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Announcements / Undervault (now at Alpha v0.1.1) $
« on: August 22, 2017, 08:58:23 PM »   $3.00 Win/Mac/Linux/Android   Demo available

Undervault is a role-playing game with random levels and perma-death. Game level contains rooms of different types (kitchen, bedroom, treasury etc.).  Some rooms are 'unknown' and can be revealed by spinning roulette, or by using a room card. The only goal is to escape from the dungeon.

Each of the room types has its own special features. In kitchen you can find food and kitchenware; in arsenal – weapon and armor; chapel destroys enemies in nearby rooms; in bedroom you can rest and heal. Some rooms might have enemies. Fight them or avoid – depends on you.

Battles are turn-based with such features:
    Aim on different body parts – head, torso, legs
    Use active skills. Roar to make enemy retreat, punch to stun
    Consume items (syringe, bandage, pills)
    Character statutes and traits which affect battle
    Enemy AI which controls use of items and skills

More game features:
    Skills tree with ability to focus on different play styles (battle, stealth, room generation)
    Trading. Each trader in the game has its unique list of items and prices. It's possible to speculate with some items by buying from one trader and selling to another with a higher price
    Farming. All you need is room with soil and light, seeds and some time
    Mining. Dig new rooms or connections between existing rooms
    Character leveling system. Improve certain characteristics on each level
    Different room connection types - door, ladder, hole (move only downward), locked door (pull lever to unlock)
    Backpack system. You can take only limited amount of items to the next dungeon level (number depends on player stats and equipped backpack)

My first serious game is finally released. It was really hard and sometimes frustrating to develop. Especially it's true for art because I am not an artist and never did it before. While the game is still in development most of the core features are implemented. My plans for the nearest future are:   

    Polish art, UI, gameplay
    Make game easier to get into and improve overall usability

If I'll get a positive feedback and some funds for additional development I have some additional features in mind:

    End game statistics
    Daily challenges, leaderboards
    New content: items, enemies, rooms etc.
    Different playable characters, each with its own special feature

Anyway, check it out (demo is free) and share your thoughts about the game. Have fun!

An interesting and hopeful mix...

Nice---another fairly potent update and so soon!  That good momentum~   8)

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Patch Review Roundup #3)
« on: August 19, 2017, 11:54:22 AM »
Patch Review Roundup #3

Hello adventurers! This is a double-week whammy of update news, so let's get right to the highlights since our last roundup!

Tangledeep's 10th job is now playable! The Soulkeeper is an aggressive summoner that uses "Echoes" collected from monsters to power her abilities. Debuff enemies and wear them down with your crossbow while reviving fallen monsters to fight by your side (not to mention all manner of elemental spirits!)

The Monster Corral system has been revamped! Once captured and placed in the corral, monsters now have a variety of stats like Happiness, Weight, Rarity, and Beauty. Monsters can be Fed or Groomed to improve Happiness, Beauty, or both. Captured monsters also have certain foods they love or hate, so finding the right food will help them become happier even sooner. Happy monsters may produce certain items for you, even when you're away from the corral, so be sure to check back regularly!

Three new staves, 8 new magic mods (equipment properties), 6 new legendaries, and a number of new non-legendary consumable items can now be found.

Many shopkeepers now stock higher-level goods as YOU gain levels.

The Paladin job now benefits from "Wrath", a resource generated by blocking or using Smite Evil. Wrath will power up your Divine Fury skill (which replaces Divine Bolt), OR give you extra defense after using Shield Slam.

Adventure Mode death penalty has been reduced, many types of food are now better or have shorter Full time, ranged weapons have been tweaked, pet scaling improved, many abilities adjusted... the list goes on and on!

Several new tilesets have been added, along with dozens of new hit animations for the full cast of monsters.

Enjoy the new theme to the Casino by the composer for such classic games as GoldenEye, Banjo Kazooie, and many others!

The first and second boss fights have been further fleshed out and improved, with lead-in areas for both!

Completing a side area now gives you one (or more) special reward chests with a bonus chance for legendary/set item drops!

Announcements / Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.5.3)
« on: August 18, 2017, 07:53:26 PM »
Hey everyone,

0.5.3 started as a hotfix for some issues with 0.5.2, but got pushed back. This is because I wanted to add some much-needed content to Axu's story, lore and various other aspects. There are now some new story quests with the Ensis, Kin of the Deep, and Xul for you all to do. I've also added several new mutations, traits, and Vampirism! Vampirism is a pretty fun disease to catch. One large change in 0.5.3 is with enemies. They used to randomly use skills available to them, regardless of any cooldowns. This seemed unfair, as the player has to wait to use abilities.

Take a look at the changelog to see all the new stuff!


Matt (Cynapse)

    Manually picking up a similar item to the one in your Ranged slot stacks the items together in that slot.
    The Throwing menu now shows Throwing items first, and follows the scroll bar.
    Explosives and flasks of poison are now designated as throwing weapons.
    Having a throwing item in your Ranged slot displays the item's amount rather than ammo on the side panel.
    NPCs now use Stamina in all abilities they have, and have to wait for cooldowns, same as the player.
    A new disease: Vampirism.
    New main quests for Ensis, Kindred, and Xul.
    A new stat: Attack Delay. The lower the value, the faster you attack.
    New mutations.
    New level-up traits.
    Summon Spirits has been buffed.
    Mysterious Liquids now give more radiation than Irradiated Corpses.
    Slightly increased regen rate while resting.
    Reduced the frequency of radiation being given to the player through enemy attacks.
    Reduced Ranger of Xzol's ranged damage and accuracy slightly.
    Added the option to simplify damage numbers as a range rather than dice.
    A new, improved options menu.
    A consistent options menu between the title screen and the game.
    Altered the character creation screen a little to be more clear.
    Added a tooltip for the character screen. It shows definitions for each stat.
    The Character Creation screen remembers your last selected name, and places it in the NAME box by default.
    Reworked the name generator to give some actually pronounceable names.
    Slimmed down save file even further, and culled unwanted screens/npcs/objects past a certain threshold of turns.
    Hunger costs while on the world map halved while flying.
    Experiments with no legs still get an inhibitor attached to a limb.
    The Experiment felony now starts with random stats.
    The world map camera is now pixel-perfect.
    Test Subjects no longer have a ridiculous amount of intrinsic armor.

    Enemies cannot use their skills while stunned, toppled or frozen.
    Fixed some exceptions with quests being duplicated and causing errors.
    Fixed tileset oddness and a crash due to it.
    Fixed an issue where NPCs are killed mid turn, causing the player to stand there unable to move or act.
    Fixed level up traits being different than displayed after closing an alert to get to the traits menu.
    Fixed severed limb naming.
    Enemies now have energy resistances. Having a voltaic weapon no longer crashes the game upon hit.
    Firearms no longer have a sprite to display, since it was overriding weapon sprite.
    NPCs that have a ranged weapon to start no longer get "None" equipped when swapping to the firearm.
    Mute option now mutes weather sounds.
    The equipment panel doesn't scroll when you scroll on the inventory panel.
    Inventory and Loot panels scroll properly with many items.

Announcements / 20XX (now at v1.0) $
« on: August 17, 2017, 11:49:05 AM »  $14.99 Win

If you like roguelikes or Mega Man, 20XX is for you!

20XX is a roguelike action platformer that you can play with a friend. Jump and shoot your way through ever-changing levels, collect awesome new powers, and battle mighty bosses in the name of saving the human race maybe!

20XX also features full co-op. Play with a friend on the couch or over the interwebs!

20XX supports 1-2 players locally or online via Steam. (Online play is 90% stable at this time.)

~3 years in Early Access seem to have paid off at long last.   8)

Announcements / Re: Fame 0.9.14 Released
« on: August 12, 2017, 04:03:50 PM »

Despite extraordinarily high temperatures outside, I've been able to put together this release on time. The most eye-catching feature of 0.9.14 is surely the new Dungeon Mode. I'm not going to compete with Brogue or similar games - Fame is certainly story-oriented and it will remain such. The new mode is primarily for those who need a quick glance into the game and don't want to spend hours just looking for any dungeon filled with monsters. It was a relatively small change that may produce interesting results, so why not?

Regarding the story.
I'm still working on the mines. The progress is quite slow as it's not going to be just another bunch of identical dungeon rooms. This new site is meant to be huge and complex, with every part essentially different from others (both in terms of appearance and survival strategy). Eventually it may become the main dungeon in the game, but there's so much work left!

I haven't forgotten the old quests - many of them have been reworked and are now (hopefully) less annoying and perhaps a little more challenging.

There were a couple of important improvements in monster AI and general behavior. Most notably, neutral creatures are no longer obstacles to the player character and will gracefully step out of his way when pushed (unless they are guards!). Guards will from now on return to their post instead of chasing the intruder forever. Neutral monsters will move randomly rather than stand still if they don't have anything better to do. Undead companions will now automatically select the next target to attack. All intelligent creatures will attempt to pick up and use items (just as in previous versions), but now the effect of drinking various potions will be more coherent - meaning that you may expect similar results for monsters as for the player character. Last, but not least - now you are able to hear some monsters present in the current locations before you approach them, so that sometimes you can prepare for the encounter or just avoid it.

Apart from all that stuff, there are two big things happening behind the scenes. One is that monsters and NPCs slowly but steadily gain features that were previously available only for the player character. When that is done, the game will get much more complex and interesting, but there is way too much work to complete in a single release. The second thing is the ability of creating mods. Such functionality was available in older versions of Fame, but it 'disappeared' as I decided to distibute all the important data files in single 'archive' file. To restore that functionality is a huge task and once again it cannot be done in just one release, so I will do it in several steps, most likely one step per game version.

Quick summary:
    Dungeon Mode
    new levels in the Mine
    improved monster AI and general behavior
    improved starting quests

Full change log:
    new game mode: Dungeon Mode
    new dungeon branch in the New Mine
    improved a couple of 'starting' quests
    new rules for altering the align
    monsters can (and will!) drink all kinds of potions, mostly with identical effect as if the player character did it
    the key to the Large Dungeon must now be obtained through a quest
    two more items can be constructed by player
    the dungeon under Yveira's basement is now randomly generated
    undead companions now attack hero's enemies automatically
    hero can sometimes hear monsters present in the location
    pushing a neutral creature causes it to move; Shift + direction can be used to attack a neutral or friendly creature; removed the 'swap' command
    weapon skills now significantly affect chance to hit during combat
    newly added locations are from now on available also in old saved games
    guards now have their 'favorite' post where they return after a fight
    lunatics are no longer hostile towards the hero (until attacked)
    neutral monsters now wander randomly if they don't have any target to attack
    improved tips in the Character Creation window
    ASCII mode for 'Hall of Fame' and 'Statistics' windows
    the key Shift must be used instead of Ctrl to move into an open door
    the 'Load Game' window now displays version number even for non-supported save versions (and '???' for corrupted files)
    Shift is not displayed in keybindings containing a printable, non-letter character
    [editor] big objects consisting of any number of tiles are now properly inserted
    [editor] the 'big objects' group on the toolbar now contains only valid objects
    [bugfix] trapped Black Tower door (and other traps near the map edge) no longer crash the game
    [bugfix] staircases in caves no longer get overwritten by other objects
    [bugfix] the entrance to the Forest Dungeon no longer mysteriously disappear
    [bugfix] fleeing monsters following the hero into another location no longer crash the game
    [bugfix] certain artifacts no longer fail to appear in the statistics
    [bugfix] Quest Log no longer blocks keyboard after being closed by pressing [Q] while in details mode
    [bugfix] keyboard shortcuts firing skills in the Skill Window work properly again
    [bugfix] landmines left on a special cell (e.g. in a special room regenerating HP) no longer fail to explode
    [bugfix] the 'easy aim' item bonus is no longer displayed twice

Saved games from versions 0.9.9 to 0.9.13 are still compatible with 0.9.14.

Have fun!

Feature Friday #100

Added a new item: phase-shift grenade. It shifts the dimensional phase of everything in its area of effect.
    Added a new geological transition in very deep caverns.
    Added a UI option to display a message in the message log whenever you're in combat and your turn starts.
    Added a debug option to disable the limit of one defect per character.
    Missile weapon descriptions now display additional statistics, including weapon skill type, number of projectiles per shot, ammo use, and accuracy rating.
    Added a new debug wish: curefungus. It removes all fungal infections.
    Fixed an issue that prevented non-phased creatures from passing through phased walls.
    Fixed an issue that caused your character's color not to properly change based on HP and status when the new message log was enabled.
    Fixed an issue with Mark Target's cooldown.
    Fixed an issue causing monsters to fail to properly melee attack across map boundaries.
    Fixed an issue that caused baseline neutral monsters not to attack you after you've provoked them.
    Helping Hands no longer adds additional arms when you equip it to the thrown weapon slot.
    Fixed some engraved items still not depicting a historical event.
    You can now avoid steam damage by phasing or flying over it.
    Changed the default rendering API to DX9 on Windows, which should fix some issues with low-spec machines reporting DX11 support but crashing on launch because they didn't fully support it.

Events and News / Re: Roguelike Radio podcast
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:01:26 PM »
It never claimed to be something other than the coffee break style of Roguelike, it is right there on the Steam page and everything.  ???

Not every Roguelike has, or should, be of the mega project variety---it takes all types to make things interesting.

Announcements / Re: Dungeonmans (now at v1.7a8)$
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:33:35 AM »

Armor Warding
Heroes pushing into Adventure Maps of threat 18 or higher will encounter the occasional Warding Seal, magic used by Foomwardens of old to increase the power of their armor. Layer by layer, you will build up warding over time, creating a trusty set of protection that will let you charge into ever greater danger.

Warding has three different effects:
For Light 'Armor', Warding adds additional % to your Light Shield size.
For Medium Armor, Warding adds AP Gain.
For Real Armor, Warding adds flat resists to Melee and Ranged damage.

Just a heads up, the AP Gain on Medium Armor is not huge right away, so don't go feeling like Medium Armor is a must have.

Weapons with default modifiers on them, such as the variant Polearms and Wizard Staffs, will no longer show up as magical if they are not.
Buying out all of a shop's inventory will put that Shopkeeper out of business, unless...

Bug Fixes
Fired Up Rangermans powers no longer accessible without being Fired Up!
Right clicking to identify no longer dances around the fact that Identify Scrolls might not yet be Identified!
Weapon and Armor racks no longer have a chance to drop 0 loot (boring!) and can drop better loot at higher levels, including the rare legendary if you are lucky.
Status effects tick correctly when walking up/down stairs, meaning Banner particles won't get stuck on you anymore.
Salford's Sealant should no longer accidentally seal away the wrong magic on items with 3 or more stacks of the same enchant.
Foomwarden enchants can be applied correctly to Psychofocii.
Perks should only show up once in the character sheet.
Lizardmans Popes should not be able to die and leave you without a portal.
Fixed some fiddly paper doll stuff.

Announcements / Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.2.2)
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:19:57 AM »

Hello and welcome! New version of Dungeonlike is out with some additions here and there, including the Talar Scroll of Wholesale which speeds up the process of selling masses of loot. Apart from that I have made a bunch of changes to quicken first levels of the game, as skirmishes often felt drawn-out. Early enemies are slightly less durable now and new "Bloodloss" conditions should allow for even faster combat, once you get an advantage in a battle. All changes listed below.

Some changes, especially optimisation of AI and modifications done to level generation are a form of ground work for new features I have in plans. These actually took majority of my time since last release, which is why the list of changes is not that long. I will post some information about what is coming up, as I probably should keep you guys informed about what I am working on and what is the general roadmap for upcoming releases.

Saves from earlier versions will not work.

New Stuff:
    Talar Scroll of Wholesale added. It is an item that you can purchase for 500 gold from the general store. It sells all reachable (eg. not blocked by doors or walls) items on a given floor for 75% of their price, but saves a lot of your time.
    Gold is now always sorted to reside at the top of any item stack and is picked up automatically (without passing a turn) when walked over (player only).
     Levels which do not contain the player still remain active - up till now time would stop once player has left.
    Creatures can now follow their targets between levels.
    When creating a spell or attack, player can now choose scaling stats instead of static ones. Attacks which use scaling stats will automatically recalibrate each time you level up their primary skill and can be set to scale with 20/40/60/80/100/120/140/160/180/200% of that skill.
    Spells which have duration will now allow to modify their duration independently of their power.
    Severe bloodloss (50% and even worse at 75% blood missing) will affect the creature negatively, making it slower and weaker. This actually serves two purposes, as it makes semi-dead creatures easier to dispatch and therefore speeds up the combat, but it will also draw player's attention to his own low blood levels. I managed to bleed out insisde the town on one playthrough because I simply forgot that I was bleeding and the game didn't really draw my attention to it, so this should make such deaths avoidable.
    Armor penalty will now also reduce movement speed. This is a very minor reduction, but it means that heavily armored enemies will not catch a mage or archer that quickly.
    Level generator refactored to prepare for future features. What you will see at the moment is that staircase rooms will never have monsters, and general density of monsters is far more balanced. No longer will you see 5 empty rooms just to find a band of orcs in a small room behind the corner.

    Costs of "Line" AOE spells were incredibly high (higher than circular AOE) for no reason.
    Message system sometimes would report that a creature received damage after it was already dead.
    Countless optimisation changes. The game offers now much faster AI operations, faster pathfinding, less redundant checks and so on. This was necessary in order to allow more than one level to be active, and will be crucial for some of the future features I have planned.

    Killing enemies in early game took way too long in comparison to later enemies when you build up more attack power, so I reduced the endurance of early enemies to avoid running around that much and waiting for them to bleed out. This should speed up early game considerably.
    While implementing independent duration stat for spells I rebalanced a lot of enduring spells as some of them were still in a "prototype" state.
    Made all the dogs and wargs a bit weaker, as they were a bit more intimidating than I have actually planned.

Alpha 31

So first off: I released a version of Alpha 31 earlier today, prematurely. If you ran this version, all of your unlock progress may have been deleted. I'm very sorry about this, and I'll be taking more precautions in the future to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again. If your progress got deleted, send me an email (my email can be found at the bottom of and I'll send you a file with everything unlocked.

Pretty much every major thing that was wrong with the previous iteration of Character Creation has been fixed. Check the list below for the full details.

I’ve also started work on Floor 4 - Downtown. It won’t be done for another couple of update cycles (likely September 7th), so the next update (August 24th) will probably be on the light side. If you want to help out with this new area, you can discuss ideas in this week’s Fortnight Discussion.

I’ve also started work on porting the game to consoles. So yeah, that’s a thing now.

Alpha 31
Character Creation (and related gameplay)
Custom characters can be used in multiplayer mode, as long as it’s not a non-password-protected internet game
Character data is now stored in the My Documents folder (or Mac/Linux equivalent)
It is now possible to change a character’s eye type and color, and add an accessory
Many balance changes made to point values
Character Creation interface has been prettied up
Added “Clear Slot” button
New selectable traits: Unstoppable-ish, Ultimate Butterfinger-er, Sausage Fingers, Scientist Slayer, Specist, Diminutive, Naked, Blahd Basher, Crepe Crusher, Zombify, Flesh Feast, Fair Game, Serve Drinks, Charismatic, Malodorous, Addict
New selectable items: Drink Mixer, Slave Helmet Remote, Steroids, Codpiece, Bacon Cheeseburger, Banana, Whiskey, First Aid Kit, Rock, Combat Helmet, Freeze Ray, Ghost Blaster, Shuriken, Axe, Translator
New selectable abilities: Enslave, Sharp Lunge
Traits and Abilities are now capable of canceling out other traits and abilities
Trait, Ability and Item descriptions may contain “Recommended” text to indicate other things that go along them
Custom characters can get Achievements and Unlocks.
No longer necessary to switch to Sandbox mode when using characters that exceed the point limit. However, players will be unable to get Achievements and Unlocks.
Placed caps on the number of Traits and Items that can be selected before the player exceeds limitations
Button added to allow alphabetical sorting in addition to point value sorting
Sorting takes “locked” status into account
Some missing items added to starting item selection
Gamepad button prompts only appear when using a gamepad
Error message will appear if you try to give your character a name that is already taken by an existing character
Deleted characters are immediately removed from the Character Select screen
Fix for facial hair appearing as the wrong color in the big character select image
Pressing Start on the gamepad to save the game while inputting a character name will now save that name properly
Assorted fixes for gamepad navigation in character creation screen
Fixed more cases where “E_” text was appearing when performing certain formerly character-specific abilities
Fix for new custom characters sometimes starting with the wrong hair, skin color, etc.
Fix for custom characters who got zombified resurrecting with incorrect body type
Fix for custom characters with “The Law” not being able to see whether a person was guilty or innocent
Fix for custom characters with “The Law” not being aligned with Cops
Fix for Taser not being available to custom characters when No Guns mutator was active
Fixed bug where the last button on the Traits and Items lists was not appearing
Fix for “Killer” on Stats screen reading “E_Custom” at times
Fix for NPC custom characters not having wolf heads, robot heads, etc.
Fix for player not being able to change the color of wolf heads, robot heads, etc.
Fix for original head appearing behind wolf heads, robot heads, etc.
Fix for larger body types not being sized correctly on the Character Creation screen
Fixed timing of certain Character Creation screen sound effects

Around 100 new sound effects

Fix for fan translations not appearing properly when turned on until after the game was restarted

Fix for accessories like Sunglasses sometimes appearing over hair when they weren’t supposed to

UI / Controls
Fix for pressing space to select random characters on Character Select working weird in Home Base with more than 1 player active

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for Arresting animation not completing properly when arresting Slaves
Studious and Super Studious do not take effect when the player loses XP
Turf Warrior has been replaced with one trait for each gang: Blahd Basher and Crepe Crusher

Sandbox mutator now allows you to do missions, but does not require them in order to get to the next level

Fix for appearances of “purple worm man thing”

Updated Unity engine from 5.6.1f1 to 2017.1.0p2

Updated 2D Toolkit plugin from to
Updated Rewired plugin from to
Updated Steamworks dot net from 9.0.0 to 10.0.0

Prep work for Downtown levels
Prep work for console versions

Alpha 31b
Fixed issue where character select wasn't working properly and people's unlocks were getting deleted

Events and News / Re: Roguelike Radio podcast
« on: August 10, 2017, 04:11:14 PM »
Appeals to realism ring hollow if you are not following up with looking into things before passing judgement---especially antagonistic judgement.   Baseless critique alone gives rise to nothing, both in a sense of value and outright.

There's ample cause within any given week/month/etc of updates and releases across a wide spectrum of projects for optimism in the scene---this is the liveliest era yet wrought by far, without question.

Announcements / Re: PosChengband (now at beta v7.0.0)
« on: August 10, 2017, 11:49:50 AM »

I've begun a substantially redesigned 7.0 version, mostly in response to monster related issues and player effects. While I am not finished playtesting, I have tested enough that what I have seems stable and playable. 7.0.0 is available in the usual spot, but only those brave and eager for design changes should attempt this. I'll keep playtesting ... I had planned to sit on this 'til November or December, but having so many local changes not pushed to github makes me nervous (and once I push, people will play, I think).

Monster Issues:
Playtesting the recent monster additions revealed numerous problems, and investigation led to frustration with the existing system and, therefor, another major re-write. I've redone monster melee, monster auras, and, most aggressively, monster spells. I can go into issues if you like, but perhaps it will be better to just browse the commit history if you are curious. I tried to explain my reasoning whenever possible. Dont' browse r_info.txt unless you wish to spoil stuff ... Try playing "blind" instead!

Monster spells are now lored, and you can legitimately learn damage numbers with enough experience. Try playing without easy_lore and easy_id ... The lore system is quite good, IMO. And player omniscience does make the game much easier (not to mention spoiling anything new I might add).

Many monster types have been redesigned. Some new types have been added. Many of the recent 6.1 additions have been dropped (e.g. the Steam stuff) as there was just too much. For example, there is no need for new unique angels, but some work on the existing ones should do the trick. Go slay Azriel and Raphael (preferably in melee), and let me know if we really need new, harder stuff

Player Effects:
While working on monsters, its hard to avoid considering player effects. If the only way to improve monster difficulty is to bump up raw melee damage, then the game goes in a direction I dislike. So, player effects were changed:

[1] Free Action: No longer all or nothing. FA entitles you to a saving throw: one per source. (TODO: More late game monsters need PARALYSIS, I think).

[2] See Invisible: No longer all or nothing. SI entitles you to a "skill roll" to notice an invisible monster: one roll per source of SI. Which skill? Why, searching, of course!

[3] Hold Life: Very interesting changes here. I won't spoil, but powerful undead monsters (especially uniques) might have something nasty in store for you!

[4] Stun: Redesigned effects (for players and monsters alike). Effects are smoothed out, and more significant, I think. Monsters, on the other hand, had an off-the-wall ridiculous stun system where the least stun affect made them miss half their moves, miss half their blows and fail half their spells (non-innate). They now use the same system as the player.

[5] Poison: No immediate damage. Instead, all damage is delayed. You'll see a poison counter in the current version. Poison is much harder to cure and many things only cure it partially.

[6] Nether: A significant portion of nether damage has been siphoned off into ... something nasty. So there will be a bit less direct damage.

I'm sure I'm forgetting major changes ... Many bugfixes and game balance issues.

Oh, and a new score system. The old scores.raw was segfaulting by (1) keeping raw ids in the score table; (2) attempting to display without calling init_angband. Many monster races need a valid r_info to work. The new system is available with ~H or from the Birth Welcome Screen. It is a single user system, not designed for large concurrent access (as in the old, original VAX days). Don't delete files in the scores (apex) directory unless you know what you are doing. The system keeps dumps for you, and you can view them directly from the high score listing. Also, live characters are added to the score list so that if, like me, you have large numbers of currently active characters, there is no need to wait until they die/win to see them.

Finally, I haven't been on-line for the last 4 months or so. Any issues or complaints raised on oook in that time will be addressed in a future release.


Events and News / Re: Roguelike Radio podcast
« on: August 09, 2017, 04:09:34 PM »
Then why have any impetus to cast aspersions upon it?  Why not just have that be a springboard into actually checking it out in more concrete detail if you heard something that stirred you one way or another?   :-\

Let's keep it cordial/inquisitive/exclamatory/etc around here---not defamatory and negative as that ill serves the place.

Events and News / Re: Roguelike Radio podcast
« on: August 09, 2017, 11:55:56 AM »
What is this nonsense Krice?   :-[  Golden Krone Hotel is pretty clearly a Roguelike on top of this being needlessly invective out of damned nowhere.  Simmer down and knock it off. 

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