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I just finished playing one very successful non-roguelike game, Witcher 3.
Great graphics and music, thousands of conversation lines, very polished under many aspects.
I only enjoy hard games and it was satisfying to manage to win the game in the hardest mode, "death march".
And that soundtrack.. magnificient! Felt like dancing with eurofolk music while mutilating ghouls with my beautiful long silver sword, dodging attacks with extraordinary agility, feeling the adrenaline.
The ending was so so but the story overall very good with several characters with their own personalities which I felt attached to (in particular Lambert, Vesemir, Keira Metz, and also minor characters such as Thaler, Dijkstra and general Morvran Vhooris or some sadistic villains like Whoreson Junior and his gang and that Nicolas Pastodi whoremonger priest). Let alone how beautiful were some of the cinematic sequences, such as when Ciri gets inside that cave to find the three Crones drinking random body parts soup whilst in form of absolutely gorgeous naked girls, just with blood all over them from their human meat feast. It was great to have choices affecting the game plot and the final ending of the game.
And I could happily disregard minor plot holes, issues and inconsitencies such as potatoes selling for 30 golds each, the freaking horse constantly getting stuck, the whole crafting thing being completely useless for exception of witcher gear, etc.

Having said this, the good parts I have highlighted are all components which I normally could appreciate also in books and movies - it is the artistic part of the game.

However in terms of the "gaming" part of the game, I can't say it was a particularly remarkable experience.
For instance there's stuff like "level loot" which ruins everything.

It completely ruins the free roaming aspect of the game.
It is never interesting to go back to location with low level enemies because only low level enemies will spawn there, which constitute no challenge nor reward to the player.
On the other end, it would be interesting to explore areas where the player knows they are likely to find out of depth enemies, but the problem is that it ends up being unrealistically tough boars or wild dogs which are 100 times stronger than a lower level arch griffin or dragon, and on top of this the loot is capped to the level of the player. There's also minimal experience gain to slay those enemies.

This sucks.
So much effort in polishing all the smallest technical visual and audio details of the game, and such poor design.
It feels like you are locked in a story and all the rpg component is merely a facade.

It made me think that the following components need to always be present together in order to obtain an ultimate gaming experience:

- possibility to find out of depth enemies (possibly alongside free roaming)
- uncapped loot
- no level restrictions for equippable items
- no monsters levels (ok with legendary ones to be tougher but that's about it)

The question is how to then manage to keep the game interesting after an out of depth item is found and equipped.
Well we all know how cool it is to find an eternium double sword of devastation in the small cave in Adom with your level 1 character, or start a Caverns of Qud game and find out that  you have in your backpack an Electro Crossbow or some other ultra powerful technological device.
It feels freaking good!
But does it spoil the game? No way! Because there's always the possibility that either
- that item could break or be stolen or destroyed by some trap, monster, etc
- the pc could develop some sort of corruption, or illness, or anything that could then make being strong in combat go on a second scale of importance
- permadeath is worth mentioning but ok, I understand a 100 hours game such as Witcher 3 would need to find ways around that
- the pc could become cocky and then find himself surrounded by randomly spawned enemies which happen to be not particularly susceptible by that equipment

And more and more could be done! But that is the way to go. "Level loot", equipment level restriction, non randomness of spawns and all of that are very lazy way to circumvent the potential risks of giving freedom to the player, and in my opinion they make that freedom disappear when it comes to gaming experience.
This is a great game for what concerns what should be the quintessential property of it: the actual gaming experience.

Then there's other things I like about roguelikes such as the minimalistic graphic interface, turn based tactics, etc - but the random and freedom components I have discussed above are what I really love the most and unfortunately I have yet to find in a non-roguelike game as of 2017.

Any thoughts?

Off-topic / Console videogames
« on: November 17, 2017, 03:24:03 AM »
Just bought a PS4 after something like 15 years away from consoles.
Having a good time with Witcher 3. Naked chicks, playing trading cards, love stories, semilinear storyline, and obviously the stunning graphics you get these days.

But still lots of issues that similar games had 15 years ago.
Like getting stuck in furniture, having to ravage in rubbish and backtrack whenever you are teleported after a mission, occasional bugs, equipment you can't use unless you are of a certain level, high level guards that require like 1000 sword hits to die, and all other crap which roguelikes fixed 40 years ago.

But yeah, enjoying it as it sometimes creates interesting scenarios. Like just played a mission where I was with this hot mage chick on a masquerade ball where I happen to steal lots of food from the banquet, met aristocrat contacts, beat the shit out of a drunk dude who was looking for trouble, saw naked dancing prostitutes on the moonlight, and other drunk noblemen embarassing themselves, kissed the mage chick under the fireworks, and won a trading card game tournament. All felt real enough for that to be lived as a kind of real experience.

Anyone has other console games to recommend?

Off-topic / Ladyboys
« on: October 29, 2017, 07:06:14 AM »
Anyone into ladyboys here at RogueTemple?

After having been dating women all my life, I recently developed a serious liking for ladyboys. I like the exotic beauty, the femininity, the higher sex drive compared to women, and am fascinated by their usually maudit hard core troubled existances. Some of them aren't into bars and live a somewhat normal life though.

Some videos from Pattaya

Lots of ladyboys there.
I remember going to a ladyboy gogo bar where there was a show with ladyboys dancing on poles, etc. Felt like paradise - nice house music, red lights, sexy asses, tipping chicks, buying drinks left and right.
Knowing that in some gogo bars Thai girls perform into a 'ping pong show' which consists of them inserting ping pong balls inside their p***y and then shooting them with their pelvic muscles. @------°, I was then very puzzled by a sign stating '10 ping pong balls, x bath' since there wasn't any woman, all ladyboys.
I asked the mamasan if that would have meant ladyboys doing a private ping pong show with their bums ha. She looked at me like WTF. I felt slightly autistic.

Off-topic / Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, etc
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:19:18 AM »
Anyone enjoying investing in cryptos and ICOs on RogueTemple?

Off-topic / Which operative system do you use?
« on: April 30, 2017, 05:11:15 AM »
I have been using WinXP for quite a while, great OS. Recently switched to Linux Mint.. really excellent stuff, just takes a bit to get used to a different way of doing things but so far seems perfect. Only small flaw certain games aren't available (e.g. Triangle Wizard, or many games on Steam), however there's this Windows emulator called Wine which appears to make everything possible (haven' tried it yet though).

Off-topic / Space Station 13
« on: March 21, 2016, 07:37:40 PM » Do anybody plays this game? Looks like it's got some roguelike elements like random encounters, procedural world generation and so forth.

I am in the process of funding a developer to program the game I am designing. I was just wondering how does it work in terms of digital rights. I mean, if hypotetically I put the app on the google play store and it starts getting some visibility, what could prevent this person to put it in the google play store as well, or maybe re-sale the game source to somebody else? How does it usually work when you give the commission to an external programmer, to have full ownership of the game? Would I have them to send me a signed contract from their country, or anything complicated?

Programming / Any programs like Game Maker to create Android games?
« on: February 20, 2016, 10:36:42 PM »
I tried to learn some basics of Java but I think coding just isn't my thing. Ideally I would be happy to pay for a developer to do that for me but couldn't work anything out in that regard. So, inspired of the fact good games such as Spelunky and Triangle Wizard were made with Game Maker, I wanted to look into something similar but to create Android games. What are the best options out there?

Temple of the Roguelike / I miss the old RogueTemple theme
« on: October 02, 2013, 01:13:46 PM »
I don't know.. this new blue and white theme doesn't feel "roguelike".. I loved the white on black theme with the logo on top we had before.
And there's no avatars.. why this?
Slash, will the old graphics be restored?

Hi Slash,

This is not a critique against you, we are all grateful to you for keeping up this awesome forum and having paid for the hosting through all these years, but if there was a way to get rid of the google ad you put at the bottom of the logo that would be great. I am not asking how much you receive from them or how much you need annually to mantain the website, just an amount of donations you would consider enough in order to remove it for 12 months.

This is because - at least for me - all those targeted ads constantly remind me about other part of my life whenever I enter the forum or open a thread.. and one reason why I love roguelike is the possibility they give me to abstract myself separating from everything else and just immerse myself in that reality.. having to see ads of tennis equipment and asian dating websites deconcentrate me and removes part of the pleasure I had browsing this forum.

I understand this request is a bit weird, let me know what you think.

Programming / Any programs/tool to convert images into pixel art?
« on: December 16, 2012, 08:05:30 AM »
I am looking for a "pixellator".. something to easily create pixel art. Is there something like this around?

Off-topic / Favourite Android videogames?
« on: October 04, 2012, 11:22:46 PM »
What are your favourite videogames for Android?

I'll start with:

"Condado is an unofficial implementation of Andreas Seyfarth's card game San Juan, which is in turn based off of the award winning board game Puerto Rico."
Very nice and quick card game where you are in a rush to build a city against 1 to 3 rivals. Nice mechanics; everything is shown on the table at any given time - there are no gold coins or points, cards in hand represent expendable resources. Decent AI.

Play the famous strategy game Dominion on your phone. Pretty raw but works very well and there are many cards.

Fortunes of war
Another card game inspired by Dominion I recently discovered. You gradually build a deck in every game purchasing every turn a card available in the shared pool. Polished, nice and quick, but not fully free and would need more cards.

Angry birds
Very famous game.. basically you have to destroy unstable structures by throwing at them different birds using a giant sling.

Chess free
I love chess and this is a nice free app with good AI. Playing against online human opponents isn't possible though.

Off-topic / D&D not allowed in USA prisons
« on: August 24, 2012, 12:52:19 AM »

Basically this Kevin T. Singer dude, who's serving life sentence, has been confiscated all his D&D material by prison guards because three old farts with too much power in their hands decided it represents a threat for prison security. No more D&D in USA jails.

This is just very sad and if I were american would be enough to leave that place forever, expecially now with Ron Paul out of the presidential game. Not saying I am planning to stab someone or ever been much into playing D&D (I just played intensively self-made pen and paper RPGs and boardgames) but ths shows how just wicked a system can become. I guess in Europe we still can play D&D in jail? someone on roguetemple can confirm this? Just askin'!

Here's an online petition. Even though the fact happened in january 2011, I think we're still in time to spread the word and make this big. Just made a post on /tg/ ( and got about 20 signatures in ten minutes.

Somewhat OT: .. just read another guy experience into the infamous Joe Arpaio Maricopa county jail in Arizona: looks terrible down there. I have the impression the jail system in the USA is just a business.. making money from other people misery. I really love the way Sweden handle crime, with prisons who resemble hotels (windows, videogames, etc) and still a low crime rate. This is how a civilized and intelligent society should deal with criminals in my opnion.

Off-topic / Trading card games on computer
« on: June 09, 2012, 02:14:56 AM »
I like them very much.. as I'm looking for them at the moment, I'll post in this thread only the best ones I stumble upon.
I'll express a rate for each game with one to three stars; three stars means you should definitely try it; a game with two stars is one I had much fun with but still missing something; one star games are okayish but limited. I'll not bother to list zero-star games I don't like.

1) The first one I'd recommend is, of course, Spectromancer here's the thread I dedicated to it: . Good AI, simple rules but very challenging games, Richard Garfield among its creators.. Highly recommended. ***

2) About Magic The Gathering, there are four ways to play it on pc:
Magic On Line (MTGO), Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, other non WOTC simulators like MAGMA, and an old abadonware Microprose version called Shandalar.
MTGO has a big playerbase but its interface is ugly and ankward.. you'll get blind to read those small texts, and it'll cost you like real-life MTG to build a deck card by card.
I prefere DOTP2012, the only cons are a smaller playerbase and the impossibility to build your deck (you can change up to 20 cards in each deck though). There are also some minor rules infringments sometimes, and one of the last decks (beknighted) is somewhat overpowered.
It is possible to play Shandalar not only for free but also improved in many aspects thanks to the devs (download ManaLink here:; the game is very cool.. you wander in the wilderness fighting different opponents winning/losing cards after every fight and slowly building your deck. Recommended. ManaLink offers also different modalities to play against the AI, human players, and many apps.
Can't say much about unofficial MTG simulators because I never managed to make them work properly, I admit, but they don't look very smooth. ChexWarriors and Getter77 listed some options in the posts below.
Ratings for MTG fans: MTGO **; DOTP: ***; Manalink: ***; if you don't know MTG, DOTP is probably the best option to learn and start appreciating this game.

3) In Armor Wars you can build your deck with the only limitation of max 5 copies of the same card, without restricton about its minimum/maximum size, and you can even select your starting hand. Proceeding throughout the game you get gold you can use to purchase new cards and heroes with different powers.
The AI is not excellent btw, and I never managed to connect to the server to play against human opponents. The came could be maybe better balanced and polished but is still nice to play.
At the moment I think I built an almost unbeatable deck (at least for the AI): Marak Wolfsbane as hero, 5 bloodlust, 5 flame golems, 5 green wyrms, 5 shadow dragons, 1 hill dwarf, 1 kyrian watchman, 1 frailty, 1 wall of brambles, starting hand: 1 of each card type. Basically I just play the wall on the first turn and wait until I can play the wyrm than rock'n'roll. Marak makes the wall very tough to take down, and let's not talk about the wyrm, which basically becomes a monster that we could consider having 40 hp and regenerate: 6. Golems are also in good synergy with Marak ability and the dragons.. just awesome cards and still good with Marak having high hp (12). Bloodlust is the killer card.. little drawback thanks to Marak, huge boost (even the wall can attack with it). Despite the first turns it's a very fast deck able to take down iron giants without problems and beating to death 150+hp opponents in short time. The only hassle can be when an opponent is playing many recalls, because of the somewhat high average cost of the creatures, but usually once you manage to put the wyrm again there's no hope for the opponent army; anyway two ways to deal with this are playing frailty to get the required time to build resources while the opponent has three enemies, and having 7 cards in your hand so that your creatures can't be affected by recall.
Nice but still too easy/unbalanced and still without pvp. *

4) Necronomicon 2 (, dark game inspired by Lovecraft books, is very well made in terms of graphic, music and atmosphere. You play against the AI in a rush to reach level 30 as soon as possible. You both play with the same deck. The rules are smooth and it's fun to play it but the AI could be improved. The game also features a "challenges mode" with different preset situations. Not much replayability after you win but worth playing. **

5) CastleWars 2 is a quick and simple game (but still good). You are in a rush against your opponent to build a 100 "tall" castle.. or destroy the opponent's one. Cards effect include increasing the resource generation, creating fences that prevents damage to the castle, decreasing enemy resources and more. I am very good at this in PvP. Coffeebreak. **

6) Metroplexity ( is a sci-fi/cyperpunk browser-based roleplaying game with a playstyle similar to Kingdom of Loathing. It has a unique set of combat mechanics and many different ways to complete each quest. Lots of content to explore and intercat with, an interesting "card based" combat system (you build your own deck with the techniques you find along your way) and really free. Good atmosphere: futuristic world where a new drug is on the street; you start investigating and kickin' dealers' asses, then you try it and it's like discovering a brand new world everything looks different under eclipse effect.. and it's just the beginning. Lots of drugs, equipments, foods, stuff to craft and later on you have the possiiblity to create your own gang and start pvp. The plot is thorough and your actions have consequences on it. On the down side, anime oriented graphics and wiki-intensive. Worth playing. **

7) Cabals ( is a very nice and promising card game with a strong boardgame component. You basically build your own deck choosing among four different factions and then fight against the opponent in one of the many 5x5 grids. So it's strategy and tactics together. High quality card artwork, esotheric/mature flavour, free to play (but a competitive deck costs just 10$), development up and running, good game mechanics, decent (and growing) playerbase. Recommended. ***

8) Brute Wars don't be fooled by the graphic, this is not another asperger syndrome flash games; in Brute Wars you will build and polish on the way your perfect party with 6 animals, fighting your way against other randomly generated 6-animals parties. At the moment I'm kickin' asses with this party: shark, whale, shark, octopus, octopus, octopus. No point in different magics. Why no drakes? Because the "far attack" thing is a rip-off; compare it to the direct attack.. those guys are useless 50% of the time, while a shark has no problems attacking distant. Ahahah.. anyway. The mechanics are very clear and it's a nice game to play, challenging enough to master. Worth playing. *

9) Magic and Tactic limited but very interesting game mechanics and decent atmosphere (good graphic, intriguing dark ambient "music"). You summon creatures (max one every turn) and attack the opponent's; there are no resources so playing a dragon costs no more than playing a goblin; the only difference is the turn required for a card to start attacking. In combat there is randomization. You build your own deck using gold you earn during fights. Big downside: the texts on the cards are very small (MTGO style.. 'fuckers). Once mastered no replayability but challenging to manage to build the perfect deck and could become definitely interesting if further developed. Worth playing. *

10) The 7 Elders is a tactical card game with very simple rules and 5-cards decks but notwithstanding this interesting and challenging enough to win. You can build your own deck winning new cards along your way. The combat system is very basilar; there is a 3x3 grid where you put your cards and every card has four numbers wich represent its strenght in any of the four position. It is basically Triple Triad, a minigame included in Final Fantasy VIII. Crappy flash graphics/effects (but still better than a kick in the balls and therefore way better than FFVIII monsters) and not much replayability but still nice to put a couple of hours to win it. *


a) Still not a computer trading card game, but if you like the genre give a try to Jo's Quest for the Goat Horn (, a print'n'play "cardlike" (card roguelike?) you can play solo or against human opponents. It simulates a roguelike experience only using cards; each player wanders in different rooms with traps, enemies and items deciding everytime wheter it's worth or not to fight the monsters to collect the loot.

b) CCG Maker is in fact a CCG Maker, and as far as I can tell from my researches on the web, probably the best one avaialbe. Simple and unpolished but seems to work.

Still to try:


If you're into CCG (collectable card games) mechanics or you just like Magic The Gathering, give Spectromancer a try.
You can buy it on Steam or just play it for free from the link above.
There are some limitations but you can still have a good time in the Single Duel modality, setting the enemy difficulty to "Archmage" and his deck to "Random". You can only pick the two worst decks though (Illusionist and Mechanic).

I am having a lot of fun with it, and the AI is not bad.

Rules: every turn all your powers grow by 1, and you have the possibility to play a card in one of the six slots. Then all your creatures (except the ones summoned this turn) will attack what's in the opposite slot (or the opponent if the slot is empty) subtracting their strenght to the enemy/opponent hps.
Fire, Water, Air and Earth are always there with little variation, while the fifth column changes according to the deck you are playing.

In the complete version you'll be able to play all the other decks and modalities (campaign, draft, pvp..).

Here's the card list for each deck:

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