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Announcements / Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #94) $
« Last post by getter77 on June 24, 2017, 12:08:41 PM »
Feature Friday #94

We made some tweaks and additions to tonics.
Added a new tonic: love tonic.
Currently, overdosing on a love tonic causes you to erupt into flames. This may change soon.
Added platinum as an unidentified tonic color.
You can now stab people with injectors during melee combat. You must penetrate their armor to successfully inject.
Chronology entries logged while you're in love are now much sappier.
Added a chronology entry for losing the lovesick status effect.
Autoexplore now ignores freshwater if you don't have room to carry it.
Natural missile weapons now require ammo once they're dismembered.
If you go to the worldmap and immediately return to a noted location in the same worldmap tile, you now properly appear in that location.
Fixed some severe memory usage issues during long-running games with thousands of items (mostly ammo stacks).
Fixed Temporal Fugue lag issues in long-running games when there are thousands of items in your inventory (mostly ammo stacks).
Fixed an issue when you canceled out of the pour dialog where you were still asked how many drams to pour.
Fixed an issue preventing you from escaping out of string-entry dialogs (for example, entering the amount you want to pour out of a container).
Fixed an issue causing buggy behavior in the new UI after certain direction selection dialogs.
Fixed an issue where some screens didn't display controls if the new UI was enabled but the new inventory UI wasn't enabled.
Fixed some bad interactions between zoom and panning popups in the old UI.
Fixed an issue that prevented you from clicking on items in the nearby items list.
Announcements / Re: Larn-NEXT (now at Xvart)
« Last post by Krice on June 24, 2017, 06:37:05 AM »
Is there something that useful in C++17 compared to C++11 which has better support on stranger platforms. I think newer C++ versions are getting weird, like they try to change it to Haskell or something.
Early Dev / Re: Soulblight
« Last post by abraksil on June 23, 2017, 09:38:27 PM »
This week I would like to talk in more detail how we build Soulblight tactical combat around distance control :) So each character during the fight is surrounded by the circle which represent its position on the battlefield. By pressing the right button you can light up a frontal part of it and activate what we call the grip. When the grip touches another circle the characters become engaged to represent the clinch combat. This maneuver besides linking the characters together also forces them to use a secondary attack

Depending on the weapon this attack might be less or more powerful than the main one. The wielder of the more cumbersome weapon now will be forced to find a way to disengage. The easiest way to do it is by performing a special slam action. He need to be careful though this maneuver burns through a lot of stamina.

Early Dev / Re: Soulblight
« Last post by abraksil on June 23, 2017, 12:14:28 PM »
I didn't ask if it's good. I asked 'what makes it good'

Sorry must have miss read.

If it's not secret, can you explain, how you'd *encouage* player to, for example, thinking twice before purchasing if character is greedy?

No it's not a secret :) So the game doesn't have leveling mechanic Instead we have something we call synergy/integrity. This special state greatly increases your damage output and resistance. So the more you have the more chances to survive you have. Now at the beginning of every part of the dungeon you get to choose a personality trait we call taint. What it dose is unlocks a way of gaining synergy but only if you act in a certain way. It dose it in a form a special buffs. Here are few examples:

How much are you flooding mailboxes with that newsletter?

Try not too floood. I send out an e-mail once a month except at the beginning when i send 3 emails:
- Welcoming e-mail (after you sign up)
- Email explaining how to gain access to alpha tests (the day after you sign up)
- Email explaining in more detail the entire idea behind Soulblight and the taint mechanic (the week after you sign up)

The monthly e-mail usually consists of  news or explains in more details the design choices I took while creating the game. I'm writing the one for this month right now  - it's gone be about combat :)
Early Dev / Re: Golden Krone Hotel
« Last post by jere on June 23, 2017, 01:42:00 AM »
As promised, the game is on it's biggest sale yet at $3.50 (30% discount).

The truth is, when I'm reading Steam reviews, players think about <=5$ games as a low-budget (ie: simple, ugly, often buggy), so 10$ price tier sounds sensible.
Yea, true. I feel like there's two sides to it though. The price influences the perception of value. That is certainly the case. At the same time, price is a HUGE factor mentioned often in Steam reviews. Reviewers trash games all the time, not for being bad games, but because they don't think the game is worth the base price (even if they got it at a huge discount). I'm hoping the latter isn't a big factor here.
Programming / Re: Recommended Language/Development
« Last post by NEO Ness on June 22, 2017, 11:33:50 PM »
Hello Neo Ness, drop by - we just started a dev-along following a Python tutorial (Python is very easy to pick up for someone who's never programmed), one part a week!

Thank you for the link.  When I have extra time later today I'll check it out!
Announcements / Larn-NEXT (now at Xvart)
« Last post by getter77 on June 22, 2017, 10:24:23 PM »

After 3 months of hammering away at Larn's codebase, finally it's time for a new release.

A lot of changes have happened over this time from bug fixes, feature implementations and backend improvements. The conversion to C++ is going well, with many usages of C++17 features and proper casting, templates, classes and inline functions & inline variables.


Due to my cross-compilation environment, I was unable to get mips and armhf builds ready as Larn now needs GCC 7 as a minimum, so this will be done in the next releases (weekly).

In the single zip file attached here, there will be a Win64, GNU/Linux 32bit and aarch64 (Arm64) binary. Use the one for your architecture and system.

Also thanks to the contributors!


    Rewrote the cannedlevel function to be standard C/C++.
    Rewrote the cave level generation (some bugs remain).
    Rewrote the math which generates the mazes.
    Cleaned up some functions and squashed some bugs.
    Cleaned up UI (finalized).
    Templated functions.
    Inlined functions for #define's.
    Inlined variable for WIZID (more to come).
    Added more mazes to the file.
    Removed color.
    Removed all #define macros and replaced them with inline functions,
    variables, templates and declared the rest correctly.
    Renamed some variables like scprob to scroll_probability.
    Removed larnfunc.h and created templates/math.t.hpp.
    Now compiles cleanly with GCC 7.1 with very strict rules.
    Cleaned up inventory code and made it fullscreen.
    Increased mobuls to 699.
    Created a log of messages (data/messages.log) for review if
    players miss any of the messages scrolling while playing.
    Removed pointless casting.
    Large amount of bug fixing.
    Apache 2.0 applies to more files.


The future of Larn shines once again from another of the stars in the sky!   8)
Announcements / Re: Dungeon Mercenary (now at 17.6.22!)
« Last post by getter77 on June 22, 2017, 10:18:13 PM »
17.6.22   Big surge of progress at last!   8)

New features: Gameplay
    Added spells. There are 16 different spells:
        Dragon Breath: An area of effect spell in the shape of a dragon's breath
        Dragon Slaying: A projectile that affects only dragons, but which is particularly deadly for them
        Firebolt: A magic missile
        Force: A spell that pushes back an opponent, an item, a barrel, etc.
        Health: A spell to heal yourself or another living foe
        Lightning: A beam spell that hits every enemy on its path
        Paralysis: A beam spell that paralyses its target
        Poison: A beam spell that poisons its target
        Protection: A spell that surrounds its target with a protective haze, to absorb future damage
        Orc'n gobs'n troll Slaying: A projectile that affects only goblins, orcs, and trolls; but which is particularly deadly for them
        Quietus: A beam spell that instantly kills its target
        Raise Skeleton: A spell that reanimates a fallen foe (turning it into a skeleton), so that it will fight on your side
        Slowness: A spell that slows down its target
        Undead Slaying: A projectile that affects only undeads, but which is particularly deadly for them
        Teleportation: A spell to teleport anything: a monster, you, an item, a all, etc.
        Vampirism: A beam spell that transfers some of the target's life to you

    Spells are obtained in two ways: either by applying a branded runic (for spells corresponding to a runic, i.e. dragon slaying, force, lightning, paralysis, poison, orc'n gobs'n trolls slaying, quietus, vampirism) to a blank spell or by finding a branded spell. Spells can be boosted with any runic, hereby either increasing damage, reducing cooldown, or increasing duration (depending on the spell).

    Casting a spell can be done in a number of ways:
        You can click on the spell's name at the bottom of the inventory (like the second spell cast in this video).
        You can use the spell's shortcut shown in the inventory (F1 → F12).
        You can press 'c' to open the 'cast' menu, which will present you the available spells (as in this video).
        You can open the inventory with 'i' and select the action 'cast' in the desired spell's submenu.
    Added rings. There are 5 kind of rings:
        Awareness: This ring allows you to feel enemies beyond your usual field of vision.
        Dexterity: This ring increases your chances of performing special attacks (daggers, swords, falchions, small axes).
        Toughness: This ring decreases the damage you suffer.
        Sight: This ring increases your sight distance. This distance is used to draw your surrounding but also caps your throwing distance and your casting distance.
        Strength :This ring increases the damage you deal.

    Added classes. A class is simply a set of starting equipment (see the equipment of each class). Classes ease trying the different flavors of mercenaries that you can throw down the dungeon:
        Assassin: Assassins are specialists at instantly killing their enemies, thanks to their deadly enchanted dagger, the daggers' special attacks (Alt + move), and their increased dexterity.
        Barbarian: Barbarians excel at pulverizing and massacring every race and species.
        Conjuror of Cheap Tricks: Conjurors of Cheap Tricks try to avoid combat by all means. They excel at staying alive no matter what's thrown at them.
        Dragonist: Dragonists walk the dangerous path of taming dragons. They usually accidentally fry a girlfriend or two before being banned from society.
        Optimist: Optimists don't worry, they are confident they'll find loot early in the dungeon.
        Elements Conjuror: Elements Conjurors are versed in two elements: fire and lighting. Their strategy is straightforward: burn everything down.
        Filth Assassin: Filth Assassins are specialists at making their enemies suffer a slow but irreversible death. If they stay alive long enough to master their technique, they become immensily powerful.
        Filth Mage: Filth Mages are specialists at making their enemies suffer a slow but irreversible death, without even taking the risk of melee combat! Legendary filth mages caused plagues in the past.
        Knight: Knights are well protected melee fighters. They use their sword's special attack (Alt + move) to kill enemies from a distance.
        Mage Wannabe: Mage Wannabes started mage school, but ultimately dropped out to discover the outside world on their own. They only know their basics, but took a little something from the school's storage areas on the way out…
        Undead Commander: Undead Commanders excel at raising a large undead army at their service.
        Necromancer: Necromancers are both good undead commanders and viable damage dealers.
        Paladin: Paladins are very well protected melee fighters. They use their sword's special attack (Alt + move) to kill enemies from a distance and use their shield to paralyze enemies.
        Priest: Priests master the art of healing themselves and others.
        Slayer: Slayers excel at hunting down monsters.
        Southern Knight: Southern Knights are well protected melee fighters. They use their falchion's special attack (Alt + move) to force enemies to back up.
        Tourist: Tourists are badly equipped for surviving in a dungeon. They just bring the most basic equipment.
        Vampire: Vampires are good melee fighters and like being accompanied by an army of disposable minions.
    Added an explore mode (toggled with 'x') in which you can see the description of items under the cursor. Descriptions are also displayed when hovering with the mouse. As of now, only items and some wall elements are described. It was required to do items, because this is required in choice treasure rooms (see below), so that you know what the items are. In the future monsters will be documented too.
    Added special rooms:
        Choice treasure rooms where you have to choose one item among many items (à la brogue).
        Closing rooms. Will you find the various means to escape ?
        A dangerous corridor…
        A malevolent area…

    Armors now decrease damage instead of reducing hit probability, to a minimum of 1 (à la Sil). Non-leather armors now increase the probability of being hit by enemies: chain mail increases probability by 10%, banded mail and split mail by 20%, and plate armor by 30%. Shields, on the other hand, have been unchanged: they still decrease the probability of being hit by enemies.

Gameplay Changes
    Increase the damages of the poison runic. Instead of doing 1 damage per turn (for every poisoning), poison now deals, every turn, damages corresponding to remaining duration of the poison. So if you have a +5 poison runic (which makes poison duration 5 turns), the target will suffer 5+4+3+2+1 damages. Whenever you hit an already poisoned enemy, poison's duration is reset to its initial duration (so if you hit the target twice in a row, it'll suffer 5+5+4+3+2+1 damages).
    Slowness does not stack anymore. This means that when you're being slowed down by an ogre shaman, while you're being slowed down already; your speed isn't reduced to 25% but stays at 50%. What happens is that slowness' duration is reset to its initial value.
    Tweaked item generation:
        Light weapons are generated all along the game. Previously, in the middle-game mostly middle-game weapons were generated, and mostly end-game weapons were generated in the end-game. Now the probability of middle and end-game weapons progressively raise as you go deeper and deeper into the dungeon, ultimately reaching 40% and 20%.
        Probability of life potion is now 100% at depth 1, 33% at depth 2, and 25% afterwards (was 100%, 50%, and 33%).
        Number of generated runics has been reduced, but the game now makes sure that you'll have enough of them to be able to finish the game. Roughly the objective is that a runic is available every two levels (this includes runics that can be obtained by melting objects).
        The game now makes sure that decent loot is generated. This means that the probability of generating items increases gradually when previous levels have been very unfriendly. This concerns armors, shields, and weapons.
    Doing an action via a menu (drinking a potion, equipping an item, unequipping an item, applying a runic, etc.) now takes one turn.
    There's now 12% chance to have a forge in a level (was 50% before).
    Special attack of the sword now deals 2 damage per boost level (was 4 before).
    Firebolt now burns down doors. Thanks D. Casoni for suggesting it.
    When you miss a special attack, you do not perform your normal attack anymore.
    Highlight known stairs even when out of sight, so that it is easier to spot them.
    Equipping a shield asks which weapon to unequip if wielding two simultaneously.

New features: UI and controls
    Added animations when the health potion and the life potion are drunk.
    In the inventory, bombs are now stacked (like runics and potions).
    Keeping the arrows continously pressed (including arrows on the numpad) is now working as expected: your mercenary will move as long as the arrow is pressed (like it was doing for vim keys already).
    Element under the cursor (monster, ally, item, etc.) is highlight in the "what you see panel".
    Element under the cursor in the "what you see panel" is highlight in the map.
    Target of spell or bomb is highlight in the "what you see panel". See the white rectangle around the spider here and see this video.

Gameplay Bugfixes
    More often generate negation potions.
    Pull at most one barrel (as opposed to pushing). Thanks VedVid for pointing it out.
    Corrected that it was possible to kill monsters with a melee attack, while not being adjacent to them (by dashing into them).
    You cannot drink a potion to revive yourself when dead (it was possible if using only keyboard shortcuts, via the inventory..). Thanks [@cyndi_for_u]( for pointing it out. You could actually even "possess" a monster and move a monster if one was coming onto your dead cell!
    You cannot drop an equipped cursed item from the drop menu (opened with d) anymore.
    The adequacy between what you see and what is described has been enhanced. For example, you may see a goblin necromancer waving his hands but you may not see that he is raising a skeleton from the deads if the skeleton's appearance is beyond your field of view.
    Fixed longstanding bug where static lighting of torches was badly considered for fog of war opacity.
    Corrected that special attacks could be used during their cooldown.

Other Bugfixes
    Made handles of scrollbars work (previously; only the arrows, page down/page up, and the mouse wheel were supported) with the mouse i.e. you can drag them like a usual scrollbar.
    Correct that rulers in achievements screen weren't correctly handling resizing.
    Corrected that any keypress would close the end screen (kill list). End screen is now closed when clicking on it, or pressing Space, Backspace, or Enter.
    Connect areas of the dungeon that could otherwise be unreachable when chasms were generated. Connection are done both with corridors and bridges (some bridges: bridge 1, bridge 2, and bridge 3).
    Make Ctrl+vim key work. Previously it was impossible to pull/push barrels with the vim keys. Thanks D. Casoni for pointing it out.
    Corrected that display of poison (green overlay) was lasting one turn too much.
    Corrected that Page Up and Page Down could put a menu's focus on an unbound button.
    Corrected that diagonal arrows weren't working (please report bugs on this one, it is difficult for me to test correctly).
    Corrected that unicode characters (such as '→') could be used as shortcuts in menus of altars.
    Corrected that, on Mac without Ctrl keys, it was impossible to pull/push barrels (now you can use the Sym key).

Tiny Changes
    Added an additional shortcut to wait: '.' (thanks D. Casoni for suggesting it).
    Display You wait when you press 'z', '.', or Numpad 5.
    Display You block the foo's blow when you block a blow with your shield.
    More specific verbs for unequipping armors and shields (thanks VedVid for the suggestion).
    Added "red carpet" areas to icy level (depths 5 → 7).
    Corrected that display of poison in "status panel" (panel at the bottom) wasn't distinguishing the remaining duration from the total duration.
    Always bind "Cancel" to c in menus.
    Corrected some "parent" relation in menus, so that cancelling a menu correctly reopens the menu from which it was opened.
    Added "Cancel" entry to the Unequip menu.
    More epic text when cause of death is firebolt.
    You may now drop an item into a pit if all adjacent cells contain an item.
    Finally made open doors a different color than walls, as many players requested it overtime: before → after, before → after, before → after, before → after.
    Color of blue overlay when in deep water now matches the current level's color of water.

    Different style of levels, from classic dungeons to open areas; featuring different color themes: grey castle theme, snow theme, mud theme, a "forest" theme, etc.
    Different kind of weapons, armors, shields, potions, bombs, rings, and spells. So you may either play a warrior or a spellcaster, depending on your items and your taste.
    Equipment crafting via runics (vampirism, orc'n gobs slaying, force, etc.), allowing you to balance your loot and your style.
    Special areas: "red carpet" areas, cemeteries, goblin throne rooms, the wizard's office, the dragons' nest, closing rooms, choice treasure rooms, malevolent crosses, trapped corridors, etc.
    Means to tune your equipment: altars and forges.
    Monsters, from the usual fantasy world (goblin, orcs, kobolds, uruk-hais, etc.), including ninjas! (who doesn't love ninjas ?)
    Classes: Conjuror of Cheap Tricks, Filth Assassin, Mage Wannabe, Necromander, etc. Classes in Dungeon Mercenary do not have special traits or abilities, they simply consist of a specific set of starting equipment. They allow to test the game's variety faster than what random generation of dungeons and items usually permits.
    Achievements and High Scores: either in the standalone desktop version or integrated within GameJolt.
    Dash moves and special attacks. Used wisely, they'll save your life more than once; or can even be at the core of your gameplay (double dagger ninja anyone?)!
    A User Interface that does its best to help newcomers. For example by highlighting the focused monster (1 and 2), previewing the beam of a spell, animating the effect of potions: health potion and life potion, etc.
    Beautiful ASCII; gradual Field Of View, animated water, etc.

        If the game doesn't start, it likely means its launcher crashes very early on. I would really like what is going on in this case: to help me, you should launch Dungeon Mercenary from a shortcut, adding -c --console -v to its starting parameters (see it pictured here, it's really quick: create shortcut/right click/add the flag/relaunch). Once this is done, please send me a screenshot of the terminal that showed up. There'll be valuable information in it.
        If the game's loading bar stays stuck (geeks: see java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: typed arrays not supported in the javascript console): you're affected by a Firefox bug. The only workaround I know is to use Google Chrome.
    Google Chrome on Linux
        If the game doesn't show up and a message Your browser doesn't seem to support WebGL is printed, turn WebGL on.
    Flash: you don't like it ? Well neither do I! The game actually doesn't need Flash for the moment, because it is for sound support; and there's no sound yet... Hence flash blockers, welcome :-)
    If you have another problem, drop me a line (see Contact below). Maybe the problem lies in the game's setup or the server.
Early Dev / Re: Soulblight
« Last post by Avagart on June 22, 2017, 09:57:06 PM »
So... that post gave me better overview about Soulblight than all posted screenshots and photos. It sounds really interesting. If it's not secret, can you explain, how you'd *encouage* player to, for example, thinking twice before purchasing if character is greedy? Some kind morale penalty?

I didn't ask if it's good. I asked 'what makes it good'. But I got answer already.

To be honest, I don't like newsletters, but access to alpha / demo would be nice. How much are you flooding mailboxes with that newsletter? :D
Announcements / Re: TumbleSeed (now at v2.0 "4 Peaks") $
« Last post by getter77 on June 22, 2017, 03:07:37 PM »
v2.0 "4 Peaks"  8)

We've been hard at work making some new content that we think both new and old players will really enjoy, and now it's finally here! We're calling it the 4 Peaks Update. Here are the patch notes for version 2.0:

New Modes
Forest, Jungle, Desert, Snow mountains: Individually themed mountains that are the same every time you play. You can also complete quests that will unlock new auras for you to use! (more info below)
Weekly Challenge: Every Sunday a new mountain will be playable and you can replay it as many times as you want. Share strategies and tips with friends to optimize your score so all of you can race to the top of the Weekly leaderboard together!

General Changes
Added new achievements for beating new mountains!
Auras in the basecamp: Up to 12 auras can be unlocked that will be accessible in the fort in the basecamp. Unlock them by completing quests in the NEW Forest, Jungle, Desert, and Snow modes.
Daily and Weekly Challenge will have 4 of the 12 basecamp auras randomly spawn (regardless of unlock progress)
Removed teleporters from the game. You can still practice individual biomes in the new biome-specific mountains
You can remove an aura at the shrine near the top of a temple
Removed quests from Adventure Mode.
Tutorial now enters the Forest mode upon completion instead of Adventure mode.
Added rumble to XInput enabled controllers on Windows

Balance Changes

Added 8 new auras:
Power Copter: Increases bounce height and slows descent speed
Timestretch: Increases duration of time-based abilities
Capitalist: Enemies drop more crystals
Charisma: All town mini games and shops are more financially in your favor
Forcefield: All damage taken is reduced to 1 damage (including spikes)
Freefall: Don't take damage from falling in holes
Thorn: Don't lose thorns when taking damage
Sneak: Become invisible when moving slow enough
Removed Poison Shots aura from the game
Removed Teleporter Auras from the game
Vampire aura now gives you some crystals back when killing 2 and 3 HP enemies
Auras no longer fall off when taking damage
Current aura now simply swaps positions with new aura when picking one up (no longer flies in the air)

Seed Powers:
Bounceberry: launch height decreased back to previous value
Bounceberry: price changed back to 1 from 0
Missile Root: Missile now does 2 damage on impact. Shrapnel can no longer hit the target that the main missile hit.

Banana Snakes and Purple flyers now have a slight variance in speed when chasing you
Pit bomb is more visible in holes
Corrected Black and Purple leaping enemy hitboxes (their back half used to not hit you)
All flyers now obey invisibility

Limit on hearts now set to 30
Added a clearer sound cue for when sink holes are opening up

Bug Fixes
Fixed various quests being able to be completed in the seed power test chambers
Flailflower will no longer continue to swing when in the seed select menu
Fixed issue where Banana Snake's mouth would continue to turn when in seed select menu
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