered a foul. You have 4 abilities: dash, special dribble, kick ball, and magic. You can click on them or press Q, W, E, and R to activate/deactivate them. If you reach the exit sign, you can receive a gift from the soccer gods. Only "speeed", "better pass", "better dribble", "fitness", and "money" work. Actually, "money" is worthless, because I didn't implement the ref bribing system.

- Dash: Lets you move multiple spaces. Initially can dash 2 spaces. Upgraded by "speed" upgrade. If you move into an opponent on any but the last move of your dash, it's a foul and stuns the opponent. The ref may attempt to show you a yellow card.
- Special dribble: Lets you move the ball and move one space. Initially, can only swap positions with the ball. Upgraded by "better dribble."
- Kick: let's you pass longer distances. If you pass to a blue teammate and he is not interfered with and you do not get too close to him, he will pass back to you in a few moves. Haven't implemented upgrades.
- Magic: not yet implemented.

They each increase your heart rate, which is displayed in the top right: heart rate / max heart rate. If your heart rate exceed your maximum heart rate, you can no longer use any abilities. The basic enemies are asleep until you near them. They move every other turn. The brutes, which appear at level 5 at the moment, only move in the cardinal directions. If they are on either the same row or column as the ball, they will charge 3 spaces and foul anything in there way. The refs always catch brutes when they foul. All that is supposed to work right now, but I'm not sure the brutes are working properly. Anyway, good luck.

Dropbox with Windows exe (NOTE: make sure to also download the ABV0.2_Data folder):

Webplayer version that seems buggier (NOTE: needs to be opened not in Chrome, try Firefox):

All the things I didn't do:
-I didn't have a chance to implement a lot of the special moves, so there are a lot of upgrades that don't do anything. You'll have to find out which ones! Sorry.
-I was going to make angry fans throwing beer bottles, rogue goalies, and like monster type enemies. At least I got the streakers in.
-Sorry the exit sign sometimes doesn't appear. Sorry there's never actually a soccer goal.
-Money was going to be used to bribe referees to avoid yellow cards.
-There was going to be a wizard that taught you spells, like fireball, thunderstrike, and blindness, which you could cast on the refs. Fireball is kinda implemented.
-A super fun tutorial at soccer training camp with Klinsmann would have been fantastic!
-So much more!
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Re: American Ball Hog or Landon's Last Run [7DRL 2016 SUCCESSish]
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Kudos on this. It's a really big deal to finish a game.

I love Darren Grey and Roguelike Radio and dream about getting interviewed though.)
You and me both, buddy. ;)
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