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v1.2 Mega Update!   8) :o

The big patch you've all been waiting for is finally here! There's too much to cover in depth so here's a quick list of things you'll be interested in:
Upgrade system provided by the merchant. Scrap useless items into a single (sellable) pile, increase the number of slots in your inventory, and stack potions and tomes.
Three brand new abilities! Throw lets you throw anything in the game at your enemies, Guard replaces the Rust ability and is a toggle which drains stamina every turn but increases your damage reduction, and Miasma which replaces Life Leech on warlocks which throws down a field that blinds anything that passes through it, lowering Evasion and Accuracy.
Fast travel! Just right click on the map to travel to your cursor, the merchant, the cratefish king, or the stairs.
Item quickbar for using, equipping, and throwing items easily and conveniently.
Changes to game modes, there are now three to pick from. Hardcore mode is the default permadeath roguelike mode, 1UP mode gives you 5 lives with more to find along the way, and Narrative mode is for those who want to casually explore all the game has to offer with infinite lives and buffs to make the game easier.
Each new game mode now comes in three lengths: quick (same as quick play), standard (a new faster mode between the old quick play and default), and extended (the same as the old default).
Changes to make shrines more accessible. Gods will summon champions to punish you for trashing their shrines. If defeated these champions will drop icons belonging to their god, which you can use to gain the god's blessing. Additionally, pages of lore will randomly drop throughout the game, some of which contains information about the gods and how to interact with them.
New Game+ enhancements. When starting a New Game+ you can start the game with a new random seed. Additionally there's a hazard boost option, this makes items and monsters stronger, allowing you to play through the game multiple times at increasing difficulty.
Experienced players can now speed up animations by 25, 50, 75, or 100% through the options menu.
Mastery procs and debuffs will be shown onscreen to make it clearer what's going on.
Improvements to keyboard targeting prioritizes enemies over static objects, and selects targets in a more natural left-to-right fashion.
The floppy disk item has been implemented. If you find and use it there's an achievement in it for you, and a glimpse into MidBoss' past!
Improvements to controls and options for new players of all experience levels.

And those are just the highlights. Read on below for the full changelog, and if you enjoy these changes and MidBoss, please vote for it in the Labor of Love category of the Steam awards.

Known issues
On Mac and Linux the blue and red color channels on hardware cursors are reversed. This will be fixed in a patch shortly after Thanksgiving weekend.

Changes in v1.2.0:
(savegame compatible with previous version)
Implemented new Guard ability, this ability replaces Rust on skeletons and reapers. This is a new type of ability, a toggle ability. It can be turned on and off at will and will drain stamina every turn until turned off or you run out of stamina.
Warlock's life leech ability has been replaced with a new ability: Miasma. This ability drops a 3x3 field that inflicts the blind debuff on anything that passes through it, inflicting a 25 penalty to Accuracy and Evasion.
Zap minimum damage increased from 60% to 70%.
The imp now has the new Throw ability, which can be used to throw any item in the game that can be picked up. When the Throw ability is available to the player the item shortcut bar will prompt the player when a new shortcut is created whether the item should be used/equipped or thrown.
Bug Fixes
Clarified wording on Devyn's Aether Respiration blessing.
Fixed a bug where Gravelord was applying its critical bonus as if it were an item, causing it to be scaled.
Fixed a typo in Fear's description.
Altar minimap icon is no longer off by 1 tile.
Fixed a bug with Ethereal where it would keep its user alive until their mana depleted completely.
Fixed a bug causing the drain soul option to never appear if you disable tutorials before getting the possessed form tutorial message.
Fixed fester typo.
Fixed a bug where the stats in the depossess prompt were not accurate with unmastered forms.
Fixed an issue with downward slash graphics being randomly flipped.
Fixed a bug where "items bought" in statistics was showing the number of items blessed, not bought.
Fixed a bug which was causing the Apple II, Commodore VIC-20, and Pen & Paper retro mode potions to not report their unlocked status in their tooltips.
Brood mother now has a status effect icon (oops).
Fixed a bug where the merchant would spawn with increased stats if a floor with a merchant on it was generated while the player was effected by the Precision Engineering buff given by the god Stack.
Fixed a bug which caused the final boss to have its passives duplicated on load.
Fixed a bug causing titlescreen menu items to be slightly misaligned.
Custom Game Options
The custom game window now includes an extra lives slider, which can be set to a value between 0 and 15 inclusive, or to permadeath or infinite lives
The quick play and default preset buttons in the custom game window have been replaced with the new presets of quick, standard, and extended. Quick is the same as the old quick play, while extended is the same as the old default.
Added a 'Narrative mode buffs' option to the custom game window, to toggle the narrative mode buffs to stats, stamina/HP/mana, and damage reduction on and off for custom games.
Death Cards
Added an unlockable MidBoss Classic card border.
Death card details now list unlocked upgrades (if any) and flags set by the game (if any).
Death cards window now shows how many lives a player had remaining at the end of their game on victory cards.
The game now spawns additional weaker aggressive monsters for each floor.
Gods will summon champions to punish you if you vandalize their shrines too many times. These champions can drop minor and major icons of their god, which can be used to gain the god's blessing.
Torn pages may drop randomly, containing small snippets of lore. This lore may help players figure out how shrines work.
Fast travel has been added. You can fast travel by right clicking anywhere on the map, and this lets you travel to where you clicked, the merchant, the cratefish king, or the stairs up and down.
Game Modes
When applying an exp multiplier in a custom game the amount of xp and form xp given when killing any monster cannot go below 1.
New mode: 1UP Mode. This mode introduces extra lives, letting players respawn at the last stairs they took a limited number of times. Additional lives can occasionally be found in chests.
New mode: Narrative Mode. This mode acts like 1UP mode but has infinite respawns, and buffs the player's meta attributes, HP, MP, stamina, and damage resistance.
The titlescreen menu has been changed. New game now opens another menu giving you the choice of Hardcore, 1UP, Narrative, or Custom Game modes, which in turn ask you for a game length of either quick, standard, or extended. Quick corresponds to the old quick play mode, and extended corresponds to the old default mode. The quick play and custom game options have been removed from the main menu.
Optimized the save system to prevent framedrops that some users were experiencing.
The last target selected using keyboard will be automatically re-selected when activating abilities using the keyboard.
Keyboard targeting will no longer attempt to target static scenery if the current ability cannot target scenery.
Keyboard targeting will now prioritize enemies over static scenery. This can be disabled in the options menu to revert to the old behavior.
Keyboard targeting will now function in a more sensible left-to-right manner.
Implemented new achievement "Yo dawg".
Clarified damage types tutorial wording.
Added custom hardware cursors.
Added an option to show the mouse cursor in screenshots to the options menu, this option is off by default.
Item labels now do not appear until after an item's drop animation has completed.
Increased unique/legendary item glow size for small items.
The depossess prompt now equips the selected forms when you click yes.
The depossess prompt now tries to add forms you had equipped as the imp before to the selected forms, as long as this does not lower your multipliers.
You can now click yes on the depossess prompt when you're in imp form. This will only equip the selected forms, nothing else.
The possession window no longer shows the keybinds under the buttons when onscreen keybinds are disabled.
Learning the final Imp ability will no longer cause the mastered form depossession prompt to appear.
The possession prompt now shows a mastery star if the form it's asking you to possess is mastered.
You can now favorite items from the equipment menu. Favorite items will no longer show up on the cat merchant's sell list, and will display a minimap icon when dropped. Favorite items will always ask for confirmation when trying to salvage them.
Added keybind to favorite items. Press the F key while mousing over items in your inventory to favorite them.
Added bulk selling buttons to items which are stacked when trading with the merchant.
Added keybind to salvage items and turn them into scrap. Press the Delete key while mousing over items in your inventory to salvage them.
You can now identify and bless items directly from your inventory without having to go through the item select popup.
Added an item quickbar. Drag items from your inventory onto the bar to use it. The bar can be used in two ways, by holding shift and then pressing the corresponding keybind for the item you wish to use, or by pressing and releasing the 'U' key, followed by the keybind. Both the key to hold or press in sequence can be modified via the options menu.
The "Path (hold)" keybind functionality has been removed to make way for the item quickbar.
The Floppy Disk item's functionality has been implemented.
The cat merchant now sells various upgrades including the pocket library, potion pouch, large backpack, and bag of holding. These upgrades improve inventory management.
The cat merchant now gives you the salvage-o-matic upgrade in his opening cutscene. This allows you to turn items into stacking scrap, which can be sold later.
Weapons of rarity rare and higher now sometimes spawn with a chance to inflict a status effect on hit such as burning or poison.
Legendary item abilities on weapons, armor, and shields will be different for seeds.
Tome abilities will be different for seeds.
Accuracy potions now cure blindness.
Alchemist's Manual functionality is now implemented.
You can now switch an either hand weapon to the other slot even if that slot is occupied by a non-either hand weapon, the non-either hand weapon will be unequipped.
Epic weapons will now sometimes spawn with the Returning property, which returns the item to your hand or inventory after being thrown.
New Game+
New game+ now carries over upgrades.
New game+ now includes a "hazard boost" option. Increasing this value will make monsters stronger, items more powerful, and cause more balls of yarn to be dropped.
You can now start new game+ with a new random seed. Additionally, for 1UP victory cards the number of lives for new game+ can be kept or reset to 4.
New Player Experience
The game will now show a one-time prompt to players for their experience with turn-based dungeon crawlers when it starts, this modifies the movement duration, turn delay, delay on aggro option settings, as well as which tutorials and reminders are shown. Note that the MidBoss Pro option disables all tutorials and hints, and sets the 'Animation speed' option to 25% faster.
A new controls overlay now appears on the 1st floor. This overlay shows how keys map to the directions of movement, and changes the cursor to one that indicates moving can be done using the left mouse button. It also allows players to change the orientation of the movement keys with a single click if using standard key bindings. The overlay can be hidden, either temporarily or permanently, and re-enabled from the options menu.
The control orientation picker has been removed.
Added an experience level option to the gameplay section of the options menu. This affects what tutorials and hints are shown.
Minimum movement duration has been decreased from 0.13 seconds to 0.10 seconds.
Added 'Animation speed' option, this can be used to increase non-movement animation speeds by 25, 50, 75, or 100 percent.
Added option to disable the flash step mastery sound.
Mastery procs and status debuffs now have on screen text when they occur. Mastery procs are yellow and debuffs are purple.
Added option to disable onscreen proc/debuff messages.
The shield item mastery has been renamed to Block from Guard in order to prevent confusion with the new Guard ability.

Announcements / Haque (now available!) $
« on: Today at 01:37:40 AM »

$14.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Haque (/hak/) is a glitch fantasy roguelike adventure about cute monsters, low-bit hauntings, and a suspiciously talkative narrator. Choose your character and battle through forests, deserts and dungeons to defeat a mysterious evil. Die often. Try again!

Explore a vibrant fantasy world falling apart at the seams.

An old man has asked you to complete a quest: purge the land of evil monsters! What land is this? It doesn't matter. Don't ask too many questions.

Journey into the pixelated wilderness with your beloved pet at your side. Encounter dangerous foes, make some new allies, and challenge the reigning bosses. Ignore the mounting sense of dread. That's normal.
Key Features
Character selection featuring an endless array of randomized characters
Detailed character statistics and a classic armor slot system
Procedurally generated maps and settings
Challenging turn-based combat with an emphasis on movement and strategy
Dozens of unique enemies-- don't get surrounded!
Rotating roster of bosses, each with different fighting styles and priorities
Hundreds of items to equip, eat, or... reanimate
Weapon and armor crafting
New character quirks at the end of every level
In memoriam screens to immortalize your permanently dead characters
A slider for screen grime!

Use every tool at your disposal to deliver Haque from evil. Find the truth. Save the game.

Content Warning: Haque contains flashing images and adult language.

Fingers crossed for another substantial KS success story!   8)

Feature Friday* #112

Added an Active Effects screen for viewing the details of your active status effects or the effects of other creatures or objects.
Renamed 'Status' screen to the more appropriate 'Character Sheet'.
To access your active effects, either navigate to 'active effects' on your Character Sheet, or bind the 'Open Active Effects' command in the Keybindings menu.
To access the active effects of another creature or object, hit 'e' while looking at it.
Added descriptions for all 100+ status effects.
Changed the name of the 'spectacles' effect to 'corrected vision'.
Changed the name of the poison gas effect to 'poisoned by gas'.
Changed the name of the stun gas effect to 'stunned by gas'.
We made some changes to the turn costs of managing your inventory.
Equipping an item in your thrown slot no longer costs a turn.
Automatically unequipping an item when you equip another item no longer costs an extra turn.
Splitting a stack of items into multiple stacks no longer costs a turn.
Removed snailmothers from the list of possible fungal infection cure ingredients.
Added an entry for Mumble Mouth to the Corpus Choliys.
Installed cybernetic implants that occupy an equipment slot no longer add to your encumbrance.
Molting basilisks now properly inject a stony poison when they bite.
The full message log viewer now uses the much better book UI.
Energy cells can now be recharged directly from the cell's action menu.
Baetyls no longer ask for objects you can't pick up.
When you uninstall the optical bioscanner, optical technoscanner, or huge hands implants, you no longer retain their effects.
You no longer attack yourself when you try to sleep in a bedroll that's in the same space as you are.
Fixed a bug that caused slender and willowy nylon backpacks not to have their weights reduced.
Fixed an issue that caused the player to gain reputation when an NPC equipped an item with a reputation-granting item mod.
Fixed autoexplore attempting to pick up objects embedded in walls.
Fixed an issue that caused various bonuses to be improperly applied twice during character creation when replaying your last character. These improper characters would also generate invalid character codes.
Fixed an issue that caused certain subtype attributes, like increased heat resistance, to not be applied to characters created via the build library.
Fixed an issue causing outdated true kin character codes to crash the game.
Fixed an issue that caused a clone of Otho to be created when it shouldn't have been.
Fixed an issue with achievements that prevented books from being read.
NPCs with multiple cybernetic implants installed now only have their names modified with the 'implanted' adjective once.
Fixed an issue that caused all merchants to improperly be able to recharge cells, instead of only those with the ability to.
Fixed a rare exception that occurred when objects with energy cell sockets were generated.
Fixed a rare issue that caused a 'too many heap sections' error while building jungle maps.
Fixed an issue causing zones to stay active in memory longer than intended.
Fixed an issue causing ocassional heap allocation errors during game saves.
Rusted Archway no longer incorrectly fills a full 3x3 world map title.
Lowered the amount of memory that must be in use before an out-of-memory warning is displayed.
[modding] Made the 'Dormant' class public.
[modding] Fixed an issue where .RPM files that weren't mods to existing RPM files would fail to load.

Yeah, this was one of those situations where whatever went down was all internal until things finally went boom underground---like the sad fate of Fallow World.   :-\

Announcements / Re: Angband (Now at v4.1.1!)
« on: November 17, 2017, 01:03:57 PM »
It somewhat begs for another similar update in conjunction where each level feeling is the highest possible level as well---99 Floors of the best* to eke out The Best.

Announcements / Re: Angband (Now at v4.1.1!)
« on: November 16, 2017, 01:20:25 PM »
v4.1.1   :o
This version principally fixes bugs and balance issues from 4.1.0; thanks to everyone who has contributed to finding and fixing these. It also contains the experimental persistent levels birth option.

Announcements / Re: Sil-quirk (now at Release 5)
« on: November 15, 2017, 01:05:17 PM »
Release 5

Morgoth is still killable. But probably not by you.

Morgoth is much tougher, and gets harder to kill as he gets more damaged. Someone will doubtless manage to kill him sooner or later, but a three-sil victory with Morgoth alive is probably easier than a Morgoth kill now. Getting a Sil and getting out is definitely easier. The throne room enemies crowd you less at the start, Morgoth's crown takes less to knock off, and the Sils yield themselves up to three different tests, only one of which is helped by Sharpness. When fleeing to the surface, all the stairs are upshafts and downshafts, going 100 ft at a time and there are twice as many of them.

Song of Slaying has gone away. Song of Sharpness has gone away. Song of Este has gone away (this I was more torn on, but I don't think I've heard of anyone using it since it was last buffed).

What's new?

Song of Challenge makes enemies too aggressive to think straight. This means archers and scouts will close to melee range, and enemies will pile into corridors after you without waiting to flank you. Of course, making everyone who can hear you upset and aggressive probably has some downsides, but I can't think what they might be.

Song of Thresholds lets you turn every door into a Glyph of Warding. The better you sing, the better your ward. The best warding is nearly unbreakable. You also gain a bonus to Evasion when defending a threshold.

Song of Delvings slowly reveals the permanent features of the map around you, along with any creatures of stone that might be slinking through those rocky passages.

Song of Aule has more of a forge flavour, and also grants resist fire.

Vengeance is a skill that replaces Defiance on the Will tree; it grants you an extra damage die when you get injured in melee. It goes away when you score a successful hit, and I'm afraid you can't stack damage dice by getting hit a lot; my testing confirmed that that got very broken very fast.

Leaping now jumps all traps except roosts and webs.

Mewlips no longer have map rot. They should still present some challenge.

Horns of Blasting damage creatures of stone.

Lug is a bit less lethal again.

There are other minor bugfixes but probably not in areas many people noticed.

Savefiles are broken between version and now save as 1.3.2 - this is so anyone actually killing Morgoth now has their bragging rights visible from the version.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Special Sunday Patch Roundup!)
« on: November 12, 2017, 08:55:32 PM »
Sunday Patch Roundup  8)
Happy Sunday, adventurers! This week's patch has turned out to be one of the very biggest in Tangledeep's entire history. It started as mostly bug fixes but grew to include an enormous amount of meaningful balance changes and new content. Let's dive in!

All 8 weapon types now have a third tier mastery skill. Each of these skills are totally unique to each weapon type and provide excellent passive benefits. For example, the third Bow mastery will randomly interrupt enemy skills used within your bow range. The third Axe mastery will execute another attack immediately if your first attack slays a monster.

Of course, this is just the appetizer for...

Rounding out the weapon mastery tree are Ultimate Techniques for each weapon! These are super-powerful active skills that cost no Stamina or Energy, but carry a long cooldown that only ticks when wielding their respective weapon types. Ultimate Techniques are the most expensive to learn, and you can only accept ONE per character due to their incredible power.

There are a ton of changes in this patch, all intended to deliver a more well-rounded experience. Spellshapers (and Spirit Power in general) have been toned down; Parry now scales a bit higher, but is halved at ranged, giving melee fighters a new advantage. Several magic mods have been tweaked to drop at any level, that previously only dropped at low levels. The Strength stat has been improved. And more!

Venture through a volcanic mine and help some friendly Craggan miners, picking up some gems along the way! This area will appear for any new characters.

A new gear set has been added that should make tanky melee characters very happy. There are also a number of new magic mods for *melee* weapons specifically.

We threw out the previous inventory filter system, which didn't make a lot of sense. The new system is much more straightforward, fitting each item into a 'tag' such as Recovery, Offense, or Utility. You can easily filter your consumables with a single click or button press, and view just Favorites as well.

Want to boss your pet around? Is your summon misbehaving? Try giving them commands! By clicking on their portrait in the 'party' HUD (lower right), OR entering examine mode and clicking on them, you can issue some basic instructions. For example, you can tell a pet to stick more closely to you while moving around, stop using abilities, or drop everything and run to you immediately (even in the middle of combat.)

Announcements / Hand of Fate 2 (now available) $
« on: November 07, 2017, 05:00:46 PM »  $29.99 Win/Mac/Linux
Hand of Fate 2 is a dungeon crawler set in a world of dark fantasy. Master a living boardgame where every stage of the adventure is drawn from a deck of legendary encounters chosen by you! Choose wisely - your opponent, the enigmatic Dealer, will pull no punches as he shapes you into the instrument of his revenge.

The table has changed, but the stakes remain the same: life or death!

    A world transformed - 100 years have passed since the Dealer was usurped and the Game of Life and Death gained a new master.
    22 exciting new challenges that will push your deck-building skills to the limit - Hunt fiendish assassins, reunite star-crossed lovers or build up a fortress to withstand a raider assault!
    Enlist the aid of all new companion characters - team up with them in battle, or have them bend the rules of the boardgame in your favor!
    Hundreds of new encounters, artifacts and items to earn and upgrade.
    Enhanced action-RPG combat - shred foes with quick dual-wielded daggers or brutalize them with heavy two-handed hammers. Build up your combo meter to unleash powerful special attacks!
    Engage new foes united by all-new card suits - Cross swords with disciplined Imperial soldiers, purge corrupted mutants and fend off northern raiders.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Patch Review Roundup Part 8)
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:49:14 PM »
Patch Review Roundup Part 8

Hello adventurers! Halloween might be over, but we still came up with a mountain of treats over the last week. Our focus was primarily on making the game experience better overall, fulfilling many player-requested features and conveniences, addressing balancing issues, and fixing tons of bugs. Here are some of the highlights:

Balance: Monster Density and Respawns
In the 2nd half the game, most maps would often spawn with a very high monster density and respawn rate. This made it a bit too difficult to survive as you'd be constantly overwhelmed by monsters, even after defeating a whole group. We've adjusted these numbers, which should make it more rewarding to stand and fight instead of just running through.

Pet Improvements
Love having pets? Well, we have good news! Tamed corral monsters now regain 25% of their health with each passing ingame day. Also, the "Companions" magic mod now applies to ALL pets, not just ones from the corral. Plus, you can now buy Pet Insurance to ensure your carefully-raised monster buddy isn't lost forever if it gets in trouble.

Item Stacks
You can now drop, deposit, or withdraw specific amounts of any item instead of whole stacks at once. Also, shopkeepers now display stacks of consuambles instead of the same item 4-5 times in a row.

Snack Bag Shortcut
Eating food is something any good Tangledeep player will be doing all the time. However, it was a bit clumsy to open the menu, go to your inventory, and filter your healing food every time you wanted to heal. Now, there's a new UI shortcut (and bindable action) that jumps immediately to your Inventory with only healing tiems filtered. Handy!

Combat Log Cleanup
In a heated battle, the combat log can easily generate tons of messages. We've done a pass of consolidating many of these messages; for example, if you restore HP, Energy, and Stamina, this is now displayed on one line instead of three. If a monster takes damage multiple times from the same source, that is also combined. We'll continue making improvements and tweaks here.

More Attack Animations
The rest of the jobs are now fully animated, with movement, idle, and attack animations in all directions!

All this, plus a smattering of new legendary items and lots of bug fixes!

Feature Friday #111

We added seven new achievements.
Mutagenic Mastery
Advance a mutation to level 15.
Learn the complete history of a single sultan.
Cubic and Wisest Human
Activate a time cube.
Go on. Do it.
Wield the amaranthine prism.
Tongue in Cheek
Fixed a bug that caused merchant advertisements to occasionally be blank.

Greetings, wayfarers.

We wanted to take a moment to communicate our patch schedule for November, which will deviate slightly from our weekly patch cadence due to behind-the-scenes work on the Cooking feature arc[] and some time spent traveling. Here's our plan:

Nov. 3rd (this friday): small patch
Nov. 10th and Nov. 17th: no patches
Around Thanksgiving (Nov. 22nd): big patch with cooking and the revamped hunger system

We don't have an exact date for the Cooking patch since it's a work in progress, but it'll be around Thanksgiving time.

So see you this Friday... and then until Thanksgiving:

Live and drink.

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 37) $
« on: November 02, 2017, 07:00:13 PM »
Alpha 37

This will be the last update that I’ll be dedicating to Downtown for the time being. At some point, I’ll circle back around to it, much like I plan on doing for the other levels. For the next update, I’ll be switching gears to focus on bug fixes and balance. Not particularly glamorous, but it’s been awhile since I did any real housekeeping, and I’ve amassed a rather enormous pile of bugs to fix thanks in large part to reports from you fine folks.

For those that enjoyed last week’s Zombie disaster: Yes, the Zombie disaster will still appear in-game randomly. Also, check out the new “Zombies Ate My Game Balance” mutator, which adds zombies to every level.

This week’s Fortnight Discussion: Clerks. They’re a new character in the game. How should they function?

Alpha 37

New Stuff
Game is now playable through 4-3

New Track “Floor 4-3 Heavy Wheezing on the Dancefloor”, also added to soundtrack owners’ libraries

Zombies Ate My Game Balance

Non-Playable Characters

Holes may appear in place of Canals sometimes
Ice Rink

Power Box
Turntables functionality

Downtown Diva achievement can be earned

Everything Else
Updated Simplified Chinese translations
Added a Fan Translation fix for languages that use special characters such as Japanese to prevent characters from appearing too small in certain spots on the interface. To implement the fix, see the updated “How To Make Translations.txt” file.

Upper-Crusters may travel with their own personal Slaves
It is now possible to offer Slaves to Mobsters when they mug you
Fix for Slaves blowing up after falling down a hole
Fix for “Sign Up to Fight” button sometimes appearing multiple times on multiplayer client

Fix for Arrested people having the wrong head sprite
Fixed cases where NPCs might not animate properly if they were on the screen when the game was started
NPCs point their guns directly at their opponent rather than simply pointing in the direction they’re facing
Changed graphics for Train slightly
Fix for instances where a person could remain highlighted white after being attacked and flashing
Fix for cases where Bridges across canals appeared to be facing the wrong direction on multiplayer client
City Park transition tiles (i.e. parks within Downtown) have been modified to be more organic

Playfield Objects
Potential fix for objects sometimes becoming non-interactable on multiplayer client
Fix for Manholes spawning too close to the level entrance
Lamps can be affected by EMP Grenades
Fix for not being able to use Alarm Buttons when you have other people in your party
Fix for Alarm Button dialogue not appearing on multiplayer client
Metal Detector turns off when Arena battle starts
Fix for Alarm Button not causing Supercop to spawn when destroyed by fire
Fix for Saw Blade continuing to make noise after being shut down
Fix for objects taking a second to be destroyed on multiplayer client when shot by shotgun

Fix for EMP Grenade making certain objects non-functional when they were not classified as being electronic
Jock NPCs no longer carry nonexistent “Baseball” item
Fix for “Remove w/Slave Helmet Remover” button appearing twice if player has more than one
Fix for thrown items being capable of hitting people hidden in Bushes or Manholes

Rogue Vision is now included in the pool of potential Daily Run mutators
Fix for player being able to choose “Create A Mutator” button

Level Generation
Office Drone has been replaced with Clerk in a bunch of spots
Buildings can potentially have two Bouncers now
Power Boxes may appear in random spots on levels, typically guarded by police
Jukeboxes have been added to certain buildings

Artificial Intelligence
Added Ice Skating behavior
Fix for police getting angry if player attacks Zombies
Zombies no longer wait outside of doors when their opponent is on the other side like other NPCs do, because they are stupid zombies
All store owners and Guards in Mall get annoyed with Suspicious or Malodorous characters
People at the Arena cheer during fights, and when a fight is over
Fix for Supercops not investigating the player’s location upon spawning if they were too far away from the player
NPCs are less likely to walk directly on Train and Mine Cart Tracks, particularly when they are not in combat
Cops and Supercops are now Loyal to Upper-Crusters
Mobsters will not bug the player for money if they are fighting other people
Mobsters will not bug the player for money if they use the Alarm Button to call a Supercop
NPCs no longer stop for a split second if the player interacts with them but the NPC does not have context buttons
If the player interacts with someone traveling in a gang (i.e. Mobsters), the other gang members will stop and wait for the interaction to finish
If a Slave has one owner and that owner begins to flee, the Slave will follow to avoid having their helmet blow up due to the distance
Fix for NPCs not being more careful about accidentally shooting their allies in the back
Fix for NPCs not getting angry if the player used the Shotgun on owned objects

Created new Free version of the game for and GameJolt

Did a bunch of work on a “Chinese Government Approved” Chinese version of the game

Announcements / Re: Sil-quirk (now at Release 4)
« on: October 31, 2017, 11:50:11 AM »
Release 4

Lots going on in this update.

Smithing has had a substantial reworking. Artistry is gone. You can now modify item stats simply from having Weaponsmith or Armoursmith. It's not quite as cheap as it was. Slays are cheaper, sustains are cheaper, resistances are cheaper; sharpness is more expensive. Abilities cost less experience at the lower end and more at the higher end; they're very slightly cheaper to add. There have been a lot of little tweaks, please play around and see what you think.

Expertise is the new smithing skill. It reduces your costs by half, rounding down. A lot of things that you'd otherwise only craft with a Herb of Restoration handy are now more easily available once you have the skill.

Smashing Blow is gone for something more interesting: Coup de Grace. It's now possible to satisfyingly murder enemies whose health is less than your combined strength and dexterity without any prospect of them escaping. You can use this to finish off almost dead enemies or swat a fragile evasive thing. At the moment there are no prerequisites; I rely on your feedback to let me know how much balancing it will need.

Lorekeeper and Loremaster are gone. Alchemy takes up the slack for identifying potions and herbs and staves, and tells you when things are cursed. Someone capable of enchanting items with Enchantment can tell precisely what enchantments are present on an item. Forewarned tells you all about enemy stats, and adds a hefty bonus of 1/4 your Perception to your Evasion - provided you've invested more into the former than the latter.

Skeletons are searchable. Orc skeletons will give you fairly terrible stuff which will probably still be worth considering at 50 feet. Other skeletons may do better for you.

Light levels give bonuses to perception for traps and secret doors. The worst traps (acid and false floors) are easier to disarm than before.

Horns have been overhauled. They now work like breath weapons. In particular Horns of Force behave quite differently (and IMO more usefully) than they did.

Daggers and sceptres and crowns are now more likely to have enchantments on. Longswords and bastard swords will be a little rarer early on.

Artifact rarity has been rebalanced a bit. Some non-broken artifacts have been made less rare, but artifacts are rarer in general.

Rog's hammer is in. It is suitably powerful, but is not without dangers.

Various other bugfixes are in: monster protection is applied to earthquakes, !a inscription no longer lets you spot invisible monsters, Gorthaur is back to summoning Oathwraiths.

Broken swords are out. A new artifact spear is in.


Blunt weapons do bonus damage against armour. Armour only absorbs 3/4 of the damage the blunt weapon deals - this is better than 25% Sharpness where the amount of damage you would do is less than the armour roll. Damage dice remain low to compensate.

Whirlwind attack tweaked further; it now has a 50% chance of halting every time you deal damage.

Careful Shot is now replaced by Rout, aim with +5 to hit against fleeing enemies. This gives casual archers a good tool particularly in the early game, but is unlikely to be overpowered late on.

Merged Clarity, Mind over Body and Resist Fear into a new skill, Indomitable.

Moved Strength in Adversity to Mind over Body's slot. It now boosts Dex as well.

New skill - Defiance - saves you from a death-blow and sets your current and max HP equal to your Will.

256-colour terminal support.

mpa-sil screen centering fix merged.

Gorged status is gone. Eating more than you can stomach only spurs your digestion to new heights (you still shouldn't eat all your food at once, but you'll manage to get that herb or potion in when full).

Artifact with Throwing Mastery replaced.

Concentration prerequisite removed.

Song of Este prerequisite removed. Song of Este boosted a little. Now sustains stats as well. This is a temporary fix until the Song tree can be more properly reworked.

Deathblades gone, two new orc uniques added.


Previous savegames are not compatible.

The latest features do not add a whole lot of new content but put together they seem to bring enough interesting gameplay changes to the table to merit their own release, so there you go.

Perhaps I should have given some kind of Halloween theme to the release or something since it seems to be all the rage at the moment, maybe adding jack-o-lanterns to the background or something, but instead I decided to shudder at the idea.

Change Log:

    * Latent Doom System: A series of initially harmless events that will get more dangerous and frequent as more territories of the colony are destroyed, eventually spiraling out of control and potentially destroying the entire colony.
    * Playable Emperors/Empresses: Proclaiming yourself one does not end the game, instead giving you absolute power over voting proposals, the power to banish other aristocrats at whim as well as giving you taxes revenues and the ability to economically plunder the colony for your own benefit. You'll also get an Imperial Palace as homebase, which you can rebuild if destroyed as long as you remain in power. Abdicating is also an option.
    * Social Context: A new social context will come into effect after each game cycle, altering the rules of the game sometimes drastically and sometimes insignificantly, changing what others wear, the costs of living or what the player is allowed to do or not. Up to 3 of these social contexts can be combined in any given cycle. They can be seen in the Current Affairs information screen.
    * Stock Exchange:  You can now buy and sell mainland holdings from the Investments menu. Their price fluctuates along with the target territory's Economy value allowing you to buy low and sell high, as well as earning dividends. These holdings have a chance of being available to you in following cycles if the territory's Instability is low and it is controlled by an allied lobby.
    * Advanced Start: You now have the chance to start with 3 social contexts already in effect and without the mini-tutorial tips.
    * Feyfolk can grant new powers, such as fey visions and your own empire.
    * Units, aristocrats and lovers, especially long-lasting ones, can now sometimes become resentful when you break contact with them and cause Local Tension to increase.
    * Investing blindly in local ventures that haven't been tried before is still as risky, but more profitable.
    * Decoys are now called Ruses.
    * 22 initial social contexts.
    * 10 initial latent dooms.
    * 1 new relic.
    * 6 new units.
    * Several bug fixes and tweaks.


Major changes since the last public release:

    13 custom character slots.
    new race: changeling (start with polymorph and polymorph control).
    new shrines: sacred grove (druid) and mystic coven (witch).
    new spell: bind undead.
    new zoo: tavern.
    magic marker can be used to rename items.
    karma is now capped instead of unbounded.
    kicking chests has a chance to break glass items.
    missile tiles are rotated to face the actual direction.
    improved knowledge panel for key statistics.
    tap anywhere for convenient pathing.
    VI-key support.

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