Author Topic: PWMAngband - online roguelike / live video stream with awesome hardcore gameplay  (Read 1174 times)


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I've decided to try PWMAngband :) Its online roguelike, along with mAngband and TomeNet.

About PWMAngband:
Download game:
Choose server: (others are for mAngband).

My videos:

1) First look (chacacter creation):

2) PWMAngband Escape from death ♣ online roguelike game

Most fun starts when I've accidentally read scroll of Deep Descent! Guys watch it, its really AWESOME 30 minutes of pure roguelike fun! It happened at 51:51 of my video, here is a link to watch the most interesting part:

One of the best moments ever in my roguelike life :)

So... Did you try PWMAngband? :) Did you try to read scroll of Deep Descent? Tell your story! :)
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Ah, nice to see you give this a shot after the big updates of late---will have to check out your initial adventures when a chance comes up...   8)
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Mate you should talk a bit more while you play, it's hard to understand what goin' on in there  :D
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Skeletor, it was my 1st time there so I was quite shocked ) — streams in English // — streams in Russian
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