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Announcements / Re: Cryptark (now at Early Access v0.9) $
« on: March 27, 2017, 05:36:09 PM »

Main additions/changes:
- 'Cryptark Excavation' end game - Unlocked once Campaign and Rogue mode have been beaten - a final battle against the Contractor to claim a alien artifact
- Heavy amount of difficulty balancing - with enemy damages, costs of items/health, and bonuses. We've decreased the amount of waves in the Campaign to 6, and to 5 for Rogue mode
- Massive amount of optimizations (all over, but a lot with AI pathfinding).
- Added HUD voice telling player when systems destroyed, repaired, and other ship actions. Volume set by Voice control
- New graphics/effects: glowing parts on all systems, new 'shielded' system effect, large amount of new particle effects
- 'Cryptark' final ship in campaign/rogue is now a new double core system
- New Artifact screen with detailed descriptions, including unlocked artifacts
- Fixed Bug with losing past artifacts/progress
- Fixed audio cracking/pop bug on some systems after destroying slimer/liquid hazards

This is our final update before we release (hopefully around end of next month). Now that the final content is in we will be focused on balance / more optimizing / bug fixing

Bunch of other changes...
- New Credits video
- Added a 'no weapon equip' random objective, is randomly either 'Bombs / Shields / Energy'
- Fixed a lot of COOP bugs: each player can have different skins, fixed issues with energy weapons and recharging with second player
- Knockbacks a lot more powerful, pushes away enemies regardless of their mass
- Updated weapon/item descriptions adding more detail
- A lot of dialog has a random chance of showing up now when triggered
- Added a delay for the Tank and shielded picket bringing up their shields
- Increased shield barricade so less spinning
- Enemy nuke explosions now have a green effect
- Added starting loadout costs to character select screen
- Removed charge up from Railgun
- Removed cage from nuke system death
- Player now stops holding enemies with tracker beam when going into space
- Better snapping to system in map
- Drone Helper now catches up to player more easily
- Changed 'failure fee' text to read 'pilot recovery'
- Thruster light added to player when in space
- Fixed saw blades doing damage when deactivated
- Fixed shuffle system not drawing correctly after being shuffled
- Fixed issues with Crushers not rotated properly in map
- Fixed music playing over intro video / credit video

Update #38

This is a huge milestone for us. With Update 38, the campaign mode is now complete (well, sort of, read more below). Battle through the Institute of Evil to discover the evil behind the problems that have been plaguing The Land!

The story needs to have a few more tweaks, and we’ll be working on those next, but with this update, we’re calling it “done”. We now being the push to get the game out of Early Access – there’s still stuff we want to do, but we’re close to being feature complete. The biggest thing left to do is to balance the game. It’s too easy, especially as you upgrade your academy. This needs to be fixed so it’s more challenging.

    Chapter 5 of the campaign now live!
    A new item has been added: Gem of Balance. It provides a benefit for being in your inventory, and a super-buff when used.

Balance Changes:
    Monster’s ability to see and target the player was effected by a flaw in logic; monsters should be able to see and attack the player slightly better now.
    Some dungeons (only a few for now, more coming later) have locked doors. Find the keys!
    Things without ears are now immune to the Warrior’s shout ability (This included Blobs, Eyeballs, Meandering Shrubs, Worms, Skeletons, and Walking Trees).

UI Tweaks:
    Named bosses with “taunt” less often now.
    Warrior’s shout animation has been improved, and there is now a visual animation on monsters effected by shout (they are “cowed”).
    A glow has been added to make missions on the main map stand out more (Thanks Zoltan!).
    Which buildings are clickable in the academy should be clearer now too.
    Tweaked the wording for enhancements to existing item in the shop (they now say “Make XXX better”).

Bug Fixes:
    You don’t get double bounty gold for killing chickens; the headless versions will no longer give bounty or show up on the scorecard.
    Fixed a bug with the animation for summoned monsters where the monster would appear full size for a brief second.
    Long boss names should no longer overflow on the character sheet.

v0.25 Malice

Hi everyone! I was down for surgery and lost a lot of time, so small update this month. I tried to pull in a roadmap feature that would present interesting decisions but be quick to implement and test.

    New Features
        Unstable Portals – High risk high reward floor exits
            Certain floors starting at floor 4 will now have unstable portals as alternate exits
            Using these portals will provide the player with a bonus perk
            Using these portals will also increase the difficulty of all future creatures
        Ranged attack and target cycling controls now on UI for easy discovery
        Status plaques now hide themselves when not relevant, opening up much of the side panel UI for future features

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at 3/24 and On Kickstarter!)
« on: March 25, 2017, 01:06:05 AM »
IMPORTANT: Be sure to check the Options menu and set your new Cursor Repeat Delay setting to taste

Our Kickstarter has been going great, reaching nearly 75% funding in just a few days! This has also been the biggest audience ever playing the game, which means I've had LOTS of bugs to fix. That was the main focus of today's build, BUT I managed to get a bunch of other awesome features in like a drag-and-drop equipment UI, a number of new items, new magic mod, new champ mod, wandering & hidden merchants, new art, etc.


* More new skill + status icons
* Animated water v1!
* New art for recovery / buff effects
* New ice attack / shatter effects

* "Frozen" champions have been buffed: breaking their ice crystals now reduces your charge time and deals damage
* Non-projectile ranged weapons like spears now deal 25% less damage when attacking at range
* Budoka Palm Thrust: 20 -> 15 stamina

* Disabled title screen fade-in. Was causing a black screen on some computers?
* Fixed nullref on game load (sorry)
* Fixed nullref on game restart and picking up items
* Fixed minor error related to deserializing terrain tiles (caused extra load time)
* Fixed some jank and errors in shop UI (especially with the map merchant)
* Added code to check for dead monsters each turn and get 'em off the map in case they were not removed before
* Increased leniency for map generation attempts to hopefully avoid total failures (maps full o' rock)
* Opening the Job screen no longer shows placeholder text on first open
* Hovering over buffs/debuffs shows information again
* Pressing numpad 5 now skips turn, like I said it would in the help text
* If a creature absorbs damage, it will no longer take 1 damage, but 0.
* The keyboard in examine mode (X) now has a 'cooldown' so it doesn't go nuts
* Fixed bug with dropping items from your inventory or equipment, which was causing exceptions
* Monsters that "Love Battles" will no longer be attracted to non-battles automatically
* Obsidian Bands will actually drop now
* The Banker will no longer periodically get rid of your items
* Fixed some inconsistencies in shop, inventory, equipment UI and hovering
* Pathfinding highlight square should no longer get 'stuck' visibly on the map when mouse buttons are up
* Options Menu: All options should now work when clicked on (previously, only keyboard worked for about half)
* Fixed display problem where Steadfast energy shields visually stacked
* Toggled abilities with stamina/energy requirements will now stop working when you drop below that requirement
* Abilities no longer crit 100% of the time
* Fixed bad behavior/errors in the first boss fight... Caused by healing monsters searching to heal monsters on OTHER FLOORS WOW BAD F-.
* Player's combat list is now cleared when switching floors

* You will now find Armor, Jewelry and Bow/Ranged merchants hidden in the dungeon!
* Also, wandering merchants will now occasionally visit Riverstone Camp. (You'll get a message about this)
* Planks will now randomly spawn in water, giving you a way to easily walk over it without penalty!
* New champion mod: BLAZING. The champion's attacks will set you aflame, and they will constantly summon burning fires all around. Not only do the fires hurt you, but they heal the champion!
* NEW MAGIC MOD (Weapons): Bandit Slaying
* NEW ACCESSORY: Tier 4 helmet (phys resist/HP)
* NEW WEAPON: Flail (unique weapon type)
* NEW WEAPON: Sickle (unique weapon type)
* NEW WEAPON: Bone Dagger (mid-tier dagger)

* Left mouse button now defaults to pathfind, while right mouse button is the direct-line move.
* The equipment screen has been remodeled for improved mouse control. You can now use the mouse to simply drag equipment to the slot of your choice, using the Filter buttons on the right to narrow down the displayed equipment list. You no longer need to click slots or items to swap - just drag and drop.
* Identical consumables are now combined in your inventory and show quantities in parenthesis! Hooray!
* When using keyboard to move through mud, if you are rooted, your movement will stop until you press the key again
* Hovering over / examining that staircase will display where it goes. Also, standing on the staircase will print the destination in your combat log
* Character screen now shows how much damage your critical hits do
* Summoned pets should no longer steal powerups
* New options for FRAME CAP and CURSOR REPEAT DELAY. Frame Cap sets to 30, 60, 120, or 144fps. Good for throttling CPU/GPU and temps. The latter applies to using the keyboard when navigating menus.
* An animation/sfx will play when you get a powerup

Feature Friday #82

We added... well, just read below.
Added a new high-tech item, nano-neuro animator, that makes a nearby wall or door sentient (it'll support more inanimate objects soon).
Added a cheaper, consumable competitor for the nano-neuro animator: Spray-a-Brain.
Added body types and body parts for animated walls and doors.
Added a faction: newly sentient beings.
There's now a very small chance that any given wall or door is sentient.
Updated compass bracelet's tile.
Made some enhancements to the new input manager.
Rebinds are now be properly saved between sessions.
Improved the 8-way directional sensitivity.
D-pad left and right now scroll through your activated abilities.
While scrolling through abilities, 'X' activates the selected ability. Left trigger + 'X' enters the ability screen.
Next page and previous page bindings now work properly.
Menu navigation directions now repeat when held.
You can now navigate to the "buy a new mutation" option on the character screen.
Holding the Alt button while moving now force attacks in that direction.
There are now force attack action bindings.
Added key repeat delay and rate sliders to the Controls options menu.
Trade bindings now work properly.
Fixed canceling causing double input on several screens.
Fixed the pick direction screen not accepting diagonal inputs.
Removed unused 12-gauge shotgun ammo.
Salt dunes tiles now properly animate.
Fixed some memory use issues on the high score screen.
Fixed some rare exceptions in the following parts: AnimatedMaterialSaltDunes, AIPilgrim, Daylight, LiquidVolume, Juke.
Fixed a rare exception with rendering effects.
Fixed cases where the overlay UI stopped responding when you exited to the main menu.
Fixed the mouse wheel not working on the keybind screen.
Fixed controls in the new inventory screen sometimes incorrectly appearing disabled.
Fixed a spurious serialization error.
Fixed a scripting mod compilation error.

Announcements / Re: PosChengband (now at beta v6.0.0!)
« on: March 22, 2017, 12:30:42 PM »

A new version, 6.0.0, is ready in the usual spot. This version breaks savefile compatibility so please finish your current characters before updating. This release is extremely beta ... I've playtested a bit, but not nearly enough to be sure that there are no showstopper bugs.

The main point of this release is an attempt to address some of the archery complaints. Based on comments and my own playtesting, I see the following problems, and have attempted to address each of them:

[1] Ammo breakage is too high. Players need to town scum in order to have enough ammo.

To address this, I made ammo breakage dependent upon archery skill. As your skill improves, ammo breakage will decrease. Archers are slightly worse off from this change, but every other class benefits greatly, assuming they have reasonable archery skill. Remember, arrows break twice as often as shots or bolts.

[2] Picking up ammo after a battle is tedious.

To address this, I turned the 'g'et command into super-get. This command combines the travel code ('`') with the auto-picker ('_') to automatically get all interesting objects in line of sight. The player travels to the next nearest object until there are no more interesting objects. The options auto_get_ammo and auto_get_objects control this behavior. This might surprise you the first time you use this command, but once you get used to it, you'll love it. I promise

If there are a large number of objects to pick up, then you will see multiple -more- prompts. I recommend g<Esc> to deal with this. As you know, <Esc> automatically dismisses all -more- prompts until the next prompt for a top-level command.

[3] Ammo makes inventory management tedious. Ego ammo is seldom used since there are not enough inventory slots (exception: Holy Might). Artifact ammo is completely non-usable since wasting a slot for a 65% chance to hit is not worth it.

Enter the quiver. I implemented this as a new equipment slot for every body type with a bow slot. There is a new object type (TV_QUIVER) and you must buy/find a quiver and then equip it. Doing so gives the player access to a separate set of object slots for their ammo, reducing the strain on your normal pack slots. Ammo is added to the quiver by 'w'ielding it, and removed from the quiver by 'd'ropping it or 't'aking it off. You cannot take off a quiver with ammo inside it, but you can wield a new quiver provided that its capacity exceeds the current quiver contents. You can shoot ammo from either the quiver, your pack, or the floor. There is no penalty for shooting ammo that is not inside your quiver.

The quiver has a large number of slots (currently 26, but could be infinite if desired). However, the quiver has a fixed capacity, such as 60 arrows. This means you can carry many different types of arrows for specialty situations (e.g. various slaying ammo in case you run across a matching monster) without penalty. 60 arrows is a low capacity that you can buy in town. You can find or buy higher capacity quivers during the game. There are even a few ego quivers.

Implementing the quiver was a large amount of work and required me, for purposes of sanity, to break savefiles. During this process, I completely re-wrote the inventory management code and the shop code (e.g. your home is now infinite). You'll notice a new UI for selecting objects for the various commands. Press '?' for help the first time you see it so that you can learn the various command keys.

Note: I made a bold change for this release that will probably require some getting used to. When prompting for an object, the lettering always begins with 'a' and has nothing to do with where the object happens to currently reside in your pack. For example, eating food is always 'Ea' no matter how many spellbooks you are currently carrying (Of course, picking up mushrooms might move the choice, but you'll see this on the screen when you press 'E'). This change will burn you if you have the bad habit of memorizing slots on the 'i'nventory display (I speak from experience). Stop doing this! Please read the prompt when ever you are quaffing potions, reading scrolls, etc.

Note: On any object prompt, the uppercase for a choice no longer prompts for confirmation, but instead inspects the object.

[4] Archery is boring. Ammo is much less interesting then the shooter. Once you have an awesome shooter, then vanilla seeker ammo, enchanted in the town, and carried in stacks of 99 is all there is to the game.

I rewrote ammo egos and the archery damage calculations. The goal is to make ammo much more important. Ammo dice, previously completely irrelevant, now features prominently. Damage is calculated similar to melee, where the slays and criticals multiply the damage dice roll. Criticals are now much much more common, and archery skill, previously irrelevant, is now the single biggest determinant of critical frequency. If you must know all the details, damage is now M*(XdY*C*S + D1) + D2 where:
M is the bow multiplier
XdY is the ammo damage dice
C is the critical multiplier
S is the slay/brand multiplier
D1 is the ammo bonus to damage
D2 is other bonuses to damage (shooter, rings, equipment)

Archery damage has also been reduced a bit. The numbers I work with for design purposes are now 1000 max melee and 700 max archery. These are soft maximums which you can break with awesome finds, but I get slightly alarmed every time I see this. Good end-game numbers are more like 700 melee and 500 archery. And, for archery, you are going to need slaying ammo to achieve this. We'll have to see if I went too far with this, but archery needs to be weaker than melee since you are fighting from a distance.

Another major change for this release: I completely rewrote the quest system. A long time back, I beefed up v_info.txt for new non-vault rooms, and created a nicer syntax for defining 'map letters'. But all the town and quest files continued to use the old syntax. I finally converted everything over, and tried to make the quest system something I'd be willing to add content for. If you are interested in designing quests then take a look at q_info.txt and follow the links to the various quest files. Setting up the town quest sequences is still annoying since you need the quest ids defined in q_info.txt, but the rewards are now part of the quest file (so they can be shared with t_lite and the normal wilderness towns). There are a few new quest surprises, but this release was mostly a herculean effort to convert to the new system. New content will follow in a future release. Failing a quest in a series no longer terminates the series. But intentionally failing quests makes me sad ...

This release also has many bugfixes, many grabbed from PosChengband R (Thanks!). I can't list all the changes. If you are curious, just checkout the commit history on github.

Announcements / Re: Dungeonmans (now at March Bugfix Build Part 1)$
« on: March 21, 2017, 03:53:52 PM »
March Bugfix Build Part 1   8)

I feex!

This is the *first* bugfix build. The *next* build will drop in one week's time!

Next week's build will have the improved Map. Not this week's. Next week's. The one that is not today.

Today's patch notes aren't pretty.

Also... there's some cool short-term stuff in the game. You should play it.

Fixed 21 March 2017 =======================

* Fallen Castle Tree Dilemma
* Consumable axe that drops from every champion in a Fallen Castle that can be used to blow up trees

* Bumping obstacles doesn't cost 100 AP
* Changing floors won't prevent resting on the first turn
* "There's danger nearby..." should no longer appear for failed rests
* Shield Block and Armor/Dodge compare now use their magic + values in the comparison.

* Despair Many Foes crash
* StuckCheck crash
* Tried to fix FlatTileDistance -int.max crash
* Tried to fix tk_weapon_fling crash
* Tried to fix bee_valkyrie_rescue crash
* Fixed rare pathfinding crash
* Maybe possibly fixed a tooltip crash?
* Fixed rare crash for creatures with charge attacks

* Finally fixed the roadblock ambush bug, where you always start in the middle of the map.

* Champions or Ancient Kings don't get renamed if they kill you.

* Unleashed Wizard Staves save and load correctly.
* Gloves add spellpower correctly

* Tried to solve unkillable boss bug.

More stuff to fix, maybe by next week, but not today.

Todo =======================
* Fix save file backups
* Boss stuck / endless AP gain bug double check
* Map improvements
* Academy stuff
* Try and prevent ghost teacher overlap
* Clean up confusing text

* Tons of ♥♥♥♥ from Discord #the_list
* Make sure all dungeon types spawn Deadmens Pyres
* Fallen Castles
* Swamps
* Temples
* Warlord Towers (only at top?)

* KoB lightspears need to do proper starlight damage
* Fix bosses dying on spawn and boss rooms in Dread Spire

Announcements / Tangledeep (now at 3/24 and On Kickstarter!)
« on: March 21, 2017, 02:14:52 PM »  $15K target    Win/Mac/Linux/???

"Tangledeep is an ever-changing labyrinth full of mysteries, danger and treasure. Yet, it is the only way to reach a world long-forgotten by time. Will you heed the call of adventure and face the challenges that await within?"

Tangledeep is an upcoming turn-based, dungeon crawling, roguelike RPG for PC, OSX and Linux. Its gorgeous 16-bit aesthetic is inspired by some of the most classic RPGs of the SNES era, such as Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger, while its deep and strategic gameplay combines elements of modern titles like Diablo and Rogue Legacy.

Tangledeep is designed with all the depth that is the hallmark of the roguelike genre - wonderfully diverse items, monsters, procedurally-generated locations, strategic gameplay, endless replayability, and deep customization.

And just like console RPGs in the 16-bit era brought accessibility to an often dense and arcane genre, so too does Tangledeep offer a portal to the incredible depth of roguelikes with beautiful, easy-to-understand presentation and gameplay.

Of course, this is not to say the game is easy! The trials will be great, the battles intense, and you will surely die. But you will see every challenge coming - nothing is unpredictable or hidden - and come away from each playthrough with more knowledge and better strategies for the next one.

If the concept of 'permadeath' is intimidating, fear not - Tangledeep also has elements of metagame progression, inspired by such games as Rogue Legacy, Dungeonmans, and Shiren the Wanderer. For example, through the memorable and lovable Banker character, you'll be able to store items for future heroes to use in their journey.

No two adventures in Tangledeep are the same! Each time you play, the dungeon, its monsters, and items are all procedurally generated. The challenges you'll face will always be fierce, and it's up to you to build the character you want to play, with a highly flexible job system and 12 unique jobs planned.

Want to sneak up on monsters, catch them by surprise and use dirty tricks like bombs and backstabs? Try the cunning Brigand!

Do you prefer to carefully plan your encounters, laying down traps and dispatching enemies before they can get close? The swift Hunter is for you!

Or how about using powerful elemental magic, modding and manipulating it to create custom spells? Give the Spellshaper a try!

Not only does each of these jobs (and all the rest) have a distinct playstyle, but you can also mix and match skills from multiple jobs, along with hundreds of items and magic properties to completely customize your character!

We could talk about Tangledeep all day, but why not give it a try yourself? We've been releasing public builds for 6 months now and lots of people are already playing and enjoying the game, even in its pre-alpha state!

If you like what you see, remember that we have over 8 months of additional development left - think about much greater the game will become!

Been watching this for awhile in pre-alpha land---absolute confidence that this can become an especially fine Roguelike!   8)

Recent builds have gained:

The Banker
This cute lil' guy in town is Tangledeep's first instance of metagame progression. He'll store your items - for a fee - and if you die, you can then retrieve the items on your next character. He can only store up to 9 items, and you'll have to weigh whether you want to save that badass weapon you found OR use it on your current character... But it overall, this will help you progress further!

Combat Numbers
We've changed the font for damage text and the way it animates - instead of a boring straight crawl up, it 'bounces' off the character. This, along with the jab animation added last patch, really helps with combat 'feedback' and makes it feel nice.

Recovery Changes
The Flask was a little OP, and it didn't feel great to use it to restore Stamina and Energy when you were at full health. So now, it ONLY restores health. On the other hand, I've removed Health powerups, and significantly increased the powerup drop rate. In other words, you'll now be relying on Stamina/Energy powerups as a regular source of resource restoration, along with food & other consumables.

Damage Types Streamlined
I've done away with Slash, Blunt, and Pierce damage. It felt like unnecessary bloat and didn't add any real depth. It was also hard to guess or communicate whether a monster was strong or weak to a certain damage type. However, all the other elements still exist, so you'll still have to think twice about using Fire on a Salamander or Lightning on a Thunder Spirit. And remember, some terrain interacts with elemental damage - like Lava boosting Fire damage!

UI Revisions
The UI has received an overall polish/visual pass, particularly the Equipment screen, which now also includes item comparisons so you can tell at a glance whether an item is better or worse than what you're currently wearing. (The shop comparison UI also got an upgrade.) Along the same lines, I rewrote a lot of the 'list' code from scratch which I believe should make both keyboard + mouse scrolling behavior a lot better.

Game Over Feedback
When you die, you'll now be presented with a summary of: what killed you, how far you got in Tangledeep, monsters slain, steps taken, AND... how many restorative items you died carrying  ;)


* More equipment screen visual cleanup
* Improved the info display when you hover over an ability (or weapon) on your hotbar
* Updated sprite font for numbers
* Skill icon update - now, all job skills are colored based on job
* Status effect icons are now bigger
* New attack animation for Floramancer's starting weapon
* New title screen art!

* Alchemists no longer have two AOE attacks, but their ranged attack is a little stronger.
* Summoned pets now scale a little more with the summoner's level
* Floramancer's Vine Swing now restores a bit more Energy when used
* Mint Herb and Mint Fat Brews (healing potions 1 & 2) now heal a flat amount instead of % based.
* Overall loot drop rate has been decreased slightly
* Consumables now drop less frequently.
* HP curve has been reduced somewhat
* Toughness perk has been reduced in power (it was scaling considerably higher than the regular HP curve)
* The overall number of champions spawning has been decreased
* The ICE/water debuff from Frosted Jellies now lasts longer
* Tornado Stance duration shortened by 1 turn
* Verdigrizzlies hit a little harder
* Final boss adds do more damage and have more HP
* Final boss itself has better stats
* Sludge Spirits can now add a debuff that reduces healing effectiveness by 50% ("Toxified") applied on hit and on ranged attack
* Swamp Toads now show up in the main dungeon floors, can no longer regen, but CAN knock you around
* Paladin SANCTUARY: Lasts longer, but now gets consumed when you attack or use an ability
* Craggans are more powerful overall.
* River and Ember Spirits have been buffed a bit
* Rock Vipers have also been buffed a bit
* Enemy Floracondas can now add Toxified on hit (33% chance)
* Some non-champion monsters were giving a little too much bonus XP; this has been toned down
* Swords now give a +3% chance to parry on top of auto-counter attacking when parrying
* Number of fountains per floor has been decreased
* King of Bandits has been toughened up

* Flavor damage type ("crushes", "slices") should read properly now
* Banker's interface has proper headers now
* Fountain sprite draw order is fixed
* Your summoned pets will no longer run from you
* Fixed game over screen not restarting properly... again?
* When rotating abilities, the targeting indicator will no longer disappear sometimes
* Adjusted gridlines visual to not allow "half tiles"
* Lava and mud should really, really not overlap anymore
* Fixed buggy interaction with certain abilities and destructibles
* Fixed some UI weirdness on Job screen
* List of active skills on the Skill sheet now scrolls and wraps properly
* Inventory and equipment lists should now refresh selected item when scrolling the list down
* Adjustments to UI 'dead zones' where the mouse was not triggering movement
* Magic fountains should no longer spawn on top of one another
* You can no longer press UI buttons in the upper right while dead
* Sound mix settings now apply to the title screen
* King's Champions will no longer attack the King (lol)
* Reduced instances of flashing numbers in the bottom left

* Budoka new ability: Qi Strike. Tricky to use, but deals heavy ranged damage and can strike vital points.
* NEW ACCESSORY: Claw of Violence - same stats as old Nord Helm
* NEW CONSUMABLE: Barrier Potion. Gives you +30% defense against elemental damage.
* NORD HELM: Now gives you a Nordic Shout that pushes enemies away
* NEW MONSTER: Dark Panthox. A nasty variation on the Cave Lion...

* Optimized 'ronin' monster behavior code by simplifying for now - may return to this later
* Game now runs at a max framerate of 144 (this will be an option later, 30/60/120/144 max)

* Julia (tutorial NPC) will now automatically talk to first-time players when you cross the bridge in town. This only happens once
* Level music, once assigned, will not be changed when you return to that floor
* "Loading" text has been added when you select Continue from the main screen
* Hovering over the Flask or Portal reveals info about each
* Hovering over weapons in your hotbar will reveal info about them
* Item comparisons now take into account block chance for shields
* Clarified display for damage resistance on items
* Default help binding is now "F1"
* New button for "Hide Player Hud", default mapped to H. A bit of a hacky workaround for dealing with issues when you can't click tiles due to UI...
* Added some help info in the banker's dialogue

* "Hiding" magic mod now called "Stealth"
* Frog Swamp -> Frog Bog
* Swamp Toad -> Bog Frog
* CT gain on light armor is spelled out explicitly

* Many damage-dealing abilities can now critically hit, increasing their damage by 33%. These are generally abilities that do upfront damage, NOT status effects (bleeds, poisons), tile hazards, or damage-over-time. The base crit chance is 5%.

* More attempts at blocking mouse movement while clicking on hotbar
* Mud and water tiles should no longer stack
* Fixed various problems with right-click pathfinding

* Minor optimizations to player right-click pathfinding
* Minor optimizations to vision blocking checks

* Right-click movement (pathfinding) has been improved. Now, the destination tile will remain locked as long as you hold the right mouse button down. Once you reach the destination, after a brief pause, you will begin pathfinding to a new destination. Also, your pathfinding will be cleared if you engage in some kind of non-movement action (attacking a monster, talking to an NPC)

* "Show Map" is now assigned to TAB by default, not M
* Removed the ridge collider in town, west of the bridge
* Several map objects like water, mud and lava which previously did not have hover displays... now do

Cheers to one of 2017's sure to be shining stars of Roguelikes if the dev pace holds about as outlined over the next several months!

Announcements / Re: Yiufcrawl (now at v1.5.0 Bearkin)
« on: March 20, 2017, 11:11:46 PM »

BEARKIN! A new race based on this old experimental branch.
        Can't fit into armour.
        A selection of random mutations as you level up. Think of it as Demonspawn-lite.
    Normal crosstraining is simplified to two groups. Weapons that could be used in a thrusting maneuver (LB, SB, Pole), and weapons which probably make less sense to thrust with (Staff, Axe, Mace).
    Humans crosstrain ice/fire/air/earth.

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 20f) $
« on: March 19, 2017, 01:12:37 PM »
Alpha 20f

Lots of fixes -- Notably, 21:9 support has been added (edit: won't be available until next build unless you force it, see here), and a bunch of the multiplayer disconnect issues (where a person's avatar did not leave the game after they were disconnected) may be cleared up now.

UI / Controls
Gamepad targeting movement (i.e. using hacking tools, telling people who to attack, etc.) slowed down a bit
Added failsafe for people getting very far in Endless and not having any more traits to pick
Fix for people getting very far in endless and banana peels appearing as rewards
Potential fix for Twitch vote staying on the screen after it has completed
If the player chooses Industrial through the Mysterious Elevator and dies, they will start at 2-1.
Fix for Unlocks not working in Home Base if Sandbox mutator is activated
Fix for stackable items sometimes changing position in the inventory when a new item of that type was picked up
Fixed ability to duplicate items when the player’s inventory is full

Added better 21:9 Widescreen support so you can actually see the whole interface (edit: won't be available until next build unless you force it)
Added simple command line parameters for fullscreen and windowed: +fullscreen and +windowed
When blood is disabled, players who are gibbed will simply disappear in a puff of smoke
Fix for characters sometimes appearing weird in Daily Run after the player had done a normal run

Fix for Shapeshifter being able to use weapons after possessing people who weren’t capable of using them, and subsequent weapon wheel weirdness
Gave Killer Robot some potential drops. These are just temporary, I’ll change this later!

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for Werewolf sometimes losing his transform ability after dying in multiplayer
Fix for players not punching when affected by Rage Poison

Fix for characters getting stuck inside walls

Stats / Unlocks
Fix for “Time Limit + Time Bonuses” not appearing on Mutators menu
Level timer begins when level has finished loading entirely

Artificial Intelligence
Fixed Killer Robot not punching if he loses his ammo

Level Generation
Fixed rare freeze when spawning Killer Robot

Character Select screen no longer shows E_ in circumstances where the player will not start off with any items due to mutators that they’ve applied
Added text to indicate more clearly that Save and Quit exists
Sandbox text indicates that you can’t unlock things in this mode.
Localization files updated

Fixed issue where player could teleport to the beginning of the level after destroying the generator, allowing them to get stuck

Added another method of checking for disconnects. This will hopefully alleviate issues where someone disconnects and their character remains in the game.
Added 60 second timeout when host exits level. After completion, everyone will be teleported to the elevator.
If someone remains on the character select screen for too long when other people have finished the level, the straggler will be kicked from the game.
Clients quitting manually and kicked players are forced out of the game more quickly and using a modified algorithm
When kicking, no longer necessary to use proper capitalization in the player’s name
Fixed some instances where player could enter the game as a horrific purple lollipop monster thing

Fixed last build's addition of "miniature health pack"

UI / Controls
Potential fix for some players not being able to use gamepads past the title screen
Potential fix for some players not seeing gamepad button icons properly within in-game instruction texts
Fix for being able to scroll “details” text in local coop scrolling menus out of its box by using the d-pad
Now possible to use d-pad on scrolling menus in local coop
Fix for being able to accidentally return to home base if ‘Q’ was pressed after dying as Shapeshifter in while in someone else’s body
Fixed characters appearing with wrong heads on Character Select after achieving new unlocks

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for “Addict” trait not appearing for Investment Banker on Character Select
Players who are knocked out are revived in 10 seconds, and no longer need someone else to revive them

Stats / Unlocks
If the player triggers achievements while Steam is not online, they will be triggered when the player goes online and starts the game
Added limit of 50 nuggets that the player may possess at any time

Level Generation
Possible fix for game occasionally getting stuck at 100% on loading screen
Fixed being able to break the tutorial by hitting bouncer into lasers
Fixed yet another tutorial exploit where you could get an extra Wall Bypasser if you used the first one in just the right spot

Level Generation
Possible fix for game occasionally getting stuck at 100% on loading screen

Fixed being able to break the tutorial by hitting bouncer into lasers
Fixed yet another tutorial exploit where you could get an extra Wall Bypasser if you used the first one in just the right spot

Added Region setting to make it easier for people to find games
Fixed clients not being able to bring party members between levels during online play
Fixed player 4 not being able to bring party members between levels during local play
Fix for not being able to create or join games after pressing Esc while on the Loading screen
Fixed some instances where client could connect and choose a character, only for it to say “Waiting for host to select a character” when he already had
Fix for scenario where clients could screw up the host’s game if they quit at the exact right time while the level was changing
When clients quit manually, they are removed from the server immediately

EDIT: Forgot to include this:
We had mistakenly listed the game as supporting Portuguese, when in actuality we are supporting Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br). Changes have been made in-game, in Steam Achievements, and on the store page to reflect this. Localization files updated as well.
Fixed text size for various languages in a few spots[/list

Changed appearance of Health Pack so that the Red Cross won’t throw a fit (also I accidentally introduced a bug where it appears super tiny. Will fix it next build)

UI / Controls
Added “Online” option to Home Base “Co-Op” character
Nugget display appears at the corner of menus to make your nugget count more obvious
Devlog button now links to Steam news

Level Generation
Tutorial is now accessible through a more obviously placed character in the Home Base
Wrestler now appears properly in the Home Base
Fixed tutorial exploit that allowed the shopkeeper to open the locked door

Stats / Unlocks
Now possible to unlocks Assassin if you anger someone (just not make them hostile)
Reduced number of drinks to unlock Bartender to 10

UI / Controls
Fix for game sometimes freezing if you unlocked something while simultaneously completing a mission
Fix for unlock notifications sometimes staying on the screen permanently if activated at the end of a level
Unlock notifications are non-skippable to prevent people from missing them
/teleport can no longer be used in the Home Base
Fix for user’s Fan Translations setting not being saved properly

No longer possible to receive certain items that have not been properly programmed for multiplayer

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for players being able to keep some status effects permanently between levels if exiting with 1 second left

Stats / Unlocks
Fix for one of the Unlock items not actually being unlockable
Fix for clients not being able to unlock certain end-of-level unlocks in multiplayer mode
Fix for some end-of-level unlocks not triggering when completing the final level

Artificial Intelligence
Fixed other people being “Aligned” or “Hostile” toward the player in Home Base

Fixed Chinese text appearing too small in certain spots
“Rewarded” text now appears in the appropriate language

Announcements / Hellcrawl (now at Release 5)
« on: March 19, 2017, 12:55:10 PM »

Hellcrawl is a meme-based fork of DCSS that you can play right now:

    It is a streamlined experience. Content, mechanics, and options from DCSS which are tedious, unpopular, or unnecessary have been removed.
    Notably, this include no food, no curses, no Lair branch, no player ghosts, no item identification, no poison magic, no halflings, no centaurs, and no felids.
    You can play it online. is the link for a USA-based server, and is a server in Australia.
    Downloads available at
    Information and discussion about Hellcrawl is primarily found on the Tavern discussion thread. Go to the following link in order to find the best, fullest changelog or to share your thoughts:
    You may also occasionally spot the project maintainer, hellmonk, in the ##crawl-forks or the ##crawl channel on the Freenode IRC server.

The readme from DCSS trunk may also be of use to you:

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a game of dungeon exploration, combat and magic, involving characters of diverse skills, worshipping deities of great power and caprice. To win, you'll need to be a master of tactics and strategy, and prevail against overwhelming odds.

New dungeon linearity! You can go forward, but you can't go back. This version is still somewhat experimental and is ahead of the cbro/cpo servers.

Windows binaries of hellcrawl. You can use the executables that are inside the zips in Wine on OSX or Linux, but probably can't use the installer.

Quite some variant activity in Crawl-world of late it seems--yet another with proper releases at that.   :P

This and Legend of Siegfried ARE just about the only ones in this specific sort of adventuring field afoot as of late barring any sudden revivals and yeah....each month or so's nice update amounts to another step or so catching up to ADOM/Elona/etc and that's a wonderful thing.

Early Dev / Re: Infojack (browser-based cyberpunk roguelike)
« on: March 18, 2017, 09:54:36 PM »
Potential definitely seems there, even with my general aversion to web-based anything as an instinctual reaction.   8)

Announcements / Yiufcrawl (now at v1.5.0 Bearkin)
« on: March 18, 2017, 01:05:15 AM »

This is a relatively simple fork of DCSS that brings back removed and experimental playable races.

1.4 stuff:

    imp teleportitis is now blinkitis
    plutonians malmutate a ton less often. they SHOULD only mutate when they accidentally explode from extreme contamination, and there's a small chance to get a good mutation, too.
    lots of fiddly apt tweaks partially based on player feedback and dev testing. maybe need to chill on changing apts so much
        (dev testing? which dev? that's me, I'm "the dev"! that still sounds weird.)
    adopted SKELETONS! from
        they don't have a home on any servers yet, so Yiufcrawl can take them in for now
    merged in a bunch of stuff from upstream, aka trunk, aka dcss, aka "normal crawl".
    look here for more details
    Spellbooks no longer cost any space in your inventory. You can simply carry all of them around for free! The "spell library" patch by Doesnty.
    A few god-related tweaks from Hellmonk, including simplifying Dithmenos and slowing down the gift-spam of Oka & Trog.
    Removed rings of flight, fire resist, and cold resist. Now rings of fire/ice provide one pip of resistance with no vulnerability. Thanks, Hellmonk!

Greetings, adventurer! Have you seen enough minotaur berserkers that you find yourself reflexively headbutting your coworkers? Have we got the change of pace for you! Come on down to Yiuf's Home for Lost and Forgotten Species to try playing one of these "relatively functional", "heavily discounted", "scratch & dent" species:


High Elf!



Sludge Elf!

Lava Orc!

Version 1.5, with a new (old) species, is probably happening this weekend too! Hint: even if you're an old-timer, you've probably never played this species. I'll put a comment in this thread and on Tavern when 1.5 is done.

Alread-built downloads for Windows and/or for running the game under Wine in OSX:

Somewhat-thorough README, including compile/install instructions for BSD/Linux. Also you can get it from the Arch User Repository if you're ok with being a version or two behind!

It's not a true Nostalgia branch, because rods are gone, Dorfs aren't a direct copy of MD, and I pull updates from trunk regularly. The target audience is primarily people who weren't around to play older species, or people looking for a wee change of pace.

The original Tavern thread.

    You can totally play this online too! is on 1.4.7 and will update in a couple days is on 1.4.8 already

Pull requests, bug reports, questions, answers, etc, all welcome. Thanks for reading!

The Circus has a compatriot it would seem~   :P

Feature Friday #81

We added a new input manager that supports gamepads out of the box. It's still prerelease content; we'll be expanding support and tweaking the default bindings in the coming weeks.
Added a new options menu: Controls. You can access key bindings and enable the new input manager from this menu.
The default movement mapping is: left stick to point in a direction + right trigger to move. You can also hold down right trigger and point the left stick around to move quickly.
You can also rebind to direct movement. If you do, the Move North/South/East/West commands tilt 45 degrees right when you hold the Alt button (left trigger by default). So, to move NE, you hold left trigger and move north.
These are the current default mappings on an Xbox controller.
left stick + right trigger: move
A: interact
B: get
X: ability menu
Y: walk (move in a direction until you hit a wall)
left bumper: wait a turn
right bumper: fire missile weapon
dpad up: go up stairs or to the worldmap
dpad down: go down stairs or to the local map
right stick: look
click right stick: reload missile weapon
select: menu
start: inventory
left trigger + B: get nearby
left trigger + Y: autoexplore
left trigger + left bumper: rest until healed
left trigger + right bumper: throw
Added, changed, or tweak tiles for the following objects.
pocketed vest
black, ash-stained, and cloth robes
woven and vine-weave tunics
wool kilt
crude and filthy toga
bark armor
ring mail
basic toolkit
stun rod
box of crayons
Joppa and Grit Gate recoilers
iron mace
albino monkey braid
Glass bottles now visually respect the liquids they hold. They appear empty when they're empty; otherwise they show the color of the liquid they contain.
Updated the slimy shaft tile.
Added options for fullscreen mode and target framerate (Options > General).
Improved the navigability of the overlay options.
Fixed books and artifact stories not working when accessed from the new inventory screen.
Fixed monsters being able to melee attack you through floors if they were directly above or below.
Fixed very excessive memory use when browsing the contents of a container that contains many items, particularly liquid volumes.
Fixed an exception on the Quests screen.
Fixed several cases of excessive garbage generation.
Removed some baseobjects (basefloat, tool) from dynamic encounters.

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