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Update #39

Another big release, with lots of new stuff, and big balance changes. Because of this, a full reset will be performed with this update; we want to see how the new balance changes effect everyone’s ability to move through the game.
This is our antepenultimate update before 1.0, and with this release, we are almost feature complete. There are a couple of new things we’re working on for Update 40, but we’re planning on that update being mostly bug fixes, balance tweaks, and polish. We are aiming for Update 40 by the end of May, and 1.0 min-June.

Full list of changes for this update:

The shoppe in the Academy behaves differently now. At the beginning of each mission, you now have the opportunity to purchase items for your recruit (including extra potions and discard runes) from your shoppe, and as you increase the level of items in the shoppe, better equipment will be available to purchase for your recruits. If you don’t like the equipment that’s presented, you can pay 50g to get another assortment of random items.
Dungeons can now have miasmas. These are negative effects that make the dungeon harder. Seoc from the Steam forums suggested this idea, and I liked it so much, I pretty much did exactly what he suggested (mostly). Many of the Dungeon Mods he suggested have been implemented as miasmas.
A new badge has been added for completing a dungeon with a miasma.
The Hall of Records is finally open in the Academy, along with the Beastiary. Check out your progress in the game, learn interesting facts.
Pets are back! I think we finally nailed the pesky bugs that were plaguing some players. Pet AI has also been tweaked to be a little better (pets shouldn’t wander off randomly now).
A certain mission in Chapter 3 has been “happied” up. Seoc from forums point this out, and we agreed.
A new achievement has been added for winning the game.
The original sound track DLC has been published to Steam. All early access customers will get this for free. If you own this content, a button has been added to the main menu to open the folder that contains the album.
A new gem has been introduced: Gem of Hunger. It steals your life gradually, but gives a huge strength bonus when used. You have been warned.

Balance Changes:
Monster hit points, attack and defense have all been raised, and the rates at which they increase as monsters level has also been increased.
As you progress through the campaign, monsters will become increasingly more difficult (essentially +10% harder for each chapter in the campaign).
Combos that contain more than one card have been made more powerful (to encourage their use against harder monsters).
Runes of Discard no longer consume a turn to use (to encourage their use to help build combos against harder monsters).
If you fail a dungeon multiple times, the difficulty will be adjusted slightly to make that particular dungeon easier.
Due to the changes in the way the shoppe works, new recruits will no longer come with their own items or weapons.

UI Tweaks:
A tooltip has been added for prisoners that need rescuing or things that need doing in the dungeon (trees that need to be cut down, for example).
A new animation has been added when keys are found in the dungeon.
Status effect tooltips have been updated to show “per turn” damage for things that actually cause “per turn” damage (Snaked, Sticky Barf, etc).
Added a button on the chapter intro screen to skip boring flavor text, if you want to hurt our feelings and not read our amazing story.
Multiple bosses of the same type are now combined on the final scorecard (the gold given is the same, they are just shown once instead of multiple times).

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug with the Gem of Balance (wouldn’t cause any problems, just show a red error message in the console).
Changing sound preferences (music & SFX volume) now properly saves those settings.
Things that are “snaked” will no longer attack pets.
Loot pinatas are now “truly” random and wont show up in the same place if you fail a dungeon and retry that same dungeon. Sorry, loot scammers.
Fixed some stuff around how missions were assigned to areas. This was causing problems for some players.

Announcements / Re: Asura (now at #27655) $
« on: Today at 05:06:52 PM »


We are glad to announce that the much requested WASD controls is now LIVE. We have also worked on tons of fixed and game balance. Check out the log below to know more about the same.

What's New!
Implemented WASD Control Scheme. Now you can use Keyboard to move and Mouse to look-at and shoot.
Implemented extensive rebinding option for WASD.
Now you can play the game only with the Mouse if you have a Mouse with additional buttons.
Added an option to choose between WASD Control Scheme or Mouse Control scheme.

Added a close button in the UI for Dukaan (Shop) and Lohaar (Blacksmith).
Improved the text quality in the some of the User Interface in the game.
Polished tons of User interface elements in the game.

Game Balance
Anyaay Shastra (Increase damage based on enemy in the room) duration is now time based instead of room based.
Nirdaya Shastra (decrease enemy hp in the room) duration is now time based instead of room based.
Bajrangi Claws will now have 50% instead of 100% chance to execute Vanara (Monkey) Enemies.
Sacrifical Chest will now consume more Health based on the difficulty.
Bosses drop 2 items and additional consumbales. MORE REWARDS! :)
Optimized the difficulty via changing the algorithm for the room generation when playing in Asura difficulty.
Reduced the damage of Nishana (Bow weapon which fires two arrows consecutively).
Optimized the cost of Dukaan (Shop) items.

Patch Log
Fixed an issue where in animation would play in inventory
Fixed an issue where in Dukaan ( Shop) UI would overlap with Inventory UI
Fixed an issue where in shop item would restock after save and load.
Fixed an issue where in skill targeting radial would go out of room.
Fixed an issue with Guardian room where in projectiles had a chance to kill you during the cut scene.
Fixed an issue where in enemies would run out of room.
Fixed an issue with enemy animation where in they would get stuck during certain attack animation.
Fixed an issue where in Rakt(Life-steal) Shastra would not work with Melee weapons.
Fixed an issue where in using 'Swastya Hathoda' Shastra ( the one where you throw hammer and if it kills, it heals you) would freeze the game when using agains the rats in Level 3.
Fixed an issue where in Lord Bhadra's ( Naga Range Boss) heal reticle would follow you even after intrupting him using a spell.
Fixed an issue where in 'Golmanda' (Boomerang) would not return after using against Elephant Shield Unit.
Fixed an issue where in anathema wouldn't work when using spells to kill enemies.
Fixed an issue where in Samartha' Naga Melee Champion would not die.

Some players have notified us regarding the compatibility issue with Xbox one controller on Win 10. We have reduced the sensitivity of the D-pad in the hopes to resolve this issue. However, Xbox One controllers on Win 10 will work best with the latest update (V. 10.0.14393.0)

What's Next?
We will now be working towards adding more content in the game. It is better if keep at as suprise for now. We will be sharing some glimpses of what the content will be as we move forward!


Previous savegames are not compatible.
There aren't many new features in this release but they do change the game quite a bit.

Feyfolk grant players a new layer of exploration and the chance to meddle with things beyond their understanding, which is always fun and can never go wrong. The collapse of society will allow you to see familiar territories through a new perspective and opens up some new possibilities as well. Finally, the job offers, sales and invitations will give adventurers some sense of direction while allowing them to earn some more money and better develop themselves.

As previously mentioned however, I'm going to be pretty busy until July, so we probably won't see any new complex feature added to the game until then. After the usual wait period for bug reports I'll probably just add content or maybe even simple features depending on how some recent ideas end shaping up.

Change Log:

     Procedural feyfolk meddling with the affairs of the colony. They can be studied through related territory events and the player can bind them to gain power or vanish them using relics. Their information is displayed in a new data screen.
    Society will collapse when the population decreases to below 100, changing the events available in territories and halting politics, but increasing feyfolk activity.
    Job offers, invitations and sales will appear at random depending on the societal development of the colony and the amount of aristocrats with which you keep in contact.  They will allow players to earn more from those jobs or buy items at lower prices for a number of weeks. They are displayed in a new placeholder information screen.
    You can now sometimes get items (such as weapons, furniture, defences, etc) of slightly increased quality from the same action.
    You now get a free unit when you buy them on details.
    2 new units.
    Several bug fixes, including those related to trading Cultism related goods and finishing a cycle with unfinished projects.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at 4/29 "~50% there")
« on: Today at 12:39:26 PM »

Alright, strap in... I've been working overtime on this build and there's a whooole lot here. From classic RPG-style "typewriter text" (surprisingly hard to do with colors, sizes, etc.) to a new town EXPANSION, magic trees, and cooking... Tangledeep has definitely risen above 50% completion! I'll focus on some of the key changes here...

Magic trees can be planted in your GROVE, which is in the all-new town expansion (south of Riverstone Camp). Trees grow over in-game time, and continue to grow even when a character dies. As trees mature, they will begin to drop food as you play the game. This is a great way of stocking up on food items. With 5 mature trees, you can expect a decent amount of food with each new character or floor you explore! BUT, you can also cut down trees for a quick XP + JP bonus. Another way to boost a fresh character OR help put you over the edge to the next level.

To plant trees, you'll need to find magic seeds which drop rarely from common enemies, and more often from champions & bosses.

Next, we have the cooking system which is still in its infancy with lots of possibilities ahead. Talk to the campfire in camp to see what recipes are available. Recipes are more powerful than normal food items, so when you want to maximize every turn in the dungeon, these are the best way to do it. More recipes will of course be coming!

You can also enter accessory Item Worlds now, which can yield new magic mods and is guaranteed to give a boost to max Energy and Stamina.

* Buff/debuff icons now start from the left instead of the right
* New Item World tileset! (Work in progress)
* New "NEW!" art for merchants
* New art for Plank Builder (it's actually planks now)
* "Typewriter" style text boxes! (Will iterate and work on this as well)

* Topaz Earrings no longer absorb lightning damage - they now reduce it significantly.
* Cheese Wheels and Boxes of Mints now restore more Stamina/Energy, respectively
* Airacudas fish rush (jump) ability now drains CT when it lands nearby
* Frosted Jellies now summon a whole bunch of ice tiles when they land
* Champion Ice daggers are now destroyed when you touch one
* Jellies now Slime Hop at shorter ranges to close the gap
* Monsters across the board are no longer limited by Energy and Stamina
* "Find Item" rumors will send you back at MOST one previous floor than your lowest explored (as opposed to -2)
* Dodge bonus has been increased on all light armors
* Mint Fat Brew (HP tier 2 potion) buffed slightly
* All tier 2 potion cost 300 -> 250, challenge value lowered (should spawn at lower dungeon levels)
* Spellshaper's "Spellshape: Square" is now 300 jp (down from 500)

* Guardian Arachnoids that spawn in the world no longer always drop Item World Orbs (and are no longer counted as bosses)
* Treasure chests in the Stalker Nest are now properly accessible
* 'Spirit' type monsters now have champion names again
* Equipment and statuses that modify spirit power, stamina costs, energy costs, crit damage and many other "battle data" properties should now be saved/loaded properly
* Fixed bug in Swiftness hover display
* Fixed Spellshaper toggle bug (FOR REAL this time? I think?)
* Fixed a number of irregularities causing mouse movement to not work properly (dead zones, unresponsiveness etc)
* Fixed (newly introduced) bug with armor not displaying physical resist properly
* Skill sheet: scrolling through more than 1 page of skills should now display the proper skill descriptions beyond the 1st page
* Goldfrogs now warp when hit at range again
* "Toggle Log" keybind disabled
* Dropped items should now also sort on the Y-axis properly
* If you level up while another dialog is open, or you somehow gain multiple levels at once, you will still be able to boost your stats. You will just get multiple level up dialogs.
* (Visual) CT/extra turn bar will now show at the correct visual state on game load
* (Visual) Rewrote UI cursor aligning... should work much better overall now in dialogs
* You now get rewards for killing enemies with Gambler SNAKE EYES

* COOKING: You can now "talk" to the campfire in town to cook food! These recipes are more powerful than regular food, and will give you the most bang-for-your-buck (or, more accurately, bang for your hunger)
* New TOWN EXPANSION area! Just go SOUTH from Riverstone Camp! (The corral has been moved here, along with...)
* MAGIC TREES! Look for Magic Seeds in the dungeon (killing bosses or champions is a safe bet.) These can be planted in your tree grove, in the town expansion. Trees grow over time, and across multiple characters. They will produce food for you as in-game days pass. Or, chop them down for an XP & JP reward! Older trees = more XP and JP!
* You can now enter ITEM WORLD of an Accessory. Upgraded accessories may get a random magic mod (as with other equipment), and will always get +5 max Stamina and +5 max Energy per upgrade.
* Multiple save slots have been added!
* NEW LIGHT ARMOR: Ivory Cloak. No dodge chance, but adds parry chance instead.
* NEW MEDIUM ARMOR: Samurai Armor. Increases all damage output.
* NEW HEAVY ARMOR: Mirror Plate. 25% chance to reflect magical projectile attacks.
* NEW HEAVY ARMOR: Goldmail. 50% chance to resist any pull/push attempts.
* NEW ACCESSORY (low lvl): Glowtorch. Boosts Fire and Lightning damage.
* NEW CONSUMABLE: Shadow Shurikens. Strong single-target shadow damage at range.
* NEW CONSUMABLES: Tier 3 potions (health, stamina, energy restoration at higher values)
* Armando (armor merchant) now stocks even better armor for high level players
* Lady Hildegarde now stocks meals at higher levels
* Katy in Bottles n Brews now stocks better potions at higher levels
* When you clear a side area with no stairs up (i.e. a one-floor side area, or the final floor of a multi-level area) you will now get a message indicating you've cleared the area, along with some bonus JP
* When you have mastered a job, additional JP gained will be converted into XP at a ratio of about 10:1
* Sword Dancer: "Ice Tortoise" reworked. This now summons the same kind of shards as champion Ice Daggers. :D

* Reduced save file fat further (~10% savings)
* Added a debug command to help diagnose mouse issues. Hold W and tap A with the mouse over the game world if you are having issues and tell me what it says (should report whether mouse is in game world, UI, or both)
* Added a debug command to diagnose issues with line of sight - monsters being in sight when they should not be. Hold left bracket [ and tap A, then save+exit and send your output_log.

* When viewing skill information, you'll now see information about damage/healing calculations. (Some skills may be missing info - working on it!)
* Mousewheel can now be used on the Skill sheet (S)
* When getting a Rumor, you can choose not to take it. You still have to pay though, and Erin still only has a limited number of rumors at any time. (No cheesing to get easier rumors!!)
* If you are wearing Knight Gloves, you will not auto equip offhand items.
* Reverted change w/ root chance; if you are rooted and you try to move, you WILL pass a turn again
* The game now tracks playtime, both on a per-character and "meta" basis!

* Removed job and current level from main HUD in favor of current money (xp level will be added back soonish...)

* "Spirit" enemies now have their own enemy type ('Spirits')

* Destroying the Monster Crystal now (properly) grants money, as intended
* You should no longer get quests involving the caged Verdigrizzlies in the casino
* Fixed a game load bug
* Fixed minor bug with saving/loading duplicate hero feats
* Fixed some display errors with Sheltering / Shielding magic mods
* Selling stacks of consumables should now take into account the size of the stack
* Abilities that proc on-attack effects (i.e. Qi Wave procs Thundering Lion), should now also check to CONSUME effects which are normally consumed by attacks.
* Champion illusions should really probably not drop item world orbs
* Fixed buggy behavior with Monster Mallet on certain enemies
* Gambler - Straights and related hands (straight flush etc) should evaluate properly
* (Visual) Fixed Gambler hand overlap issue
* (Visual) Fixed summoned pet overlap issue
* (Visual) Fixed camera centering issue in some side areas
* (Visual) Fixed slow Paladin walk animation
* (Visual) Fixed issue where KO'd monsters would sometimes use the wrong sprite when dragged to a new zone

* New weapon mod: Spirit Slaying
* GAMBLER: New effect for FLUSH (repeated through Full House, for now), massive haste!
* Percy now offers a Blessing of Mastery (boosted JP gain)
* Guardian Arachnoids (non-boss) now spawn in the main dungeon too
* Bandit Buffslingers also now spawn in the main dungeon

* Trimmed some extraneous data from save/load
* Added an extra new line of sight check to hopefully prevent cases where monsters are inexplicably visible (when they should not be)

* On the character sheet (C) you can now hover over core stats (Strength, Spirit etc) to see EXACTLY how that stat is impacting your character
* Trying to move while rooted (if the root chance is 100%) will no longer take a turn. You can still attack nearby enemies while rooted, use abilities, and pass turns.
* Cleaned up display for magic mods that give resistances to 5 elements
* Your summoned pet will now show its name in the lower right, instead of the generic "Summoned Pet"
* Added tutorial tip on the passage of time ingame (which currently is how shops are restocked)
* The Monster Mallet no longer allows you to target champions/bosses (who are immune to it anyway)
* "NEW!" text appears above the heads of merchants who have restocked their goods since you last talked to them
* When using 'sell all items', you will not sell your last equipped offhand item (i.e. swap from 1h+shield -> bow, the shield will not be sold)
* When saving and loading the game, your last equipped offhand item will properly save/load

* Updated Monster Mallet's description to clarify that it does not work on champions or bosses.

Easily---and the best is yet to come still.   8)   Next week should be an especially potent update at that...

Announcements / Ruin of the Reckless (now available) $
« on: April 28, 2017, 08:39:12 PM » $14.99/Win

Ruin of the Reckless is a breakneck-paced, melee-focused roguelike brawler with very light persistent progression elements and a punishing difficulty curve. Play with a friend!

"What's that music in the trailer", Why, it's the Ruin of the Reckless Theme song by SLIME GIRLS.

Since the beginning of time, or maybe longer, this place has been here. It is a beacon of sorts, attracting the souls of those who both lived and died with recklessness in their hearts.

Bound by some unknown force, these wayward spirits cannot leave.

And so they remain… With time their souls will rot. They will fade away and they will be forgotten.

But even here there is hope… a legend whispered among the ghosts and specters. That any spirit to reach the tower’s peak will be granted one wish…

Ruin of the Reckless is a 2D action roguelike with a focus on fast-paced melee combat, speedy movement, and co-operative play.

Capturing the feel of 16-bit classics while providing a major graphical update, Ruin of the Reckless ups the pace, adds challenge and randomness - and lets you play with your friends! (LOCAL co-op only)

---- FEATURES ----
    Speed through the environment at lightning pace, crush giant hordes of enemies in melee-focused combat. Upgrade your weapons, find new equipment, level up your hero.
    Explore a detailed, mysterious, randomly-generated tower that changes with each ascent. Discover its purpose and you may see your one true wish granted... If you get that far.
    Accessible and easy to pick up and play, but ascending to the higher levels of the tower will take intense skill.
    Bring a friend for local co-op fast-paced fun.

---- MECHANICS ----
Weapons: Wield a variety of dangerous melee weapons, each one has benefits and drawbacks, and although some are better than others there is no 'best weapon' to fit every play style.

Spellbooks: Ancient secrets lie within these tomes. Spellbooks contain a set spell and a set amount of charges - when your spellbook is out of charges, it's time to switch! All spellbooks can be charged for more powerful effects, but it will drain them faster. Alter your spell abilities with orbs gained by leveling up!

Skill Orbs: Dangerous and fragile shards of knowledge. Consume them to permanently gain a new ability, or use them as powerful weapons to strike down your enemies. (Or maybe just mess up and have them blow up in your face instead.)

Dashing: Every one knows that you can't dash without boots! Explore the tower to find all kinds of stylish boots to change your dashing capabilities. Dash longer and further, chain multiple dashes at a time, stun enemie as you strike them with your body... Or maybe you just want to fly right past hazards, it's all possible if you have the right boots!

Cards: Complete special challenges to collect cards which you can keep between runs. Most cards have a benefit and a drawback, so choose carefully! Combine different cards to create your own custom rule set before your run starts, or just use them to alter rules you don't like; for example, turn friendly fire off with the 'Friends' card.

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 23) $
« on: April 27, 2017, 11:01:37 PM »
Alpha 23

As I mentioned in the previous update, this week's update is relatively minor. It's mostly bugfixes relating to the Industrial content that I added in Alpha 22.

Most of my time has been spent on programming for the upcoming Level 3, the "Park" area. Bodies of water are now possible in the game, and swimming is working quite nicely. I want these levels to have a much more open, less claustrophobic feel to them, to give players a nice mid-game change of pace before the more city-oriented Levels 4 and 5.

I can't promise that Level 3 will be playable in the May 11th update, but definitely the one after that. In the meantime, I'm still taking suggestions for the Industrial and Park areas. And as always, let me know if anything is horribly broken in this build, so that I can hotfix it!

Alpha 23
Fix for NPCs sometimes not coming from one level to the next

Traits / Status Effects
Players can no longer move by attacking when Paralyzed
Reduced Shapeshifter’s Depossess cooldown from 10 to 5
Noise created when Vampire bites someone is softer, essentially reverting one of the changes from the previous version.

Rocket Launchers have a much lower monetary value when Rocket Launcher Chaos is activated
It is easier to find Cigarette Lighters
Fix for “E_” items dropping from NPCs when “No Melee Weapons” and “No Guns” mutators are activated

Saw Blades, Crushers, Mine Carts and Refrigerators no longer harm ghosts
It should no longer be possible for Floor Switches, Saw Blades, etc. to spawn outside buildings
Fix for Ghost not being able to pass through extended Crusher
Fix for sound effect of Crusher extending sometimes not playing
Fix for Mine Cart tracks not always appearing
Fix for Saw Blade light continuing to appear after the object is destroyed
Fixed issue where Crusher could continue operating after its wall was destroyed
Fixed Fire Spewer not functioning on client side during multiplayer games
Saw Blades no longer appear at extremely narrow gaps, since the AI won’t be able to deal with it well
Increased hitbox size on Mine Cart
If important items are knocked into incinerators, they will be teleported out
Fixed issue where players could be teleported on top of Flame Grates
Water from Fire Hydrant doesn’t knock the player back as far, preventing situations where the player can get stuck
Toilet causes water explosion when destroyed
Robot no longer has the good sense to stop moving when there is danger ahead, such as a mine cart about to go by
NPCs will no longer try to use the Oil Container as a weapon
Robot can no longer take damage from certain status effects such as Cyanide
Fix for a number of instances where “trap” objects could be positioned improperly
Fixed instances where Objects were placed in spots where they could be accidentally set on fire by conveyor belt objects

Added Camera Speed option to prevent camera from following target
Fix for Gamepad 3 and Gamepad 4 buttons on Control Settings screen not working properly when clicked with mouse
Fix for multiplayer client sometimes not being able to hack or otherwise target in a similar manner when using the gamepad
When using hacking target with gamepad, frame rate does not affect movement speed

Fix for certain types of bullets not always having correct lighting

NPCs are better about knowing when to flee burning buildings
NPCs don’t stop at mine cart tracks when fleeing

Stove removed from Tutorial, since it can now burn the walls down
Rocks do not do damage during the tutorial, since the player was able to kill the Tutorial Giver

Fix for players dying after other players had entered elevator, and entering the next level as a non-ghost with 0 health
Fix for some instances of “purple worm E_ man” appearing, particularly in Home Base

Updated Unity engine to 5.6.0f3 from 5.5.2f1, and fixed a bunch of new bugs stemming from the upgrade, most of which were related to the physics, UI and animation systems. The engine upgrade could mean a few things. From Unity’s patch notes:
“Improved stability when running on less-than-reliable network conditions”.
“The internal 2D contact processing system has been completely rewritten providing a more robust and reliable reporting of contacts, ensuring correct Enter, Stay & Exit callback state under all conditions.” This could hopefully reduce or eliminate cases where characters are hit through walls without breaking them.
Particle effect performance is apparently improved.
Updated 2D Toolkit plugin to 2.5.8
Updated Rewired plugin to

4/23   8)
Tonight's build has some important key new features and changes that I'm eager to see in action. First is a rework of the main HUD. All of the key information has been placed along the bottom of the screen and cleaned up. The gameplay now centers on the hero and not the dead center of the screen, so you should no longer have cases where the UI covers up crucial game content. You can of course hide the hud with H still. This IS a work in progress and it will be improved more over time but it's a big step!

Next we have level up bonuses. Previously, your core stats (Strength, Swiftness, etc.) rose slightly each level, between 1.3 to 1.75 points, based on your current job. Now, in addition to these bonuses, you can select a core stat to boost even more. This +3 stat boost is received on every level up. Over the course of even 5-6 levels this should help you customize your character further.

I'm also trying to make sure that you can't screw up your character. All stats are useful to all characters, and there should be no "dump stats". A melee fighter can still use Discipline for elemental resistance; a ranged fighter wants Spirit for powerup recovery and buff duration; a mage still enjoys the physical defense boost from Strength.

Lastly there is the Monster Corral. The visual implementation here (a single placeholder shark NPC) is VERY INCOMPLETE as the corral will be integrated into the entire new town expansion map, coming soon. But the basic functionality is done. Buy (or find) a Monster Mallet, weaken a monster to <15% health, then knock it out with the mallet and bring it to the Corral. Monsters in the Corral have their own charming interactions and personalities. They also grant you combat bonuses against those specific monster species and their family.

There's a lot more too but I'll just list the rest in the log!

* Rework of main HUD UI, which (mostly) no longer blocks gameplay. Camera centers on character instead of screen. Can still be hidden with "H" as needed.
* Improved text boxes / dialogs in opening and character creation
* New Paladin and Spellshaper run cycles!
* New vine wall/swinging vine art

* The "elemental kill" type rumor now allows for Physical damage. Also, it will ONLY give you an element that you have access to in your learned skills.
* The "no flask" rumor requirement now yields even more rewards if you can complete it
* Electrified champions use their lightning storm ability more frequently
* Slightly decreased penalties for dual wielding
* Reduced wandering monster spawn chance by about 55%
   NOTE: Wandering monster chance continues to scale based on initial monsters in level and # of killed monsters. For example, if you haven't killed any monsters, new ones won't spawn. If you've only killed one or two on a level, the spawn chance is much lower than if you've killed a whole bunch of them.
* Goliath Beetles no longer have an armor break attack
* Plunderers no longer have a self dodge buff
* Guardian Sphere's "Self Destruct" now only triggers at 15% health (down from 35%)
* Champion Icedaggers uptime has been reduced another 2 turns

* (Visual) Casino text boxes now have borders
* Illusions of champions no longer drop powerups or item world orbs
* Champions should now correctly give more XP, JP, and gold
* Tornado Stance now only reacts to enemies in melee (as intended)
* You should now correctly auto-equip accessories to your second slot, if that slot is empty
* Fixed error with Floramancer's Bed of Thorns
* Fixed numerous issues with Spellshape abilities that I apparently introduced last build
* Fixed bug that was causing every floor to have (up to) 1 more champion than intended
* Obsidian Daggers and Warhammers should no longer drop from monsters at lower levels
* Sword damage has been reduced to intended levels
* Fixed bug with Item World Orbs and saving/loading

* The MONSTER CORRAL (v0.5) has been added to the game! This currently lacks any visuals, but the functionality is there! Talk to the shark (placeholder) in town to learn more. In a nutshell: The Monster Corral is a place where you can bring a monster you've knocked out with a Monster Mallet (new item). You can have up to 3 monsters in the Corral. For each monster in the corral, you get a bonus while fighting them AND their family (less damage taken, more damage dealt.) This persists from character to character as well, just like the banker.

* The BANKER will now store your money. It costs 200g per deposit, but you can store any amount above that for no extra charge (and withdraw for free)

* When you level up, you can give any main stat (Strength, Swiftness, Discipline, Guile, Spirit) an extra bonus. This bonus is permanent. ALL your stats still go up a bit every level (unchanged)
* Added 5th tier of weapons (this probably only drops from high level champions)
* Guardian Spheres now have a "Vortex" ability that pulls you closer
* Floracondas summoned by Verdigrizzlies now have a short-range heal
* ITEM WORLD: IW-only Knight's Shovels now also spawn at random
* ITEM WORLD: Added more ground and wall tiles in the ocean
* ITEM WORLD: There is now a chance that a floor will be full of monsters that are prone to attacking one another.
* NEW CONSUMABLE: Butler's Bell. Summons a random assortment of food.
* NEW SIDE AREA: Stalker Nest (mid-level)
* New monster: Guardian Arachnoid
* New monster (with placeholder art): Vine Stalker

* Improved engine code for dragging actors around

Besides the usual round of bug fixes and QOL/polish, this build offers some new buffs to the Floramancer, Budoka, and Gambler, plus new weird stuff in Item World. Rumors and Medium Armor are also better/more unique now. All good stuff I think!

Also, to expand on the reasoning for the wandering monster change I made last build: The issue with how I had it before was that players would destroy the crystal ASAP, because it was always the best option. There wasn't much decision making involved. This made it a lot easier to kite and hunt monsters one by one. This should be a valid tactic, but not one without risk, and if no new monsters spawn... there isn't a lot of risk involved.

Now, destroying the crystal is worth even more, but it makes life a little harder, too. The choice is yours. (Remember, if you're very high level, monsters will run from you, so eventually, each floor WILL become safe.)

* Stair directions reversed, because in Tangledeep you start at the bottom and you're going UP...

* Gambler's "two pair" Wild Cards hand now lasts 25 turns (up from 20) and gives an additional 5% crit chance
* Gambler's Wild Cards ability cooldown is now 2 turns (down from 3)
* Gambler now starts with 200g (other characters start with 100g)
* Gambler's "Snake Eyes" dice roll no longer does 50% max health damage to champions/bosses, but 50% current health instead
* Gambler's "High Card" ability now scales a little more with cards in hand (+5% dmg per extra card)
* Mint and Fat Herb Brews now heal more
* Rumors are now less expensive (60 + 15 per level)
* Rumors now reward more XP
* "Lightweight" weapon mod now reduces dual wield penalties when used in either hand - this effect stacks
* You now gain 3 max Energy per level (up from 1), and 3 max Stamina (up from 2)
* Floramancer's Photosynthesis now lasts 11 turns (up from 9)
* Floramancer's "Creeping Death" costs 400jp (down from 500)
* Floramancer's Bed of Thorns can no longer be stacked on the same square(s), and can only trigger once per turn (per monster). However, it now does more damage.
* Sword Dancer's "Phoenix Wing" now uses a 'burst' shape, costs 25 Energy instead of 30, and has a shorter cooldown
* Budoka: Reduced cooldowns of Hundred Fists, Palm Thrust, Iron Breathing, and Qi Wave
* Spellshaper now starts with a Simple Codex (offhand) instead of Chai Qi Cookies.
* Goldfrogs are jumpier
* The GUILE stat now has more impact on crit and parry chance

* Fixed bug where using elemental weapons would not count toward the "Burned Monster" type rumors
* Fixed game load error when saving/loading vs. fighting monsters using charge/pass turn abilities
* Hovering over a blank hotbar slot no longer pops up a blank window
* You can now blow up your advanced Summoned Floracondas with Detonate Vines
* Fixed bug where saving/loading in item world would return you to town (!)
* Probably fixed bug where monsters would sometimes push you (or themselves) into map edges
* Fixed bug where the sword crit special effect (auto-parry next attack) was not working
* Plunderer's weak venom proc should work again
* Budoka's "Iron Breathing" should work again

* ITEM WORLD: Chance that a floor will have lots of fountains
* ITEM WORLD: Chance that a floor will have tons of food
* ITEM WORLD: Chance that non-champions will love you from the start
* Floramancer: New ability, "Grow Spitting Plant". These are stationary turrets that have a ranged thorn attack with a chance to poison!
* Floramancer: Improved Floraconda (1000jp + max unlocks) now has a Constrict attack instead of a ranged thorn. Constrict will root a target and cause damage over time.
* Budoka: Hundred Fists, Qi Wave, and Palm Thrust all grant you a stacking defense boost for a brief time when used.
* Medium Armor: While wearing this armor type, your dodge chance also applies to dodging many damaging abilities
* New armor mod: CONSTITUTION. Gives you a 20% chance to shrug off a negative status effect before it can be added.
* New weapon type: STAVES (Staff). These ranged weapons (range: 3, shorter than bows) scale off a mix of Spirit and Swiftness, instead of just Swiftness like other ranged weapons. The Floramancer's starting weapon is now this type. Two additional staves can be found in the world.

* Trimmed save files a bit

* There is now a short tutorial the first time you enter Tangledeep. Let me know what you think!
* "Sell All" menu options now sell gems too
* You no longer spawn in dangerous terrain in Item World

* In item world, the water is now displayed as "poison water"

This build has a major bug fix related to wandering monsters causing game errors, which is the main reason I'm pushing it out today. It also has a couple major gameplay-related changes and I'm interested in seeing how they play out. First, powerups have generally been made more useful and more frequent. You are more likely to find ones that you need, champions always drop them, and you can get two from a single monster. Also, you won't ever get powerups for a resource you're full on. These things should - in theory - make it easier for all jobs to use their abilities a bit more often.

At the same time I've adjusted the monster-attracting gem in a way that may make the game harder. Previously, destroying the gem was almost always optimal so you could make a floor safe. Now, there will always be wandering monsters. However, destroying the gem (which is now "Monster Surpressing Crystal") will yield a larger reward of XP, JP, and gold. The tradeoff is that future wandering monsters will be a bit harder - maybe by 10-15%.

Another key change is that destructibles can generally no longer spawn loot at the same level as the monsters you're fighting, with some exceptions (like gold chests). I think that fighting monsters should be the best source of loot to reward beating challenging encounters.

There are other changes coming up too but for now, I wanted to get these into the world!

* First pass on transparent overlay system - objects behind other objects should be dimly visible

* Appease monster / food delivery rumor is now done with just one piece of food instead of 3
* Limit HP damage requirement has been relaxed further
* Airacudas are now tagged "Flying" and will not take ground terrain damage/mud root
* Ice Daggers champion mod now has a brief cooldown period. Also, they now spawn and move over collidable tiles. Also, they die with the champion.
* Changed loot scaling for destructibles (chests, barrels, etc) and treasure sparkles - these now scale somewhat slower than monsters at the same level
* Champions are now less likely to get rooted in mud
* Champions now always drop a powerup
* All monsters now have a chance to drop a second powerup (half the drop rate of the first one)
* The type of powerup that drops is now influenced by your resources missing/remaining. Also, if one resource is completely full but the other one isn't, you will always get a powerup of the missing resource.
* Powerup drop rate up 10%

* Fixed display bug with hover/examine and the Keen Eyes perk (displaying some items in a multi-item tile as blanks)
* Possibly fixed error with wandering monster spawn
* Adjusted "Examine" mode behavior. This is now entirely keyboard-based. The mouse no longer moves the box: mouse in examine mode was redundant anyway, since hovering has the same effect...
* (Probably?) Fixed edge cases where trying to use an ability without enough resources would STILL trigger a cooldown
* Attempted fix at a rare bug where toggled abilities would be stuck on cooldown forever

* New Rumor type: kill a handful of a specific type of monster using a specific element.

* ITEM WORLD: Small chance of a special, particularly blinged out floor.

* Changes to the monster-attracting gem. This is now the Monster Surpressing Crystal. While the crystal is intact, wandering monsters spawn with light scaling as normal. If you destroy the crystal, you will get XP, JP, and gold, scaling with level. These numbers have been increased from what they are now. However once broken, the monsters that spawn from that point on will be somewhat tougher (higher HP, damage, mitigation)

* Added extra error checking for errors with spawning wandering monsters
* Added additional error checking in game load to track down some problems

* "Drop Item" is now a bindable hotkey, instead of being hardwired to "D"
* There is now an area on the EQ sheet where you can drag items to drop them on the ground

* Added text to Sharktooth Cleaver noting that it has lower accuracy
* Added easter egg related to Budoka's "Arrow Catch"

Announcements / Re: Asura (now at #27497) $
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:20:47 PM »
That said update(s) ahoy now that the meat has accumulated:   8)


Balance and New features:
Weapon will not destroy any more, regardless of the difficulty. Only your armour will. Why? because we hear you!
Changed the selection/highlight for enemies and color coded it. Purple for Magic enemies, Red for Melee enemies and Green for Range enemies.
Increased the Parivartan cost to 15. No more can you break the game by earning unlimited gold using it in conjunction with Hadapan.
Decreased the damage output of enemies in higher levels.
Pride Achievement will only be disabled if you loose health. (Taking damage on shield does not cancel the progress for this achievement)

Increased the Arrow capacity of the following Asuras:
The Rakshas of Yodha: 40 arrow capacity
The Rakshas of Chalak: 80 Arrow Capacity

Fixed the black screen issue which occurred after the last update, due to swapping left click and right click buttons.
Fixed hitbox issues with traps. Now they will actually KILL you if you are not careful!
Fixed an issue where in the Daeva Chakravyu/Deadly Rollers in level 5 would sink in the ground.
Fixed an issue where in enemies would run off the room in Level 5.
Fixed an issue where in projectiles would penetrate through walls.
Fixed some of the issues with the wall colliders in the rooms.
Fixed the Aukaad screen where in bosses death stat would not register properly even after killing all of them.
Fixed localization issues with chinese.
Fixed a shader issue which would cause the portals in level 5 to appear even during the death screen.
Fixed an issue with camera angle which would cause the camera to not revert back to it's original position once bosses have been killed. (Camera rotation turned off)
Tons of other minor bugs and UI fixes!

Due to fixes & changes to the controls and level generation, the controls and the current save game would be reset. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Coming Soon!
We are currently working on the WASD controls for the game.
You will be able to switch between the Mouse controls and the WASD controls via the game's Setting option.
We are working to make sure that you can enjoy Asura only with a mouse. This is for people with disabilities.

Known Issues we need your help with!
There is an issue reported where in when you cast a skill, Asura and the enemy will get stuck in the level.

If this ever happens to you then please send us a screenshot of the whole screen along with the log files. Please do this without restarting the game.

You can send us the files at or join our discord:

Thank you!

There are tons of issues in the WASD Beta branch. Please note that it is not the final version of the game. We recommend you only play it if you want to try the WASD version of the game.

What's new!
Asura can now Sprint/Run even faster while holding down the Sprint button.
Added an option to swap LMB and RMB for Keyboard and Mouse configuration
Added new SFX for dropping consumables, Deva and Naga death Voice, UI transitions in the end screen, Asura death and more.
Added Camera rotation and Camera Shake settings in the Character Selection Screen.
Your skill tree won't reveal itself until you reach level 1.

Game Balance
Increased the chance to acquire melee weapon by tweaking the algorithm of room generation.
Bonfire will now drop 100% Loot.
Decreased the cost of items at Dukaan (Shop).
Decreased the cost of Lohaar (Blacksmith).
Increased the amount of keys and quivers in Dukaan (Shop).
Decreased the damage of Anathema ( fireball exploding from enemy on death) spell.

Patch Log:
Fixed an issue where in Sheild Elephant Infantry would not block Boomerang and other items when using it with certain skills.
Added Sheild Elephant Infantry Blocked status in event log.
Fixed an issue in Chest Enemy Room where it would roll at the same place.
Changed the layout of the HUD.
Fixed English localization in Veda.
Fixed Chinese localization.
Fixed an error where in some of the skill text had incorrect numerics.
Fixed an issue where in Controls woulld Save regardless of Saving it.
Fixed an issue where in Totem's where labelled with an Enemy Unit's name.
Changed the Run animation speed.
Fixed an issue where in combating with Yartiga & Vami ( The Twin Monkey Boss) would not display an additional HP bar.

Disabled 'Auto Lock-On' on Bonfire.
You can now destroy Bonfire with just one strike from any range weapon for loot.
When you collide with the bonfire, it will get destroyed.
Fixed the hit box of Asura, Asura projectiles, and enemy projectiles.
Fixed tons of textual errors in the Shastra Tree. It should now communicate the functionality of spells much more accurately.
Fixed an issue where Lacheela would not block range attacks like Glaives or Bola.
Added a text description tab for each difficulty stating it's challenges.
Optimized some of the VO Audio files.
Fixed an issue where in Asura would get stuck when casting spells.
Implemented percentile stats for Move speed.
Fixed an issue where in Swastya Hathoda (Hammer life-steal spell) and Vidyut (Lightning Strike) would freeze the game.
Fixed an animation related glitch with certain spells when equipped with a magic item.
Fixed a navigation related issue under General Leader-board tab.
Increased the Sona requirement for Kalatma(heal for gold) to 30 Sona, upgrade to 20 Sona.
Fixed English and Chinese localization for some of the Shastras
Fixed some of the issues with Naga Chakravyu ( Naga Range Champion)
Added support for GPD Win.

With this update, we are hoping that the colliding issues with traps and projectiles will be much more accurate. Melee and range attacks won't automatically aim Bonfire. Enemy range attacks and even your attacks when colliding will have a better feel to it.

Dev-Tip: If possible, always destroy the bonfire in the room. It might have goodies and you will not have to worry about colliding it again.

You can now forge weapons in Lohaar ( Item forge room).
Implemented display of boss health bar in Shaitan Difficulty (normal mode).
Implemented Controller Sensitivity Slider under Game-play settings.
Added Controller Sensitivity for D-pad.
Fixed Yodha Shastra text in Shastra tree.
Naga bosses Heal ability nerfed and Health reduced.
Fixed an issue with Suraksha shastra (100% quiver drops) where in it would also trigger when scavenging magic units.
Removed the stat highlight in Shastra Tree.
Fixed an issue where enemy unit type where labelled incorrectly.
Fixed an issue where in continuing a saved game would show incorrect floor at the level complete screen.

Removed auto-lock on breakables when in combat.
Changed the requirements for unlocking Asura characters. You don't need to select the upgrades anymore.
Decreased the hit box size of the bonfire/torch.
Decreased the cost of Matka and Jaddi Butti in Dukaan.
Increased the amount of Matka and Jaddi Butti in Dukaan.
Shaitan (easy) difficulty will not burn your weapons anymore.
Removed the stun passive for hero units. We are working on this feature and will reintroduce it later with a proper fix and balance.
Fixed an issue where in a lag would occur when accessing inventory via the pause menu.
Reduced the left analog stick sensitivity by 50%. We will be adding a slider to customize the sensitivity in the next update.
Fixed some of the grammatical mistakes.
Fixed the text blurring issues on some UI elements.

They've uh, been doing pretty solid work on the old post release support there~

Announcements / Re: Asura (now available) $
« on: April 24, 2017, 12:29:16 PM »
Ah, but Skeletor, Triangle Wizard has not been abandoned since last year's update!~   8)   Wouter just needs time as life intervenes...

The burning mechanic varies on difficulty level, though there are items and skill choices that can get around it(Can also forge weapons now along with all other types compared to early days in the game when you could only do so with armor) while they no doubt tweak all manner things going forward---90% of design decisions in the game center around maintaining the theme of frantic wrathful vengeance where possessions can be fleeting such that you just rage on with your powers still and eschew the normal time sink traps that plague most APRGs by the same old Optimal Behaviors.

Announcements / Re: Prospector has returned! (now at R200)
« on: April 23, 2017, 09:04:54 PM »
R200  8)

!Savegames not compatible!
+ 2 artifacts (one inspired by no mans sky, but mine is better :) )
+ new hiring system
+ new shop
+ bugfix: creatures that can shoot shoot again
+ rewrote space combat code
+ beam weapons have reduced damage at longer ranges.
+ missiles are now missilier
+ If you manage to destroy a space station now you get to loot the place
+ Balancing: toned down enemy ship speed
+ Balancing: Patrol quests no longer pay ridiculous amonts of money
+ Balancing: Bonuses toned down
+ Balancing: slightly higher chance for aliens
+ Generally a lot of balancing and turning knobs one way or the other
+ New Tutorial mode
+ Polish: first time starting you get asked where you prefer your system maps (Another hint that they exist for new players)
+ Polish: Optional animated moves
+ Polish: No more false duplicate key warnings

There are still some issues, and I haven't polished and played as much in the last week as I would have wanted to, but I still think it's the best version so far. Linux sound version will be published as soon as I remember how to compile that :) Since next weekend is another 3 day one (at least in my neck of the woods) I hope to bring another minor update soon. In the meantime have fun!

Feature Friday #86
Added a new fungal infection: waxflab.
Added a new type of fungus puffer: rosepuff.
Removed the max strength cap from cudgel-like fungal infections that colonize your hands.
Added tiles for all the fungal infections.
Updated the Corpus Choliys to include an account of waxflab.
Gave a chat component to the following creature types (their capacity for speech varies).
most other mammals
unshelled reptiles
Made birds extra chatty.
Fixed some grammar issues with popup messages.
Party members now prefer not to attack things that share a tile with their party leader.
Fixed tinker-trained NPCs not being able to repair items.
Fixed some cases where multiple sets of limbs were given the same name.
Fixed some cases where fungal outcrops weren't removed when you cured glowcrust.
Lairs no longer generate on top of historic sites, wiping the sites out of existence.
Fixed some cases where natural equipment, like bites, ended up on the ground when the corresponding appendage was dismembered.
When you cure ironshank, you no longer have a residual movespeed penalty.
Fixed some cases where plant-based lairs didn't generate properly.
Journal, water ritual, and faction work proceeds behind the scenes.

Announcements / Re: MidBoss beta release (v1.0.3 Closed Beta) semi $
« on: April 21, 2017, 10:42:23 PM »

(savegame compatible with previous version)

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug which could cause a floor 2 crash in custom games with the floor 2 size slider set to the low end of 3.
Fixed a bug which left the game unpaused when creatures were killed by certain abilities, allowing the player to move and break the game state.
Fixed a bug with bouncing magic missiles due to Sorceror's Codex where the positive X and Y range for determining bounce targets was 1 less than it should have been.
Fixed a crashing bug related to the Item Grandmaster buff given by the deity Stack.
Fixed a shrine related crashing bug.
Fixed an item duplication bug in the inventory.

Creatures that die and aren't visible no longer trigger a death animation.
Piles of yarn balls will now always drop at least 1 yarn.

Lingering tooltips should now be fixed across the game.

Added an option to flip the left and right mouse buttons to the control section of the options menu.
MidBoss now detects left handed mouse mode in Windows automatically.

4/19  Nearly at the final stretch goal with hours remaining!

Today we have a patch chock full of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, plus a smattering of art and UI upgrades. Lots of stuff related to shops, sorting, and the inventory screen, and helpful things for mouse users too. But even more notably, I'm introducing version 0.1 alpha of ITEM WORLD! Inspired by the Disgaea series, Item World is a way to go inside a piece of gear, generating a mini-dungeon on the fly (with unique map layouts) and upgrading the item if you can beat the boss.

To enter Item World, you first need to find an Orb of Item World (placeholder name...) from champions or boss monsters. Use it in Riverstone Camp, then drop a piece of equipment (weapon, offhand, armor) to enter.

Again: This is just v0.1, so there may (probably will) be bugs, and there will be much more content associated with Item World before development is done. But in the meantime, have at it! :D

* New bookshelves in the bandit library
* New tileset: cobblestone! Looking dope!
* Sprites now draw in a consistently correct order based on Y position (i.e. if you go "behind" a character, you will actually be covered up by that character)
* New crate and barrel visuals
* Dialog box UI borders!
* Dialog box animations!
* New battle effects for: Fire Evocation, Qi Wave

* Side areas no longer have monster spawning crystals. Clear the maps and you're done!
* The cost of blessings has been reduced
* Sword Dancer's "Dust in the Wind" now costs Stamina instead of Energy
* Flat damage resistance from shields turned down slightly
* Proc damage mods (Soldier, Warrior, Gladiator) will no longer spawn on the same weapon
* Plunderers now have a poison proc on attack
* Mystery monster eggs are now a little more common

* Attempt at fixing a hard-to-catch bug that corrupted saves by not writing the Town properly to save file
* Fixed bug where exiting the targeting UI would sometimes consume the item you were trying to usebanker:
* Stairs now spawn in the bandit library
* Fixed errors in the casino blackjack UI (game would not close properly)
* Escape key can now be used to quit the casino properly
* Several defense/attack down effects were multiplying their effect each turn. This has been fixed!
* Fixed error with monster eggs used at a high level
* Cleaned up visual targeting of Jade Beetle's charge (now "locks" to character)
* Abilities like Wild Horse or Jade Beetle charges will now land at the closest possible square to the original position of the attacker
* Fixed major exploits related to free abilities (flask, ability toggle off) - these now don't enter turn logic at all and simply fire off
* Fixed bug where after saving -> loading a game, champions/bosses would not give the appropriate experience boost
* Fixed bug with loot drops scaling in a weird way
* After getting a heal from Percy, your stats should refresh instantly
* When hotkeying a weapon to your hotbar (1-4 on EQ screen) in the dungeon, you will no longer try to use an ability in that slot (1-4)

* ITEM WORLD can now be found in Tangledeep! This is a way of powering up a piece of gear (weapons, armor, offhands), increasing its raw stats and possibly adding a new magic mod. Here's how it works.

1. Find an "Orb of Item World" (placeholder name...) which has a chance to drop from any champion.
2. Use the Orb in Riverstone camp.
3. Drop the piece of gear you want to enter. This creates a new mini-dungeon! Item world floors have a different open layout and interesting new challenges. Poison water fills each floor, but you can build planks with the Plank Builders you find. Crossing the water is not a death sentence but it will drain your life fast if you're not careful.
4. Reach the bottom of the Item World and defeat the ^ITEMBOSS^ to find an upgraded version of the item you dropped to spawn the world. Picking up the item exits the world!

Each individual piece of gear can be upgraded up to 3 times! Also, you may find the mythical Goldfrog in Item World. What happens if you catch him?!

NOTE: This is just the first iteration of the concept. Ultimately I want Item World to be even weirder!

* The Inventory screen now has a hotbar at the top that can be used to drag-and-drop consumables for easy ingame usage. (You can also still hotkey stuff by hovering over an item and pressing 1-8)
* You can now bet 100 OR 1,000g at the Casino
* You can now bulk sell items at most merchants
* Hovering over portal/flask icons will show the default keybind
* The plank builder item can now ONLY be used on water, as intended
* Monster tooltip now shows their 'family' (beasts, frogs, insects, etc)
* Monsters you summon will now have charm hearts above their heads to indicate they are on our side
* Your summoned pets will no longer destroy objects summoned by you (i.e. Floracondas destroying your own vines)
* "0turns" is no longer displayed when a summoned pet is around forever
* The critical effect of axes (defense break) now shows up as a status on enemies
* The critical effect of swords (parry next attack) will also show up as a status on yourself
* New tutorial tip while equipping items in the dungeon
* Inventory sorts are now back on the Equipment screen again
* You can now sort items by type or value in the shop interface
* Clicking any sort button on any interface twice will reverse the sort order
* Monsters shouldn't spawn on top of stairs
* When monsters or chests drop multiple items, they will spread out instead of stacking on a single tile
* When Grove Pests steal food, a message will pop up above them

Announcements / Re: PosChengband (now at beta v6.0.5)
« on: April 19, 2017, 12:06:01 PM »

This time, there was a SIGSEGV bug report ... ouch!

Main Changes:
[1] New option for old pack behavior: use_pack_slots. Should be on by default.

[2] Sniper rewrite for better UI. Browse spells to display damage/accuracy. Bookless casters can browse using the uppercase menu choice just like Skillmasters. That only leaves book based casters with the lame UI.

[3] Miscellaneous sniper game play changes:
[3.1] Monster vulnerabilities (Fire and Cold) are now a factor. The first player to one-shot one of the big giants (Loki, Ymir, Surtur) will get a special prize!
[3.2] Sniper powers enhance rather than supplant corresponding ego flags. For example, Burning Shot on flame branded ammo is even more deadly.
[3.3] Alas, snipers are a bit too OP for the Serpent, so I had to make stunning more meaningful. They still should be the easiest class to win with (once you get to the Serpent, of course).

[4] Lots of work on inventory messaging. With use_pack_slots, you should see the correct slot in your messages (unlike the old pre 6.0 code, which usually told you the slot just before re-sorting your pack).

[5] 'g' is now normal get. '^G' is auto-get. Now you can decide which to use. If you always want auto-get and find '^G' annoyingly hard to type, add a keymap from g->^G. Then, when you want the conservative get, type '\g'.

[6] Quivers no longer automatically accept everything: only ammo that can combine with an existing pile or that is inscribed with '=g' is automatically added. Of course, you still need to wear a quiver, and the ammo must also match your shooter.

Here is a git shortlog of all the commits. I'm trying to write more meaningful commit messages, so you may want to read the full commit info on github.

poschengband (51):
Bump version to 6.0.5
x11: restore blending of monster/object with terrain features
oook: quest reward lost when pack is full
oook: fix wilderness travel lag
oook request: give alternatives to page_up/down in home/shops/inventory
oook report: no running in wild_mode (introduced in b11b419a)
oook report: SIGSEGV in wilderness shop encounter
oook report: possession history incorrectly displays quests
oook report: selling un-identified excellent ammo gives full price (sometimes)
use_pack_slots: new option for old pack behavior
oook request: bring back disturb on autoget obj
Downgrade Dragons' Lair Guardian
Sniper: Recode for more informative UI
Inventory: Displaying Slots
Inventory: Display Slots (cont)
Inventory: Display Slots (cont)
Sniper: Playtesting (UI)
Snipers: Adjust Damage Distribution
UI Messages: Playtesting
Auto-Get: Separate Commands for Normal and Auto-Get
Quiver no longer 'likes' unidentified ammo
Fix double screenshot for killing The Serpent of Chaos
UI Messages: Playtesting
Improve UI for Getting Object Piles
Home: Fix double get message
Messages: Combining objects (piles) loses OM_DELAYED_MSG
Devices: Display Fail Rates inside Inscriptions
Travel: Improve Route Selection
Devices: Tighten up random distributions
Sniper: Apply Ammo Boost Before Vulnerability Check
oook report: funky activation messages
Wilderness: Force Viewport Center on Generate
Devices: Blandify Fail Rate Inscriptions
Devices: Give Message after Usage
Snipers: Endurance Ammo Endures Evilness and Holyness
Snipers: OP vs Serpent
display_percentages in status bars rather than [****---]
oook bug: shapeshifting and the quiver
oook report: un-necessary pack overflow when wielding
oook request: display object list from do_cmd_look
Object List in do_cmd_look: Handle case when monster is on a pile of objects
Egos: Increase pvals ... especially on early CON boosters
Golems: Change Test Hit Mechanics
Stats: Show Ammo Usage
gcc -O2 found something clang missed
Stats: Show Equipment Usage
Archers: More Crits. Smooth Critical Multipliers
Archery: A new bolt, the deadliest of them all!
Quivers: Don't prompt for quanity if just 1
Quiver is more discriminating in its affections

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