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Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: June 02, 2017, 07:30:42 PM »
Released version 1.1.3

- Windows now are not clear glass, so you will not see as far as you usually do when looking through windows. Leaves also obstruct your vision somewhat.
- Undead now have their own counter.
- Added smoke bombs to the Thief. Smoke will obstruct visibility and can help you escape.
- Added an ability to ignite grass and furniture on fire to the Angels. Fire damages those standing in it and produces smoke.
- Added ability to temporarily transform into Avatars of Brilliance (former Archangels) to Angels.
- Added the Scrooge achievement - for those who hold the most gold at the end of the game.
- Added the Evil Spirit achievement - for those who had the most possessions during the game.
- Added the Necromancer achievement - for those who made the highest number of reanimations during the game.
- Gold coins worth 1500$ are now guaranteed on the map.
- Satanists now have unique names.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: May 19, 2017, 09:24:56 PM »
You mean the option of a 8x13 font you have now is not enough?
I'll think what I can do about it but it seems that would require the usage of SDL_ttf so unfortunately, that's not the nearest future.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: May 18, 2017, 07:49:25 PM »
I like the game more and more. :) So please forgive me for the barrage of thoughts and ideas below. ;)

That new angel power is quite useful! Could we maybe get a PgDn/PgUp scrolling for the "seen monsters" sidebar, so we can more easily check how many monsters do we actually see through the shared mind?

What about archangels getting wings, so they can fly around the town? Having a map with z-levels is very cool, but unfortunately only thieves really use it to a greater extent. It would also make archangels feel very different from archdemons. Speaking of archdemons, maybe they could get a new active ability Breathe Hellfire? Not that they would be too weak, but giving them a ranged attack would again make them feel unique. It's not really common for me to get up to arch-anything, so if both archangels and archdemons had a special ability, it would make it quite a nice reward for getting there.

Yeah, flying is indeed a thing, shame I did not think of it myself :)
However, for the next release I plan to make angels transform into archangels for a period of time (like Demon Hunters in WoW now). For lore reasons mainly - now that they are a communion, not a hierarchy, it seems logical to me that they should have only one unit. And if they need to engage a tough enemy they will have to transform, get a strength boost and delay their winning through ascension. I hope this will further differentiate Angels' gameplay from Demons.

Archdemons getting a ranged attack is also good, I'll try to incorporate your ideas into the release after the next one.

PgUp/PgDn are now reserved as a substitute for numpad's NE and SE diagonal movement, but I see what you are pointing at, I'll think what I can do to better present shared mind.

I like the new Satanists, their abilities definitely make them play uniquely. However, what if they also got an ability similar to teh "follow me" order of chaplains, that would only apply to undead? That way you could actually lead a force of zombies against the angels, not only sit back and try to bolster demonic forces.

I thought of it and decided against it. As a Satanist, you have a free summoning ability so that should be your idea of controlling the horde. However, I might add something like "control undead" to make an undead unit permanently follow you, maybe additionally applying a boost to it.

Speaking of undead, would it be too much of a hassle to split the demons counter and add a new one for only undead? My last game I won as a Satanist, I had a total of 100 demons... I was creating undead like crazy, plus I haven't actually seen a living demon for most of the game, so I would like to know if any demons survived, or if the angels were overwhelmed by my zombies. :D

Yeah, that is totally fine. I'll add an additional undead-only counter while the demon counter will track both of them.

Maybe soldiers could get a very limited amount of consumables, so that they have a resource to use in need, just as angels and demons have power? Something like starting with a medikit, or several grenades that damage everything in a 3x3x3 globe. It could also be fun to try to assassinate soldiers with a thief to get to their medikits. :) Of course, supernatural creatures would not be able to use medikits. :)

Good idea, but I believe I'll manage to implement it in 2 releases only.

BTW, is it guaranteed that the map will contain the required 1500$ for the thief? On some smaller maps, I don't know where else to look to find enough. :) What if all humans dropped a small amounts of cash, so the thief is pushed a bit into exploring the battlefield and looting the dead? And if a Satanist sees him there, the thief could get a nasty surprise. :D

Right now the money is not guaranteed. A bank (which is a guaranteed building) has from $250 to $1250, while every house has from $50 to $100. So in the worst case scenario, when RNGod really hates you, you need 25 houses (apart from the bank). The map size is 100x100, a house is 10x10, on an island map 30 tiles are substracted from borders to place water, so that leaves 70x70 which has room for 49 houses. Given the probabilities to place a house (as opposed to all other buildings), I would say that there might be extremely rare cases when there is not enough money on the map for you to win. I'll look into it.

As for pocket money - that may be likely, yes.

Finally, what if the end game screen always shown how many (and maybe which) creatures the player killed? To compare with the creatures that earned a title. Some new titles would also be fun:

The Necromancer: who raised the most zombies, so that the player can see how good he was in comparsion :)
The Evil Spirit: most possessions, now that it's quite possible and useful to possess multiple times
The Scrooge: most gold collected (because I sometimes collect it even when I'm not a thief, why would you leave money lying around, right?)

Once again, thank you for the game. :)

Yeah, this is cool, though I think I will also need to add names to Satanists (and the Thief maybe) for some achievements to be interesting. Otherwise, it will always be Player vs a nameless Satanist/Thief.

Thanks for playing :)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: May 12, 2017, 09:24:02 PM »
Released version 1.1.2

- All Angels now have a shared mind - each of them sees what others see.
- Satanists are now a playable faction. Their goal is to assist their demon masters and destroy all angelic forces.
- Satanists are now able to reanimate corpses. The less severed body parts the corpse has - the stronger it will be after the reanimation. Reanimated corpses are slow-moving, have very little HP and will burn to ashes when killed by Angels.
- Demons' ability to possess is now toggleable, so that you can kill humans instead of always possessing them first if you wish so.
- Demons now have an ability to sacrifice their host on demand to gain power and health (as if they killed them in combat).
- Added a bank building to the city.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: April 26, 2017, 08:31:37 PM »
I haven't played the original 7DRL, but this game of yours is great!
Thanks for the kind words! I'm happy that you liked the game :)

Quote from: red_kangaroo
I quite often die with my angels when I try to slay a demon and get jumped by several summoned ones, or archdemons. :/
Yeah, the time has come for some rebalancing, I think.

Quote from: red_kangaroo
Only thing is I wish I didn't automatically try to possess the first human I attack - it's often better to kill it and gain the power than possess it and have it revolt at bad times.
I will make the possession ability toggleable in the next version, then.

Quote from: red_kangaroo
I wish Satanists could raise all the dead humans as zombies, if they survive long enough. Thus you could have to prioritize finding and killing them if you don't want the endgame to become a chatoic battle with a new threat.
I had some thoughts of making a necrodemon that could animate the dead, but giving this ability to Satanists makes perfect sense. I think I will also make them playable now that they will have a distinct gameplay. Thanks for the idea!

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:15:12 PM »
Released version 1.1.1

- Water is now traversable, albeit more slowly than normal terrain. You can swim through it horizontally as well as up and down, but beware of the lack of oxygen. This will kill you quickly. Angels and Demons do not need to breathe.
- All Angels, Demons, and humans now have an ability to switch on and off stationary lights if they happen to be near one.
- Added doors to the buildings of the city. All humanoids are able to open and close them.
- Added ability to open/close windows to the Thief.
- You can bump into doors, windows, and lanterns to active the respective ability (if you have one).
- Made Satanists' lair less conspicuous.


Early Dev / Re: An early modern sociopolitical simulation
« on: April 18, 2017, 10:04:14 PM »
> I write the logic in Common Lisp (which is great)

Is it going to be open-source? :)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: April 14, 2017, 10:01:29 PM »
Released version 1.1.0

- Added stealth to the game! Remaining in shadows will render you invisible to your enemies while moving through illuminated terrain (and moving in general) will expose you. 
- To counter stealth, Citizens of the City carry lanterns and Angels radiate light (note that Demons do not have a portable light source). Moreover, stationary light sources were added to the houses and some streets.
- Outdoor lighting depends on the time of day - at midnight you will need to rely on lamps, while at day time the sun will not let anybody hide outside buildings.
- Time of day now changes dynamically as the time passes.
- Added scenario options regarding the starting time of the day - you may start at night, at noon, in the morning or in the evening.
- Added hearing to the game! Characters' actions will generate sounds that others can hear and learn the general direction to the sound's origin. Most creatures will try to investigate what or who produced the sound if they have no other pressing matters.
- Added the Thief to the game.
- Added Death from Above ability to the Thief. This allows the Thief to jump onto an enemy from an upper Z level and make a devastating blow.
- Added Climbing ability to the Thief. It allows the Thief to go up and down along the Z level when clinging to walls.
- Added trees spanning across several Z levels.
- Added inventories to characters. You are now able to pick up, carry and drop items.


Thief on the ledge -
Death from above -


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: March 24, 2017, 10:36:09 PM »
Released version 1.0.9

- The 3rd dimension was added to the map! Buildings now have several floors, mobs can go up and down the slopes.
- Gravity added! You can step off the ledges and fall down. You can drop one Z level without any consequences but any distance greater than that and you will take increasing falling damage.
- Mobs will now recognize the gravity and will short-cut off the ledges if they see they won't take any damage without finding the nearest slope down.
- Added mansions to the building types.
- Removed support for small tiles.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: March 06, 2017, 09:26:24 PM »
Released version 1.0.8

- Added Gargantaur to the list of monsters. This is a huge outsider beast (occupies 3x3 tiles) that is impervious to most attacks, can attack minds of enemies, as well as heal and teleport itself. While it is classified as an angelic being, do not get it wrong - it will attack anything in sight. Being huge, it has a "face" so unlike smaller beings it will need to really turn around to change the direction of its movement.
- Angels are now able to mount Gargantaurs at the cost of half of their HP. Apart from increasing their defense (the Gargantaur's 3x3 size means that it will take all melee hits first), this gives them an ability to invoke Gargantaur's mind burn.

Screenshot of an angel riding a Gargantaur:

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: February 24, 2017, 04:29:55 PM »
Released version 1.0.7

- Momentum added! When you have the Momentum ability, that means that you gain speed when moving in a direction and are able to cover several tiles within one turn but you can not drastically change your direction when at high speed (unlike normal movement when you can make all kind of turns and backpedal at any time). If you bump into an obstacle, your speed drops to zero. If you bump into another unit, your speed drops to zero but you will try to push this unit (similar to the Charge ability).
- Horses are added to the game. They are allied with all non-demon factions and have momentum. Horses can be found in the stables.
- Fiends added to the game. They are demonic beasts who will attack everybody (even demons). They also have momentum.
- Horseback riding added! Military units are able to use horses as mounts. When riding a mount, your mount moves independently of your actions, you can only give directions to it. This means that once you've gained speed, the mount will be moving in the chosen direction on its own, while you can shoot the enemies as you pass them by. Mounts may also be used as meatshields as enemies have 50% chance to hit your mount instead of you.
- All demons are able to mount fiends.
- Added scouts to the military. They are armed with rifles, are able to reveal a single enemy and start riding a horse.
- You may now start as a scout. Scouts gain no followers but compensate that with their unsurpassed speed.
- Added stables to the buildings of the city.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: February 17, 2017, 07:46:42 PM »
Released version 1.0.6

- Angels can now chop off body parts when they kill somebody (they are armed with swords after all)
- Characters leave corpses upon dying, for purely cosmetic reasons
- Added "Shift + Q" command to exit the current game and return to the main menu
- Added dots showing where the bullets hit
- Added damage types to weapons and damage resistances to armor
- Added bullet dispersion over distance
- Added machine-gunners to the Military. They shoot the whole magazine in one round
- Introduced cooldown abilities. The first cooldown ability "Charge" added to archdemons
- Added "Fear" ability to demons and archdemons
- Added "Blindness" ability to archangels
- Added barricaded cities to the city generator

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: February 05, 2017, 11:32:19 AM »
Released version 1.0.5

- Made the military a playable faction
- Added sergeants to the military. They are armed with six-round revolvers, that deal less damaged than a rifle but do not need to reload every turn
- Added chaplains to the military. They are armed with six-round revolvers and are able lead troops, pray to reveal angels and demons around them and grant divine protection to allies
- Ranged combat accuracy is now affected by distance. The farther the target - the less likely you are able to hit it
- Added forest cities to the city generator
- Added island cities to the city generator

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: January 30, 2017, 08:28:01 PM »
Thanks for your comment! Happy that you liked the game  :)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: January 29, 2017, 10:40:19 PM »
Released version 1.0.4

- Made help articles be read from files
- Added snow terrain
- Added an option to go to the main menu from the game-over screen
- Added rivers to the city generator
- Added indication of the general direction to the nearest angel/demon
- Added sea ports to the city generator
- Added an option to customize the current scenario by choosing city layout, weather and player faction

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