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Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 49! Big Quests) $
« on: April 19, 2018, 08:26:44 PM »
Alpha #49  8)

Finally, the long-gestating character-specific “Big Quests” are finally in the game!... in Beta form! For a full set of details on the current state of Big Quests, check out this week’s Fortnight Discussion, in which I humbly ask for your suggestions on this fledgling aspect of the game.

For the next batch of bi-weekly updates, I’ll be splitting my time between the usual content/bug fixes/etc. and behind-the-scenes stuff like optimization, work on console versions, engine improvements, and other things that I’d frankly rather not be doing if I had the choice :D While this may result in a lower volume of obvious output in these updates, I’ll be making an effort to stick some meaningful additions into to each one.

Alpha 48
Big Quests
Set up a whole bunch of infrastructure on which Big Quests will hang
Added Big Quests for:
Investment Banker

Fix for mission status not changing in real time if the missions screen is left up in multiplayer mode

Fixed some code relating to Disasters in Sandbox Mode, though I’m not sure exactly what impact this was having

Artificial Intelligence
Fix for NPCs that that were meant to be Neutralized for missions becoming Hostile toward each other too easily
Cop Bots come after the player when they are being hacked
Fix for NPCs sometimes not patrolling properly in multiplayer mode

Altered ShapeShifter back story a bit

Fix for Game Over screen sometimes appearing if the player teleported twice in rapid succession toward the start of a level

Bunch of boring behind-the-scenes stuff that you won't notice or care about

Announcements / Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.3.1!)
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:50:15 PM »

Greetings adventurers! This time around I focused more on some long-pending changes in the UI and a lot of lesser fixes. As development goes forward, you will see more and more of updates which no longer roll out gamechanging experimental systems, but instead build up the content within existing framework and polish gameplay. Adding new items, enemy creatures, skills, spells, attacks, races, world map locations, dungeon types, factions, etc. will be one side such updates, but fleshing out systems which have been introduced and never really got too much attention: secret rooms, stealth & thievery, poison mechanics, gold balancing (especially endgame, when there is nothing to buy anymore), will also be on my radar. But enough promises, here is what I got for you today!

The biggest change this time around is probably (yet another) rebalance of combat stats. As I've mentioned in my recent Facebook post, a lot of care has been put to get critical hits, armor and armor piercing done right. Enemies will always try to follow some build (which means their attacks as well as equipment) which allows the to tackle armor, as previously many endgame warriors would be useless trying to strike the player with their arming swords.

Dungeons will now feature special rooms like Libraries and Granaries, serving the purpose of "treasure rooms" with specific types of items, but also forcing player to face multiple enemies more often, adding a bit of value to AOE attacks. Town Portals no longer insta-teleport, which means that escaping dangerous situations will be more challenging.

There is also a new batch of items (both equipment and consumables), enchants (speed bonuses), some new creatures (especially endgame ones), and a good number of UI quality of life improvements.

Big thanks to all of you who are providing me with feedback, it is really appreciated. I've been lucky enough to get very constructive criticism so far, and I am sure you can see your comments and ideas come to life within Dungeonlike, even if it's taking me a bit of time on the implementation side of things.

New Stuff (mechanics & content):

    Block per turn attempts are limited by shielding skill, to 1 + Skill/10. This means that you cannot block an infinite number of attacks per turn anymore.
    Factional weapons and armor are now available, spawning on respective faction members and buyable for their settlements (
    Two consumables have been added to enable immediate healing: Violent Meatgrowth and Violent Bonegrowth potions. They heal a part of your missing Tissue/Structure, but also apply a very heavy debuff limiting natural regeneration of health.
    Town Portal scroll no longer instantly teleports to cities. Instead it applies a 60-turn timer and once those turns are up, the teleport happens. This prevents the scroll from being a means of escape, as it should be a means of travel only. Reduced the cost of this item as well, since it's far less of a life saver now.
    Potion of Mercy added to the game, it temporarily nullifies pain.
    Liches can now cost a Reconstruction spell which heals them instantly in battle.
    If you thought Ogre Brutes were tough and dangerous, I added a more powerful Ogre Warrior creature to bend that armor a bit more.
     Dungeons will contain special rooms with specific spawn for items and creatures, as well as individual decoration (
    Two "new" skills introduced: Acrobatics and Mediation. As Athletics and Concentration had too many effects (eg. stamina regen + dodging + crit protection + dash actions), I had to split them out. Now Acrobatics has dodge + dashes while Concentration has hex resist.
    Mediation skill increases both mana regeneration and maximum value (with emphasis on maximum). It also offers a Deep Focus action which allows to convert stamina into mana.
    Athletics skill increases both stamina rengeration and maximum value (with emphasis on regeneration). It also offers a Second Wind action which allows to convert mana into stamina.
    Lockbreaker (super-lockpick) introduced. More expensive than a normal lockpick, but far easier to use (
    Two Rune items introduced to allow warriors to inflict some AOE fire damage: Firebomb Rune and Hellfire Rune.
    New armor enchants added. They can improve: global speed, movement speed and blood regeneration rate.
    New spell type added, called "Hollow Circle". This will result in a nova-like AOE spell centered on the caster.
    Bandit Backstabbers, Assasins and Duelists added. These guys will be critical-strike oriented, so keep your healing potions close.
    Orc Destroyer added. He is basically a really strong version of the Orc Berserker, hitting even harder than Warlords, but having mediore defense.
    Scroll of Banishment added, a consumable which allows you to teleport away all enemies adjacent to you (it uses the Hollow Cricle logic mentioned above).

New Stuff (UI & usability):

    Dungeons and camps now show their threat level as a range, not a single digit (which used to show just the maximum threat).
    When an action is performed in the inventory screen, the console window will become temporarily visible so that the information ("you equip the sword", etc.) is visible.
    Bandage condition icons visible on your body parts after using a bandage actually look like a bandage now.
    The amount of turns rested by pressing R button can now be configured in options.
    Unspent experience is visible on the tab above console window.
    Unspent stat points will now cause a "reminder" window now to appear and instruct on how to spend them.
    Lockpicking list window now shows chance to pick a lock (
    Different types of scrolls now have different colors. Locumantic scrolls are blue, while Talar (town portal and wholesale) scrolls are yellow.


    Critical hits have been reworked to double the armor piercing value instead of giving a flat bonus.
    Critial hit chances are much higher now for some attacks.
    Enemies who aim for least-armored body parts will now sometimes switch between multiple body parts if they have comparable armor levels. This will help with the annoying trend of endgame enemies always hitting your one hand but never the other.
    A massive amount of fixes around armor values of armor pieces and armor piercing capabilities of attacks/ammunition etc.
     Bandit thugs can now use Stab attack, which means they will remain a threat even in mid-game with their critical hit capabilities.
    Arms and legs are 5% more difficult to hit now.
    Swords, as now they rely more on precise armor piercing attacks, do less overall damage.
    Engulfing spells (eg. Conjure Fire) will in general pick more body parts, as previously minimum count was 1, now 2.
    Bandit archers made significantly weaker to make them appear in lowest levels of bandit dungeons, as seeing 1000 bandit thugs in a row was really dull.
    Enemies close to end game will use some kind of armor-countering equipment. Either stabbing weapons with high critical capabilities or two handed axes and hammers. The idea is, these warriors often face armored enemies, so walking around with a one handed axe was pointless even from "lore" point of view.
    Enemies who have lost a lot of blood will now run at 25% blood reserves, not 50%.


     Archers within encounters (ambushes) would cause the game to crash when running away from the player. The issue was that they checked if anybody is close to them (in case they needed to switch to melee) and while checking all positions adjacent to them, they would even check ones outside level boundaries...
    Fixed dungeons which spawned with a very limited choice of enemies, especially low level ones. A bug was causing some random dungeons to have 5 levels full of bandit thugs, etc.
    Dungeons would appear to be in "cleared" state immediately after entering them.
    Food could be still eaten when player was full if done via inventory directly by pressing enter.
    Special ammo (barbed, steel etc.) was unavailable in shops at all.
    Having no melee weapon and going into melee attack craft window would throw an error.
    Unavailable secondary attacks (eg. a Stab attack when no sword was equipped) would have no Source or Description displayed.
    It was possible to use weapon-specific attacks (eg. Beak Strike) with any weapon of that type (eg. any Hammer) once a custom attack was created.
    Critical hit system will no longer re-apply the same condition if it is already applied. Previously it would often happen that eg. 3 crits in a row would keep cutting the tendons, which was pretty annoying and pointless.
    Shields no longer had armor penalty (removed in version 0.3.0), but could still spawn with armor penalty reducing enchants.
    Can no longer preview objects/creatures outside of line of sight in Lookaround mode.
    One of the endgame enchants would give up to +150% attack speed instead of +15% to weapons.
    After loading a saved game, items in strongbox and shops had their ennchants erased.
    A very annoying bug with Teleport spell fixed. It caused enemies to seemingly teleport into walls, while actually it was the AI walking into them.

Announcements / Re: Xenomarine (now at Alpha 5.2!) $
« on: April 15, 2018, 12:32:18 PM »
Alpha 5.2

This is a pretty significant patch: with the new armor types and alien tech in this release, Xenomarine is now complete with respect to equipment (weapons, armor, items), at least in terms of having all items originally planned (I may actually add one or two more things yet, but these will be a bonus rather than part of the original plan).

In addition this patch adds 7 new perks (special abilities gained through skill progression) to the earlier 5, including such things as auto-reload, and 'push back' abilities - as well as a perk that introduces 'critical hits' to the combat mechanics. There's also a major overhaul of the way knowledge of aliens is gained and used, including new log messages to make this part of the game more accessible to players.

Finally this patch brings a significant adjustment to the difficulty curve that should be directly noticeable by players. While Xenomarine is still very much intended to be a 'hard' and intensely tactical game, the aim of this balance adjustment is to make the ability to get past levels 3-6 less dependent on lucky equipment finds. Instead you should experience a more gradual increase in difficulty as levels progress. However I would welcome further feedback from players on the new difficulty curve!

Overall Xenomarine is now close to being ready to ship: look out for the first 'Beta' release in the coming weeks!


NEW: 'superheavy' armor types
NEW: 'heavy' and 'superheavy' helmet types
NEW: high-level alien tech including 'singularity globe'


NEW: log messages for when knowledge gained about alien species
NEW: +5 to hit bonus for a species earned after killing 20 aliens of same species
NEW: ability to predict presence of aliens after killing 10 of same species


NEW: 7 new perks to be gained through skill progression


MOD: set trap should be on player square
MOD: replaced 'throwing knife' with '10 powerpacks' in workbench
MOD: number of shells/fuel gained at workbench increased to 10
MOD: minor reduction of number/difficulty of aliens in early levels, minor increase in later levels
MOD: number of alien eggs reduced for early levels, increasing with level number
MOD: limit (skill-dependent) on number of simultaneous drones


FIX: bug where neutral combat drones/turrets sometimes attack player at close range
FIX: bug where unable to block when alien attacks from the right
MOD: alien ammo renamed 'alien powerpacks'

Feature Friday #129

Added a new gas type: normality gas. It has various space-time stabilizing and inhibiting effects on forcefields, vortices, teleportation, phasing, temporal fugue clones, time dilation, and psychic twinning.
    Added three tiers of normality gas grenades.
    Added a rare normality gas-emitting vent.
    Added a new heavy weapon: normality gas pump.
    Added a new creature: anomaly extinguisher.
    Added a confirmation dialog when world generation completes (so you can finish reading the on-screen quote).
    Eating a raw dreadroot tuber now causes fear.
    Eat and disassemble are no longer the default actions for equipped severed faces.
    Sleeping in bedrolls, sitting in chairs, lunging, and slamming no longer trigger teleport-based cooking effects.
    Rebuked robots no longer become grazing hedonists.
    Emission vents are now subject to electromagnetic pulses.
    When you shake off confusion with Iron Mind, you now get an appropriate message in the message log.
    Widgets now equip their whackers.
    Missile weapons with unidentified energy cells no longer report their charge level.
    Made the reload command work for liquid-loaded missile weapons.
    Improved creature AI when out of missile ammo.
    Spiffed up missile weapon status display in the sidebar.
    Fixed an issue that let you use Temporal Fugue without spending energy.
    Fixed an error in the amount of bonus reputation displayed as a baetyl reward.
    Fixed some issues with stacking confusion effects.
    Fixed several typos in the following text: Warden Indrix's description, Agyve's mumblings, Aggressive Stance's description, two-handed ursteel battle axe's description, icy vapor's description, rubbergum tonic's description, a Beak defect variant's description, merchant identification, some procedural histories and cooking descriptions, defensive lunge's failure message, boomrose arrow plurality, nocturnal apex's description, and Stopsvalinn-related text.
    Added a bunch of modding functionality.
        [modding] Added a FearOnEat part that applies a fear effect to the eater at an attack strength and duration specified by the Strength and Duration properties.
        [modding] Made ConfuseOnEat allow the specification of the following properties: Strength, Duration, Level (die roll: confusion per mutation level), and BuildupTimeout (integer: number of turns before the effect overrides older ConfuseOnEat effects).
        [modding] Added a new part, TreatAsSolid, for projectiles. If projectiles encounter an object in their path matching TreatOnSolid's criteria, they treat it as impassable. Supported criteria are TargetPart (the object has this part) and TargetTag (the object has this tag), the latter with an optional TargetTagValue (the object has TargetTag tag with this value). The Hits property specifies whether the projectile hits the object and has a chance to damage it (defaults to true).
        [modding] Added a new part, DestroyContiguous, for projectiles. If projectiles encounter an object in their path matching DestroyContiguous's criteria, they roll to destroy it, and if successful, they roll to destroy objects matching the criteria in adjacent cells. Supported criteria are TargetPart and TargetTag, the latter with an optional TargetTagValue. The Chance property specifies the percentage chance for destruction (defaults to 100). The ChanceDegradation property is a cumulative reduction in the effective chance of destruction per hop to adjacent cells (defaults to 0).
        [modding] Added new parts GasOnHit and GasOnEntering for weapons and projectiles. Weapons that hits and projectiles that traverse through cells, respectively, spawn the gas specified in the Blueprint property at a density specified in the Density property (die roll specification). GasOnHit also includes the OnWielderHit property.
        [modding] Generalized GasAcid into GasDamaging. This new part includes the properties GasType (basic type tag like "Acid"), Noun (specifies the damage type in messages), ColorString (for tile rendering), MessageColor (applied to Noun in messaging), DamageAttributes (same as Attributes in MissileWeapon), TargetPart (only affects objects with this part), TargetTag (only affects objects with this tag), TargetTagValue (only affects objects with TargetTag and this value), TargetEquippedPart (only affects objects that have an item equipped with this part), TargetEquippedTag (only affects objects that have an item equipped with this tag), and TargetEquippedTagValue (only affects objects that have an item equipped with TargetEquippedTag and this value).
        [modding] Generalized StasisGrenade into DeploymentGrenade. This new part includes the following properties: Blueprint (the blueprint of the objects it creates), Duration (how long the objects last, defaults to permanent), Radius (integer radius it fills with objects), Chance (the percentage chance a given cell spawns an object, defaults to 100), AtLeast (a minimum number of objects to try to deploy when Chance is in use, defaults to 0), UsabilityEvent (an event that must be successfully broadcast to the cell it lands in in order for the grenade to work, defaults to null), AccessibilityEvent (an event that must be successfully broadcast to a given cell in its radius in order to deploy an object there, defaults to null), ActivationVerb (the verb used to describe the grenade activating, defaults to "detonates"), RealRadius (whether to deploy in a circular radius rather than the usual engine "square radius"), BlockedBySolid (whether solid cells block deployment, defaults to true), BlockedByNonEmpty (whether cells must be "empty" for deployment, defaults to true), Seeping (whether BlockedBySolid uses "seeping" logic, defaults to false), DustPuff (whether the grenade emits a dust puff when it activates, defaults to true), DustPuffEach (whether each deployed object emits a dust puff, defaults to false), and NoXPValue (whether deployed objects lose their XP values, defaults to true).
        [modding] Added a new CooldownAmmoLoader part, which makes a missile weapon require cooldown between shots. Supports the usual ProjectileObject property for loaders, a Cooldown property specifying the number of rounds, and a Readout property specifying whether the weapon shows a display of its remaining cooldown time (defaults to false).
        [modding] Added architecture to try to make multiple ammo loaders on a missile weapon coexist peacefully. Only one loader should be given a ProjectileObject. Use this to add the CooldownAmmoLoader with other loaders for weapons that need both ammo and a cooldown time.
        [modding] Added an AIShootCooldown part for missile weapons. Its Cooldown only applies when creature AI uses the weapon.

Announcements / Re: Prospector has returned! (now at R207)
« on: April 13, 2018, 05:08:03 PM »

+ New Item: Decoy
+ changed cargo sizes
+ Random positions for main space stations (There are 4 possibilities now)
+ Finally found and fixed flooding bug (For real this time)
+ Black holes are slightly more dangerous
+ Fixed autoequip bug
+ Fixed fuel efficiency bug
+ ASCII mode no longer tries to load tiles
+ Some minor bugs and glitches fixed

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Update #7!)
« on: April 13, 2018, 12:23:27 PM »
Update #7

Hello adventurers! Today's patch marks an exciting milestone in the world of Tangledeep: support for player-created content (mods) and integration with Steam Workshop! We're very proud of Tangledeep's vibrant and friendly community, and we can't wait to see what kind of mods you create.

Mod support v1.0 allows you to do all of the following:

    Edit or replace job sprites, animations, and portraits
    Edit or replace monster and NPC sprites, animations
    Create or edit any kind of item, including gear sets and legendaries, and create new item sprites
    Modify every loot drop and shop table
    Edit existing monsters or create entirely new ones
    Modify every monster spawn table or create new ones
    Create new dungeon side areas, paths, or side-dungeons with custom layouts

To show what you can do, we've launched FIVE official game mods that include a new palette swap from Soulkeeper, new deadly consumable items, a treacherous high-level side dungeon and boss, new early-game monsters, and a 'wilcard' shop mod that randomizes every merchant in the game.

We plan on continuing to expand and support mod capabilities to include things like editing or adding abilities, status effects, battle FX, map objects, dialogs, and more. Stay tuned :-)


    Powerups should now stack above other items and objects in a tile


    Fixed loop point in the dungeon track “Mirai the Hero”


    Spirit Wolf (Hunter summon) no longer takes damage from lava or spikes
    Reduced monster aggression when you are already engaged with multiple monsters, particularly champions (Does not apply to New Game+)


    Fixed bug with starting challenge runs sometimes
    Fixed typo in Coffee’s effect description
    Fixed bug where Friendly Fire game modifier allowed you to hit yourself with abilities (made many abilities 100% useless)
    Attempted fix at Monster Letters ‘sticking’ on ground sometimes
    Fixed bug where a certain campfire encounter could visually softlock the game
    Fixed cursor & frog flicker on game load / game start
    Fixed bug where skill orb version of Aether Barrage did not extend range when spending Echoes
    Fixed bug where the wrong version of Guardian Arachnoid was being used in the monsterpedia (boss ver instead of regular encounter)
    Bandit Library boss should no longer show up as a target for rumors
    Attempted fix at bug where stat values in non-US countries were sometimes written incorrectly to XML
    Fixed bug where the Wild Nature set’s 3pc bonus (Bed of Thorns upgraded) was dealing Physical damage, instead of Poison
    Fixed bug where some sprites or sprite effects would stick around after beating final boss phase 1
    The “Consumable Burnout” game modifier no longer applies to food
    Fixed bug with Emblem stat display
    Fixed bug where the “NO” option when trying to manually sell a Favorited item did not work
    Fixed bug that prevented abilities from being used from the menu sometimes
    Fixed bug where using keyboard/controller to scroll to the top of the equipment list (while scrolled past the first page) would not scroll up and instead go to the category buttons
    Attempted fix at issue where monsters were occasionally visible but not targetable at range
    Skill Orb version of Radiant Aura should no longer constantly mark you as being in combat
    Experimental fix to slow memory leak


    Mod support added: Item data, job portraits, item sprites, spawn tables, shops, loot tables, monsters, dungeon rooms / floors, and job, monster, or NPC sprite sheets!

    Two new potions: Camouflage Perfume and Essential Monster Oils, each offering a burst of stealth for a short time (reducing monster aggression significantly)


    Various engine optimizations (better performance, smoothness, framerates)
    Added support for dungeon expansion in existing save files, without restarting or refreshing the current save. If game updates or player mods add new side areas, those will now be dynamically added and connected to the dungeon even in older saves.


    A quick search bar has been added to the Equipment sheet! Since this is built for use with a keyboard, you must CLICK the search bar to begin typing. You can type any part of an item name, any part of a magic mod name, a weapon or armor type, etc. You can even add multiple search terms (comma-separated) to get results that match ANY of those terms.

    The same search bar has also been added to the Dreamcaster, shops, and Inventory UI
    You can now use fast travel FROM the Desert Oasis if you have cleared the map of monsters
    You will no longer EVER move toward a monster or destructible if you click ON the object while out of range to attack it. This has tripped up many players thinking they were in range, when they actually were not.
    Added some code that should (probably) prevent you from getting the same rumor twice in a row if you rejected the first one.


    In-game workshop integration!


    Nigiri is now Makizushi. Did I get it right this time?

Announcements / Pocket Realms (now at v1.0) $
« on: April 08, 2018, 12:28:41 PM »  $1  Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android    Demo available

Inspired by classics in the Roguelike genre, Pocket Realms is a game that will test your cunning and determination as you battle hordes of monsters, evade deadly traps, and make your way to the heart of the randomly-generated Dungeon of Doom. Only the bravest will be able to reach the untold treasures at the bottom...

The full versions of the game also come with all 40 character classes unlocked from the start.


    40 quirky character classes, each with their own special abilities and play-styles
    Over 260 unique enemy types to battle
    Over 800 items with which to hone your creativity
    200 magical spells allowing deep character customization
    Over 20 secret dungeon floors to explore
    Weapon crafting, armor crafting, item crafting and food crafting
    You can even marry a medusa!

Seems to be a promising new entrant unto the fray~   8)

Announcements / Re: FrogComposband (now at v7.0.peppermint)
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:24:07 PM »
Save files are unidirectionally compatible between 7.0.strawberry and 7.0.peppermint; that is, you can upgrade from strawberry to peppermint mid-game and not experience any weirdness, but you can't downgrade from peppermint back to strawberry. (Lite-town players may experience some moderate weirdness in upgrading; but given what a mess lite-town was before, they'll almost certainly experience more weirdness if they don't upgrade.)

Many thanks to everybody who played 7.0.strawberry! Whether positive or negative, your feedback makes the game better, in ways that wouldn't be possible without your help. And even just playing without saying a word helps; there's no substitute for looking at a game or a dump, and seeing what people do and how things work in practice.

The major items on my to-do list for are 1) adding new personalities (and bringing back the removed Lazy personality), and 2) looking into importing content from PosChengband-R (requested so far: coffee-break mode and the Alchemist class). All requests, suggestions, bug reports and constructive criticism are very welcome.

* Totally revamped the no-wilderness town, and fixed quest descriptions so they're accurate with both wilderness and no wilderness

* Introduced a V-like system for tracking and describing object origins (e.g. "Dropped by the Variant Maintainer on level 19 of Orc Cave."). This system can be turned off (or expanded further) in the text display options

* Added back the no_selling birth option. In no_selling mode, selling items is disabled but gold drops are increased to compensate. The intention is that selling players and non-selling players will accumulate gold at roughly the same pace, but since this was calibrated based on my own games, it may not hold for players with different playstyles. No_selling mode does not have any effect on gold drops in the wilderness

* Added a new option (easy_mimics) for players who really hate mimics, cloakers, death swords, wall monsters etc. and want to reglyph them. Turning on easy_mimics makes these monsters use the 'x' glyph instead of their normal glyph (the monsters will retain their normal color, unless that's pitch black, in which case it's changed to a slightly less black black). It also makes monsters with the ATTR_CLEAR flag possible to see. (Note that easy_mimics does not affect tree monsters or weird fumes, which can be recognized through their color, nor does it affect creeping coins or death scythes)

* Made easy_id stronger (it now *identifies* all items on walkover)

* It is now possible to request a new quest immediately after receiving the reward for the old one, without the need to exit and re-enter the building

* Added a never_forget birth option for the ellipos types, which essentially protects the player from amnesia and also gives ellipos's easy labyrinth

* Added two new birth options (no_chris and no_scrambling) that prevent dungeon teleports and stat scrambling, respectively. (Both cause different bad things to happen instead; they are not intended as easy-mode, but as options for players who find chrissing and/or stat scrambling unfun and think the game would be better if those effects didn't exist.)

* Added new monsters and tweaked existing ones

* Adapted some changes to artifacts that Gwarl made for ComPosband 7.0.4

* Added a new quest in Zul that enables teleporting between Zul and other towns if successfully completed
[A fair warning about this quest. It's not *that* hard if you have great stealth, but if you have poor stealth - or worse, aggravation - things can get... entertaining. This is true of most quests of course, but particularly true here. Doing it with both aggravation and low speed is not recommended, and Sexy characters should treat it as an endgame quest and approach it with extreme caution.]

* Rings and Death Swords are no longer limited to 1x free action or see invisible

* Fixed a bug in Thalos that made the library inaccessible in late game

* Fixed a bug with lawyer *identify* (it cost zero mana and allowed the player to also do normal identify on a different item)

* Fixed a bug that caused items in the home display to be sometimes shown with a value of zero

* Fixed an old bug that caused some timed effects to be decreased on game load, allowing the player to cure fear by saving and loading repeatedly. (Something similar may still happen with other things, the code needs closer scrutiny)

* Fixed an old PosChengband bug that allowed hidden information about immunities to leak to the player through the character sheet

* Fixed an old PosChengband bug that sometimes caused the game to crash on mangy leper attacks due to division by zero (thanks to Hugo for spotting and reporting it)

* Fixed an ancient bug that made quests uncompletable if one of the target monsters evolved or got polymorphed (this should now be impossible), and tweaked monster evolution code (all of which is now in time_lord.c, instead of being needlessly duplicated)

* Fixed a problem with using the '-' key to select a floor item in the inscription menu

* Fixed an old bug that caused the game to crash with quest_unique off if too many target monsters were killed in a random Angband quest

* Fixed an old bug that allowed skeletons to double their food pile by eating from it

* Fixed an old bug that caused the wilderness to not generate properly (potentially causing crashes) if the player saved and loaded the game inside the arena

* Fixed a minor bug with using an unidentified device of detect traps, which didn't mark grids as trap-detected even in cases where the effect's obviousness meant there was no need to avoid spoiling (thanks to nikheizen for reporting this)

* Plugged a number of old loopholes that allowed doppelgangers to retain their demigod powers in forms other than Human and Demigod (thanks to murphy for reporting this)

* Plugged an old information leak when uppercase keys were used in the object prompt (thanks to murphy for reporting this as well)

* Objects thrown at a wall now land on the last square before the wall, rather than attempting to land on the wall itself and ending up placed on a random square adjacent to it (potentially creating the impression of an object flying through a wall - thanks to bostock for reminding me of this)

* Destroying high-level law books now gives XP where appropriate (thanks to bostock for this too)

* Slightly lowered the max power of ultra-strong deep dungeon randarts

* Slightly changed how the reforge cap is calculated to compensate for it now being easier to acquire fame (due to the increased number of quests). The cap now increases slightly slower in the fame range 128 to 223 (early late game), with no effect on either midgame reforging or very-late-game reforging. Essentially, the idea behind this change is to keep midgame reforging viable and keep late game reforging strong, but still make it somewhat harder to reach the late game reforge power

* Removed rogues' class life rating bonus

* Mine and Heaven now have bottom guardians

* Made the black aura worse

* Amulets of anti-summoning can no longer be generated on a shuffle

* Snotlings and doppelgangers can no longer shuffle for mushrooms

* Added a new deep cloak ego

* Added new artifacts

* Added more race-specific rewards for unusual races

* Made the Death realm's Vampirism True spell considerably more expensive

* Nerfed the Law realm's Expert Trap spell

* Made lawyer melee slightly weaker

* Improved savefile compatibility when new uniques are added

* Reduced the number of non-town monsters, and especially monster groups, that appear in areas near towns

* Some early random Angband quests have a 20% chance to generate a bonus reward (to compensate for an earlier change by Chris in PosChengband that affected these quests negatively)

* Made melee attacks slightly more likely to break a glyph of warding

* The Hideout entrance, while still in Outpost, has been moved south; and the player now starts the game on the Warrens entrance, not the Hideout one.
[Copied from ComPosband 7.1.0a]

* Imported new random artifact names from ComPosband 7.1.0a

* Potions of cure critical wounds no longer cure poison
[they were never intended to in ComPosband, and it was weird that they did when potions of healing did not]

* Tweaked the walls of Crystal Castle
[Copied from ComPosband 7.0.4]

* Introduced a new flag that gives confused monsters a chance to shake their confusion off super-fast before they move. (Currently, no monster actually has this flag, apart from Utgard-Loke)

* Monsters should no longer generate on top of enclosed 1x1 dark pits

* Made the Temple more likely to stock potions of cure serious wounds during the early game

* Corrected a minor issue with fear message grammar after a throw attack

* Improved the oook data in HTML character dumps (it now gives max exp rather than cur exp, and also gives the player's true race rather than a race they were temporarily polymorphed into or mimicking)

* Moved the Volcano, Dragon Slayer and Demon Slayer quests much deeper

* Updated the in-game FAQ

Feature Friday #128

Glass bottles and phials now shatter when you throw them.
Cloning draught no longer clones inorganic objects.
You can now trade with your followers freely via conversation.
Changed the stun logic. You should get chain stunned much less often.
Added a visual effect to extradimensional items.
Added a sound effect for closing security doors.
Added a sound effect for page turning when reading a book.
Normalized the volume for a few sound effects.
When you engage in the water ritual with someone who offers to teach you blueprints, the blueprint options are no longer greyed out if the speaker has no more secrets to share.
Inorganic objects now have appropriate pronouns.
Baetyls no longer request troll axes.
Removed troll kings from dynamic encounters.
Changed the status icon for "Precognition - End Vision" to "?".
Achievements no longer spam the log.
Fixed a bunch of typos.
Added some descriptions.
Improved the use of indefinite articles and pluralization in generated text.
Fixed an issue with the salt desert visual effect that caused some tiles to disappear or smear across the map.
Fixed an XML issue with steel vinereaper's color definition.
Fixed a rare issue where liquid containers asked your permission to explode if they weren't owned by you.
Fixed a rare issue where liquid containers poured into themselves before being destroyed and thus vanished completely.
Fixed burst-style pickers allowing the selection of tiles beyond the range limit.

Announcements / Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.6.2!)
« on: April 06, 2018, 02:17:46 PM »
v0.6.2  :)

Hey everyone,

Really sorry for my hiatus. Going through mental health issues is always a battle, and it wears me out. Between that and working ridiculous hours at my day job, there wasn't much energy left for development. I decided to take a break for my own sanity, though I am feeling much better now!

I had attempted the 7DRL challenge last month, but ultimately failed due to the same factors that were holding back Axu. I do hope to come back to the concept at some point though. I might write something up on my website if there's enough interest. It was a bit of a cross between Pokemon and Princess Maker, which I thought was a neat mix.

Anyways, back to Axu! 0.6.2 is mostly about pushing out all the stuff I got done meandering over the last few months. It lacks any clear focus, but I feel like I need a fresh slate to be able to take in reliable bug reports. I most likely broke something over the last while, and more than likely fixed many of the issues plaguing 0.6.1a. The changelog seems small, but many of these additions are pretty major, and will help develop the game further. I'm going to make finishing the main story a big priority from now on. The bases are all there, and all that's holding me back is the extra stuff that doesn't need to be done right away. I feel like I need to push towards that finish line to give myself a sense of relief. After the story is able to be completed from start to finish, I can continue to expand on various aspects of the game. I'll more than likely be taking the pruning shears to my TODO list in an attempt to cut down on scope.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience!


Matt (Cynapse)


Added a trait to clarify that Experiments get random body parts upon their start.
Added a new map icon showing where kill targets are located during quests.
Fixed an issue with the Ember Wall ability on NPCs.
AI units with polearm-type weapons should no longer attack friendlies between them and an enemy.
Actual in-fighting between NPC factions.
Enemies will target your followers much more often.
Reduced the number of GetComponent<T>() calls.
Code cleanup.
Map creator tool now sets values for underground areas when loading a map with negative elevation.
Items below the player's feet now display the correct name in the log.
Added addictions to the "Hunted" and "Rogue" difficulty levels.
Added wounds to the "Hunted" and "Rogue" difficulty levels.
Added bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts.
Added a back slot quiver item that reduces reload times with bow/crossbow ranged weapons.
Fixed an out of bounds error with shops when you or they have over 25 items.
Bloodstains should no longer appear over other objects.
Object and NPC sprites are now exposed for modders, and loaded from data.
Unseen tall objects are now completely invisible instead of being just pitch black.
Corpse items no longer have the "Cannibalism" tag by default.
Added a new item mod: Vampiric.
Item modifiers can have components, and call Lua scripts.
OnHit action added to weapons.
Added a few new abilities.
Added new mutations.
Added new quests.
Quest steps can now run events OnStepStart and OnStepComplete.
Random Name/Back buttons on the character select screen can now be clicked properly.
Rivers should no longer run through volcanos.
Shinpel Fish no longer throw an error when attempting to attack, and move to engage nearby opponents to the water again.
Accuracy no longer resets via save/load cycles.

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 48) $
« on: April 05, 2018, 09:40:40 PM »
Alpha 48

My main focus for this update was on whittling down my extremely lengthy list of bug reports. I’m happy to say that I made a dent in it, though there are plenty more where these came from.

For the next update, I’ll FINALLY be starting work on Big Quests. That’ll be my main focus, though I might end up dividing my time between between that and some behind-the-scenes technical stuff.

This week’s Fortnight Discussion is dedicated to online multiplayer. What new features would you like to see added to this mode?

Alpha 48
Added proper Wreckage sprites for a number of objects and walls
Fix for incorrect Wreckage sprites sometimes appearing when destroying unique wall types like Hedges and Glass
Fix for electrocution animation continuing when the game is paused
Fix for some instances where people could be running while facing the wrong direction
Fix for floor sometimes appearing green after exiting a level with the Radiation disaster

Fixed an instance where a Panic Room was counted as outdoors, which was no good during the Radiation Blasts disaster

UI / Controls
Fix for Status Effects not displaying on the interface if the player stood in a Lake while the counter ran down, and received the Status Effect a second time
Fix for question marks and other state indicators appearing above NPCs’ heads after they are Frozen
Health bars appear over NPCs’ heads if you mouse over them and their health is less than max
Fix for gamepad icons on Character Select not appearing for the first frame or two when the interface pops up
Fix for Clone Machine showing the wrong money costs for Thrown items
Fix for Missions Screen getting stuck if the player opened it on a specific frame following completion of a mission
Potential fix for question mark appearing permanently above someone’s head
Trait description at right of trait menu cannot be changed once an end-level trait is chosen
Hacking is not canceled if the player is scrolled off-camera
Item Teleporter interface now causes gameplay to slow down in single-player mode
Added larger mouse collision boxes to some of the larger objects
Fix for Armor display sometimes remaining on-screen when it should not after player chooses to Continue when dying
NPC Info (from when you hold space bar) disappears when the person becomes invisible
Fix for Twitch Reward Vote appearing after the game had ended

Playfield Objects
Thrown items like Grenades and Shurikens are sold in more appropriate amounts in Loadout-O-Matics
Fix for cases where Wall Fires would remain if the Wall was destroyed through some other means
When refilling guns at the Ammo Dispenser, the cost must always be at least $1
Lockdown Walls no longer go up during Riots
Flamethrower no longer damages Fire Hydrant
Bushes cannot be picked up by Wrestler
Fix for certain instances where the player could be teleported on top of Lasers
Flame Grates spawn slightly further from the player’s starting position
Potential fix for instances where player could tap on windows from indoors
If Supercop that player received from Alarm Button is killed, Alarm Button can be used again
Potential fix for Crushers, Fire Spewers and other objects not being destroyed when the wall they are attached to is destroyed

Fix for items like Syringes and Guns not retaining additional properties after being stolen by Thief
Fix for “glitch item” remaining in Wrestler’s hand if he picked up an object, then died after taking Resurrection Shampoo
Oil Container is now affected by the Infinite Ammo mutator
Cigarette Lighter is no longer confiscated by Cop Bots
Potential fix for players being teleported onto Bear Traps
Created fail-safe for rare cases of items becoming stuck in walls
Bear Trap no longer causes NPCs to become Hostile toward the player when they get near it -- rather, they must actually step in it
NPCs are not as good at avoiding Bear Traps thrown by player
Fix for Paralyzer Trap not making NPCs Hostile
Identify Wand can now be used to identify Cocktails
When a Thief steals items for someone, items will be stolen first before money
Kill Profiter, Kill Ammunizer, etc. do not trigger when the player hits and kills someone who has already been knocked out, arrested etc.
Oil Container no longer disappears from the player’s inventory when it runs out of fuel
Fix for Oil Container sound effect not playing on multiplayer client
Fix for Oil Container’s out-of-ammo status text not appearing on multiplayer client
Fix for issue where Wrestler would sometimes equip a weapon that had been destroyed in a
Food Processor or Sell-O-Matic after picking up an tossing an environmental object
Cardboard Box can now be used to walk around town free of harrassment from Hostile people, provided they are not aware that you are under the box
Ammo Stealer no longer refills Water Pistol and Oil Container
Fix for weapon remaining in player’s hand if player Possessed someone who had a weapon equipped, and then immediately dropped that weapon
Changed Slave Helmet Remover description to explain how the item can be used
Fix for Workers in buildings with constantly spewing Gas Vents sometimes not starting with Gas Masks equipped
Ammo Stealer can no longer be used on other players
Fix for Ghost Gibber and other weapons pausing very briefly in the middle of rapid fire
Fix for Ghost Gibber particles not appearing for other players during online games
Fix for Leafblower not working very well in tight alleys and confined spaces

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Poison no longer interrupts Dizzy and other similar status effects
Supercops who are Possessed by Shapeshifter now have the ability to Arrest people
Durabilitacious no longer appears in games where the Infinite Melee Durability mutator is active
Fix for Clumsiness Accepted not working when Doors are broken
Ghosts that spawn do not become angry when player has Clumsiness Accepted
Fix for Tranquilize numbers above people’s heads going below zero into the negatives if they were Invincible when the counter hit 0
Clumsiness Accepted no longer covers Hacking, messing with Air Conditioners, etc.
Dizzy no longer removes Withdrawal
Fix for multiplayer client not receiving Upper-Crusty trait after purchasing
Fix for mission-related NPCs who were meant to be neutral towards the player having an Ideological Clash
Players who have the Camouflage special ability and Backstab will do camouflage-level backstab damage when they gain Invisible status effect
Fix for player not losing health when they revive another player while they have Invincible
Fix for Fires altering the direction of Jock’s Charge ability
Fix for Conveyor Belt stopping Jock’s Charge ability
Player can no longer use Bite on Zombies
Fix for Explosions not always gibbing NPCs on death when they are Aligned or Loyal to the player
Fix for Resurrection sometimes restoring the player to 0 health during Shifting Status Effects disaster
Fix for clients not being able to start multiplayer games if their custom characters have more than 50 traits
Bloody Mess trait does not appear in-game when Blood is turned off in Settings
Fix for clones of Custom characters not always having the correct traits during multiplayer games
Ghosts can no longer step on Shrunk people
Ghosts can never get Resurrection Status Effect (not sure how it’s possible for ghosts to get ANY status effect, but people reported it happening and causing problems)

Teleport sound effect no longer pauses when “Mission Complete” appears, because it felt weird when the sound effect continued playing after the notification disappeared

Stats / Unlocks
Fix for “Angered” stat not including NPCs who were initially hostile toward the player (such as Cannibals) who spot the player during gameplay

No longer possible to receive missions that involve rescuing Zombie
Fix for Neutralize All missions sometimes being completed early if the player turned one of the targets into a Zombie and then killed that Zombie
Fix for issue where “Rescue” quests given by questgivers could be completed while the victim was still in prison if the questgiver was close enough to the prison
Optional missions are failed if the questgiver is Annoyed or Hostile toward all players in the game, rather than just a single player
Rescue and Free Slave missions are failed if the prisoner is Hostile toward all players in the game, rather than just a single player
Fix for not all objects appearing on multiplayer client’s map for “Destroy All” missions

Fix for Shifting Status Effects disaster ending prematurely
Fix for cases where Find Bombs disaster had no bombs to find

Fix for “Continue” sometimes allowing people to continue Continue when they should not be able to

Level Generation
Potential fix for levels loading past 100% and then failing to load
Added some failsafes for cases of levels not loading
Fix for instance in one of the Hideouts where two objects could spawn in the same spot
Fix for objects sometimes spawning on top of Frozen Lakes
No longer possible to get past the holes at the edge of the map if you are moving fast enough
Fix for certain doors not appearing Locked from the correct direction during Lockdown
Vendor Carts are much less likely to spawn in Bushes
Vendor Carts will not spawn too close to Water

Artificial Intelligence
Arena Wrestlers will not be affected by an Ideological Clash
Arena Wrestlers cannot be Bounty Hunters
Fix for NPCs with the Bite ability getting Annoyed when they see someone else bite someone
When an NPC steps in a Land Mine placed by the player, they will not become Hostile unless the player is within view at the time. The same goes for Bear Traps and Paralyzer Traps
Bounty Hunters who attack the player are considered Guilty
Supercops address the player properly as a “fellow peacekeeper” if the player has The Law
Fix for Cop Bot refusing to talk to the player if they were Annoyed with them while asking them for something
Fix for NPCs sometimes declaring when they are Annoyed with the player while hidden
Mobsters who mug the player are classified as Guilty
Fix for NPCs not being removed from the player’s party properly when the player tells them to leave town
Cops no longer become Annoyed or Hostile toward the player if they see the player Biting or Cannibalizing while they have Above the Law
Zombies can no longer talk to people who are scared/hostile while the person’s back is turned
Player can no longer talk to people who are Annoyed while their back is turned
When you attempt to talk to people who are Annoyed and they tell you to go away, the Annoyed sound effect will play
Fix for Slaves not being properly removed from player’s party if they die from their helmet blowing up due to being out of range of player
Gorillas who reside in the Park will not follow the player between levels
Fix for non-owners in a building becoming Friendly toward the player when the player purchases a Key or Safe Combination from a Clerk
Fix for Slavemaster players being able to free Slaves walking around the level that are not their own
Fix for NPCs becoming Friendly toward the player when they are already Aligned or Loyal after the player obtains a Key, Safe Combination, or Quest Item from them
Slavemasters will prioritize selling a slave that must be Neutralized for a mission
Fix for Supercops called by the player through Alarm Buttons sometimes returning to their
Police Box before attacking someone that the player had requested they attack
Fix for Scientist saying the wrong dialogue when an item is purchased from him
Player can no longer ask Zombified people to leave town if there was once a mission to neutralize that person
Fix for Slaves leaving the player’s party if the player asks them to leave town, and they refuse due to having a helmet on
Fix for NPCs sometimes not becoming Hostile when the player when the player threatens them
If NPCs are neutralized from Poison or Tranquilizing over time via the player, or similar status effects, other NPCs will not assume that the player was responsible
If the player is invisible while killing someone, NPCs who see the body will not assume the player was responsible
Fix for Cops all over the level being notified when the player caused a huge explosion
NPCs will not detect the player if they do things that bring up the “operating bar” interface while under a Cardboard Box
Cannibals no longer pop out of Bushes and Manholes when the nearby player is Aligned
Werewolf (when transformed) hates Vampire, and vice versa
Bounty Hunters no longer ignore the player if they are Friendly or Loyal
If the player attacks an Aligned NPC who is meant to be Neutralized for a mission, the NPC will become Hostile more quickly than they would normally
Fix for NPCs not leaving their “Hidden” state if the Bush they were hiding in was destroyed (possibly by fire) while the player was not in close proximity
Fix for Cops and Slavemasters becoming Hostile toward each other if the player hacks a Slave Helmet and blows it up
If the player has a mission to neutralize a Slave, his Slavemasters will be classed as Guilty
Slaves will fight on the player’s behalf without the player explicitly telling them to do so
Slaves become Loyal instead of Friendly when the player removes their Slave Helmet
Butler Bot is capable of knocking down doors, much like Killer Robot
If Butler Bot gets stuck somehow and spends too long standing in the same spot, another Butler Bot will be spawned as a fail-safe
Fix for Cannibals attacking burning Bushes

Spelling corrections in various languages
“End Game” changed to “End Run” to avoid confusion

Fix for instances where client joining at the exact time the host was switching levels could cause the host player to spawn at the bottom left corner of the map

Updated G2U plugin to version 2.1.13
Updated Rewired plugin to version

Announcements / Re: Release HellBand 0.8.8!
« on: April 04, 2018, 12:44:11 PM »
v0.8.8   8) :o
it's been a decade or so, so bear with me
The new version 0.8.8 (and prior versions) can be found here:

I no longer have a Mac, and so I did not provide a .dmg file
However, I develop Hellband on Linux, so support there is stronger now.

Thanks go out Ms Konijn, Gwarl, Mitze and other denizens on

I am open to any and all feedback (Thank You Mitze)
Without further ado, this is the change log

- 0.8.8 All in-game support for orcs, yeeks and kobolds is gone
- 0.8.8 Summon high monster spell no longer will try to summon ants
or hydra's
- 0.8.8 So many spelling mistakes, I should have had an integrated
spelling checker since the start
- 0.8.8 Terror masks are awesome now for Black Knights, Hell
Knights, and Chaos Knights as well
- 0.8.8 Made Orbs of Powers greater (7 random flags instead of 3)
- 0.8.8 Stat potions, experience potions, and invulnerability
potions are now considered good
- 0.8.8 Players are now told that an object has been *identified*
when 'I'nspecting it -MITZE-
- 0.8.8 Potions that decrease stats now damage monsters and get
identified on throw
- 0.8.8 Potions that increase stats or exp now greatly enhance
monsters and get identified on throw
- 0.8.8 Identified summoning staves and scrolls now have a 1 in 3
chance to summon a unique
- 0.8.8 Scrolls of *enchantment* are much more useful now..
- 0.8.8 Staff of detect invisible now also gives temporary detect
- 0.8.8 Rods and Staves of Enlightenment are now called rods and
staves of Mapping as to remove any confusion
- 0.8.8 Warriors can now find artefacts with NO_MAGIC flag
- 0.8.8 Probing reveals all monster flags and finally becomes useful
- 0.8.8* curse* armour now will also mess up to hit to dam
- 0.8.8 *curse* armour now might give immunity cold, res dark, res
disenchantment, res col, res poison, res dark, res nether,
hold life, slow digestion, heavy cursed, drain exp,
aggravation and finally potentially wraith form (!)
- 0.8.8 Resistance to disenchantment gives 50% extra chance of
resisting *curse armour*
- 0.8.8 Scrolls of Artefact Creation now work on ego items, keeping
the properties of the ego item and improving it
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of cure blindness prevent blindness for a while.
- 0.8.8 Katana swords are gone, especially the one Homerus had
- 0.8.8 Bastard Swords are now Gladii, single Gladius, Hellband can
now properly convert from ius to ii
- 0.8.8 No more slime mold, white truffles instead
- 0.8.8 No more venison strips, black summer truffles instead
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of blindness also give ESP and potentially confuse
a little, now called 'of the Third Sight'
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of paranoia are now mushrooms of fright, they give
a speed bonus during the fright period
- 0.8.8 Mushroom of poison will now hurt CON and STR as well
- 0.8.8 Mushroom of cure poison will now restore con and STR as well
and give temporary resistance to poison
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of cure paranoia now also heal medium damage and
help resisting fear for some time.
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of cure confusion now also heal medium damage and
help resisting confusion for some time.
*Character Building
- 0.8.8 Turns out Florentians should be Florentines
- 0.8.8 Turns out Atlantians should be Atlanteans
*Start Up
- 0.8.8 No more confusing use of Escape to continue the process of
birthing, just Enter
*Wizard Commands
- 0.8.8 Fix object creation so that all svals can now be created
- 0.8.8 Wizard playing with objects can now re-roll for rand arts
- 0.8.8 Rewrote Wizard support for rewards from scratch, all 15
lines ;]
- 0.8.8 The Inn now allows you to research rumors (mimicking scrolls
of Rumour)
- 0.8.8 Alchemy knowledge overview will now highlight carried
- 0.8.8 Pressing ']' now shows all visible objects --MITZE--
- 0.8.8 Pressing '[' now shows all visible monsters --MITZE--
- 0.8.8 Also, let the map cover the screen --MITZE--
- 0.8.8 Make the list auto-display --MITZE--
- 0.8.8 Permanent walls in ASCII mode no longer show up as yellow
under torch light
- 0.8.8 'C'haracter now shows maxed out stats
- 0.8.8 Wraith mode and god mode no longer turn the screen in mono
- 0.8.8 Turn count is now in 'C'haracter overview and thus in the
player dump
- 0.8.8 Current item is now new and improved, showing last
'I'nspected, walked over or 'l'ooked at
- 0.8.8 Visible items term is now implemented
- 0.8.8 Pet Peeve, 'n' now switches between 'C'haracter screens like
'h' does
- 0.8.8 Temporary good effects now use array magic, which now allows
for the UI to show timed bad effects as well.
- 0.8.8 HTML improved code with mono-size font and improved line
height for Chrome browser
- 0.8.8 HTML and forum dumping is now supported, stolen from
Vanilla, slightly retrofitted and modified
* Loot
- 0.8.8 Potions with pval -1 are now shown as 'Vials', drinking
vials will harm you
*Combat & Magic
- 0.8.8 Abaddon's Rage stops timed fear now
- 0.8.8 Call Chaos no longer asks for directions any more, a random
direction is chosen for the player.
- 0.8.8 No more zero effect rewards ( curse weapon when not wearing
a weapon can no longer happen )
- 0.8.8 New reward : player / dungeon level based killer enemies
- 0.8.8 New reward : player / dungeon level based servants
- 0.8.8 New reward : turn entire level into perm wall
- 0.8.8 New reward : activate sorcerous ritual (!)
- 0.8.8 Complete rewrite of patrons
- 0.8.8 Furcifer added as Patron
- 0.8.8 Black Markets have deeper items, based on both character
level and max dungeon level
- 0.8.8 Vaults referring to patterns will now show water instead of
the pattern
- 0.8.8 Zelazny patterns are completely ripped out of the code base
- 0.8.8 When compiling for 'live' mode, turn on auto save on every
50 levels
- 0.8.8 Player and screen dumps are now in a dump sub folder
- 0.8.8 For some reason dungeon.c only now uses fully the timed[]
array, another 100 lines of code goners

Feature Friday #127

You can now cook with acid.
    Added descriptions for late-mid period sultanate historic relics made from the slag deposits of ursteel blast furnaces.
    Added some more textual flare to gossip.
    Shield slam now works only on targets in the same phase as the attacker.
    When you fall down an open shaft, it's now much rarer that you end up in a small chamber without access to the rest of the map.
    You now properly get XP if you kill something with a resonance grenade.
    Painted and engraved items in your inventory at the start of the game now properly depict historic events.
    Fixed an issue causing manual cell recharging to improperly handle stacked cells.
    Fixed an issue where sphynx salt injectors weren't consumed when you reverted to the start of your vision.
    Fixed an issue causing windows and menu keys to issue spurious commands.
    Fixed a rare issue causing infinite zone generation, leading to out-of-memory errors.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Update #6!)
« on: March 31, 2018, 12:13:59 PM »
Update #6
Greetings adventurers! In the latest version of the game, we've added some exciting new online-related features that will please both casual and competitive players alike. Plus, Tangledeep is now available on the Humble store[]!

Introduced in patch 1.07, World Seeds are a way to experience and share the same exact Tangledeep experience: dungeon layout, drops, monster positions, loot, etc. As the name suggests, the "seed" is what influences the state of the game when you first start. Your actions afterward may change things!

You can view your World Seed from the Options menu. Naturally, since you can view this seed number, you can also *input* a seed number during character creation to play in a specific game world!

This is a fun way to challenge friends to see if they can beat YOUR dungeon, and vice versa. You could also use it as a way to practice the game by re-using the same seed for future characters.

For those interested in testing their skills in fresh new ways, Daily and Weekly Challenges are now available! Challenges are universal to all players (all over the world) each day and week. They give you a pre-determined job, set of feats, game modifiers, and dungeon seed to play with. It is then up to you to see how far you can get with these settings, and compare results with fellow Tangledeep adventurers!

Challenges begin at midnight each day (Eastern Standard Time), and each week (Monday). If your current challenge expires, you can continue to play the file, but you will not get any ‘credit’ for it in the form of achievements or leaderboard rankings (see below).

**Note that Challenges will OVERWRITE your existing save data (including meta progress) in a given slot, so it’s best to use an unused slot for them. Also, the game mode is automatically set to HARDCORE.

***Also note that you must be connected to the Internet (Steam not required) to download challenge data.

Participants of Daily & Weekly Challenges can now compete on Steam Leaderboards to see who reached the highest floor in the challenge! (And if you’re thinking about cheating, we added a few security measures. Tsk tsk!)

You can view both global and friends-only leaderboards in-game from the "COMMUNITY" button on the main menu.

Based on your feedback we may add other types of leaderboards later!


Moving on, here are all the notes from both 1.07 AND 1.08 combined (sorry for missing a week's post - I was at the Game Developers Conference last week!)

    When you (the hero) are Rooted, the icon above your head now pulses more obviously to indicate that you cannot move.

    Deafening Dream Drums can now occasionally be found as drops in the world.
    Weapons could previously be upgraded infinitely in the Dreamcaster to gain more base power with each Item Dream completion by removing a magic mod and re-adding new mods. This is now capped at a total of 10 upgrades. A 5-mod item naturally uses 5 of these upgrades. You can do the removal and re-addition “trick” another 5 times ;)

    You can no longer mark your own corral pet as hostile.
    Fixed keyboard/controller behavior where moving the targeting square above an enemy would not show that enemy’s info (while targeting an ability or firing a ranged weapon)
    Fixed ^number^ tags appearing when viewing some abilities, including on the character creation screen at first load
    Removed visible “\n” tags from certain areas (please let us know if you see more of these!)
    Fixed (again?) visual issue where Floracondas / Guardian Spheres could pull you beneath Deadly Void tiles in Item Dreams sometimes
    Tents should now be removed from the hotbar if you use your last one
    Fixed bug where Delayed Teleport was triggering its emblem-only effect all the time
    Jellies spawned by friendly jellies should now be your faction instead of neutral/hostile
    Heavy Golem’s forcefield no longer lasts forever
    Fixed display error when removing/extracting certain magic mods via Dreamcaster, such as Sheltering
    Fixed inconsistency with Job Trial callout
    Fixed bug with regen Stamina/Energy game modifier
    Removed jank from game credits when at 4k resolution
    Fixed log bug when withdrawing items from the bank
    Fixed bug where Spellshaper’s elemental resist boost from Auras was always in effect regardless of Emblem, and also the bug where Spellshaper’s tier 3 Emblem effect granting elemental resistance based on elemental damage taken was not triggering
    Fixed bugs related to abilities learned from items causing weird states on your hotbar
    Fixed bug where Edge Thane’s low-health effects were sometimes not triggering, stacking, or appearing in your Status list
    Snow Panthox Claw proc rate is now actually 50% as intended, instead of 100%
    Added yet more checks to ensure achievements and events in the special Item Dream occur properly
    Fixed game error that could occur with Butler’s Bell
    Fixed bug when upgrading to Tier 2 Gambler emblem
    Fixed bug where Soulkeeper’s “reflect” emblem effect was not working properly
    Fixed bug where Sword Dancer’s ‘pierce fire resistance’ emblem was not affecting enemies with Fire absorption, such as Ember Spirits.
    Fixed bug where saving and exiting the game in a Campfire area in an Item Dream would cause the game state to get messed up on load (Item Dream would be lost, along with your item)
    Fixed bug where Gambler’s tier 3 emblem Card Toss ability visually cleared your hand, despite only using one card
    Fixed bug with disappearing cursor in the key bindings page (which could cause the cursor to disappear until game restart)
    Your pets can no longer pickup the rewards from K. Dox

    Pandora’s Boxes now ALSO grant slightly higher treasure find (about 0.75%) and gold find (about +1%) per box. Treasure find = chance of getting extra and/or magical items, Gold Find = multiplier on gold drops. Even more tempting, eh?!
    New mid-rank legendary Axe

    New game modifier: Abilities that normally affect one faction (player or monster) affect both. In other words, “Friendly Fire”!

    Optimizations to map creation time (it should be about 25% faster overall now)

    You can now fast travel to side areas while *in* a safe / cleared side area (from the Portal menu)
    The Skill screen now shows ability cooldowns in your ability list, marking these abilities in yellow instead
    Added a “BACK” button on the ‘Feed Monster’ UI which returns you to the monster list
    If you have an equipped Job Emblem, you can now ask Jorito to destroy it. Doing this will allow you to start that job’s trials again and select different bonuses, should you choose. Of course, you must also pay JP again.

    It is now possible to forcibly close an Item Dream by speaking to the Dreamcaster with a Dream open. Doing so will return the item you put in the Dream, but it will not be upgraded. You will lose any gold, JP, and orbs put into the Dream, and everything else in it (such as items on the ground) will be destroyed.

    The “Mark As Hostile” mouse action is now user-assignable in the keybinds section, and is now default set to *middle mouse click* instead of right click

    When manually selling items, if you attempt to sell a Favorited item you will now get a confirmation popup first.

    Active skill sort is now remembered on save/load

    Random pet names should no longer use names already used by any of your living pets

    Four new achievements related to Daily & Weekly Challenges.

    Fixed inconsistency with Pandora’s Box/Chest - it is now a BOX


Major changes since the last public release:

    new branch: Elf Kingdom.
    new mechanic: workbench entropy.
    new player race: lizardman.
    new entity group: lizardman (berserker, chieftain, mage, shaman and warrior).
    new mercenaries: undead slayer, ice mage, water mage, earth mage, flame mage.
    new affliction: rabies.
    new service: merchant can be paid to restock their inventory.
    new trick: doors magically lock and a horde is summoned.
    new mod: replace SFX with your own.
    you can now dismiss an ally from your party.
    import/export your adventure files to cloud storage for sharing between devices.
    eating a scroll of magic mapping will now map a random level.
    dropping a water element egg on a fountain will hatch the egg.
    rage now gives immunity to fear.
    all entities now have assigned ability scores and are used when polymorphed.
    reduced SFX volume of taps/clicks by 50%.
    many updated absurd and classic tiles.

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