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Karagy, do you want to be credited as "Karagy" or by your real name?  You can let me know via DM if you prefer not to say here.

Thanks, Karagy!  I'll add these to my feedback file and look into these before the next release.  I expect that'll be a while, so if you find anything else that's problematic, or have any general suggestions, feel free to post them here.

v0.7.3 is done!  The big change this version is the basic implementation of the Hiding and Stealth skills, along with sneak attacks.  A bunch of the bugs that ssteam reported are also fixed as well.

Full changes:

Shadow of the Wyrnm v0.7.3 "de Murcia"
- Version declared December 23, 2017.  Version finalized January 20, 2018.

- Implemented the Hiding skill.  This skill requires selection via the
  Skills menu.  Once selected, a Hiding check is made.  If the player is
  not viewed by any creatures, hiding is automatic.  Otherwise, it is a
  function of the type of map (hard to hide in the cosmos, easier
  underground) and time of day, when above ground.

- Hiding works by removing the hidden creature from field of view maps
  constructed off the real maps.  Given that the game AI works off FOV
  maps to determine what action to take, this effectively renders hidden
  characters invisible to every creature around them.

- Most actions that have an in-game effect (e.g., picking up or dropping
  items, but not checking the game version or reading help files) will
  break hiding.  Searching or staying in place ('5' movement) never
  breaks hiding.

- Hiding is trained when you attempt to hide in a non-guaranteed
  situation (ie, there are one or more creatures around).

- Other hiding advantages/disadvantages:

  - It prevents the hidden creature from intimidating and performing

  - The hidden creature, being hidden, gets a large evade bonus to
    incoming attacks.  Though most creatures will not be able to attack
    hidden creatures, if a missile were being fired through the tile, or
    an area effect spell casted, it would still be possible to be

  - When hiding, an extra 2x modifier is applied to any damage dealt
    when attacking a creature that has not been backstabbed before.
    This then sets the "backstabbed" flag on that creature, and subsequent
    backstabs are not possible, even if the attacking creature becomes
    hidden once again.  The 2x modifier applies both to physical damage
    and magical damage from spells and wands.  The sneak attack multiplier
    is applied on top of the usual ones for slays and phase of the moon.

- Stealth has also been implemented.  When moving while hidden, the
  successful use of the skill allows movement without breaking the status.
  The skill is also useful when not hidden: it provides a passive, small
  (~Skill/10)% chance of performing a sneak attack, assuming the attacked
  creature has not already been victim of a sneak attack before.  As when
  the attacker is hidden, this covers all forms of attacking: melee,
  ranged, and magic.

- The NPC magic AI is a little smarter.  Previously, it was just checking
  to see if a threat existed in a certain direction.  Now, it considers
  the level of all creatures in a particular direction, and will only
  cast in that direction if the sum of the level of any threats is
  greater than the sum of the non-threats.

- The mean amount of time for paralysis is now 3 minutes, rather than 5.

- There are two new effect types, that increase maximum HP and AP.  These
  have been attached to golden and silver apples, respectively.  These
  items have seeds, like regular fruit, and the seeds can be used to
  plant trees, as usual.  The "increase max HP/MP effects", when used
  successfully, add to a counter on the creature.  The creature can only
  use the HP effect as many times as its base Health allows; likewise
  with Willpower for the AP effect.  If the creature increases his or her
  Health/Willpower later, the maximum for the counter is increased as

- Golden and silver apples can be found as regular items, but they also
  grow on magical trees.

- When a "regular" tree is generated, it has a 1 in 100000 chance of being
  a magical tree, which will grow golden or silver apples.  These trees
  can appear anywhere a regular tree would be generated.

- The look command has been rebound as 'x' (e'x'amine) instead of 'L'
  because the shift key is a pain (ssteam).

- Hild now requires only 10 whiteflowers (ssteam).

- Moving outside a shop while carrying unpaid goods now requires

- Shopkeepers now trigger an alarm when they first see you with unpaid

- Amulets have been reworked so that their unidentified description
  doesn't refer to colour.  They have had colour overrides removed, so
  non-artifacts should almost always appear as a bold yellow '#' (ssteam).

- Stanzas for "Tel and Floridel".

- New items: golden apple, silver apple.

- Bug fixes:

  - Creature::is_affected_by_modifier_spell could return true when a
    particular modifier was marked for deletion.

  - Avernal bats were defined as birds and were dropping quills.  Added
    support for creature-level overrides of flying, and defined avernal
    bats as flying animals (ssteam).

  - One of the doors in the tower level of Wintersea Keep was incorrectly
    placed (ssteam).

  - Using unpaid wands in shops wasn't angering the shopkeeper.

  - Paying shopkeepers for unpaid goods wasn't globally removing
    shopkeeper aggression (ssteam).

I would've thought that amulets were generally defined to be made of gold, which should make a yellow '#' and easily visible.  I'll take a look and see what material I've got them listed as.

Shopkeepers were something I added a few versions ago and which I keep meaning to flesh out.  The problem with being a one-man dev team with a lot of different interests is that while I make time for SotW, I have maybe 5-10 hours of dev time per week.  As a result, a lot of stuff sits unfinished.  I don't feel particularly bad about this, because I'm slowly making the game I want to make, but I do recognize that it's a pain for players (sorry!).

Amulets matched something - I can't remember exactly what?  I changed it a while ago, I think because having amulets as ' or ` was confusing because of the similarities to open doors.  It's now the same symbol as walls, but there aren't many cases where walls are within rooms, so it's never bugged me that much.

With regards to the Exile, he was set adrift to a tiny little rock that's barely sustained him over the course of too-long life.  He's dead inside; he barely remembers the life he had before.  And if it's any consolation, in my mind, I always pictured her at landing at her own island in the far west, dying at some point, and the ogres are a more recent development.

For the inventory screen, you can actually do i -> y.  You don't have to hit shift.  Both y/Y work.

Artifacts are a little biased towards towards blades at the moment, yeah.  I'll add a note to rebalance at some point.


Thanks for the feedback!  I really appreciate it!  Often I go months or more without really hearing from anyone, so it's great to check the forums and get a big list of things to work on.


- Bats are currently defined as birds, as flying is defined only at the race level.  I'll change these to animals and allow a creature-level override of flying.  I never noticed this before because I added the feature after I added avernal bats, and they only appear in the Caldera.
- I'll look into the shopkeeper bug.
- Varying shopkeeper races and working shopkeeper racism into item pricing is something I plan to do at some point, definitely.
- Spellcasters are smarter in the next release.  They'll consider the total level of non-hostiles vs hostiles in the area of effect when casting offensive magic.
- Re: Wintersea, thanks for the catch - I'll update that.  The two areas north and south of the staircase were meant to be behind locked doors.


- I'll add the suggestion to autowalk-to-stairs.  At some point, I want to add a word of recall spell/scrolls to allow you to go back to the last level you visited in a particular dungeon.
- Look has been rebound as e'x'amine.
- Some sort of z-level representation has been on my to-do list for a while.  Specifically, when I get around to implementing Carcassia (the central city) I'd like to have multi-maps: not just NSEW, but also up-down, allowing descent like this.  Very much a long term thing, but would be great fun in terms of puzzles, etc.  The city is on my "must be implemented before I call the game 1.0" list.
- Definitely like the idea of more secrets!  There's also a couple of different endings from the main one - you can either release Sceadugenga from his cosmic prison, destroying the universe; or ascend to the heavens and become the Godslayer.  But ludicrous amounts of secrets are what make games fun, so I'll be sure to keep thinking about adding more.
- I'll adjust the number of whiteflowers required to complete the quest.
- Shopkeepers should be more obvious about the consequences of leaving with unpaid goods.  I'll look into that.
- That's part of the point of dawn/dusk - it becomes hard to differentiate things.  You can always wait an hour or two and then come back at 8am or whatever.

You're definitely right that the world seems empty.  It is.  It's one of the great problems with the game right now.  There's the pre-set stuff, the random stuff that's mostly just a placeholder and not particularly useful, and...yeah.

Thanks a lot for all the reported bugs and suggestions.  I'll add you to the credits file.  Do you want to be credited as ssteam or something else?

Small monthly release.  Merry Christmas!  I've been busy with a number of things, but when I've had time for game dev, I've been working on making more classes viable as starting choices.  This time around, I worked on minstrels, who can now pacify enemies with music.  Pacification makes NPCs turn from hostile to dislike, which means that they're not friendly, but won't attack you.  In terms of mechanics, this means that you can still attack them if you want, and not draw the ire of your deity, if you follow a nicer one.

Not sure what I'm going to do with the next release, but I'm thinking about maybe thieves with stealth/hiding/backstab, or something like that.  Suggestions welcome!

Shadow of the Wyrm v0.7.2 "Takemitsu"
- Version declared November 26, 2017. Version finalized December 23, 2017.

- There is now a configurable option to always receive a prompt when
  picking up stacks (Legend).

- In winter, fresh water becomes frozen and becomes safe for movement.

- Minstrel is now a viable class: the Music skill has a basic
  implementation.  Creatures can be pacified - this will cause them to
  stop attacking the player.  They don't become friendly, though.  Their
  hostility is just reduced below a certain hostility threshold.  The
  item status of the instrument can help or hinder the performance -
  vocal performances aren't affected by this.  If the creature isn't
  pacified, it has a 75% chance of being unimpressed (no ill effect),
  with a 25% chance of becoming enraged.

- Certain instruments are more effective for pacifying certain races.
  Vocal performances don't have bonuses for any races, but have the
  advantage of not requiring an instrument.

- Defined a new hostility threshold, "dislike".  Values below this
  threshold that exist within a threat map are not considered for
  attacking, spellcasting, and movement decisions.  This allows NPCs to
  stop attacking while not being considered actively friendly towards the

- Created a new effect type, Rage.  This provides a melee bonus of +2
  damage (melee), -1 evade, and +1 soak per level.  It also
  prevents spellcasting, reading, and evocation.

- Oracles now have a chance to start out with a spellbook of Rage.

- More stanzas for "Tel and Floridel".

- New items: potion of rage.

- New spells/spellbooks: rage (Mystic).

So last night I passed some time compiling SotW for Debian testing (stretch). It was mostly just a question of following the instructions in

AgingMinotaur, I just got a Raspberry Pi and decided to see if I could get SotW built.  It was surprisingly easy - after installing the various libraries I needed, and remembering that you posted some Debian instructions, I was able to do a full build!  This is my first Linux build outside of my Fedora VM.

Thanks for your previous assistance!

Gas clouds are there as a challenge - once you know they explode, you start needing ranged options.  On the plus side, their explosions can damage other creatures.

If you don't like gas clouds, you're going to hate goblin alchemists!

Back to monthly updates for a bit!  Thanks to kraphead's diligent work, I was able to find and fix a number of issues.  I'm pretty sure that I haven't caught everything, though, so keep copies of your savefiles and provide me with any dumps you get that generate successfully (> 0 bytes).

The endgame should be much more dangerous now - the combination of changes to cap passive training of Str/Hea/Cha and the change to remove friendly creature generation based on Cha will mean that other strategies will be needed to get through Telari and the cosmos.

Good luck, and please report any issues you run into!

Shadow of the Wyrm v0.7.1 "Neusiedler"
- Version declared October 23, 2017.  Version finalized November 25, 2017.

- Automove now stops on staircases.

- Explosive damage now has an animation.  It also no longer deals
  additional damage to the targetted creature (just the adjacent ones),
  but will now be triggered on any amount of damage, not just non-lethal.

- Dungeons can now have crafting rooms - these contain a tannery, a forge,
  a jeweler's workbench, and a wheel and loom. 
- The symbol for tanneries and wheels and looms used to be '^', but this
  made the features look like traps.  With the placement of these features
  in dungeons, the symbol for both of these has been changed to ';'.

- Boats are now less common in the item generation algorithm, wands
  slightly more common.

- Akojo in Stonewall now loads with a coracle, and moves a bit quicker,
  so he can chase you.

- Stonewall and the Far Shore now have a few more missile-based creatures.
  Stonewall has a few goblin pelters and alchemists, and the Far Shore
  has some ogre hurlers.  This makes it harder to grab a pile of rocks
  and tackle these areas unopposed at level 1 (kraphead).

- Offering on an altar no longer trains charisma (kraphead).

- Passive, timer-based ways of training stats (carrying heavy items,
  wearing jewelry, etc) no longer can train the stat to 99.  The new
  maximum is 20 more than the stat's starting value (kraphead).

- Multiple satisfied win conditions (e.g., slaying Amaurosis and doing the
  Godslayer ending) are now tracked properly in the high score file.

- High Charisma no longer generates creatures as friendly.  Instead,
  a combination of Intimidation and Charisma can cause an attacking
  creature to draw back, thereby wasting their turn.

- If the player is an archer, or has otherwise focused on ranged weapon
  skills over melee, The Smith will now give out a gift based on the
  highest-trained skill.

- Fields and cairns now have a chance to generate huge rocks, in addition
  to rocks and stones.

- Victories are now recorded in character dumps.

- More stanzas for "Tel and Floridel".

- Huge rocks are significantly more powerful.

- Poison darts and the various bombs are now shown as ammunition.

- Changed the tile for void to ' ' (space) from '?' so that the screen
  wasn't overwhelmingly ugly when playing in mono mode.

- New creatures: goblin alchemist.

- New items: arrow of ancient magics, bolt of ancient magics, tooth of an
  ancient sea-creature, spine of an ancient horror, massive ferric
  meteorite, Elysian throwing-axe, Elysian throwing-blade, throwing axe,
  throwing blade, titanic heavenly pillar, chaos bomb, antimatter shot.

- Bug fixes:

  - The teleport effect would cause a crash when used on a tile where a
    creature was not present (kraphead).

  - Fixed up some other instances of effects not safely checking pointers.

  - Two-handed weapons can no longer be wielded off-handed (kraphead).

  - Various typos in bestiary descriptions (kraphead).

  - A script bug was causing deities in the cosmos not to spawn the next
    in the sequence in certain cases. (kraphead)

  - The release-Sceadugenga ending can't be triggered if Sceadugenga has
    already been killed.

  - The repop message in the cosmos was clearing the message buffer,
    removing messages about hitting/killing the current deity.

  - Creatures were described as male or female in the bestiary but didn't
    have the sex explicitly set (but defaulted to male), allowing a
    stunned female creature to potentially "hit himself".

  - Certain conditions could cause creatures' statuses to become

  - NPCs' FOV maps could sometimes be accessed before they were supposed
    to be, resulting in null maps and unsafe pointer checks.

Okay, I found the cause of the deities not triggering their death scripts properly in the cosmos.  It was a fun scripting bug: it worked when the function it referenced had already been loaded (by some other script), but failed (e.g., in your case) when it ran after a load and the function it loaded hadn't been exposed yet.


But I found a fun bug, when I stunned Celeste: "Celeste smites himself!"

Yeah, the lack of content in the centre of the world is something that's going to need to get slowly addressed over time.  It's something that bothers me a lot, but I keep it there, and empty, as a reminder that I need to fill this in.  My hope is that by v1.0, there will be a lot more to do in the middle.

Was there a .dmp file for that crash?  If so, can you provide it to me? (dropbox link, google drive, whatever)

Ah, so it's just awaiting content, not intentionally designed that way? No rush then. :) I don't doubt that it will arrive in good time.

As to the .dmp, I assume it must be this one.

It is, but it's 0 bytes, so I wonder if there's something preventing the dump from saving correctly - kraphead seemed to have the same issue above.  Do you remember what you were doing when it happened?

Yeah, the lack of content in the centre of the world is something that's going to need to get slowly addressed over time.  It's something that bothers me a lot, but I keep it there, and empty, as a reminder that I need to fill this in.  My hope is that by v1.0, there will be a lot more to do in the middle.

Was there a .dmp file for that crash?  If so, can you provide it to me? (dropbox link, google drive, whatever)

There are fixed areas that are in the exact same location game to game.  In general, that's where you should be looking.  And they tend to be around the "edges" of the world.

Fixed up the fantastic beast entry.

Puglist damage is meant to be high.  They shouldn't be able to dual wield two-handed weapons with fists, though, that's a bug and I'll fix that.  The reason it's so high is that I didn't anticipate people coming in with huge amounts of charisma and being able to bypass most encounters.  In the next release, I'm likely to change how charisma works so that it pairs up with Intimidation, and gives a chance for a creature to attack, but then pull up short (wasted attack).  This will have some sort of maximum chance, too (75-80%?), so the end game is likely to get a lot more dangerous.  Going hand to hand with the gods is very dangerous, and the godblade/pugilist reward are meant to be a counterweight to that.

I'm interested to see what the balance will be like next release.

As for the endings, this is supposed to be the hard one - Amaurosis is meant to be the easiest, followed by Eakauri.

I like the idea of changing the Elysians' speech after a victory.

Archers got a bit more powerful this release.  Do you use altars and crown at all?  They're much more likely to get a great ranged weapon, though they could use something in the endgame content.  I'll add that.

There's a bit on Demonstide in the Book of Days in Isen Dun.  Essentially a giant war fought between encroaching demon hordes from a different plane of existence, and all the races of the world.

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