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Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: October 21, 2017, 12:35:53 AM »
Released version 1.2.3

- Added Malseraph's puppets as a playable faction. Malseraph's puppets are demons who worship Malseraph, the Demon God of Acting, Gambling and Violent Changes. They lack the possession ability but make up for it with the powers of their god.
- By themselves, Malseraph's puppets have the Irradiate and Fission abilities. Irradiate applies a special status to the target, while Fission is used to cause damage to those with this status and clear it from them.
- Malseraph is the master of cards and likes to be entertained. Malseraph likes disguises, polymorphs, and dangerous situations.
- When Malseraph is in the good mood, it will draw cards with beneficial effects from its decks and can even grant some of the decks to you. When it is in the bad mood, it will use its more malicious cards against you to spice things up.
- There are two types of decks that Malseraph can give - decks of war and decks of escape. Each deck consists of a number cards that a character can draw. You can not see what card you draw and what cards remain in the deck. Drawing a card immediately invokes its effect.
- Added Constriction ability to the Eater of the dead. This ability lets you grab targets and continue to deal damage to them automatically while all participants remain in place.
- Citizens of the City may now drop civilian costumes, which can be used to make disguises by the thief. The disguise (usable by humans and Malseraph's puppets only) makes you look as an ordinary man or woman to everybody else.
- Fixed the bug with jumping when you would fall through the ground if you hit an obstacle during the jump.
- You can now jump over small obstacles like beds, tables, barricades, and bushes.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: October 12, 2017, 05:54:15 PM »
I managed to fall through solid ground:

I was trying to get into the underground vault of the Bank, but one of the policemen spotted me and gave a chase. I tried to jump over a table, but crashing into it, I fell down through the ground to z-level -2 (or which is the lowest) and got stuck there, able to look around and use abilities, but unable to actually move or escape.

That's what you get for being a greedy theif, I guess. Being buried alive under the Bank. :P

Yeah, there is a bug in the jump function. Whenever you hit a solid obstacle (tables are solid obstacles, by the way, and you can not jump over them, though it is an interesting possibility), you will fall to Z level 0. Jump is safe when its range is not enough for you to hit anything.

Will fix that in the next version, thanks for the report :)

PS. Oh, and try not to jump into other characters , this will trigger the same problem ;)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 29, 2017, 09:44:19 PM »
Released version 1.2.2

- Added a new playable creature - the Eater of the dead. It has two unique abilities - Cannibalize, that lets you devour a corpse to gain HP and power and increase your maximum HP, and Primordial power, that increases your damage, armor, and evasion.
- Added the Cast shadows ability to all shadow demons. This ability causes a character to cast unnatural shadows that you can use to shadow step to and from.
- Added the Bend space ability to all crimson demons. This ability lets you teleport to a random location a short distance away.
- Added the Jump ability to the thief. This ability allows you to move 2 tiles away from you and cling to a wall next to the destination tile.
- Added the Sprint ability to the thief. This ability allows you to temporarily increase your movement speed.
- Added the Ressurection ability to all angels. This ability allows you to resurrect other fallen angels and humans.
- Added the Split soul ability to the chrome angels. This ability lets the user create an image of themselves that the user can later teleport to.
- Added morgue files to characters.
- Added graveyards to the building list.
- Added a new church layout.
- Added flavor signs to some buildings.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 21, 2017, 06:15:31 PM »
Wow, that's a quick and big update! :D Be warned, I'm going to write a very long rant below. :)

Whoa, another bunch of cool ideas and I only started to implement the previous ones! I'm afraid I am losing this race  ;D

Trinity mimics are very interesting and very weird. :D I will have to play with them more to get the hang of that turn-jumping between your bodies. It's really strange to constantly jump between your bodies (and I love that you are now highlighted, that would be very hard to play otherwise), but I like the synergy of your bodies and how they can fight together in an organised assault!

I was actually drawing ideas from MMOs. You basically have a DD-tank with a taunt, a support with debuffs and a healer with buffs. Merging bodies was added to be able to travel quickly because otherwise, it took thrice the time.

I like the shadow teleportation, but I feel it's a bit underpowered right now - it is great for quick movement, but it would work very much better as a way to suddenly appear next to your enemies, or run away in a pinch. That's currently very hard, though, because of the light nearly all creatures emit. You can still jump towards your enemies by extingushing them first, but that costs power. Teleporting away is out of question - it would cost you two turns (first extinguish, then teleport) and you can't loose two turns by the time you will have the need of an emergency teleport.

Maybe your extingushing ability could cost no power (balanced by either longer cooldown, or shorter duration)? That would make at least ambushing from afar much more interesting option, plus would give more incentive to use extinguishing on even lamps and such, like a good shadow demon should. :)

And/or, and this would be IMHO very cool, but probably hard to implement and compute, all creatures could have dynamic shadows - depending on the position of nearby light sources, all creatures could have an adjacent shadowed tile. This would allow all shadow demons to jump next to or run away from any fight by standing in this shwadowed tile, making positioning matter more and making their teleport machanic more prominent.

Ok, I see the problem and will start with the last suggestion. Quite surprisingly dynamic shadows would not at all strain performance, I think (only if those are creatures not terrain that could cast them). But I right now I have no idea how to present this shadow to the player.

I am rather reluctant to ease the restrictions on the shadow step like making it require only one shadowed tile to work - the destination or the origin. For lore reasons and because this could easily lead to instakills when you are playing against shadow demons. You get ambushed from the shadows and the remaining half of the enemy's turn is used to summon help, then an archdemon jumps in next to you and it is still not your turn so he attacks and you are dead. I've seen a lot of this with crimson demons already.

Extinguish costing no power is also something I do not want to introduce because you already have a free shadow step, and I want demonic and angelic abilities to cost power.

Maybe I just add another free ability like "Cast shadow" that will actually create a shadowed tile with zero brightness next to creature for some turns (basically what you are suggesting with dynamic shadows but as an active ability).

I'm going to be incredibly nitpicky and say that you have inconsistent capitalization. :) Chrome angels and trinity mimics have their first word capitalized on title screen, but both on highscore screen, while both types of imps have a reversed problem. ;)

Ha, ok, I'll look into it.

I may have missed something, but when I started to get randomly wet, I was quite sure I'm standing in rain - but it would be nice to have some notification. Maybe there could be a "Rain" status next to the wind direction?

Speaking of wind, what if flying creatures had a small chance to be blown by the wind, moving in its direction? No reason for this change except that it would make the wind tiny bit more relevant.

The first one is easy, will do in the next release. But I am afraid the second one is unlikely to make it for technical reasons mainly. 

One thing I always long for as a thief is a way to cross from one roof to another faster than by climbing all the way down to the street and back up again. The City is dangerous enough for one fragile theif even without having to run through blood-smeared streets. :P The thief is already quite acrobatic character with his or her climbing and Death from Above, what if they could also sprint and jump? (Ninja thieves!)

Sprinting could be an active ability that would speed you up for several turns, with cooldown long enough for you to catch your breath. ;) Sprinting should be mutually exclusive with climbing - you wouldn't be able to activate sprinting in climbing mode, so no sprint-climbing walls for you, but you can still use sprinting in a pinch when caught next to dangerous enemies in the streets. The no-climbing rule for sprinting would also give the thief an incentive to not be in climbing mode all the time and ignore that you can switch it off. ;)

Jumping could also be active ability with a cooldown, this one compatible with climbing, so the thief could jump from the side of one building to another wall nearby. Alternately, you could sprint before jumping, increasing the range of your jumps (but with no climbing). Maybe you could also jump over some obstacles (furniture, the hedge fences), or by jumping into a window, you would shatter it and jump through (and maybe take damage). All jumping would generate quite some noise, though. Maybe horses could also jump, increasing their jump range by their momentum.

Yeah, I thought myself about jumps (though not about sprinting). Not sure I'll be able to implement all the interactions with windows and such, but jumping will certainly be done at some point. Sprinting also seems fun though I wonder if it will make the thief nigh invincible. Right now no melee can get him, with these changes he will have even less incentive to get down to the ground and if he does his superior speed will save him in the pinch. But we shall see :)

Could we maybe get the end-game screen with achievements and score saved as a .txt log? It would make hunting for the most achievements much more exciting and easier to share. :D

Sure, quality of life changes always come first  :)

And I have one more proposal for a playable faction: You could join the Criminals as the Cambion.

Your writing is awesome! I am not sure I want half-breeds in the lore, but from the gameplay perspective, this sounds pretty solid. There are too many corpses in the city so we need more characters that can make use of them.

Finally, it might be only mine love for descriptions, but maybe there could be inventory descriptions for even other items than the ones with active use? Right now, you can pick up coins and corpses which will have no description - what if they had a short quote for a description?

Yeah, that has to be implemented at some point :) Though I do not have a lot of items now so I thought of postponing it to a later date.

And one more question: Do you have any plans about making the attacks, defense and maybe light radius of creatures into actual inventory items (eg. a rifle, an army uniform, a torch or a lamp), or will they stay as abstractions as is?

Someday for sure, when the game is more fleshed out and there is a kind of campaign mode, where the city is subdivided into districts, and the battle we have now is only a battle for a single district so you can carry over experience and items from one level to another. Oh, the glorious distant future...  ::)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 16, 2017, 12:51:10 PM »
That ARRP goodness~   8)
Pure coincidence  ::)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 15, 2017, 09:12:03 PM »
Released version 1.2.1

- Added Trinity mimics as a playable faction. Trinity mimics are three mind-linked angels - the Star singer, Star gazer, and Star mender. Each has a separate set of abilities and all of them can merge with each other. The player controls each mimic individually.
- Added Righteous fury ability to the Star singer. Righteous fury is a berserk-like ability that lets you attack harder and faster but at a cost of slowing you afterwards.
- Added Pain link ability to the Star signer. Pain link makes the target deal increased damage to the caster but decreased damage to everyone else.
- Added Heal other ability to the Star mender. This ability allows healing not only yourself but your allies as well.
- Added Soul reinforcement ability to the Star mender. Soul reinforcement prevents a fatal blow that would otherwise kill the target.
- Added Silence ability to the Star gazer. Silence prevents the target from casting.
- Added Confuse ability to the Star gazer. Confused targets sometimes move in a random direction instead of an intended action.
- Added Pandemonium Shades as a playable faction. Shadow creatures are unable to possess humans but get a number of shadow-related abilities. You start as a shadow imp.
- Added Umbral aura to shadow devils. This makes shadow devils be not light, but darkness sources.
- Added Extinguish light to shadow demons and shadow devils. This ranged ability will switch off a stationary light or cause an enemy to stop emitting light for short period.
- Added Shadow step to all shadow creatures. Shadow step is a short-range teleport that works only if the source and destination tiles are not lit.
- Added the Church as a playable faction. You start as a priest in a church and your aim is to destroy all demons.
- Added Smite to priests. Smite is a single target damage ability that gets better the more humans are around the caster.
- Added Slow to priests. Slow is a single target ability that causes the enemy to take more time when attempting any action.
- Added Prayer of wrath to the priests. This ability grants a fire-based melee attack to those who follow you.
- You can now wait a turn using [.], and pick items using [g] and [,].
- The game now logs your current title instead of your initial title into a high score entry.
- The player is now highlighted on the map.
- Dropping in water gives you a 'wet' effect, which means 25% of increased fire resistance.
- Added rainy weather. Being caught in the rain will make characters wet, extinguish fires and clear blood.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 08, 2017, 06:47:21 PM »
As I'm playing more, I have some more thoughts: ;)

Could we have some way to easily distinguish the player from other creatures with the same glyph? It happens mostly with angels, but generally when you get into a fray of creatures with the same glyph, you can easily loose track where exactly you are, especially when dodging messes up with you position. And you don't want to loose turns to missteps in combat because you thought you were the other "a". Maybe the player could eb underscored (if that's an option with the tileset)? Or have some light background color?

Glad you pointed that out, that will give me the necessary push to implement this feature ;D I have the same problems myself, but always postponed the solution.

As a scout, you best option is to always shoot your rifle - it does so much damage that even in melee, it's better to reload and shoot than get two melee attacks. As scout seems to be intended as a ranged fighter, maybe he could be encouraged more into never getting into melee? It hard to use a rifle in melee, so the scout could be unable to shoot at adjacent targets. You could either bash melee opponents, or run and shoot them when you get away.

Well, I think that right now the scout is discouraged from getting into melee by the fact that he can be possessed and this is instant game over (on top of that he is rather frail and if he loses the horse he is toast). I do not actually want to add what I believe rather arbitrary rules like you can not shoot into adjacent tiles while riding a horse.

I love the new mind-linked angels with fire abilities and their avatar, but I'm still loosing pretty often with them. That's not to say that angels are weak - they are pretty tough to kill, with their healing and powerful attacks. The avatar's flying is cool, but unfortunately very limited by the short duration of your transformation. Would it be too much if all angels could fly in their revealed forms? They can only attack in melee, so it would be more of a movement/escape option, plus because they would be revealed, they would need to be careful about enemy snipers (both archdemons and human army). It would still give them something to counteract being swarmed by demon summons and zombies. :)

Well, giving angels permanent flying is not that easy, I am afraid.
Firstly, right now mobs can not attack you if you are standing/flying on top of them, while you can :) It is hard to abuse it at the moment, as you can fly for 5 turns max but with permanent flying, this strategy will be a guaranteed win. So I need to teach mobs to be aware of the creatures above them.
Secondly, permanent flying may or may not cause degradation of performance (which I can't say is stellar already :D) due to pathfinding.

What is the problem, as I understand it, is the lack of any escape options when you are swarmed. I'll think what I can do here without touching pathfinding. If I do not come up with anything good, that permanent flying will be the last resort  :)

Maybe the angels could also get a Resurrection ability (cost cca 5 power) that would bring corpses of angels (and all other things) back to life? That's a tradeoff of getting one ally back in exchange for some power you will need to defeat archdemons. You could of course bring back humans who died innocent, but why? There's no advantage to do so. :P

Yeah, that's a cool ability, thank you, will certainly add it, may be even in the next release.

Falling into water could grant temporary "wet" status that would increase you fire resistance to 25% (or so). That would stack with natural resistance, so angels could get pretty much invulnerable to fire by jumping into a river. :) If there ever is a rain, it could wet everyone not inside a house.

Great, wrote that down into my to-do list.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: September 02, 2017, 03:52:55 PM »
Yep, sure thing.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: August 30, 2017, 07:15:32 PM »
By the way, shouldn't angels be able to conCeal their divinity, rather than conseal it?

Yeah, time for a facepalm.jpg picture  :-[. This has been in front of my eyes for half a year and I have not noticed it. Thanks, will fix the spelling.

And a minor convenience request - many roguelikes use [g] or [,] for pick up command, could we have those as alternate keys? Similarly, maybe [.] as alt key for waiting a turn?

Sure, will be in the next release.

May I also have one more suggestion, this time for a new playable creature - a ghost?

Ok, I like the gameplay idea of a possessor, will try to incorporate it into a release after this one.

The only problem I see with this is that all satanists will likely die without any effort on the player's part, just because the RNG dropped you on the other side of the map while putting them near a couple of angels. Maybe it is better just to find their lair while being in possession of some body and kind of perform a ritual of rebirth or something, or vice versa - a ritual that will put the ghost to rest.

For now, in the upcoming release, I plan to add two more factions beside priests - the shadow demons and the trinity isolationists. Stay tuned  ;)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: August 18, 2017, 07:46:10 PM »
Released version 1.2.0

- Added high scores.
- Added Wisps to the map. These are flying angelic beings that are able to navigate using their hearing.
- Sound sources can now be seen on the map.
- All menu options now have letter shortcuts.
- Lit and shadowed tiles are now displayed on the screen.
- The player is now able to set his or her name.
- Fixed a bug with severed body parts animation showing when the player should not be able to see it.
- Fixed a bug with num lock interfering with arrow keys.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: July 31, 2017, 09:12:49 PM »
Released version 1.1.4

- Avatars of Brilliance are now able to fly for the duration of the transformation.
- Archdemons now have a ranged attack that inflicts minor damage and pulls enemies to the ground.
- Satanists can now empower an undead unit and make it permanently follow them.
- The Military now have medkit items to heal their wounds.
- The Thief's ability Smoke bomb is now converted into an item with the same effect. The Thief starts with three of them.
- Most citizens now have a small number of coins in their pockets.
- You can now see which creatures you can see properly and which through a shared mind, as well as iterate through visible creatures in look mode.
- Added wind to the map that affects the direction in which smoke moves.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: June 02, 2017, 07:30:42 PM »
Released version 1.1.3

- Windows now are not clear glass, so you will not see as far as you usually do when looking through windows. Leaves also obstruct your vision somewhat.
- Undead now have their own counter.
- Added smoke bombs to the Thief. Smoke will obstruct visibility and can help you escape.
- Added an ability to ignite grass and furniture on fire to the Angels. Fire damages those standing in it and produces smoke.
- Added ability to temporarily transform into Avatars of Brilliance (former Archangels) to Angels.
- Added the Scrooge achievement - for those who hold the most gold at the end of the game.
- Added the Evil Spirit achievement - for those who had the most possessions during the game.
- Added the Necromancer achievement - for those who made the highest number of reanimations during the game.
- Gold coins worth 1500$ are now guaranteed on the map.
- Satanists now have unique names.


Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: May 19, 2017, 09:24:56 PM »
You mean the option of a 8x13 font you have now is not enough?
I'll think what I can do about it but it seems that would require the usage of SDL_ttf so unfortunately, that's not the nearest future.

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: May 18, 2017, 07:49:25 PM »
I like the game more and more. :) So please forgive me for the barrage of thoughts and ideas below. ;)

That new angel power is quite useful! Could we maybe get a PgDn/PgUp scrolling for the "seen monsters" sidebar, so we can more easily check how many monsters do we actually see through the shared mind?

What about archangels getting wings, so they can fly around the town? Having a map with z-levels is very cool, but unfortunately only thieves really use it to a greater extent. It would also make archangels feel very different from archdemons. Speaking of archdemons, maybe they could get a new active ability Breathe Hellfire? Not that they would be too weak, but giving them a ranged attack would again make them feel unique. It's not really common for me to get up to arch-anything, so if both archangels and archdemons had a special ability, it would make it quite a nice reward for getting there.

Yeah, flying is indeed a thing, shame I did not think of it myself :)
However, for the next release I plan to make angels transform into archangels for a period of time (like Demon Hunters in WoW now). For lore reasons mainly - now that they are a communion, not a hierarchy, it seems logical to me that they should have only one unit. And if they need to engage a tough enemy they will have to transform, get a strength boost and delay their winning through ascension. I hope this will further differentiate Angels' gameplay from Demons.

Archdemons getting a ranged attack is also good, I'll try to incorporate your ideas into the release after the next one.

PgUp/PgDn are now reserved as a substitute for numpad's NE and SE diagonal movement, but I see what you are pointing at, I'll think what I can do to better present shared mind.

I like the new Satanists, their abilities definitely make them play uniquely. However, what if they also got an ability similar to teh "follow me" order of chaplains, that would only apply to undead? That way you could actually lead a force of zombies against the angels, not only sit back and try to bolster demonic forces.

I thought of it and decided against it. As a Satanist, you have a free summoning ability so that should be your idea of controlling the horde. However, I might add something like "control undead" to make an undead unit permanently follow you, maybe additionally applying a boost to it.

Speaking of undead, would it be too much of a hassle to split the demons counter and add a new one for only undead? My last game I won as a Satanist, I had a total of 100 demons... I was creating undead like crazy, plus I haven't actually seen a living demon for most of the game, so I would like to know if any demons survived, or if the angels were overwhelmed by my zombies. :D

Yeah, that is totally fine. I'll add an additional undead-only counter while the demon counter will track both of them.

Maybe soldiers could get a very limited amount of consumables, so that they have a resource to use in need, just as angels and demons have power? Something like starting with a medikit, or several grenades that damage everything in a 3x3x3 globe. It could also be fun to try to assassinate soldiers with a thief to get to their medikits. :) Of course, supernatural creatures would not be able to use medikits. :)

Good idea, but I believe I'll manage to implement it in 2 releases only.

BTW, is it guaranteed that the map will contain the required 1500$ for the thief? On some smaller maps, I don't know where else to look to find enough. :) What if all humans dropped a small amounts of cash, so the thief is pushed a bit into exploring the battlefield and looting the dead? And if a Satanist sees him there, the thief could get a nasty surprise. :D

Right now the money is not guaranteed. A bank (which is a guaranteed building) has from $250 to $1250, while every house has from $50 to $100. So in the worst case scenario, when RNGod really hates you, you need 25 houses (apart from the bank). The map size is 100x100, a house is 10x10, on an island map 30 tiles are substracted from borders to place water, so that leaves 70x70 which has room for 49 houses. Given the probabilities to place a house (as opposed to all other buildings), I would say that there might be extremely rare cases when there is not enough money on the map for you to win. I'll look into it.

As for pocket money - that may be likely, yes.

Finally, what if the end game screen always shown how many (and maybe which) creatures the player killed? To compare with the creatures that earned a title. Some new titles would also be fun:

The Necromancer: who raised the most zombies, so that the player can see how good he was in comparsion :)
The Evil Spirit: most possessions, now that it's quite possible and useful to possess multiple times
The Scrooge: most gold collected (because I sometimes collect it even when I'm not a thief, why would you leave money lying around, right?)

Once again, thank you for the game. :)

Yeah, this is cool, though I think I will also need to add names to Satanists (and the Thief maybe) for some achievements to be interesting. Otherwise, it will always be Player vs a nameless Satanist/Thief.

Thanks for playing :)

Early Dev / Re: City of the Damned
« on: May 12, 2017, 09:24:02 PM »
Released version 1.1.2

- All Angels now have a shared mind - each of them sees what others see.
- Satanists are now a playable faction. Their goal is to assist their demon masters and destroy all angelic forces.
- Satanists are now able to reanimate corpses. The less severed body parts the corpse has - the stronger it will be after the reanimation. Reanimated corpses are slow-moving, have very little HP and will burn to ashes when killed by Angels.
- Demons' ability to possess is now toggleable, so that you can kill humans instead of always possessing them first if you wish so.
- Demons now have an ability to sacrifice their host on demand to gain power and health (as if they killed them in combat).
- Added a bank building to the city.


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