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The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.4!)
« on: June 21, 2014, 12:07:16 PM »  Win

This is the home of the roguelike game The ground gives way. A coffee break roguelike with a simple interface, high re-playability, high variation, and lots and lots of stuff…

Read the first blog post for a more detailed description of the game.
Why you’ll want to play The ground gives way (TGGW):
If you never played a roguelike game:

    TGGW is an easy-to-learn introduction to this wonderful game genre that comes with a complete tutorial that teaches you all necessary game mechanics.
    Roguelikes are addictive, very challenging, exciting and have a lot of variation.
    In contrast to traditional roguelikes, TGGW plays much like a console-game. No need to remember “command sets” or complicated key combinations.
    TGGW has a short game time, so you can play many times and learn fast.

If you already played roguelikes, TGGW differs from others:

    Characters will be very different from game to game since progress depends on what you happen to find.
    Progress is made through equipment, items and paid training rather than experience points.
    Nearly 500 unique items, more than 150 different monsters, several services, traps, enchantments and features of different rarity that will make each game different from the last. No winner will look the same in TGGW.
    Rapidly increasing difficulty, there is no time to be bored.
    There is no grinding because there are no experience points or character levels.  Also, there is no hit point regeneration, so no tedious waiting.
    TGGW has a console-game like interface. No keys or commands to remember. Game play is still smooth and quick.
    Very short game time. The game could be completed within an hour. However, the difficulty increases very fast.
    Small levels, few levels, auto-running, a map system and a portal system makes quick and easy access through the dungeon.
    Interesting equipment choices where most items have pros and cons, very few trivial choices.
    Very simple to understand combat system.
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release #2)
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2014, 05:02:41 PM »
Release #2

As I posted earlier, I felt an urgency to release an update to TGGW since there is a fundamental gameplay element that was missing due to a bug: enchanted items! The most notable changes in this release are:

    There are now enchanted items in the game!
    You can quickly restart a new game in the same slot by pressing ‘r’ on game over.
    The ‘rest’ option is now the first option in the menu instead of the second (you may have to retrain your muscle memory..).
    There is a new option to fade messages in the messages window to increase readability of the last message.
    If you like (and know what it is), you can control your character with the vi-keys.

There are also plenty of bug fixes and minor changes, as can be seen in the full changelog (contains very minor spoilers). I really hope you like the new release!

Note that a couple of changes broke save compatibility with Release #1. For this reason you should either unzip release #2 in its own directory or delete game.ini and the slot-files from your game directory before playing. You cannot play your previously saved games with Release #2.

Bug fixes

    Enchanted items can now appear in the dungeon and in chests.
    Pit traps at the bottom floor no longer crashes the game [Marker].
    In very rare cases disconnected levels were generated, this has been fixed.

    Resting on water no longer crashes the game [Marcin, Marker]
    Several spelling mistakes fixed [many contributors].
    Wand of identify no longer identifies when aimed at a monster [Kyzrati].
    Electric Eels no longer have permanent +1HP.
    Mysterious veins won’t disappear when splashed with blood [Marker].
    M-star is now called Morningstar.
    Some effects that did not appear in the status panel now does [Kyzrati].
    Vulnerability to poison now updates correctly in the status panel.
    Broken doors can no longer be closed to farm sticks [Marker].
    No more inconsistencies in lower/upper case in messages [Kyzrati].
    Reloading a dead character no longer displays “you die…”.
    A bug that potentially could crash the game on load fixed.
    No more flickering in target mode.
    Landing on a monster from a pit trap now works correctly [Kyzrati].
    Objects will no longer appear on top of services/containers.
    Options are now correctly loaded before opening the ‘options’ menu.

Interface and gameplay changes

    New option: fade messages in order to see the newest messages better [Giovanni].
    You can now press ‘r’ when your character dies to immediately start a new game in the same save slot [Giovanni].
    Vi-keys are now supported [Keith].
    New feature: arrowslit.
    Resting is now accessible by two key presses instead of three.

    You are now told to press a key after the intro text.
    The tutorial now shows progress [Stark].
    Tutorial mode automatically deactivates after finishing it [Kyzrati].
    Mouldy bread description changed.
    The tutorial now tells you to stand on a pillar.
    Disease consequences now interrupts running.
    Changed light grey potion flavours so that the empty bottle is unique with that colour.
    The order of features displayed in the seen panel is now better prioritised (this broke save compatibility with release #1!).
    Coating weapons now gives a clearer (and correctly spelled) message.
    The map window header and frame now updates depending on context (when displaying character info, using services, etc).
    Replaced some messages and visuals of services, especially merchants.
    Floor effects now changes the colours of attributes in the Attributes panel, to make floor effects more visible.
    The settings file is now called TGGW.ini (instead of game.ini).
    Sacks are now brown to be easier to see [Giovanni].
    Restoring fountains are now white instead of green to distinguish them from portals.
    The tutorial question now shows a reminder and can be cancelled.


    Zombies are slightly faster now.
    Pillars and large rocks are now slightly more common.
    Manually designed rooms are now slightly rarer.
    Valves have been slightly adjusted.
    Ice trolls balanced (they were mistakenly over-powered).
    some minor adjustments that may or may not be noticed.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release #3)
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2014, 07:05:29 PM »
Release #3

The third release of The Ground Gives Way is now out! As I mentioned earlier it has a lot of new stuff and fixes. Many things have come from feedback from players, so thank you very much everyone who have made suggestions/bug reports! The most significant changes are:

    New item category: rods.
    Cave levels.
    Better autorunning and targeting.
    Better Stealth/ranged combat feedback.
    Better Service/upgrade interface.
    New stuff, items and features.

This version breaks save compatibility with earlier versions so unzip in a new directory or delete .ini and slot-files from the previous one.

New Content

    Rods (see post).
    New status: immunity to knockback (available for player and monsters).
    New level theme: caves.
    Around 20 new items (including the rods), 1 new enchantment.
    One new room type, some room types slightly altered.
    Several new (secret) features.

Gameplay and Interface changes

    autorunning reworked [several requests]:
        autorunning can be done either by pressing space (recommended), or by using shift+arrow.
        Now works in any space as long as no threats are around, stops automatically at interesting points.
        Autorunning now stops before getting close to a non-moving monster who can attack you.
        Autorunning now works even sleeping monsters are around, but not to wake them up.
        There’s a new option to turn off autorunning with space.
    Targeting reworked:
        Closest target is first found when pressing ‘x’.
        The target cursor is now controlled with arrow keys (instead of toggling a list).
        Your last target is remembered.
     You can now see distance to monsters when targeting them [zennaris].
    The Monster symbol for sleeping now changes when the monster is about to wake up.
    Monsters with a ranged attack can no longer attack you when adjacent.
    Monsters’ breath attacks are now ranged attacks instead of magical, meaning they can miss.
    Levitating/flying characters are now doubly affected by knockback.
    Instant effects are now labelled with “ins” instead of “tmp”.
    Service upgrades reworked:
        Less cluttered, price is always visible [jordanbubus].
        Display comparison automatically when selected [kyzrati].
        You can now toggle relative/absolute for upgrades [gza].
        You can now see upgrades of non affordable items [gza].
        Upgraded items now stack [kyzrati].
    Water now gives fire resistance and electricity vulnerability [Alex].
    Filled empty bottles now appear where they should in inventory.
    You can now see the chance to hit when shooting when targeting.
    Monsters which have a magic attack cannot attack you when confused, instead they will try to flee. However, there are very few monsters which have a magic attack and are not immune to confusion, so this doesn’t have much impact.
    You now get a message when training attributes.
    Some item descriptions altered/clarified.
    Some treasure rooms are now harder to find/access.
    Monsters can now be reviewed from the menu once discovered – not only defeated [gza]
    No more message/feedback if made hungrier when starving.
    Rapiers now use the ‘|’ symbol to not confuse them with rods.
    Stuck doors:
        visual feedback improved.
        Monsters slamming against doors feedback is less intrusive.
        Monsters slamming against doors will make you stop running.

Bug fixes

    You can no longer unequip items that binds your hp/mp [anatta, zennaris]
    Items are now correctly updated after using a grindstone [zennaris].
    Comparison display reworked:
        No longer includes open/closed melee in computations [kyzrati].
        Now shows negative mana correctly.
        Now shows damage correctly when equipping a shield instead of a two-handed weapon.
    Non-moving monsters can no longer move during rest.
    Fixed several language issues.
    There is now a difference between hand axe and waraxe.
    Removed the message ‘r’ to rest in tutorial [erikmikaela].
    Diamond mask now works correctly [zennaris].
    Toads now correctly uses their “melee” attribute rather than “missile” for attacking.
    Killing with electricity now shows correct colour.
    Rotten things may not appear in stores (not sure if they did before, but now they shouldn’t).
    Bugs related to eggs hopefully fixed [Giovanni, Alex].
    No more maps in corners [Kyzrati, Alex].
    No treasure rooms may have portcullis/rotten door [Alex].
    Bone rats no longer bleeds.
    Status window will not say you are confused if you are immune [Alex].
    Unreasonable value for ammo enchantments fixed [Alex].
    Hopefully fixed weird bug where items disappear/appearing [zennaris].
    Monsters who flee for other reasons than low hp will now also display a “!”.
    Magma stones are now “special” instead of “unique”.
    Doors can no longer be closed if PC is not adjacent [Kyrazi, Anatta].
    Fixed some items that upgrades to itself [zennaris].
    Rusty lightning flails no longer become normal flails [Alex].
    Cleaned up available commands (like pressing ‘d’ for drop) depending on context.
    Floor effects now never affect flying monsters.
    Monsters can no longer close golden doors.
    No object upgrades to itself anymore [several contributors]
    Some broken upgrade chains fixed.
    Doors can now be closed on mysterious veins [gza].
    Scrolls of enchant weapon no longer change an existing enchantment.


    All axes are now more accurate.
    Monsters in treasure rooms slightly less dangerous.
    Stuck and rotten doors won’t break down as often.
    Floods don’t use up the whole level.
    Dungeon effects such as flooding are now less common.
    Rarer with fish/sea pearls at flooded levels.
    Shimmering water is now a bit “better”.
    Altered the value of an alchemist item.
    Altered enchantment “of the dead”.
    Candles are now “common” instead of “uncommon”.
    Very minor alteration of item distribution (uncommon-very rare items are a bit rarer), rods also alters the distribution slightly.
    Octopuses now never sleeps.
    Bones now cure poison completely instead of a little.
    Rarity of random silver chests now depends on depth.
    Pit traps will no longer drop you into treasure rooms [gza].
    Minor balances on some item attributes.
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release #4)
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2014, 09:24:54 PM »
Release #4

Release #4 of The Ground Gives Way is mostly a bugfix release, but with some new content. Some highlights:

    No more crashing related to winning, traps on the bottom floor or eggs in inventory.
    New amulets, monsters and monster abilities.
    The likelihood of deadends has been decreased.

Save compatibility is broken with earlier versions, unzip the new release in a new folder or delete old save games before playing.


    New items: one new wand, one new armour, several new amulets and more (although none of it common).
    Some new monsters, some new features.
    Two new monster abilities (some monsters can now shout to wake others).
    Added and changed some of the pregenerated rooms.


    Changed appearance of portals, pits and spinners to distinguish from fountains.
    Skeletons are now immune to arrows.
    Fog now causes vulnerability to cold.
    Living monsters now heals from nutrition and are hurt by hunger.
    Adjusted some descriptions.
    Renamed the monster ability “teleports” to “blinks”.

Bug Fixes

    The game no longer crashes on pit traps on deepest level (thought this one was ok, but apparently this was still an issue in #3).
    No longer crashes when winning [zennaris, kyzrati].
    Autosave is back.
    Yet another egg-related crash bug fixed.
    In very rare cases level generation could destroy the final artifact… this has been fixed.
    In earlier versions traps actually would disappear on reloading… this have been fixed.
    Floor effects will no longer change colour of attributes when levitating.
    Poison ivy is now long and is considered dangerous terrain.
    Various language and aesthetic adjustments.


    Reduced the likelyhood of deadends [several]:
        Pits and spinners may now disappear after resting.
        Stairs are less likely to show up in really bad places. Although they still may.
        There are now teleporters at some places in the dungeon.
    Lowered min-value of ammo enchantments substantially [gza].
    Wand of vulnerability now costs less mana.
    Water elementals are now vulnerable to cold.
    Queen ant is more dangerous.
    Adjusted some prices.
    Maps found on walls can be illegible.
    Nerfed fire fungus and dark hounds.
    Nerfed wand of striking.
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release #5)
« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2014, 01:21:02 PM »
Release #5  8)

Finally Release #5 is out, almost 6 month after the original release. The most important changes are:

    The field of vision is now limited by light (in unlit rooms). And the ‘range’ attribute has been replaced by a ‘light’ attribute.
    Lots of new items and changed items due to the changed attributes.
    The ability to make character sheets (aka morgue-files, character-dumps) from the main menu.
    New abilities for the player and for monsters.
    The target cursor changes colour depending on how likely you are to hit in ranged combat.

The manual will gradually be updated to release #5, but it will take a while.

I really hope you do enjoy the new release. I’d appreciate any feedback (especially on the new attribute) to be able to make the game better in the future. For now, I wish you all happy holidays!


    Item overhaul due to changed attribute.
    New ability: infravision.
    New monsters, items, enchantments, features and content (for you to discover).

    New player effect: bloodlust.
    New monster effect: emit light.
    Handmade dungeon segments are now more variated and more interesting.
    New monster “ability”: easy target (large targets are easier to hit with missiles).
    Caves can be generated by two different algorithms now.
    Destroyed parts of a level are now more… destroyed.
    There are more masks, they are rarer and the diamond mask cannot be found in the dungeon.
    Vampire rocks are removed.
    Borovnica can now be upgraded.
    Warm jacket is now called fur coat.
    Renamed purity robe to priest robe.
    Removed heavy chainmail its and upgrades, renamed light ringmail to ringmail.


    The ‘range’ attribute has been replaced by ‘light’ (see post).
    You can now make character sheets in the main menu.
    Buffwands are now daily use instead of decreasing maxmana, some of them have been altered also.
    The target cursor now changes colour depending on likely you are to hit a ranged attack.

    You can now scroll the side panels with pgup/pgdn when they become full.
    ‘flying’ and ‘invisible’ is now shown in the monster condition list.
    Killing or dying now have bigger animation.
    The armour value of many items has been increased, especially on leather.
    Doors cannot be trapped with spinning discs/confusion traps or pits.
    Many containers now leave an open container instead of disappearing when opened.
    Walking in any liquid now makes you louder.
    Amount of healing now shows in the log.
    Non-living monsters are no longer affected by healing.
    Strawberry patches can now wither and grow anew.
    Slight change of the appearance of equipment display.
    Alerting messages blinks a bit faster.
    Valves no longer appear between adjacent rooms.
    Language issues.

Bug Fixes

    Poison now don’t damage you while subsiding/expunging (this makes poison resistance much better).
    Yellow fungi now attacks as they should.

    autorun now works on shallow water.
    Curtains can no longer be trapped.
    ‘Speed’ can no longer be lower than 1.
    You no longer get a double message when mana is getting drained from a trap.
    Spinning discs no longer make you get the status message “confused”.


    Significantly reduced prices of ammo upgrades [gza].

    Dead adventurers are now more likely to carry good stuff.
    Wand of webbing now affects ranged combat as well.
    Goblin masters have been altered.
    Fighting penalties in darkness are reduced. Darkness works differently.
    Snakes are now slightly easier to hit in melee.
    Giant bats have slightly increased armour value.
    The glow of glowing tiles are now more visible.
    Vampires are nerfed.
    Floating weapons now have waterbreath.
    Reduced price of wand of death by 50% [kyzrati]
    Backstabbers have been altered.
    Shadow worms have been changed.

Quite a substantial update to round out these last few weeks of 2014!
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release #6)
« Reply #5 on: March 20, 2015, 12:19:51 PM »
Release #6

Release #6 of The Ground Gives Way is now out! It is a fairly minor update and most of the changes are bug fixes and interface improvements. Some of the most important changes in this release:

    Improved inventory management.
    A new option for the colour of unseen squares.
    Crash bug at trainers fixed.
    Confirmation when walking over dangerous terrain.
    You can now scroll messages when accessing them from the menu.

See the full changelog for details. As usual, savefiles from earlier versions are not compatible with this release, so unzip the archive to a new directory.

I really hope you like the new release! Happy playing!


     One new monster, one new item.
     Small alterations to dungeon generation in general. Some new stuff might show up.


    New option: colour of unseen tiles (see post).
    You can now scroll the ‘messages’ window that you access from the menu. [kyzrati]
    Picking up things when the inventory is full now brings up inventory instead of giving a message (see post).
    You now need to confirm with ‘y’ before walking over dangerous terrain such as water or lava.
    The inventory and equipment cursors are now automatically moved to the last picked up/equipped position for convenience.
    Open chests now have a darker colour to better distinguish them from closed ones.
        The price of healing is now variable depending on how hurt you are.
        Healers and magicians now disable irrelevant items (such as curing from something you don’t have).
        Merchants now indicate if an item is unknown/unidentiftied.
        Appearance of the merchant inventory slightly changed.
    Changed the colour of the slowing message to make it stand out more.
    Renamed the “steal” attack to “steal gold” for clarification. [jimmijamjams].
    The wand of webbing has been renamed to wand of webs.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a bug that potentially crashes the game when talking to a trainer in Release #5.
    Breaking a weapon in a stack from a grindstone would result in weird (potentially game breaking) bugs, but no longer.
    You can no longer swap equipment to gain mana points in some cases. [zennaris]
    Longbows are no longer strictly better than shortbows. [gza]
    The targeting cursor is now always updated correctly.
    Services and other things may no longer appear where they shouldn’t (winning related). [zennaris]
    Resist acid is no longer shown as an “ability” [gza]
    Sometimes disease wouldn’t be cured by healers.
    The display is no longer changing numbers/light when confused [zennaris]
    Sometimes a monster who died would be visible one turn after it died, this has been fixed.
    Monsters no longer commits suicide when fleeing. [zennaris]
    You can now properly see a light-emitting moving monster in the dark.
    Sometimes the long name of an item would be shown in the object display when it should be the short one.
    Flying ants no longer have a “permanent speed increase”, but are as fast as before.
    Spinning disk and pit traps could STILL appear as door traps, this time it should be fixed.
    Some conditions from the floor would display (but not be in effect) even if you were flying over it.
    No more double messages when triggering a teleport trap.
    A monster dying from poisoning is now removed the same turn it dies.
    Various language issues.


    Several descriptions altered for clarification
    Rods of webs now also affects missile (just like the wand of webs).
    Wand of vulnerability uses less mana.
    Small alterations to some objects.
    Adjusted prices of some potions and herbs (healing, speed, leaf aloe).
    Mummy wrapping is now a bit better, Mummys are also a bit more dangerous
    Hot rocks are now better.
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release #7!)
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2015, 12:15:07 PM »
Release #7!   8)

Finally! Release #7 is now out, nearly 7 months after the previous one. It has the most changes in TGGW in a new release so far. I really hope it will feel like a fun and fresh experience. You can download it here. I’m excited to hear what you think about this release!
Quick “what’s new” guide for those who played the earlier releases:

There are quite a lot of new mechanics to be aware of when starting Release #7. So here is a short list of important mechanics in case it is confusing in the beginning:

    You now start the game with the condition “dual wield” (with your fists). This gives you two attacks per turn. The dual wield status disappears as soon as you equip a melee weapon.
    You now start the game dealing non-lethal damage (again, with your fists). Non-lethal damage won’t kill monsters, just make them unconscious. Unconscious monsters will wake up again when you rest. To kill monsters permanently you have to wield a weapon that deals normal damage.
    Your fists will now appear as equipment, so you can see their effects. Wearing gloves may alter the attributes of your fists.
    You start the game with 7MP instead of 5. Having at least one hand unequipped gives +2MP. This +2 shows up as an equipment bonus on the character sheet.
    The background is now updating continuously when you are inactive. The game is still turn-based though. Fleeing and sleeping monsters will blink.
    There is now a chance that traps won’t trigger (and instead you will be able to pick them up). If you press ‘z’ you can see your percentage to “avoid traps”. This percentage is based on your ‘noise’ and ‘light’ attributes. Lower ‘noise’ and higher ‘light’ increases your chance to avoid traps. Known (detected) traps will blink.
    Some melee weapons now have “reach“. This means you can make a melee attack at a short distance with them. Target your monster and press ‘0’ to make a reach attack. The UI will give you a hint.

There are plenty of other changes, see the changelog for details, but these are the changes that makes the gameplay different from the start. The manual is not yet fully up to date, but it contains most of the new things already.


    Quite a lot of new content. Too much to list. Most important:
        new weapon groups: whips and polearms (both with reach).
        new damage types: non-lethal damage and silver damage (hurts undead only).
        many old weapons changed.
        new items, monsters, features and enchantments.
        a new rare and secret mechanic!
        new statuses: reach, unconscious.


    Unarmed combat reworked (see post).
    dual wielding (see post)
    traps reworked (see post)
    heavier armour now gives elemental resistance (see post)
    sleeping and afraid monsters are now blinking their status (possible to turn off via option).
    blinking things will now continue to blink in the background even if you don’t move.
    Monsters with ranged attacks are changed [gza and others]:
        they can now shoot you at melee distance
        they will only occasionally move away when they feel they are too close

    money and equipped ammo is now automatically picked up
    the player’s colour is now based on absolute HP rather than relative to maxHP
    scrolls and unused rods are now displayed in purple in the inventory while confused (to indicate unusable)
    you are now asked for confirmation before moving over known, dangerous traps
    different visual effect for good/bad events when opening containers
    magic merchants now also sell rods
    smart monsters no longer attack if their attacks won’t have any affect (e.g. stealing when the player has no money), instead they flee
    the target window is now much bigger and fits all text well!
    nicer colour of the target cursor
    incompatible ammo and launchers now unequip instead of saying they are incompatible
    flaming bats are now mindless instead of animals
    open chests are now back to dark grey in colour
    scorched floor now differs from dark floor
    empty bottles can no longer be consumed [David]
    there is now a log message when you use a rod
    visual effect of melee attacks on range (e.g. toads) now better
    some player deaths may now be more… graphical (well, for being ascii)
    wand of fate renamed to wand of chaos
    visual effect when slowed from cold
    dark purple monsters are now light purple to distinguish from unconscious monsters
    there’s now a tiny pause before counter-attacks so it’s clearer what’s happening
    scorched floor now provides some cold resistance
    messages on hit and miss are now clearer and have different colour
    slimy walls are now distinct from bookshelves
    there are also some minor secret changes that i don’t want to mention :)


    confusion, poison and disease effects will no longer process when no turns pass (such as when accessing inventory) [Zennaris]
    rusty shields won’t break from a hit (only a miss, since that means the shield was hit)
    corrected grammar when for boots/gauntlets in many places
    rust effect now is immediately in effect instead of one turn later
    dropping several of the same item now stacks on the ground
    the skinning knife now works as it should
    doors can no longer squeak in the tutorial
    trapdoors no longer display the “generating new level” message [kyzrati]
    fixed text-alignment issues in services
    chest mimics no longer leave an open chest
    fixed a memory leak
    language issues
    mouldy bread no longer sells for 0 gold instead of 1 [David]


    blunt arrows now do non-lethal damage instead of knock-back (as I envisioned it from the start)
    there is now in average one item less per floor
    slightly nerfed wasps and put them deeper
    ghosts nerfed significantly
    tornados slightly nerfed and are now rare instead of uncommon
    no more petty sums of money in treasure rooms
    animated claws appears one level deeper
    daggers are now uncommon instead of common and a little bit more expensive
    crabs are more dangerous (they have dual wield!) but occurs deeper

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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.0!)
« Reply #7 on: October 03, 2016, 12:50:31 PM »
The Big V2.0 at long last!   8) :o :)

It’s been almost a year since Release #7 came out. A lot has happened to the game since then. In fact, there are so many and radical changes that I consider it to be a new version of the game. The first release of this new version of the game will have the incredibly exciting name v2.0! This means that Release #7 was the last release for the old version. Part of the reason for this new version is that I intend to introduce even more huge changes in the near future, but more about that in another post.

Summary of Highlights in v2:

I will give a small overview and summary of the biggest changes in the game with links to blog posts where you can read more about them:

    You can now see all attributes and attacks of each monster (post)
    Monsters now have named attacks, their magic and ranged attacks now works like they do for the player (using Mp and ammo) (post)
    Monster can have several attacks instead of exactly just one (post, interesting consequences)
    Light in the dungeon is now explicit instead of implicit (braziers lit the dungeon) (post)
    There are now surprise attacks in the game (post)
    The “light” attribute is replaced by a “vision” attribute. Line of Sight is no longer symmetric with monsters. (post)
    You now have energy points as a new resource that restricts how much you can swap weapons, you can also use to identify things with (post)
    Enchanted equipment is now unknown when you find it, and there are cursed equipment in the dungeon (post)
    You can now hear nearby noisy monsters (post)
    There are a new category of items: tools (post)
    The game has a completely new tutorial and better tutorial system (post)
    You are either in “exploring” or “combat” mode, each mode have their own rules (post)
    Viewing maps now give an overview of notable features (post)


There are also some new interesting things that I haven’t blogged about:

    Almost all situations where you would be blocked by water or lava is gone. This should make the game much more fair to the point that I might remove the disclaimer in the FAQ.
    The drowning effect has been removed, as well as water breathing (bye sea-pearls…). The reasoning is that it was annoying and binary: water was either an extremely huge threat, or no threat except that it could rust equipment. There is still rusting in the game though… there are rust traps.
    There’s an option to change the colour theme of the panel frames. New default colours for v2 (it is possible to change back to the original colours for those who wish)!

Some Disclaimers

Despite having tested the game extensively together with a friend (and I plan to test even more before the release), I am not confident that v2.0 will be bug free. After the initial release I can imagine there might be a bug fix release from any reports I may receive.

I can also imagine that v2 is so different that some players would prefer the old release. I will keep Release #7 available for download for those who still wish to play that.

In order to not delay the release even further, the manual is going to remain outdated for a while. However, as resources you have a new improved tutorial (including tutorials that specifically teaches the new stuff in v2). Furthermore, the blog posts listed above can be used as detailed documentation. Finally, I am releasing a reference document for all the effects in the game. So whenever you find an effect you don’t know you can check there. I plan to eventually make this reference in-game. I also plan to gradually update the new manual, but it may take a while.

Anyway, I hope you are as excited as I am :)


    new features, rest events, monsters, spells, attacks, items, statuses and effects. Too much to list
    new item category: tools, including containers

    more enchantments (and curses)
    somebody have been placing signs in the dungeon
    a large new collection of traps
    minor changes to dungeon generation
    quivers are no longer accessories but containers
    restoring fountains are replaced by energy fountains
    scrolls of disenchantment, disenchanting services
    twisty stairways: cannot be used while in combat
    replaced blue dragon mail with ice dragon mail
    normal “trolls” are reworked into “grey trolls” that attacks with claws (dualwield)
    wizards are renamed to “summoners” because that’s what they actually are
    floors with lava heavily reworked and much less to cause unwinnable situations
    pickaxes are now tools, they cannot be equipped and costs Ep to use.
    pickaxes can no longer be upgraded, but the miner’s pickaxe can be found randomly in the dungeon
    empty bottles are now tools that has to be explicitly used
    renamed “pool of darkness” to “fountain of chaos”
    “light boots” are renamed to “soft boots”
    “ring of vision” is renamed to “ring of seeing” (to not give impression of altering the vision attribute)
    tweaked descriptions, and properties of several items

Removed content

    levels can no longer be flooded
    Drowning as a damage. Consequentially removed:

        water lizards, white snakes, water elementals (but i’m planing to possibly re-introduce water elementals in another form)
        wand of drowning, rod of rain
        helmet of the fish enchantment, potion of waterbreath, sea pearl
        fish head mutation
    almost all sources of item identification except using Ep
    there are no more “brightly lit floors”
    wand of gravity has been removed (no more distance attribute for monsters)
    some accessory books, books are no longer accessories
    sadly the diamond pickaxe is gone. Doesn’t work with the current tool-implementation. May come back in later versions.


    monster overhaul
        full monster stats are displayed
        monsters use spells and magic points, ranged attacks and ammo
        monsters can have have multiple attacks
        all monster abilities are named
    dungeon lighting is reworked
        you and monsters vision is no longer symmetrical, the “light” attribute is now”vision”
        the dungeon is lit by braziers, “in light” is a status
        you and monsters can make surprise attacks
    New resource: Energy points
        Equipping and identifying costs Ep
        Equipment enchantments are now unknown, can be cursed
        New item category: tools
    Very long unpassable water or lava should no longer appear
    you are now in either combat or exploring mode
    being in water drains Ep instead of Hp
    all new tutorial interface and new tutorials
    you can now equip anything regardless of your magic points [hedoNNN]

    open/closed melee is now strictly a visible bonus
    monsters that can’t swim instantly dies on water
    confusion can make you swap places with a monster
    rods now apply to all monsters around you which are not behind a wall. Independent of your vision (prev. light) attribute.
    valves now only drains water from a level, they never flood it, they appear only on levels with water
    you can no longer burn yourself on camp fires
    camp fires and grindstones now bring up a menu to choose what you want to grill/grind [gza]
    added option: see the distance to monsters in the monster-display. Turned off by default.
    “detect chests” is now “detect treasure” and detects chests, money and mysterious veins
    the target display has been enriched with distance information to monsters
    bookshelves no longer helps you identify stuff, but you might find some interesting books there…
    most flying monster now use an ability to fly [gza]
    you have 25% chance to open a stuck door, and it will cost 2 Ep to attempt it. You can try as long as long as you have 2 Ep to spare or if you are starving.
    more actions (such as reading known bad scrolls) now asks for confirmation
    traps are a bit more contextual now, it matters where the trap is (ice traps are more likely in icy places etc.)
    standing on large rocks now gives a slight melee advantage as well
    weak monsters can no longer push past others (this is a status)
    aliens comes for items that you’ve dropped on the floor
    sages and healers provide new services and adjusted their prices
    wooden floor now gives electricity resistance
    monsters now wake up after being attacked, not slightly before
    stronger visual effect when a monster wakes up
    walking on carpets reduces noise [gza]
    level 1 can never be a cave or a wooden level


    monster display now shows monster hp/mp instead of relative hurt level (like “moderately damaged”)
    the target panel has been greatly enchanced and more clear
    the attribute display has been changed to make room for Ep
    the resting screen looks much better. Warnings and events are clearer.
    new colour themes, you can select from the “options” menu

    pc now gets red at 3hp (instead of 2hp) and yellow at 7hp (instead of 5hp) to better reflect acuteness
    floor effects have been renamed to context effects (abbreviated as “ctx”).
        Contextual effects now includes effect such as the melee bonus in open/closed melee.
    the title screen has been updated
    the word “mana” has generally been replaced with the word “magic”. In particular Mp is now known as “magic points”
    rods now shows in the same colour as wands in the inventory (purple), since they are both magic devices
    a known trap will now blink as a ‘6’ for clarity
    the frame of the status window turns red if you are very low on HP [hedoNNN]
    “on hit” effects for fists now refers to gloves instead of showing directly when examining fists
    the player character screen is better aligned
    bedrolls now uses the ‘8’ symbol to not confuse with rods
    the item category name in the item description window now displays in the same colour as in the inventory
    The ‘@’ in the seen-panel now reflects your current colour
    Hp now have a colon in the attributes window, weirdly enough it has never had it in previous releases and I didn’t even notice it!
    the aim cursor now has brighter colours when you can use ranged combat
    no more “Generating level…” messages
    {unseen} in stores is now {undiscovered} [David]
    there’s now a message in the message log when you rest [David]

Bug Fixes

    it doesn’t take a turn to unequip anymore
    fixed bad bug when grinding rusty dual wielded weapons
    the buggy “lose: open combat” is gone [eryk, david, and others]

    Mp can now be negative, this solves a bunch of previously persistent bugs(negative Mp has no particular game effect though) [zennaris]
    light bows and goblin bows are no longer identical
    autorun now eventually stops if caught in a loop [tinyrodent]
    halberds (and their upgrades) now works as they should [TyreForHyre]
    unconsious monsters can no longer stumble in confusion [TyreForHyre]
    fixed potential bug when objects are moving when resting
    fixed some bugs that appeared when you win [David, gza]
    enchant menu should no longer look messy with very long names [tinyrodent]
    ghost worms now have an attack as they should
    all options are now being saved
    swapping places with a monster now updates FoV correctly [val]
    enabled dungeon generator to put features in the left corners of a room (weird bug, it has actually been impossible until now)
    chest mimicks should not appear as normal monsters anymore
    landing on a knockback-immune monster will kill it instead of hanging the game [reetside]
    sleeping humanoids will no longer see you place traps [hedoNNN]
    rusty and upgraded armour no longer gets double resistances [gza]
    upgrading an amulet of resistance is now better [gza]
    FoV should update directly after using/equiping items instead of waiting one turn
    King plate is now much better (as initially intended) [gza]
    monsters should no longer stand around golden vault doors when fleeing [gza]
    crowns are no longer treated as jewellery, and can be now enchanted [gza]
    (non-lethal) damage now applies before knockback on wooden clubs
    you can no longer place traps on floors occupied by an item [hedoNNN]
    the game is no longer crashing when bringing an ice cape to a tailor [roneitis]


    nerfed many dangerous monsters, especially extremely dangerous end-game monsters
    effects of food items have been tweaked

    the amount of monsters for each level no longer increases by depth
    mysterious veins are rarer
    extremlely slightly increased number of items generated at deeper levels on theavarage, probably not noticable
    bolts no longer have a ranged attack
    halberds now have open melee
    acid fog is gone (unfairly dangerous)
    barbed whips are more expensive
    minor adjustments to floor item distribution (probably not noticable, but lesspotions)
    altered item distribution in many containers
    potions of speed give +2 instead of +3
    the artifact has double value
    adjusted some prices (wands of poison/disease)
    truly strong items can no longer be corroded by acid
    coal now works… better
    chickens are a bit slower

One of the modern and outright greatest of greats roars back into the action!   8)
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.1)
« Reply #8 on: November 05, 2016, 05:01:37 PM »

This is mostly a bugfix release based on feedback, but there are some significant changes as well. The biggest changes are:

    A new status “flanked“.
    A guarantee that stairs are reachable without taking damage from harmful terrain.
    Inanimate monsters no longer sleep to recover.
    Interface changes (no flickering, nicer item display)
    You now bump stairs to use them.
    You can close doors on statues and braziers
    There are no twisty stairs after level 10.

There’s also a huge number of bugfixes. There’s a “what’s new” tutorial for v2.1 that you can run to experience these changes and more.


    One new weapon enchantment.
    Chest mimics are renamed to “living chest”.
    Random lava-filled levels are removed for now (would sometimes generate inaccessible areas), but will hopefully be back.


    New status: “flanked”. Having more than one monster adjacent gives a penalty to ‘block’. (see post)
    You know bump stairs instead of activating them
        Stairs now most often appear in walls
    Inanimate monsters (see post):
        Monsters who don’t sleep also don’t sleep/recover or having their temporary statuses reset when you rest.
        New status: frail. Frail monsters are killed by non-lethal damage.
        New status: immunity to non-lethal. Such monsters cannot be harmed by non-lethal damage at all (only slimes and high level monsters may have this).
        All inanimate monsters are either frail or immune to non-lethal damage
    Monsters which are awake and unaware of you no longer stands on the spot like idiots; instead they walk around randomly like lunatics.
    You can now bump braziers and statues to close doors. [anon, stone dog]
    Campfires, grindstones and benches can no longer be used while in combat. [gza]
    Traps now appear in the “discovered items” menu even if they were triggered rather than exposed. [gza]
    Swapping places with unconscious/incapacitated monsters now cost Ep. [stone dog]
    “energy eyes” have been renamed to “hungry eyes” to not give the impression that they have to do with the energy attribute.
    Setting trap will never set the trap on an adjacent spot, it will instead warn that you cannot place it. [hedoNNN]
    Instead of dying when hp reaches 0 from exhaustion/fatigue you will start converting food into energy. If you have no food left, you may collapse and die but there’s a chance that you survive.
    Monsters don’t try to use a ranged attack against you if they have under 10% chance to hit. [roneitis, hedoNNN]
    Bubbles no longer activate combat mode [zennaris]


    The item-display is now as tall as the target-display and shows information in a much better way.
        as a result you can now see some effects that didn’t show before. [gza]
    The background no longer flicker/change when you move [Vvv]
    There is a new map-view mode that lets you see only notable features in order to locate them easier.
    You can now see known traps on the map display. [hedoNNN]
    Wielding a twohanded weapon blocks the offhand slot instead of showing the same weapon again. This is to distinguish twohanded weapons from dual wielding.
    It is now more clear and consistently shown why and when you cannot use an item
    The “rest” option in the main menu is greyed out if you can’t rest for any reason [anon]
    In addition to ‘y’ and escape, the key ‘w’ now also work in place of ‘z’ for those with AZERTY keyboards. [hedoNNN]
    Monster spells now have a nicer visual effect.
    Clarified some NPC messages [stone dog]
    Monsters with area effects now say “area” instead of “all”.
    Renamed a few items for consistency and clarity: [zennaris, gza]
        “vision” now always alters your vision attribute.
        “perception” gives see invisible or other unnatural benefits.
        “seeing” is not used in naming anymore.
    Adjusted some alignments in item comparison. [vedvid]
    Misc. small interface tweaks.
    Better headers in character sheet.
    Reworded confirmation prompt when walking over a known trap. [hedoNNN]
    You now always get prompted before coating [Patrick, Roneitis]


    Removed the QWERTY/QWERTZ option: ‘z’,’y’ or ‘w’ are always supported and linked to the same function.


    New tutorial for what’s new in v2.1
    What’s new in v2.0 now has a goblin behind an arrowslit instead of behind glass. [stone dog]

Bug fixes

    Playing the tutorial should no longer interfere with saveslots [almalam]
    Killing aliens no longer crashes the game [almalam, Brad and more]
    Hopefully fixed that monsters use their natural ability as an attack [gza, roneitis, Esran]
    You can now stack items in a container even when it’s full [gza, chronofilia]
    Monsters that can see you can now always chase you
    The game no longer crashes when pressing a number not corresponding to a container when in inventory [dale, nutifu]
    You can no longer use containers when dead… [gza]
    You can no longer equip unknown enchanted items despite not having Ep for it [gza]
    Ice bags now works as intended [Nathan]
    Rooms without a door now always have a teleporter so you can get out in case you teleported in.
    You can no longer attack yourself with a reach weapon… [david, Esran, Patrick]
    The map frame now changes colour back to normal after viewing a monster in the menu
    Typos/descriptions [gza, almalam, roneitis and others]
    Taking damage from exhaustion is no longer causing physical damage that can be absorbed by armour, cause bloodstains and other weirdness.
    You can no longer equip or unequip items that could kill you. [gza, hedoNNN]
    You can now access your inventory after dying even if you were submerged. [gza]
    Goblin masters now have “closed melee” instead of “open melee” as they should. [roneitis]
    The effect of a newly grinded weapon now immediately takes effect [gza]
    Sometimes a monster spell wouldn’t have an effect when targeting the player, fixed now
    Some fixes that may prevent potential bugs
    Oiling a weapon no longer garbles the equipment display [david and others]
    Wand of panic is now “once per day” as it should.
    Recharging rods now recharges all rods as they should and give a correct message [zennaris]
    Moneybags can no longer cause the game to crash [Peter]


    There are no more twisty stairs after level 10.
    There’s now a guarantee that you don’t have to step on dangerous terrain to reach the stairs!! (see post)
    Since turning a valve now almost is exclusively positive, it costs Ep to use them.
    Golden doors no longer let sound out (and consequently don’t activate combat mode when being close to one) [Patrick]
    Lowered risk of pickaxes breaking (both normal and rusty ones) [gza]
    All worms now nibble instead of biting (not only white ones)
    Moved frost beetles one level deeper [gza]
    Mummy wrapping is more expensive to equip.
    Buffed golden crown a bit
    Full helmet now only reduces vision by one square
    It is now possible to kill bubbles [gza]
    octopuses now sleep
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.2!)
« Reply #9 on: May 03, 2017, 04:16:21 PM »
v2.2!  8)

This is a big release with many changes.

The biggest changes are:

    The dungeon is now divided into themed sections
    There’s an optional mid-game milestone.
    Combat mechanics have been greatly simplified
    Speed has been reworked
    Magic has been reworked
    Improved user interface
    Visible traps


Thank you very much gza, HedoNNN and Roneitis for helping me out with testing this release and for your detailed and continuous feedback, you really help shaping the game! Also thank you to reddish kangaroo for inspiration for some new items and mechanics. Finally, thank you to everyone who have submitted bug reports or feature requests.

As usual, saves are not compatible with previous versions. I recommend that you play the “what’s new” tutorial for this release and to consult the reference document if you encounter any new effects.

I hope you enjoy v2.2!

    the dungeon is divided into themed sections
    there’s an optional mid-game milestone
    several new wands and other items
    Monster rework (mostly because of dungeon theme changes)
        lava bubbles don’t make noise
        some monster have auras that affect you when you are close to them
        fungus monsters are now represented with ‘F’ instead of ‘f’
        animals no longer resist cold by default
        wasps are extremely nerfed and moved to level 5. The old extremely dangerous ones have been replaced by another…
        moved some monsters up and down in level to better fit their dungeon branch
        new monster category: mechanical iron animals
        7 new monsters, some with new drops
        renamed weak goblin to goblin apprentice
        more monsters now have the berserk ability
        temporarily removed the following monsters because of theme (may return in some form in future versions)
            dire wolf, red snake, battlecrab, assassin, giant, rock giant, vampire
        The following monsters have been reworked into something else: battlecrab, spiked turtle, most fungi
        The following drops have been reworked into something else: snake eggs, black pearls, snow goblins drop
        new AI type: cowardly monsters that flee as long as their hp is lower than yours
    new dungeon features
    benches are replaced with water barrels
    the price and effects of honey has been changed
    wand of knockout renamed to wand of pain to not confuse the effects from rod of knockout [roneitis]
    container features may now contain other feature containers (e.g., a chest may contain a jewellerybox)
    The artifact no longer have an ability
    The final level is now designed instead of randomly generated

    speed rework
        speed now has 5 levels instead of 20.
        speed is now a status (very slow, slow, fast, very fast) instead of an attribute
        No item can change speed by more than one level
        Poison/confusion effects are slower and damaging terrain is less dangerous
    trap rework
        adjacent traps are now always revealed if you are in exploring mode
        The “detect traps” effect is now “disarm traps”
        some items have been renamed, removed or reworked because of this
    combat rework
        melee, block and missile are now plain percentages for chance to hit/block
        missiles can be blocked by the block attribute
        counter attack triggers only on a missed attack, not on a blocked one
        missile combat have a maximum range determined by launcher and ammo
        chance to hit with missiles no longer depend on distance from target
        “reach” is no longer a status effect but a property of the weapon
        surprise attacks no longer give a melee bonus but prevents blocking and magic resistance completely
        accuracy of >100% gives an extra attack with the same chance of the excess over 100%. For example a melee attribute of 120% gives one 100% and one 20% attack.
        you can now always make an melee attack by using the 0-key (even against unconscious monsters)
        Some monsters have auras that affect you when you are close to them
    magic rework
        wands now have to be identified before use
        all wands have a maximum range
        new “magic school”: conjurations. New wands that can create items.
        new name scheme for wands: no more “wand of” prefix, spellnames
        new wands that don’t consume mp, but requires that you have mp
    disease now prevents hp-regen instead of gradually weakening you [reddish kangaroo]
    Attacking unconscious monsters gives the status “aggravating” which causes extra monsters to appear
    elemental resistance rework
        minimum resist bonus is 25% for rFire, rCold, and 50% for fElec, rAcid. This applies to both monsters and items.
        rat tails, ice crystals, magma stones don’t do damage anymore
        they give higher resists but temporary instead of permanent
        amulets of resistances reworked and renamed
        removed some elemental ring resist upgrades
        heavy armour no longer give elemental resistances
        renamed “vulnerable” to “weak”
        twisted staff is gone
    stairs are again on floor instead of in walls and needs to be activated
    activate features (e.g., stairs/fountains) with ‘a’ or from the menu instead of space
    lava and campfires now emit light
    Trainers no longer train speed, and noise is no longer more expensive to train after the first point
    less randomness during rest: fountains don’t randomly refill, planting is more reliable
    standing in slime now gives ctx slimy
    you can now use inventory containers even in combat
    strawberries are now one use, guaranteed to give nutrition and cannot spawn or disappear during rest

Removed content
    the “darkness” feature is gone. Wasn’t interesting and didn’t work properly anyway.
    wand of panic is gone
    removed ring of speed (amulet still exist)
    temporarily removed long arms mutation (may return in later versions)
    temporarily removed wand of teleport weapon, and reaching enchantment (may return in later versions)
    there are no more “wooden levels”
    hot rocks can no longer be upgraded
    removed “of summoning” curse (it was kind of gamebreaking)

    0-attributes are darkened in the attributes panel (can be disabled in an option)
    only non-zero attributes are shown when examining yourself or a monster
    a better prompt system that uses a menu instead of pressing a key
    item and monster descriptions are now in the message window, the description subwindow is gone
    message alerts are clearer
    all stairs are now notable in the map menu
    you are now prompted before opening a treasure room door
    some more “unseen” colours to choose from in the options
    changed depressions from a grey ‘v’ to a purple ‘8’ (‘v’ is reserved for monsters)
    player character window slightly alter to be in line with combat rework

    autorun now stops if anything dangerous happens [roneitis]
    the game no longer crashes when pressing a number not corresponding to a wand (again…) [Gabor, ArcaneRoboBrain]
    fixed long standing bug (since release #1!) where actors sometimes would act out of order [savagehill]
    fixed message spam when diseased and immune to disease (for real this time)
    enchanting multiple very cheap or very expensive items are no longer getting unintentional discounts [roneitis]
    broken portals are no longer notable
    this time… THIS time I really hope the “monsters using natural ability on you” bug is fixed
    monster spawn during rest is based on maxlevel rather than current level (long standing exploitable bug)
    offhand attacks no longer work if the opponent has been knocked back out of reach (not sure if this bug was present in 2.1.3)
    unequipping offhand when wearing 2h-weapons don’t crash the game (not sure it was there in 2.1.3 though)
    You can no longer sell containers containing unknown items [roneitis]
    Autorun no longer stops when passing a light source [roneitis]
    Tools are no longer displayed in purple when you are confused [roneitis]
    Trying to stow an item in a full container when the inventory is overfull no longer make the item disappear [almalam]
    Language fixes in the tutorial [ponycarnival]

    predator has been nerfed
    buffed undead bane enchantment [gza]
    bubbles are now frail instead of immune to non-lethal damage, lava bubbles are vulnerable to cold [gza, roneitis]
    cloth hood now only gives noise bonus, headband only archery
    silver chests can now be trapped, but they can never be empty
    hidden treasure rooms have less monsters [Qwert225]
    adjusted mage boosts and prices
    treasure vaults now contain fewer but more dangerous monsters
    nerfed will ‘o wisp
    several small fixes and adjustments
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.3!)
« Reply #10 on: October 23, 2017, 11:42:17 AM »
v2.3!  8)

I am very happy to annonuce that v2.3 is now out! It has one of the longest changelogs so far even though the changes are less fundamental than those in v2.2 were. The main changes are: Interesting merchants, Predictable armour and resistance, Poison rework, Attacks of Opportunity and more interesting Monster Behaviour.

You can learn about the new mechanics by playing the “what’s new in v2.3”-tutorial, and check the effect reference document for any new effects you encounter in the game.

I would like to thank (in no special order) the following people for giving me feedback on the v2.3 beta and helping me polish the release! Thank you very much Roneitis, HedoNNN and Evren. Also thank you everyone who have given feedback since last release (credits are in the changelog), and finally, thank you to everyone who is playing!

Content (items, monsters etc)
    new features, monsters, items, rooms and spells…
        some of which are credit to: [qwert223, reddish_kangaroo]
    a whole class of monsters in the lab didn’t show up due to a bug. They were intended to be in v2.2…
    all “bad” potions for coating are renamed to “poisons”
    there’s a new common plant that restores mp. Should make mages more viable.
        milk is now a consumable instead of a potion. It is more expensive and It can spoil.
        You no longer vomit from rotten food in your inventory (just annoying to have to remember to drop rotten stuff before resting)
        rotten/spoiled food keep their positive effects, but negative ones are added
        aged ale don’t lose its bad properties, only adds positive ones
        nutrition for monsters makes them calm and temporarily neutral
    diseased animals are now… diseased (as they should)
    rod of sleep is now a rod of deep sleep [reddish_kangaroo]
    “ritual of accuracy” is renamed to “accuracy ritual”
    the death sword now give you nausea instead of disease (didn’t quite work with the new disease mechanics)[gabor]
    added a pillars as a possible type of decoration in the castle
    ironstaves can rust [almalam]
    lamplights are more likely to appear in grassy areas
    some minor changes to the lab
    apples can no longer be frozen
    Slightly further differentiated underground layouts from later sections
    battlespear can no longer be upgraded to lightspear (lightspear is obtained in another way)

    merchant rework
        merchants give different prices
        merchants are more diverse in what they trade
        some merchants only sell or only buy items
        merchants have gold, when they run out of gold they cannot buy items from you
        you can now pickpocket a merchant! The chance is based on avoid traps.
        nicer interface
        merchants add bought items to their inventory, when they have full inventory they cannot buy items from you
    the disarm traps attribute has changed name to “disarm/steal”
    non-living monsters are now unaffected by coat on weapons (reason: coats are always poisons)
    monsters may now speak to you.
    some humanoids and animals may initially be neutral and won’t attack.
    some monsters may be generated with temporary effects depending on context.
    some monsters will now pick up items from the floor, killing them makes them drop it again
    animals will eat food they can eat on the ground (depending on if they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores), nutrition will calm them.
    a character moving away from an adjacent oppoenent elicits an automatic attack of opportunity from opponents.
        this attack counts as a turn for the opponent
        there is a new option to turn off prompts for warning you about this
    acid no longer destroys equipment, instead it drains your armour as temporary effect
    poison rework
        Poison acts faster.
        Poison subsides as you take damage.
        Many sources of poison are stronger.
        Resistance and weakness is more intuitive.
    rust traps can now be used to immobilize monsters made of iron [Roneitis].
    reworked armour, resistance and weakness
        Armour and resistance gives guarantee on reduced damage.
        The amount of absorbed damage is much less random.
    monsters in hearing range will now wake up when you enter a level.
        this solves the case in which surprise attacks didn’t work [Roneitis].
    items found in containers now immediately smell of human.
    spells that are only bad can no longer be used on yourself.
    no attribute can be lower than zero now.
    grilling an item when your pack is full will no longer give the unhelpful message “but it is lost in the flames”, instead it will put the grilled item on the floor under you.
    mutations no longer destroy equipment, instead they are unequipped [anon, YakultBingeDrinker].
    you can no longer use rods or potions of restoring if it would kill you from losing temporary hitpoints [Mekire, almalam].
    you can no longer rest when diseased if it would kill you [almalam].
    you can no longer upgrade cursed items.

    the side display now shows monster in purple if they are unconscious.
    you now get a much quicker and clearer alert when you get a prompt [january-].
    blood is now light red (instead of dark) so that it is visible in the underground section.
    changed glyph for spiderwebs to make them not look like walls.
    changed skull character from ‘%’ to ‘*’.

Bug Fixes
    the high use of the CPU when entering menus on some systems is hopefully gone now [ionfrigate].
    the game can no longer crash when resting after opening the crystal gate [Cadex].
    in certain special cases you didn’t get a prompt before attempting to disarming a trap, this has been fixed [Mekire].
    the “monster dist” option is now saved correctly [Cadex].
    removed some fluorescent fungi that did appear where they shouldn’t
    weapons with negative distance modifiers are now displayed in the stats window.
    fix crash after gory death [N S], also: gory deaths are now gorier.
    disenchanting equipment now immediately updates effects
    surprise attacks should now work properly [cadex, Roneitis, gabor].
    no more weird symbols showing in the sidebar for monsters with long names.
    accuracy ritual wand no longer overflow inventory display [hedoNNN, Gabor].
    counter attack now activates when blocking an incoming attack, not when the attack missed [almalam].
        To make the block attribute synnergize with counter attack
    you can no longer see/shoot through wall maps [almalam]
    changing colour theme in the options no longer changes the zero-attributes option
    cold damage don’t give you the “you feel yourself slow down” message when you are already “very slow”
    failing to use a tool does not give you the penalty of using it [Oscar].
    you are fatigued after using a tool, not before
    the game no longer crashes after winning [Reddish kangaroo, Mekire]
    filling an empty bottle now always give the right content [hedoNNN]
    removed reference to speed as an attribute in the tutorial [malkron]
    you can now see invisible monsters if you detect them
    statistics regarding item and monster numbers shown when winning are now correct [mekire]
    timestamps on saves are now displayed again [gabor]
    changed buggy behaviour for fleeing monsters
    auras didn’t work properly in the diagonals, they should now
    the price of disenchanting an item is no longer displayed in grey (not entirely sure this bug was present in v2.2.1)
    armour guards can no longer randomly appear in the castle
    triggering a trap in combat mode no longer asks if you want to disarm it (since you can’t)
    the masterwork rapier does not give more mp penality
    aiming and accuracy enchantments on launchers are no longer equal [gabor]
    flaming bats no longer drop meat [Mekire]
    rod of knockout now works as expected for frail or immune monsters [gabor]
    luminescent fungi no longer appears in armouries
    triggering a pit trap with an object on now destroys the object instead of letting it hang in the air
    various small fixes and alterations to descriptions
    Chaos now counts as a dangerous effects for prompting/aggravating purposes [Roneitis]
    the full version number is now displayed on character sheets
    fermented apple in moneybag no longer crashes the game [Mekire]
    the dungeon tutorial now makes more sense [ziik_bg]
    typo when attempting to use twisty stairs [cerealjynx]
    summoners no longer have a drop
    you can no longer detect carpets when you detect humandoids
    long wand names no longer cause problems in the sidebar
    barbarians no longer have mp

    worms now have normal speed instead of being slow [gabor]
    the secret lab now has a little less items and a little more monsters, while the underground has a little more items
    amulet of deflection/defence now gives 20% block instead of 10% [Roneitis]
    fix gold exploits [Gabor, monstersaur_jr, gza]:
        the spell “conjure gold” is gone since it was exploitable
        amulet of charisma and book of sales are also removed
        “amulet of charmisma” and “book of sales” are removed
        you can now only steal once from each monster
    the number of rocks found in the dungeon have been roughly halved
    seeds are now uncommon instead of rare [Mekire]
    equipment that grants Mp now costs even more Ep to equip
    there’s a little less loot at the castle
    conjure flame sword is now rare, more expensive and one-use
        (it was way too common to get dual wielding flame sword before)
    stone doors no longer cost 1 Ep to open [Mekire]
    large rocks now deals 5 damage instead of 3 [Gabor]
    all maces now make 1 more damage [Roneitis, YakultBingeDrinker]
    slime rooms usually contains a a bit fewer slimes.
    Small buff to accuracy ritual [Roneitis]
    rapiers are more accurate [Roneitis]
    “sense surroundings” costs 5 Mp instead of 3.
    some weapons (such as the flaming sword) can no longer be coated
    altered vision properties of bats
    ice shields block 20% as they should (was 10%)
    adjusted some prices (battle potion, invisibility potion, death sword)
    buffed lightning flail
    the cutpurse have one more hp (and has a new ability)
    a little nerf to ring of berserk
    altered enchantment rarities
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Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.4!)
« Reply #11 on: March 08, 2018, 07:48:42 PM »
v2.4!  8)
The biggest changes are:

    Rest Preview
    Equipment spells
    Multi-coloured messages
    New area effects
    Adrenaline, cure slime, rune magic and memory map

For those who played before I recommend the “what’s new in v2.4” tutorial.

I want to give special thanks to the following players who have provided me with very useful and important feedback during the test phase: evren, Rhoefr, Peter, hedoNNN, Roneitis, cheapmiami, jiyvajelly. Also thank you to everyone who have given feedback on v2.3 as well, your input really helps me develop the game!

Have fun and thank you for playing!


    lots of new enchantments
    lots of changes to existing items
    some new items
    new spells:
        new spell type: area of effect
        new spell type: rune magic
    two new monsters
    acid bolt reworked to acid splash
    adjusted rarity of poison bolt
    the process on how to select random enchantments have changed. Not necessarily noticable.
    empty container flavour: rather than “empty” you usually find something useless.
    “scroll of disarming” renamed to “scroll of thievery” since it helps with stealing as well
    weapons of shimmering are now cursed
    significant buff to the death sword [jiyvajelly]
    weapons of wonder are renamed to weapons of chaos
    death’s hand now has range 1
    “of sedating” is renamed to “of subduing”
    some enchantments now have both benefits and drawbacks
    dragon mails are now “very rare” instead of rare. But they are now much better…
    acid blobs changed attack
    new NPC type (assassin)
    no more teleporters in the dungeon, they belong in the lab
    shimmering slimes and snakes are gone for techinical reasons (may return)


    messages can now be multi-coloured
    additional map mode: memory (this allows you to see remembered items and monsters) [hedoNNN]
    more info is displayed in the item descriptions, such as if it is upgradable, cookable, droppable etc
    picking up items now shows an animation
    improved spacing of object display sidebar
    traps are shown with red background instead of a blinking 6. This makes them easier and earlier to see.
    clarify “seen by infravsion” (instead of just “infravision) when you see a monster because of infravision
    repeated messages are now reapeated instead of showing x2 x3 etc (may be back in later versions)
    in character sheet: container content are now listed below the inventory
    lightning beetles are now light blue and blinking instead of yellow. beware: the yellow ‘i’ is something else now!
    changed some descriptions
    identifying a wand now gives a better message
    renamed ‘wands’ to ‘spells’ in discover menu


    monster spawns:
        when resting one monster spawns on a random visited level
        after reaching the dungeon this increases to two, and to three after reaching the lab
        no more spawns outside the native dungeon section (except in vaults)
        this change implies that you’ll meet more monsters when you backtrack
    area effects are now limited in range, centered around the caster, fully visible and called “burst”
    things are now automatically picked up if they can stack in your inventory
    you get a preview of what will happen when you rest before you commit to resting
    blunt weapons (and some others) can no longer be coated.
        The idea is that the poison from the coat must go into the blood.
        In addition, it could be argued that there is not enough of it to cover a blunt weapon.
    some equipment now enables you to cast spells
    picking up an item in the presense of sleeping monsters recovers Ep (adrenaline)
    untouched items on the floor no longer randomly moves around during rest [hedoNNN]
        you need a melee weapon with at least 2 damage or 1 fire damage or a torch to open them
        they no longer give you cold damage
        they can contain more interesting things than before
    Slimy status:
        moving over deep water now cures it [hedoNNN, Mekire]
        it now has (almost) no effect if you are also flying
    NPC changes:
        trainers have been divided into three different NPCs that trains specific attributes and skills
        can now restore most damaged attributes
        cure poison price scales with degree of poison
        adjusted their prices
        they can now restore energy and cure nausea
    mage NPCs can restore max mp
    NPC mages “restore mp” service is disabled if the player already have full mp

infravision slightly more complex: it can see living monsters unless cold-based, and all fire-based monsters, living or not.

    mutating hands now correctly unequips the offhand [roneitis]
    surprise attacks with wands now *really* works properly [roneitis]
    fixed buggy auras (could sometimes go through walls)
    item comparison is now hidden for incompatible missile weapons (you can no longer compare a bow to a rock etc) [roneitis]
    the “restore” effect no longer remove exhaustion [reddish_kangaroo]
    zap guns no longer have a super weird animation
    being knocked back diagonally no longer knocks double distance, also improved direction determination slighly hopefully resulting in fewer surprises
    items on pit traps now disappear correctly [hedoNNN]
    fix overflow with long item names in inventory [hedoNNN]
    curing effect is no longer a “tmp” effect and you won’t get lingering “cured” status and associated bugs
    volcanic rocks now don’t give tmp penalties to rFire [roneitis]
    potential bug where the position of monster drops where not controlled
    you don’t stop running when a neutral monster is visible
    language fixes [Noah, hedoNNN]
    scouts no longer have 1 mp
    The “on Equip” line missed a ‘*’ at the end
    zapguns can no longer be coated
    Grilled meat description no longer identical to raw meat [roneitis]
    the “boosted/drained attribute” in the short displays for monsters now shows vision as well, but no longer speed
    bubbles no longer attack you when you’re dead
    NPCs don’t offer discount for upgrading fist wraps when dual wielding [almalam]
    coating gloves now correctly display melee attack in z-screen
    pluralisation when equipping ammo is correct (not sure this was present in v2.3)
    fix food going bad before money bag effects
    Tutorial now has fungi instead of braziers as intended


    wooden chests are less likely to be empty
    most sources of acid and elec has increased (both for player and monsters)
        motivation: these are rare elements and should be scary
    removed scientists “shocking touch” as it became to similar to his normal melee attack
    rebalanced number of monsters and items in the different dungeon sections
    nerfed poison elemental slightly
    empty bottles are now common instead of uncommon (for being tools that is)
    the average number of NPCs available at the castle is very slightly incrased [almalam]
    the yellow fungus is now native of around underground 4 instead of 1.
    goblin mages are now vulnerable to electricity
    more diverse monster distribution in stone and golden vaults
    acid elixir is cheaper and does not give tmp weakness to acid
    bonemeal is slightly better and more expensive
    daggers are less accurate to not make them strictly better than knives
Brian Emre Jeffears
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