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Announcements / Re: Prospector has returned! (now at R205)
« on: December 17, 2017, 08:11:24 PM »

Some quick fixes, and linux versions.

+ Quick Fix: Crash in map generation fixed
+ Filter added to ordering items
+ Character creation bugs fixed

(Well, i thought I was rather quick at least...)

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 40) $
« on: December 14, 2017, 09:36:47 PM »
Alpha 40

Trading cards are FINALLY available! So get collecting!

I also made a rather large number of balance-oriented changes this update. If you’ve been playing the game on a regular basis, I’d recommend skimming through the whole list.

The next update will be on the “light” side, as I’ll be spending a week traveling for the holidays. I’ll be starting work on the Level 5 at the beginning of next year, so now’s the time to start making suggestions in this week’s Fortnight Discussion: Level 5 - Uptown!

Alpha 40

Big New Features and Content
(Though a lot of the bullet points further down could probably qualify as well!)
Steam Trading Cards added
Loadout-O-Matic appears in levels. Player can purchase any of their starting items, including loadout items. Note that this may not work properly with saved games from previous versions
Vendor Stand appears in Park levels. Player can purchase items from Bartenders or Shopkeepers.
New Trait: “Honor Among Thieves” given to the Thief at the start of the game. Allows him to purchase discounted tools from other Thieves, and also prevents Thieves from stealing from him
Medical Professional has completely changed. Rather than giving a health bonus for using first aid kits, it allows the player to restore the health of their followers, once per follower per floor
Accuracy is now known as Firearms, Strength is now known as Melee
Firearms (formerly Accuracy) now affects damage, spread of rapid-fire weapons, and cooldown for non-rapid fire weapons, in addition to the percentage of time auto-aim is triggered

Fix for multiple televisions spawning on top of each other in one of the hotels
Fixed a case where Sawblade movement could potentially go in the wrong direction
Fixed a case where a tube in a factory was spewing gibs in a slightly incorrect position
Fix for a Goon in one of the Banks facing the wrong direction sometimes
Fixed an instance where a Crusher could push its way into a window
Fixed instances where certain buildings had 2 locked doors and no computer, since this could result in cases where the door would be impossible to get open without the right items
Changed placement of a number of Gas Vents
Lakes that are poisoned when the level loads can no longer contain Enraged

Playfield Objects
Fix for player or NPCs sometimes being blamed when Alarm Buttons were destroyed due to natural causes
Laser Emitters can be disabled with the Wrench
Slightly more difficult to destroy Fire Spewers
Fewer Trash Cans are spawned in levels, but they are never empty
Reduced size of Gas collider

Cost to hire NPCs is a bit less
Cost to hire people is dependent on your floor
Cost for Doctor to heal you is dependent on your floor
Cost to purchase Slaves is lower when they are not being rescued for a mission
Fix for cost of muggings from Mobsters being a bit higher than intended

UI / Controls
Auto-Aim can be disabled from the Control Setup menu
When the player moves the cursor over an NPC or holds the space bar, status effects are shown
Fix for health bars of other players not appearing above their heads in online multiplayer mode when the player holds space bar
People can no longer Jump while in a Trip animation

Item cost is affected by the current floor. As the player progresses, items become more expensive and can be sold for more money
Player can get better deals on items from Shopkeepers and Drug Dealers after enslaving them
Reduced base extra cost of cloning items in Clone Machine
Increased base price of Giantizer pills from $50 to $80
Bartender is capable of selling more than 2 drinks
Tranquilizer Gun costs more and has a smaller initial ammo count
Shopkeeper no longer starts the game with Kill Profiter
Doctor now starts the game with the Tranquilizer Gun
Scientist starts with the Leafblower instead of the Tranquilizer Gun
Bartender NPCs now serve Cocktails, which will give you a completely random positive status effect
Fix for player being able to use multiple Hacking Tools on the same object, and only losing the first Hacking Tool
Fix for items sometimes remaining for sale after multiplayer client had purchased them
Fix for player not saying “I can’t pick that up” when inventory is full, after gibbing someone in very close proximity
Fix for items sometimes making a noise that could attract people nearby, if two items were spilled at the same time in close proximity to one another
Fix for never being able to see the contents of Cocktails that you clone

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Hacker has a 50% chance for their hack to cause an alarm, rather than 100%
Hacker can hack Slave Helmets being worn by Slaves
Hacker can hack the Killer Robot
Always Crit effect time reduced to 20 seconds
Giant effect time reduced to 20 seconds
Shrewd Negotiatiator benefits improved a bit
Crepe Crusher Blahd Basher, Scientist Slayer and Specist give the player more skill points for killing members of the opposing class
Cannibal receives extra health for eating people who have been “cooked” by fire
Wrestler’s Toss move does more damage
Backstabs are easier to perform - The player will always attack in a forward motion when they have the Backstab trait and are in the proper position
Sleep Killer is now completely silent
Sleep Killer does not gib people anymore
Soldier starting Endurance is now 2 instead of 3
Investment Banker’s Speed, Strength and Accuracy stats are higher
Withdrawal causes reduced strength, speed and accuracy
Nicotine lasts for 30 seconds, freezes the timer on Feelin’ Alright, and freezes the effects of Withdrawal
Clumsiness Accepted now allows you to break people’s walls without them becoming Hostile
Modern Warfarer regenerates health to 15 instead of 20 when Low Health mutator is active
When Werewolf is running low on time before transforming back into a human, numbers will appear over his head. The same goes for Assassin’s Camouflage
Fair Game cancels Suspicious, Charismatic and Malodorous in character customization
Bite cancels Strict Cannibal, and Cannibalize cancels Jugularious
Bite has a chance to give 2 health instead of 1, with a slightly greater chance of the number being 1
Bite costs 10 points in character customization instead of 5
Fair Game gives a 10 point benefit in character customization instead of 7
Assassin’s Accuracy stat reduced from 3 to 2
People are knocked back a proper amount when blocking hits from Primal Lunge and Sharp Lunge
Flesh Feast no longer works on dead people, it was functionally too similar to Cannibalize. However, it now restores 3 health instead of 2.
People turn into Zombies after dying more quickly. The amount of time had previously been extended to allow for more Flesh Feast hits
Zombie Phlegm charge time has been reduced
Darts can no longer randomly cause Paralyze, since this could make the player a sitting duck if it occurs near a turret
Players with Tech Expert have a 100% chance to turn off Security Cams and disarm Door Detonators when interacting directly
When NPCs laugh at the Comedian’s jokes, the chance that they will join their party is less predictable
Fix for Traits not being removed properly on New Character Every Level for clients in multiplayer games

Stats / Unlocks
Fix for only the server player in multiplayer games receiving nuggets when someone completes a mission where nuggets are the reward. Now, all players will receive the nuggets.

For Neutralize missions, it is now possible to threaten people to leave town (or ask them nicely if you have a good relationship)

Added 30 seconds to the “Find Bombs” disaster

Fixed crash when loading saved games with “New Character Every Level”

Level Generation
Cops are no longer spawned near Power Boxes if the Radiation Blast disaster is occurring
Varying number of cops is spawned near Power Boxes, rather than the number always being 2

Artificial Intelligence
If an NPC is Hostile toward a player, they will no longer immediately become hostile toward another player upon seeing both players at the same time
Fix for NPCs standing at the exact same spot as one another when “All Stand Guard” command is used
Added “All Follow” command for when the player has told more than one party member to Stand Guard
Prices for services are now properly affected by the player’s relationship with the seller in all cases
NPCs in combat are not as scared of large groups of players
Fix for NPCs who are Submissive to the player not always having the correct relationship with other players
Cops react properly when the Power Box that they are guarding is hacked
Normal Cops become Hostile if you destroy an Alarm Button
Fix for Thief not being able to steal from player when the PVP was turned off in Settings
Fix for Thief sometimes trying to steal from players who are dead or had disappeared
Fix for property owners becoming Hostile if the player takes something from one of their owned chests (Safes, etc.) after the player has purchased a Key or Safe Combination from them
Fix for Ghosts not always acting properly if Gravestones were destroyed by natural causes rather than a specific person
Fix for issue where NPCs in buildings where quests are taking place are aligned with the player for no reason

Added proper descriptions for Strength and Accurate status effects

It is now possible to revive other players from the dead using money
30 second timer for players to get the the elevator instead of 60 seconds. The same goes for the other timer that appears when everyone has reached the elevator

Unity engine updated from 2017.2.0 to 2017.2.1

Updated Rewired plugin from to
Updated 2D Toolkit plugin from to

Announcements / Re: Unangband (now at v0.6.6)
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:21:23 PM »

Fixed a few bugs and irritating things. Bugfixes will continue, but I will now be mainly working on the major changes for 0.7.0 (quests, etc.).

DISCLAIMER – Most of this post is highly technical. If your just want to know what the next release will be, stop at this: 0.7.0 will be a major update, focusing on the addition of quests to the game.

I believe I have stated before that I will endeavour to implement many of the features which Andrew left in his TODO file. Accordingly, the main focus for Release 0.7.0 will be quests. This is a complex issue. Little bits of code related to quests are scattered throughout the source, from calls to the check_quest() function in xtra2.c, which in all current releases simply returns, to checks in the dungeon generation and monster placement to determine effects. After significant puzzling, I have figured out the way in which the quests were being implemented. In order to make things clearer, I have refactored some of this code into a new file: quests.txt . While this makes things clearer, however, the code so far remains a collection of hacks layered on top of each other, many of which are not practical to refactor at the moment.

I am making slow but steady progress. Due to other commitments, I do not have as much time to work on this project as I would like, but I retain my estimate of releasing 0.7.0 in spring or summer of 2018. In order to show you all that I have not forgotten about this, I have pushed my WIP to a new branch: expdev .

Announcements / Re: Prospector has returned! (now at R204)
« on: December 13, 2017, 01:31:48 PM »

Finally managed to relase a new version. Still a lot of things to do, but also a lot done and improved. Hoping to get back to a higher frequency of releases again.

!Savegames not compatible!
+ Ion storms and black holes added
+ Better engines now use fuel more efficiently
+ Crash landing no longer means instadeath
+ Adaptive bodyarmor has now additional advantages (And one again it used to have)
+ Air rushing out of ships now works even if done from the outside!
+ Rocket launchers now work
+ fixed a display error regarding wages in config
+ No more wierd behaviour when docking with more than one ship in one field
+ Setting wage to low number before hiring now affects morale (thanks to HisShadow forpointing out this loophole)
+ Mouselook and you can now use the mouse for menues,clicking on the map on planets makesyou walk to that place
+ Some balancing, polishing and minor bugfixes

+ Tile mixup fixed
+ Selling towed ships should work again
+ Hallucinations work as intended now
+ fixed a bug in ship landing
+ Spacecombat targeting now works with arrow keys too
+ you can now set standard wage in config

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 39) $
« on: December 13, 2017, 01:23:05 PM »
Alpha 39

New Features
Traits and Reward Items can be removed from their respective in-game pools, so they will no longer appear if you don’t want them to once they’re unlocked. There is a minimum number of items/traits that you must have in the pool, which increases the more you unlock.
Trackpad Mode - Attack in the direction you're facing, rather than the cursor position. Added this because trackpad aiming is near impossible. You can finally play on an airplane. Can be toggled in the control settings menu.
Added optional on-screen timer, which can be turned on from Gameplay Settings. Good for speedrunning.
Added option in Gameplay Settings to place Player Identifier circle underneath the player in single-player mode

UI / Controls
Another attempt at fixing the “can’t scroll through in-game menus” issue that pops up occasionally with the gamepad. Let me know if this still happens. I’m not talking about the main menu, just the in-game menus like the buttons that appear when you interact with something, and the end-of-level Trait selection
In Couch Coop mode, each player’s targeting crosshair has a different color
Game should do a better job of figuring out which gamepad should be assigned to which player without the user having to manually go in and assign them
Gamepads 2 through 4 can no longer press the Accept button on the main menu, to avoid confusion when the gamepads configurations are not set up for the game itself
Health bars appear over people’s heads when the player holds Space
If the player accepts a “Retrieve Item” mission, then picks up and drops the item, it will have an arrow above it, where it did not before
Fix for missions 1, 2 and 3 not appearing greyed out when talking to an NPC about an optional mission
Fix for optional mission arrow and line not appearing on the map screen when talking to an NPC to accept the mission
Fix for mission-giver icon not appearing on the map for all types of missions on multiplayer client
Fix for game sometimes believing the player is still holding down Special Ability when they enter and return from menus
Fix for Character Sheet Scroll Bar appearing oddly if the player scrolled to the bottom and then removed a large number of Traits
Fix for Quick-Health button displaying incorrect messaging when used at full health with “Low Health For All” mutator turned on
Fix for Page-Up and Page-Down-assigned gamepad buttons not working properly on other menus after the player viewed a Scrolling Menu
Fix for player being able to combine items in their inventory by dragging and dropping, rather than right-clicking first
Pressing Cancel or Esc on the title screen causes the Quit Game prompt to appear
Multiplayer information that the player enters from the title screen (like IP Address) is saved between sessions

Fix for pathfinding issues in one of the Arcade buildings

Water Puddles and Oil appear beneath floor decals like Blood and Slime puddles
Fix for gun appearing in both hands when the player performs Primal Lunge
Fix for client players not appearing to die properly on host when they were knocked out and killed while on the ground
Fix for Dizzy Stars not appearing if a person became Knocked Out while Invisible
Fix for Walls not changing color properly when screen turns red from Werewolf
Fix for checkered floor not always appearing in correct position in Home Base
Fixed certain instances where the player could appear with a consistently east-facing mustache

Playfield Objects
Player cannot start Arena fights if one of the Laser Emitters has been destroyed
Took extra steps to ensure that people cannot be knocked through Arena’s Glass Walls

Kill Ammunizer gives the player less ammo per kill with “Low Health for All” and “Everyone Hates You” mutators active
Fix for player sometimes having an item count of 0 if they choose a Loadout item that is already one of their starting items
Fix for NPCs with Resurrect not dropping their items when they are Knocked Out
Fix for player sometimes not being able to properly interact with items on the ground when their inventory is full

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Fix for Jock sometimes changing Charge direction after being knocked back
Fix for NPCs sometimes emitting sleep Z’s while walking around while Invisible
“Friend of the Common Folk” cancels out “The Law” and “Fair Game” in the Character Creator
Bloody Mess and Cannibalize cancel each other
Jugularious and Medical Professional cancel each other
Naked and Suspicious cancel each other
Naked’s point value is -5 instead of -3
Fix for NPCs losing the “Guilty” tag if a player Possessed and then Depossessed them
Fix for Possessed Thief sometimes ending up with a permanent Sticky Glove icon above their head
Class Solidarity no longer prevents the player from attacking people they need to kill for missions
Fix for No In-Fighting not always working when used player-vs-player
No In-Fighting is applied to when melee weapons hit other melee weapons, so that they will not hit each other
Potential to Not Suck functions on skill levels past 12, if you somehow get that far
Class Solidarity allows players to attack Hostile NPCs, and allows Hostile NPCs to attack the player
Fix for Fair Game, when applied to NPCs, not scaring other NPCs away

Fix for in-game sounds stopping during the next game after player fails Hidden Bombs disaster
Fix for not all sounds stopping when giant explosion occurs at the end of Hidden Bombs disaster
Fix for Equip Weapon sound effect repeatedly playing when NPCs were commanded to destroy certain objects

Fix for issue where coop players would not respawn as a Ghost if they died shortly before another player who died with Resurrect

Stats / Unlocks
Players with Zombiism cannot gain Skill Points for killing NPCs with Zombiism since those NPCs cannot become Hostile
If the player purchases a Loadout item and then leaves the Home Base without starting a new game, their Nuggets will be returned to them

If the player reaches the game’s nugget limit of 50, they will receive items for optional missions instead of nuggets
On missions where a Prisoner needs to be killed, owners in the building are properly marked as Guilty

Fix for New Character Every Level not working properly when the player chooses to start with a Custom character

Level Generation
Fix for Trash Cans and Vending Machines sometimes spawning not directly next to a wall

Artificial Intelligence
If the player Bites or Cannibalizes someone, NPCs who are already Annoyed will turn Hostile
Questgivers become Friendly toward the player upon completing a Mission (results in lower shop prices amongst other benefits)
Hidden NPCs (Bushes, Manholes) will no longer talk to the player under various circumstances
Fix for NPCs not pathing properly around Refrigerator
Fix for NPCs “trembling/twitching” around certain objects
NPCs that the player must neutralize for missions will not get scared and run away players with Zombiism
Fix for Zombies with Resurrect not being Hostile toward anyone upon resurrection
NPCs will attack most locked wooden doors when commanded
Fix for Mobsters ceasing to Mug a Comedian when they don’t like his Joke
Fix for only one of the Mobsters listening to a Joke actually reacting to the Joke
Fix for player being able to offer Mobsters money if they became Friendly, Loyal or Aligned
Fix for non-owner NPCs sometimes having difficulty navigating their way out of buildings
Fix for Zombies sometimes remaining Aligned with NPCs who owned the same building as them post-Zombification
Fix for Zombies being initially hostile toward Security Cams, Turrets, etc.
Fix for NPC followers who come to the next level with the player not always having proper initial relationships with everyone on the next level
Fix for DNA Connected Prisoners not following the player when they are released from prison
Followers will follow the player into buildings with Gas
If the player wins an Arena fight, spectators will become Friendly
Fix for Arena spectators sometimes appearing to get scared during a fight
Arena payout is multiplied by the number of NPCs the player fights
NPCs no longer run away from dangerous NPCs who have exited the level
Fix for owners not reacting if they see you open a Do Not Enter door
When someone joins your party, they will always become Loyal toward other players and the other people in your party, unless they are already Aligned. If they are dismissed from the party, they will go back to being Neutral, or whatever their initial relationship was
If players join a game late, the other agents’ party members will be Loyal to the new player

Improved Paralyzed description
Changed Mysterious Elevator description text to make it more obvious how to see the different floor requirement
Made it slightly more obvious that you can load characters from the hard disks
When attempting to quit, text explicitly states that the game is saved at the end of levels
Changed Loadout instructions to be a bit more clear

No longer possible to get past the first laser without being injured
No longer possible to get stuck with the Rock not spawning
Banana is no longer available from the shop

Potential fix for memory leak issue

Alpha 39b
Fix for buttons in Home Base sometimes being highlighted in grey when they weren’t supposed to be
Fix for Filter text sometimes appearing incorrectly on Join Internet Game screen
Fixed multiplayer issue where end-of-level elevator could bring up character select. May have fixed other bugs in the process, such as the bug where objects appear the wrong spots on the client, or level is generated incorrectly on the client.
(This one’s for the Unity coders out there) Fixed a bunch of instances where static variables changes were inadvertently sticking around after the scene was changed, which will probably fix a few random issues.

Alpha 39c (December 2)
It is now possible to shut off Gas Vents that are constantly spewing by using the Computer
Fix for gamepad players being able to see text from moving the cursor over icons on the small minimap while on the Missions Screen
Fix for minimap not disappearing in 2-player coop when one player becomes a ghost and the screen becomes fullscreen
Fixed some screen transition issues when a player dies and becomes a ghost in 2-player coop mode
Fix for game remaining in slow motion if player was dragging an item with the mouse when the inventory was forced to close due to falling into a Hole, becoming Dizzy, etc.
Fix for minimap not updating properly when walls are destroyed
Trait display on left-hand side of the screen cannot spill onto multiple lines
Players cannot type /invite while playing LAN games, since these do not support Steam matchmaking
Health bars do not appear over NPCs’ heads when player holds the Extra Info button while in the Home Base
Gamepad Cursor movement speed on Missions Screen is no longer tied to frame rate and screen resolution
Fix for players getting a choice of 4 traits at the end of levels, it’s supposed to be 3 unless you have Jack of Extra Trades
Increased trait choices with Jack of Extra Trades from 4 to 5
Fix for player not being to add Syringes of the same type to their inventory when the inventory is full
Fix for certain character classes saying error messages when they refuse to join your party
When Player 1 is set to Keyboard, Player 1 Gamepad bindings no longer appear on the Gamepad Setup screen
Fix for controllers continuing to vibrate when the player enters menus where the game is paused
Normal cursor appears on the main menu when Esc is pressed rather than Target

Alpha 39d (December 3)
Fix for bug that was causing the game to freeze for some players when the player was meant to select a Trait at the end of levels

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 39) $
« on: December 13, 2017, 01:22:44 PM »
Alpha 38

New Features
Added four-player split-screen mode. Must be turned on from the Gameplay Settings menu.

Updated localization for all territories - LOTS of new translations
Fix for certain text on the main menu not appearing properly when Fan Translations were activated

Arena fights can no longer be started when the power in the building is out
Status effect-causing lakes will no longer contain Acid unless the player has put it there
Fix for players being able to teleport into bathroom of Arcade

Hologram can no longer be hit by Train and Mine Cart

Fix for Shapeshifter being headless after Depossessing Gorillas
Fix for Oil Spills sometimes appearing beneath rugs or other floors
Fix for Burnt or Frozen people not always appearing that way of the burning or freezing occurred off-screen
Fix for NPCs often facing the wrong direction while pointing their guns on multiplayer client
Fix for Flamethrower particles appearing to go too far past Glass Walls after hitting them
Falling bombs have a shadow sprite

UI / Controls
When someone disappears for whatever reason, their word bubble text disappears as well
When playing as Zombie, the player will not know who is Hostile by mousing over them until the person actually sees them and becomes Hostile
Fix for Wrestler’s “Toss” icon (and potentially some others) appearing when the player is a Ghost
Player can no longer attempt to Quick-Teleport while in the Home Base
Fix for Scroll Bar not appearing on character stats in-game
Future free versions of the game will no longer state that the game will be saved when quitting
Fix for “Can’t Teleport To Yourself” text on map screen not displaying properly in offline games
Fix for top-of-screen UI elements not disappearing when the player enters the Main Menu
Fix for icons not appearing on the minimap if someone other than Player 1 opened it first
Fix for issue where gamepad players could shoot a gun and then move faster than normal by rotating the right analog stick while the gun was remained un-holstered
Fix for Player 2 UI appearing on Player 1’s screen in split-screen coop
Fix for camera initially being in the wrong spot after switching the 2-player camera from Full to Split in the Settings menu
Fix for Clock not moving out of the way of minimap in 3- or 4-player mode
Minimap appears in 2-player split-screen mode
Minimap appears in bottom-right corner during 3-player Full-Screen mode
Players can teleport in 3- and 4-player mode
Fix for RT and LT button icons not appearing properly at the start of the game

Playfield Objects
Fix for part of Crusher remaining after being destroyed by huge Explosion
Fix for certain cases where Fire Spewer would not fire
Changed Tree collider slightly to avoid player clipping situations
Killer Plants no longer snap at Ghosts
Fix for Killer Plant bites not always registering
Fix for Killer Plant, Fire and Explosion sometimes knocking people in the wrong direction

Fix for Ghost Gibber stream going through Glass Walls
Fix for Gas Mask not always working properly
EMP Grenade can be used to remove Slave Helmet
EMP Explosions affect objects behind walls
Fix for people with Pacifist trait not being able to equip Oil Container
Fix for client player in online matches dropping duplicates of “undroppable” starting items items like Taser and Slave Helmet Remote on death
Fix for Taser not working properly if chosen as a starting item and also chosen as a loadout item

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
Flesh Feast now allows people to gain health when using weapons other than Fist
NPCs who are infected with Zombiism before death will stay dead a bit longer before turning into Zombies
Fix for Wrestler not getting kill credit when inflicting status effects on NPCs with thrown objects (i.e. Toilet poisoning someone)
Fix for Wrestler not receiving credit for repercussions of destroying a computer by throwing it
Fix for Wrestler not always equipping correct weapon after throwing an object
Custom characters cannot go into Withdrawal in the Home Base
No longer possible to create a character with both Suspicious and Charismatic
Fix for being able to choose Skinny Nerdlinger and Unstoppable-ish at the same time for custom characters
Inanimate objects can no longer gain status effects
Fix for people losing Frozen status effect when they gain health, this should only occur when they lose health
If a player Possesses someone, a safeguard has been added so they cannot immediately Depossess by accident through spamming the Possession Stone object
People who are Frozen while in combat can be Backstabbed now
Fix for issues occurring if player attempted to perform various Special Abilities while starting to Teleport
When the player unlocks a new trait or traits, those traits are normally the first available when the player gains a level. As of this update, those traits will not appear if they are useless to the player’s current chosen character
Fix for NPCs having difficulty navigating around Fire Spewers and certain other objects
Players lose Above The Law and Upper Crusty if they buy when Possessing someone and then Depossess
Fix for NPCs who have Resurrect and are knocked out not resurrecting if they are killed on the ground
Fix for issue where NPCs who were knocked out and resurrected would not become attack the person who had knocked them out if they had not been previously hostile
Fix for Lunge, Zombie Spit and Charge attack issue where player could continue holding down the Special Ability button past the point where the attack had concluded, which would cause weird movement

Fix for occasional internal errors when bullets hit walls when the player was extremely close to the wall

Fix for Equip sound effect not playing when the only available weapon is Fist and the player uses the scroll wheel to choose Fist repeatedly

Fix for players being able to teleport into the bounds of Hedge Mazes
Fix for not being able to teleport from Dirt floor tiles
NPC party members will no longer teleport alongside the player when the player has commanded them to perform a certain action
Player can teleport while rescuing an NPC if that NPC has been commanded to perform an action

Stats / Unlocks
Fix for Destruction stat not increasing when the player destroys walls using a melee attack
Fix for player gaining an extra Destruction point for throwing objects with Toss ability
Player receives credit for killing people by knocking them into hazards
Player receives credit for Leafblowering dangerous items like Bear Traps into people

Fix for being able to teleport during the Find Bombs disaster, and not being able to teleport when it’s over

Level Generation
Removed ‘Holes in place of canals’. I dunno, I don’t love it.

Artificial Intelligence
Fix for NPCs continuing to sleep in beds or sit in chairs after the Wrestler had picked up the object
NPCs will no longer accept health items from the player when their health is full
Ghost no longer stops to avoid obstacles like Train
Zombified Slaves do not become Mutinous
Upper Crusters will not attempt to run and find an Alarm Button while enslaved
If Supercops are enslaved and set free, they will not continue searching for the person they were originally sent to kill
Upper Crusters, Cops, Supercops, and people in gangs will not become hostile toward other people who have Ideological Clash
Fix for NPCs sometimes continuing to dance after being Tased
Ghosts no longer flee Zombies or other types of danger
Fix for people sometimes saying their “annoyed” speech after the player uses Hypnotizer Mark I on them
Soldiers are always aligned with one another
Zombies will not refuse orders to attack someone due to low health
Fix for Zombies getting Annoyed when player started Cannibalizing, using Vampire bite, or Possessing someone nearby
Fix for Prisoners not becoming Loyal to the player if they were Friendly when released from prison
Fix for NPCs permanently attacking thin air when commanded to attack an open door or other object that could not be hit with melee attacks
If the player uses DNA Connection on someone, then dies and resurrects as a Ghost, and then the other person dies, that person will not follow the Ghost
NPCs stop dead in their tracks when the player begins Arresting or Biting them, rather than continuing to slide for a split second, to avoid them sliding out of the player’s interaction bounds
Fix for NPC Dizzy movement continuing when the NPC is being Arrested or Bitten
Fix for people with custom character trait “Zombiism” not speaking the same language as full-on Zombies
Fix for Gorilla being able to understand Comedian’s jokes without a translator
Fix for Zombies being hostile toward a player with Zombiism if they started a new multiplayer game with zombies in that stage
Fix for Mobsters attempting to do gang/mugging stuff after becoming Zombies
Thief no longer steals Tranquilizer Gun from the player
NPCs can no longer “bump” other NPCs who the player has commanded to stand in place

Edited Pacifist description to indicate that not all types of Thrown weapons can be thrown (such as Bear Trap)

Created new Show Floor version of the game

Alpha 38b (November 17)
Added extra safeguards for errors occuring when loading save files
A few localization fixes
Fix for some menu text not loading properly when starting the game in Fan Translations mode
Fix for all syringes being Invisible
Fix for wreckage sometimes appearing the wrong color initially
Flesh Feast description now reads accurately
Fix for dead people’s arms sometimes appearing to hover above their body on multiplayer client
Potential fixes for a few weird/inconsistently appearing multiplayer issues
Goodie Dispenser will not give you items that you already have in your inventory
Fix for NPCs not avoiding Slime Puddle
Fix for players not being able to give certain starting items to other characters when playing as custom character

Alpha 38c (November 19)
Fix for Zombie on Character Select sometimes appearing with incorrectly colored legs
Fix for Hacking not functioning properly in 2-player split-screen mode
No longer possible to Steal from, Bite, or Chloroform other players when PVP mode is turned off
Placed limit on the speed at which a person can be knocked back
Charismatic characters will still be hated by the appropriate character classes when they have Blahd Basher, Crepe Crusher, Specist and Scientist Slayer
Water hitting people and objects on multiplayer client no longer causes them to flash
Fix for Shapeshifter losing Invincible effects when Depossessing
Giants can no longer fall down small holes like Manholes, since they can’t fit
Fix for Refrigerators sometimes containing only money when certain mutators were active
Sharp Lunge is no longer selectable as a Special Ability for custom characters. I got a lot of people telling me how OP this is, and it was really just intended as a Werewolf-mode ability anyways
Cops are no longer seen as Innocent when the player is assigned missions that take place in Police Stations
Fix for Jock sometimes being able to phase through walls after using the Charge ability to jump out of water
Fixed text issues that were supposed to be fixed in the previous build.
Potential fix for in-game menu selections occasionally not working properly with the gamepad. Let me know if there are still issues with this

Announcements / Re: Axu (now at Alpha v0.6.0!)
« on: December 11, 2017, 01:33:52 AM »
v0.6.0  8)

Hey everyone,

So 0.6.0 is finally here and stable! I've been working hard to get this ready ASAP. Not much has changed from the experimental, except for some minor bug fixes and a start at porting ability code to accessible Lua for modders. For those of you who skip the experimental branches, there should be plenty to like here coming from 0.5.5c. Check out the changelog below for more information.

I've written up a small portion of feature arcs I would like to start working on. These are goals that will help make the game a whole new and unique beast.

NPCs that are hostile and within 1 tile distance to you can follow you between maps/up and down stairs.
NPCs keep their health values when transitioning between areas.
Daily autosaves.
A slimmed down UI.
Light sources for map objects that illuminate areas.
A new component system for items, taking the place of the "ExtraParam" malleable property and a few others.
You can wield weapons with mutated hands, but not gloves. The mutated limb item becomes your new "fist-like" weapon for unarmed attacks.
New equipment sprites.
New tiles for stairs and caves.
Return Pads show the biome and local position they're set to.
Corpses can be butchered to have all parts as individuals. With higher levels of skill, you can more easily keep each limb intact. If you fail the check, the limb gets converted to "Raw Flesh".
Added the "removetrait" command to the console.
Added the "startquest" command to the console.
Console commands can now be used in quest events.
"give" and "grant" commands can now work with item IDs.
Resting heals 1.5x as fast.
Removed "Give Items" from NPC blueprints in favor of letting quests use console events to do that functionality.
Simple Lua script support. Functions can be called from quests, with a reference to the player's body. Some abilities have been ported over to Lua as well.
The powerplant spawns within 4 world tiles of the initial starting location.
Added the ability to create new locations on the world map.
Static NPCs can be given unique dialogue.
Added a new kind of teleporter that is automatically set to a specified unique location.
New Ravensong Games logo.
Objects that have been viewed are now visible, but darker, when out of sight.
Enemies, similar to the player, no longer die from poison or bleeding directly.
Reworked poison and bleed resistances. There is a small chance to resist damage completely, rather than just halve it.
Items that give Endurance now increase HP and ST by a small amount.
Enemies can have resistances to status effects.
You can pick up entire stacks of items by holding Ctrl while in the loot panel.
You can buy and sell stacks of items using the same Ctrl method.
There is a new command to drop an entire stack of items.
Ability levels and XP persist between saves.
Enemies will no longer throw items through walls.
Fixed a bug where saving and leaving a screen would flip all objects on that screen upon returning.
Fixed an issue with stat modifiers and charge components on items causing them to default to generic values, or get copied or added to by the most recent instance.
Fixed a bug where NPC body parts were pointing to the original blueprint's parts rather than a new instance.
Fixed a bug where you were able to go outside the world map, causing errors and destroying saves.
Many more bug fixes, tweaks, etc that I have forgotten to write down.

Now with a tentative gist of a roadmap too:

Feature Arcs
After defeating foes, they may drop a "corpse" item. This can be cut into pieces, serving as food, or even allowing you to gain new body parts to replace severed limbs. Some unique foes may have their body parts fashioned into weapons or other useful items.

After meeting a certain person and gaining their trust, the player can learn the ancient technique of Mindwalking. Using this ability allows the user to enter the minds of sentient creatures. Here, they can perform a large number of actions: Destroy the host's mind, convince them to join you, gain new abilities, and even learn some back story. This ability is limited, and cannot be overused, lest the user becomes insane.

This is a large arc that will undergo many changes throughout development. In the short-term, I will be changing the way the player acquires abilities and traits. Leveling up will simply increase your maximum health and stamina. All other stats will be affected by the choices you make in-game. Abilities will be learned from NPCs as quest rewards, or through other means. Traits, much like stats, will be granted through training and player choices. Enemies will scale by time elapsed and current player level, rather than simply the latter.

Player Base:
The player can stumble upon an intact building that would service well as a home base. Here, they can send followers, construct various mechanisms that will aid them, train skills, and rest for a while.
While venturing through the wastes of Axu, the player may contract many illnesses and diseases. From limb-severing Leprosy to the Crystallization of body parts. (Un?)lucky characters may become a vampire who thirsts for the blood of the living. This arc encompasses mental maladies as well. Becoming disassociated from reality may have some interesting effects.

Apart from diseases, other bodily horrors can alter your character. Mutations can change your body structure, giving you extra limbs, or fusing several together. Some can restrict the gear you wear, or simply affect your stats. Body structure is a very important part of Axu, so I will continue to add various mutations as I progress through development.

This is an ongoing arc that encompasses the entire story of Axu, including the four unique endings available. The player can choose to side with the Ensis or the Kin of the Deep, ally with a mysterious faction of outcasts and mutants, or forge their own path and lay waste to all that oppose them.

Infinite Scaling:
[Post 1.0] Upon choosing a specific ending, the player stays on Axu with unrestricted potential. There will be no caps on stats, attributes, levels, or enemy difficulty. Hypothetically, you could keep playing forever and always face a challenge.

Announcements / Re: Nethack Fourk (now at v4.3.0.4)
« on: December 10, 2017, 09:32:31 PM »
That became A Thing in the Win 7 era in terms of strongly encouraged practices and triply so with the advent of Win 10---it is weird and down to a sort of streamlining predictability in terms of admin permissions and such, but that's about how it goes if they want to minimize OS friction at a high level.

Announcements / Re: Xenomarine (now at Alpha 4 Steam EA) $
« on: December 08, 2017, 11:55:40 PM »
Alpha 4

Time for a pretty big update! 40 new alien types/variants, alien plants, destructible environments and lots more…

NEW: Added 'alien plants' which grow in alien caverns (from level 2; 8 variants)
NEW: Added new base enemy type: ‘slicer’ (from level 9; 12 variants)
NEW: Added 3 new enemy variants for all base alien types: 1) phase-shifted, 2) dark blue and 3) multicoloured
MOD: changed level generation to increase range of enemy variants on levels 1-10
MOD: improved drone AI to allow targeting at up to range 3
MOD: improved alien AI so they find alternative route when blocked by other aliens

NEW: 3 new base scanner types for detecting traps and secret doors

NEW: Walls, furniture and doors can now be destroyed by weapons with 'explosive' damage type
MOD: Weapons with 'explosive' damage type automatically destroy crates and barrels

NEW: ammo now shown numerically for equipped weapons
NEW: camera follows player option now uses smooth camera panning
NEW: improved map scrolling with mouse (scroll speed frame-independent and relative to zoom level)
FIX: ‘no ammo’ pop-up text now shown for weapon equipped in left hand
FIX: added info about scrolling map with mouse+alt-key to controls screen
FIX: increased width of top-left ammo display text to avoid text-wrapping with more than 99 ammo

MOD: increased rocket launcher to hit chance
MOD: power of mind globes increased from level 8
MOD: can now retain battery when scrapping flashlight with full (>=1000) battery power
MOD: reduced duration of radioactive damage debuff by 40%
MOD: increased weapon range of combat drones

MOD: improved display for results of hacking data terminal
MOD: more detailed information shown for hacking electronics data
MOD: hacking aliens data now includes drones, eggs and alien plants
FIX: bug with data shown when hacking electronics data

NEW: 7 new random tips added
NEW: New Unity splash animation
NEW: pressing F1 shows random tip in main log
NEW: added log message for when combat drones become hostile on taking damage
NEW: character stats screen now shows effect of encumbrance on weapon skill
NEW: added support for Mac Retina screens
FIX: information panel (e.g. for achievement) sometimes hidden behind terminal/inventory panels
FIX: log message for destruction of barrel no longer refers to ‘crate’
FIX: destroying a barrel no longer unlocks the ‘vandal’ achievement
FIX: error with item description for blade converter, and for weapons with blade conversion
FIX: removed visual artefacts (white vertical lines) while scrolling map on high-spec systems
FIX: speed of movement with keys held down now frame-independent (better for high-spec systems)
FIX: bug with mechanic for missed thrown weapon attacks
FIX: bug with target indicators when using mouse to target area effect weapon
FIX: stimpacks introduced in Alpha 3.3 can now be used from inventory
FIX: bug with occasionally failing to unpause game after using security terminal
FIX: hallucination visual effect not loading from save
FIX: improved log message when aliens trigger traps
FIX: improved formatting of mousehoverinfo for drones
FIX: bug with description of traps in inventory screen

Announcements / FIQHack (now at v4.3.0)
« on: December 08, 2017, 01:19:36 PM »

Today on December 7th, alongside Fourk, and exactly two years after the release of NetHack 3.6.0, I am happy to announce a release of FIQHack.

FIQHack is a NetHack variant aimed at polishing the base game, adding quality of life features, and improving monster AI, behaviour and symmetry with players. It also has various other changes such as buffing weaker items, making the later parts of the game tougher and reducing reliance on spoilers by attempting to provide more information in-game. The variant is based off NetHack4 and thus comes with the NetHack4 interface. (Effort has been made, however, to provide options for those who prefer the "classic" NH3 interface.)
Play online (Recommended)

Playing online allows you to share your score with other people, discuss the game and encounter each other's death piles, perhaps with a tough challenge awaiting.

US server (Vermont): or ssh

EU server (London): ssh

EU server (Germany): or ssh

You can chat with other online players at the #hardfought freenode IRC channel. You can also participate in the #nethack-variants channel on RLdiscord at


Linux/Mac: See for how to compile it.

Major changes
    Object searching: use Ctrl+F to search for objects you've seen
    Autoswap: automatically swap a melee and a ranged weapon as you whack/fire projectiles
    Spell maintenance: recast self-buffing spells automatically spending energy
    Monster lookup: Upon farlooking monsters, click on them with : to get information about their attacks, resistances, AC, etc
    Object lookup: Inspecting items for more information gives actual useful details
    Energy regenerates much faster, making it easier to cast spells early
    Monsters will use far more items and will do so far more intelligently
    Improved monster/player symmetry in general, monsters can now do several things only players could (e.g. getting intrinsics from corpses, wishing), and vice versa (players can be slowed/cancelled)
    Dragons are twice as fast and twice as smart as before
    Innate resistances are now typically partial, reducing damage by 50% or effects by up to 67%. To get complete immunity, wear items that grant the resistance, including magical properties that now spawn on mundane gear!

Full changelog:

Bug reports
You can report bugs with the game at

Contact me
You can either reach me in #hardfought or #nethack4 on Freenode's IRC, or by @FIQ on RLdiscord. You can also send mail to fredde1994 (at


Also now on with any proceeds aiming to go towards some new art tech to grease the path of good progress yet to come.   8)

Announcements / Nethack Fourk (now at v4.3.0.4)
« on: December 07, 2017, 01:32:38 PM »


Today, December 7th, 2017: a day that will live in infamy. The roguelike gaming community was suddenly and deliberately attacked by NetHack Fourk version, which has been unleashed upon the world to wreak whatever havoc it may.

Play Online (Recommended):

    US server (Vermont): ssh web
    EU server (Germany): ssh web


    Precompiled binary for 64-bit MS Windows:
    Source for version (PKWare ZIP format):
    Source for version (tarball):
    Source repository: git clone

Build Instructions:

    For all Unix-type systems (Linux, BSD, Mac, etc.), see the regular README:
    For MS Windows, instead see:

Major Changes (since
    New tilesets have been added (see full list below).

    More race/role options and differentiation. If you've always wanted to play as a Dwarf Priest, Giant Samurai, or Scurrier Ranger, now you can. (Scurriers are a race of bipedal humanoid rodents. They are fast and have innate digging ability.)

    Each type of armor now has minimum and maximum sizes for who it will fit, so if you are a small race (e.g., Gnome) or a very large race (e.g., Giant), you may not be able to wear everything. (However, Giants start with ten extra points of Defense, compared to other races; and Gnomes can see in the dark.)

    The speed system has been overhauled: various sources of speed (or temporary slowness) now stack with each other, so e.g., if you are wearing speed boots, drinking potions of speed will still provide a benefit: they speed you up even more.

    Many of the special levels now have new versions.

    The life cycle of dragons has been extended. Watch out for dragon halls, which may contain elder dragons or even ancient dragons.

    Potions of healing and of full healing no longer have an overheal effect; for that you specifically need potions of extra healing to give you "extra" healing above your maximum.

    There is now a scroll of consecration, which can be used to create an altar (or, if confused, a magic chest).

    There are now role-specific and in some cases also race-specific ways to improve your alignment record.

Other Changes:
    New monsters, including jitterbugs and gryphons. (The latter can be saddled and ridden, if you can tame one.)

    The following have been buffed: lances (including Dragonbane, which knights can get via crowning); cornuthaums; stealth; speed (intrinsic, extrinsic, and temporary speed now stack); giant spiders (web spinning attack); monster hitpoint regen; Trollsbane; quarterstaves (improve spell-casting success rate); Elbereth (works against most humans; but not against your quest nemesis, sorry); scrolls of scare monster; Mjollnir (it no longer hits and shocks the thrower 1% of the time); scroll of stinking cloud; crystal balls

    The Priest and Caveman quest artifacts have changed.

    Wielding Stormbringer now causes peaceful and tame monsters to attack you while you are wielding it. (It does NOT cause you to attack things you don't intend to attack.)

    End-of-game item identification, and the dumplog, places information the player character did not know in brackets.

    More conducts are tracked than before.

    Yellow lights emit light with a larger radius than before.

    Ghosts are invisible.

    Teleport control is disrupted by the mysterious force when you are carrying the Amulet of Yendor.

    Food no longer has a random 1/7 chance to be rotten when you eat it.

    Bribeable demons will no longer accept tiny amounts of money.

    Fire Brand and Frost Brand are now short swords; but they can be dual-wielded together. Also, Sting can be held second to Orcrist, for two-weapon combat.

    By default, bones will not load on special levels; this includes Minetown and Delphi. If you want bones to be loaded even on special levels, you have to go into the options and change the bones setting to fully enabled.

    The numbers of experience points needed to reach various levels has been reduced, significantly.

    There are several new types of shops. (They are, however, rare.)

    Looking things up with whatis (/) now gives useful information.

    For more details on what has changed, see the changelog:

    Automatically-generated spoilers area also available. If you have a local copy of the game, you can generate your own using the #spoilers command in debug mode (they are created in the same directory as the xlogfile and livelog). You can also find the automatically generated spoilers, as well as Sokoban spoilers, online at

Which tileset to show is selectable in the options. All tilesets are available in the SDL client (only text tilesets otherwise). The list of tilesets included with the game is now as follows: * text-unicode (NEW, differentiates all dragon ages) * text-legacy (for if your terminal doesn't know UTF-8) * text-ascii (for that fully retro look, no weird characters) * geoduck (graphical but with elements of the text symbols) * slashem-16 (basically the vanilla default GUI tileset) * slashem-32 (NEW, 32x32, 8-bit color) * dawnlike (16x16, 4-bit color, very distinctive art style) * fmob (NEW, 24x24, each tile has one foreground color, plus black) * rltiles (32x32, 32-bit color)

Feedback and bug reports can be submitted in the following ways:

    IRC is the fastest way to get an answer. You can leave feedback in the #nethack4 channel on Freenode, which is shared between NetHack4 and its major variants (Fourk and FIQHack). Mentioning the word Fourk in here guarantees that I will see your message when I am next online.

    Bugs can now be reported in the public bug tracker, (Please bear with us if this is a bit slow. It's a new installation, and we still need to do some performance tweaking.)

    Correspondence about NetHack Fourk may also be sent to jonadab either on the Freenode IRC network or by email (at If using email, please make sure that the word "Fourk" is included in the Subject: header of your message. (I get a lot of junk mail and rely absolutely on whitelist filters to bring actual relevant messages to my attention. If the Subject has Fourk in it, Arsinoe will see the message in my POP3 inbox and /msg me.)

    For other options, see


Announcements / Re: Catacomb Kids (now at Early Access v0.1.4) $
« on: December 05, 2017, 03:23:25 AM »
Yo! It's update time!

This one might not seem too big at first but there are quite a few changes of note beyond just bug fixes:

Firstly, I've finally moved development fully over to Game Maker Studio 2. This is a much more friendly development environment from my end, and in addition to a number of improvements to the IDE that will make the game much easier to work on it also addresses issues that were a result of using GMS1.4, such as the black fullscreen on windows 10.

Secondly, I've started implementing shaders! I'm still learning about them so don't expect anything too fancy just yet, but with the first couple effects implemented -- heatwaves over lava, distortion to things under water, and a much improved "loud noise" effect -- the way is being paved for implementing much cooler visuals and replacing old ones with more computationally economical effects, which should ultimately help with the game's performance.

However! I am! Aware! That this build does have a few visual oddities as a result of both of the above facts! For instance, the shaders will occasionally render on top of UI elements, and the scrolling text that shows up when you level up or learn a spell might come with some strange side effects. These are all things that I'll be working through in the coming builds, but they tend to be relatively minor (as far as I know!) and don't impact the game too much aside from very occasionally looking pretty silly.

And of course, if you don't like or have technical issues with the shaders, you can disable them in the Options menu to go back to the way it was before!

Lastly! After much ado we've finally got Windows and Mac versions building in the new dev environment, but unfortunately Linux users will have to wait a wee bit longer! We literally (literally literally, not figuratively literally) only just got the Mac build working late last night after hours of trying, and, fingers crossed, the linux version will be coming sometime later this week.

   Game is now being developed in Game Maker Studio 2!
   Added 3 new meals and meal effects
   Added new environmental hazard to upper dungeon
   Added shaders!

   Can now track entrance/exit doors, boulders, and teleport traps
   Tracked objects now have arrows pointing to off-screen instances of them
   Increased Catacoin value for depth
   Invisible byats' eyes are no longer visible unless they're attacking
   Removed hold-to-aim for spellwright to avoid conflict with trance and overload
   Can now see the exact health of undead followers
   Changed the behavior of teleport:
      It now can either warp immediately or leave a waypoint
      After leaving a waypoint, casting teleport again will bring you to it
   Can now cancel teleport aim by jumping or attacking
   Mushrooms now lose their poison regardless of how they're cooked
   Cooked mushrooms no longer poison water forever; only when they're first cooked
   Improved Anticropolis ruins

   Black fullscreen in Windows 10
   Crash when tinker-bot picks up chests
   Unable to cast spells when stuck in a wall
   Teleporting into a wall with your last charge of teleport doesn't kill you
   Incorrect description text for clothiers enchanting headgear with +Light
   Fishanha meal does't work
   Tracking light-emitting objects as a pathfinder lights all such objects
   Owl-men corpse and zombie heads don't change color to match the rest of them
   Potions of might, regeneration, and haste last for 660 ticks with resourceful
   Tank door spawns on floor 10 in anticropolis
   Tank still spawns in place of the twins
   Amulets are equipped to missing arms when looted from corpses
   Looting corpses behaves strangely with hates/likes weapons
   Weapons near explosions and fire sometimes burn forever (behaving infernally)
   Weapons thrown with deft throw and trajectory don't deal any damage
   Shops sometimes don't upgrade your equipment (fixed?)
   Arrow ammo draws incorrectly in co-op
   Crash when attempting to loot the other player in VS mode
   Cold burst has no name when casting
Near Future TO-DO
   Leaderboards (for serious this time)
   Flesh out Encyclopedia

GearHead2 v0.700 catch up!   8)

This version catches GearHead2 up to the improvements made to GearHead1, and fixes some problems that have been around since v0.630. Here's the complete list of changes:

*Fixed last chapter deadend bugs
*New graphics for fortress, spaceships

*Updated character generator (chargen.pp)
*ExpressDelivery info display now works (services.pp)
*Cosplay changed from separate program to main menu option (cosplay2.pas)
*Some illegal characters removed from filenames (texutil.pp)
*Obsolete memos no longer appear in browser (arenascript.pp)
*FillRectWithSprite can now accept offsets (sdlgfx.pp)
*Bishounen now gives +10 reaction bonus and universal admiration (interact.pp)
*Added nonbinary, undefined genders and romance options (ghchars.pp)
*Improve Stats menu shows stat descriptions (training.pp)
*Default weapon name should now be correct (ghweapon.pp)
*Color menu is properly recentered when screen resizes (colormenu.pp)
*String input routine now uses DynamicRect (sdlgfx.pp)
*SDL screen now resizable (sdlgfx.pp)
*VGFX_Zone changed to object with GetRect method (vidgfx.pp)
*Fixed "Ask About Rumors" abrupt conversation end (arenascript.pp)

Feature Friday #113

We did a bunch more work on the cooking framework and design. We plan to put a version up on the beta branch, probably next week.
Saved games are now output to a temp file until the save is complete. This means that save files are much less likely to get corrupted if there's a crash while saving.
You can no longer perform the water ritual with an NPC via telepathy or any other means that allows you to talk to them from a non-adjacent space.
Auto-explore and walk now stop for fungus puffers.
Fixed the Ego penalty on items displaying as "--X".
Fixed soup sludges not tracking their state across saves properly.
Fixed an issue causing some effects not to get properly removed.
Fixed an issue causing hidden effects to be counted on the character sheet.
Fixed an issue that caused you to spend a turn when you were pushed around by an explosion.
Fixed an issue causing molting basilisk's poison to be permanent.

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