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Programming / Re: [coding] TomeNET needs your help to find a bug! :D
« Last post by tangar on February 28, 2018, 11:14:01 AM »
Font is much better than bitmaps in case of TomeNET. Regular tilesets wouldn't be good idea to use cause TomeNET is real-time and you need to react at stuff fast... It's very different game in compare to all other roguelikes... So my tileset based at text glyphs is better in terms of 'reading game situation' - font could be painted with different colors (with flickering patterns!) which helps to recognize monsters fast, it's actually help identify monsters on the map and give the player improved situation awareness. TomeNET got more monsters than some other games combined - over 1100 monsters and many 'ego monster' types; a lot of bosses among them. Imagine how much stuff you need to draw and to _remember_ while you play real-time. Glyphs are 100500 times better :D

So, back to business! We need to understand why 1-15 glyphs works and 16-31 aren't. Please lets discuss this matter, this particular bug, but not ideas about rewriting whole game.
Early Dev / Re: Soulblight
« Last post by abraksil on February 26, 2018, 08:00:48 PM »
This week we've been experimenting with a new way of presenting dialogs. We’ve decided to go with this:

And if you’d like to know in more details what we’ve been doing her’s my weekly vlog update :)
Programming / Re: [coding] TomeNET needs your help to find a bug! :D
« Last post by Krice on February 25, 2018, 08:03:54 AM »
For now we need to understand how to fix 0, 16-31 glyphs! As 1-16 works for remapping (but actually they are 'system' commands), it has to be possible to make 16-31 work too!

My guess is it depends on that console window, how it's displaying fonts. In graphical versions it would be simply easier to use anything else than console, something like SDL2. That way you can use real bitmaps (rather than fonts) and forget everything about console. If you can't change how the console is displaying fonts then how are you going to make it work?
Major Roguelikes / Re: TomeNet — MMORPG roguelike game
« Last post by tangar on February 24, 2018, 05:47:54 PM »
past streams:



It was hot :D
Programming / Re: [coding] TomeNET needs your help to find a bug! :D
« Last post by tangar on February 24, 2018, 10:11:44 AM »
Guys, lets continue brainstorm!

For now we need to understand how to fix 0, 16-31 glyphs! As 1-15 works for remapping (but actually they are 'system' commands), it has to be possible to make 16-31 work too!

Currently they got this values:

0 linked to 35 (#)

16 ┼ 253C 197
17 ◄ 25C4 17
18 ↕ 2195 18
19 ‼ 203C 19
20 ¶ 00B6 20
21 ┴ 2534 193
22 ┬ 252C 194
23 ┤ 2524 180
24 ↑ 2191 24
25 ├ 251C 195
26 → 2192 26
27 ← 2190 27
31 linked to 35 (#)

Symbols took from (but they are in wrong places)

GOGOGO! We can do it!

!!! We got an important update:

'Fony' ( developer Hukka noted that:

Anyway, this seems to be a bug in the game and not Fony. I've seen at least two people say that it's because "Fony relies on Unicode", but that makes no sense when it comes to bitmap fonts, and Fony only really uses Unicode to display various language translations in the user interface. Previous versions of Fony didn't even support Unicode in any way at all! Bitmap fonts have no concept of Unicode, nor does Fony when it's handling them. It's just 256 glyphs, one after another, bitmaps in a file.

Does it looks like it's not the problem of the font, but actually the problem in the TomeNET code? TomeNET source could be found:

Also Hukka said that soon he would create crossplatform opensource version of Fony! Great news :D
Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Update #2)
« Last post by getter77 on February 24, 2018, 02:37:13 AM »
Update #2

Hello adventurers! After a minor patch for 1.02, we spent over a week compiling bug fixes, balance changes and general improvements for 1.03. Before I get into that, I invite you to drop by and watch us work on Tangledeep live on Twitch!

Development streams have been happening since Early Access, and it's a great way to see what goes into a game like this. We engage with the chat and happily answer any questions you might have! Jim streams several days a week over at his channel:

The official Impact Gameworks channel is where I streamed during Early Access, although I took a hiatus to focus on intense development leading up to launch. I'm getting back into it though!

And now... on to the notes!

This patch addresses a number of issues related to pet behavior and pathing. The biggest complaint about pet behavior was having to watch them act confusedly a few tiles away when there were enemies to fight nearby. We have corrected some issues with the AI as well as added a new feature for you to have greater control over your pet’s placement.

    Pets can now jump over you if they see that as the best way to approach the enemy. They will do this automatically if they are near you and have no other path to the goal.
    Pets that are grabbed or have grabbed others (specifically Crab pets) will no longer forget that they love you when the grab is complete.
    Pets now consider the target distance from Mirai, rather than themselves, when deciding if a target is out of range. This keeps them more focused on the threats around you.
    The “Come to me at once!” pet command now causes the pet to immediately jump to you on its next action. This command is on a short cooldown, and the happier your pet is the shorter the cooldown will be.

Some of these AI adjustments will change the way your pet plays around you, and we encourage you to give us feedback about the new behaviors.

    Changed how the Casino reward system works. You no longer win gold, although if you TIE, you will get your bet back. Instead, you ONLY get tokens, and the conversion rate is now 1 token received per 100g won. Items in the shop now cost 10x more, since tokens were previously earned per 1000g.
    Adjusted how Champion damage/stats scale. Mods past the 1st no longer add as much raw damage, defense, and stats to the champion. Previously, each extra mod added 1% defense, 4% damage, and about 10% all stats. These values have been halved.
    Adjusted player Health curves (both with and without Toughness) to bump up Health a bit more around levels 5-7. Levels 8+ are unaffected.
    Final boss phase 1 Health buffed
    Final boss phase 2 Health significantly buffed, base damage increased, shield damage significantly increased (from base 10% of max Health per turn to 20%), summoned drone health/damage increased slightly
    Increased the base damage of Valkyrie. Now deals 190% (up from 175%) Weapon damage to nearby enemies, and 230% (up from 210%) to further enemies. Root duration also extended by 1 turn.
    Decreased the per-attack damage of Godspeed Strike to 80% of weapon damage, down from 100%
    The first and second bosses no longer drop guaranteed legendaries (well, the first one never did, but it was supposed to. Now it isn’t supposed to, and it doesn’t. Makes perfect sense.)
    Shadow Stalk now looks at tiles up to 2 squares away to spawn illusions if all adjacent spaces to you are full
    Spears can now proc Sneak Attack
    The acid bursts from the “Acidified” champion mod are now somewhat less brutally damaging

    Failed rumors are now removed from the quest log immediately, rather than waiting for next round.
    Fixed various bugs that could occur with dialog boxes, related to ‘conversation’ (portrait) code.
    Fixed visual bug with when the “Extra Turn” log notification happened, so it actually occurs ON your free turn not after.
    If you have more than 3 Lucid Orb Shards in your inventory with the same modifier, multiple orbs will be produced as necessary, with unused Shards left over.
    Fixed discrepancies with the displayed vs. gameplay values of various healing items and food.
    Fixed various LOS bugs related to targeting tiles revealed by pets and Eagle Eye (this also affects monsters being able to see *you* in these situations).
    Fixed rare edge case LOS bug where you could see a monster and hit it with a ranged attack by clicking, but NOT hit it with targeted abilities
    Fixed bug that occurred if you used a Knight’s Shovel and reloaded the level. More tiles than intended were cleared.
    Fixed the JP cost display for Mace and Claw masteries to display the correct cost of 1000 JP.
    Weapon mods like “Wasting” which add extra elemental damage now work with Spears when attacking at range=2.
    The illusions summoned during the second boss fight no longer drop loot, so the fight is no longer a veritable fountain of treasure
    Fixed some bad bugs that could happen when breeding certain pets.
    Monsters now move around in the Corral again, hooray!
    The modified version of Cloak and Dagger now requires two unique targets, as intended, rather than allowing you to hit the same target twice.
    Fixed bug where the ranged attack icon was showing up when you were *out* of range, not *in* range
    The “Overdrawing” weapon mod should now work correctly if you are clicking to fire at enemies with the mouse
    Dusk Reaver’s proc now drains Stamina/Energy as intended
    Aquamarine no longer has a buy value of 0g
    Attempted fixes for issues relating to the Monsterpediologist, Distant Dream Dungeon, and Monster Whisperer achievements

    Upon beating the second boss, you are now rewarded with a one-time use baller healing item.
    HuSyn’s Photon Cannon now targets two unique areas based on line of effect from Mirai and the Runic Crystal. This means that targets no longer need to be in your line of sight to be hit by the Crystal’s beam.
Announcements / Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #123) $
« Last post by getter77 on February 24, 2018, 02:34:13 AM »
Feature Friday #123

We expanded the framework for creature travel AI and added new travel behavior to some creatures.
Some albino apes you encounter are now traveling toward Oboroqoru's lair.
Some feral dogs you encounter are now traveling toward humanoid settlements.
Some goatfolk you encounter are now traveling toward goatfolk villages.
Changed the 'Quit' option text to something much more accurate: 'Abandon Character'.
Changed the default action for books to Read.
Changed the default action for recoilers to Activate.
Crayons and plastic trees no longer rust.
Implanted NPCs now start with the proper amount of cybernetic license points.
Your party members no longer (easily) become hostile to one another.
Speaking to your own party members no longer causes you to regain your bearings.
Moved the 'Remove cell' option to the top of the cell dialog.
Fixed an issue where cybernetics sometimes became undroppable.
Fixed some common causes of extraneous zone generation.
Fixed an issue where having Iron Mind didn't always correctly give you the chance to shake off confusion.
Fixed some cases where a stack of objects was incorrectly replaced with a single object (eg., when you repaired a stack of scrapped waydroids).
Fixed some cases where quests to find historic relics didn't complete if you equipped the relics directly from the ground.
Fixed some rare cases where an invalid base object appeared in dynamic encounters.
Fixed several issues related to creatures determining the monetary value of their items, including inconsistent valuation when the items were socketed with energy cells.
Fixed several typos.
Fixed an issue where socketed cells occasionally replicated out of control when you recharged them.
Announcements / Re: Cogmind (now at Beta 5)
« Last post by Kyzrati on February 24, 2018, 01:48:45 AM »
Busy week!

I added a fourth type of map panning, of the RTS variety where you put the cursor against the edge of the screen.

But the biggest progress was made in the area of achievements... all 256 are now decided and listed in the game data, but still have to be implemented xD

I also did a mockup of the achievements UI, also still to be actually implemented...

I like it though, pretty and functional :D (Note that the icons don't actually match the achievements, and there are duplicate names--this is just a mockup so I wasn't worrying about everything being logical/perfect :P)

That's the latest one, where an earlier version was using my original darker version for locked/unknown achievement icons which I don't think looks quite as good in context? Not 100% sure...

At size 14 I also added an IBM VGA font for the map ASCII. Now there's some nostalgia!
Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 45) $
« Last post by getter77 on February 22, 2018, 08:58:40 PM »
Alpha 45

Well, 16 new mutators to be more accurate, but 5 of them are basically the same thing.

I actually spent the bulk of this update working on the level loading improvements that I started during the last update cycle, but most of my changes weren’t ready for public consumption, so I left them out of this build. I’ll start drip-feeding these changes slowly over future builds, since there is lots of potential for these to cause new bugs, and I don’t want to break TOO much at one time.

More Uptown content is still coming. I’ll be away for a few days over the weekend visiting my grandmother for her 100th (!) birthday, but hopefully I’ll get to spend most of the next update cycle focused on Uptown.

Also, speaking of mutators -- that is the topic of this week’s Fortnight Discussion!

Alpha 45
Added “Remove Levels” mutators for Slums, Industrial, Park, Downtown, and Uptown. These will remove the specified level theme from the game.
Added “Random Level Themes” which randomizes each level variety you enter (Slums, Industrial, etc.)
Added “Exploding Bodies”, which causes people to explode shortly after dying or being otherwise neutralized.
Added “No Cops”, which removes patrolling Cops, Supercops and Cop Bots from the game. Cops can still be found in Police Stations, and Supercops can still be called via Alarm Button.
Added “Full Health For All”, which calculates health for players and NPCs the same, rather than reducing NPC health by comparison
Added “Infinite Melee Durability”, which does what it says.
Added “Infinite Ammo”, which again, does what it says
Added “Infinite Ammo for Common Weapons”, which encompasses mostly bullet-based weapons like Pistol, Shotgun, etc.
Added “Random Mutators” where each level contains a new set of mutators
Added “Continue?”, which gives the player 2 Continues. This means that if the player dies, they can start at the beginning of that level, with everything reset to its original state. On the third death, the game is over. This doesn’t work in online multiplayer yet.
Added “Mixed-Up Environments”, which can result in Lakes appearing in the Slums, Manholes appearing in Industrial, Upper-Crusters appearing in the Park, etc.
Added “Quick Game” which makes the game 10 levels long instead of 15.
Extreme Time Limit renamed to Time Limit EXTREME to make it easier to find alphabetically amongst similar mutators
Fix for bug in New Character Every Level where the character’s special ability from the previous level could remain on the screen
In Rogue Vision mode, player can no longer use the cursor to highlight items that are not visible to the camera

Fix for shadows appearing under certain objects in Rogue Vision mode when they were not supposed to
Fix for pink objects appearing on multiplayer client in Rogue Vision mode
Fix for shadows caused by walls near doors occasionally appearing in the wrong spot

UI / Controls
Fix for countdown timers not appearing on multiplayer client
Fix for multiplayer client not being able to auto-teleport to the Exit using the Ctrl key when all missions are completed
Fix for multiplayer chat log sometimes disappearing if it became too long. Older text is now removed manually if the log gets too big.

Playfield Objects
Fix for Mine Cart tracks sometime spawning in the wrong position on multiplayer client
Fix for Turret sometimes not activating when Security Cameras spotted the player when there were multiple Security Cams

Cocaine is now known as Sugar, and Steroids are now known as Muscly Pills. These were the only real-world drug references in the game (except for cigarettes/nicotine, which is bad for you in the game), and I decided to replace these due to A. Parents finding these references a little jarring, B. ME finding them a little jarring since they don’t quite fit with the weird nonsense world of Streets of Rogue, and C. I feel like something like that could take the game from a T rating to an M rating when the ESRB eventually does its thing. Overall, it didn’t seem worth keeping this stuff in the game. Also, the idea that drug dealers sell bags of sugar to willing customers is pretty funny.
Musician no longer carries items that do not exist in the game code

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Modern Warfarer now works on NPCs

Fix for music not fading out properly at the end of levels
Fix for music sometimes not playing when reaching a new level

Soldier players will not receive missions that take place in Military Outposts

Level Generation
Various fixes to the new level loading system from the last build that should result in an overall decrease in weird bugs
Lockdown Walls can now be placed next to Fences

Changed text descriptions for No Guns mutator to mention that all guns would be replaced with equivalent melee weapons. Did the same for No Melee mutator.
Added notification to “End Game” prompt that saved progress will be destroyed

Lots more work on level-loading performance, though most of these efforts aren’t bug-tested enough for me to activate them in a public build
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