Author Topic: PosChengband (now at beta v6.1.0)  (Read 15859 times)


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Re: PosChengband (now at beta v6.1.0)
« Reply #60 on: May 12, 2017, 11:47:48 AM »

A new release (6.1.0) is up in the usual spot. Enough gameplay changes, some fairly major, have accrued to warrant a new minor version.

Changes this release include:
[1] Quest sequence in Angband is now random. You won't know what levels contain quest monsters. But, you can safely leave a quest level if you like and the quest monster will patiently await your return. You decide how to play this, but the game is more fun if you try to complete quests on the first attempt, only backing out if the foe is ridiculously OP (e.g. Malekith on DL35 before you have nether resistance).

[2] Rune Knight redesigned and even playtested. They are strong, but no more than many other classes (unless I am missing something?).

[3] Major changes to devices. End game devices are much harder than before to use, and the high device classes (mage, sorcerer, device master) will finally see some need for their high class device skills. Charmed Pendant restored to its original +2 status.

[4] Changes to melee and spell proficiency systems to smooth out level restrictions. Some players won't like any sort of spell proficiency system, so there is a new birth option to turn it off.

[5] Reforging: The game now uses slot-based power ratings. For example, melee weapons vs light sources. No longer can you reforge powerful slots into weak slots with impunity. This also applies when reforging strong items into weak weapons like daggers and falcon swords (e.g. ninjas). However, you might try reforging Vilya into a Blade of Chaos or even Diamond Edge and like the results, so it is not all bad.

[6] Rand/Replacement Arts: These also will use slot-based power ratings. Fixed a major bug with rand-art scoring after noticing how ridiculous end game rand-arts were becoming.

[7] Archery: Shots per round is completely determined by your base shooting skill (class *and* race/personality).

[8] Devices now have much better allocation. You can get lower level stuff in the end game rather than having effects just cut off abruptly. You should find 1 or 2 -Rockets in a normal game, but will never find more than 3 or 4. No longer will you get annoyingly frequent Beams of Disintegration (and others).

[9] Lots of oook requests addressed. You can do a git shortlog v6.1.0...v6.0.5 to see the details, but the following is worth mentioning: Press '@' at an object prompt to temporarily stop using inscriptions to override label choices.

[10] Stat sustains now help protect against nexus scrambles.

[11] Archery: Slings shoot slightly faster (1.40 vs 1.25).
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