Author Topic: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.7.3 "de Murcia"(formerly Savage Lands)  (Read 43280 times)


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.7.3 "de Murcia" (formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #300 on: January 20, 2018, 07:42:36 PM »
v0.7.3 is done!  The big change this version is the basic implementation of the Hiding and Stealth skills, along with sneak attacks.  A bunch of the bugs that ssteam reported are also fixed as well.

Full changes:

Shadow of the Wyrnm v0.7.3 "de Murcia"
- Version declared December 23, 2017.  Version finalized January 20, 2018.

- Implemented the Hiding skill.  This skill requires selection via the
  Skills menu.  Once selected, a Hiding check is made.  If the player is
  not viewed by any creatures, hiding is automatic.  Otherwise, it is a
  function of the type of map (hard to hide in the cosmos, easier
  underground) and time of day, when above ground.

- Hiding works by removing the hidden creature from field of view maps
  constructed off the real maps.  Given that the game AI works off FOV
  maps to determine what action to take, this effectively renders hidden
  characters invisible to every creature around them.

- Most actions that have an in-game effect (e.g., picking up or dropping
  items, but not checking the game version or reading help files) will
  break hiding.  Searching or staying in place ('5' movement) never
  breaks hiding.

- Hiding is trained when you attempt to hide in a non-guaranteed
  situation (ie, there are one or more creatures around).

- Other hiding advantages/disadvantages:

  - It prevents the hidden creature from intimidating and performing

  - The hidden creature, being hidden, gets a large evade bonus to
    incoming attacks.  Though most creatures will not be able to attack
    hidden creatures, if a missile were being fired through the tile, or
    an area effect spell casted, it would still be possible to be

  - When hiding, an extra 2x modifier is applied to any damage dealt
    when attacking a creature that has not been backstabbed before.
    This then sets the "backstabbed" flag on that creature, and subsequent
    backstabs are not possible, even if the attacking creature becomes
    hidden once again.  The 2x modifier applies both to physical damage
    and magical damage from spells and wands.  The sneak attack multiplier
    is applied on top of the usual ones for slays and phase of the moon.

- Stealth has also been implemented.  When moving while hidden, the
  successful use of the skill allows movement without breaking the status.
  The skill is also useful when not hidden: it provides a passive, small
  (~Skill/10)% chance of performing a sneak attack, assuming the attacked
  creature has not already been victim of a sneak attack before.  As when
  the attacker is hidden, this covers all forms of attacking: melee,
  ranged, and magic.

- The NPC magic AI is a little smarter.  Previously, it was just checking
  to see if a threat existed in a certain direction.  Now, it considers
  the level of all creatures in a particular direction, and will only
  cast in that direction if the sum of the level of any threats is
  greater than the sum of the non-threats.

- The mean amount of time for paralysis is now 3 minutes, rather than 5.

- There are two new effect types, that increase maximum HP and AP.  These
  have been attached to golden and silver apples, respectively.  These
  items have seeds, like regular fruit, and the seeds can be used to
  plant trees, as usual.  The "increase max HP/MP effects", when used
  successfully, add to a counter on the creature.  The creature can only
  use the HP effect as many times as its base Health allows; likewise
  with Willpower for the AP effect.  If the creature increases his or her
  Health/Willpower later, the maximum for the counter is increased as

- Golden and silver apples can be found as regular items, but they also
  grow on magical trees.

- When a "regular" tree is generated, it has a 1 in 100000 chance of being
  a magical tree, which will grow golden or silver apples.  These trees
  can appear anywhere a regular tree would be generated.

- The look command has been rebound as 'x' (e'x'amine) instead of 'L'
  because the shift key is a pain (ssteam).

- Hild now requires only 10 whiteflowers (ssteam).

- Moving outside a shop while carrying unpaid goods now requires

- Shopkeepers now trigger an alarm when they first see you with unpaid

- Amulets have been reworked so that their unidentified description
  doesn't refer to colour.  They have had colour overrides removed, so
  non-artifacts should almost always appear as a bold yellow '#' (ssteam).

- Stanzas for "Tel and Floridel".

- New items: golden apple, silver apple.

- Bug fixes:

  - Creature::is_affected_by_modifier_spell could return true when a
    particular modifier was marked for deletion.

  - Avernal bats were defined as birds and were dropping quills.  Added
    support for creature-level overrides of flying, and defined avernal
    bats as flying animals (ssteam).

  - One of the doors in the tower level of Wintersea Keep was incorrectly
    placed (ssteam).

  - Using unpaid wands in shops wasn't angering the shopkeeper.

  - Paying shopkeepers for unpaid goods wasn't globally removing
    shopkeeper aggression (ssteam).


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.7.3 "de Murcia"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #301 on: April 06, 2018, 06:42:52 PM »
Feedback for v0.7.3

1. In shop, hero can't pay for items with cost 0.
2. Automove mode is not breaked by drowning.
3. For Thiev with Stealth near 50 - it seems that the Stealth check w/o enemies in site is noticeably harder than with enemies in site. At least in forest.
4. For Thiev with Stealth 100 - is impossible to unhide. This is completely block the items selling in shops.
5. Monsters attracts to left-upper adjusting cell near hero, not for hero cell.
6. Please, dim unimplemented skills by an dark color (in skills menu).


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.7.3 "de Murcia"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #302 on: April 12, 2018, 02:01:11 AM »
Thanks, Karagy!  I'll add these to my feedback file and look into these before the next release.  I expect that'll be a while, so if you find anything else that's problematic, or have any general suggestions, feel free to post them here.


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.7.3 "de Murcia"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #303 on: April 13, 2018, 01:09:34 AM »
Karagy, do you want to be credited as "Karagy" or by your real name?  You can let me know via DM if you prefer not to say here.