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Understood, thank you!

Another question.

Code: [Select]
speed = 1

Code: [Select]
std::cout << terminal_get("ini.Game.speed", "10"); // prints 10
Other values, like terminal window name, are loading perfectly. How can I make it fetch custom values?
Events and News / Re: Roguelike Radio podcast
« Last post by Avagart on April 11, 2017, 10:12:26 PM »
I started to check older episodes of Roguelike Radio, and just found out that the first episode is missing from server. Is it possible to reupload it?
Announcements / Re: Slash'EM Extended (now at v1.9.3)
« Last post by OmniNegro on April 11, 2017, 06:59:43 PM »
I am. I check the GitHub daily since it seems you are adding all the time. My count is from the Wiki. And I know for a fact there are some races and roles in the game that are not shown on the wiki at all. I just counted in the game, your count is correct. (Not surprising.)

You know, the only game that even comes close to the level of options as Slash'Em Extended is Poschengband. I love both of them. Keep up the good work!
Programming / Re: BearLibTerminal: a pseudo-terminal window library for roguelike
« Last post by Cfyz on April 11, 2017, 04:19:52 PM »
Quote from: Elronnd
First is that setting terminal_set("window.fullscreen = true"); doesn't do anything.  The second is that although if you set the window to be resizeable, you can resize it, if you try to get the terminal size you just get the original size. <...> Interestingly enough, if I alt+enter while within the window, it fullscreens fine.  Even more interestingly, if I set window.fullscreen = true, while the window doesn't get fullscreened, I can then resize it even though I haven't set window.resizeable to true.
I've tested a few combinations of distros, desktop managers and windowing libraries (SDL, GLFW, SFML and my own implementation) and can only conclude that it is a complete and utter mess =(. On the same OS but different DM and vice versa the same X11 app may or may not resize and fullscreen properly. Sometimes it is clear who is wrong, sometimes not. Out of the libraries, SDL is the winner though sometimes even it is powerless.

I've honestly thought I would be able to provide a window implementation which, while not being as feature-rich as others, would be more compact (e. g. SDL is many megabytes in size) and more tuned to the exact situation (e. g. resizing in steps to match cell size). Yep, nope.

I've taken a deeper look at the SDL code and I can downsize it to something reasonable. Believe me, it is not as simple as --disable-everything in ./configure, you can disable almost nothing this way in the current SDL codebase. I've even tried to discuss this on their mailing lists but couldn't get through moderation (wtf?). I probably should file a bug.
Programming / Re: BearLibTerminal: a pseudo-terminal window library for roguelike
« Last post by Cfyz on April 11, 2017, 04:03:13 PM »
Quote from: The Saber Cat
I'm trying to make my executable depend on in the same directory, so I can zip them together, unzip on other Linux machine and run executable. But it sems that my executable depends on .../learn/bin/, and not on the file in the current executable directory!
In Linux application dependencies (shared .so libraries) are not searched for in the same directory with application executable. By default only a few select system directories (e. g. /usr/lib64) are considered. It is possible to add extra paths to this list while linking the executable, this is what 'rpath' is. CMake automatically adds paths to the libraries from nonstandard locations to the application's rpath, which is why your executable looks for the libBearLibTerminal in the ../learn/bin. It does not depends on that exact file, it depends simply on '', but that path is the only path from the search list where such file is present.

Therefore if you want to mimic Windows behavior of loading libraries from the same folder, you need to manually add the '.' path to rpath of your executable. In CMake it is something along the lines of
Code: [Select]
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.7)
Though I'm writing mostly from memory.

Another common approach on the Linux is to wrap the application binary in the script which sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable before launching executable. This environment variable also provides extra search paths for dependencies.
Early Dev / iDracula: Genesis
« Last post by moregames on April 11, 2017, 03:52:00 PM »
Hi, everyone!
We're a tiny team of indie game developers, and for the past 2.5 years we've been working non-stop on a roguelike (roguelite if you prefer) of our dream. And here it is, in all the glory:

If you generally enjoy roguelikes as a broad term (FTL, Binding of Isaac, Spelunky kind), I'm pretty sure you'll like our game too. If you prefer turn-based and ASCII - well, good luck to you too :).

Also, we're undergoing Steam Greenlight, so you may use it as an anchor to follow the project. Or our website:
Steam Greenlight:


YouTube gameplay video:
Announcements / Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.66) Updated English Translation
« Last post by getter77 on April 11, 2017, 12:02:54 PM »
Good eye and monstrous changelogs---nice.   8)
Announcements / Re: Slash'EM Extended (now at v1.9.3)
« Last post by AmyBSOD on April 11, 2017, 08:06:00 AM »
You're welcome OmniNegro :) Are you using an up-to-date version? The current one has 116 playable roles and 155 playable races, and should display "Slash'EM Extended version 1.9.3" when using the v key in-game to access the version information.
Events and News / Re: Roguelike Radio podcast
« Last post by Krice on April 11, 2017, 06:50:50 AM »
Think I'm going to pass this one. I would probably just get angry listening about all those great ideas and 7DRLs no one is actually playing, and start to drink.
Announcements / Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.63) Updated English Translation
« Last post by Lucentdepths on April 11, 2017, 06:05:45 AM »
1.66 -
[Changes and additions]
The armour equipped by NPCs will now be +enhanced depending on their starting level like their weapon currently is. This will not apply to summoned NPCs and NPCs outside Nefias though.
Equipment increase in price with their +enhance value. Enhanced equipment have the same chance of dropping [from kills] as miracle-quality equipment. The chance for enhanced miracle equipment to drop is even higher. Be sure to leave some space in your inventory so that you can pick these equipment up.
Reduced the multiplier on sales at player shops specialized in equipment from 2 times to 1.5 times.
Greatly reduced the delay between refresh ticks for generating fertilizer on farms and well as the Rubbing and milking cooldowns on the ranch from 120 hours to 24 hours. For existing saves, the new cooldown will take effect after the next fertilizer generation/Rubbing/milking. There is still the minimum 24 hours delay between crop growth [ticks] and generation/breeding of ranch animals. However, the number of chances that crops get to grow over a period of a few days has been doubled, and the chance of ranch animal breeding/produce spawning has been quadrupled.
Amount of money rewarded for clearing Nefias (and their individual floors) was way too much, so it has been significantly reduced.
Added just a few pieces of info that the tutorial facility was lacking.
Added 1 new unique NPC in the tutorial facility who will give you an item if you meet the requirement.
Slightly reduced the fee for attending the Seminar. This is as low as it will go so that players will pay attention to the content.
Changed the portraits of 4 unique NPCs added in 1.65. Middle-age wizards are kind of hard to draw...
Added 2 new red books.
Made categories of instruments produce different "♪" [speech bubbles]. Some of them were kind of hard to illustrate as text, so these might change in the future.
Performing and harvesting quests will now automatically end if you leave the map. (The quests will be cleared if you meet the quotas.) Added an exit for the Party Time! map at the bottom.
Changed appearance rates and added more unique NPCs to the list that will appear in Party Time!. There is now a difference between North and South Tyris in terms of the NPCs that will appear, and people who shouldn't be together will no longer appear at the same location.
Greatly increased the chance of satisfying the audience when Fascination Dance succeeds.
Preaching special action will now please the audience and award points.
When characters with the spell multi-casting bit flag defeat an enemy with dart-type spells, they will no longer immediately search for the next target and shoot the remaining dart spells at it.
Disturbance special action no longer activates when used on a target that does not use gauge attacks. The animation has also been sped up, and the log will describe who used Disturbance on which target.
Made some South Tyris towns have more/less of certain types of quests.
Digging town walls will yield gold bars as well as gold pieces.
Reduce the amount of nutrition that the goose needs to lay platinum pieces. Yacatect's gem stone now gives 10-25pp (depending on Faith skill level).
Increased the limit on number of handmade chocolate that you can make [per year] from 3 to 10. However, they no longer heal, and their effect on Impress has been reduced.
Pets being ridden will now have their HP bar colour change when they are not hungry.
Rod of alchemy and energy crystal of matrix no longer work on items marked as important.
When NPCs attempt to use Shadow Step, Run Wildly, ZinlaiKyaku, or Clash Rush on a target out of sight, it will now become a regular movement instead of attack.
Changed the colour of some wall tiles in the Act III main dungeon.
The log now displays if bomb rocks are idling or in combat, so keep an eye on it. Cluster bomb rock also no longer uses Draw Shadow, and will approach its target with regular movement. As such, they are no longer something that you have to prepare for in advance and are now quite avoidable.
Eye of brainwashing special action now has a visual effect only when the target fails to resist. If the target is the player, the attribute used to resist is now Will instead of Charisma. If the target is an NPC, (Impress + player's Charisma) will be rolled against (50 + attacker's Charisma) to resist.
There is a feature in vanilla Elona where breath attacks do not work on tiles outside a radius centred on the player. This means that all breath attacks outside used to be just a wasted [turn]. This has been changed so that breath attacks will work outside that radius.
The equipment that NPCs spawn with and rare drops that have a 1/100 chance of getting generated or less now have 5-20 times the rate of getting generated. However, there is a trigger that decides if they will get generated, and this has a 1/4 chance of being turned on at the start of each day. Once [a rare piece of artifact equipment or rare drop] spawns, this trigger is turned off. These items will never drop/spawn when the trigger is off.
<Oti-Tubaki>, <Hero's cloak>, plank of Carneades, and <Nightmare> will now get randomly generated. They are unaffected by the aforementioned trigger.
The <Stradivarius> is now available for purchase with music tickets.
Fixed some descriptions.
Fixed the log not describing who used a breath attack for breath attacks used within sight.
Fixed an NPC added in 1.65 not being marked as unique, causing it to get randomly generated and not speak its unique NPC lines. If this NPC is already generated in a save file from a previous version, the game will automatically mark it as unique when you enter the border map.
Fixed the deck image of an NPC added in 1.65 (not the aforementioned).
Fixed sprites for female chickens not getting used.
Fixed exchange items (NB: music tickets/small medals?) in player shops not getting categorized as sellable items.
Fixed vomiting when Alchemical Rain is use and generating a vomit causing the current Alchemical Rain to apply the blessed/cursed status of the vomit [to the remaining hits].
Fixed getting hit by cut damage counter when using Distant Attack adjacent to the target.
Fixed custom dungeon deed map name getting reset to the default when you exit the map by walking off the map edges.
Fixed challenge-type hunting quests not getting cleared after defeating the quest target if the same type of monster has been summoned (by necromancy or otherwise) on the map.
Detailed changelog (E) Beware of spoilers?

1.66: detailed changelog
[New NPC]
<Karata> the seminar mascot
Level 45 metal. Not suitable for riding, metal, immune to elemental attacks.
Voracity Fang on low health.
Will ask 4 questions based on the current seminar (3 questions if there are joke answers.)
[Answer them correctly] and he will give you an item. (And only one, even if the day changes.)
[Party Time! unique NPC appearances]
North Tyris
Either Loyter or Whom dwell in the vanity (Loyter will appear 100% of the time at certain points in the main quest).
Mia, Shena, and Gilbert are guaranteed to appear.
One of the following groups will appear:
<Part time worker> the red sword + Karata
Mito + Ajetalio
Each of the following has a 20% chance of appearing:
Raphael, Renton, Strance scientist, Lomias, and Larnneire
Marka joins the list in mid-Act III.
South Tyris
One of Lomias, Larnneire, or vanity is guaranteed to appear. (Whom dwell in vanity becomes Vessel during the main quest, and will not appear in the beginning of Act III).
One of Stoke, Mefan, or Zisilion is guaranteed to appear.
New citizen (NB: Laie the citizen) is guaranteed to appear after the corresponding sub quest is completed.
Each of the following has a 20% chance of appearing:
Caim, Zernard, The leopard warrior, Silvia, and Arma.
Melget joins the list in mid-Act III.
[Bias in South Tyris town board quests]
Kurualm has a high chance of generating delivery quests.
Ludus has a high chance of generating harvest quests, but not as high as Yowyn.
Arcbelc has a high chance of generating performing quests.

Haven't played in a while and went to go see if there was a new version and noticed we were a few patches behind here. Cheers, folks!

Latest version (1.66) at this link
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