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Feature Friday #108

Added a new sultan domain: Travel.
Updated the history generator to incorporate travel-minded sultans.
Added new effects for travel-based historic relics.
Added new sultan professions: explorer and nomad.
You can no longer wear a glowsphere on your body. How did that even work? Did you just jump inside the glowsphere? We don't know.
Photosynthetic Skin now correctly gives you bonus reputation with trees, vines, and roots, in addition to the Consortium of Phyta.
Photosynthetic Skin now correctly gives you 200 bonus reputation with the Consortium of Phyta instead of 300.
You can no longer tinker ruin recoilers.
Rewrote the base item descriptions for historic relics from the late-fourth period sultanate. They now better convey what life was like for this mid-to-late generation of Eaters.
Fixed an issue with sultan histories not being deterministic for a given world seed.
Reduced saved game size and improved compatibility between versions.
Fixed an uncommon issue when loading saved games.
[modding] The 'sticky' and 'stuck' effects are now public instead of internal.
[modding] Added support for CarryBonusPercent and CarryBonusFlat game object int properties.

Announcements / Sil-quirk (now at v1.3.1)
« on: October 11, 2017, 11:43:24 AM »

There are Windows binaries as well as Linux. No Mac, sorry, and I haven't committed my changes to the Windows makefiles to get mingw working.


    Throwing Mastery and Momentum are gone.
    Knock Back now lives where Throwing Mastery used to. If people like it there it stays as is. If they don't I'll consider how it may be buffed.
    Impale, which lets you impale through two aligned enemies at once with a polearm or greatsword, is where Momentum was. I like this. It's staying.
    Smashing Blow is where Knock Back was; it helps weapons to break through armor. This isn't super exciting. If people find it useful it stays.
    Whirlwind Attack is no longer restricted by walls.
    This may be too good. We'll have to find out. If it is too good, there are ways of weakening it from here which should make it still be playable e.g. diminishing accuracy as the player attacks more enemies, or having it stop on the first hit. As it was though it was more fun than useful.
    Cruel Blow and Crippling Shot have been rebalanced to connect more at lower critical levels and less at higher critical levels. More work may be needed.
    Filthy rags are gone.
    Strength and Song of Freedom prerequisites are gone.
    On early levels monsters are a little less alert.
    Forges should now appear at 100, 300, 500, 700 and 900 feet. Other forges may be generated as well.
    Quarterstaffs are now 2d4.
    Quarterstaffs of Vaulting, Warhammers of Crushing, polearms of Piercing all added. Rings of Damage are now Rings of Archery (these are an actual thing, google thumb ring). Daggers of Murder are stealthy.
    Channeling now auto-identifies staves and lets you get 2x as many charges out of them.
    Non-unique monsters scared from the level net you experience.
    I will try to break savefiles as seldom as possible - but this boosts fear-based gameplay too much to not include.
    Lorien and Mastery slightly boosted (effect is about +2 Song).
    Slow Poison is now Antidote, and cures you.

Good to see a bit of rumbling in Sil while the base has been a fixed target for awhile now.   8)

Announcements / Nowhere Prophet (now at First Access) $
« on: October 10, 2017, 04:22:29 PM »   $19.99 and up with bonus additions  Win/Mac/Linux

Build a loyal band of followers and survive the journey across a broken world. Barely. Play Nowhere Prophet first, become a part of the world and help me build a better post-apocalypse.

Find loot and recruit followers to build your deck
Unlock new classes and convoys across multiple playthroughs
More than 250 cards for you to discover
Stunning and colorful art style
Indian infused electronica soundtrack
Play and stream Nowhere Prophet before anyone else
Regular updates every month
Future steam support included


A single player game with tactical card combat. You travel across procedurally generated maps set on a strange planet after a catastrophic technological breakdown. Recruit followers, find loot and manage your resources as you take the fate of your convoy in your hands. Each fight will make you want to tweak and improve your deck to face the next encounter. Travel through this broken world and search for a new hope among the ruins.

Why First Access?
Making a game is hard, especially one as involved as Nowhere Prophet. I’ve been hard at work for almost 3 years now and it’s time to move towards release. I’m doing my best to make it as good as I can and for that I will need some quality feedback.

This is where I hope the First Access comes into play: I’m looking for some good input from actual players that want to help shape the game so that I’m investing into the right features and content.

Also obviously making some money to help finance the development is a definite plus too.
Does the First Access include a Steam key?
Yes. If you buy the game now you will be able to play it on steam once it launches there.
When will the game be done?
I’m currently shooting for a release in the second quarter of 2018 on all major online stores: Steam, itch, GOG and the Humble store. I’m confident that this is a realistic but you know how it is with release dates…

The time until release will be spent on improving and extending the game. I want to make sure it’s balanced and fun and that the interface is easily understood and useful to players. And I want to add more content to the game - anything from unlockable player classes, to more events, enemies, cards and items.
What are the risks and challenges?
I have many years of game dev experience and as a indie developer. I have released two commercial indie games before. Granted these were smaller projects and a different team but I’m very confident in my ability to complete Nowhere Prophet.

However I’m the sole central developer. There’s freelancers to help but if some horrible tragedy should befall me then no one else will be able to pick up the project and continue. That’s definitely the biggest risk but I’ll be careful so let’s hope it doesn’t come to pass.

Depending on how well the First Access goes I might still have to earn some money, which will be primarily freelance work for other app & game developers (such as Cultist Simulator here). This may eat into the time available to finish the game, and even may go so far as to delay the release, but it wouldn’t prevent it.

It is possible that my freelancers won’t be available for some of the remaining work but I’m confident that I’ll be able to find other talented people to help out then.

An ambitious approach, but here's hoping it pans out given the potential.   8)

Feature Friday #107

Unseen creatures are now more active on the map. This means more dynamic behavior: creatures will often fight and kill each other before you find them.
Added a new artifact: spiral borer.
Added a new type of artifact: recoilers bound to one of the procedurally generated ruins or historic sites.
A bug introduced around the time of the water ritual update caused Oboroqoru's lair to fail to generate. We fixed the bug. The ape god is a myth no longer.
Added a new type of relic curio (for use when you are very angry at a faction).
Added a new effect for jewel-based historic weapons.
Added a new effect for glass-based historic armors and shields.
Rewrote the base item descriptions for historic relics from the fifth period sultanate. They now better convey what life was like for this late generation of Eaters.
Might-based historic relics now appropriately grant bonus strength.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Patch Review Roundup #7!)
« on: October 06, 2017, 09:26:35 PM »
Patch Review Roundup #7   8)

Happy Friday, adventurers! Let's start with the big news... Tangledeep will be coming to Nintendo Switch in Q2 2018! This is really exciting for me, as I grew up with Nintendo consoles and handhelds, and many Nintendo games have greatly influenced Tangledeep. But I also think it's going to be a great way to introduce an entirely new audience to the game!

If you're not a Switch owner, or you somehow DON'T want the awesome experience of playing Tangledeep on a handheld (or on your TV)... don't worry! 100% of my dev time is going toward the PC version. Jim, our second programmer, is handling the Switch port in addition to helping with various code cleanup, features, and engine optimizations.

In short - This port will be a really good thing for the game, but it won't get in the way of the PC version!

On to the patch notes!


Inspired by the roguelike Sil and epic stories like Beowulf and the Der Ring des Nibelungen, Tangledeep's latest playable job is a mighty warrior that charges into battle with the power of song. Edge Thanes thrive when fighting challenging enemies, preferring melee combat and two-handed weapons to run-and-kite tactics.

This job introduces a new mechanic, "Songs", powerful self-buffs that grow in duration and intensity as you fight. The longer and more challenging the battle, the more effects your song will have! You can then ADD to songs by using Verses, which all have their own unique effects as well.

We hope you'll enjoy the Edge Thane and all her awesome new skills!


Many effects in the game affect attributes like your overall damage/defense, or elemental damage output. However, they were not reflected anywhere on your sheet... until now! Put on a Shock Ring and you'll see the appropriate bonus to +Lightning damage (along with all other Lightning boosts). Many buffs/debuffs that seemed subtle will now be more visible with a quick glance at the character sheet.


All text in the game is now rendered with 'meshes', which provide greater clarity at all resolutions. Previously, lower resolutions would produce more blurry and low-contrast text.

Switching to this new technology also allows us to properly localize all elements of the UI and player HUD. We even did a test with Japanese characters, and they look awesome!

You will now find five ranks of two-handed swords throughout the world! The spritework/flavor text is not quite done, but the gameplay is all there. Two-handed swords have the highest damage of any weapon type to date, at the cost of not having an offhand item or weapon. On the other hand, two-handers can have up to EIGHT magic mods instead of just five...

Not the most exciting thing, but we've made some incredible progress here which will help keep the game as easy as possible to maintain and expand upon. Also, Jim has been working on some incredible optimizations to make data loading lightning-fast, something that is very important for Switch.

Ability orbs! A special Halloween patch! Get hype!

Announcements / Re: PosChengband (now at beta v7.0.2)
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:31:28 AM »

Version 7.0.2 is up in the usual spot. I haven't had time to read any recent forum posts. Remember, I don't have Internet access, so I really cannot read and respond to everything that is written here.

If you are posting on oook, please play the actual Poschengband source code. If you mod, that is fine, but please don't post on this forum. This is just common courtesy and is the only price I ask for all of my hard work on this variant.

As with the last 2 releases, I am still playtesting. 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 would not normally be releases, even as beta, since major gameplay changes are still being implemented. 7.0.2 is probably beta worthy, though I have a couple of more things to look at. Again, this is not a finished, polished release. Wait for a non-zero second digit in the version number ... 7.1 should be ready around XMas.

Version 7.* is not meant to be a difficult release. It is not meant to squish noobs. I'm finding this release a bit on the easy side and am content to leave it so. If you are having trouble with this version, it is probably just that game mechanics have changed and require some getting used to. For example:

[1] Free Action: Paralysis always used to be a death sentence but got changed in Chengband so that players, even without FA, could survive. This was accomplished by not incrementing the paralysis counter while the player is paralyzed as well as decrementing the counter on player moves, not every 10 game turns. In effect, paralysis usually means losing 1d3 actions. The only difficulty is what happens on the turn that you recover. You see, you miss that turn and your paralysis counter is now back to zero. Should the enemy attack again, hit again, and paralyze you again, the process repeats. So the key to adressing this is some combination of (1) speed, (2) high AC, (3) distance attacks, (4) avoidance, and/or (5) multiple sources of FA. FA gives you a save vs paralysis, but it is a normal magic resistance saving throw. This means that (6) Anti-magic helps (and is available early for warrior builds that otherwise have low saving throws). In about 30 plays thru the 7.0 versions, I've only lost a single character to paralysis (flying polyp on DL30 of forest, using 8x8 graphics to camouflage itself). Mostly, paralysis is just the loss of a single turn ... something to think about, but generally a very non-threatening game mechanic. If you are dying from it, post your dump ... You are probably doing something wrong.

[2] See Invisible: Address this by improving your searching skill. Try wearing (1) elven cloak, (2) cap of seeing, (3) amulet of magi or trickery. If you have a low searching build, it is more important to improve your base searching skill than it is to get multiple sources of SI. Pay attention to the affect of race and personality choices in this area. Power builds such as Mighty Half-Titans are disadvantaged relative to, say, Nimble Hobbits. In addition, deal with SI by (1) using _DetectInvis to locate them if you lack SI; (2) using -DetectMonsters to locate them if you have SI; (3) quaffing !DetectInvis to help your detection odds; or (4) using _Telepathy (or permanent telepathy, should you be so fortunate). If you are getting spanked, then simply teleport away until you can handle this mechanic using any of the above.

[3] Hold Life: This is a big time mechanic, but it only manifests a few times in the game. Be prepared to pay attention anytime you notice your enemy "growing more powerful". Carry !RestoreLife. Some foes are best dealt with from a distance. If you can't manage this, then wait until you have multiple sources of HL, a high AC, and use ?ProtEvil.

[4] Poison: This has been redone a bit in 7.0.2 and the counter now ticks down every player move, and quite a bit faster. In the end game, use mushrooms to address this. If you have time, !Curing works better than _Curing which is better than !NeutralizePoison, but often, you can just heal more often during battles and let the counter play out (provided you have _Healing).

[5] Telepathy: This mechanic was always a bit on the absurd side. Which would you rather play without: Telepathy or Clairvoyance? Compare how easy/common telepathy is with how rare clairvoyance is! Changing the telepathic awareness is a very strategic change and it is the intent that you not know the exact power/danger of nearby foes. That pack of U's nearby might be harmless ... then again, it might be extremely deadly. Deal with this change by carrying a high capacity -DetectMonsters but it might not always be safe to spend a turn using it!

[6] Devices: I've now played a Magic-Eater all the way thru and devices are playing quite well. There is no nerf here ... good stuff abounds and _Healing is always showing up for me in the mid-60's (once in the early 30's!). Winning with devices is probably just something for Magic-Eaters, Devicemasters and Mage classes (though they will prefer spells, I think). Otherwise, devices play a support role. Playing a pure devicer all the way thru is not advisable ... It never was in heng either. You'll need to start out with melee or shooting and won't be able to switch over to pure devices until the mid-60's.

This version has done the following:
[1] Many rooms, quests, monsters and options have been removed or reverted. You can upgrade early 7.0 versions, but quest monsters or bounty monsters may no longer be available. I'm fully expecting someone to have forked poscheng by now ... so look there rather than here for these things. As usual, if you want explanations/justifications of changes, look to the commit logs.

[2] Devices can now be lored thru use. Previously, using an un-identified device allowed you to learn its spell and its charges bypassing the need for ?id. Now, you can also learn its power (how much damage it does, or how much it heals) by simply using the device. You'll need to observe the full power of the effect for this to work. Monsters that resist the effect, for example, will block the lore. For healing, you must be wounded enough to need the full amount of the healing. Also, you can learn device difficulty (i.e., its fail rate) by simply failing enough times. Devices are no longer cursed. In sum, the need to ?*id* devices should be greatly diminished.

[3] More work on the early game: Traps now using an allocation table with minimum levels and rarities. You won't get clobbered with stat drain in the early game before trap detection is even a reasonable possibility. AFC traps are restricted to much deeper depths.

[4] Monster densities and pack sizes have been reduced. I've read complaints about new effects being too difficult, but remember that in 7.0 monsters have had both their melee damage and spell frequencies reduced across the board. While some monsters did become more difficult (e.g. Grand master mystics), most have been quite seriously reduced in power (e.g. Greater titans and even the big J). Balance has been maintained by making the effect game more important. Consistent with these changes, I've added r_info support for specifying pack sizes on a per monster basis. You should notice this change fairly early ...

[5] Vaults have been redone. They are now very much worth attempting, and are rare enough to no longer dominate playtime. Every vault has at least one tasty inside, but they are very well guarded so be careful.

[6] Monster summoning has been rebalanced a bit. For one thing, max monster depth no longer applies during either player or monster summons. What does this mean? Well, my last character had Omarax summon an Undead beholder and ... a floating eye Also, remember that heng had every S_* spell summon 4 times while we now do greatly reduced amounts. S_CYBER or S_UNIQUE are only 1d2 I think, and the most you get are 1d3+1. In general, you get less quantity then heng. Finally, destruction now works 100% against any summoned monster.

[7] Fixed bug with project() calling project_p() multiple times. For example, I've had Kavlax hit me with a 500 dam BR_NEXUS once. I got this behaviour from heng ... It was not intentional.

[8] alloc_horde() has been re-designed. If you don't know, this is basically a summon kin mechanic added in Zangband, generating a large group of wide awake monsters of of the same display character. It is also a very fragile mechanic ... You could get 15 Flying polyps on DL30, for example. Or a mob of Dracoliches, AMHD, Great Crystal and Ethereal Dragons in the early 30s. Plenty of unfair insta-death here. Also, you got up to 15 monsters in the horde, but monsters with FRIENDS also got their full packs, so you could get a horde of 200+ hounds in one of the wide open FRACAVE rooms: basically a teleportation death trap. The mechanic, which is otherwise and most of the time a good one, should now behave much more reasonably.

[9] Fixed major bug with AURA_REVENGE. Hopefully, nobody but me hit this one, but you'll notice it if you try to melee Master Tonberry.

[10] Bow proficiency is now just like weapons.

You can post comments and criticisms in this thread, but please take time to explain what you don't like. If something seems unfair, linking to a character dump will help. It may take me a while to read and address comments, but I will eventually get around to them.

Finally, some context. This is a Hengband variant. You should know that heng was a long game, perhaps 40 hours if you kill all the uniques. If you don't believe this, look on the heng world score server for dumps by Henkma and Mogami. I'm going by memory here, but seem to recall them being in the 35 to 50 hour range. It is also a variant that takes a long time to master. It took me 2 years to get reasonably skilled with, and even now, 14 years later, I'm still improving my play ... This is not meant to be a casual variant that you play for a month and then grow bored with. If you are a new player, then taking a year to get a win is reasonable. 'bands always used to be this way. In the mean time, use the ~H high score ladder ... It is the only ladder that really matters Also, set goals for yourself other than winning. For example, your first goal should be to complete the Stronghold dungeon, and once you can do that, move on to The Orc Caves. Conquering any dungeon for the first time should make you proud!

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 35) $
« on: October 05, 2017, 10:56:02 PM »
Alpha 35

Level 4 is finally here! Well, partially! As of right now, Downtown is still very much in development. Actually, none of the game’s levels are really “finished” by any stretch, but Downtown especially! A bunch of the new Downtown content that I’ve been working on isn’t ready for public consumption yet, so I’ll be pushing out more of this content over the next couple of updates. You can play through 4-1 right now to get a little taste of what’s in store. Expect it to become more fleshed out and varied from the other levels in the weeks to come. Let me know what you think of the new stuff in this thread.

This week’s Fortnight Discussion: Altars and Sacrifices. A roguelike stable, Altars have just recently made their way into Streets of Rogue. But… how should they actually work??

Alpha 35

New Stuff
Game is now playable through 4-1

Lots of new wall and floor art for Downtown levels

New Track “Floor 4-1 Hit Me With Your Best Rock”. The mp3 has been added to soundtrack owners’ libraries. More tracks will be coming when 4-2 and 4-3 are added.

Unlock Elevator Access - Downtown
Downtown Diva (you can’t actually achieve this yet, since it requires you to complete Level 4-3 which does not currently exist)

Non-Playable Characters

Dance Club
City Park

Police Box
Alarm Button
Metal Detector

Everything Else
Bunch of improvements (yep, I’m still at it)

Fix for weapons not appearing in the player’s hands when a saved game is loaded (only fixed for games saved in Alpha 35)
Potential fix for pink sprite appearing in place of crushers
Fix for Taser bullets sometimes appearing the wrong color
Yet another attempted fix for generators not always disappearing after exploding
Attempted fix for people sometimes appearing weird on multiplayer client
Fix for frozen people (from Freeze Ray) playing walk animation sometimes

UI / Controls
Fix for local coop players’ UI sometimes appearing at the wrong zoom level
Fix for people not always being tracked properly on the minimap on multiplayer client

Playfield Objects
Fix for multiplayer clients not causing Fire Hydrants to spray on the first hit

Fix for Haterator not working properly
Fix for Ammo Stealer not removing a person’s ammo when used from the multiplayer client

Sounds from a level can no longer play after the level has ended and the screen has faded out

People should fly through walls without breaking them less often

Fix for people and objects not being visible in Rogue Vision after accepting a mission

Updated Rewired plugin from to

Announcements / Re: Rogue Empire (Prequel version in Alpha 0.8.3) $
« on: October 02, 2017, 07:37:57 PM »
v0.8.3  Also now on Mac

My main focus on this last release was to add much more story contents and game length to the main campaign. I also put a lot of effort into the world map.

Lastly I tried to improved the UI as much as time would allow it to make the game more user friendly. These means shorter and more concise tutorial messages, context menus and more tool tips.

Important: Old save games from previews versions are not supported and will be removed!

New Features:
Added soul essence accumulation.
Added new world map events.
Added rivers and roads (faster movement) to world map.
Added 5 new dungeons to main campaign (this is about +10 hours of content if you make it).
Added 9 new regular enemies.
Added 3 bosses to main campaign.
Added 1 story quest.
Added ferries to world map.
Added the legendary ring of life.

Added contextual right click menu in game.
Improved buttons a cross the game: Easier to read and with hover and click effects.
Improved in game outlines of thinks you can interact with.
Now shows the amount of satiation you get from eating food.
Greatly improved tutorial windows to be easier to read and highlight what to do.
Added map to the information windows.
Added Loading message when going from main menu to game.
Added studio video at game start.
Added some additional status effect icons.
Improved torch light on night.
Set up starting mage spells properly.
Added terrain status effect information on world map.

Made critical hits for enemies in normal and easy difficulties less strong.
Reduced food nutrition value deviation.
Changed range enemies AI to try to take advantage of their range.
Summon units now die when its master die.
Reduced world map encounters/ambushes.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug where the legendary ability “Warriors Vengeance” would make the warrior hit softer rather than harder :S.
Fixed bug where only low level enemies would spawn in the game.
Fixed bug that made the character be off map on some encounters.

New Features:
Added the Assassin class: A high single damage class that focuses on stealth tactics.
Added lock picking and difficulty level to door breaking.
Added new enemies.
Further improved the world map.
Added snow maps.
Added desert maps.
Added jungle maps.
Added volcanic maps.
Added new stat based world map events.
Added multiple new world map encounters.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug where using loading or continuing game after quit to menu was not possible.
Fixed bug with arcane missiles targeting range.

Announcements / Re: Asura (now at Vengeance: Free Expansion!) $
« on: September 30, 2017, 05:04:12 PM »
Vengeance Expansion  8)

The Vengeance expansion is entirely FREE. You just need the base game to play the expansion. Steam will automatically update the game, and we recommend that you restart your Steam app for the update to reflect.

Also, Asura is on 15% discount for an entire week post-release. You can grab your copy of Asura at Steam, GOG or Humble Store.

After the release of the base game, we were humbled by the incredible response by all of you. Many of our players also shared fantastic feedback and feature request which we have tried to address in the Vengeance Expansion. We will be supporting Asura until you all are playing it and will be adding more content in the future. The Vengeance Expansion is just one more step forward in the journey. We hope that you have a good time playing Asura and as always, please do share your thoughts and suggestions with us so that we can make it even better!

For any queries, bug reports, or suggestions, please use the below channels to get in touch with us!

The Rakshasa is back...

The Vengeance Expansion is a free update for Asura which adds new features and content to the game. The expansion is now available and is accessable to those who own Asura!

Vengeance Mode:
Introducing an endless mode with a brand new level wherein you resist the invading hordes of the Daeva empire. Eliminate as many waves of enemies as possible and compete on the leaderboard with your friends.

Chakra System:
A new persistent system wherein defeating the bosses will unlock unique perks which can be equipped during battle.

Mahasura Difficulty:
A new difficulty mode for the hardcore who are looking for a challenge. In Mahasura Difficulty, any enemy, boss or champion can spawn regardless of the fortress. Oh yes! Your weapon will get destroyed when you get burnt.

Save your Asura at Shamshan ( Crypt ) and show off the epic gear and ultimate skills you acquired during your invasion.

New Items:
New artifacts and drops items have been added to the roster and will drop to boost your stats while in combat.

New Rooms:
Sacrifice your blood in the goblet of Amrut for rewards or test your luck at the dice game called Passa. New rooms have been introduced to the procedural fortresses (levels) in the game.

Several other general improvements and the above features have been introduced with the update.

Hi everybody,

We have received fantastic response for our latest expansion and are estatic that you are enjoying Asura with the new content and features.

As you might know, there are some issues especially with the new Vengeance Mode:

1.) Shastras ( skills) which trigger on boss wave sometimes freezes the boss animation making the game not progressable.

2.) Asura and projectiles in very rare occasions passes through the level walls.

3.) On finishing the Hero wave, the UI sometimes does not show up halting your progress.

There are other minor issues as well which we are fixing and we should have an update and fix for all the above by today end of the day!

As always, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused due to these errors and are addressing it as I type this. We are two person team and trying our best to make sure you have the best experience.

We have implemented the much-requested Teleportation feature and are calling it Tez-Yatra which means Fast Travel.

Asura can place the Teleporter anywhere in the fortress by pressing the F button ( re-bindable). Once the teleporter has been set, Asura can instantly teleport back to it by pressing the same button. Teleporter can't be set if when fighting enemies. If the teleporter has been placed in an undesired position, it can be destroyed by just pressing and holding down the Teleporter button.

The teleporter can be of great help reducing the backtracking drastically. However, you will need to place them strategically to make the most of it.

Salvage Items
Another new feature is the Salvaging of items. In the latest update, Asura can salvage items for 1 Sona. Any and all item can be salvaged included quiver, meat, weapons, armors, etc.

We added this feature because many times, tons of loot would get left behind for eg. quivers would be a complete waste if you are equipped with a magic weapon. Now at least you can Salvage and earn some extra Sona! :)

We have also fixed some issues with UI and font.

Ogre Head has been working on a new spawn system for the Champion units in Asura. You all shared the feedback mentioning that you were finding it difficult to unlock the champions. This is admittedly our fault in the design because we left it entirely under the shroud of randomness. As a result, some players may never face certain Champion units due to unfavourable RNG.

Without spoiling much, we will try to explain how the new spawn system works.

We have divided the Champions and distributed them among the three difficulty modes. Champions will unlock as you beat the game in various difficulties. Once unlocked, the units are added to a list of champions. Until you have defeated a particular Champ, they will not randomize.

The above method makes it certain that you get the opportunity to face all the Champions in the game, unlocking them in the Aukaad as you defeat them.

If you have already beat some Champions, the above system will reset it and will make sure that you get to beat every Champion in the game. However, your Aukaad will remain the same.

Along with the above design changes, we have made some additional fixes. Check out the patch log below to learn more about it.

Patch Log:
Fixed an issue where in the Gold chest would respawn after saving & loading.
Fixed an issue with some Mini-map icons after saving & loading.
Fixed an issue wherein stun particle effect would appear on dead enemies.
Fixed a problem with resurrection mechanic. If you entered an unexplored enemy room after resurrecting by dying in a Boss or Champion room, the enemy rooms would be empty.

We hope the new Champion system fixes the issues that the old one had.

Patch Log:
Redesigned the Item drop system. This is to fix an issue where in same items would drop hindering players from discovering new weapons and armours.
Redesigned the Champion Spawn system to fix an issue where in players would face the same champions instead of the unlocked champions
Added a new button to reset the camera when in manual rotation mode.
Replaced the Experience Chest with 'Gamla Of Gyan' , It is a pot that grants additional experience on breaking it.
Replaced the Gold Chest with 'Tijori' which contains a significant amount of gold.
The Key rooms can spawn 'Gamla Of Gyaan' or Tijori in them and not just a chest.

Balance Changes:

Reduced the enemy spawns of the small rooms in Asura (Hardcore) Difficulty.
Reduced the key rooms in Asura (Hardcore) Difficulty.

Added Manual Camera Rotation option. Now you can manually rotate the camera clockwise or counterclockwise. Please do note that this option can trigger nausea or motion sickness.
Resized the HUD to improve the gameplay experience.
Fixed an issue wherein Boss would get stuck in their combat animation when Asura would cast a spell.
Added an option to disable Tips/Hints which appear on the corridor.
Rebalanced the cool down attribute for many Active and Combat skills.
Reduced the freeze duration for Abhizitta ( Frost Ward) from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.

Each Matka (fire extinguishing item) and Jaddi Butti ( Cure Poison Item) has 3 charges now.
Your items should endure much longer.
Fixed an issue where bosses would get stuck during some animations.
Fixed an issue wherein Abhizitta Shastra (Freeze ward) could be cast simultaneously during certain scenarios.

So yeah, one of the best has gotten quite a bit better now since last time around.   :)

Announcements / Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #106) $
« on: September 30, 2017, 01:54:59 AM »
Feature Friday #106

A new design starts to brew... mmmm.
Added a new cybernetic implant: fullerite hand bones.
Changed the tile color of the carbide hand bones implant.
Sultans now marry spouses from the cultures they're trying to curry favor with. For example, when a sultan cements her friendship with crabs via matrimony, she'll appropriately marry a crab now instead of, say, a robot.
The names of historic relics are now much more varied.
The names of historic relics now have procedurally-colored ANSI text.
The Charge target picker no longer locks onto objects that can't be charged (like dreadroot).
Named creatures now have a slightly higher render priority than their non-named counterparts.
[modding] Added a blueprint browser to the Modding Utilities menu. This'll let you more easily view the object blueprint hierarchy.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Patch Review Roundup #6)
« on: September 29, 2017, 06:15:37 PM »
Patch Review Roundup #6

Hello adventurers! Today brings some huge under-the-hood changes for Tangledeep. As a result of these changes, your map/dungeon progress will be reset as of this patch. However, your character progress will be preserved - XP, JP, equipment, monster corral, bank.

Here's what we've done since last week!

One of our biggest goals recently has been optimizing the size of save data files, and generally optimizing read/write performance. This is not really an issue on PC, but it definitely impacts other platforms. We're not done with all this yet, but already we've been able to reduce save sizes by about ~50%.

Thanks to your feedback, we've now made it possible to pair the same offhand item with multiple weapons. For example, you can now pair Legendary Shield 1 with three of your weapons, but then Legendary Shield 2 with your fourth weapon. This is great for ease of switching your main/offhand setup in the dungeon.

This includes both recently-created bugs from new systems, as well as older bugs with things like line of sight, specific character abilities, certain magic mods not working 100% properly, etc etc.

Need I say more?!

You'll now get a little quest related to Rose Petals and monster romance once you have at least two critters in the corral, and you've made some progress in the dungeon.

Most of the last week was focused on engine work, which is not particularly exciting, but absolutely necessary for maintenance and growth. Moving forward we have some awesome new stuff in the pipeline including a NEW playable JOB! Stay tuned!

Announcements / Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.5.5)
« on: September 26, 2017, 11:39:59 AM »
Hey everyone,

It's been a long time coming, longer than I would have liked, but 0.5.5 is here! I took my time, releasing experimentals along the way to help search for bugs or awful balance. I'm pretty confident there should be no crippling bugs for the majority of players, and that the content I've added here will be a stepping stone towards the finished product. The limb system has gotten a large overhaul to make way for some new features: grappling, off-hand weapons, and training limbs. I've had to re-adjust my opinion of Axu's power curve recently due to players wanting some more rewards. I had intended to keep it quite shallow, but I realize that this didn't suit the atmosphere of the game too well. Limbs will gain stats via use (up to a point), but only organic ones. Prosthetics have also gotten a huge price drop in shops, and severed limbs from enemies will have randomized stats. I'm hoping this will create a better power scaling presence in the game. I have a feeling the content of the mid-game will be too easy, but I will address that as we come to it. There is a late-game quest with some very difficult enemies, so tough players can test their mettle against them. That particular area is only available through the Ensis quest line (for now), so keep that in mind.

If you'd like to see, in detail, the list of fixes and changes, see the changelog below!


Matt (Cynapse)

    Segmented body code from inventory.
    Added the ability to wrestle enemies via the "Grappling" skill. It is a tome you can find. You can grab onto limbs, push enemies, strangle them, and drag them to the ground. The availability of each skill depends on your strength and proficiency with the ability.
    Enemies can hold and take you down via grappling.
    You can strangle opponents if you grab onto their head.
    Two new status effect icons dealing with grappling states.
    Implemented a vague form of "handed-ness". Weapons and off-hand items (now all in the same category) can be equipped to your main or off hand.
    "Off hand"-wielded items have a chance to do an extra attack based on your Dexterity and off hand skill.
    Holding a shield in your main hand now increases your chance to block.
    Holding a disarming item in your main hand gives you the chance to disarm.
    Added damage values to some shields so they can be wielded as weapons.
    Extra attacks give offhand exp.
    Limbs gain stats through use.
    Creature limbs have semi-randomized stats.
    Adjusted the stats of various replacement limbs.
    Attacking or using arm-based skills trains your arms.
    Moving trains your legs/tails/wings.
    Using mental skills trains head.
    Reduced the price of all prosthetic limbs.
    A new static 3x3 zone with new tough enemy types.
    If the system cannot find an underground area on the map, it will make a new one.
    Re-implemented Cellars.
    You can move items up and down in the inventory list with the "Go Up Stairs" and "Go Down Stairs" keys. The same applies to abilities.
    Shield Bash stuns and knocks enemies back.
    Map generation tweaks.
    New alternate power plant levels.
    New song (rough).
    Added a new encounter type for ocean tiles to prevent players from traveling mostly over water.
    Limbs on the character screen have their attributes available to be localized.
    Localization of map screen names.
    Added translation support for body parts and structures.
    Local tile values are more moddable. They have parameters for dig-ability, whether or not they are see-through, and if they are considered a "wall" by the autotiling system.
    Reduced Parasect's armor.
    New traits.
    Adjusted the stats of many polearm items, giving them knockback and more damage to compensate for being two-handed.
    Hostile enemies attack villagers and other passive entities on occasion.
    New explosion graphic for 3x3 explosions.
    Reworked tile-based damage system to be more data-driven.
    Various combat tweaks.

    Replacement Limbs no longer have their stats show up as opposite (+/-) values.
    Unequipping an item with the same skill as another equipped item no longer removes the skill completely.
    Tentacles (Tendrils II) now gives you the proper equipped item.
    Reduced the chance screens will be different between sessions.
    Experiment body parts use IDs instead of names to find.
    Fixed Ensis/Kin hostility past a certain point in each quest line.
    Fixed Isazna's quest trying to give you a nonexistent item upon completion.
    Missing item ID fixed.
    Fixed various spawn bugs.
    Fixed the color code display for shock damaging weapons.
    Fixed the log display when thrown items shatter.
    Hopefully fixed an issue with shoving enemies into others.

Announcements / Re: Drakefire Chasm (now at v1.3.4)
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:33:56 PM »

The reason I'm releasing a new version of Drakefire Chasm in addition to Rogue Effect is because last week I got an email from Teco who had found v1.3.3 too easy compared to v1.3.1 and was suspecting a bug.

I recalled at some point having watched someone beat the game on YouTube. Some enemies had been getting killed a bit too effortlessly but I had thought that maybe I hadn't watched closely enough and he had had the stats for it. And he had been playing a red dragon after all, which is the easiest one in the early game. Neither had I touched damage values since 1.3.1 so why would it be bugged?

But after Teco's email I started investigating and found out that for some mysterious reason, in the release version, instead of doing 100/50/25% damage depending on enemy type, attacks were always doing 1000% damage against everything. I couldn't get the debug version reproduce this but the release always did it. Eventually I located the problem in the function that determines damage modifier.

It's a really simple function and there was just no way for it to even return a value more than 1.0 -- or less than 0.25 as it then started doing after I started adding debugging messages around. When nothing else worked (I originally had thought I had forgotten simply to clean the project before compiling for release), I rewrote the function slightly differently. And now the release version too seems to work as intended. It's kind of worrying I couldn't determine the exact reason but as long as the game works and is challenging again, right?

* Fixed a damage bug that made the game too easy
 * Ball Breath's range reduced by 1
 * Ball Breath's radius increases now by 1 per 3 age categories (down from Age / 2)
 * Deep Breath now increase Ball Breath's radius/range by 1 (down from 2)
 * Added value of treasure collected to ability screen
 * Corrected a small error in Breath's description

Announcements / Re: Rogue Effect (now at v1.0)
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:32:23 PM »
v1.0   8)

This year's Annual Roguelike Release Party managed to sneak up on me and I didn't quite manage to get a new release out for it. I rescheduled for the next (the past) weekend and missed that deadline too as I ended up going for a double release and debugging two games is twice as much work. Especially if one has an unexplainable bug.

Rogue Effect

Rogue Effect v1.0 release is not as grand as it maybe could be. The big stuff was in v0.9 already and the remaining "0.1" I reserved just for the saving/resuming feature which I predicted to be a considerable amount of work the way I planned to do it. (And it was.)

Nonetheless, the game is now feature complete and I don't plan to work on it anymore unless a big bug turns up or sudden inspiration strikes me. Rogue Effect was originally started as a seven day roguelike and the sort of 7DRL mentality kind of continued through the whole project: its 21.7k lines of code are full of hacks and getting things done as fast as possible disregarding how it would be later to change or add something.

Since it's compiled in Visual Studio, the game requires MS Visual C++ (2010) redistributables to run. I probably should have mentioned this in the previous release(s) but I'll add the links to those now to Rogue Effect's (and Drakefire Chasm's) page.

New features:
 * Saving & resuming
 * Pressing shift or ctrl highlights cover from the cursor's position

 * Biotic Charge should no longer sometimes crash the game
 * Corrected some power evolution descriptions

Announcements / Re: Catacomb Kids (now at Early Access v0.1.3 Tinkerer!) $
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:18:02 PM »
v0.1.3 Tinkerer  8)

The Tinkerer!
First things first, this update adds a new player class to the game; The Tinkerer. Tinkerers are crafty item-users, planners, and mechanics, and as such they are associated with Intelligence. Their class ability isn't really an ability so much as a companion: All tinkerers have a flying robot buddy that can carry items and fight alongside them.

The Tinker-Bot has four different modes that the player can switch between at will:
In Defensive mode, the tinker-bot will only attack enemies that you're already in combat with, but won't fly off and start fights on its own.
In Offensive mode, it'll attack any nearby creature regardless of whether they're aware of you or not.
In Manual mode, you control the robot directly, letting you move, attack, and pick up items with it, but you lose control of your Kid while doing so.
In Idle mode, the tinker-bot enters an inactive standby state: You can use this mode to tell the bot to wait somewhere out of the way while you go do something dangerous. You can also interact with the tinkerbot in this mode to manage its held item or modify its behaviour.

Of course, nothing lives forever, and the tinker-bot will be destroyed if it takes too much damage. When this happens it breaks into three pieces that are scattered around the level, and in order to restore it you'll need to reassemble the parts and then take a moment to power it up again. When you repair your bot this way, you'll become mentally exhausted for a couple floors, during which time if it breaks again, repairing it might result in some...lower quality results - or else come at a high cost.

In addition to their tinker-bot companions, Tinkerers also have a chance to start with items unique to their class, called "Contraptions." There are only two kinds of contraptions so far - Grenades and Wind-up Turtles - but more are planned for future updates.

Those are the essentials of the new Tinkerer class, but there's much more to them that you'll have to discover for yourself. I'm excited to finally have the fourth class implemented and I think they'll find their place alongside the bully, wanderer, and poet as a valued addition to the game.

The next major addition to this update is the introduction of Catacoins. These coins are a kind of currency that you gain over the course of multiple runs by getting far and gaining reputations. Different reputations are worth different amounts of Catacoins based on how difficult they are to get, but even if you don't get any reputations at all, you'll still slowly gain Catacoins over the course of your runs to spend.

As for what you do with these coins, there's only one thing to spend them on so far, but I think it's pretty neat: You can spend coins to customize the otherwise randomly-rolled Kids, tweaking certain starting traits and equipment to create a kid that suits the way you play, but keep in mind that the more specific you are, the pricier the kid becomes. I've also removed the ability to continually re-roll new random kids at no cost: backing out to the menu and going forward again a million times won't get you what you want!

You can choose to spend just a few coins for a simple quality of life improvement, or save them up to roll an expensive all-star suited to your tastes -- but play well, to make sure they survive and make the investment worthwhile.

I've also made some changes to shopkeepers: They're no longer generic sellers-of-all things, but are instead divided into four different shop types: blacksmiths, magic dealers, potion brewers, and clothiers. In addition to each shop type offering different kinds of items, shopkeepers themselves now offers a service unique to their profession.
Blacksmiths can improve your weapon's stats and repair damaged equipment.
Magic dealers will sell you a single spell that doesn't require learning points to acquire.
Potion brewers will identify any potion type, for a price.
Clothiers offer enchantments for your armor and shoes.

What's Next?
So, now that this new class is out and the groundwork has been laid for meta progression in the form of Catacoins, my next major goals are the implementation of the third environment, the Deep Dark and the addition of Tier 3 boons, and transitioning development to Game Maker Studio 2. But like, in the reverse order from what I just said. Of course this all will be aalongside the continued fleshing-out of existing systems - adding more meals and meal effects, more things to purchase with catacoins, more spell overloads and trances, etc.

I'm Still Not Dead
Lastly, as I've mentioned before but will continue to mention for as long as it remains true: If you ever think I'm dead or have dropped off the face of the earth (like I know sometimes happens) Check out my on Mondays or Fridays - unless I'm out of town I'll always be dev-streaming from 3-6PM PST. We've also got a relatively active discord channel[] that y'all're all welcome to party in. But like, not a rowdy party. A really chill low-key one because honestly we're all tired but it's only Monday and we still have to be up tomorrow morning, and it's not even like we don't see each other often anyway, so there's no need to get all wound up when we all know we're just going to be back here again in a couple weeks.

So anyway, sorry this build took such a long time getting out - there were a lot of irritating and common bugs in the last version, and going so long without at least addressing them was pretty unacceptable of me. My bad. I'll try to do better forever. After all, what can we do but strive evermore for betterment - of ourselves, of the world around us - or else be crushed by the sameness and the worseness of all prior existence; softly smothered by the enticing and outstretched arms of the grand beast named Contentment with Mediocrity.

So you strive, stumbling at times, sure, but resisting that beastly embrace. And so shall I strive too - until I am Better. Until I am Best. And even further, until the infinite endeavors which lie beyond.

   New Class! The TINKERER!
      New Items - Grenades
      Robot Follower
   Custom Kids!
   Battle music!
   AC Forts!

   Oog now have energy for the void amulet to drain
   Changed some reputation requirements
   Large mushrooms are now heavier and bounce away creatures when not upright or when struck
   Mushrooms are know knocked away by attacks
   Improved Magic 101's charged tome attack
   Improved Magical Combat's charged tome attack
   As a Spellwright, projectiles from tome attacks will auto-aim
   Undo is now removed from your skill grid when its max charges reach 0
   Arrow types can be swapped by holding "Stow", even when having held/stown items
   Made Anticropolis background details better and more unique
   Added splash visual effect for entering water
   Added bubble effect to lava surface
   Changed explosion visual effect
   Changed flame wave visual effect
   Made icy slopes much more slippery
   Added a V-Sync option in Graphics options for Windows users
       Setting V-Sync to "ALT" should help WIN 10 users
       with their black fullscreen issue but may introduce other issues
       !!-This is only a temporary fix. A true solution is coming soon-!!
   Added option to disable contextual prompts in Graphics options
   Some changes to lighting in the Anticropolis
   Orb of Leveling light now cycles through colors
   Classing up as a wanderer more dramatically increases farsight distance
   Improved camera point of interest functionality
   Doubled charged duration of Soul weapons and added a damage penalty for losing charge
   Changed behavior of shadow strikers for Soul weapons
   Stronger enemies generate more shadow strikers when killed with soul weapons
   Changed the behavior of lanterns to make them more useful
   Lanterns now
   Wearing sandals, going barefoot, or being naked in the AC increase heat loss
   Sandals have less durability...
       Sandals/bare feet kick faster and increase freerun wall-run speed
   Boots have higher durability...
       Boots kick slower, and decrease freerun wall-run speed
   Heavy weapons and equipment increase freerun startup time
   Boots reduce damage from ground spikes 1 at the cost of durability
   Helms and Coifs reduce damage from ceiling spikes by 1 at the cost of durability
   Slightly reduced input window for heavy lifting creatures
   Added learned percentage of weapon skill to "Likes [Weapon]" description
   Shops now come in different types
   Shopkeepers offer different services based on their store type
   Added living space to shops
   Added background details to shops
   Merchants will buy your items for closer to their actual value with higher LUC
   Mixed potions now identify if their components are identified after being made
   Weapons clashing gains the attention of nearby creatures
   Disarming enemies while you have  now
   Using Grapple on enemies now  if you have
   Made gamepad input for mighty stomp harder to do accidentally
   Refined Air Dash behaviour
   Improved input responsiveness for quickly throwing things
       after taking Trajectory or Deft Throw
   Changed appearance of Trajectory throws
   Trajectory now briefly slows time when initiated
   Deft throw now has a slight auto-aim
   Weapons thrown with trajectory only bounce once
   Realized Amulet of  now only activates upon
   Reduced Amulet of the  range
   Increased INT requirement for enemy amulet use
   Can now ride boulders
   Can now initiate trajectory bow shots downward
   Crush trap chain reeling sound is now emitted from the crushing head
   Corpses are no longer valued by name length
   Humanoid corpses' worth now take into account their equipped items
   Added ruin structures to Anticropolis

   Fixed pools of water spawning incorrectly
   Fixed amulets de-identifying when INT drops
   Energy with Void Amulet drains one from max
   Input icon for class ability doesn't display when using controller
   Arrows behave a bit better in tight corridors
   Crash when drinking Potion of Cleansing Flame
   Icicles are fine in lava
   Flame pipes add excessive "Charred"s to corpses
   Teleport traps can spawn on the ghost and other "up-to-interact" features
   Boulder traps don't trigger over too-short distances
   Flame Wave, Infernus, and burning enemies don't properly produce light
   Fixed a bug with disabling out-of-view instances
   Interactable object title text is drawn in the wrong color
   Burrah-boi meal doesn't work at all
   Strange transparency artifacts with alphas while in fullscreen
   Solidified Lava in reaper room is rendered incorrectly
   Still climb up and down ladders while tracking/aiming lantern
   Can heavy lift creatures while already holding an item
   Heavy lifted creatures can be picked up by humanoids
       other than the one who initiated the heavy lift
   Ghost sometimes provides too many, too few, or incorrect trait options
   All the music was in mono BECAUSE I'M AN IDIOT
   Crash when ogo slime on feet explodes in a gas trap
   Crash when losing one's weapon-arm mid-attack while using a bow
   Potions are overly resource-intensive
   Firing a bow homes in on switches even when they're behind you
   Missing particle effect upon level up
   Breathing Masks don't work
   NB becomes unresponsive after being blocked or shield parried
   Using raise dead on a player in co-op doesn't restore their charge stars
   Dead things gain value as they degrade

Near Future TO-DO
   The Deep Dark
   Tier 3 Boons
   More Minibosses

   Disarm now disarms upon critical hit
   Some particles are drawing incorrectly
   Fixed 2-tile water flickering bug
   Tracking off-hand items as Wanderer doesn't properly show items equipped by enemies

   New Reaper Spell!
   New Amulet!

   Can now aim Chain Lightning's trance downward
   Reaper spells are now considered "Dark" for charge types
   Fully realized Amulets now have a (Realized) tag
   Push and Push trance now affect crush traps and falling icicles
   Amulet of [Void] no longer drains energy
   Absorbing magic with the Amulet of [Void] now restores energy to the bearer
   Amulet of [Void] no longer disables the Orb of Leveling
   Amulet of [Hunger] now has a fully realized version
   Enemy amulet abilities now tied to enemy INT
   Enemy amulet effects are now invisible unless you already know said amulet
   Can skip logo intro on main menu
   Blink trance now protects from projectiles and being crushed by the Grumbul Tank
   Pouncing with Chain Lightning's trance expends all minibolts at once
   Crash when trying to display context button prompts for nonexistent objects
   Tomed spellbooks sometimes the visual of being used when using another object
   Spellwright shopkeepers crash when casting an aimable spell
   Looting menu shows stats for last selected item when selecting Amulets
   Sometimes the same amulet type will appear and identify as two separate ones
   Sometimes two different amulet types will have the same appearance
   Plague poisons allies
   Plagued flame bodies are excessively explosive
   INT requirement for identifying amulets was wrong
   Another crash related to Reaper arena blocks spawning in
   Get stuck in ceiling while standing on grumbul tank with extra tough while it jumps
   The bottom row of tiles in a level is often cut off or misgenerated
   Running Water Anticropolis transition freezes during generation
   Thermal indicator shows during level generation

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