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4/23   8)
Tonight's build has some important key new features and changes that I'm eager to see in action. First is a rework of the main HUD. All of the key information has been placed along the bottom of the screen and cleaned up. The gameplay now centers on the hero and not the dead center of the screen, so you should no longer have cases where the UI covers up crucial game content. You can of course hide the hud with H still. This IS a work in progress and it will be improved more over time but it's a big step!

Next we have level up bonuses. Previously, your core stats (Strength, Swiftness, etc.) rose slightly each level, between 1.3 to 1.75 points, based on your current job. Now, in addition to these bonuses, you can select a core stat to boost even more. This +3 stat boost is received on every level up. Over the course of even 5-6 levels this should help you customize your character further.

I'm also trying to make sure that you can't screw up your character. All stats are useful to all characters, and there should be no "dump stats". A melee fighter can still use Discipline for elemental resistance; a ranged fighter wants Spirit for powerup recovery and buff duration; a mage still enjoys the physical defense boost from Strength.

Lastly there is the Monster Corral. The visual implementation here (a single placeholder shark NPC) is VERY INCOMPLETE as the corral will be integrated into the entire new town expansion map, coming soon. But the basic functionality is done. Buy (or find) a Monster Mallet, weaken a monster to <15% health, then knock it out with the mallet and bring it to the Corral. Monsters in the Corral have their own charming interactions and personalities. They also grant you combat bonuses against those specific monster species and their family.

There's a lot more too but I'll just list the rest in the log!

* Rework of main HUD UI, which (mostly) no longer blocks gameplay. Camera centers on character instead of screen. Can still be hidden with "H" as needed.
* Improved text boxes / dialogs in opening and character creation
* New Paladin and Spellshaper run cycles!
* New vine wall/swinging vine art

* The "elemental kill" type rumor now allows for Physical damage. Also, it will ONLY give you an element that you have access to in your learned skills.
* The "no flask" rumor requirement now yields even more rewards if you can complete it
* Electrified champions use their lightning storm ability more frequently
* Slightly decreased penalties for dual wielding
* Reduced wandering monster spawn chance by about 55%
   NOTE: Wandering monster chance continues to scale based on initial monsters in level and # of killed monsters. For example, if you haven't killed any monsters, new ones won't spawn. If you've only killed one or two on a level, the spawn chance is much lower than if you've killed a whole bunch of them.
* Goliath Beetles no longer have an armor break attack
* Plunderers no longer have a self dodge buff
* Guardian Sphere's "Self Destruct" now only triggers at 15% health (down from 35%)
* Champion Icedaggers uptime has been reduced another 2 turns

* (Visual) Casino text boxes now have borders
* Illusions of champions no longer drop powerups or item world orbs
* Champions should now correctly give more XP, JP, and gold
* Tornado Stance now only reacts to enemies in melee (as intended)
* You should now correctly auto-equip accessories to your second slot, if that slot is empty
* Fixed error with Floramancer's Bed of Thorns
* Fixed numerous issues with Spellshape abilities that I apparently introduced last build
* Fixed bug that was causing every floor to have (up to) 1 more champion than intended
* Obsidian Daggers and Warhammers should no longer drop from monsters at lower levels
* Sword damage has been reduced to intended levels
* Fixed bug with Item World Orbs and saving/loading

* The MONSTER CORRAL (v0.5) has been added to the game! This currently lacks any visuals, but the functionality is there! Talk to the shark (placeholder) in town to learn more. In a nutshell: The Monster Corral is a place where you can bring a monster you've knocked out with a Monster Mallet (new item). You can have up to 3 monsters in the Corral. For each monster in the corral, you get a bonus while fighting them AND their family (less damage taken, more damage dealt.) This persists from character to character as well, just like the banker.

* The BANKER will now store your money. It costs 200g per deposit, but you can store any amount above that for no extra charge (and withdraw for free)

* When you level up, you can give any main stat (Strength, Swiftness, Discipline, Guile, Spirit) an extra bonus. This bonus is permanent. ALL your stats still go up a bit every level (unchanged)
* Added 5th tier of weapons (this probably only drops from high level champions)
* Guardian Spheres now have a "Vortex" ability that pulls you closer
* Floracondas summoned by Verdigrizzlies now have a short-range heal
* ITEM WORLD: IW-only Knight's Shovels now also spawn at random
* ITEM WORLD: Added more ground and wall tiles in the ocean
* ITEM WORLD: There is now a chance that a floor will be full of monsters that are prone to attacking one another.
* NEW CONSUMABLE: Butler's Bell. Summons a random assortment of food.
* NEW SIDE AREA: Stalker Nest (mid-level)
* New monster: Guardian Arachnoid
* New monster (with placeholder art): Vine Stalker

* Improved engine code for dragging actors around

Besides the usual round of bug fixes and QOL/polish, this build offers some new buffs to the Floramancer, Budoka, and Gambler, plus new weird stuff in Item World. Rumors and Medium Armor are also better/more unique now. All good stuff I think!

Also, to expand on the reasoning for the wandering monster change I made last build: The issue with how I had it before was that players would destroy the crystal ASAP, because it was always the best option. There wasn't much decision making involved. This made it a lot easier to kite and hunt monsters one by one. This should be a valid tactic, but not one without risk, and if no new monsters spawn... there isn't a lot of risk involved.

Now, destroying the crystal is worth even more, but it makes life a little harder, too. The choice is yours. (Remember, if you're very high level, monsters will run from you, so eventually, each floor WILL become safe.)

* Stair directions reversed, because in Tangledeep you start at the bottom and you're going UP...

* Gambler's "two pair" Wild Cards hand now lasts 25 turns (up from 20) and gives an additional 5% crit chance
* Gambler's Wild Cards ability cooldown is now 2 turns (down from 3)
* Gambler now starts with 200g (other characters start with 100g)
* Gambler's "Snake Eyes" dice roll no longer does 50% max health damage to champions/bosses, but 50% current health instead
* Gambler's "High Card" ability now scales a little more with cards in hand (+5% dmg per extra card)
* Mint and Fat Herb Brews now heal more
* Rumors are now less expensive (60 + 15 per level)
* Rumors now reward more XP
* "Lightweight" weapon mod now reduces dual wield penalties when used in either hand - this effect stacks
* You now gain 3 max Energy per level (up from 1), and 3 max Stamina (up from 2)
* Floramancer's Photosynthesis now lasts 11 turns (up from 9)
* Floramancer's "Creeping Death" costs 400jp (down from 500)
* Floramancer's Bed of Thorns can no longer be stacked on the same square(s), and can only trigger once per turn (per monster). However, it now does more damage.
* Sword Dancer's "Phoenix Wing" now uses a 'burst' shape, costs 25 Energy instead of 30, and has a shorter cooldown
* Budoka: Reduced cooldowns of Hundred Fists, Palm Thrust, Iron Breathing, and Qi Wave
* Spellshaper now starts with a Simple Codex (offhand) instead of Chai Qi Cookies.
* Goldfrogs are jumpier
* The GUILE stat now has more impact on crit and parry chance

* Fixed bug where using elemental weapons would not count toward the "Burned Monster" type rumors
* Fixed game load error when saving/loading vs. fighting monsters using charge/pass turn abilities
* Hovering over a blank hotbar slot no longer pops up a blank window
* You can now blow up your advanced Summoned Floracondas with Detonate Vines
* Fixed bug where saving/loading in item world would return you to town (!)
* Probably fixed bug where monsters would sometimes push you (or themselves) into map edges
* Fixed bug where the sword crit special effect (auto-parry next attack) was not working
* Plunderer's weak venom proc should work again
* Budoka's "Iron Breathing" should work again

* ITEM WORLD: Chance that a floor will have lots of fountains
* ITEM WORLD: Chance that a floor will have tons of food
* ITEM WORLD: Chance that non-champions will love you from the start
* Floramancer: New ability, "Grow Spitting Plant". These are stationary turrets that have a ranged thorn attack with a chance to poison!
* Floramancer: Improved Floraconda (1000jp + max unlocks) now has a Constrict attack instead of a ranged thorn. Constrict will root a target and cause damage over time.
* Budoka: Hundred Fists, Qi Wave, and Palm Thrust all grant you a stacking defense boost for a brief time when used.
* Medium Armor: While wearing this armor type, your dodge chance also applies to dodging many damaging abilities
* New armor mod: CONSTITUTION. Gives you a 20% chance to shrug off a negative status effect before it can be added.
* New weapon type: STAVES (Staff). These ranged weapons (range: 3, shorter than bows) scale off a mix of Spirit and Swiftness, instead of just Swiftness like other ranged weapons. The Floramancer's starting weapon is now this type. Two additional staves can be found in the world.

* Trimmed save files a bit

* There is now a short tutorial the first time you enter Tangledeep. Let me know what you think!
* "Sell All" menu options now sell gems too
* You no longer spawn in dangerous terrain in Item World

* In item world, the water is now displayed as "poison water"

This build has a major bug fix related to wandering monsters causing game errors, which is the main reason I'm pushing it out today. It also has a couple major gameplay-related changes and I'm interested in seeing how they play out. First, powerups have generally been made more useful and more frequent. You are more likely to find ones that you need, champions always drop them, and you can get two from a single monster. Also, you won't ever get powerups for a resource you're full on. These things should - in theory - make it easier for all jobs to use their abilities a bit more often.

At the same time I've adjusted the monster-attracting gem in a way that may make the game harder. Previously, destroying the gem was almost always optimal so you could make a floor safe. Now, there will always be wandering monsters. However, destroying the gem (which is now "Monster Surpressing Crystal") will yield a larger reward of XP, JP, and gold. The tradeoff is that future wandering monsters will be a bit harder - maybe by 10-15%.

Another key change is that destructibles can generally no longer spawn loot at the same level as the monsters you're fighting, with some exceptions (like gold chests). I think that fighting monsters should be the best source of loot to reward beating challenging encounters.

There are other changes coming up too but for now, I wanted to get these into the world!

* First pass on transparent overlay system - objects behind other objects should be dimly visible

* Appease monster / food delivery rumor is now done with just one piece of food instead of 3
* Limit HP damage requirement has been relaxed further
* Airacudas are now tagged "Flying" and will not take ground terrain damage/mud root
* Ice Daggers champion mod now has a brief cooldown period. Also, they now spawn and move over collidable tiles. Also, they die with the champion.
* Changed loot scaling for destructibles (chests, barrels, etc) and treasure sparkles - these now scale somewhat slower than monsters at the same level
* Champions are now less likely to get rooted in mud
* Champions now always drop a powerup
* All monsters now have a chance to drop a second powerup (half the drop rate of the first one)
* The type of powerup that drops is now influenced by your resources missing/remaining. Also, if one resource is completely full but the other one isn't, you will always get a powerup of the missing resource.
* Powerup drop rate up 10%

* Fixed display bug with hover/examine and the Keen Eyes perk (displaying some items in a multi-item tile as blanks)
* Possibly fixed error with wandering monster spawn
* Adjusted "Examine" mode behavior. This is now entirely keyboard-based. The mouse no longer moves the box: mouse in examine mode was redundant anyway, since hovering has the same effect...
* (Probably?) Fixed edge cases where trying to use an ability without enough resources would STILL trigger a cooldown
* Attempted fix at a rare bug where toggled abilities would be stuck on cooldown forever

* New Rumor type: kill a handful of a specific type of monster using a specific element.

* ITEM WORLD: Small chance of a special, particularly blinged out floor.

* Changes to the monster-attracting gem. This is now the Monster Surpressing Crystal. While the crystal is intact, wandering monsters spawn with light scaling as normal. If you destroy the crystal, you will get XP, JP, and gold, scaling with level. These numbers have been increased from what they are now. However once broken, the monsters that spawn from that point on will be somewhat tougher (higher HP, damage, mitigation)

* Added extra error checking for errors with spawning wandering monsters
* Added additional error checking in game load to track down some problems

* "Drop Item" is now a bindable hotkey, instead of being hardwired to "D"
* There is now an area on the EQ sheet where you can drag items to drop them on the ground

* Added text to Sharktooth Cleaver noting that it has lower accuracy
* Added easter egg related to Budoka's "Arrow Catch"

Announcements / Re: Asura (now at #27497) $
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:20:47 PM »
That said update(s) ahoy now that the meat has accumulated:   8)


Balance and New features:
Weapon will not destroy any more, regardless of the difficulty. Only your armour will. Why? because we hear you!
Changed the selection/highlight for enemies and color coded it. Purple for Magic enemies, Red for Melee enemies and Green for Range enemies.
Increased the Parivartan cost to 15. No more can you break the game by earning unlimited gold using it in conjunction with Hadapan.
Decreased the damage output of enemies in higher levels.
Pride Achievement will only be disabled if you loose health. (Taking damage on shield does not cancel the progress for this achievement)

Increased the Arrow capacity of the following Asuras:
The Rakshas of Yodha: 40 arrow capacity
The Rakshas of Chalak: 80 Arrow Capacity

Fixed the black screen issue which occurred after the last update, due to swapping left click and right click buttons.
Fixed hitbox issues with traps. Now they will actually KILL you if you are not careful!
Fixed an issue where in the Daeva Chakravyu/Deadly Rollers in level 5 would sink in the ground.
Fixed an issue where in enemies would run off the room in Level 5.
Fixed an issue where in projectiles would penetrate through walls.
Fixed some of the issues with the wall colliders in the rooms.
Fixed the Aukaad screen where in bosses death stat would not register properly even after killing all of them.
Fixed localization issues with chinese.
Fixed a shader issue which would cause the portals in level 5 to appear even during the death screen.
Fixed an issue with camera angle which would cause the camera to not revert back to it's original position once bosses have been killed. (Camera rotation turned off)
Tons of other minor bugs and UI fixes!

Due to fixes & changes to the controls and level generation, the controls and the current save game would be reset. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Coming Soon!
We are currently working on the WASD controls for the game.
You will be able to switch between the Mouse controls and the WASD controls via the game's Setting option.
We are working to make sure that you can enjoy Asura only with a mouse. This is for people with disabilities.

Known Issues we need your help with!
There is an issue reported where in when you cast a skill, Asura and the enemy will get stuck in the level.

If this ever happens to you then please send us a screenshot of the whole screen along with the log files. Please do this without restarting the game.

You can send us the files at or join our discord:

Thank you!

There are tons of issues in the WASD Beta branch. Please note that it is not the final version of the game. We recommend you only play it if you want to try the WASD version of the game.

What's new!
Asura can now Sprint/Run even faster while holding down the Sprint button.
Added an option to swap LMB and RMB for Keyboard and Mouse configuration
Added new SFX for dropping consumables, Deva and Naga death Voice, UI transitions in the end screen, Asura death and more.
Added Camera rotation and Camera Shake settings in the Character Selection Screen.
Your skill tree won't reveal itself until you reach level 1.

Game Balance
Increased the chance to acquire melee weapon by tweaking the algorithm of room generation.
Bonfire will now drop 100% Loot.
Decreased the cost of items at Dukaan (Shop).
Decreased the cost of Lohaar (Blacksmith).
Increased the amount of keys and quivers in Dukaan (Shop).
Decreased the damage of Anathema ( fireball exploding from enemy on death) spell.

Patch Log:
Fixed an issue where in Sheild Elephant Infantry would not block Boomerang and other items when using it with certain skills.
Added Sheild Elephant Infantry Blocked status in event log.
Fixed an issue in Chest Enemy Room where it would roll at the same place.
Changed the layout of the HUD.
Fixed English localization in Veda.
Fixed Chinese localization.
Fixed an error where in some of the skill text had incorrect numerics.
Fixed an issue where in Controls woulld Save regardless of Saving it.
Fixed an issue where in Totem's where labelled with an Enemy Unit's name.
Changed the Run animation speed.
Fixed an issue where in combating with Yartiga & Vami ( The Twin Monkey Boss) would not display an additional HP bar.

Disabled 'Auto Lock-On' on Bonfire.
You can now destroy Bonfire with just one strike from any range weapon for loot.
When you collide with the bonfire, it will get destroyed.
Fixed the hit box of Asura, Asura projectiles, and enemy projectiles.
Fixed tons of textual errors in the Shastra Tree. It should now communicate the functionality of spells much more accurately.
Fixed an issue where Lacheela would not block range attacks like Glaives or Bola.
Added a text description tab for each difficulty stating it's challenges.
Optimized some of the VO Audio files.
Fixed an issue where in Asura would get stuck when casting spells.
Implemented percentile stats for Move speed.
Fixed an issue where in Swastya Hathoda (Hammer life-steal spell) and Vidyut (Lightning Strike) would freeze the game.
Fixed an animation related glitch with certain spells when equipped with a magic item.
Fixed a navigation related issue under General Leader-board tab.
Increased the Sona requirement for Kalatma(heal for gold) to 30 Sona, upgrade to 20 Sona.
Fixed English and Chinese localization for some of the Shastras
Fixed some of the issues with Naga Chakravyu ( Naga Range Champion)
Added support for GPD Win.

With this update, we are hoping that the colliding issues with traps and projectiles will be much more accurate. Melee and range attacks won't automatically aim Bonfire. Enemy range attacks and even your attacks when colliding will have a better feel to it.

Dev-Tip: If possible, always destroy the bonfire in the room. It might have goodies and you will not have to worry about colliding it again.

You can now forge weapons in Lohaar ( Item forge room).
Implemented display of boss health bar in Shaitan Difficulty (normal mode).
Implemented Controller Sensitivity Slider under Game-play settings.
Added Controller Sensitivity for D-pad.
Fixed Yodha Shastra text in Shastra tree.
Naga bosses Heal ability nerfed and Health reduced.
Fixed an issue with Suraksha shastra (100% quiver drops) where in it would also trigger when scavenging magic units.
Removed the stat highlight in Shastra Tree.
Fixed an issue where enemy unit type where labelled incorrectly.
Fixed an issue where in continuing a saved game would show incorrect floor at the level complete screen.

Removed auto-lock on breakables when in combat.
Changed the requirements for unlocking Asura characters. You don't need to select the upgrades anymore.
Decreased the hit box size of the bonfire/torch.
Decreased the cost of Matka and Jaddi Butti in Dukaan.
Increased the amount of Matka and Jaddi Butti in Dukaan.
Shaitan (easy) difficulty will not burn your weapons anymore.
Removed the stun passive for hero units. We are working on this feature and will reintroduce it later with a proper fix and balance.
Fixed an issue where in a lag would occur when accessing inventory via the pause menu.
Reduced the left analog stick sensitivity by 50%. We will be adding a slider to customize the sensitivity in the next update.
Fixed some of the grammatical mistakes.
Fixed the text blurring issues on some UI elements.

They've uh, been doing pretty solid work on the old post release support there~

Announcements / Re: Asura (now available) $
« on: April 24, 2017, 12:29:16 PM »
Ah, but Skeletor, Triangle Wizard has not been abandoned since last year's update!~   8)   Wouter just needs time as life intervenes...

The burning mechanic varies on difficulty level, though there are items and skill choices that can get around it(Can also forge weapons now along with all other types compared to early days in the game when you could only do so with armor) while they no doubt tweak all manner things going forward---90% of design decisions in the game center around maintaining the theme of frantic wrathful vengeance where possessions can be fleeting such that you just rage on with your powers still and eschew the normal time sink traps that plague most APRGs by the same old Optimal Behaviors.

Announcements / Re: Prospector has returned! (now at R200)
« on: April 23, 2017, 09:04:54 PM »
R200  8)

!Savegames not compatible!
+ 2 artifacts (one inspired by no mans sky, but mine is better :) )
+ new hiring system
+ new shop
+ bugfix: creatures that can shoot shoot again
+ rewrote space combat code
+ beam weapons have reduced damage at longer ranges.
+ missiles are now missilier
+ If you manage to destroy a space station now you get to loot the place
+ Balancing: toned down enemy ship speed
+ Balancing: Patrol quests no longer pay ridiculous amonts of money
+ Balancing: Bonuses toned down
+ Balancing: slightly higher chance for aliens
+ Generally a lot of balancing and turning knobs one way or the other
+ New Tutorial mode
+ Polish: first time starting you get asked where you prefer your system maps (Another hint that they exist for new players)
+ Polish: Optional animated moves
+ Polish: No more false duplicate key warnings

There are still some issues, and I haven't polished and played as much in the last week as I would have wanted to, but I still think it's the best version so far. Linux sound version will be published as soon as I remember how to compile that :) Since next weekend is another 3 day one (at least in my neck of the woods) I hope to bring another minor update soon. In the meantime have fun!

Feature Friday #86
Added a new fungal infection: waxflab.
Added a new type of fungus puffer: rosepuff.
Removed the max strength cap from cudgel-like fungal infections that colonize your hands.
Added tiles for all the fungal infections.
Updated the Corpus Choliys to include an account of waxflab.
Gave a chat component to the following creature types (their capacity for speech varies).
most other mammals
unshelled reptiles
Made birds extra chatty.
Fixed some grammar issues with popup messages.
Party members now prefer not to attack things that share a tile with their party leader.
Fixed tinker-trained NPCs not being able to repair items.
Fixed some cases where multiple sets of limbs were given the same name.
Fixed some cases where fungal outcrops weren't removed when you cured glowcrust.
Lairs no longer generate on top of historic sites, wiping the sites out of existence.
Fixed some cases where natural equipment, like bites, ended up on the ground when the corresponding appendage was dismembered.
When you cure ironshank, you no longer have a residual movespeed penalty.
Fixed some cases where plant-based lairs didn't generate properly.
Journal, water ritual, and faction work proceeds behind the scenes.

Announcements / Re: MidBoss beta release (v1.0.3 Closed Beta) semi $
« on: April 21, 2017, 10:42:23 PM »

(savegame compatible with previous version)

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug which could cause a floor 2 crash in custom games with the floor 2 size slider set to the low end of 3.
Fixed a bug which left the game unpaused when creatures were killed by certain abilities, allowing the player to move and break the game state.
Fixed a bug with bouncing magic missiles due to Sorceror's Codex where the positive X and Y range for determining bounce targets was 1 less than it should have been.
Fixed a crashing bug related to the Item Grandmaster buff given by the deity Stack.
Fixed a shrine related crashing bug.
Fixed an item duplication bug in the inventory.

Creatures that die and aren't visible no longer trigger a death animation.
Piles of yarn balls will now always drop at least 1 yarn.

Lingering tooltips should now be fixed across the game.

Added an option to flip the left and right mouse buttons to the control section of the options menu.
MidBoss now detects left handed mouse mode in Windows automatically.

4/19  Nearly at the final stretch goal with hours remaining!

Today we have a patch chock full of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, plus a smattering of art and UI upgrades. Lots of stuff related to shops, sorting, and the inventory screen, and helpful things for mouse users too. But even more notably, I'm introducing version 0.1 alpha of ITEM WORLD! Inspired by the Disgaea series, Item World is a way to go inside a piece of gear, generating a mini-dungeon on the fly (with unique map layouts) and upgrading the item if you can beat the boss.

To enter Item World, you first need to find an Orb of Item World (placeholder name...) from champions or boss monsters. Use it in Riverstone Camp, then drop a piece of equipment (weapon, offhand, armor) to enter.

Again: This is just v0.1, so there may (probably will) be bugs, and there will be much more content associated with Item World before development is done. But in the meantime, have at it! :D

* New bookshelves in the bandit library
* New tileset: cobblestone! Looking dope!
* Sprites now draw in a consistently correct order based on Y position (i.e. if you go "behind" a character, you will actually be covered up by that character)
* New crate and barrel visuals
* Dialog box UI borders!
* Dialog box animations!
* New battle effects for: Fire Evocation, Qi Wave

* Side areas no longer have monster spawning crystals. Clear the maps and you're done!
* The cost of blessings has been reduced
* Sword Dancer's "Dust in the Wind" now costs Stamina instead of Energy
* Flat damage resistance from shields turned down slightly
* Proc damage mods (Soldier, Warrior, Gladiator) will no longer spawn on the same weapon
* Plunderers now have a poison proc on attack
* Mystery monster eggs are now a little more common

* Attempt at fixing a hard-to-catch bug that corrupted saves by not writing the Town properly to save file
* Fixed bug where exiting the targeting UI would sometimes consume the item you were trying to usebanker:
* Stairs now spawn in the bandit library
* Fixed errors in the casino blackjack UI (game would not close properly)
* Escape key can now be used to quit the casino properly
* Several defense/attack down effects were multiplying their effect each turn. This has been fixed!
* Fixed error with monster eggs used at a high level
* Cleaned up visual targeting of Jade Beetle's charge (now "locks" to character)
* Abilities like Wild Horse or Jade Beetle charges will now land at the closest possible square to the original position of the attacker
* Fixed major exploits related to free abilities (flask, ability toggle off) - these now don't enter turn logic at all and simply fire off
* Fixed bug where after saving -> loading a game, champions/bosses would not give the appropriate experience boost
* Fixed bug with loot drops scaling in a weird way
* After getting a heal from Percy, your stats should refresh instantly
* When hotkeying a weapon to your hotbar (1-4 on EQ screen) in the dungeon, you will no longer try to use an ability in that slot (1-4)

* ITEM WORLD can now be found in Tangledeep! This is a way of powering up a piece of gear (weapons, armor, offhands), increasing its raw stats and possibly adding a new magic mod. Here's how it works.

1. Find an "Orb of Item World" (placeholder name...) which has a chance to drop from any champion.
2. Use the Orb in Riverstone camp.
3. Drop the piece of gear you want to enter. This creates a new mini-dungeon! Item world floors have a different open layout and interesting new challenges. Poison water fills each floor, but you can build planks with the Plank Builders you find. Crossing the water is not a death sentence but it will drain your life fast if you're not careful.
4. Reach the bottom of the Item World and defeat the ^ITEMBOSS^ to find an upgraded version of the item you dropped to spawn the world. Picking up the item exits the world!

Each individual piece of gear can be upgraded up to 3 times! Also, you may find the mythical Goldfrog in Item World. What happens if you catch him?!

NOTE: This is just the first iteration of the concept. Ultimately I want Item World to be even weirder!

* The Inventory screen now has a hotbar at the top that can be used to drag-and-drop consumables for easy ingame usage. (You can also still hotkey stuff by hovering over an item and pressing 1-8)
* You can now bet 100 OR 1,000g at the Casino
* You can now bulk sell items at most merchants
* Hovering over portal/flask icons will show the default keybind
* The plank builder item can now ONLY be used on water, as intended
* Monster tooltip now shows their 'family' (beasts, frogs, insects, etc)
* Monsters you summon will now have charm hearts above their heads to indicate they are on our side
* Your summoned pets will no longer destroy objects summoned by you (i.e. Floracondas destroying your own vines)
* "0turns" is no longer displayed when a summoned pet is around forever
* The critical effect of axes (defense break) now shows up as a status on enemies
* The critical effect of swords (parry next attack) will also show up as a status on yourself
* New tutorial tip while equipping items in the dungeon
* Inventory sorts are now back on the Equipment screen again
* You can now sort items by type or value in the shop interface
* Clicking any sort button on any interface twice will reverse the sort order
* Monsters shouldn't spawn on top of stairs
* When monsters or chests drop multiple items, they will spread out instead of stacking on a single tile
* When Grove Pests steal food, a message will pop up above them

Announcements / Re: PosChengband (now at beta v6.0.5)
« on: April 19, 2017, 12:06:01 PM »

This time, there was a SIGSEGV bug report ... ouch!

Main Changes:
[1] New option for old pack behavior: use_pack_slots. Should be on by default.

[2] Sniper rewrite for better UI. Browse spells to display damage/accuracy. Bookless casters can browse using the uppercase menu choice just like Skillmasters. That only leaves book based casters with the lame UI.

[3] Miscellaneous sniper game play changes:
[3.1] Monster vulnerabilities (Fire and Cold) are now a factor. The first player to one-shot one of the big giants (Loki, Ymir, Surtur) will get a special prize!
[3.2] Sniper powers enhance rather than supplant corresponding ego flags. For example, Burning Shot on flame branded ammo is even more deadly.
[3.3] Alas, snipers are a bit too OP for the Serpent, so I had to make stunning more meaningful. They still should be the easiest class to win with (once you get to the Serpent, of course).

[4] Lots of work on inventory messaging. With use_pack_slots, you should see the correct slot in your messages (unlike the old pre 6.0 code, which usually told you the slot just before re-sorting your pack).

[5] 'g' is now normal get. '^G' is auto-get. Now you can decide which to use. If you always want auto-get and find '^G' annoyingly hard to type, add a keymap from g->^G. Then, when you want the conservative get, type '\g'.

[6] Quivers no longer automatically accept everything: only ammo that can combine with an existing pile or that is inscribed with '=g' is automatically added. Of course, you still need to wear a quiver, and the ammo must also match your shooter.

Here is a git shortlog of all the commits. I'm trying to write more meaningful commit messages, so you may want to read the full commit info on github.

poschengband (51):
Bump version to 6.0.5
x11: restore blending of monster/object with terrain features
oook: quest reward lost when pack is full
oook: fix wilderness travel lag
oook request: give alternatives to page_up/down in home/shops/inventory
oook report: no running in wild_mode (introduced in b11b419a)
oook report: SIGSEGV in wilderness shop encounter
oook report: possession history incorrectly displays quests
oook report: selling un-identified excellent ammo gives full price (sometimes)
use_pack_slots: new option for old pack behavior
oook request: bring back disturb on autoget obj
Downgrade Dragons' Lair Guardian
Sniper: Recode for more informative UI
Inventory: Displaying Slots
Inventory: Display Slots (cont)
Inventory: Display Slots (cont)
Sniper: Playtesting (UI)
Snipers: Adjust Damage Distribution
UI Messages: Playtesting
Auto-Get: Separate Commands for Normal and Auto-Get
Quiver no longer 'likes' unidentified ammo
Fix double screenshot for killing The Serpent of Chaos
UI Messages: Playtesting
Improve UI for Getting Object Piles
Home: Fix double get message
Messages: Combining objects (piles) loses OM_DELAYED_MSG
Devices: Display Fail Rates inside Inscriptions
Travel: Improve Route Selection
Devices: Tighten up random distributions
Sniper: Apply Ammo Boost Before Vulnerability Check
oook report: funky activation messages
Wilderness: Force Viewport Center on Generate
Devices: Blandify Fail Rate Inscriptions
Devices: Give Message after Usage
Snipers: Endurance Ammo Endures Evilness and Holyness
Snipers: OP vs Serpent
display_percentages in status bars rather than [****---]
oook bug: shapeshifting and the quiver
oook report: un-necessary pack overflow when wielding
oook request: display object list from do_cmd_look
Object List in do_cmd_look: Handle case when monster is on a pile of objects
Egos: Increase pvals ... especially on early CON boosters
Golems: Change Test Hit Mechanics
Stats: Show Ammo Usage
gcc -O2 found something clang missed
Stats: Show Equipment Usage
Archers: More Crits. Smooth Critical Multipliers
Archery: A new bolt, the deadliest of them all!
Quivers: Don't prompt for quanity if just 1
Quiver is more discriminating in its affections

Announcements / Re: MidBoss beta release (v1.0.2 Closed Beta) semi $
« on: April 18, 2017, 11:56:02 AM »

(savegame compatible with previous version)

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where minitaurs that died from poison would die, giving experience, then come immediately back to life.
Fixed a bug where turn delay was being incorrectly applied to non-visible creatures and not applied to visible creatures.
Fixed a bug with Mid nagging players to equip optional forms when not appropriate.

A notification now appears on screen when a screenshot is taken.
Potentially fixed a bug where tooltips contained comparisons for non-equipment items?
You can now use or equip items in the inventory by right clicking the item.

Added pick up items/drop item key. This is bound to G and numpad 0 by default. Hover your mouse cursor over an item and press G to drop it. When the inventory screen is closed this key will pick up all items in a 3x3 tile area centered on the player in a random order.
Added use/equip item key. This is not bound by default. Hover your mouse cursor over an item and press the key after binding it to use or equip the item.

Item tomes will now have much more abilities available to spawn with early in the game.
You can now identify potions using identification scrolls.

Made soul fatigue clearer by showing the tutorial message when the first stack appears, adding an extra dialogue, and making the tooltip show the current debuff strength.
The default screenshot key on the Steam version of MidBoss is now F11.

Added an option to turn off the turn delay pause for non-aggro creatures.
Added option to disable the true color scale2x upscaling algorithm and use nearest neighbor instead.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug with Stack shrines crashing the game.

4/15   KS campaign nearly done, but the builds flow~  8)

OK! Lots of bug fixes here addressing some annoying issues. Map generation received quite a bit of love (and art), and there are some diabolical new upper-level challenges such as expanded side areas and new monsters. It's a pretty great patch! I've also laid the groundwork for the upcoming ITEM WORLD. What is Item World? You'll see next patch! :D

* New and animated lava!
* Nando's kin have their own palettes now
* New plank art
* New graphics for the rumor giver in town
* More dungeon decor - flowers and bushes

* Bandit Spellshapers no longer have an intrinsic stun in melee (this was not intended...)
* Equipping items in any dungeon area other than 'safe' floors (merchants with no enemies) will now use a turn. Cycling weapons in your hot bar will NOT use a turn
* Shields have generally higher block chance across the board, but slightly lowered flat physical damage reduction
* 1st boss fight mobs all have a bit more HP
* King of Bandits HP increased
* Increased damage from areas with poison air/hazardous areas

* Attempted fix for regen flask charges sometimes not being consumed.
* Lava should now spawn again
* Fixed placement bug with Fungal Toad & Bog Frog jump impact visuals (now shows under them, as it should)
* Fixed some deep engine bugs (again) related to saving/loading chunks of the map
* Probably fixed obscure bug related to wandering monster spawns
* Budoka's "Steel Resolve" now works properly against stuns caused by maces/hammers
* Wandering merchants should no longer overlap poor Katy
* Crabbids will no longer lose their movement range if their grab wears off normally
* Fixed major bug where many things that boosted your core stats... would seemingly not do that
* Fixed display bug in item comparisons where some low values would round to 0 instead of showing the decimal
* When doing the "appease monster" type quests, the appeased monster will only drop 1 food item (as intended)
* Fixed display bug with banker prices, along with other banker bugs
* Flooded Temple should be flooded again

* New side area: the Bandit Library! I heard you liked Bandit Spellshapers...
* New monster: Bandit Buffslinger! (I wonder where you might find it)
* New map generation type! Also a bunch of mapgen changes adding some more variety and (good) randomness
* Modified version of the Demon Spirit now spawns in the main dungeon, later on!
* Elemental Lair has been expanded to 3 floors with a smoother difficulty curve from start to finish
* Added more room variations, shapes, and layouts throughout the dungeon (20 new templates)
* New champion mod: ICEDAGGERS

* Monsters can now use buff abilities on other monsters, even AOE buffs and AOE heals!
* Enhancements to summoned objects - they can now have directional movement regardless of how their summoner moves

* Colorized some text in the combat log
* Shield block chance is now shown in item descriptions
* Trying to attack while disarmed/paralyzed no longer consumes a turn.
* Summoned objects like Toxic acid pools that are not collidable will not show up on the mini map
* Hitting "Escape" will exit examine mode without popping up the Options menu
* You can now drag inventory items on to the "Drop Item" button to drop them. (You can also drop them by tapping "D" with the cursor over an item)

Feature Friday #85
Six Day Stilt merchants, and other rare merchants, now periodically refresh their wares.
Added new tiles for these artifacts: hoversled and helping hands.
Sultans now occasionally abdicate their thrones or get murdered under mysterious circumstances.
Sultan counselors now occasionally suggest abdication to their sultans. This can result in various outcomes, some of which are not great for the counselors.
Sultans are now guaranteed to become sultans during the course of their lives. We expect as much from them.
Gave the following creatures new descriptions.
all the cragmensch
Gave clockwork beetles more robotic attributes.
You can now use Rebuke Robot to rebuke clockwork beetles.
You're now prompted to stop traveling on the world map if glotrot causes you to start bleeding.
The container UI now lets you store water containers and other objects that are filtered out of the trade UI.
Fixed some issues that improperly caused the player to be destroyed.
The overlay UI scale is now a slider.
Capped the brightness and contrast settings to prevent completely unusable values.
Continued behind-the-scenes work on the journal and water ritual feature arcs.

Announcements / Asura (now at #27497) $
« on: April 14, 2017, 11:58:29 AM » $9.99 Win/Mac/Linux
Asura is a top-down hack 'n' slash game inspired by Indian mythology. It features heavy rogue-like elements and a procedural skill tree which changes on every play through.

Take on the roll of a demon incarnate and obliterate your way through the randomly generated fortress of the Daeva empire. Equip weapons from a wide variety of arsenal and carefully craft your character using the ever changing skill tree. The game can be brutal but is always fair. Can you rise from the ashes? Can you defeat the Daeva empire?

Obliterate through 5 different randomly generated fortress each with its own unique aesthetic, enemies and adversities.
Craft your character using the procedurally generated skill tree with over 80 skills to choose from.
Unlock 3 different demons and unleash your fury.
Venture forth and get your hands on a wide variety of loot, altering your gameplay as you hack, slash and obliterate your foes in battle.
Confront and battle through hordes of enemies each with its unique characteristics and abilities, inspired from Indian mythos!
Duel and slay Heroes of the Daeva, Vanara, Naga and the Hathira race and unlock more as you destroy them in the battlefield!

Ogre Head Studio
Ogre Head Studio is two man indie game company by Zainuddeen Fahadh and Neeraj Kumar based in Hyderabad, India where we make games all about Hack, Slash & everything Epic!

For any issues or feedback with the game, join our discord HERE!
or contact us at support(at)ogrehead(dot)com

This is quite likely the most tantalizing of design fusions between the Roguelike and ARPG scenes since Triangle Wizard---and for completely different reasons/methods at that!   8)

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 22) $
« on: April 14, 2017, 01:48:04 AM »
Alpha 22
The bulk of today’s update deals with new content for the Industrial levels. Admittedly, I bit off a little more than I could chew. Basically, I started working on a whole bunch of new content at once, and wasn’t able to finish all of it before this week’s update. There have been some significant updates to the Industrial levels, but I’m by no means finished with them. At the very least, this should give you a clearer idea of the direction I want to go with this part of the game. I’m still open very to suggestions if you’ve got ‘em. Also, please report any new bugs you find with the new content, because I'm sure there are a bunch...

I’ll be starting work on the Park levels very soon. They’re essentially the game’s version of the grassy/outdoor theme. The next bi-weekly update might be a fairly minor one, because I’ll be knee-deep in prepping these new levels. It might be a couple of updates before they’re officially “open for business”. Taking suggestions now!

There are still a bunch of modifications I want to make based on the feedback from the previous update. I only had time to buff the Vampire a bit for this update.

Alpha 22
Factory floor

Status Effects
Wet (serves no purpose yet)
Electrocuted (can't do this yet)

Items Added
Gas Mask
Oil Container

Items Modified
Cigarette Lighter can be used to set oil on fire
Fix for Killer Robot sometimes getting “non-infinite” version of Rocket Launcher

Objects Added
Saw Blade
Mine Cart
Conveyor Belt
Tubes that spew objects onto conveyor belts
Objects spewed from tubes
Continuous Crusher Trap
Overclocked Generator
Non-trapdoor-based holes
Slime Barrel
Slime Puddle
Fire Hydrant
Indoor flame grates
Permanently flaming flame grates
Permanently spewing gas vents
Oil spilled on ground
Water spilled on ground (with “expanding puddles”)
Water projectile

Objects Modified
Crusher does damage as soon as it hits people, rather than having to traps people between it and the wall
Crusher does 30 damage instead of 40
Changed collider size of Crusher
Fixed issue where Crusher would get screwy on clients if they went far away and came back
Floor trap switches are no longer found in Industrial

Vampire’s victims no longer get “tapped out”. Vampire gains 1 health for every 3 health he drains from his victim. Victim also emits a louder noise for other people to hear.

Fix for player’s death method being classified as “Fell in Hole” if this occurred after they died

Level Generation
Added new Industrial objects into existing buildings
Industrial factories tend to be filled with Workers and Goons
Some factories will permanently spawn gas
NPCs will wear Gas Masks when necessary, if factory is permanently spawning gas
Mine Cart tracks may now appear in the middle of levels
Industrial factories no longer have Floor Switch traps
Oil appears on the ground at random spots in Industrial levels

Artificial Intelligence
NPCs are better at avoiding traps and holes

Things I started but didn't finish yet
Moving Fire Spewers
Fireball Spitter
Pipes on walls that spew gas when shot
Fireball projectile
Robots that aren't trying to murder you
New buildings and "level chunks"
A bunch of other little Industrial modifications

UI / Controls
Game does not go into slow-motion mode when remotely hacking
When hacking certain objects that allow for multiple commands, the contextual buttons do not disappear after entering a command
Auto-aim is slightly smarter
Fix for issue where it was possible for players to get stuck in walls after returning from ghost form
Fix for not being able to place some stackable items into toolbar slots

Cops and other character classes that are walking around levels randomly have a chance to carry guns and other more powerful weapons. This chance is increased as the player progresses in the game.
Hackers start with 2 Time Bombs instead of 3
Investment Banker starts with $300 instead of $500

Playfield Objects
Destroying Gravestones has a chance of spawning an angry Ghost
When Wrestler throws certain types of objects, they will inflict status effects upon the person they hit
Objects thrown by Wrestler have a chance of dizzying the person they hit
Stove spawns a fire when destroyed
When hacked, Refrigerator is capable of breaking through walls
Refrigerator plays proper sound effect when smacking into people after being hacked
Doors armed with Detonators can now be hacked to disarm them
Sell-O-Matic and Portable Sell-O-Matic prices for weapons and armor now take durability and ammo into account
Player receives 100 skill points for “Found Cool Stuff” instead of 200
Safes no longer have a chance of containing a tiny amount of money
Winning chances on slot machine are capped at a certain point when using things like the hacking ability and Four-Leaf Clovers in conjunction with one another.

Added item “Fud”, which is a new type of food item
Food Processor only produces Fud
Resurrection Shampoo’s value has been increased from $100 to $200
Armor Durability Spray’s price increased from $50 to $100
Cyanide Pill’s price increased from $50 to $150
Kill Ammunizer only restores ammo for 1 of the weapons in your inventory, selected at random
Kill Ammunizer and Kill Profiter show status text when giving the player ammo and money
Water Pistol holds 8 shots instead of 12
Water Pistol cannot be refilled through Ammo Dispenser or Kill Ammunizer
EMP Grenades cause Killer Robot to become temporarily Paralyzed
Doctor is capable of using Tranquilizer Gun and Leafblower, but can no longer use throwable weapons that inflict damage
Portable Sell-O-Matic gives slightly worse deals than normal Sell-O-Matic
NPCs have a lower chance of carrying items that are not weapons or money
Chest Objects have a lower chance of containing multiple items
Throwing Rocks does damage to people now
Investment Banker can no longer use Cigarettes to prevent withdrawal from taking hold -- they’re just not strong enough!
Fix for some NPCs having an item called “E_”

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Vampire’s bite adds 3 health per suck instead of 2. Damage per suck is still 4.
Vampire’s bite may do a max damage of 20 to a person (+15 health to vampire) before that person is “tapped out”.
Skinny Nerdlinger now causes certain guns to cause knockback to the player when fired
Tank-Like cancels out all gun knockback
Shapeshifter “Possess” ability now has a 10 second cooldown after exiting someone’s body
Fix for Shapeshifter not being able to possess sleeping people
Shapeshifter now has “Antisocial” trait
If Shapeshifter possesses someone in front of a Neutral NPC, that NPC will become Annoyed
Werewolf is no longer required to gib people for Bloodlust to activate, he only needs to kill them
Werewolf’s Lunge ability no longer has a charge-up period
Added “Unstoppable-ish” trait for Werewolf, which works similar to Tank-Like, but bullets do not cause knockback
Added “Ultimate Butterfinger-er” trait for Werewolf, which knocks weapons out of people’s hands every time a collision occurs
Size of Werewolf’s claws increased
Comedian’s audience has a lower chance of becoming hostile and attacking the Comedian when a joke fails
Comedian’s audience has a small chance of becoming Aligned instead of Loyal when a joke is successful
Backstabs can only be performed if the victim is not already in combat
Added “Master of Disaster” trait for Jock, which gives him a small amount of XP for each object or wall that he destroys
Thief receives 15 skill points for pickpocketing instead of 10
Investment Banker’s “Withdrawal” stops taking health from the player at 20 HP (10 with the Low Health mutator) instead of 5

Radiation blasts occur every 20 seconds instead of every 15 seconds
Falling bombs produce a more obvious lighting effect to help players better avoid their radius

In Rogue Vision, fences are always visible, so doors next to fences won’t appear to be floating in a void
When Low Health mutator is activated, hazard damage from crusher traps, holes, acid, and poison is halved to alleviate the chance of cheap deaths
In Low Health mode, health items only give the player half the health they normally do.
Fix for Crusher sometimes appearing at inappropriate times with Rogue Vision turned on
In Rogue Vision, fix for out-of-view NPCs’ flashing outlines appearing when using Hypnotizer and other methods where NPCs are being targeted
Fix for bullet particles sometimes remaining on-screen for clients in multiplayer Rogue Vision mode

Level Generation
Player is more likely to see 1 of each type of “vending machine” per level (Sell-O-Matic, Ammo Dispenser, etc.), with fewer duplicates

Artificial Intelligence
When a cop starts arresting someone, interactions between that person and other players will cease
Ghosts deal with solid walls a bit better
Cops now only attack people who they’ve witnessed attack someone else, instead of just attacking both people. However, if they see two people fighting, they will still attack both of them.
If cops witness a property owner attacking someone, they will always side with the property owner and attack the other person.
People employed by Werewolf do not run away when player turns into Werewolf
Releasing people from prison makes them Loyal toward the player
After rescuing someone for an optional mission and bringing them to a questgiver, they will remain Loyal to you

Fix for some of the German translation not appearing properly
“Acid” is now known as “Sulfuric Acid” to avoid confusion with the drug of the same name

Mutators are cleared when the player enters the Tutorial

Fix for Shapeshifter clients losing their extra traits when depossessing

Announcements / Re: MidBoss beta release (~v1.0** Closed Beta) semi $
« on: April 13, 2017, 06:28:56 PM »
~v1.0** Closed Beta    8)   (very nearly all the way there)

MidBoss version 1.0 is out! Get the game now, view the update instructions, or check out the full list of changes. You can also wishlist MidBoss on Steam.

The game is now playable from start to finish! Not only that, the game is now also available on Steam to a limited number of early backers by claiming your Steam key from Anyone who claims a Steam key and plays the game on Steam during the closed beta (ending after May 22nd) will receive an exclusive platinum death card border.

Death card with platinum border (mockup)
What are death cards? They look like trading cards, but they summarize your run and your death, and you can share them on Twitter. Death cards are not yet working; they’ll be in the game later in the closed beta. When they arrive, however, they’ll have embedded data that can be loaded in-game to show more information about the run, or let you replay the game with the same seed and game settings.

The special item for Steam closed beta testers can be selected in-game to give death cards a platinum border. It’s one of many borders we’ll be making available as unlockables, but the only way to get this one is to participate in the Steam closed beta!

To request a steam key:
If you made an account: Look at your purchase history and find MidBoss. The Steam key should be available from the downloads page.
If you did not make an account but you did keep the digital receipt: The email is from with a subject line of "Your purchase of 'MidBoss." Follow the download link included in that email; the Steam key should be on that page.
If you did not make an account and did not keep the digital receipt: You'll need to go to's support page and use the "Recover Games" option with the email address you used when you purchased the game.

(NOT savegame compatible with previous versions)

Carrion will no longer inflict the infested debuff on player minions if the player is the source of the aura.
Carrion's corpse explosion damage is now calculated using the stats of the creature with the carrion aura, not the creature exploding.
Carrion's corpse explosion damage no longer affects player minions if the player is the source of the aura.
Carrion's infested debuff no longer applies to rot maggots. Before this fix when creatures died and spawned rot maggots during corpse explosions, these rot maggots could also explode when killed and spawn even more maggots. This old behavior has been preserved as a custom game setting.
Carrion's tooltip now explains that if rot maggots spawn from a corpse explosion, the originating creature can no longer be possessed.
Cleave, counter attack, double strike and kick masteries will no longer proc on AoE attacks.
The player's chill aura will no longer affect minions and vice versa.
When a minion's carrion aura triggers a corpse explosion it will no longer harm the player. Additionally, rot maggots spawned by a minion's carrion aura will now also be player minions.

Cratefish king music added.
Merchant music now loops.
Remastered versions of all music added.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where changing forms or equipped abilities on a form could cause auras to not be updated properly.
Fixed a bug where tile entities such as acid tiles could flicker when moving.
Fixed a bug which was causing carrion's corpse explosions to never trigger.
Fixed a bug with auras not being properly removed on death.
Fixed a bug with auras when using various teleporting abilities.
Fixed a bug which could cause the intro sequence to freeze after skeleton and zombie leave.

Custom Game
Added a custom game setting to restore the old behavior where the imp gets all innate abilities or all mastered forms for free, not just those of equipped mastered forms.
Added a custom game setting which allows rot maggots affected by the carrion aura to explode and spawn more rot maggots.

Caster monsters like vampire bats, warlocks and aether bats now will only approach the player to a certain range. From there they will cast spells, pass their turn to regain mana, or move around randomly while staying within the range.
Fixed a bug which caused Megataurs to never use their Stomp ability.
Minions should no longer attack other minions.
Monsters now won't recast buffs like Gravelord or Ethereal before the buff runs out.
Non-aggro monsters will no longer flash step.
Warlocks are now much less likely to blow themselves up with fireballs.

Added floor 13 boss fight.
Implemented floor 14.

Basic attack animation speed increased by 10%. Additionally, wind up is reduced when attacking inanimate objects, making attacks against inanimate objects 30% faster.
You can now finish the game.

Acid reflux ability is now animated.
Bone spear is now animated.
Brood mother and carrion ability effects are now animated and have sounds.
Hitstop has been reduced for fireball and inferno AoE abilities.
Stomp ability is now animated.

Ability icons added for: ethereal, charge, explosion, blink, vomit, bone spear, shocking grasp, stomp, acid reflux, juggle, phantom strike, and conscription.
All menus in the game now have a glowing fire edge effect.
Fixed an issue with tooltips for items in the item selection window used for holy water, id scrolls, etc not being wrapped appropriately.
Status effects added for: agony/torment, carrion/infected, chill/chilled, colossus, mimisbrunnr, noatun's inventory, overpower, retro mode, void keeper, animated, and potion effects.
The meta attribute sections of the status window now have background images.

Added an option to disable the glowing menu edge effect.
You can now rebind the screenshot key.

Now supports the Steam API and overlay. Game will be paused when the Steam overlay is open.

Announcements / Re: Fame 0.9.13 Released
« on: April 12, 2017, 08:08:35 PM »

The development slowly approaches the point where it makes sense to think more about the story as a whole. So far completing the game wasn't much more than a simple message box. This release introduces a special ending - you can become a Champion of deity you've chosen. What is more, the split of the storyline is already happening - currently "evil" characters will experience a slightly different ending. Eventually, in future versions, the gameplay should be totally different based on the choice you make... But that's future.

It's time to improve procedural generation. So far, wilderness locations were mostly boring and the only quite fresh piece of code in this area unfortunately applied to a specific type of terrain (burned ground). I have revisited other terrain generation procedures and you can watch the results - they're quite impressive. More will come when new terrain types will be implemented.

There are few new locations. They together make a stub of a very important piece of the story: the mines. Partially abandoned, full of mysterious corridors, you'll quickly find out that they are actually much bigger than they appear... In the current version there are only few levels, more will be added gradually with every new release.

Do you have the impression, while playing 0.9.12, that monsters are too tough and items are too cheap and useless? That's certainly not cool, but this version should be much better balanced. If that's not enough for you, just write me an e-mail and we'll see what else needs to be done :-).

Last, but not least: shops. So far you could visit just two shops that offered truly random items. All the rest would have the same old set of items every time. With that approach I needed to manually update all trade profiles of NPCs with new items every time I added new items into the game. Now I can just say "this NPC buys and sells food" or "this NPC trades in potions worth from 50 to 100 gold pieces". This generic way of creating trade profiles is supplemented by a manual method of adding specific types of items, so that you can still have guaranteed items in stock.

Quick summary:

    improved completing game and more possibilities of endings
    new content
    improved terrain generation
    improved shops
    balanced items and monsters
    important bugfixes

Full change log (some tiny bugfixes may be omitted, though):

    new locations, NPCs and quests
    added alternative ending for "evil" characters
    added special endings
    improved random terrain generation
    balanced item generation and monster experience level
    shopkeepers now offer mostly randomly generated sets of items
    new trap type - falling rocks
    aiming with a keyboard is available also in the tile mode
    ASCII version of the chat window
    quitting the game after completing it creates a Hall of Fame entry
    character statistics (and Hall of Fame) now contain information about completing the game
    attacking a neutral creature does not immediately prevent monsters from attacks on the hero
    using a cursed key on a door results in learning about the curse
    optional bigger font in the Chat window
    hero's rest can now be interrupted by stealing items
    hero can now prevent equipment items (weapons only) from being stolen
    thrown weapons and ammo can no longer have tin, bronze or copper as a base material
    Ybagid will still offer his quest directly after successful completion of the executioner's job
    Tokfor will still teach the hero swimming after leading him to the Temple
    Elumor will not offer the alchemy set for sale after giving it as a quest reward
    Elumor will not give the alchemy quest to an illiterate character
    added a possibility for illiterate characters to complete the main quest
    bow or crossbow used as a melee weapon does not train any skill and does much less damage
    healing potions are much more effective
    bloodstains do not appear on the surface of water or lava
    not attempting to automatically pick up items that are too heavy for the hero
    "level up" messages additionally show up in the log
    simplified log messages displayed when reading a scroll
    "quick messages" in the Chat window now include item's name
    weapon skill names unified with item category names
    added messages for dipping items into blessed potions of water
    added "welcome" messages for nearly all special locations
    added missing appearances of frozen hero for certain hero pictures
    the "rest until recovered" resting mode does not display an empty progress bar
    [editor] added possibility to enlarge location without losing its contents
    [editor] added undo/redo for drag&dropping portals
    [editor] hero has a fixed position after loading a location (or creating a new one, resizing etc.)
    [editor] the object toolbar no longer breaks after pressing F11
    [editor] attempting to load a broken file no longer crashes the editor
    [editor] walking onto a trigger no longer crashes the editor
    [bugfix] the game no longer crashes when a fleeing monster who was fighting with some other monster follows the hero into another location
    [bugfix] the game no longer crashes during rare neutral wilderness encounters
    [bugfix] Raylnen's script no longer fail after leading the character to the village
    [bugfix] monster are no longer able to pass through closed door in the flooded dungeon
    [bugfix] Chaos Beast's lair no longer generates an error message
    [bugfix] the Holy Bolt spell no longer causes an explosion
    [bugfix] huge gems can no longer transform into random items
    [bugfix] the message displayed after completing the game is no longer "STR_COMPLETED1"
    [bugfix] if the hero attacks and kills a neutral creature in the same turn, there is no message about the creature becoming hostile
    [bugfix] trolls no longer generate in lava lakes
    [bugfix] random settlements no longer generate in the editor
    [bugfix] helms and armor wielded as weapons no longer look like they were worn by the hero
    [bugfix] fixed help messages in the Character Creation window

Saved games from versions 0.9.9 to 0.9.12 are still compatible with 0.9.13.


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