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Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Halloween Update!)
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Thank you for sharing such a good and useful information here
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How nice! Thank you
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Announcements / Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.3!)
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Thanks for sharing great post and keep it up
Announcements / Re: KeeperRL (now at Alpha 23!) Semi-$
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Thank you for this post and for sharing these great ideas with your readership.
It's been a while.  Hi!  I'm pleased to announce that I've finally finished with the new endgame content.  You can now become a god-slayer.  Be aware, though, it's horrifically unbalanced.  The creatures are level 75+, hit like freight trains, and are monstrously unfair.

I've also enabled the Lua console (F11).  It's now available in-game, not just in debug mode, so if you feel like cheating your way through it, be my guest.  I appreciate any and all feedback!

I've been working on this version for a while.  There have been a lot of bugs as I've refactored a lot of old code to be more general.  I expect things are broken.  Please report any issues you see, and don't be afraid to save scum!  I'm kind of expecting that there may need to be a follow-up version in the next couple of weeks.  I've caught a lot of issues so far, and fully expect there are many more lurking.

Take a browse through the changelog.  You'll see that there are a lot of changes.  To summarize them:

- There's a new ending/victory condition.  As I mentioned, it's meant to be ludicrously tough.

- There have been some updates to combat.  Counter-strikes are possible, there are new damage flags (exploding, scything), and some artifacts have been rejigged.

- Crowning has been reworked so that classes have a good chance to get an artifact from a class list, with a small chance of getting a deity-specific artifact.

So, without further ado, the actual changelog:

Shadow of the Wyrm v0.7.0 "de Visee"
- Version declared March 1, 2017.  Version finalized October 23, 2017.

- New effect type, mapping.  When blessed, the entire map's structure
  is revealed.  When uncursed or cursed, tiles will be learned/forgotten
  at random.

- Fairy spirits will now also remove any negative status or spell
  effects that are in force.

- New dungeon room types.
  - Wet: a proportion of its tiles are water and reeds.

  - Dank: as wet, but bushes, weeds, and rocky earth.

  - Cave In: part of the inner portion of the room is collapsed rock.

- The identify and bless effects now re-group inventory items after
  invocation, to avoid ending up with stacks of the same item that have
  been picked up and identified or blessed at different times (kain).

- Added a "single_user_mode" to bypass username verification of savefiles.
  This is off by default.  If you want to use other people's savefiles
  (passing games around, etc) turn the setting on.  The username who last
  saved the savefile is always maintained, so you can later turn it back
  on if needed.

- The Magic skill now has an impact on how quickly a creature regenerates

- New effect type, water breathing.  This allows boatless travel over
  water within submerged tiles.  As long as a creature has this status
  it cannot drown.

- New map type, underwater.  These have submerged tiles in which you'll
  need to have water breathing or will die very quickly.  In normal water
  (non-submerged), survival is based on your swimming skill.  In
  submerged tiles, it's based on your Health.

- Traps can now have effects.  The new monster trap has a new effect
  type, monster summoning, which summons a nunber of nearby monsters,
  whose danger level is between the current danger level and 5 greater.
  This effect is also present on a scroll, which makes read ID-ing
  potentially more dangerous.

- The mad elf, Whitebard, now drops the Ring of Aran Fee.  This is
  a special artifact that permits water breathing, which in turn allows
  the player to talk to the little boy, Ead, in the Barrows, who with
  his strange, magical powers will send the player to Telari, the
  Cloudspire.  These details are hinted at by Cadlind and by Kew.

- Added the ability for races to have the Water Breathing status, similar
  to what already exists for flying and incorporeal.  Set this for

- Logs now generate tidily in a "logs" subdirectory instead of cluttering
  the main directory. (kain)

- Carrying now gets trained when you walk around carrying a heavy load

- A few items in particular (spellbook of Aim, gain attributes potion)
  have had their rarity set to Common, which will actually make them less
  likely to generate, now, as there are many common items in their class.

- Items can now be picked up automatically by item type (kain).

- Experience points are now included in character dumps (kain).

- Casting spells now has a chance to train both the Magic skill, as well
  as the individual magic category (kain).

- Traps no longer trigger when a flying creature moves into a trapped
  tile, and the confirmation message is suppressed.

- New effect type, digging, which bores through rock and solid earth.
  Added a wand of digging to the items in Kew's house in Isen Dun.

- Kew also has some more stuff squirreled away - he now also has a pick
  axe, a healing potion, and an unstoning potion.

- Custom maps can now define a load script, which allows for running a
  Lua script after the map has been created.

- Divine creatures now have the ability to fly.

- Disfiguration totals are now based on the danger level of the attack,
  with statistics being reduced more heavily based on the severity of the

- Storm-shape spells can now be given a radius.  When less than 1, the
  storm acts as before, applying the damage to random points around the
  caster.  When >= 2, the storm becomes a radiant storm.  Fewer points
  are selected, but these become the starting point for balls with a
  radius specified by the spell.

- Added Shards to spectral wizards, and Meteor to high wizards.

- Counter-strikes are now possible.  The possibility is based on having a
  minimum amount of Combat skill, and then the chance is based on a
  combination of Combat and Dexterity.  Any attack (melee, ranged, spell,
  kicking, etc) can draw a counter strike so long as the creatures are
  adjacent.  Counter-strikes are free actions and do not affect the
  counter-striking creature's action timers.

- Added a new damage type, "scything".  When an attack is scything, it
  has a chance to apply to creatures immediately adjacent to the one that
  was originally attacked.  This chance is based on the creature's skill
  in the type of the scything weapon (scythes are typically spears).

- The artifact scythe "Whisperwind" now has the scything flag applied to
  its damage.

- Also added a new "explosive" damage type.  Explosive damage deals an
  extra third of the original damage to the attacked creature, and any
  creatures around it that are not the attacker.

- The artifact greatsword "Inferno" has the explosive flag, and is
  available from Aurelion, Voros, Urgoth, and Sceadugenga.

- Fire bombs are now flagged as explosive.  Exploding arrows have been
  added, and have the flag as well.  They start appearing later than
  fire bombs, deal slightly more damage, and weigh less.

- Certain races (Elysian) can now take a flag to exclude them from the
  list of races generated for determining pugilist slays.

- General depth-specific properties are now automatically propagated
  through dungeons, towers, etc.

- Added support for "shimmering colours" which allow for tiles to change
  colour from turn to turn.  Applied this to the Cloudspire.

- Mining rocks can now yield iron ingots, steel ingots, and lumps of gold,
  in addition to the usual chances for magici shards, rocks, and stones.

- The algorithm for determining item probabilities when digging has been
  simplified.  The chance specified in the tile is now the only value
  used to determine if an item is generated when digging.

- Multiple types of items can be generated at once when digging (e.g.,
  a rock tile could yield an iron ingot and stones).

- When digging, items now break less based on Dungeoneering skill.

- Exits on custom maps can now have an associated set of map events.
  These get applied after the map is created, and are applied at
  appropriate times.  For the moment, the only event is "on load".

- Prayer has no effect when there are no more deities.  Similarly,
  interactions with altars (kicking and dropping items), pews, etc.

- Casting divine magic from memory is not possible after slaying the Nine,
  although magics previously set into wands, potions, etc., remain

- The minimum ammunition breakage chance has been reduced from 2% to 1%.

- Ammunition is now less likely to break if it has slays, or is blessed,
  and is more likely to break if it's cursed.

- Shadow is now vorpal-flagged.  Pelter has piercing.

- Taking damage from creatures at your level or higher trains Health
  (Rob Ayres).

- Classes now have a defined list of artifacts, independent of the deity.
  Deities have a 75% chance of giving an item from the class' list, with
  a 25% chance of selecting an item from the deity's own list.  This is
  done to ensure that classes generally get "appropriate" artifacts
  (ranged weapons for archers, etc), but with a chance of getting
  something out of the ordinary.

- The Lua console is now available in release mode, if you want to cheat
  your way to Great Success.

- When blind, you now "feel" something, rather than see it, when moving
  on to a tile.

- Made a few changes to allow Mac builds.  See
- More stanzas for "Tel and Floridel".

- New species of weeds.

- New poem fragments for the title screen.

- New features: dwarf star, red giant star, supernova, black hole, pulsar,
  cosmic dust, spiral arm.

- New non-playable race: Elysian (builder).

- New spells/spellbooks: mapping (Cantrips), crumble (Cantrips), dig
  (Arcane), antimatter (Primordial), malediction (Mystic), divine form
  (Divine), holocaust (Arcane), inferno (Cantrips), shards (Cantrips),
  meteor (Arcane), absolution (Divine), annihilation (Primordial).

- New monster-only spells: wyrmfire (Arcane).

- New items: scroll of mapping, scroll of monster summoning, wand of
  digging, wand of inferno, moloch armour, scythe, lump of gold, holy
  mantle, exploding arrow.

- New artifacts: Ring of Aran Fee, Telarian Mail, Telarian Shield,
  Telarian Helm, God-Blade, Shard of Starlight, shining amulet "Catara",
  radiant amulet "Calluna", fiery greatsword "Inferno", longbow of the
  Dragonlord Pelageus.

- Removed artifacts: Knife of the Long Hunt.

- New traps: monster trap.

- New creatures: drowned shade, cockatrice, The Sorceror, The Sentry,
  comet jellyfish, The Worldsinger, The Speaker, nether hydra, sea worm,
  mesosaur, ghost ray, megalodon, The Conjurer, The Armourer, red witch,
  solarian, lavos, ekakophia, myriadon, lamia, moloch, titanic slime,
  copper bird, bird of paradise, alghari, The Smith, Celeste, Aurelion,
  The Lady, Vedere, Voros, The Trickster, Shiver, Urgoth, Sceadugenga,
  crystalline being, seraph of the highest heavenly order, gabar of the
  book and the holy sword, knight exemplar, paragon of the twenty virtues,
  trio of shining silver dragons, howling fury of first love lost,
  luminous angel, saint who moves in perfect grace, pulsating mass of
  primordial ooze, cloud of murderous, flesh-eating scarabs, thunderbird
  of the low steppes, hundred-headed hydra, drakkhar carrying a massive
  flaming sword, early dragon of the first age, eddic crone, murder of a
  thousand crows, wraith of wan and dying light, blood angel of the white
  queen, nether hound, ancient shade, black ogre, cyclonic beast, dark
  rider of the coming horde, teeming mass of writhing tentacles, beast
  beyond the furthest star, apocalyptic hell that bears no name.

- New material types: gases, and unknown.

- Bug fixes:

  - The water in Stonewall and Wintersea Keep was marked as river, and
    not sea.

  - When the "prompt_for_character_dump_on_exit" setting was set to
    false, savefiles were not being deleted.

  - Skill training messages were still being triggered when skills were
    at the maximum value (kain).

  - Hrimgar's quest to slay Amaurosis could not be completed if you chose
    not to end your game (kain).

  - Identified items now add the "lore checked" flag as well, so that
    stacking doesn't break when trying to add to an item the creature had
    originally (kain).

  - Moving on to a new tile was inconsistent as to whether a message was
    displayed about items.  Standardized this code so that it should be
    called for all the various types of movement (kain).

  - Inventories in dug tiles were maintaining the inventory type of the
    previous tile, meaning that items could be dropped and lost on open

  - Creatures could be generated in mid-air, causing them to immediately
    plummet to their death.
  - If the player was killed and then damaged again, it would trigger
    multiple DYWYPI-type messages.

  - Incorporeal weapons were not being described properly with the "W"
  - Lumps of gold (which are the raw material for the Jewelry skill)
    were defined, but weren't set to a valid danger level, and so never
    appeared in-game.  These should show up, now.  Sorry, anon. (4chan

  - Damage resistances less than 0 (e.g., -0.35) were not acting as zero
    multipliers in damage calculations, allowing characters with massive
    resistances to still take damage. (4chan /rlg)

  - Fixed a crash when trying to create an animation when a creature was
    killed without having an FOV map (immediately after spawn but before
    its first action).

  - In certain cases, the calculated speed for a creature could be 0 or
    less, which can cause infinite turn loops when the creature is the

  - Internally, there was a system of "additional damage" where you could
    hypothetically deal 1d6+1d6 damage.  This was really buggy and
    basically never worked.  It was used in the context of ranged combat,
    which has been updated to just add the number of dice from the
    launcher to the dice from the ammo when calculating the damage.

  - Helm of the Heavens wasn't flagged as an artifact.

  - ActionCost wasn't being fully initialized, leading to odd behaviour
    some of the time in release mode.

  - Fixed a crash related to ammunition reduction.
Announcements / Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.3!)
« Last post by getter77 on October 23, 2017, 11:42:17 AM »
v2.3!  8)

I am very happy to annonuce that v2.3 is now out! It has one of the longest changelogs so far even though the changes are less fundamental than those in v2.2 were. The main changes are: Interesting merchants, Predictable armour and resistance, Poison rework, Attacks of Opportunity and more interesting Monster Behaviour.

You can learn about the new mechanics by playing the “what’s new in v2.3”-tutorial, and check the effect reference document for any new effects you encounter in the game.

I would like to thank (in no special order) the following people for giving me feedback on the v2.3 beta and helping me polish the release! Thank you very much Roneitis, HedoNNN and Evren. Also thank you everyone who have given feedback since last release (credits are in the changelog), and finally, thank you to everyone who is playing!

Content (items, monsters etc)
    new features, monsters, items, rooms and spells…
        some of which are credit to: [qwert223, reddish_kangaroo]
    a whole class of monsters in the lab didn’t show up due to a bug. They were intended to be in v2.2…
    all “bad” potions for coating are renamed to “poisons”
    there’s a new common plant that restores mp. Should make mages more viable.
        milk is now a consumable instead of a potion. It is more expensive and It can spoil.
        You no longer vomit from rotten food in your inventory (just annoying to have to remember to drop rotten stuff before resting)
        rotten/spoiled food keep their positive effects, but negative ones are added
        aged ale don’t lose its bad properties, only adds positive ones
        nutrition for monsters makes them calm and temporarily neutral
    diseased animals are now… diseased (as they should)
    rod of sleep is now a rod of deep sleep [reddish_kangaroo]
    “ritual of accuracy” is renamed to “accuracy ritual”
    the death sword now give you nausea instead of disease (didn’t quite work with the new disease mechanics)[gabor]
    added a pillars as a possible type of decoration in the castle
    ironstaves can rust [almalam]
    lamplights are more likely to appear in grassy areas
    some minor changes to the lab
    apples can no longer be frozen
    Slightly further differentiated underground layouts from later sections
    battlespear can no longer be upgraded to lightspear (lightspear is obtained in another way)

    merchant rework
        merchants give different prices
        merchants are more diverse in what they trade
        some merchants only sell or only buy items
        merchants have gold, when they run out of gold they cannot buy items from you
        you can now pickpocket a merchant! The chance is based on avoid traps.
        nicer interface
        merchants add bought items to their inventory, when they have full inventory they cannot buy items from you
    the disarm traps attribute has changed name to “disarm/steal”
    non-living monsters are now unaffected by coat on weapons (reason: coats are always poisons)
    monsters may now speak to you.
    some humanoids and animals may initially be neutral and won’t attack.
    some monsters may be generated with temporary effects depending on context.
    some monsters will now pick up items from the floor, killing them makes them drop it again
    animals will eat food they can eat on the ground (depending on if they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores), nutrition will calm them.
    a character moving away from an adjacent oppoenent elicits an automatic attack of opportunity from opponents.
        this attack counts as a turn for the opponent
        there is a new option to turn off prompts for warning you about this
    acid no longer destroys equipment, instead it drains your armour as temporary effect
    poison rework
        Poison acts faster.
        Poison subsides as you take damage.
        Many sources of poison are stronger.
        Resistance and weakness is more intuitive.
    rust traps can now be used to immobilize monsters made of iron [Roneitis].
    reworked armour, resistance and weakness
        Armour and resistance gives guarantee on reduced damage.
        The amount of absorbed damage is much less random.
    monsters in hearing range will now wake up when you enter a level.
        this solves the case in which surprise attacks didn’t work [Roneitis].
    items found in containers now immediately smell of human.
    spells that are only bad can no longer be used on yourself.
    no attribute can be lower than zero now.
    grilling an item when your pack is full will no longer give the unhelpful message “but it is lost in the flames”, instead it will put the grilled item on the floor under you.
    mutations no longer destroy equipment, instead they are unequipped [anon, YakultBingeDrinker].
    you can no longer use rods or potions of restoring if it would kill you from losing temporary hitpoints [Mekire, almalam].
    you can no longer rest when diseased if it would kill you [almalam].
    you can no longer upgrade cursed items.

    the side display now shows monster in purple if they are unconscious.
    you now get a much quicker and clearer alert when you get a prompt [january-].
    blood is now light red (instead of dark) so that it is visible in the underground section.
    changed glyph for spiderwebs to make them not look like walls.
    changed skull character from ‘%’ to ‘*’.

Bug Fixes
    the high use of the CPU when entering menus on some systems is hopefully gone now [ionfrigate].
    the game can no longer crash when resting after opening the crystal gate [Cadex].
    in certain special cases you didn’t get a prompt before attempting to disarming a trap, this has been fixed [Mekire].
    the “monster dist” option is now saved correctly [Cadex].
    removed some fluorescent fungi that did appear where they shouldn’t
    weapons with negative distance modifiers are now displayed in the stats window.
    fix crash after gory death [N S], also: gory deaths are now gorier.
    disenchanting equipment now immediately updates effects
    surprise attacks should now work properly [cadex, Roneitis, gabor].
    no more weird symbols showing in the sidebar for monsters with long names.
    accuracy ritual wand no longer overflow inventory display [hedoNNN, Gabor].
    counter attack now activates when blocking an incoming attack, not when the attack missed [almalam].
        To make the block attribute synnergize with counter attack
    you can no longer see/shoot through wall maps [almalam]
    changing colour theme in the options no longer changes the zero-attributes option
    cold damage don’t give you the “you feel yourself slow down” message when you are already “very slow”
    failing to use a tool does not give you the penalty of using it [Oscar].
    you are fatigued after using a tool, not before
    the game no longer crashes after winning [Reddish kangaroo, Mekire]
    filling an empty bottle now always give the right content [hedoNNN]
    removed reference to speed as an attribute in the tutorial [malkron]
    you can now see invisible monsters if you detect them
    statistics regarding item and monster numbers shown when winning are now correct [mekire]
    timestamps on saves are now displayed again [gabor]
    changed buggy behaviour for fleeing monsters
    auras didn’t work properly in the diagonals, they should now
    the price of disenchanting an item is no longer displayed in grey (not entirely sure this bug was present in v2.2.1)
    armour guards can no longer randomly appear in the castle
    triggering a trap in combat mode no longer asks if you want to disarm it (since you can’t)
    the masterwork rapier does not give more mp penality
    aiming and accuracy enchantments on launchers are no longer equal [gabor]
    flaming bats no longer drop meat [Mekire]
    rod of knockout now works as expected for frail or immune monsters [gabor]
    luminescent fungi no longer appears in armouries
    triggering a pit trap with an object on now destroys the object instead of letting it hang in the air
    various small fixes and alterations to descriptions
    Chaos now counts as a dangerous effects for prompting/aggravating purposes [Roneitis]
    the full version number is now displayed on character sheets
    fermented apple in moneybag no longer crashes the game [Mekire]
    the dungeon tutorial now makes more sense [ziik_bg]
    typo when attempting to use twisty stairs [cerealjynx]
    summoners no longer have a drop
    you can no longer detect carpets when you detect humandoids
    long wand names no longer cause problems in the sidebar
    barbarians no longer have mp

    worms now have normal speed instead of being slow [gabor]
    the secret lab now has a little less items and a little more monsters, while the underground has a little more items
    amulet of deflection/defence now gives 20% block instead of 10% [Roneitis]
    fix gold exploits [Gabor, monstersaur_jr, gza]:
        the spell “conjure gold” is gone since it was exploitable
        amulet of charisma and book of sales are also removed
        “amulet of charmisma” and “book of sales” are removed
        you can now only steal once from each monster
    the number of rocks found in the dungeon have been roughly halved
    seeds are now uncommon instead of rare [Mekire]
    equipment that grants Mp now costs even more Ep to equip
    there’s a little less loot at the castle
    conjure flame sword is now rare, more expensive and one-use
        (it was way too common to get dual wielding flame sword before)
    stone doors no longer cost 1 Ep to open [Mekire]
    large rocks now deals 5 damage instead of 3 [Gabor]
    all maces now make 1 more damage [Roneitis, YakultBingeDrinker]
    slime rooms usually contains a a bit fewer slimes.
    Small buff to accuracy ritual [Roneitis]
    rapiers are more accurate [Roneitis]
    “sense surroundings” costs 5 Mp instead of 3.
    some weapons (such as the flaming sword) can no longer be coated
    altered vision properties of bats
    ice shields block 20% as they should (was 10%)
    adjusted some prices (battle potion, invisibility potion, death sword)
    buffed lightning flail
    the cutpurse have one more hp (and has a new ability)
    a little nerf to ring of berserk
    altered enchantment rarities
Programming / Re: BearLibTerminal: a pseudo-terminal window library for roguelike
« Last post by Cfyz on October 22, 2017, 07:30:06 PM »
Quote from: The Saber Cat
Is there a way to use fonts of two different pixel sizes as ttf imports, without converting one of them in .png? If yes, how codepoints are shared between them?
Well it is indeed hard to guess what exactly do you have trouble with, but probably you're trying to put both fonts in a single codespace, i. e. make the them all have different code points similar to font + tiles. BearLibTerminal support multiple codespaces for this purpose exactly, to have two (or more) separate fonts, with each one using the same (yet their own) code points for the same characters/tiles:

Code: [Select]
terminal.set('font: one.ttf, size=8x16')
terminal.set('another font: two.ttf, size=10x20')

Where 'another' is an arbitrary name to your liking. And then there are two ways to use it:

Code: [Select]
# Inline string formatting
terminal.puts(2, 1, 'Hello, [font=another]World')

# Global state
terminal.puts(2, 2, 'Hello, ')
terminal.puts(2+7, 2, 'World')
Early Dev / Re: Soulblight
« Last post by abraksil on October 22, 2017, 06:37:07 PM »
Hey Everybody!
It's time for our first Kickstarter update. Today I would like to talk in more detail about combat in Soulblight. Before we go any further you need to know one thing about me. I’m a martial art enthusiast :) As a programmer and game designer I spend most of my days in a dark room in front of the screen :P This way of life isn’t too healthy so to balance things out I train Judo. You don't believe me? Here's a gif of me (barely) performing a throw :P

The thing I love the most about fighting is the fact that what matters the most is not the strength but tactics. This is a different kind of tactics than you know from strategy game though. It’s more like thinking about the plan under the pressure of things happening right here and now. This is what I wanted for our combat mechanic to be all about. In my experience tactics in martial arts consists of the following elements:
  • Management of Strength
  • Distance Control
  • Balance Control
Now let’s talk in more detail about those elements and see how they are represented in our game mechanics.

Management of Strength
You have to be careful not to use use all of your strength during the fight. If you do, you will run out of steam very fast and will be easy overwhelmed. The tactics here is about finding the right moment to catch your breath. This element of fighting has been pretty well represented in gaming through the years by the stamina mechanics. I’ve decided for it to be a base of combat in Soulblight

Distance Control
Though stamina management was a relatively obvious thing the same couldn’t be said about the distance control. Video games often do away with clinch combat. This results in removing a lot of tactical depth. Suddenly everything boils down to your attack speed and power. Meanwhile in reality a double handed sword isn’t nearly as useful up close as from afar. When you engage an enemy wielding a heavy weapon he cannot keep swinging while in clinch - he needs to find a way to disengage. To represent this I’ve decided to create a grip mechanic.

During combat each character is surrounded by a circle which represent its position on the battlefield. By pressing the button you can light up a front part of it and activate what we call “the grip”. When your grip touches your opponents circle the characters become engaged in clinch combat. This maneuver, besides linking the characters together, also forces them to use a secondary attack. Depending on the weapon this attack might be less or more powerful than the main one. The one who wields a more cumbersome weapon now will be forced to find a way to disengage. The easiest way to do it is by performing a special “slam” action. But be careful this maneuver burns a lot of stamina.

Balance Control
Ok this part of the mechanics is explicitly linked to the martial art I’m training :). Judo is focusing on the clinch combat and can be translated as “The path of the least resistance”. The idea is that while engaged you need to move in a way to throw your enemy of balance so you can use much less strength to defeat him. How this idea is implemented in Soulblight? - you ask. When engaged you cannot move away from the enemy but you can move around him. By implementing certain level of inertia depending on how well armored your character is we’ve allowed the faster character to be able to outmaneuver the heavier foes. This way you can get on the back of the heavier opponents and gain a massive advantage. Although it isn’t easy it greatly increases your damage as well as prevents the enemy from hitting you with his attacks.

The combat in Soulblight might look a bit Hack & Slashy at first glance but the truth is button mashing won’t get you far. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in a comment section :) And don't forget to visit our kickstarter page:

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Programming / Re: BearLibTerminal: a pseudo-terminal window library for roguelike
« Last post by Avagart on October 22, 2017, 12:25:22 PM »
In general, using several different fonts at one is rather straightforward and mostly trouble-free, but I don't get what *exactly* are you asking for.
Player's Plaza / Re: Roguelike with persistent (or seed generated) world?
« Last post by AgingMinotaur on October 22, 2017, 09:59:54 AM »
Development of Rogue was actually started in 2019 by mole people from Venus. Toy and Wichman releasing as early as they did, was just a case of plagiarization by anticipation.

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