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Early Dev / City of the Damned
« on: January 07, 2017, 01:51:29 PM »
Hey, guys!

I have written a coffeebreak roguelike inspired by as 7DRL entry "City of the Condemned" by Tapio (
This is basically a remake of City of the Condemned with some added features (real pathfinding, a more realistic fov and blood). The game is written in Common Lisp using SDL.

Github page:
Latest release with Windows binary:

The Legions of Hell invaded the City with the intention to slay its inhabitants. The Heavenly Forces had to intervene. Now both sides are bent to fight each other until none of the opponents remain. Choose your side and join the fray!

The actions takes place in a large overland City, where Angels and Demons fight each other in its streets and mankind is trapped in their way.

 - You can side either with Angels or with Demons. Though mankind is allied with angels, it is mainly stuck in the conflict between the parties.
 - You are not alone and should not be able to overcome all obstacles by yourself, some enemies will require aid of your allies.
 - Your enemies are able to hide their true appearence, so observe and learn their tactics to avoid nasty surprises. Demons are able to possess humans, while Angels can conseal their divinity.
 - "Friendly fire" is allowed, so do not get in the way of your more powerfull allies.
 - Your resource is power. You can stockpile it to get a "level up" or spend it on your abilities.
 - You gain power proportional to the strength of killed enemies. Angels also gain power by blessing humans, while demons gain power by killing them (and each other).
 - Angels can heal themselves while Demons can summon allies to their position.
 - You win either by killing each member of the opposing faction or leveling up beyond Archangel or Archdemon status.

The game is known to freeze sometimes for several seconds after you make a move, especially in the beginning. This is due to pathfinding calculations happening for more than 100 actors. Once their numbers naturally dwindle, these delays become unnoticeable.

Any thoughts, suggestions and critique are welcome :)

UPD. Updated version to v1.0.1, the links stay the same.

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