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Announcements / Once upon a Dungeon (now available)
« on: February 17, 2018, 01:33:15 PM »  $4.99 Win/Mac

Once upon a Dungeon is a roguelike game with a dense atmosphere and challenging gameplay. Explore dark dungeons full of dreadful foes. Defeat them using physical power or mighty spells. Craft magic items, collect unique ones, enhance your attributes and face the main antagonist – Fallen One.

The game has following features:

    turn based
    procedurally generated levels
    permanent death (optionally)
    hack/slash oriented
    tons of loot (ordinary, magic, enchantable, unique)
    spells system
    trading system
    interesting quests
    cool crafting system
    door/key/lever mechanics
    different monsters (ordinary, champions, bosses)

Weapons have different capabilities depending on their type:

    Bashing – enhanced chance for stunning
    Axes – enhanced chance for tear apart
    Daggers – enhanced chance for bleeding
    Swords – enhanced chance for hit

Spells can cause different effect depending on their type:

    Fire – burning
    Ice – freezing
    Poison – poisoning

Feature Friday #122

We did a bunch of behind-the-scenes work on upcoming feature arcs. Across Qud creatures are dreaming of alternate starts, varied villages, and deerfolk...
We added metal and gemstone figurines.
Figurines depict creatures from across Qud.
Possible figurine materials include copper, silver, gold, agate, topaz, jasper, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and peridot.
Wielding figurines bestows bonus reputation for each of the depicted creature's factions.
Figurine value and bonus reputation depends on the rarity of its material.
We added legendary gemcutters. You'll find their workshops as new overland encounters.
Slightly increased the weight of ironweave cloak.
Reduced the weight of rainboweave cloak.
Apostles now start with the Customs and Folklore skill in addition to the Tactful power. This means apostles no longer have to purchase Customs and Folklore (which was a useful purchase since they already had Tactful) to get Trash Divining.

Announcements / Re: Slash'EM Extended (now at v2.0.1)
« on: February 15, 2018, 01:24:16 PM »
Very nice---should only help going forward.   :)

Announcements / Re: 20XX (now at v1.2 and Hawk DLC!) $
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:32:01 PM »
v1.2 + Hawk DLC   8)   $3

Hello! Today's 20XX 1.2 patch introduces Hawk, 20XX's third full playable character! Master her whip-like Siphon, and rain destruction on your foes with her nearly-limitless pool of whip-stolen Energy. (Using her requires the new Hawk DLC, which will be about $2 until the end of the Lunar New Year sale, and $2.99 thereafter.)

This patch also contains 9 new Augs and a tremendous number of QOL updates and fixes. These non-Hawk updates are free for all players, and are not part of the DLC.

Read more about Hawk and the new changes below!

IT'S HAWK (requires Hawk DLC to use!):
Hawk is 20XX's third full character, built to master 20XX's Powers. Her whip-like Siphon steals energy from foes, giving her a nearly limitless supply of fuel for her devastating unique Powers.
Hawk has five unique Powers - she begins with one (the Protorifle), and can find four more in the game's Primary Weapon Chests. Hawk finds these Powers in lieu of Primary Weapon swaps.
Hawk's DLC allows players to use Hawk in all of 20XX's gameplay modes. If you're playing with a friend who doesn't own the Hawk DLC, you can still use her, and your friend will see her as normal.
The Hawk DLC costs $2.99 (USD), but through the end of the Lunar New Year sale, Hawk will be 34% off. Her DLC won't be part of every sale, so get it while it's hot!
The rest of Patch 1.2's features are free for all players, and do not require the Hawk DLC. Enjoy!

Made a general performance improvement that should help people experiencing slowdowns.
Added 9 new Augs! Discover them, and unleash their power.
New Skull: Dearth! Dearth disables the three-item Boss Choice from appearing in the post-Boss room after Level 3. (This means only up to 3 Powers can spawn in that run, and if a Boss doesn't show up in the first three levels, its Power is unavailable this run.)
In scored modes, Level 10's time bonus now applies after defeating the boss, instead of at the end of the level. The bonus timer now also shows up properly during the level during Challenge/Seeded runs.
Nina's shots now combo on bosses similar to Ace's attacks. If Nina strikes a boss with a primary weapon, she can now hit the boss up to twice more in quick succession for additional damage. Scatterbeam is excluded from this change. (This is a Nina buff.)
This combo does not scale with how many shots Nina can have on screen at once.
Enemies protected by Maintcore shields (Beta and Gamma variants) now take 90% reduced damage (instead of being completely immune to damage).
Shield-piercing weapons still ignore this damage reduction.
Juiced Force Nova no longer has any damage scaling as it chains. (This is a buff - the damage scaling was negative.)
The Bonus Timer no longer ticks down in the pre-boss hallway.
Co-op pairs playing the same character once again receive the same Primary Weapon when destroying a Blue Chest.
Oxjack's Blitz (Leg Core) now has a "grace zone" when air-dashing horizontally very close to the ground.
Airdashing super close to the ground currently has a feel-bad case where a falling player intends to dash immediately upon reaching the ground, but instead activates his airdash a hair above the ground (so he never lands, and never restores his jump or airdash). This feels bad. Today's change checks if you're really close to the ground when activating an airdash, and if so, pretends you landed before dashing.
This change will not count the player as having landed for safe-return calculations.
Moved Character Select text so it doesn't overlap the HQ sign.
Normalized Flat's mortars a bit. (No more hyperspeed Mortars.)
Implemented a jump buffer. Jump presses will buffer for up to 100ms, so if you hit Jump a hair too early (say, right before hitting the ground), you'll jump anyway upon ground/wall contact if you're still holding Jump.
Added a pop-up menu notification when attempting to join a player's game when you're not in the lobby.
Memory optimization: 20XX now unloads characters not in use by the game on game start. Please tell us if you still see Flat black-boxing sometimes!
Tweaked Core Aug availability. Reduced Glory Zone occurrence by a hair, and decreased the chance that a given Shop item is a Core Aug. On average, the goal here is to reduce the number of Cores that spawn by about 25%.
We understand this one might be controversial, and we're keeping an eye on it. In general, too many Cores were spawning in a typical run - when all 16 are likely to spawn, players don't really have to make choices about what to take - doing the best with what's available is an important part of 20XX.
Reorganized Datalore. Primaries are now all one section, and Powers have their own section.
Tiny Flamespewer rebalance:
Tiny Flamespewer's flames no longer pierce except when they kill the enemy they hit.
Tiny Flamespewer's flame base damage increased to 15 (from 10).
Tiny Flamespewer's flames deal reduced damage to Bosses, but each flame can now hit a Boss separately.

Really, really fixed the way cutscenes draw.
Fixed an issue causing some projectiles that pierce slain enemies from failing to do so (and vice versa).
Fixed an issue causing chests to draw in front of other enemies.
Juiced Force Nova no longer sometimes hurts your online co-op partner. (This is also a buff, unless you're a jerk.)
Fixed a spooky invisible Wind Platform in a certain Skytemple config.
Fixed a bug causing leaderboard finishes to display Level 10 instead of "FINISH!" in the Level column.
Fixed a netplay issue causing the host to be able to pull up the Main Menu while waiting for the client, resulting in general havoc.
Fixed the Bonus Timer in Boss Rush.
Fixed a bug causing a super-zealous Re-Flapp to gobble up an Astral before the fight starts, breaking the game.
Fixed a missing Level 10 drop-through platform.
Fixed an issue causing Death Lotus and Spirit Vine attacks to occasionally fail to register.

Thanks for reading!

Announcements / Re: Xenomarine (now at Alpha 4.3) $
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:10:17 AM »
Alpha 4.3

This release adds 12 new base item types with new game mechanics, including some high-level alien tech and...jetpacks! Also some much-need bugfixes.


NEW: 3 new base stimpack types (each with many variants)
NEW: 4 jetpack types
NEW: Energy barrier
NEW: Hyper-teleporter
NEW: 3 new alien globe types (each with many variants)


MOD: when right-clicking usable to add to quickslot last slot is selected by default rather than first
NEW: can now use 'enter' key from new game panel to start new game
NEW: improved size, look and location of inventory contextual menu
FIX: some annoyances relating to selection of inventory items


NEW: sound effect for aliens pushing aside floor tile
MOD: Trilinear filtering added to player, alien and level sprites (less pixellation)


FIX: bug with player armor resistances not protecting against enemy status effects
FIX: problem (in some resolutions) with overlapping text in link from controls screen to setting screen
FIX: total number of log messages shown reduced to ensure most recent log messages always fit in log
FIX: bug where log message not shown when using item from inventory
FIX: bug where batteries do not charge energy fields
MOD: it is no longer possible to target friendly mobs
FIX: auto-target no longer targets friendly units
FIX: bug causing occasional 'teleportation' when activating auto-mouse-movement by clicking on inaccessible square
FIX: error in probability for success when using mind globe
FIX: bug allowing enemies to move twice when pressing 'f' to attack with throwing weapon or other device
FIX: bug with inventory contextual menu for weapon enhancements and batteries
FIX: mousehover info for aliens now includes special powers (e.g. regeneration) where appropriate
FIX: bug where character screen does not show impact of 'weakness' status on 'to hit'
FIX: bug where combat drones ignore effects of player cover when firing from a distance
FIX: corrected description of dual-wielding skill in terminal screen

Feature Friday #121

We added 15 new achievements.
In Contemplation of Eons
Perform the water ritual with Oboroqoru, Ape God.
Three-Sludge Monte
Kill a trisludge.
Five-Sludge Monte
Kill a pentasludge.
Ten-Sludge Monte
Kill a decasludge.
What With the Disembowelment and All
Find one of Argyve's old apprentices.
Wield Caslainard and Polluxus.
Donation Level: Kasaphescence
Make an offering at the Sacred Well of an artifact worth at least 200 reputation.
Leap, Frog.
Convince a frog to teach you how to jump.
Six Arms None the Richer
Have six arms.
Free Falling
Hole Like a Head
That Was Nice
Fixed an issue causing Electric Resist to not work properly.
Fixed an issue causing excessive zone thawing, leading to heap crashes for long-running games.
Modified the 'item' wish so that you can optionally specify a number of items. For example, 'item:Staff:3'.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Update #1 + General Roadmap!)
« on: February 09, 2018, 04:12:14 PM »
Update #1  8)
Hello adventurers! We've released a big new patch addressing quite a few bugs, implementing some quality of life (QOL) features, and, based on player feedback since launch, adjusting the game difficulty in a few ways. There are 9 new achievements to hunt for as well!

Before we get into the actual change list, I wanted to go over our general plans for Tangledeep's development. People often ask if we will continue to support the game and the short answer is "yes"!

Maintenance and Polishing
We will continue to release regular updates to the game addressing bugs, quality of life, balance tweaks, and general polish. Some of these patches may also include 'minor' content such as new items, NPCs, and shops.

Free Content Updates
Tangledeep is already a game rich with content, but we have so many more ideas. We want to give you more things to do with your pet monsters, more post-game challenges and secrets, and new ways to progress and advance your character. Features like these will come less often than maintenance patches, but you can expect more than a couple throughout 2018. They may coincide with seasonal events as well.

Downloadable Content
We also have plans for DLC in the form of an 'expansion' to the game. Our vision for an expansion would be a significant amount of new stuff, for example several new jobs, plus lots of new areas, items, and possibly mechanics as well. There's no exact ETA on this, but we'd ideally like to have something by the end of 2018.


So now you know! And with that, let's dive into our most recent changes for build 1.01a.

Added some visuals to the Food Cart. When it produces money, coins will actually spring forth from the cart itself.

Generally softened the difficulty of monsters in Fungal Caves and Old Amber Station. These monsters now have slightly lower damage, charge time, and accuracy: Plunderer, Mad Chemist, Treasure Hunter, Rock Viper, Mottled Sandjaw, Ember Spirit, River Spirit, Floraconda, Bog Frog

Increased max possible cost of items in the Casino, particularly legendary items
Changed the two bosses in the 2nd boss fight so that only one of them drops loot
Reduced legendary drop rate by about 25%
Increased drop rate of bows and crossbows by about 50%
It no longer costs a turn to switch gear earlier on in the dungeon. This only begins happening when you are deeper, around 9F. (The tutorial popup text has been changed to reflect this.)

Reduced the number of foods “Food Loving” monsters are interested in, limiting to generally easier-to-acquire (or make) foods / meals

Assassin Gloves now gives a bonus to Swords, Spears, Axes, Claws, 2H Swords and Daggers (instead of just Spears + Daggers)

Toned down damage of tornados spawned by champions
You no longer get JP for discovering Secret Areas
Somewhat reduced the JP reward for clearing combat Side Areas
Herbs created by Foraging now last 1 extra turn
Reduced Fullness times for almost all non-Health restorative foods; some by 50% or more
Monster corral pets will now have 99 Charge Time gain by default (many early monsters have much lower charge time, which could lead to your pets falling behind frequently)

Fixed bug with hovering over Soulkeeper on character screen
Fixed bug with “Cost to Master: 0” text appearing under some abilities (was not intended to appear anywhere)
Removed often buggy gold cost in the “Expand Storage” dialog option (just read the banker’s text to see the cost)
Fixed bug where a corrupt save could sometimes cause you to spawn in the middle of the waterfall in Riverstone Camp
“Frogmaster” champion mod should no longer spawn with “Conjurer”
If your “Friendship Forest” quest state is screwed up (i.e. found Rose Petals without actually completing the quest, for whatever reason), restarting the game will now automatically unlock Wild Child
Rose Petals should no longer appear in shops until you finish the Friendship Forest quest
Path to Tangledeep and Casino 2F should no longer show up as rumor destinations, or Talrose locations
Fixed bug where selling stacks of items would sell for (stack quantity) x (full stack price) instead of (stack quantity) x (individual item price)
Fixed bug where Barrier / Turtling champions were reducing damage from all directions, not just the directions of the shields
Fixed bug with the Unlock Job/Feat dialogues where the wrong text string was sometimes used
Fixed bug where withdrawing lucid orb shards from the bank would sometimes cause them to not combine in your inventory
Fixed visual bug where using a Knight’s Shovel on some map objects would cause them to remain in place
Most likely fixed some bugs where your game’s ‘mode’ setting (Heroic, Adventure, Hardcore) could sometimes be corrupted and change, for example when starting New Game+.
Fixed bug with Cat Ear Headband charming 100% of the time (far more than intended)
Judo Sash no longer interferes with unarmed powers of Budoka - simply does not do anything if equipped as that job
Fixed bug where teleporting with a Crab attached to you would sometimes create a ghost crab in town
It should no longer be possible to interact with the main HUD during dialog sequences (which can cause various game state problems)
Fixed bug with skill hotbars where you could manage to get a skill from one character (or even one save slot) to another based on the cursor state
It should no longer be possible to move the Target Dummy under any circumstances
Fixed bug where the state of chopped trees could get messed up and leave unchoppable ghost trees on the map
Fixes for some camera jank issues related to pull effects
Fixed bug where Quick Step targeting was not always accurate and would allow you to cast on an impassable square
Fixed bug related to depositing and withdrawing multiples of the same Lucid Orb from the bank
Fixed bug where Running Boots and some other passive non-combat effects were messing with the “out of combat” turn counter (and, in turn, Sneak Attack)
Fixed bug with the log text related to attacking non-Wraith monsters while cursed by a Wraith
Fixed bug where the Red Orb Shard callout / quest would not start
Fixed bug where Furious Crescendo was not getting a damage bonus from song level as intended
Delayed Teleport should no longer fire if you switch maps
Brigand’s “Stealth Bomber” should now work with the modified Cloak & Dagger orb
Fixed bug where certain statuses like Heavy Guard and Radiant Aura would continue to produce certain effects even if you were below the Stamina/Energy requirement
Fixed bug where Casino game buttons would sometimes disappear

Added a feature where, if your saved maps or meta progress is corrupted due to power outage or PC shutdown, you should still be able to keep playing your character in a new world.

Added recovery features to salvage save files with corrupt Item Dream data

Added “Switch Places” dialog option to Jorito in the Elemental Lair and Langdon’s dialogs in the Jelly Grotto

Pressing the “Cancel” key (ESCAPE by default on keyboard) now functions as “Confirm” if you are going through unskippable dialogs

The XP bar now resets to the far left when you level up, rather than filling up to the right more and more

Armor Masteries learned from quest should now auto-equip once learned

Powerups should now prioritize landing in any open tile, as opposed to tiles with literally nothing in them

Auto targeting from using a ranged weapon will no longer auto-lock on to Pandora’s Boxes (you must manually target them)

Added 9 new achievements!

The separate breed of Mottled Sandjaw in some lava areas is now called “Heated Sandjaw” for clarity in rumors etc.

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 44) $
« on: February 08, 2018, 11:35:45 PM »
Alpha 44

Game is now playable through 5-2

New Track “Floor 5-2 Gonna Bust a Blood Vessel” added to soundtrack owners’ libraries

Fixed shadow for Loadout-O-Matic when it is facing West

UI / Controls
Fix for player 2’s Skill Bar text not appearing when player gained XP in coop mode

Playfield Objects
More difficult for people to become stuck in Lockdown Walls

Fix for EMP Grenades blowing holes in walls if they hit a Cop Bot or Killer Robot
Fix for Oil Container subtracting 2 ammo per tile instead of 1

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Certain Cop Bots can now rob the player of “non-Uptown-approved” weapons
Cop Bots’ security cam beam colors changed (yellow = Upper-Cruster check, purple = Drug/Alcohol check, Cyan = Weapon check)
Fix for Addict trait for Investment Banker not appearing on Character Select screen
Fix for player not gaining Upper Crusty when Possessing residents of Uptown
Fix for player retaining Withdrawal and Feelin’ Good after depossessing from Investment Banker

Fix for Cops sometimes not getting missions on a level

Level Generation
Fix for early-floor Hooligans not spawning in Uptown prison cells

Artificial Intelligence
Cop Bot no longer gets scared of people with Fair Game
Fix for Office Drone and Clerk not getting Annoyed at people with Malodorous or Naked
Clerks in Deportation Center do not get Annoyed at people with Suspicious, Malodorous or Naked
Fix for Cops not being Aligned with custom characters with The Law
When Comedian successfully tells a Joke to a Bouncer or Clerk at a Deportation Center, the effect is the same as if the Comedian had bribed them, so other people in the building will leave
the player alone
NPCs are better at using Flamethrower

Modified “Promise I’ll Return It” text to clarify that it does not work with Pickpocket

Load times between levels improved by around 40%-50%, primarily due to the points below
Unity “scene” does not switch when player enters new levels, so certain elements like the interface are no longer regenerated
Walls are now pooled instead of being generated fresh each level
Higher frame rate during parts of the level load (though you won’t notice this)

Updated Rewired plugin from to

Added a new and better method for loading level chunks into the game, though it’s not currently used yet
Got another console version up and running. Still can’t say which one it is yet!

Game is now playable through 5-1

New Track “Floor 5-1 I'm Too Arousing For My Turtleneck” added to soundtrack owners’ libraries

Unlock Elevator Access - Uptown

New wall and floor art for Uptown levels

Non-Playable Characters
Cop Bot

Gated Community
Uptown House
“Zoo” (features zombies, cannibals, and those filthy, uncouth Slum Dwellers)
Private Club
Deportation Center
Confiscation Center
Police Outpost
New Bank varieties
New Music Hall varieties
New Mall varieties
New City Park varieties

Lockdown Wall (barricades that go up when Uptown goes into Lockdown)

Everything Else
Fixed a hole in one of the Hideout buildings not being the correct size

Internal fixes to characters’ facial features, hats etc. are determined, could potentially fix a few small things
Fix for swimming NPCs on multiplayer client not appearing to be underwater at the start of a game

Playfield Objects
Certain doors have been given “Panic Room” behavior for particular buildings like Mansions
Fix for Ghosts and Holograms being poisoned by Slime Puddles
Fix for player sometimes being teleported behind vending machines and trash cans

Items that were missing from Item Teleporter were now available
Fix for Thief NPCs being able to steal quest items from player

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Investment Banker NPCs do not start with Addict

Level Generation
Fix for cases where buildings may not have been generated at proper difficulty levels on higher floors

Artificial Intelligence
Supercops are no longer Aligned with player cops, they are Friendly instead
Supercops will enter private property to investigate noises
Clerk in Deportation Center can be paid off
Fix for Goons sometimes not patrolling correctly
Fix for people sometimes observing Shelves against walls from the wrong side of the wall
Non-owners no longer take interest in objects outside of the building that they occupy, such as Air Conditioners
Fix for NPCs sometimes having difficulty navigating Crushers
Fixed pathfinding issues directly after an NPC jumps out of water
Fix for player not being able to ask Slaves to leave town after they are freed
Player can ask Slaves to leave town when they are in captivity, but they will always refuse due to the fact that their helmet would blow up
When player pays a bouncer, not all NPC owners in the building will become Friendly -- only the ones that would have become angry with the player immediately upon seeing them

Potential fix for multiplayer issue where host can enter the game as the incorrect player and start at the bottom-left corner of the map
Removed /teleport function from multiplayer games, this was meant to help with issues in earlier builds

Alpha 43b (January 27)
Fix for quests sometimes not appearing properly when due to reward item not being chosen
Fix for music not looping properly in 5-1
Cop Bots can be killed by EMP Grenades
Fix for gamepad players not being able to properly target a position to make their followers stand guard
Fix for Investment Banker dropping items that were never programmed into the game
Fix for cases where NPCs would still attempt to attack the player while in different “lockdown zones”
Fair Game and Charismatic traits cancel each other out properly
Improvements to when Lockdown is triggered
Fix for cases where player could teleport behind fences in new buildings
Clerks say dialogue all the time when the player interacts
Fix for audience members laughing at NPC Comedian’s jokes when they have Hearing Blocked
Added door to Gorilla cage in one of the Zoos that should have been there
Fix for player being able to lose a mission at the start of the game to free a Cannibal from the Zoo
Fix for followers from previous levels not transforming into Zombie properly
Fix for particle effects attached to people sometimes appearing at the incorrect angle
If one of the players is a Cop, you will not receive missions that take place in Police Stations
(For real this time) Fix for player sometimes being teleported behind vending machines and trash cans
Fix for player not being able to command followers to stand guard on top of hidden objects
Cop Bots no longer flee when their health gets low
Fix for player’s head not appearing properly as Ghost when player chooses the new Cop Bot head for their custom character
When players add custom characters to bottom row of character select screen, shadows no longer appear behind the characters
Fix for Trash Cans sometimes spawning next to level border near City Parks
Players who Can’t Speak English can still comply with Cop Bots

Alpha 43c
Fix for Can't Speak English not working properly as a result of a change in 43b

Alpha 43d (January 28)
Fix for lighting appearing weird at non-16:9 resolutions as a result of some internal screwing-around I did for console versions in 43c

UI / Controls
On the LAN screen, client IP address is automatically detected
Fix for camera sometimes not focusing in the correct spot when interacting with objects in three- or four-player mode when only one player is alive
Fix for camera focusing on wrong player in three- or four-player mode when the only living player chooses a throwable item
Fix for second target image that appears when aiming on gamepad with guns/throwables appearing too dark in split-screen modes
Fix for game freezing when starting Daily Run after turning Fan Translations on
Fix for Twitch voting sometimes ending early before votes were cast in online multiplayer mode
Fix for charge-up attacks being cancelled on freeze frames

Supercop speed reduced from 4 to 3

Fix for NPCs’ bodies and arms sometimes looking weird for a bit after teleportation

Playfield Objects
Fix for steel doors not blocking explosions properly
Fix for Loadout-O-Matics sometimes not getting items properly after loading saved games
Fix for line-of-sight issues when two objects are directly adjacent to one another, including explosions occasionally not hitting objects they were supposed to
Potential fix for player falling into trap door and then spawning on an adjacent trap door, causing a loop of falls. Same goes for Manholes.

Potential fix for items sometimes not appearing on multiplayer client

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for instances where the player could not use Camouflage despite not being in NPCs’ vision
Fix for NPCs not always being Zombified when hit with melee attacks from multiplayer clients
Fix for player being able to hack Killer Robot after its death, which could cause interface errors

Level Generation
Better randomization of level start and end points
Fix for NPCs in gas-spewing buildings sometimes starting without a Gas Mask

Artificial Intelligence
Fix for Supercops sometimes getting stuck near the Police Box and not disappearing
Fix for some instances where NPCs would pause to let Fire Spewers finish when the fire was blocked by a wall

Added proper description for Perfumorous

Created new Show Floor version of the game for PAX

Big Stuff
Major improvement in performance on multiplayer clients. Please let me know if this has negative side effects on your connection, causes disconnects where this did not occur before, etc.

People can now be knocked through Glass Walls, with the exception of the ones surrounding the arena, specifically during the battle. It’s a bit of a hack. In the process, fixed issue with people getting knocked through the Glass during arena battles without it breaking.

Fix for Vendor Stand not having correct shadow
Fix for white squares sometimes appearing for a split second in place of state indicators above characters’ heads

UI / Controls
Potential fix for issue with items sometimes not appearing properly in inventory unless in interfaces for Sell-O-Matic, Clone Machine etc.
Fix for character creation menu not showing the character’s name at the right side of the screen when first creating the character
Fix for issue where a player in Home Base would open the Character Creation screen or the Mysterious Elevator menu, and other players’ personal menus would not close
Fix for issue with Trackpad Mode where the player would sometimes aim toward the mouse’s position
Fix for player not being able to interact with Zombie immediately if Zombie resurrected while player was within range

Playfield Objects
Fix for doors sometimes not opening and closing properly on multiplayer client when they are opened and closed by NPCs
Fix for players on multiplayer client not stopping their interactions with doors when an NPC opens the door

Fix for Cocktails from Bartender sometimes having negative effects
Fix for Hypnotizer not working properly on NPCs who are Hostile

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for issue where quest-related NPCs would become hostile toward custom characters who were Zombified but did not have Fair Game
Fix for multiplayer client being able to talk to Zombies that have turned in the current level when they should not have the ability to understand each other
Fixed issue where “Chaaaarge” ability could sometimes result in the player charging into an object infinitely without being knocked to the ground
Fix for players not being able to Enslave anyone when they have the Antisocial trait

Death sound effect does not play when NPCs are knocked into holes
Fix for Security Camera rotating sound effect not playing on multiplayer client

Stats / Unlocks
Fix for kills counting twice for XP and stats when a dead body is knocked into a hole

Artificial Intelligence
Fix for NPCs not always having correct initial relationships to multiplayer client players
Fix for NPCs not always responding to noises properly, particularly knocks on doors and windows

Fix for multiplayer client sometimes being able to interact with NPCs who had moved out of range
Fix for host player in multiplayer games being able to press End Game and gib themselves after dying

Unity engine updated from 2017.2.1 to 2017.3

Updated Rewired plugin from to

Alpha 41b
Some of the changes from this changelog may have been omitted somehow in 41. This should be corrected now.
Unity engine updated from 2017.3 to 2017.3.0p1

Alpha 41c
Reverted engine back to Unity 2017.2.1, the newer version was causing a bunch of crappy performance issues.
Mac version updated to 41c. I had previously had to revert this from 41a to 40c because presumably Unity 2017.3 was causing the game to not work for some users. Let me know if the game does not run.

Alpha 41d (December 30)
Performance fixes for online multiplayer host
Fix for issue in online games where Zombies and Cannibals would sometimes stand still and not attack anyone
Fix for inventory items not appearing in certain interfaces (Ammo Dispenser, Clone Machine, etc.) when Auto-Sort was turned off
Fix for game freezing when player attempts to return to the menu in multiplayer mode when not connected to Steam
Fix for incorrect “points gained” message appearing when player disables a Laser Emitter with a Wrench
Fix for Traits appearing in-game if the player disables them immediately after unlocking

Alpha 41e
Fix for traits menu not appearing properly at the end of levels if the player recently unlocked a new trait.
Fixed internal errors occurring in multiplayer games when canceling a character selection.

Announcements / Re: Haque (now at Update #2!) $
« on: February 07, 2018, 10:58:14 PM »
Update #2  8)

The Stats and Backpack screen have been merged into a single screen where you can view your character’s stats, items, quirks and skills all at once.
Added ability to toggle between allied characters on the new stat screen. This makes it easier to equip allies, change their AI, and view their stats.
Added full controller navigation to Stats/Backpack screen. No more switching to mouse control to equip your pets!
Added a key that toggles ally AI that defaults to C on keyboards and Y/triangle on controllers. This replaces the stat screen button.
Added an additional effect to Herbs. Feeding an Herb to a Cat will now boost its Speed for a while.
Added a brief celebration effect when freeing Prisoners from jail.

Added a short cooldown time to Necrotize, Deep Freeze, and Evil Eye. This is meant to encourage caster type characters to switch up their playstyle and reduce caster spamming.
Reduced the likelihood of high damage weapons spawning.
Increased the likelihood of rare weapons spawning after level 4.
Reduced bonus health given to Zombies. This is meant to keep horde sizes on the manageable side by increasing Zombie churn.
Reduced Zombie attack speed. Zombies needed another small nerf and this made the most thematic sense.
Reduced Djinni Health slightly. Djinn had higher stats than other playable species which they really didn’t need considering Arcane Blast is such a beast.
Reduced Djinni Ice Affinity. This makes them weaker to Ice damage and makes it harder to obtain the coveted Ice Elemental Arcane Blast.
Reduced Jotun Health slightly. Jotuns, like Djinn, were just a little too good.
Increased Undead Ice Affinity. Ice damage was becoming too universally good and Undead needed a small bump. Good news for Skelly Heroes!
Reduced Noble Necro Affinity. Eagles and Vampires now take just slightly more Necro Damage.
Reduced amount of HP granted per second from eating Crystal Residue. HP gained is still roughly equal to that gained by eating one piece of Jerky.
Changed tactics of some bosses with long range abilities. Sea Witch, Pharaohmancer, and others will now behave defensively (run away) at certain HP thresholds.
Increased size of the Sea Witch arena.
Increased Sea Witch’s Affinities.
Changed Sea Witch’s second phase skills from Sneak to Dashcut. Sneak wasn’t as exciting as I thought it was, and Sea Witch kept getting cornered.
Added the Hellfire Weapon quirk to Pharaohmancer’s khopesh.
Reduced wait time on newly summoned creatures. Summoned creatures are no longer surprised by enemies when first summoned. More good news for Skelly Heroes!
Increased Health of Manticores and Manticore Juniors. Manticore fights are now longer and tougher with more opportunities to be poisoned.
Increased Android Accuracy. This makes Androids slightly scarier but it also increases the value of their inedible corpses.

Fixed crash that occurred when out of idle banter scenes. This crash also may have been responsible for the bosswarp crash.
Fixed crash that occurred by petting pets that weren’t there.
Fixed softlock where sometimes effect animations would hang forever. If an effect hangs, it will be automatically destroyed after 12 seconds.
Fixed boss achievements not unlocking after beating game.
Fixed holes in the desert zone perimeter that allowed players to leave the zone and wander across an endless void.
Fixed bows generating arrows while inside The Megachest.
Fixed Speed bonuses displaying incorrectly in item descriptions.
Fixed Codex description of Frost Boulder.
Fixed Old Man’s grammar on Level 2.
Fixed Skeletitan banter cameo.

Haque version for Mac will go live in a few days! Sorry for the wait. Codesigning is maybe more complicated than it needs to be.
There is a potential issue on level -3 where some Macs may only display a white screen. I could not reproduce this issue but disabling CRT effects in the A/V settings may remove the white screen.
Mac screenshots are still upside down. I have no idea why this is happening and I find the issue both saddening and amusing.
Next update will feature a little more added content and the new Spring event. There may be some hints about what’s coming in this update.
This was kind of a big one! I will try to reduce the amount of time between updates in the future. Thank you as always for your feedback!

Kevin Cole, Developer

Announcements / Re: Sil-quirk (now at Release 7)
« on: February 07, 2018, 01:26:26 PM »
Release 7

A few bugfixes, a few tweaks, some new toys.

Perhaps the most exciting new toy for some will be the addition of the [ and ] key bindings - these show all objects and monsters within line of sight or on screen.

Smithing has lost Song of Aule, but has gained more abilities to put on artefacts, cheaper slays, resists, damage and protection, and negative effects now act to discount standard ego items. This is a further attempt at making Smithing more viable in the mid-game and less broken in the end-game.

Coup de Grace has moved to Stealth; given the first Morgoth kill was a stealth character, it could be seen as odd that this is effectively powering up Stealth. I suspect though that the larger factors in that victory were the Smithing and the Songs and the new skill would not have made a huge difference; this may make more combat-oriented stealth more viable.

Melee characters have a couple of powerful new toys in Anticipate and Song of Valour. Morgoth has been buffed a little to compensate.

There are new artefacts, a new curse and a new effect. Also a new spider.


    Recharging staff exploit fixed.
    Morgoth angering now processes before mastery or Lorien effects.
    Whirlwind Attack works with Follow-Through (and also Rapid Attack).
    Super-tunneling gone from kemenrauko and nameless ones - they now tunnel more slowly than you walk.


    Mewlip blind is weakened, Balcmeg and Lug will and perception are toned down.
    Made giants throw boulders a little more often.
    Monster perception adjustment for early levels tweaked slightly - it was +3 for the first 5 levels down to +0 for the last 5, now it runs +2 to -1. I felt after making pacifism runs in original Sil that +3 was a lot.
    Various smithing changes. Weaponsmithing has gained from cheaper damage sides and slays. The major resists have got cheaper, and many more abilities are now available in places that better match artifacts.
    Negative effects on non-artefact items now reduce smithing costs, so e.g. a Shadow Cloak of Winter's Chill is worth making.
    The prerequisites on Forewarned were removed.
    Ring of Venom's End drops earlier, and Daggers of Accompaniment now grant +EV (they're parrying daggers after all).

New toys:

    Song of Delvings drops to 6, replacing Song of Aule. It works faster, detects secret doors and traps, and reduces tunneling difficulty.
    Song of Valour comes in at 10 (I wanted to call it Song of Breathless Deeds but the name wouldn't fit). It increases Strength and Dexterity by 3, may stun enemies with Will below your Song score, and drains health as well as voice.
    Coup de Grace moved to Stealth, costing 11 points and moving the Dex point to 12. It now provides guaranteed kills on enemies with HP under your stealth score.
    New melee skill: Anticipate, requires 12 Melee - rerolls misses up to twice against aggressive opponents. Requires Power or Song of Challenge.
    New spider quite early on.
    [ and ] show lists of monsters and objects; pressed twice they toggle between viewing line-of-sight and everything on screen.
    New effect: cheat death. Saves you from a fatal blow at 1 HP, curing negative status effects and giving you the next move. Amulets of Adornment are now Amulets of Last Chances.
    New curse: betrayal. New artefacts added. Swords and shields grow heavy and lay you open to maximum damage from a blow, helms fall over your eyes and blind you, rings and amulets slip from your finger and neck and alert all your surrounding enemies. They're all primed to pick the worst moment for this, though the curse will not kill you by itself and is triggered rarely.

Subtlety now makes Crits an extra point cheaper. Rings of Archery have become Rings of Cowardice. Robes of Permanence have gone, armour of Nogrod has arrived (I renamed the great axe). Regeneration no longer costs hunger when you're not healing.

Sils are very much easier to cut. Morgoth is easier to hurt, but gets angrier and more dangerous. He also gets angrier and more dangerous the more Sils you take. The new songs have all been upgraded a little bit and Rout has been weakened some.

Bugfixes and convenience:

    weird and random earthquakes should be gone now
    guaranteed forges should be always guaranteed
    mithril smelting in used forges is in
    recognise healing potions when healthy
    broken door glyph is changed to a grey ' as per mpa-sil
    passive identification is much faster
    forges are guaranteed to have 3 uses minimum
    smithing menu fixed
    Song of Aule mentions that it grants rFire
    mpa-sil dump additions are in
    using empty staves or failing to pick things up no longer wastes a turn

Feature Friday #120

Added chronology entries for the following important events in your character's life.
Becoming loved by a faction
Inventing a new recipe
Successfully cooking with neutron flux
Getting one of your limbs dismembered
Eating a creature's face (raw)
Imbuing an inanimate object with life
Chronology entries logged while you're on fire now read a bit differently.
Lurking beths appear much less frequently in early-game historic dungeons.
Moving very, very quickly no longer causes you to move backwards in time.
Creature AI now more intelligently reloads cell-based weapons.
Fixed an issue causing turrets to improperly use ammo.
Fixed an issue that caused energy cells to double-occupy sockets when creature AI reloaded cell-based weapons.
Level up choices are no longer trivially scummable.
Fixed an issue causing games to become unloadable, especially after using Precognition.
Fixed an error that caused games to fail to save when certain cooking effects were applied to your character.
Fixed an issue that caused cooking effects to still grant you mutually exclusive mutations.
Fixed some cases where cookbooks failed to generate correctly.
Fixed an issue causing effects to be improperly applied to item stacks.
Fixed an issue causing some ObjectCreated events to not properly trigger.
[modding] Mods.xml now supports modding.
[modding] Objects now support the customMissileOrder and customMeleeOrder tags and properties, used to define custom melee and missile sequences for the Kill goal handler.

Announcements / Delver (now available)
« on: February 01, 2018, 08:36:07 PM »
At long last   :)  $14.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Delve into the shifting dungeons on your hunt for the Yithidian orb, but getting it might just be the easy part. Delver is a single player first-person action roguelike dungeon crawler, just like you wished they used to make.

Slay monsters, blast wands, hoard potions, and loot everything.

A silky smooth mix of 90s FPS combat with classic RPG mechanics.
In these dungeons once you're dead you stay dead. Permadeath means that when you die, you begin each run into the dungeon anew.
Tough as nails gameplay will test your skills, no grinding will save you here.
A procedural dungeon that will keep you on your toes, no two runs will ever be the same.
Delicious chunky pixels!

Easy to pick up gameplay, but difficult to master. The dungeon has been waiting for you.

Announcements / Tangledeep (now at Update #1 + General Roadmap!)
« on: February 01, 2018, 06:05:26 PM »

$14.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Tangledeep combines the 16-bit graphics and polish of classic SNES-era RPGs with elements from roguelikes and dungeon crawlers to create a magical experience for players of all skill levels. Trapped in underground villages with no memory of the world at the surface, you must survive an ever-changing labyrinth to discover what lies above. Experience rich, tactical, turn-based gameplay as you explore a sprawling dungeon that’s different each time you play. Tangledeep features a customizable job system and hundreds of collectible items that allow you to approach each playthrough in a totally new way!

The Setting
For hundreds of years, people have lived in the safety of underground settlements and villages – where the only route to the surface is “Tangledeep,” a mysterious and ever-changing labyrinth. With memories of the surface world long forgotten, you set out for the labyrinth to discover what lies above. With each floor – full of magical beasts, ancient automatons, bizarre environments and hybrid biomes – the mystery grows ever deeper…

Key Features
Experience finely-tuned, procedurally-generated and handcrafted gameplay as you fight challenging monsters, complete quests, and collect rare items.
Master deep, tactical turn-based combat across 12 unique jobs with over 100 skills.
Choose between three game modes – including Adventure Mode, which removes the pain of permadeath.
Share some of your progress between characters by using the banking system, planting magic trees, or capturing and raising monsters in town.
Explore ITEM DREAMS, randomized mini-dungeons where anything goes, and power up your gear!
Take in the scenery – comprised of beautiful 16-bit graphics and carefully handcrafted maps!
Relax to a beautiful soundtrack inspired by the most legendary RPGs of the SNES era, composed by award-winning composer Andrew Aversa – joined by Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana), Grant Kirkhope (GoldenEye 007, Civilization: Beyond Earth), and Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid 3, Bayonetta)

Full support for Steam cloud saves, trading cards, and crafting with lovely badges, emoticons and profile backgrounds
Multiple Platforms and Control Methods
Runs on PC, Mac, and Linux!
Play with virtually any controller, and remap any control, binding, or shortcut
Old-school keyboard-only support (numpad movement) as well as WASD preset bindings available
Full mouse support - can even be played with ONLY the mouse!


Announcements / Gooncrawl (now at v1.0)
« on: January 29, 2018, 01:22:40 PM »   Grand DCSS fork madness begins anew in another direction~  8)

-Reimplemented High Elves
-Reimplemented Sludge Elves
-Added hat and scarf equipment options to felids
-Added helmet equipment option to octopodes
-Increased Ogre Maces & Flails aptitude to +3

-Reimplemented Death Knights
-Reimplemented Priests

-Added Jiyva to the list of Temple gods

-Reimplemented Poisonous Cloud
-Reimplemented Phase Shift
-Reimplemented Control Undead
-Reimplemented Cigotuvi's Embrace
-Reimplemented spellpower boost for Dragon Call while in Dragon Form
-Reimplemented book amnesia
-Added Blades of Disaster: A L6 Charms/Conj spell that temporarily allows you to summon
  prisms as you attack enemies in melee for a short period of time, detonating them all
  when the spell expires. The prisms scale with the user's spellpower and weapon damage.

-Reimplemented Crown of Eternal Torment unique item
-Reimplemented scrolls of recharging
-Reimplemented wands of hasting
-Reimplemented potions of restore abilities
-Reimplemented hammers
-Added shards of Zot: A fragment of the Orb of Zot, which can be evoked to teleport the user,
  as well as attempt to teleport all other monsters in line of sight.
-Added harps of healing: A musical instrument that can be evoked to heal the user, as long as
  they stay still to continue playing the instrument.

-Reimplemented Norris
-Reimplemented boulder beetles
-Reimplemented normal sheep
-Replaced Malmutate on neqoxecs with Paralyze
-Replaced Malmutate on cacodemons with Entropic Weave

-Changed Tomb trap doors back to stone stairs (kept Tomb:3 treasure chamber door addition)
-Added some vaults

-Added random food flavor descriptions when eating rations
-Mutagenic chunks are back
-Kept the old fat cacodemon tile
-Added the crablang fake language (still a WIP)

Programming / Re: [coding] TomeNET needs your help to find a bug! :D
« on: January 27, 2018, 01:16:40 PM »
Alternatively, there's always PWMangband that has been making good strides of late as one of the extremely few contemporaries?  Fairly confident feedback would be at least considered given the less rigid and history unburdened nature of it going in a different direction than tomenet.   tangar also did some vids on it ages ago prior to many rounds of updates~

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