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Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Patch Review Roundup #5)
« on: September 23, 2017, 12:15:01 PM »
Patch Review Roundup #5

Hello adventurers! Development is in high-gear and we've got lots of cool stuff to share from our work over the past week.

Tired of all your trees doing the same thing? Now there are four distinct species of tree, all with their own unique look and items! Depending on what kind of drops you need, you can plant the appropriate seeds and cultivate your very own custom grove. You can also find uncommon and even rare seeds that result in more magnificent and powerful trees.

If you haven't used the Dreamcaster yet, it's a device in Riverstone Grove that allows you to spend Orbs of Reverie - plus some gold - to delve into "Item Dreams" and power up your items. We've expanded this system further with the addition of "Lucid Orbs", which have specific modifiers already attached to them. For example, using a "Lucid Orb of Elemental Shielding" in the Dreamcaster and entering your favorite legendary shield will add Elemental Shielding to that shield! (As long as you spend enough gold, too.)

Lucid Orbs will allow players to more precisely customize the perfect gear set for their character, and encourage new builds! Stay tuned, as this system is going to get expanded even further next week...

More jobs now have idle/run sprites in all four cardinal directions. We're looking more polished every day.

From instant switching of ranged weapons to better equipment bonus readouts, page up/down shortcuts, a better pet UI display, better error message feedback, smarter cursor auto-targeting and over a dozen more features, we've been fulfilling lots of player-requested improvements.

Our philosophy is that the challenge of Tangledeep should come from the gameplay, not issues with controls, UI, or information displays. That all should be butter smooth and a pleasure to interact with!

In our ongoing mission to maximize the number of fun and effective builds and characters you can use, we've made changes such as allowing 2-handed weapons to have up to 8 magic mods, making Daggers use both Guile and Strength to compliment the stats of common dagger-using jobs, adjusting how summons work, and much more.

We've also punched up the difficulty of New Game+ mode a bit further, and adjusted the second boss fight to be more in line with the escalating difficulty of the 1st and 3rd. Lastly, the XP curve has been tweaked so the early game doesn't soar by quite so quickly, while at the same time monsters take longer to become "Worthless".

We've continued to do lots of under-the-hood work, reducing the size of save files, reducing level generation time, and adding a spiffier, more-accurate way to see if the game is loading data (rather than sitting at a black screen with static text.)

p.s. Have you been enjoying Tangledeep? If so, consider writing a review! It really helps the visibility of game <3

Announcements / Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #105) $
« on: September 23, 2017, 03:03:50 AM »
Feature Friday #105

Added an overlay UI screen for cybernetics selection during character creation.
Removed the guaranteed credit wedge from Mafeo's inventory; we meant to remove this wedge when we gave Q Girl one, but we never did.
Autoequip no longer equips multiple torches.
Fixed an issue where fungal infections would knock cybernetic implants out of their equipment slots.
Fixed NPC templars not being recognized as True Kin by becoming nooks.
You can no longer install cybernetic implants on non-natural body parts, like the additional face slot created by two-faced helmets.
Fixed an issue serializing objects with butcherable cybernetic implants.
Fixed an issue causing autoget to not pick up closed containers of fresh water.
Fixed some issues causing autoget to cycle through fresh water puddles forever if the player didn't have room to carry more water in their inventory.
Fixed some issues causing 'w'alk and autoexplore to differ in their decisions about what hostiles they stopped for.
Fixed some issues causing autoexplore to swap with enemies, particularly turrets.
Fixed some issues causing autoexplore to not recognize hostile turrets as hostile.

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 34) $
« on: September 21, 2017, 09:59:27 PM »
Alpha 34

As you may be aware, I’ve spent the past month or so doing heavy optimization work on Streets of Rogue. Welp, my work is mostly complete for now! As a result of these efforts, the game performs an average of 75% to 100% faster than it did previously! Not bad, eh? There are still some trouble spots that need attention, not to mention the load times could be improved -- but for the time being, I’m very pleased with the results.

This also means that I finally get to start working on content again, so starting this weekend, Level 4 development will be in full swing. Expect to see an early, unfinished version of my work in the next update.

This week’s Fortnight Discussion: “Ideas for a Mobile Version”. No, I’m not planning on creating a mobile version anytime soon. For all I can say at this point, it may never happen! But, I do get asked about Android/iOS a lot, and I’m curious to hear what sort of changes would need to be made for this version to not suck.

Alpha 34
Many, many improvements

Fix for possessed characters in multiplayer sometimes having white eyes

UI / Controls
Fix for being able to press Esc and quit the game on the loading screen when not in online
multiplayer mode
Fix for character select interface not being transparent after death in multiplayer games
Fix for character select screen appearing briefly (barely noticeable) while black “curtains” open at the start of multiplayer games

Fix for lakes that appear to be poisoned sometimes not giving proper effects to the player

Fix for items sometimes going all teleport-y crazy after falling into an incinerator
Fix for items sometimes going nuts when near the edges of water
Fix for item sprite appearing at wrong position on Y axis after exiting water

Fixed issue where commanding people to attack an object wouldn’t work properly if the player went outside a certain range of the object

Fix for no sound playing when Tranquilizer darts and Water Pistol shots hit wall

Fix for player jumping in and out of water too frequently when landing on the edge of the water body

Artificial Intelligence
People become hostile toward someone who freezes their friend
Fix for people sometimes getting stuck at the edge of holes
People are better at figuring out when to pause for Fire Spewers

Announcements / Re: Lenna's Inception (Now at v0.12) $
« on: September 20, 2017, 10:30:02 PM »
v0.12  8)

Local co-op

Local co-op has been completely revamped. The second player now controls Shadow Lenna, a character with all the same abilities and stats as Lenna herself.

To use local co-op, simply make sure two controllers are attached and configured, and then start using the second controller. If left alone for ten seconds, Shadow Lenna will despawn again.

Since local co-op requires more HUD space in order to display a second health bar, the UI has undergone a minor redesign, which can be seen in the GIF above.


Four out of eight dungeon bosses have now been redesigned with improved graphics and mechanics. The new bosses are located in:

The first dungeon
The dungeon containing the bow
The dungeon containing the swimming shorts
The dungeon containing the amulet of strength

A previous update introduced side-quests with rewards that weren’t used for anything at the time. Those rewards can now be made use of in combination with the prince’s power and the new bosses, although the ultimate purpose of doing that is still not implemented. Yes, I’m being deliberately obtuse—it’s super spoilery!

Exploration and collecting

The game makes better use of the overworld now. Exploration is encouraged in order to find ventricles and atria (heart pieces), as well as meteorite chunks. Additionally, meteorite chunks can now be used for a wider variety of equipment and item storage upgrades. And finally, all caves are guaranteed to contain items that contribute towards a permanent equipment / stat / companion upgrade of some sort.

The update also includes dozens of bug fixes, smaller features and polish items.

The Future

Here’s what we’re planning for the next update and beyond:

Implement the remaining four dungeon bosses.
Implement the four final bosses, and the three story endings.
Complete our GBA-like graphical mode.
Implement Shadow Lenna’s introduction at the beginning of the game.
Write the modding guide!
Tweak the dialogue in a few places, to flow more naturally and include more jokes.
Add more polish and secrets!


On the left is the gambling / banking minigame. Spend your spare ¢oins on six stocks, then pull the handle to watch your investments go up or down. But pay attention to the headlines, or you might invest at the wrong time!

On the right there is the Hallucinatory Battle Arena. Enter the cave and defeat 11 waves of enemies to win an exclusive prize!

(There may also be one other, secret, minigame…)


Eight side-quests have been added to the game. Some build upon content that has been in the game a long time, and others involve new content. Pictured above, we have one portion of a trading sequence (left), and a short stealth mission (right).

New boss

Most of the work in this update has gone into building new systems to support better boss battles (multi-part sprites, behavior trees, beams, etc.).

Pictured above is Crabaddon, the first of the new bosses, designed largely by Jay. Crabaddon will replace one of the old bosses in the randomly-generated dungeons. Since you can get these bosses in any order, these new bosses will all have two phases. You’ll always fight the first phase… But you will only fight the second phase if you’re in one of the late-game dungeons.

A wealth of other improvements and bug fixes are going into this update. Mac users, for instance, will be pleased to hear that the game is now packaged as a standard .app bundle.


Major changes since the last public release:

    New branch: Lich Tower
    New class: convict (extreme challenge class with no skills, no equipment, shackled with ball & chain and no hope for survival).
    New monsters: dracolich, disintegrator, orc berserker
    New artifacts: Dragonbane, Cleaver, Eyes of Ra,
    New item: scroll of tranquillity
    Help index with text search
    Manual quick save button
    Rebalanced item essence for crafting
    Optimised saving time when transitioning between levels
    Turkish and Ukrainian translations!

Feature Friday #104 ~ARRP 2017   8)

Putus Templar now occasionally spawn with cybernetic implants. When one does, they have the "implanted" moniker, their detail color is change, and their implants are listed in the equipment section of their description.
With Masterful Butchery, you can now butcher cybernetic implants from corpses and limbs. You usually succeed, but occasionally you rip them apart in the process.
Added human corpses.
Skillful Butchery is now a prerequisite for Masterful Butchery.
Skillful Harvestry is now a prerequisite for Masterful Harvestry.
Fixed a bug that was introduced when we changed Willpower to affect all cooldowns: Mass Mind now properly refreshes mental cooldowns instead of reducing them to 20%.
Previously, when you equipped (not installed) a cybernetic implant that took up an equipment slot when installed, you couldn't unequip it. Now you can.
Cybernetic implants no longer appear grey on the equipment screen when you simply equip them.
Fixed a bug that caused a dig power to remain in your ability list after the skulk tonic's effect wore off, if you had prerelease content enabled.
Fixed some issues with certain world seeds causing crashes.
Fixed some cases of the new cybernetics UI screens not responding to Enter or prerelease input manager mappings.
[modding] Added a new part for augmenting a creature with cybernetic implants: Cybernetics2HasRandomImplants. Its properties are ImplantChance, ImplantTable, and LicensesAtLeast. ImplantChance specifies the percentage chance the creature spawns with implants. ImplantTable specifies the population table to roll the implants from. LicensesAtLeast specifies the minimum number of license points worth of implants the creature will be generated with. Ex: <part Name="Cybernetics2HasRandomImplants" ImplantChance="25" ImplantTable="Cybernetics4" LicensesAtLeast="6"></part>

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 15, 2017, 09:37:34 PM »
That ARRP goodness~   8)

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at ~ARRP 3 Week Patch Roundup)
« on: September 15, 2017, 06:35:48 PM »
~ARRP 3 Week Patch Roundup  8)

Hello adventurers! Let's go over all the awesome stuff that has been added, changed, and improved over the last 3 weeks.

One of the major goals of our Kickstarter was raising funds to do directional animations for all player characters. We've made some great progress on that, with the Brigand being the first job to enjoy a full set of animations in all directions!

Who doesn't love extra flavor in their drink? At levels 5, 10, and 15, you will now get a choice of Infusions to add to your flask which produce all sorts of positive effects!

Previously, reaching floor 20 would take you to the final boss battle. Now, there is a final 'hub area' with four connected, hand-crafted zones with all-new monsters and minibosses to fight. Completing these very difficult areas doesn't just yield great loot, XP, and JP, but they will weaken the final boss as well.

It's what you've always wanted: the ability to not just capture dungeon monsters, but take them into the dungeon as permanent pets! The new monster corral builds on the previous patches, allowing you up to 12 monster slots (up from 3). Captured monsters, once further tamed, can be brought back into the dungeon and will fight by your side forever... or until they die. But unlike other pets, monster pets get half of your healing, so it's easier to keep 'em alive!

Not only that, but it is now possible to create ALL-NEW monsters by cooking Romantic meals and serving them to two monsters with good relationships. Did I mention all monsters now maintain relationships with all other monsters in the corral?! Hybrid monsters inherit stats and powers from their parents, allowing you to potentially create the ultimate pet with lots of awesome stats and abilities.

From performance optimizations to save data handling and much more, we've written huge swaths of engine code to make it more performant and easier to edit and maintain.

Dozens of fixes and QOL improvements have been made, such as showing more detailed and accurate Spellshape information, a new pet "party" UI on the main HUD, better menu behavior and much more.

Tangledeep is getting a console port! Which console? You'll find out soon enough! With master devmans Jim Shepard now on the team full-time, we've actually created a working build on (insert console name here). Exciting times!

Events and News / ARRP 2017 looms stealthily!
« on: September 13, 2017, 08:58:26 PM »

What dreams shall manifest?   8)

Announcements / Songbringer (now at v1.0.1) $
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:46:53 AM »  $19.99 Win/Mac/Linux/PS4/XBO

Darkness sleeps just beneath the cracks on the ever-changing planet. The curious will uncover powerful artifacts and forge them anew. The strong will take the nanosword and crush galactic giants.

Songbringer: Procedural Action RPG
Songbringer is a scifi action RPG with swords, secrets, dungeons, bosses and stuff.

You play the role of protagonist and accidental hero, Roq Epimetheos. With a propensity for partying and making music, he cruises the galaxy with his skybot Jib aboard the ship Songbringer, searching for verdant planets absent the presence of galactic police.

When Roq finds the nanosword hidden in a cave on Ekzera, he unwittingly awakens an ancient evil. The sword is pretty fraggin' sweet though. It... hums.

Jib, the Skybot
Jib began life as a human boy on the skycity planet Yuerder. Growing up, he took an interest in programming artificial intelligence, eventually making a career for himself. On his deathbed, he illegally transferred his consciousness into a skybot, destroying the consciousness link thereby preventing overwrite.

Jib scans the bodies of your fallen foes, sometimes uncovering valuable loot. He can also gain the ability to stun foes. Jib is automatically controlled by AI, or player two can play Jib in local co-op mode.

Lacking the ability to grow one as a human, Jib is obsessed with mustaches.

You choose a 6-letter world seed when beginning a quest. This seed is used to procedurally generate the planet, overworld, secrets and dungeons.

Entering the same world seed will always generate the same world, no matter which platform you are playing on. Thus lore and competition can be shared with others.

Play a new seed and surprise yourself with a new world. Or enter a seed you are familiar with for a speed run.

Open / Non-linear
The generated overworld is open and non-linear. Head in any compass direction you like or play dungeons out of order. You aren't even required to pick up the sword.

Of the nine dungeons Roq and Jib can uncover in each world:
    Some are thematic, containing puzzles and items integral to completing the world.
    Some are secret, hidden side quests in which abilities can be gained.
    Some are tough as nails with overwhelmingly difficult foes, mobs and bosses.

Secrets of the Cacti
Everywhere one looks, there is much that is not seen. Concealed treasures abound. By eating cacti, Roq gains psychedelic powers and is able to perceive the secrets that lurk in plain sight.

Some items Roq discovers can be combined to create distinct artifacts. Find a blink orb and a fire cube? Take these to the droidsmith aboard Songbringer to craft a fire orb enabling Roq to teleport forward a few steps while turning into a fireball.

Songbringer features no experience points (no XP). Progress is made by crushing mobs, vanquishing bosses and claiming lost technological devices.

On completing a quest, several factors are quantified to produce an overall score:

    Time to complete
    Percentage of map uncovered
    Percentage of items obtained
    Game mode: regular vs permadeath

Your score can be saved to a global leaderboard sorted by world seed. This leaderboard cycles through seeds by popularity and freshness. You can manually override to view a particular seed.


Thanks for helping to make Songbringer's launch a success. I appreciate all the praise, constructive criticism and feedback you all have sent.

Some free updates are planned for Songbringer which will feature new items and abilities. More on this as it develops.

In this update, a focus has been placed on making the combat more precise, accurate and tight.

[NEW] New feature: blink momentum - repeated usage of the Blink Orb has a faster and faster cooldown
[NEW] New feature: clutch courage defense - Roq takes less damage when at less than one tooth of courage
[NEW] New story element hints at how to beat Radruiel (the Blob Boss) if he proves difficult

[+++] Roq's sword hitboxes have been adjusted to feel more precise and accurate
[+++] Roq's sword hitboxes are more consistent due to remembering attack direction after letting go
[+++] Sparks from the sword now hit objects in more accurate locations and fly in a more accurate direction
[+++] Roq's sword hitbox last slightly longer so attacks connect more often and timing feels better
[+++] Roq's subsequent sword combos have slightly less and less attack delay
[+++] Roq's tophat aim direction is remembered after letting go of a direction
[+++] Roq slows down a little bit less when swinging the sword while running
[+++] One can revisit any previously locked dungeons after completing the game in order to gain 100% items and/or map
[+++] Viper enemy's rate of attack is now based on the dungeon difficulty instead of being random
[+++] Add black sparks when hitting foes
[+++] Thickets are no longer created around home area if one has the Victor's Emblem
[+++] Minor adjustments to the hitboxes of lightning and ice effects
[+++] Ice dragons can no longer shoot multiple freezing ice balls at once
[+++] Lassaurium (Ice Boss) is slightly less random in her final phase
[+++] Bath Kol (Lightning Boss) no longer heals from lightning-crafted weapons

[FIX] Fixed a situation where the crafting warning would not play when using the Captain's Note
[FIX] Fixed Diamond Sack and Blink Orb not showing the correct upgrade level in stores
[FIX] Up, down, left, right, escape and enter always work in the menu
[FIX] Fixed dialogue remaining on screen after transition
[FIX] Fixed an empty flask re-appearing if you came back with the corresponding full flask
[FIX] Fixed Linux multi-monitor support
[FIX] Fixed foes getting pushed into walls in overly-crowded rooms
[FIX] Game auto-saves after critical story events aboard Songbringer

Looking slick and well set up for the future to come.   8)

Announcements / Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #103) $
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:42:10 AM »
Update 96 onward definitely makes things the field of mental power doings~   8)

Announcements / Re: We Slay Monsters (now at v1.1) $
« on: September 09, 2017, 04:35:38 PM »

First major update since launch! This update is mostly focused on big balance changes, which should increase the overall difficulty. If that’s not enough, we have added HARD MODE for those of you that want it even tougher.

Introducing HARD MODE, available on any mission. Hard mode missions will *always* have a miasma, and monsters will have 30% more HP and 30% more Attack power. Completing dungeons on hard mode will grant you 500 gold for completion instead of 200 gold.

Balance Changes:
The difficulty of monsters as you go through chapters will now be harder. Prior to this update, monsters increased 10% in difficulty for each chapter (i.e. the monsters in chapter 5 had 50% more HP and attack than the monsters in chapter 1). This has been increased to 15% per chapter.
All monster unlocks in each chapter have been re-balanced to unlock in a slower fashion. It should average about 1 monster unlocked per mission, but could be more if you had a particularly good run (i.e. earned a lot of points).

UI Tweaks:
When visiting the shoppe before a mission, the randomize button will not show up if it’s use isn’t applicable.
A new reminder message has been added to tell people to upgrade their academy if they haven’t already by the third mission.

Bug FIxes:
Dungeons with unreachable spots due to prisoners or other special items blocking the way should now be more accessible.
Random “invisible” blockages in paths should no longer appear on maps.
Missions played after “winning” the game will no longer be *easier* than they were on chapter 1.
If you had a female hero in the shoppe, choosing to buy a helmet but then changing your mind will no longer leave the poor hero bald.

Announcements / Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #103) $
« on: September 08, 2017, 09:06:47 PM »
Feature Friday #103

We made a few enhancements and fixed a few issues with cybernetics.
Added a new implant: force modulator.
As a true kin, you can now choose to start without cybernetics and license tier 0 in exchange for +1 Toughness.
Randomly generated true kin now occasionally start with no cybernetics.
Reduced the movespeed bonus from motorized treads from +100 to +50. The new bonus means you'll move twice as quickly as you do with 100 movespeed (each point above 100 reduces the energy cost of moving by 1%). This was the intended behavior all along.
You no longer prefer to attack with an equipped hand over your fist if you've cybernetically upgraded your fists.
You can no longer pick up becoming nooks and cybernetics racks.
Implants are no longer improperly installed when you cancel out of the installation menu.
Fixed an issue during implant installation that caused the implant to be installed on the first body part listed regardless of which body part was selected.
You now properly automatically ID artifacts when you have optical technoscanner installed.
Matter recompositer now properly teleports you to explored tiles only.
You should no longer get "the way is blocked" messages when using matter recompositer.
You no longer get a blank popup when you share secrets with Putus Templar.
Unidentified implants should no longer have "[implant]" in their names.
Fixed an issue building the new Cybernetics Ward in Bethesda Susa.
Fixed an issue causing some maps to fail to build on OS X and Linux.

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 33) $
« on: September 07, 2017, 07:14:24 PM »
Alpha 33

Yep, I’m still hard at work optimizing every little detail of Streets of Rogue, and there’s still quite a bit more to do. I didn’t expect the process to take quite as long as it’s taking, but apparently there were a lot more spots in the game where I was doing things in a… less than satisfactory way. It’ll be worth the extra effort, since it means the game will be mounted on a much more solid base. Like I mentioned last update, most modern PC users won’t see a huge difference -- these changes will primarily benefit players on older hardware, and the upcoming console ports of the game.

Today’s update has some noticeable improvements for frame drops in the Industrial areas, and there’s still more to come. There are also a number of bug fixes, mostly for things that I broke during optimization. Please keep me posted on anything else that I may have broken!

Also, apologies for last update’s speculation about the release of the “Level 4 - Downtown” content, I’m going to keep my lips sealed about that until the time comes. New content will be my top priority following the current batch of performance improvements. You can still contribute suggestions for Downtown in this thread.

This week’s Fortnight Discussion: “ProTips”. I know you’ve got some. Let’s have ‘em.

Also, a reminder to check out the Wiki Editor of the Month competition!

Alpha 33
Whole bunch of large and small improvements that hopefully did not break too much

Fix for split-screen camera sometimes showing weird artifacts on Medium lighting mode
Fix for players appearing as purple worm man thing when switching to local multiplayer mode from Home Base

UI / Controls
Fix for “Other players can revive you” messages not appearing in four-player local mode
Fix for certain interface elements appearing in incorrect positions during camera zooms
Fix for dialogue box appearing on top of main menu when the game is paused

Fix for not being able to properly Bribe cops, which in turn made the Cop character impossible to unlock

Playfield Objects
Switches and Laser Emitters cannot be set on fire

Fix for cases in multiplayer games where people would refuse to equip or shoot certain weapons on the server due to traits like Stubby Fingers, though they were equipped on the client

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for game freezing if the player killed themselves while having the Bloodlust trait
Fix for Bloodlust restoring someone’s health after their death
Fix for Bloodlust triggering when the player punched dead bodies that were burnt from fire
Fix for bodies not turning into zombies if they were afflicted with Zombiism and then knocked out and killed

Fix for opponents sometimes immediately punching the player after the player had just initiated combat
Fix for opponents being too aggressive toward the player prior to actually hitting the player for the first time
Fix for opponents consistently being too aggressive toward multiplayer clients
Fix for opponents phasing through walls often as multiplayer client

Fix for Werewolf Transformation sound effects not playing
Sound effects added to menus in a couple spots

Fix for game going haywire when falling down holes and dying while Possessing another person
Possibly a bunch of other fixes for possessing other people
Fix for players being able to continue the game in coop mode if they were falling into a hole after the game had ended due to Suicide or finishing all the levels

Level Generation
Fixed a couple of instances where pits were placed in such a way that people would have difficulty pathing around them

Artificial Intelligence
Improved pathfinding, people less likely to get stuck walking into walls
Fixed issue where people would not pay attention to noises after too many noises had been created during that level
Fix for combat not occurring properly between NPCs when they were off-camera
Fix for people not fleeing clients properly when they were out of range of the host
People will not walk through red lasers in most situations

Announcements / Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.5.4)
« on: September 06, 2017, 11:51:20 AM »

Hey everyone,

I'm very excited to say that translation of Axu is now supported! If I have missed any text, please let me know. I worked very hard the last two weeks fixing bugs, adding new content, and overall making the experience much smoother! 0.5.4 is a "something of everything" kind of release. I've fixed numerous bugs that you guys have brought to my attention, made random artifacts much more interesting, tweaked the UI, added NPC sprites, updated world generation to be less same-y, and rebalanced quite a few enemies. Check out the changelog below to see all the good stuff!

So what's next for Axu? Right now I'm working on restructuring the game's balance. The initial plan was to have a low power curve, but I feel that this is not the best direction to go, since there are so many systems in place. I've seen players have ridiculous stats, and nothing to challenge them. So I need to beef up the mid-game, and start working on end-game content. This is a very difficult task, given the diversity of characters. I want all playstyles to be somewhat viable throughout the entire game, given enough skill. I'm also working my way towards a slimmed-down UI as a toggle-able option. Roguelikes are an information-heavy game, given their usual lack of animations and other tells. I feel that the combat log is still necessary for understanding exactly what's going on, so I am going to leave that in, though taking up less space. Other necessary interface elements include HP, ST, status effects, and the minimap. I've been drawing mock-ups for the past few weeks, but have yet to stumble upon anything clear and functional, yet visually appealing. Aside from those two major focuses, as always, I am slowly working through the main story quests. It makes me sad that Axu is not fully playable from start to finish, but I want to make sure the base game is fun before plowing through the story. Rest assured, I am doing all I can!

On another note, I will be attending the Roguelike Celebration in San Fransisco on November 11-12. I hope to do a talk related to Axu, and would love to meet you guys!


Matt (Cynapse)


        Misc Additions:
    New item modifiers, including firearm-specific ones.
    Daily Hunt and Arena quests once you pass a certain thresholds.
    Villagers and Farmers have new tiles to be more diverse.
    If you have any followers, while in 'L'ook mode, press the Enter key to pick a target for them to attack. You can even harass villagers by having your party follow them.
    Added a sound effect for missing.
    An animation for fang-like weapons.
    New objects: Anvil and Web. The latter causes you to struggle to break free for a random amount of turns while caught. You can still attack, but normal movement is not possible while stuck.
    New traits, including one that increases storage capacity.
    Random Artifacts (Named Items) are now even more versatile. They can have increases or decreases in damage/armor, inherent abilities, and even extra properties the base item does not.

    Reworked world map generation to produce more interesting results.
    World generation time improved by a significant amount by removing cellars (will put them back in once I work around an issue)
    New random Tundra maps.
    Sanctarix now has a static bottom floor.   

    Default damage numbers are dice.
    Reworked status effects in general. All of them now have a set duration rather than a random chance based on Endurance to go away.
    Ported Limb Replacement, Amputation, and Called Shot screens to the new UI system.
    Ported the Look tooltip over to the new UI. It conforms to screen edges, making sure it won't clip.
    New Status Effect UI with icons instead of text.Hover-over tooltips for status effects.
    New combat log and map name UI.
    New poetry panel + art.
    UI panels are slightly more opaque.
    Map quest pointer now displays while not traveling.
    Better handling of the feature list while on the world map.
    Map editor tiles now scale better with different resolutions.
    The screen properly centers if the local map is smaller than the camera's view port.

    Reduced a starting save file to a ridiculously small size by comparison.
    During one of the Ensis' quests, statues can be toppled by walking into them with a digging tool equipped.
    Arrow keys can be used for movement and menu actions.

    Ambushes only occur on the world map.
    While being ambushed, you get a chance to hand over money or a specific item to go free before the bandits attack you.
    Bandit attack severity increased.
    Added a "Hit and Run" AI type.
    Doctors and Book Merchants shuffle their inventories.
    Summoned slime creatures are now considerably weaker, and have new art.
    Felonies can now have HP and ST bonuses.
    Reduced the chance of acquiring Vampirism via a bite.
    Seed Spitters have unlimited ammo.
    Enemies with ranged weapons will attack with that item instead of fists.
    Shovel and Pickaxe are no longer Two-Handed.
    Removed negative item modifiers, but decreased the chance for them to appear.

    Moved all text in the game to the Text.json file, which is editable by modders. This allows FULL translation of the game!   

    Quests shouldn't take all items of a specific category upon completion anymore.
    Bandits no longer spawn in Friendly areas when returning to a map.
    Virash Saints now have their proper tile.
    Capped ability levels at 5. Tomes can no longer increase that level beyond that cap.
    Fixed a crash dealing with Leprosy taking off all the player's available limbs.
    Severed limbs can no longer spam the message log saying they were severed again multiple times.
    Player should more effectively be warned of starving while on the world map.
    No more crash upon getting the alert that you're starving while on the world map.
    Fixed an inventory duplication bug and memory leak.
    You can no longer equip an Off hand item with only one arm.
    Stat tooltips go away when you close the character panel.
    Enemies respawn underground.
    Fixed some pronoun issues with poetry generation.
    Fixed a rare crash when generating poems.
    Tall grass will more rarely show up in water.
    Hopefully fixed an issue with certain glyphs not displaying correctly on some platforms.
    Weapon/Armor proficiencies should no longer display as leveling up +1 from your actual skill.
    The Experiment felony no longer always starts with 9 HP and 3 ST.
    Fixed an issue where multiple quest events weren't happening all at once.
    Fixed a crash with summoning NPCs before SpawnController is initialized.
    Abilities given by mutations will be removed when that mutation is cured.
    Throwing items won't be overwritten by a firearm, if the latter is equipped after the former.
    Money is no longer taken from the player by just entering the limb replacement service screen.
    Fixed an issue where, when saving underground, reloading, then going back up stairs, all items would be moved to the top left corner of the map.
    Item mods are saved in NPC inventories.
    Firearms will no longer stack in your Ranged slot.
    Camera jitter with varied resolutions resolved after temporary fix from before.
    Group spawning for quests works properly now.
    Un-equipping items with an ability you already innately have no longer gets rid of the ability for good.

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