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Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: April 20, 2018, 09:09:37 PM »
Released version 1.3.1

- A new mission was added - Demonic thievery. The demons opened portals in order to steal a holy relic from the church and return it to their dimension. The military and the angels want to stop and destroy them.
- A new mission was added - Demonic conquest. The demons opened portals in order to conquer the district by placing and charging sigils in it. The military and the angels want to stop and destroy them.
- Fixed the bug with player's choosing the resurrect ability that could freeze the game.
- Fixed warehouses being mixed with barricades when military defenders are present in a seaport.
- Strings in the message log are of different colors now depending on the type of the message (instead of white used everywhere previously).


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: March 29, 2018, 07:59:04 PM »
Ok, after several months of reworking the internals I am ready to present the first step towards the campaign mode.

Released version 1.3.0

- The concept of missions was introduced. The previous scenario where the demons wanted to kill all angels in the city became the 'Demonic attack' mission.
- A new mission was added - Demonic raid. The demons opened the portals in order to gather flesh from the city. Their goal for this mission is to kill citizens, pick up their corpses and throw them into portals, while the military and the angels want to stop and destroy demons. (screen)
- If you die, this is no longer the end of the world. The battle will go on until one of the sides wins. You might even get resurrected by your allies and continue fighting as if nothing happened. (screen)
- You can no longer win the game by ascending beyond Angel or Archdemon/Shadow Devil.
- As a Scout, you can no longer lose the game by getting possessed. Though you will lose the control over your character until you get purged (or the end of the mission).
- You will now be able to customize the factions you want to see in a scenario.
- AI will bump into friendly mobs much less often and will try to navigate around them to get to its target.
- Added a journal where you can see objectives for the current mission and your relations with other factions. The journal is displayed using the 'j' button. (screen)
- Defending military will be stationed inside the city.
- Possessable creatures will try to get away from you if you are the one that can possess them.
- Characters with ranged weapons will try to step out of melee combat.
- Ghosts can now sense the direction to the sacrificial circle and the Book of Rituals.
- Abilities on cooldown will be displayed in the status string. (screen)
- The game over screen now also shows the comparative statistics between the character who earned the title and the player. (screen)


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: January 14, 2018, 05:47:52 PM »
Well, I think the idea is to take the structure of the games like XCOM and Mordheim where you basically have two games - the local one when you take missions and the global one which serves basically to structure the chain of local missions where you try to achieve some overarching goal.

I think the same mechanics will be useful here as well. Of course, the campaign will likely take as long as major roguelikes do, but I do not think that can be helped.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:25:28 PM »
So, a year has passed since the day I released the first version of the game.

Well, why not sum up the results?

The first version was very slow (due to stupidly inefficient LOS algorithms) and basically added nothing new to its spiritual predecessor - City of the Condemned (and even removed some elements of the gameplay). This was actually my third attempt to make a roguelike :) The first two being traditional dungeon crawlers died under their own weight and scope without getting out of '@ moves on the screen' stage.

So, the first lesson for me - try to make something small and working as soon as you can that you can later use to expand and extend.

And so I did, rather quickly fixing the performance issues and trying to release a new version at least every month.

The second thing I've learned was that my interface preferences were really weird :) - I preferred tiles and fonts to be as small as possible while numerous people pointed out that that was very inconvenient and put excessive strain on their eyes.

Meanwhile, brilliant performance did not last for long ;D as at some point I decided to add the 3rd dimension to my game. I have not seen many roguelikes toying with the honest 3rd dimension the way Dwarf Fortress does so I believed that this feature (along with mounted combat and multi-tiled monsters) would add something special to my game. I must say that I am still undecided if that was a good move as it brought visible slowdown. Most likely it's just me not knowing how to cook 3D properly but the delay of about 200 ms to 1 sec between player turns is rather painful at the moment.

Then red_kangoroo gave me a lot of cool ideas about factions and features that I was happy to implement. Additionally, I was influenced by other games I've played and seen, transplanting some bits from them into my game. That took me the remainder of the year, and here I am - the game now has 12 playable characters with (I hope) unique and interesting playstyles.

While the core idea is basically the same as in City of the Condemned (a deathmatch with several teams on the map), I think the games now differ enough to say that City of the Damned is no longer a remake  ;D

To keep up with the schedule I am releasing version 1.2.6 with a number of bugfixes and some new features that should spice up a (rather repetitive) satanist gameplay.

- With the demons invading, strange glyphs start to appear on the walls. The satanists are now able to decipher these demonic runes and use this knowledge to harness even more power.
- Demon word: Flesh lets a satanist turn a zombie into a full-fledged imp that can later progress and evolve as demons usually do.
- Demon word: Plague lets a satanist spread virulent soul sickness that will deal damage over time.
- Demon word: Power lets a satanist temporarily gain the power of an Archdemon.
- Demon word: Darkness turns off the sun for a period of time.
- Demon word: Invasion places an enchantment on the map that constantly reanimates corpses.
- Demon word: Knockback pushes all characters around the satanist away.
- Satanists now inflict vorpal damage instead of fire damage.
- Ghosts leave no footprints on snow and generate no sounds while moving.
- Blessings and divine shield now offer complete protection from ghost's possession.
- Empowered undead now have normal movement speed and can keep up with the satanists when following them.
- Fixed the bug with the game freezing after completion of the Increase acid strength mutation.
- Fixed the bug when you could target characters unseen by you with abilities.


As for the plans for the next year, I'd like to move from a coffeebreak roguelike into something more longlasting.

I actually like the idea of session games (which most MMOs nowadays turn to) - your game sessions are kept rather quick (15 - 30 minutes max) so you quickly get that feeling of satisfaction and completeness, however you can repeat these sessions any number of times you want advancing your metaprogression in the game.
This is what I'd like to see in my game and, luckily, the structure of it perfectly allows for it.

So, the first step will be mixing in new game modes and objectives (like capture the flag and capture the point) to diversify the old bland deathmatch. This by itself will be an ambitious task as while I do not doubt the players' ability to complete any custom objective I can throw at them ;D, teaching the AI to do the same won't be that easy.

Secondly, I intend to implement a kind of campaign mode the inspiration of which I take from the game called Pathologic. There will be a city divided into districts, missions will be generated in these districts (demons invading, angels trying to close the gates to another dimension from where the demons come, soldiers taking a captured district back) and the whole 'overland' map of the city will be changing mission after mission as districts fall under control of various factions.

So the game session will be the same as now - complete the mission on the district map, while the metaprogression will be to free (or conquer, or whatever) the whole city by taking and winning missions.

At least, that is the plan. We'll see how it goes ;)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: December 24, 2017, 06:55:16 PM »
Released version 1.2.5

- Introduced a new playable character - the Lost soul. It is a very fragile (1 HP) non-corporeal being that can possess humans and dead bodies. Unlike demons, its possession ability is improved - it gains all the abilities of the victims and uses their HP instead of its own. When the victim dies, it just leaves the body ready to jump into another target in range.
- When in ghost form the Lost soul can turn completely invisible and escape any dangerous situation, as well as pass through walls and floors.
- The aim of the Lost soul is to find the Book of Rituals stored in the library and use it on the sacrificial circle on the lowest floor of the satanists' lair.
- Added a second tier of defensive mutations for the Eater of the dead. These are thick carapace (even more passive damage resistance), acidic tips (extended spines start to deal acid damage) and jump (gain an ability to jump similar to the thief).
- Added a second tier of offensive mutations for the Eater of the dead. These are piercing needles (constricted target have reduced dodge), increased acid strength (acid spit also reduces flesh and acid resistances) and increased cerebellum (corrosive bile always lands to the destination target).
- Added survival mutations to the Eater of the dead like hooks & sucker cups (lets you climb walls) and facade readjustment (lets you disguise yourself as a human).
- Spawning mutations are rearranged for the Eater of the dead. The ovipositor is now the prerequisite for all spawning mutations. Then you can branch into locusts or scarabs. Parasites are now dependent on the ovipositor as well. All spawning is no longer immediate - first, you need to lay eggs and wait before they grow.
- The Eater of the dead can gain an ability to spawn seeker larvae. These small creatures are harmless but eat corpses and transfer their power to you.
- The Eater of the dead can gain an ability to spawn spore colonies. These are immobile creatures that spit acid at their enemies in sight.
- Fixed the bug when you could throw the parasite through solid objects.
- Added a card that could polymorph enemies into trees. Trees are immobile and do negligible damage but have superior defenses.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: November 24, 2017, 10:32:44 PM »
Released version 1.2.4

- Added signal flares to Scouts. Signal flares prompt the artillery that the military has deployed outside the City to strike at the location of the flare. This strike deals significant iron and fire damage around the location where the strike lands.
- The Eater of the dead can now mutate and grow various organs that can help it in its quest to destroy the outsiders.
- For offensive mutations, the Eater of the dead can choose from clawed tentacles (an increased melee attack), acid spite (an additional ranged attack) or corrosive bile (a cooldown ability similar to an artillery strike).
- For defensive mutations, the Eater of the dead can choose from chitinous plating (a passive direct resistance increase), metabolic boost (an active ability that grants increased speed and dodging) or retracting spines (an active ability that gives increased percentage resistances and inflicts damage to melee attackers).
- For spawning mutation, the Eater of the dead has either spawning sacs or an ovipositor. The spawning sacs can spawn locusts which are rather weak creatures that can attack in melee but die off naturally after a number of turns. The ovipositor spawns scarabs which are living bombs that roll to the target and explode dealing acid damage to everybody around. You can further enhance your spawns by giving locusts an acid bite and making them tougher or making scarabs roll faster and spawning more of them.
- From the very start, to boost its combat prowess the Eater of the dead now has an adrenal gland. When the Eater attacks someone, the gland secrets adrenaline which makes all melee and range attacks faster.
- The Eater of the dead can create parasites that can be thrown onto enemies. A parasited character will always reveal its location to the Eater.
- The Eater of the dead can cure mutations that you do not find helpful.
- When the Eater of the dead devours corpses, it has a chance to get abilities depending on the type of the corpse.
- The Eater of the dead can no longer use primordial power.
- The Eater of the dead starts with 2 power that you can immediately use on mutations.
- If an ability requires the player to select a target, the game will initially focus the applicable target (instead of always focusing hostile characters).
- Irradiation has a small chance to mutate you giving you a minor negative effect.
- Malseraph can sometimes cure malmutations of its followers.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: October 21, 2017, 12:35:53 AM »
Released version 1.2.3

- Added Malseraph's puppets as a playable faction. Malseraph's puppets are demons who worship Malseraph, the Demon God of Acting, Gambling and Violent Changes. They lack the possession ability but make up for it with the powers of their god.
- By themselves, Malseraph's puppets have the Irradiate and Fission abilities. Irradiate applies a special status to the target, while Fission is used to cause damage to those with this status and clear it from them.
- Malseraph is the master of cards and likes to be entertained. Malseraph likes disguises, polymorphs, and dangerous situations.
- When Malseraph is in the good mood, it will draw cards with beneficial effects from its decks and can even grant some of the decks to you. When it is in the bad mood, it will use its more malicious cards against you to spice things up.
- There are two types of decks that Malseraph can give - decks of war and decks of escape. Each deck consists of a number cards that a character can draw. You can not see what card you draw and what cards remain in the deck. Drawing a card immediately invokes its effect.
- Added Constriction ability to the Eater of the dead. This ability lets you grab targets and continue to deal damage to them automatically while all participants remain in place.
- Citizens of the City may now drop civilian costumes, which can be used to make disguises by the thief. The disguise (usable by humans and Malseraph's puppets only) makes you look as an ordinary man or woman to everybody else.
- Fixed the bug with jumping when you would fall through the ground if you hit an obstacle during the jump.
- You can now jump over small obstacles like beds, tables, barricades, and bushes.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: October 12, 2017, 05:54:15 PM »
I managed to fall through solid ground:

I was trying to get into the underground vault of the Bank, but one of the policemen spotted me and gave a chase. I tried to jump over a table, but crashing into it, I fell down through the ground to z-level -2 (or which is the lowest) and got stuck there, able to look around and use abilities, but unable to actually move or escape.

That's what you get for being a greedy theif, I guess. Being buried alive under the Bank. :P

Yeah, there is a bug in the jump function. Whenever you hit a solid obstacle (tables are solid obstacles, by the way, and you can not jump over them, though it is an interesting possibility), you will fall to Z level 0. Jump is safe when its range is not enough for you to hit anything.

Will fix that in the next version, thanks for the report :)

PS. Oh, and try not to jump into other characters , this will trigger the same problem ;)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 29, 2017, 09:44:19 PM »
Released version 1.2.2

- Added a new playable creature - the Eater of the dead. It has two unique abilities - Cannibalize, that lets you devour a corpse to gain HP and power and increase your maximum HP, and Primordial power, that increases your damage, armor, and evasion.
- Added the Cast shadows ability to all shadow demons. This ability causes a character to cast unnatural shadows that you can use to shadow step to and from.
- Added the Bend space ability to all crimson demons. This ability lets you teleport to a random location a short distance away.
- Added the Jump ability to the thief. This ability allows you to move 2 tiles away from you and cling to a wall next to the destination tile.
- Added the Sprint ability to the thief. This ability allows you to temporarily increase your movement speed.
- Added the Ressurection ability to all angels. This ability allows you to resurrect other fallen angels and humans.
- Added the Split soul ability to the chrome angels. This ability lets the user create an image of themselves that the user can later teleport to.
- Added morgue files to characters.
- Added graveyards to the building list.
- Added a new church layout.
- Added flavor signs to some buildings.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 21, 2017, 06:15:31 PM »
Wow, that's a quick and big update! :D Be warned, I'm going to write a very long rant below. :)

Whoa, another bunch of cool ideas and I only started to implement the previous ones! I'm afraid I am losing this race  ;D

Trinity mimics are very interesting and very weird. :D I will have to play with them more to get the hang of that turn-jumping between your bodies. It's really strange to constantly jump between your bodies (and I love that you are now highlighted, that would be very hard to play otherwise), but I like the synergy of your bodies and how they can fight together in an organised assault!

I was actually drawing ideas from MMOs. You basically have a DD-tank with a taunt, a support with debuffs and a healer with buffs. Merging bodies was added to be able to travel quickly because otherwise, it took thrice the time.

I like the shadow teleportation, but I feel it's a bit underpowered right now - it is great for quick movement, but it would work very much better as a way to suddenly appear next to your enemies, or run away in a pinch. That's currently very hard, though, because of the light nearly all creatures emit. You can still jump towards your enemies by extingushing them first, but that costs power. Teleporting away is out of question - it would cost you two turns (first extinguish, then teleport) and you can't loose two turns by the time you will have the need of an emergency teleport.

Maybe your extingushing ability could cost no power (balanced by either longer cooldown, or shorter duration)? That would make at least ambushing from afar much more interesting option, plus would give more incentive to use extinguishing on even lamps and such, like a good shadow demon should. :)

And/or, and this would be IMHO very cool, but probably hard to implement and compute, all creatures could have dynamic shadows - depending on the position of nearby light sources, all creatures could have an adjacent shadowed tile. This would allow all shadow demons to jump next to or run away from any fight by standing in this shwadowed tile, making positioning matter more and making their teleport machanic more prominent.

Ok, I see the problem and will start with the last suggestion. Quite surprisingly dynamic shadows would not at all strain performance, I think (only if those are creatures not terrain that could cast them). But I right now I have no idea how to present this shadow to the player.

I am rather reluctant to ease the restrictions on the shadow step like making it require only one shadowed tile to work - the destination or the origin. For lore reasons and because this could easily lead to instakills when you are playing against shadow demons. You get ambushed from the shadows and the remaining half of the enemy's turn is used to summon help, then an archdemon jumps in next to you and it is still not your turn so he attacks and you are dead. I've seen a lot of this with crimson demons already.

Extinguish costing no power is also something I do not want to introduce because you already have a free shadow step, and I want demonic and angelic abilities to cost power.

Maybe I just add another free ability like "Cast shadow" that will actually create a shadowed tile with zero brightness next to creature for some turns (basically what you are suggesting with dynamic shadows but as an active ability).

I'm going to be incredibly nitpicky and say that you have inconsistent capitalization. :) Chrome angels and trinity mimics have their first word capitalized on title screen, but both on highscore screen, while both types of imps have a reversed problem. ;)

Ha, ok, I'll look into it.

I may have missed something, but when I started to get randomly wet, I was quite sure I'm standing in rain - but it would be nice to have some notification. Maybe there could be a "Rain" status next to the wind direction?

Speaking of wind, what if flying creatures had a small chance to be blown by the wind, moving in its direction? No reason for this change except that it would make the wind tiny bit more relevant.

The first one is easy, will do in the next release. But I am afraid the second one is unlikely to make it for technical reasons mainly. 

One thing I always long for as a thief is a way to cross from one roof to another faster than by climbing all the way down to the street and back up again. The City is dangerous enough for one fragile theif even without having to run through blood-smeared streets. :P The thief is already quite acrobatic character with his or her climbing and Death from Above, what if they could also sprint and jump? (Ninja thieves!)

Sprinting could be an active ability that would speed you up for several turns, with cooldown long enough for you to catch your breath. ;) Sprinting should be mutually exclusive with climbing - you wouldn't be able to activate sprinting in climbing mode, so no sprint-climbing walls for you, but you can still use sprinting in a pinch when caught next to dangerous enemies in the streets. The no-climbing rule for sprinting would also give the thief an incentive to not be in climbing mode all the time and ignore that you can switch it off. ;)

Jumping could also be active ability with a cooldown, this one compatible with climbing, so the thief could jump from the side of one building to another wall nearby. Alternately, you could sprint before jumping, increasing the range of your jumps (but with no climbing). Maybe you could also jump over some obstacles (furniture, the hedge fences), or by jumping into a window, you would shatter it and jump through (and maybe take damage). All jumping would generate quite some noise, though. Maybe horses could also jump, increasing their jump range by their momentum.

Yeah, I thought myself about jumps (though not about sprinting). Not sure I'll be able to implement all the interactions with windows and such, but jumping will certainly be done at some point. Sprinting also seems fun though I wonder if it will make the thief nigh invincible. Right now no melee can get him, with these changes he will have even less incentive to get down to the ground and if he does his superior speed will save him in the pinch. But we shall see :)

Could we maybe get the end-game screen with achievements and score saved as a .txt log? It would make hunting for the most achievements much more exciting and easier to share. :D

Sure, quality of life changes always come first  :)

And I have one more proposal for a playable faction: You could join the Criminals as the Cambion.

Your writing is awesome! I am not sure I want half-breeds in the lore, but from the gameplay perspective, this sounds pretty solid. There are too many corpses in the city so we need more characters that can make use of them.

Finally, it might be only mine love for descriptions, but maybe there could be inventory descriptions for even other items than the ones with active use? Right now, you can pick up coins and corpses which will have no description - what if they had a short quote for a description?

Yeah, that has to be implemented at some point :) Though I do not have a lot of items now so I thought of postponing it to a later date.

And one more question: Do you have any plans about making the attacks, defense and maybe light radius of creatures into actual inventory items (eg. a rifle, an army uniform, a torch or a lamp), or will they stay as abstractions as is?

Someday for sure, when the game is more fleshed out and there is a kind of campaign mode, where the city is subdivided into districts, and the battle we have now is only a battle for a single district so you can carry over experience and items from one level to another. Oh, the glorious distant future...  ::)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 16, 2017, 12:51:10 PM »
That ARRP goodness~   8)
Pure coincidence  ::)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 15, 2017, 09:12:03 PM »
Released version 1.2.1

- Added Trinity mimics as a playable faction. Trinity mimics are three mind-linked angels - the Star singer, Star gazer, and Star mender. Each has a separate set of abilities and all of them can merge with each other. The player controls each mimic individually.
- Added Righteous fury ability to the Star singer. Righteous fury is a berserk-like ability that lets you attack harder and faster but at a cost of slowing you afterwards.
- Added Pain link ability to the Star signer. Pain link makes the target deal increased damage to the caster but decreased damage to everyone else.
- Added Heal other ability to the Star mender. This ability allows healing not only yourself but your allies as well.
- Added Soul reinforcement ability to the Star mender. Soul reinforcement prevents a fatal blow that would otherwise kill the target.
- Added Silence ability to the Star gazer. Silence prevents the target from casting.
- Added Confuse ability to the Star gazer. Confused targets sometimes move in a random direction instead of an intended action.
- Added Pandemonium Shades as a playable faction. Shadow creatures are unable to possess humans but get a number of shadow-related abilities. You start as a shadow imp.
- Added Umbral aura to shadow devils. This makes shadow devils be not light, but darkness sources.
- Added Extinguish light to shadow demons and shadow devils. This ranged ability will switch off a stationary light or cause an enemy to stop emitting light for short period.
- Added Shadow step to all shadow creatures. Shadow step is a short-range teleport that works only if the source and destination tiles are not lit.
- Added the Church as a playable faction. You start as a priest in a church and your aim is to destroy all demons.
- Added Smite to priests. Smite is a single target damage ability that gets better the more humans are around the caster.
- Added Slow to priests. Slow is a single target ability that causes the enemy to take more time when attempting any action.
- Added Prayer of wrath to the priests. This ability grants a fire-based melee attack to those who follow you.
- You can now wait a turn using [.], and pick items using [g] and [,].
- The game now logs your current title instead of your initial title into a high score entry.
- The player is now highlighted on the map.
- Dropping in water gives you a 'wet' effect, which means 25% of increased fire resistance.
- Added rainy weather. Being caught in the rain will make characters wet, extinguish fires and clear blood.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 08, 2017, 06:47:21 PM »
As I'm playing more, I have some more thoughts: ;)

Could we have some way to easily distinguish the player from other creatures with the same glyph? It happens mostly with angels, but generally when you get into a fray of creatures with the same glyph, you can easily loose track where exactly you are, especially when dodging messes up with you position. And you don't want to loose turns to missteps in combat because you thought you were the other "a". Maybe the player could eb underscored (if that's an option with the tileset)? Or have some light background color?

Glad you pointed that out, that will give me the necessary push to implement this feature ;D I have the same problems myself, but always postponed the solution.

As a scout, you best option is to always shoot your rifle - it does so much damage that even in melee, it's better to reload and shoot than get two melee attacks. As scout seems to be intended as a ranged fighter, maybe he could be encouraged more into never getting into melee? It hard to use a rifle in melee, so the scout could be unable to shoot at adjacent targets. You could either bash melee opponents, or run and shoot them when you get away.

Well, I think that right now the scout is discouraged from getting into melee by the fact that he can be possessed and this is instant game over (on top of that he is rather frail and if he loses the horse he is toast). I do not actually want to add what I believe rather arbitrary rules like you can not shoot into adjacent tiles while riding a horse.

I love the new mind-linked angels with fire abilities and their avatar, but I'm still loosing pretty often with them. That's not to say that angels are weak - they are pretty tough to kill, with their healing and powerful attacks. The avatar's flying is cool, but unfortunately very limited by the short duration of your transformation. Would it be too much if all angels could fly in their revealed forms? They can only attack in melee, so it would be more of a movement/escape option, plus because they would be revealed, they would need to be careful about enemy snipers (both archdemons and human army). It would still give them something to counteract being swarmed by demon summons and zombies. :)

Well, giving angels permanent flying is not that easy, I am afraid.
Firstly, right now mobs can not attack you if you are standing/flying on top of them, while you can :) It is hard to abuse it at the moment, as you can fly for 5 turns max but with permanent flying, this strategy will be a guaranteed win. So I need to teach mobs to be aware of the creatures above them.
Secondly, permanent flying may or may not cause degradation of performance (which I can't say is stellar already :D) due to pathfinding.

What is the problem, as I understand it, is the lack of any escape options when you are swarmed. I'll think what I can do here without touching pathfinding. If I do not come up with anything good, that permanent flying will be the last resort  :)

Maybe the angels could also get a Resurrection ability (cost cca 5 power) that would bring corpses of angels (and all other things) back to life? That's a tradeoff of getting one ally back in exchange for some power you will need to defeat archdemons. You could of course bring back humans who died innocent, but why? There's no advantage to do so. :P

Yeah, that's a cool ability, thank you, will certainly add it, may be even in the next release.

Falling into water could grant temporary "wet" status that would increase you fire resistance to 25% (or so). That would stack with natural resistance, so angels could get pretty much invulnerable to fire by jumping into a river. :) If there ever is a rain, it could wet everyone not inside a house.

Great, wrote that down into my to-do list.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 02, 2017, 03:52:55 PM »
Yep, sure thing.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: August 30, 2017, 07:15:32 PM »
By the way, shouldn't angels be able to conCeal their divinity, rather than conseal it?

Yeah, time for a facepalm.jpg picture  :-[. This has been in front of my eyes for half a year and I have not noticed it. Thanks, will fix the spelling.

And a minor convenience request - many roguelikes use [g] or [,] for pick up command, could we have those as alternate keys? Similarly, maybe [.] as alt key for waiting a turn?

Sure, will be in the next release.

May I also have one more suggestion, this time for a new playable creature - a ghost?

Ok, I like the gameplay idea of a possessor, will try to incorporate it into a release after this one.

The only problem I see with this is that all satanists will likely die without any effort on the player's part, just because the RNG dropped you on the other side of the map while putting them near a couple of angels. Maybe it is better just to find their lair while being in possession of some body and kind of perform a ritual of rebirth or something, or vice versa - a ritual that will put the ghost to rest.

For now, in the upcoming release, I plan to add two more factions beside priests - the shadow demons and the trinity isolationists. Stay tuned  ;)

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