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Hi proxima_b,

You're correct on all of the below:

1) Every creature has a starting age and a maximum age.  When generated, each creature gets an age within the starting age band for its race.  After each year passes in-game, each creature ages a year (I think the game assumes everyone's born on 1/1) and then the game checks to see if each creature should die.  There are currently no aging attacks, so age doesn't play the role it does in, say, ADOM, but if you want to play a character forever, elves/fae is the way to go.

2) If you look at the source code, the base experience table is in engine/combat/source/ExperienceManager.cpp.  The amount of experience needed for each level is (base_amount * race_multiplier * class_multiplier)

3) The relevant code is in engine/calculation/source/HPRegenerationCalculator.cpp and APRegenerationCalculator.cpp.  There are two components: minutes per "tick" (each tick gets you some amount of regen), and amount per tick.

Minutes per tick (using HP as an example):

- First, get the tile's HP/AP multiplier.  This is generally always 1, but can be modified if there are things on the tile like beds or strange stone markers.
- Get the Health multiplier.  The more Health you have, the lower this is, and so reduces the time per tick.
- Get the Medicine multiplier.  Same as the above.  Pump your Medicine skill, and train up your health, and you'll regen HP much faster.
- Multiply everything together along with the base minutes per hp tick (15) to get the new minutes per HP tick.  Minimum is always 4.


As above, but there's no skill that lowers the number of minutes per AP tick, and the stat checked is Willpower.

Amount per tick:

This is where the race and class multipliers come into play.  The base HP or AP per tick is 1.  Multiply that by the HP or AP multipliers for both race and class, and you have the amount per tick.

So as you can see, the amount per tick is basically fixed once you select your race and class, but you can reduce the time per regeneration tick by increasing your statistics and skills.
Events and News / Re: Roguelike Radio podcast
« Last post by Krice on Today at 12:54:03 PM »
That episode was confusing. But I think there is one thing about randomness which is important and it's that roguelikes are not that random after all. The rules that determine random generation are often quite rigid, and variations within certain limits. That's why when people are thinking that roguelikes are "easy" to create because they are "randomly generated" they step into a big trap.
v0.25 Malice

Hi everyone! I was down for surgery and lost a lot of time, so small update this month. I tried to pull in a roadmap feature that would present interesting decisions but be quick to implement and test.

    New Features
        Unstable Portals – High risk high reward floor exits
            Certain floors starting at floor 4 will now have unstable portals as alternate exits
            Using these portals will provide the player with a bonus perk
            Using these portals will also increase the difficulty of all future creatures
        Ranged attack and target cycling controls now on UI for easy discovery
        Status plaques now hide themselves when not relevant, opening up much of the side panel UI for future features
Design / Re: Stealth RL ideas?
« Last post by Ancient on Today at 11:48:15 AM »
Nice tech demo. Note that you can enter some obstacles diagonally if you hold two movement keys at once.
7DRLs / Re: Book of Rogue [7DRL 2017][SUCCESS]
« Last post by Legend on Today at 02:10:33 AM »
Do you know if your hardware support DX9? That's the minimum spec of Unity3D. It does sound like you're struggling with the text shader or something like that.

Yeah. I have dirext x 9c
Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at 3/24 and On Kickstarter!)
« Last post by getter77 on Today at 01:06:05 AM »
IMPORTANT: Be sure to check the Options menu and set your new Cursor Repeat Delay setting to taste

Our Kickstarter has been going great, reaching nearly 75% funding in just a few days! This has also been the biggest audience ever playing the game, which means I've had LOTS of bugs to fix. That was the main focus of today's build, BUT I managed to get a bunch of other awesome features in like a drag-and-drop equipment UI, a number of new items, new magic mod, new champ mod, wandering & hidden merchants, new art, etc.


* More new skill + status icons
* Animated water v1!
* New art for recovery / buff effects
* New ice attack / shatter effects

* "Frozen" champions have been buffed: breaking their ice crystals now reduces your charge time and deals damage
* Non-projectile ranged weapons like spears now deal 25% less damage when attacking at range
* Budoka Palm Thrust: 20 -> 15 stamina

* Disabled title screen fade-in. Was causing a black screen on some computers?
* Fixed nullref on game load (sorry)
* Fixed nullref on game restart and picking up items
* Fixed minor error related to deserializing terrain tiles (caused extra load time)
* Fixed some jank and errors in shop UI (especially with the map merchant)
* Added code to check for dead monsters each turn and get 'em off the map in case they were not removed before
* Increased leniency for map generation attempts to hopefully avoid total failures (maps full o' rock)
* Opening the Job screen no longer shows placeholder text on first open
* Hovering over buffs/debuffs shows information again
* Pressing numpad 5 now skips turn, like I said it would in the help text
* If a creature absorbs damage, it will no longer take 1 damage, but 0.
* The keyboard in examine mode (X) now has a 'cooldown' so it doesn't go nuts
* Fixed bug with dropping items from your inventory or equipment, which was causing exceptions
* Monsters that "Love Battles" will no longer be attracted to non-battles automatically
* Obsidian Bands will actually drop now
* The Banker will no longer periodically get rid of your items
* Fixed some inconsistencies in shop, inventory, equipment UI and hovering
* Pathfinding highlight square should no longer get 'stuck' visibly on the map when mouse buttons are up
* Options Menu: All options should now work when clicked on (previously, only keyboard worked for about half)
* Fixed display problem where Steadfast energy shields visually stacked
* Toggled abilities with stamina/energy requirements will now stop working when you drop below that requirement
* Abilities no longer crit 100% of the time
* Fixed bad behavior/errors in the first boss fight... Caused by healing monsters searching to heal monsters on OTHER FLOORS WOW BAD F-.
* Player's combat list is now cleared when switching floors

* You will now find Armor, Jewelry and Bow/Ranged merchants hidden in the dungeon!
* Also, wandering merchants will now occasionally visit Riverstone Camp. (You'll get a message about this)
* Planks will now randomly spawn in water, giving you a way to easily walk over it without penalty!
* New champion mod: BLAZING. The champion's attacks will set you aflame, and they will constantly summon burning fires all around. Not only do the fires hurt you, but they heal the champion!
* NEW MAGIC MOD (Weapons): Bandit Slaying
* NEW ACCESSORY: Tier 4 helmet (phys resist/HP)
* NEW WEAPON: Flail (unique weapon type)
* NEW WEAPON: Sickle (unique weapon type)
* NEW WEAPON: Bone Dagger (mid-tier dagger)

* Left mouse button now defaults to pathfind, while right mouse button is the direct-line move.
* The equipment screen has been remodeled for improved mouse control. You can now use the mouse to simply drag equipment to the slot of your choice, using the Filter buttons on the right to narrow down the displayed equipment list. You no longer need to click slots or items to swap - just drag and drop.
* Identical consumables are now combined in your inventory and show quantities in parenthesis! Hooray!
* When using keyboard to move through mud, if you are rooted, your movement will stop until you press the key again
* Hovering over / examining that staircase will display where it goes. Also, standing on the staircase will print the destination in your combat log
* Character screen now shows how much damage your critical hits do
* Summoned pets should no longer steal powerups
* New options for FRAME CAP and CURSOR REPEAT DELAY. Frame Cap sets to 30, 60, 120, or 144fps. Good for throttling CPU/GPU and temps. The latter applies to using the keyboard when navigating menus.
* An animation/sfx will play when you get a powerup
Feature Friday #82

We added... well, just read below.
Added a new high-tech item, nano-neuro animator, that makes a nearby wall or door sentient (it'll support more inanimate objects soon).
Added a cheaper, consumable competitor for the nano-neuro animator: Spray-a-Brain.
Added body types and body parts for animated walls and doors.
Added a faction: newly sentient beings.
There's now a very small chance that any given wall or door is sentient.
Updated compass bracelet's tile.
Made some enhancements to the new input manager.
Rebinds are now be properly saved between sessions.
Improved the 8-way directional sensitivity.
D-pad left and right now scroll through your activated abilities.
While scrolling through abilities, 'X' activates the selected ability. Left trigger + 'X' enters the ability screen.
Next page and previous page bindings now work properly.
Menu navigation directions now repeat when held.
You can now navigate to the "buy a new mutation" option on the character screen.
Holding the Alt button while moving now force attacks in that direction.
There are now force attack action bindings.
Added key repeat delay and rate sliders to the Controls options menu.
Trade bindings now work properly.
Fixed canceling causing double input on several screens.
Fixed the pick direction screen not accepting diagonal inputs.
Removed unused 12-gauge shotgun ammo.
Salt dunes tiles now properly animate.
Fixed some memory use issues on the high score screen.
Fixed some rare exceptions in the following parts: AnimatedMaterialSaltDunes, AIPilgrim, Daylight, LiquidVolume, Juke.
Fixed a rare exception with rendering effects.
Fixed cases where the overlay UI stopped responding when you exited to the main menu.
Fixed the mouse wheel not working on the keybind screen.
Fixed controls in the new inventory screen sometimes incorrectly appearing disabled.
Fixed a spurious serialization error.
Fixed a scripting mod compilation error.
Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« Last post by gwathlobal on March 24, 2017, 10:36:09 PM »
Released version 1.0.9

- The 3rd dimension was added to the map! Buildings now have several floors, mobs can go up and down the slopes.
- Gravity added! You can step off the ledges and fall down. You can drop one Z level without any consequences but any distance greater than that and you will take increasing falling damage.
- Mobs will now recognize the gravity and will short-cut off the ledges if they see they won't take any damage without finding the nearest slope down.
- Added mansions to the building types.
- Removed support for small tiles.
Announcements / Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v0.6.1 "Riquier"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Last post by proxima_b on March 24, 2017, 10:11:33 PM »
Hi all :) Long time listener, first time caller here. First, thank you, Julian, so much for creating SotW. I've really enjoyed the game so far. Recently, I've been putting some tables together for reference and have a few questions about mechanics that hopefully someone will be able to answer.

1. Ages. Can I read the starting and maximum age values to mean that a human player's life expectancy (from the time we spawn in the game) is between 25 and 83 years (same for playing dwarf, giant, ogre and gnome)? Beyond that, generally speaking, faes can live for up to ~1 million years...all things being peaceful. Elves live second longest (wood elves more than mountain elves), though nowhere near as long as faes. Finally, goblins seem like they can only expect between 20 and 65 years. Am I misinterpreting the values in some way?

2. Experience Gain. It seems that each level from 2 to 50 has an experience point value associated with it. Those values are altered based on, at least, race and class experience multipliers (I think). Do I understand that correctly? (I.e., lower experience multiplier values mean "faster" leveling as there are fewer experience points between levels?)

3. AP and HP (and Piety) Regeneration. I haven't done too much digging into the source engine files, so I don't really understand how the race and class HP/AP regen multipliers work. Anything you can offer would be helpful to me.

Everything I've tabled so far has, for the most part, been derived from the ShadowOfTheWyrm.xml file. Simple stuff to make it visually easier for myself when starting a new character. I'm using org-mode, and I'm happy to export what I have and share it. I just want to make sure I understand some of these values first.
Design / Re: Stealth RL ideas?
« Last post by Xaron on March 24, 2017, 04:40:27 PM »
Alright, I've uploaded another tiny prototype where you can just walk (creates noise) and ping in that randomized boxes world. Nothing meaningful yet, just want to show a little progress:

If you prefer an executable:

Use WSAD or cursor keys to move and SPACE to ping.

It's pretty real time at the moment, next steps will be to put in some other bots and test both turn based and real time environment. Thanks!
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