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Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 47) $
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:31:16 PM »
Alpha 47

As promised, I did a bunch of work on new Disasters this week, nearly doubling the current Disaster count! Check the changelog for the full list, and let me know what you think of them -- too easy, too hard, too dull, whatever.

There are still more disasters to come in the future, but for next update, I’ll probably be doing a big bugfix pass, because the list of bugs that y’all have reported is getting dangerously close to toppling over at this point.

For this week’s Fortnight Discussion, I’m looking for some input on new temporary status effects you’d like to see in the game...

Alpha 47
Ooze - Dangerous Ooze is spreading through the level...
War Zone - There’s a war going on between Cannibals and Soldiers, who spawn infinitely while you complete your missions.
Bounty - There’s a bounty on your head, and random people with concealed weapons will attack you when you get close
Lockdown - All doors are locked, and no one will let you in. Also, the Cops are Hostile.
Shifting Status Effects - Everyone in the level receives a new, randomized status effect every 10 seconds

Non-Playable Characters
Butler Bot - Appears during the War Zone disaster to clean up bodies and items and save your frame rate. To be honest, your frame rate might still get killed. I’ll be doing more performance work soonish.

Screen no longer shakes when an NPC kills another NPC
Fix for NPC lighting not adjusting properly after the NPC had died
Fix for “falling down hole” animation becoming frozen on rare occasion
Fix for light and shadow remaining when people fall down holes on multiplayer client

UI / Controls
Exclamation marks and sound effects no longer appear for rioters

Playfield Objects
Mysterious Elevator in Home Base now has a sign over it to indicate its function and avoid confusion

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
“Increase All Stats” effect from Cocktails lasts 60 seconds (as intended) instead of forever
Being hidden in Bushes no longer protects the player from Radiation Blasts
Fix for Dizzy not going away when the person is hit and loses health

Level Generation
Fix for Bathhouse bathroom door triggering NPCs to become Hostile
Fix for bathroom in one of the Movie Theaters counting as “outdoors”

Artificial Intelligence
Added “Retreat Indoors” AI behavior, and other stuff for Ooze disaster
Fix for NPCs not properly determining their objects of interest during disasters that made them want to stay indoors
Fix for owner NPCs sometimes wandering into buildings that were not theirs
Supercops are now Friendly toward custom classes with The Law
Fix for Cop Bots and Supercops becoming Hostile toward players who arrested Guilty people
Fix for Upper-Crusters not becoming hostile toward the player immediately when the player attacks them as a Cop
Fix in Supercop’s Investigate behavior (after spawning through a Police Box) - After reaching their investigation location, they investigate the surrounding area, rather than returning to investigate the area near the Police Box
Cannibals are now Aligned with all other Cannibals
Fixed issue with gang pathfinding where gangs could occasionally become stuck
When Hacker makes Television explode, NPCs will not become Hostile
When NPCs are injured by Fires set by the player, they will only become Hostile if the player is within their line of vision at the time

Fixed Fan Translation issue that could prevent levels from being loaded
Added font with Polish characters for Fan Translations, see “How to make translations.txt” file for how to implement this

Feature Friday #126

Extradimensional psychic hunters are now vulnerable to mental attacks regardless of their base creature types. (after all, they somehow acquired minds in their native dimensions...)
When you look at an extradimensional creatures or item, you now inscribe a note about its native dimension in the Gossip & Lore page of your journal.
Walls in other dimensions no longer block visibility unless your mind is appropriately altered.
You can now fly and jump over gates, fences, stakes, and rubble.
You can now shoot missile weapons through arrow slits, gates, fences, and over rubble.
Flaming jets, freezing jets, acid jets, electrical jets, and light beams now pass through arrow slits, gates, fences, and over rubble.
Gas and light seep through arrow slits, gates, fences, stakes, and over rubble.
The Pauli exclusion principle now properly applies to NPCs.
Turning off autoget on artifacts now takes precedence over other conflicting option flags.
Water ritual participants no longer offer to teach you blueprints you already know.
Fixed another issue that rarely caused energy cell duplication.
Fixed some more typos.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Update #5!)
« on: March 16, 2018, 07:05:04 PM »
Update #5  8)

Hello adventurers! In this build we're introducing something big to the game - a way of customizing your experience to make it easier or harder in various ways. We've been carefully listening to player feedback since launch (and well-before) and while we think the game is more balanced than ever, Game Modifiers will let you customize your gameplay experience further should you choose.

This patch also contains a major change under the hood; all text strings are now read from language files, paving the way for full localization. This was an enormous undertaking as the game has over 55,000 words and 6,000 unique strings, but it will be worth it as we roll out the game in new languages later this year!


Our vision for Tangledeep is a challenging but fair experience that can be conquered on Heroic or even Hardcore mode with practice and skill. You don’t need a ton of luck to win, nor do you need to be a roguelike expert. We create content and adjust balance with this vision in mind.

However, we understand that all players are different, and if you want to change the core Tangledeep experience to make it easier or harder, we’re introducing a new feature allowing you to do just that: GAME MODIFIERS. You can toggle any number of Game Modifiers during character creation. Some make the game harder, others easier, or more random.

All modifiers are strictly optional and we do encourage new players to experience the game without any of them. You can use as many or as few as you want - even all of them at once! With all that said, here are the modifiers we are introducing:

Player Health regeneration (1% of max per turn out-of-combat)
Player Energy and Stamina regeneration (1.5% of max per turn out-of-combat)
Half Fullness time
No gold drops from monsters
Triple Pandora’s Boxes per floor
Non-food consumables have a 3 turn shared cooldown
Corral pets cannot die and are returned to the corral with lower Happiness instead
JP gain halved
All monsters have one champion power
Enemy monsters regenerate Health per turn
Cannot use abilities that are not on your hotbars; cannot swap abilities in the dungeon

Please note that we will not be balancing the game around any of these modifiers. They are not the intended experience; they are a way for you to customize YOUR experience!

The health bonus of Floramancer’s tier 2 and 3 innate bonuses has been reduced
If your Floraconda dies, the cooldown to resummon it is now reset to max. To compensate, the cooldown has been reduced from 12 to 6 turns.
Champion monsters should no longer spawn near staircases (within ~5 tiles in any direction). This means you should no longer arrive at a new floor only to be greeted by a powerful critter!
Modified AI behavior to be a bit more forgiving when it comes to multiple champions aggroing the hero at once. (Does not apply to NG+).
Likewise modified regular monster behavior to avoid huge pile-ups in early levels just due to unlucky monster placement. (Does not apply to NG+).
Bosses now have a 75% chance to resist Paralyze, Stun, and Seal effects each turn

Fixed a variety of Emblem and Trial related bugs such as trials not completing, stats not increasing, and not being prompted to get a new tier ability
The cursor should no longer flicker while the Riverstone intro text is showing upon character creation
Added extra checks to ensure any rumors in side areas automatically enable those side areas if they are not discovered
Fixed bug where Athyes’ headband’s “Igniting” effect did not stack with a weapon using the same mod
Fixed bug where released pets would sometimes hang around on the map
Fixed issue with buggy stair connections before the 3rd boss (i.e. if you left the area with the NPC and returned)
Craggans’ mud-summoning power no longer affects tiles with existing terrain
Fixed sprite layering issue with the portal in town
Fixed bug with finishing tier 2 & 3 trials
Fixed bug with Knight’s Glove effect stacking
Fixed rare game error on game load in a file with multiple pets/summons
Fixed bug where Flask count was not visually refreshed after exiting a job trial sometimes
Fixed inconsistencies with individual and stacked item sale price, particularly for stuff like Skill Orbs / Lucid Orbs. Also fixed inconsistencies with Deposit price for individual/stacked items.
Fixed bug that prevented you from using a Skill Orb on an item with 5 mods
Fixed bug where Shadowstep would not trigger Brigand’s tier 3 innate ability.
Sword Dancer’s Emblem ability that counter-attacks when being pulled should no longer trigger unless you started (or ended) the movement next to the monster
The chance to pass days from Item Dreams now takes into account affinities, so easier dreams due to affinities will be less likely to pass time, and vice versa
Fixed bug that cut the powerup drop rate in half on load (was only meant to apply to NG+!)

Game Modifiers! See above section.

Numerical text for abilities, items, statuses, and magic mods is now stored in a location-agnostic way. Wow this was a lot of work.
Converted all internal XML to localization-friendly master file format.

It is now possible to dismiss any summoned pet. Click on their portrait in the “Pet Party” window (or, on controller/keyboard, use Examine mode and select them), then select “Dismiss Pet”. This does NOT trigger on-death effects; the pet simply vanishes immediately.

If you have the Sword Dancer emblem ability that attacks enemies when pushed/pulled, and your attack misses, this will now print to the log no matter what

Announcements / FrogComposband (now at v7.0.strawberry)
« on: March 12, 2018, 01:19:21 PM »   Source/Win

Note that the Windows-specific file only contains the .exe, so Windows players still need to download the source code for the library files; they just won't have to compile anything.

Changes in FrogComposband 7.0.strawberry (compared to ComPosband 7.0.3):

* Rebalanced artifact reforging. The goal was to prevent silly-powerful items while still allowing very strong items (so a character can reasonably expect to use reforged items in the endgame and final fights). The importance of fame in reforging was reduced slightly to make early/mid-game reforging more appealing, though realistically reforging will likely remain mostly a late-game thing. Slot weights were also adjusted slightly, with effects on both reforging and randart creation. The hard cap of 90000 on the source artifact's power was removed, although stronger artifacts will still be treated as if they had a power of 90000, or even less for less weighty slots. This prevents situations in which a very strong item is effectively worse than a weaker item because it doesn't fit the player's needs directly and cannot ever be reforged. Reforging is now also slightly cheaper

* Rebalanced shop shuffling. The cheap shuffling introduced in ComPosband allowed characters to acquire silly piles of extremely powerful consumables very easily, as long as they found a dungeon shop and had enough money. The cheap shuffling has been retained, but many of the most powerful items (like !Healing, !*Healing*, !Life, stat potions, ?Genocide, ?MassGenocide and !NewLife) can no longer be generated on a shuffle. Also, Black Market shuffling is more expensive now

* Moved Thalos, and added a new town (Anambar) where Thalos used to be. Prettied up the Thalos map (and edited t_pref to include additional terrain types). Mt. Olympus is now slightly more accessible since Thalos is closer to it than any town was before (originally, I moved Thalos even closer to Mt. Olympus, but then I decided I didn't hate you players enough). There's an option to allow teleporting to Thalos as soon as any two other towns (including Outpost) have been visited (because I decided I didn't want you players to hate me either...!)

* Fixed an old PosChengband bug where quest seeds were lost on save/load, meaning players who exited the game after requesting a quest would receive a seed of 0 for that quest and consequently always get the first item from a list of supposedly random rewards

* Fixed another old PosChengband bug whereby uniques seen through fuzzy telepathy would sometimes acquire a stray "the" in front of their name (e.g. "The Gertrude dies.")

* Fixed an old bug with file handling on Windows

* Fixed several minor old bugs related to weapon slays (chaos weapons were getting massive extra damage against good monsters from the KILL_EVIL flag instead of the KILL_GOOD flag; the displayed damage for a KILL_HUMAN missile didn't match the actual damage; in the character sheet, the *Human* slay's statistics were displayed for weapons with KILL_LIVING rather than weapons with KILL_HUMAN)

* Updated the rumor list and silly name list

* Added a new realm (Law) and two new classes (Lawyer and Ninja-Lawyer)

* Added new monsters (and restored the deleted Egyptian gods)

* Added a few artifacts (and brought back the GHB's T-shirt)

* Added new random artifact names

* Added new quests (I actually feel like there may be too many early-game quests now; feedback on the number of quests, and quests [whether new or old] that players like or don't like, would be particularly welcome; of course, there is no need to attempt to do every quest in the game at depth)

* In ComPosband, if a quest level was buggy and didn't generate properly, the game would crash and the player would be forced to fail it on resuming play. In FrogComposband, while the game will still crash, the player can continue normally on resumption and can retake the quest after it has been fixed. This should make life easier for both developers and test-players

* Gave eldraks a significant buff, they are now stronger than ettins (consequently, swapped ettin and eldrak in the troll evolution sequence; however, player trolls still evolve into ettins rather than eldraks)

* A small number of monsters can now initiate melee attacks from 2 squares away. (Fair's fair - player samurai, dragons and archaeologists with whips can do this!) Currently the only monsters with this ability are large dinosaurs, novice archaeologists, balrogs, samurai, Godzilla and Jormungand. (Jormungand, who was a soft guardian for its depth, also received a number of other buffs; most notably, it now has the CAN_SWIM flag instead of the AQUATIC flag.)

* Made ninjas slightly less outrageous by nerfing Bunshin (which now gives a 1-in-3 chance of evading attacks, not 1-in-2) and Swap Position (which now requires perfectly clear line of sight) and changing their weight limit equation. The Swap Position nerf also affects the relevant mutation and wild talent (the weight limit change should not affect other classes with a weight limit, apart from ninja-lawyers)

* Restored the option of playing without virtues

* Fixed some typos here and there. (I know this will offend some people! But they can take solace in that there are still plenty left.)

* Buffed Lucifer and made him dungeon boss of Hell

* The name of Sultan the Midget was reverted back to Snafu the Midget (because of the one-Sultan rule - there's a sultan in Thalos)

* Players are now less likely to be ambushed by dangerous high-level sea monsters in coastal towns

* Added some alternatives for non-English keyboards to support play on Y and Z for [ and {, Ctrl+Y for Ctrl+W, Ctrl+E for @ and Ctrl+O for ]

* Made free action stronger because Chris's system was somewhat confusing and unpopular, though the change here is not as big as what Gwarl did in ComPosband 7.0.4. 1 source of free action works the same in FrogComposband as in ComPosband 7.0.3 (and the last versions of PosChengband). 2 sources are slightly stronger in FrogComposband (and give total paralysis immunity against low-level monsters), and 3 sources give total immunity against all monsters, except in special cases like ty_curse

* Changed how cur SP is calculated after a change to max SP

* Restored the old non-fuzzy telepathy as an option. Chris's fuzzy telepathy is still the default

* Added an option (off by default) to force a -more- prompt on device/spell fails

* Attempts to charm a monster with the hidden NOPET flag now give the message "X is immune", rather than "X resists"; the NOPET flag is unpopular enough without it making players guess whether the monster has it or not. (It's also now slightly harder for monsters to acquire the NOPET flag.)

* Commented out the Windows pref file (font-win.prf). Windows users will notice this as a change to the default appearance of walls and mountains

* Various minor tweaks and code improvements

Changes copied or adapted from ComPosband 7.0.4:

* Added Gwarl's new quests and adopted some of his changes to existing quests

* The entrance to Hideout is now in Outpost, and the entrance to Icky Cave is now in Thalos

* Adapted the new acid floor

* Magic shop now sells offensive wands

* Moved Tidal Cave

* Battlefield's entrance guardian is now a black wraith instead of a grave wight

* Visual change to the appearance of Crystal Castle's glass floor

* Added Gwarl's buff to non-specialist riding

* Tweaked the depth and rarity of a number of items, especially dragon scale mails (but not quite to the same extent as in ComPosband 7.0.4)

* Tweaked a number of monsters

v0.9.0   8)

IMPORTANT: Current saves should work, but I can not guarantee it.

So, without further ado here are all the changes introduced into 0.9.0 from 0.8.9 ( I might have missed some, if so I apologize). In bold are the more important features added. I am sure there will be bugs but as allways I will try to solve them as fast as posible!

New Features

A new campaign (Bonus experimental Feature): The Challenge Dungeon!
Champions are here!:
Most levels have 1 Champion noted by small skull icon. They will be crated when a new level is generated (meaning old levels you already explored won't have them).
Any champions have a greater HP pool, give more xp and (on average) relatively better and more loot (unless it is not a loot giving monster, e.g. a wolf champion wont give loot) in contrast to its lesser brethren.
In addition, champions can have 1 of several base builds with different effects: more speed, tanky, more stats, avg, more damage, increased mana pool.
Champions also have 1, 2 or 3 (depending on difficulty) additional spells drawn from a pool that varies on the enemy type, e.g. an archer has a specific pool of possible extra abilities and in a similar way a fire oriented caster will have specific possible extra abilities.
Added resistance gear.
Upgraded food system and balanced game accordingly. More info Here.
Random dungeons are now created when loading the world map for the first time. This dungeons are different in length and style. Initial dungeon level/danger roughly depends on distance from the initial player spawning position. Random dungeon ends spawn 3 champions and have several guaranteed chest rewards as well as gold.
Added the "unending" dungeon to the game. Finished the current content with your character? Dive in!
Dungeons have now 2 additional skins: stone and shadow forming.
Added swap actions capabilities to the action bar.
Separated resistance into sub categories and re balanced it.
Added randomize race and class buttons when starting a new game.
Shape shifted druids now have unique attack animations.
'D'drop hot key has been added to the inventory.
Swap weapon key (default W) now also works on the inventory.
Added several new monsters.
Several enemies now have a disarm ability. Different weapon types have different chances of being disarmed when you have them (smaller weapons like daggers are harder to disarm for example).
Added wind shield spell (gives chance to make ranged physical attacks miss).
Added toggle to enable or disable battle texts on top of character.
Quests can now be tracked in the world map (if you have information about them) to make it easy to go where you need. Note: Because this adds information current main quests in the dawn of shadows campaign might not reflect the real progress of the quest.
Added option to limit game's frame rate.

Bug Fixes

Fixed mushroom warrior issue what growing from the magician's summon.
Encounters should now properly always have a path to an exit.
Worked on improving memory management. Hopefully this improves crashes some people seem to have.
Merchants restock properly.
Dragging items of the action bar now wont drag the screen.
Action bar should now properly reflect stacking items pickups and drops.
Demoralizing shout now shows its energy cost.
Assassin: Volley of knives now prioritizes enemies over objects. If no enemies are nearby objects are hit.
Triggering an event on the world map now stops any movement of the character.
Damage and to hit values for weapons now added to description if enchanted for easier comparison.
Armor tool tip now shows its weight.
Achievement achieved in one computer should now show on another computer inside the game if steam cloud is enabled.
Soul essence should correctly sync with cloud saves. Automatic migration mill save your current soul essence into the new system. If you have essence and perks in different computers log on each and open the essence window after a successful steam cloud synchronization. Underlined text is important!
Better tier ammo should now properly have better stats.
Ammo should properly weight.
Fixed bug where saving a game in bear form would lower hp to maximum amount of humanoid form hp when loading the game.
I think I fixed all issues with the action bar.
Improved inventory performance.
Fixed beta build bug where levels would regenerate under certain conditions.
Fixed bug where enemies would not attack the character if on an open chest.
Improved in game log sizes, memory management and cpu use.
Dropping items in the inventory now auto selects the nearest item next to the one dropped.
Fixed graphical bug where an interrupting event in the world map would not update graphical position of character.
Wind shield status effect now is properly shown and enables the removal of the spell.
Improved door placement.

Balance Changes

Starting staff for mages now has a base range of 2.
Balance: Druid's bear aspect effects where reduced (bonus hp is now 35% and shrugged improvements are now every 10 levels instead of 8).
Balance: Druid's
Balance: Druid's spell learning handicap got reduced from 50% to 75% handicap.
Balance: Warrior's
Balance: Warrior's

Balance: Warrior's
Balance: Warrior's
Balance: Warrior's
Balance: Warrior's
Balance: Hard difficulty is now a little harder!
Balance: Trying to learn high level spells from low lvl high handicapped learning items should be more difficult!
Balance: Spell dodging is now more difficult with the spell's level.
Balance: Mage Lightning Mastery shock bonus reduced to 40% and damage increase added of 30% for lightning spells.
Balance: Mage Freeze Mastery now also increases freeze spells damage by 30%.
Balance: Increased  boss damage slightly.
Balance: Increased boss hp slightly.
Balance: Naga's racial critical rating increase reduced from 60% to 40% and cold vulnerability also reduced from 50% to 40%.
Balance: General physical critical rating formula adjusted to have a little more diminishing returns from critical rating.
Balance: General magical critical rating formula reduced chance to do critical hits.
Balance: Daggers have a +100% additive critical damage bonus. Short Swords have a +50% additive critical damage bonus.
Balance: ammo's weight reduced by 60%.
Balance: With the new resistance gear, none physical resistance rating growth by attributes was reduced by 75%.
Balance: Warrior's
Balance: Enemies got theirs hit points increased by 20%-30% and their regeneration decreased by 50%
Balance: Item drop rate increased by ~15%.
Balance: Low tier enemies now upgrade their weapons (doing more damage) after certain amount of levels when they appear on later dungeons.
Balance: Assassin's stealth is now weight dependent instead of armor mitigation dependent. This is triggered after going over the 70% armor ratio. The idea is give the chance make a heavy armored assassin but with less consumables because of weight vs a less armored assassin with more consumables/situational tricks.
Crossbows and muskets have had their energy use reduced by 35%.
Some skills now are more strategically used by the AI. Also some other beneficial skills will be cast on friends too. I will extend this to more and more abilities as I have time.
Reduced food drops as they are to plentiful with the new healthiness system.
Energy used when learning a spell and not successful now is down from 5000 to 1000.
Troll's slowness was removed.
Troll's regeneration was reduced from +100% to +50%
Troll's gain a new starting passive where they have 30% more hp when compared to other races.

The time to start a continual action by holding down the same key has been multiplied by 4 to avoid issues when hitting a single key once.
Added new logo to main title screen.
Permanent effect potions are now called elixirs.
Replaced world map energy spend message and integrated the approximate time spend exploring the tile to have a more user friendly way of understanding the concept.
Renamed keys to reflect what they open.
Movement should be a little smother.
Inventory and merchant windows default behaviors on click where changed to double
click to avoid accidents.
Swapped the +to hit and + to damage in the item name to put it in the orders that games of the genre and d&d have.
Added better disarm and focus blow status effect icons.
Added new dungeon decorations.

Bug Fixes:
Druids no longer can equip ranged weapons by drag & drop.
Drag & Drop now works with ammo too.
Drag & Drop should be properly working with the main and offset weapon slots now.
Disabled auto explore on world map.
Improved auto explore to better stop at incoming enemies.
Barrels && crates can't be missed anymore!
Kicking a chest no longer changes its lock type.
Fixed lightning impact sounds.
Character information screen tool tips should now be sharper and bigger.
Improved tool tips of spell books, wands and scrolls to be much more readable.
Improved descriptions of spell books, wands and scrolls to fit better its description by removing unnecessary text.
Volume sliders should now correctly turn music/sounds of when all the way down.
Game should be more OBS friendlier.
Game input no longer freezes when weight is more than twice of the characters max weight he can carry.
Added text warning when really overburdened.
Fixed inconsistency between picking up using the pickup key would not count towards the prepared bonus.
Fixed bug where dropping several stacks items would not remove all of them in the inventory.
Doubled the time for the game to recognize the start of a screen drag (from 0.15s to 0.3 s) to avoid for the character to not move to a tile on slow clicks.
Fixed the dawn of shadows main quest text.
Added a tool tip when starting any campaign explaining it and its current content.
Summons should correctly loose cohesion (max hp) now.
Fixed problem with using mana stones from the inventory without drilling down into its subcategory.

Balance changes:
Balance: Staff enhancements mage abilities now recover mana, The amount is equal to the staff usage mana cost. Can stack with other staff enhancements.
Balance: Different staffs now have different mana usage costs.
Balance: Warrior's Str and Con per level dices reduced slightly.
Balance: Spike traps damage reduced slightly.
Balance: Increased mage initial hp dices and level up dices.
Balance: Reduced third Shadow Boss() regeneration a little more.
Balance: Increased third Shadow Boss() regular damage a little more to compensate.
Balance: Green goo starts now with a much lower damage absorption but improves it faster over levels. Mainly to easy Eghoss' entry to the main dungeon.
Balance: Dwarf sturdiness now improves ever 12 levels instead of every 20 levels.

New Features / Additions:
Quality of life: Right click now cancels a cast/targeting action.
Leader board entry now clarifies it's in game time.
Feature Request: In game cursor can now be toggled of from the Setting Configuration Menu. This probably need some additional testing.
Feature Request: Holding down a movement key, pickup key or wait key will repeatedly trigger the same action.
Labeled more complex classes during its selection to let new players know it should not be their first choice.
The small forgotten dungeon no longer has a dead end.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issue with sound sliders on main menu not working.
Fixed issue where some enemies just wont die and where frozen in place.
Unlimited food on inventory exploit fixed.
Assassin dagger affinity would freeze game fixed.
Fixed graphical FX issue with third Shadow Boss() of the Dawn of Shadows Campaign.
Fixed action bar bug where it would shift and remove a slot.
Fixed achievements not showing on steam.
Fixed several typos.
Fixed tool tip for pickaxe.
Fixed missing information about the steel crossbow requiring Bolts.
Twitch integration now properly recognizes channels with uppercase
Comparing items while shopping now properly closes the window when interacting with other merchant actions.
Fixed tutorial window for kick message. Increased window size slightly for better legibility.
Removed inventory item tool tip.
Fixed bug where camera distance would reset to default when closing the settings menu for the first time in the session.
Fixed sound issue with lightning shock spell and iced effect.
Reduced the overall amount of souls in eghoss' campaign by half to try to ease the processing power it uses on older computers.

Third Shadow Boss() of the Dawn of Shadows Campaign has its regeneration reduced by 50%
Increased slightly the barrel and crates item drop chance.
Increased the amount of special rooms generated per level by 15%.
Within the special rooms probabilities trapped rooms where decreased and zoo/swarm rooms where increased.
Food consumption on standard difficulty is reduced by 20%. On easy its reduced by 40%. On Hard difficulty its increased by 5%. I will monitor this changes to see how it affects game play. Also this will be changed once I implement a new food system I have in mind (from some input from you guys).
Looking at targets to get more information now costs no energy and won't make you loose any turn.

Feature request: You can now zoom in much closer and zoom out much further away.
Feature Request: Added a toggle to disable shakiness on certain eventful levels.
New Feature: Merchants now restock items for modest price ;).

Major Roguelikes / Re: TomeNet — MMORPG roguelike game
« on: March 10, 2018, 04:56:33 PM »
Since Modifiying is apparently borked, I will again say there's no call for folks getting combative over nothing in these parts---just leave well enough alone, or leave outright, or engage in some other good faith manner.

Feature Friday #125

Albino ape hearts now count as meat.
Ogre ape hearts are now properly treated like other organs and corpses.
Watervine farmers now wield iron vinereapers like their descriptions say.
Sentient walls, doors, and tables now appear in more creature contexts. (Examples: as figurine models, Mechanimist converts, and esper assassins).
Cleaned up the logic around dynamic encounters and expanded the dynamic encounter framework.
Fixed an issue that caused improper options to occasionally appear in the item action menu of cybernetic implants.
Fixed an issue that caused occasionally caused zone building lockups while exploring very deep caverns (depth 30 and below).
Fixed a rare issue that caused historic sites to fail to build.
Fixed another issue that caused slotted solar cells to multiply indefinitely.
Fixed a slew of typos.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Update #4!)
« on: March 10, 2018, 12:13:03 AM »
Update #4  8)
Greetings adventurers! Today we reveal the first major post-launch content patch for Tangledeep! We've added a BIG new feature that expands and deepens the job system. You can read all about it below and check it out right now in-game.

We've also been carefully listening to your feedback about game difficulty from the very beginning all the way to New Game+, and we've made a number of changes to address what we've heard. There are also lots of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements based on your feedback and reports, so let's jump right in and see what's new!

Job Emblems are a way to specialize further into any of the game's 12 jobs. Every job has its own Emblem that can be upgraded twice. For each level of the emblem (1, 2, and 3) you'll be able to choose a unique upgrade that suits the skills and playstyle of your job. With 2 options per tier, 3 tiers, and 12 jobs, that's a total of 72 new bonuses in total!

To kick off the Job Emblem quest, you must master a job, beat the first boss, and talk to Jorito. You'll discover that Job Trials are unlike other challenges in the game: they require limiting yourself to a minimal number of consumable uses, flask charges, and abilities from *only* your current job. Each trial is harder than the last, and to even attempt them will cost a hefty amount of JP. But should you be victorious, your Emblem will be upgraded with a new tier of power.

There are a few other things to know about this new system:

By mastering multiple jobs, you can potentially earn an Emblem for every single one.
You can bring an Emblem from one job to another. However, you can only upgrade a job's specific Emblem by being that job.
Wearing an Emblem reduces your JP gain - an important consideration.
Emblems cannot be sold or banked, meaning they cannot be given to future characters.
Emblems cannot be upgraded in the Dreamcaster. Their bonuses are unique, and must be unlocked through the Trials!

Though Tangledeep veterans are able to amass large amounts of gold by the time their perfect gear set is fine-tuned in the very late game, for most players we realize that gold is hard to come by and easily spent on things like consumables, Item Dreams, and healing. We’ve done a pass to adjust some gold costs (and gold sources) to make certain features more appealing and accessible, particularly earlier on in the game.

Percy’s healing cost has been reduced overall, and substantially for lower level character (5 and below).

The cost to deposit items at the bank has been reduced by between 50% to 70% depending on item rank and rarity

Average gold earned per monster defeated has been increased by 5. This extra value is subject to bonuses like mods on gear, the Entrepreneur feat, or Champion/Boss reward bonuses.

Treasure sparkles now give 10 more gold (if they contain gold at all)

Rumors that have a gold reward now give about 60 more gold, guaranteed

Reduced the cost of certain early game consumable items, namely food (some of the previously-increased cost was the result of a bug!)

Decreased the base cost to guarantee a magic mod on all equipment (except for gear at teh very highest rank). Increased the scaling cost per existing mod (or if the item is legendary/gear set). It should now be easier to start using the Dreamcaster sooner.

Increased gold reward from Pandora’s Chests

Added SFX cues for things like depositing, withdrawing, selling, and dropping stacks of items

Shops are now guaranteed to restock after a certain amount of time if they do not restock by chance (time threshold is about ~3 days)
Many skills involving physical weapon attacks (such as Cloak & Dagger, Wild Horse, weapon masteries, etc.) now use your main hand weapon’s element instead of always using Physical. This gives you more tactical possibilities when considering weapon elements/mods and damage bonuses, plus enemy strengths and weaknesses.
In New Game+, the base powerup drop rate is halved (this does not affect bonuses to drop rate from stats or gear)
Increased Orb of Reverie drop chance in New Game+ by ~10%
Changed Floraconda’s Bed of Thorns damage to be based on its Weapon Power (scaling) instead of Spirit Power (not scaling)
Shara’s energy field now reduces the duration of summons that stand in it. (She’ll announce this if it happens.)

Fixed bug where all player damage was being treated as if you had opened 15 Pandora’s Chests (really) - in other words, all damage was being reduced by about 15%
Fixed bug where you could not click on your pet in Examine mode (using keyboard / controller) to issue commands
Friendly monsters in Item Dreams can no longer pick up your upgraded item after beating a Memory King
Added extra checks to prevent monsters/hero from stacking after certain push/pull effects
Added extra checks to make sure a Gold Key is always available in the Buried Loot map
Inventory screen now correctly shows and recalls the previous inventory sort state
Fixed bug where various game options were not being saved/loaded correctly
Floraconda now only uses its Bed of Thorns skill when an enemy is adjacent
The interaction with a certain.. Person… in the Bandit Library can now end happily
Fixed bug where one dungeon music track never played
Fixed text bug if you clicked “COMMUNITY” on the title screen and then went back
Possible fix for bug where player pets were sometimes being lost on save & load
Fixed a bug that sometimes affected spirit power calculations when wearing multiple pieces of gear that modified spirit power
Fixed some inaccuracies in rumor location hints
Fixed bug where final boss phase 2 energy shield would disappear on save/load
Fixed bug where final boss phase 2 could disrupt its own energy shield by getting near map edges
Fixed Monsterpediologist achievement

A new equipment slot has been added. To accommodate, the Gear Bonuses / Current Gear areas on the Equipment screen are now tabbed so you can see more stuff at once.

After unlocking the Dreamcaster, you can now reset your level-up stat bonuses by speaking to Percy and paying a one-orb fee!

Added a new mini quest to Flooded Temple. (Will appear on new save files)

New Champion mod - Banisher. Knocks away (and sometimes roots) nearby enemies, and reduces the duration of your summons!

New legendary bow

New legendary claw

Massively improved the performance of inventory sorting

You can now target friendly charmed monsters (other than your own pets) to mark them as Hostile. To do this, enter examine mode (“X” on keyboard by default) and select that monster, OR if using mouse, right-click on a monster.
When using the Town Portal in town, you will now have the option to Fast Travel. No need to walk to the cave entrance every time!
When targeting an ability, hovering over a monster will now display their information. Moving the target square to an empty tile will go back to showing ability info.
When opening the Snack Bag, your last inventory sort type (A-Z, rank, rarity, etc) will be saved so that when you return to your Inventory, it maintains the sort it had before.
You can now filter Equipment by Favorites only
Newly picked up items now show [NEW!] in your inventory/equipment list
The corral pet UI now shows exact Beauty values for your monsters
When selling, withdrawing, or depositing stacks of items, the shop/bank UI will no longer close
If a Dagger critical (+60 CT) puts you above the ‘free turn’ threshold for your CURRENT turn, you will see a log message and popups above nearby monsters that indicates they *missed their turn*.

Announcements / Re: Streets of Rogue (now at Alpha 46) $
« on: March 08, 2018, 09:51:14 PM »
Alpha 46

I went into this update with the intention of doing a bunch of Uptown-exclusive content, and while there’s some of that in here, I also ended up spending like 5 days making functional Firefighters (non-playable for now!). Also, fixing a whole bunch of bugs.

My general rule is that if I catch a bug during development and it’s not necessarily easy to reproduce, I drop what I’m doing to try and fix it. This is often the case with AI bugs, which are notoriously frustrating to try and replicate from user reports. Fortunately for me, I encountered a lot of these elusive AI bugs while getting Firefighters to do their thing. So that was a nice surprise.

Though Uptown didn't get as much attention as I was planning this week, I've still made the game playable through 5-3. Expect a drip-feed of level-specific updates to Uptown and other levels throughout the game's Early Access development.

For next week, my primary focus will be on creating new Disasters -- an area of the game that hasn’t gotten much love in awhile.

In other news, March 10 marks Streets of Rogue’s 1-year anniversary in Early Access. While there’s no way to really quantify the work that’s been done in this period, the number of personally-written lines in my code base increased by about 40%. For a game with a 4+ year development time, that’s pretty hefty. (And for those interested, the final line tally was like 200,000, with 80,000 written in the past year.)

For this week’s Fortnight Discussion, I’m looking for input on how certain things in the game should function. Specifically: Fountain, Well, Satellite Dish, Arcade Game, Barbecue, Fireplace, Gravestone, ATM machine, of course, Toilet.

Alpha 46
Game is now playable through 5-3

New Track “Floor 5-3 Tell It To My Cardiologist, Why Dontcha” added to soundtrack owners’ libraries

Uptown Upper-Cruster achievement can be earned

Non-Playable Characters
Firefighter - Yes, they will actually come and put out fires. In the future, I’ll likely be giving them some sort of water cannon bionic arm, because right now they use Fire Extinguishers, which is lame.
Alien - Sorta hidden right now and not very fleshed out, but can you find him????

New Environments
Fire Station
Broadcasting Station
Outdoor pits surrounded by fences

New Objects
ATM Machine - Not fully functional, but check out this week’s Fortnight Discussion!
Fountain - Also see this week’s Fortnight Discussion!
Satellite Dish - Same deal!
Desk - Finally, office buildings have proper desks instead of home/bar tables

New Items
Fire Extinguisher

Player can borrow money from any Bank, even if they are not an Investment Banker.
Debt money can no longer be paid back to Drug Dealers, Shopkeepers, etc. It must be transferred through either an ATM Machine, or the Clerk at the Bank.

Pieces of Wreckage will disappear when they move over Holes or Conveyor Belt
Fix for Fire particle effects sometimes appearing to face the wrong direction
Fix for items sometimes having extremely bright lighting as the player progressed further into the game
Fix for people becoming too bright when bunched up together in a group

UI / Controls
Fix for text “E_ObjectAgent” appearing on cursor

Playfield Objects
Sign appears at the beginning of Level 5-1
Power Box hit points reduced from 50 to 30
When Fires in objects like Flaming Barrels are extinguished, fire no longer returns if the player goes away and comes back
Fires in objects like Flaming Barrels being extinguished is displayed properly on multiplayer client
Fix for Fires continuing to spread after being extinguished
Extinguishing a Fire no longer causes the object or wall to be destroyed
Fix for Fireplace appearing inside walls on multiplayer client
Fix for Fires not being destroyed properly internally when they are destroyed by being extinguished in some way
Taking damage from status effects no longer causes the player to become un-hidden from Bushes
Player is more likely to auto-aim at Exploding Barrel
Fix for situations where Gas would continue spewing from vents permanently when it was not supposed to
Potential fix for people being teleported on top of manholes
Fix for player Cops being able to go through blue Lasers without setting off the metal detector

Fix for Hypnotizer not working properly on gamepad after first level

Fix for Flamethrower causing knockback on dead bodies on multiplayer client

Fix for Wall Break sound not playing on multiplayer client when Fire destroyed a wall

Fix for not being able to exit Arena if opponents are Zombified rather than completely neutralized

Player may receive missions to Neutralize a person roaming the streets, typically with armed guards or a gang

Random Mutators mutator now keeps all the initial mutators you select and does not replace them with new ones
Random Mutators now works properly when you disable certain level themes
Fix for incorrect music tracks playing during Quick Game mutator
Fix for Disasters not always appearing on the correct levels in Endless mode when Quick Game is activated
Fix for bodies not being destroyed properly in the Exploding Bodies mutator if the player was very far away when the body exploded
Fix for recently-added mutators causing the Home Base to have non-standard “level themes”

Level Generation
Gangsters may be seen roaming the streets in gangs of 3 or 4
Musician may be seen roaming the streets with armed Goons
Uptown mansions may be filled with Vampires or Mobsters
Wood walls appear more frequently
Fix for Bouncers not spawning next to Mine Cart/Train Tracks
Fix for Water sometimes appearing where Ice was supposed to during Mixed-Up Levels mutator
Fix for lights above Lakes not spawning on multiplayer client
Fix for Door, Window and other objects occasionally facing the wrong direction in certain buildings

Artificial Intelligence
Added lots of AI revolving around extinguishing fires
Better pathfinding around Fire Hydrant sprays
Fix for property owners becoming Hostile toward Invisible people who open doors in their presence
Fix for Bouncer requesting money from the player upon talking to him after completing Arena fight
Fix for NPCs in roving gangs sometimes not fighting the player when they were too far away from their starting position
Fix for NPCs sometimes appearing to run back to the object they were observing when they come into the player’s view
Fix for NPCs with only one object to observe repeatedly walking away from that object for a split second and then returning to it
Fix for instance where NPCs could get confused on what to do next while battling the player, as a result of paying too much attention to certain noises where the player destroyed their property
Fix for NPCs running away from fire that had spawned in a different building
Fix for NPCs continuing to gather around Television long after it had been hacked to produce High Volume
After being hearing the hacking noise, NPCs no longer continue to search for the player for as long as the hacking interface is on the screen -- rather, they only perform one search
Fix for certain situations where NPCs could become stuck in place while searching for the player during combat
Fix for certain situations where pathfinding and movement for NPCs would stop working
NPCs are slightly better at using the Flamethrower
NPCs no longer have difficulty attacking objects that block their view, like Trees and Shelves
NPCs are less likely to walk on Train and Mine Cart Tracks
Supercops no longer become Hostile toward normal Cops who attack or arrest Guilty people in their presence
Fix for NPCs sometimes not running out of buildings when the building is gassed

Bunch of Russian Language fixes and additions (thanks to the Russian Streets of Rogue community on vk)
Added clarification in Super Studious description that this trait results in fewer Chicken Nuggets per level-up
Flesh Feast description changed to highlight the fact that it only works on non-neutralized people

Updated 2D Toolkit plugin from to

Announcements / Re: The Ground Gives Way (now at Release v2.4!)
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:48:42 PM »
v2.4!  8)
The biggest changes are:

    Rest Preview
    Equipment spells
    Multi-coloured messages
    New area effects
    Adrenaline, cure slime, rune magic and memory map

For those who played before I recommend the “what’s new in v2.4” tutorial.

I want to give special thanks to the following players who have provided me with very useful and important feedback during the test phase: evren, Rhoefr, Peter, hedoNNN, Roneitis, cheapmiami, jiyvajelly. Also thank you to everyone who have given feedback on v2.3 as well, your input really helps me develop the game!

Have fun and thank you for playing!


    lots of new enchantments
    lots of changes to existing items
    some new items
    new spells:
        new spell type: area of effect
        new spell type: rune magic
    two new monsters
    acid bolt reworked to acid splash
    adjusted rarity of poison bolt
    the process on how to select random enchantments have changed. Not necessarily noticable.
    empty container flavour: rather than “empty” you usually find something useless.
    “scroll of disarming” renamed to “scroll of thievery” since it helps with stealing as well
    weapons of shimmering are now cursed
    significant buff to the death sword [jiyvajelly]
    weapons of wonder are renamed to weapons of chaos
    death’s hand now has range 1
    “of sedating” is renamed to “of subduing”
    some enchantments now have both benefits and drawbacks
    dragon mails are now “very rare” instead of rare. But they are now much better…
    acid blobs changed attack
    new NPC type (assassin)
    no more teleporters in the dungeon, they belong in the lab
    shimmering slimes and snakes are gone for techinical reasons (may return)


    messages can now be multi-coloured
    additional map mode: memory (this allows you to see remembered items and monsters) [hedoNNN]
    more info is displayed in the item descriptions, such as if it is upgradable, cookable, droppable etc
    picking up items now shows an animation
    improved spacing of object display sidebar
    traps are shown with red background instead of a blinking 6. This makes them easier and earlier to see.
    clarify “seen by infravsion” (instead of just “infravision) when you see a monster because of infravision
    repeated messages are now reapeated instead of showing x2 x3 etc (may be back in later versions)
    in character sheet: container content are now listed below the inventory
    lightning beetles are now light blue and blinking instead of yellow. beware: the yellow ‘i’ is something else now!
    changed some descriptions
    identifying a wand now gives a better message
    renamed ‘wands’ to ‘spells’ in discover menu


    monster spawns:
        when resting one monster spawns on a random visited level
        after reaching the dungeon this increases to two, and to three after reaching the lab
        no more spawns outside the native dungeon section (except in vaults)
        this change implies that you’ll meet more monsters when you backtrack
    area effects are now limited in range, centered around the caster, fully visible and called “burst”
    things are now automatically picked up if they can stack in your inventory
    you get a preview of what will happen when you rest before you commit to resting
    blunt weapons (and some others) can no longer be coated.
        The idea is that the poison from the coat must go into the blood.
        In addition, it could be argued that there is not enough of it to cover a blunt weapon.
    some equipment now enables you to cast spells
    picking up an item in the presense of sleeping monsters recovers Ep (adrenaline)
    untouched items on the floor no longer randomly moves around during rest [hedoNNN]
        you need a melee weapon with at least 2 damage or 1 fire damage or a torch to open them
        they no longer give you cold damage
        they can contain more interesting things than before
    Slimy status:
        moving over deep water now cures it [hedoNNN, Mekire]
        it now has (almost) no effect if you are also flying
    NPC changes:
        trainers have been divided into three different NPCs that trains specific attributes and skills
        can now restore most damaged attributes
        cure poison price scales with degree of poison
        adjusted their prices
        they can now restore energy and cure nausea
    mage NPCs can restore max mp
    NPC mages “restore mp” service is disabled if the player already have full mp

infravision slightly more complex: it can see living monsters unless cold-based, and all fire-based monsters, living or not.

    mutating hands now correctly unequips the offhand [roneitis]
    surprise attacks with wands now *really* works properly [roneitis]
    fixed buggy auras (could sometimes go through walls)
    item comparison is now hidden for incompatible missile weapons (you can no longer compare a bow to a rock etc) [roneitis]
    the “restore” effect no longer remove exhaustion [reddish_kangaroo]
    zap guns no longer have a super weird animation
    being knocked back diagonally no longer knocks double distance, also improved direction determination slighly hopefully resulting in fewer surprises
    items on pit traps now disappear correctly [hedoNNN]
    fix overflow with long item names in inventory [hedoNNN]
    curing effect is no longer a “tmp” effect and you won’t get lingering “cured” status and associated bugs
    volcanic rocks now don’t give tmp penalties to rFire [roneitis]
    potential bug where the position of monster drops where not controlled
    you don’t stop running when a neutral monster is visible
    language fixes [Noah, hedoNNN]
    scouts no longer have 1 mp
    The “on Equip” line missed a ‘*’ at the end
    zapguns can no longer be coated
    Grilled meat description no longer identical to raw meat [roneitis]
    the “boosted/drained attribute” in the short displays for monsters now shows vision as well, but no longer speed
    bubbles no longer attack you when you’re dead
    NPCs don’t offer discount for upgrading fist wraps when dual wielding [almalam]
    coating gloves now correctly display melee attack in z-screen
    pluralisation when equipping ammo is correct (not sure this was present in v2.3)
    fix food going bad before money bag effects
    Tutorial now has fungi instead of braziers as intended


    wooden chests are less likely to be empty
    most sources of acid and elec has increased (both for player and monsters)
        motivation: these are rare elements and should be scary
    removed scientists “shocking touch” as it became to similar to his normal melee attack
    rebalanced number of monsters and items in the different dungeon sections
    nerfed poison elemental slightly
    empty bottles are now common instead of uncommon (for being tools that is)
    the average number of NPCs available at the castle is very slightly incrased [almalam]
    the yellow fungus is now native of around underground 4 instead of 1.
    goblin mages are now vulnerable to electricity
    more diverse monster distribution in stone and golden vaults
    acid elixir is cheaper and does not give tmp weakness to acid
    bonemeal is slightly better and more expensive
    daggers are less accurate to not make them strictly better than knives

Announcements / Re: Xenomarine (now at Alpha 5) $
« on: March 06, 2018, 06:12:45 PM »
Alpha 5

It's a pretty big one! The 'Drones and Turrets' release add gun turrets to the game for the first time. Turrets can be either neutral or hostile and can be hacked in the same way as drones, and basic ones can also be found as placeable inventory items. This release also finally adds player move animation to the game! More details below.


NEW: 3 types of gun turrets
NEW: scout drones and gun turrets can now be found as equipment
NEW: drones can now have weapons with incendiary or electric damage
MOD: 'fire at nearest' command now ignores neutral drones/turrets as targets
FIX: sound effect for combat drones
FIX: bug where drones do not turn to face player when making ranged attack
FIX: drones are now resistant to poison
FIX: bug with mouseover info for drone resistances


NEW: smooth movement animation for player
MOD: 'key repeat delay' option changed to 'move speed'


NEW: power tool that can cut through walls/doors
NEW: new hacking devices variants including hacking bonuses


NEW: 1600 new extra-large vault layouts


MOD: stealth field battery life increased by 500%
MOD: salvage mission targets now have minimum distance from player


MOD: jetpacks now come with enough fuel for two jumps
FIX: jetpacks no longer allow movement through walls/doors
FIX: jetpacks and field generators now sorted correctly in inventory
FIX: using jetpack no longer avoids terrain status effects


FIX: various inventory items incorrectly set as stackable in inventory
FIX: incorrect number of unopened large equipment crates shown in data terminal

Announcements / Re: Dungeonlike (now at Alpha 0.3.0!)
« on: March 04, 2018, 08:11:00 PM »
v0.3.0  8)

Hello everyone! It's been a WHILE! Probably a while too long, but life is life and I can't always devote as much time to Dungeonlike as I would like. But here it is, a new major version increment, yay! This version comes with three massive feature clusters, one being the open world, as described in the previous post. All "in progress" items from that post have been completed, with some additional stuff, especially in UI. Yet, open world is still in fully experimental stages and no feature is written in stone to stay. As always, I am open to suggestions and ideas.

The second feature cluster is a large number of tweaks done to the combat and health systems. Although I wouldn't call this an "overhaul" as the core mehcanics remain the same, the number of tweaks, rebalancing and new sub-systems amounts to a sizeable pool of changes in this area. The game now features critical hits, which apart from increased damage and armor penetration can lead to critical conditions (eg. broken ribs, punctured lungs). Apart from being debuffs in their own right, critical conditions (and missing health in general) will now cause pain, which in drastic situations may turn a powerful enemy into a punching bag.

I've also tweaked AI in some places, but most importantly enemies can now use consumables and defensive spells. So you might have to face mages who drink mana potions and teleport around the level if you get close. They will also use new mana-oriented single handed staves, together with shields and reworked mage robes, which now can actually be used for something more than decoration.

I've made the descision to keep the main Pinfell Dungeon as it was, until I figure out how to exactly treat it within this open world setting. The only difference would be that now it sits outside of Pinefell, so you cannot lure enemies out to be killed by guards anymore, but in essence you can ignore the open world and just play this game as you would version 0.2.3, heading straight for Durgaz. This makes the open world an optional aspect, which is probably most suitable for its experimental state at the moment.

But enough of me spitting words! Full-ish list of changes can be found below, for those who crave the details.

New Stuff (mechanics & content):
    Open world introduced, with following features:
        Camps - Small, single level locations which can be cleared out by killing the rare enemy in one of the tents. They generate ambushes when player walks near them.
        Dungeons - Multi-level locations which can be cleared out by killing the rare enemy at the bottom of the dungeon. Pinefell ruins are an exception as they will never vanish.
        Cities - There are now three cities, including the good old (yet revamped) Pinefell, a major city of Dewmere and a minor orcish settlement of Zilgurd. These locations do not differ massively (yet), but they offer different services and different levels of items to represent their economic power.
    Explicit factions introduced. The game always had "hidden" factions, but now it has them out in the open, so that the player can distinguish between Bandits, Horde Deserters, Undead and other Alarian Kingdom.
    Bandits are a new faction, with a batch of new enemies to fight. Both camps and dungeons can spawn inhabited by Bandit faction.
    Undead now feature some mages, Liches. In fact, these are the most powerful mages in the game and probably the most powerful enemies in general, if not eliminated quickly.
    Auto-eat feature introduced, so that as long as you have some food in your inventory, you will eat it automatically to avoid dying while traveling.
    Two "specialist shops" are now available, with Tavern selling food and Alchemist selling potions.
    Talar Guild allows to set a given city as Town Portal target.
    Town Portals now teleport to a dedicated "teleport pad" area near Talar Guild within cities which support Town Portals.
    Talar Guild allows to choose if you want your Talar Scroll gold to be sent to your Strongbox, or directly to your inventory.
    Body Part based attacks are now possible, although this is mostly limited to punches. This will need more work in the future with a full blown martial arts feature, but for now it means that weaponless berserkers will not just stand there.
    Hex resistance reduces all incoming damage by a %, on top of allowing to resist the spell outright. So even if the spell hits, there is some level of protection involved.
    Dash made more expensive and only moves player by distance of 2. Greater Dash, unlocked at Athletics (20 lvl), allows to move by 3 tiles and comes at an even greater cost. Costs of both actions get reduced significantly with higher level of Athletics.
    Spells now have a Piercing (as in, resistance piercing) characteristic to mirror the Aim of ordinary attacks. This allows players to create "resistance breaking spells" by focusing on that parameter instead of sheer power.
    Critical hit mechanics overhauled.
        Critical chance introduced as a weapon/spell characteristic.
        Increasing Aim of an attack or Piercing of a spell will increase critical chance significantly.
        Critical hits can inflict critical conditions which are very annoying and take a lot of time to heal, if not treated correctly. These can also come about as a result of incredibly strong attack, when it doesn't need to be a critical (similar to old blunt damage conditions). These conditions depend on the Body Part which was hit and type of damage that was sustained.
        Concentration and Athletics give partial protection from critical hits by lowering the crititcal chance of incoming attacks and spells.
    Blindness no longer fully takes the sight away, it only limits sight to 1 tile (this would be the most annoying feature in the world if the player was stuck blind for couple of hundred of turns). It does, however, lower other combat stats as well, so it's still a valuable debuff, and/or a pain in the... eye.
    Introduced Pain debuff. This reduces hit/dodge chances for all attacks, including spells, so a creature under severe pain becomes practically helpless. Pain comes from sustained damage and Critical Conditions, but a part of it (based on Endurance and Intelligence) will be ignored.
    Sphere of Protection spell added. This is essentially a combination of Mage Armor and Spell Shield.
    Enemy mages can now use more spells.  I will let you find out yourself how amusing that is exactly.
    Enemies can use consumables. This generally means potions, but it also means that it is now possible to loot potions off your enemies (if they didn't manage to use them or had multiples).
    Some new staves are available now to offer something for wizards in the late game.
    Staves made one-handed. This means that both staff+shield and dual staves are a possibility for a mage. Enemies will utilise both approaches as well.
    Any enemy who has enough Athletics will now use Dash to escape.
    Scorching arrows and bolts are now available for a hefty price in shops. These inflict fire damage, which together with critical hits gives archers a tool when facing heavily armored enemies who are otherwise nearly unaffected by ranged weapons.
    Different shields now offer different bonuses to block chance.
    New enchants can further improve block chance of shields or decrease stamina drain of blocks.
    Greater health potion added as a late-game consumable offering faster healing, especially effective when dealing with critical conditions.

New Stuff (UI & usability):
    Dungeonpedia fully updated with all features, as I don't think I touched it since version 0.2.0 or so.
    All message logs are now timestamped.
    Current weight + limit, food reserves and carried gold are now constantly displayed above the message log.
    When experience is gained by killing a creature, the message now specifies which creature was the source of experience gain.
    Holding Ctrl on the world map allows to view location names (font color informing about friend/foe status) and their factional control.
    Holding Ctrl will now also display creature resource levels (small window) and factional allegiance (as an icon).
     Minimap improved in multiple ways, showing more detail and not losing any information.
    Town Portals remain active for a limited time now, displaying time left before the portal vanishes.
    Town Portals inform on when they lead to, when inspected in Look mode.
    Basic day/night cycle. This does not affect the game mechanically (yet), but makes passage of time more meaningful, especially when traveling.
    Attack speed is now displayed as a turn fraction (eg. 0.5 turn, 1.2 turn) to make it clearer on what is fast and what is slow, and how exactly this translates to combat situations.
    When aiming an attack at a Body Part, both the hit chance and critical strike chance are displayed.
    All body parts are now described in detail, as many descriptions were missing previously.
    Item descriptions are now visible for non-consumables.
    When blocking attacks with a shield, the amount of stamina used for the block is reported in the message log.
    Food can no longer be consumed when the action would lead to wasting the food item due to hitting satiety limit.

    Bread is more filling now.
    All food and consumables made significantly cheaper.
    Speed, although still much of a secondary stat for attacks, is now far cheaper to improve. This is a change to both weapons themselves and custom attack cost calculations.
    Shields no longer increase armor penalty.
    All armor pieces made significantly more powerful, especially chest pieces and head armor.
    Blocks and hit chances can no longer go above 95% or below 5%. So there is always a chance... to die.
    Slash-to-blunt converts at a lower rate when protected by armor (mostly visible when using chain armor).
    Zombies, especially Ogre Zombies, made more powerful as they were not much of a threat.
    Spells rebalanced to prevent crazy lategame scaling. Well, at least make crazy lategame scaling more of a challenge.
    Mage armors significantly buffed to make them actually viable in combat situations. They also provide hex resistance even when not enchanted.
    Mage enemies are now a far bigger threat, as they hit much harder than before and use more diverse armor (although never the highest plate tier and such).
    Armor penalty decreases global speed instead of movement speed. This means that a heavily armored creature with little training in armor will become extremely slow in combat in general, not only when running.
    Advanced weapon attacks reworked, a lot of details have been changed here and some attacks (jabs) were removed altogether. In general, these attacks should be now far more viable, as during my past playthroughs I realised I would have never used them myself.
    Starting classes offer different armor sets now, while custom player-made classes start out with a comparable boost in gold, to decide on their armor through ingame purchase.
    Above change to item sets made it necessary to boost low-level enemies, as they would be (and I still feel they slightly are) underpowered.
    As the game now offers a large number of camps and dungeons to "farm" gold, Talar scroll sells items for 50% of their value instead of 75%.
    Two-handed weapons got nerfed as the damage difference between them and single-handed weapons was far too big, especially visible when getting one-shotwith a critical hit from an Orcish Warlord.
    Rusty Mail removed, got Light Mail instead to actually bridge the gap between early and mid-game armors.
    Rare items will now have slightly more diverse properties, as the same base enchant cannot be applied more than once (it was in theory possible to roll a weapon with +100% damage, which could lead to severe imbalance).
    Health potion now lasts for 180 turns and speeds up healing of critical conditions.
    Healer prices reduced.
    Some numerical fixes to enchants. Damage increasing enchants have been nerfed. Armor enchants no longer increase defence by % values, they use larger flat values instead (+10 instead of +40%, etc.).

    Fixed a bug which caused the "You are full!" to appear multiple times at once.
    Stairs/pillars and other permanent dungeon features no longer vanish when not in line of sight.
    Target memory (for ctrl+hotkey and ctrl+arrow) improved considerably, as it would break after using a consumable, or after cancelling an attack half-way.
    Escaping enemies no longer walk into walls and pillars, which would sometimes happen and prevent players from reaching the loot.
    Smash Grip attack can no longer be used to generate infinite weapon copies.
    Aiming actions like Dash allows now to point at invalid targets, as this would previously prevent player from changing Dash directions in tight corridors, as he had to pass himself as the target and the system would prevent this.
    Dogs were resistant to blindness.
    Cost multiplier for spells (when creating a spell) was displaying some astronomical values, which were not true.
    Multi-shield setups did not actually count additional shields (sorry mr. Tower Wizard :/) but now they do. Introduced some rebalacing here, to make second shield less useful than the first, so multi-shielding is no longer a no brainer for wizards.
    Player no longer "drops" armor from an equipment slot when a body part becomes disabled. Only handheld items are now dropped in such situations.
    AOE attacks would often get blocked from being used with Ctrl+hotkey.

Feature Friday #124

Warden Indrix no longer occasionally takes a sabbatical to another goatfolk village.
    Clonelings no longer clone inorganic creatures.
    You can now harvest yondercane from yonderbrush even if it's hostile as long as it's visible.
    Extradimensional psychic assassin templars with cybernetic implants now have their names appear correctly.
    Added new descriptions for acid gas, stun gas, sleep gas, blinding gas, and stinking gas.
    Jewelers now occasionally stock figurines.
    The left-most tile of the Edification relief is now correctly labeled.
    Charge is now a prerequisite for Charging Strike.
    Renamed 'pentacips' to 'pentaceps'.
    Gave the tunnels beneath Grit Gate a more appropriate name.
    Gave the 'tar-encrusted bones' tile a more appropriate color.
    Removed the prompt to save the game before abandoning a character.
    Added an option to disable smoke.
    Did some restructuring of the object hierarchy.
    Fixed a broken branch of Wardens' Esther dialog.
    Fixed an issue causing some achievements and quests to not properly trigger when equipping an item directly from the ground.
    Fixed an issue causing zone names to incorrectly persist across games played in the same session.
    Fixed an issue causing energy cells to show the wrong options in their dialog menus after one was loaded into a weapon.
    Fixed a bunch of typos.

Cult of the Dragon King Update or so~   8)

There's, uh, about 9 pages of weighty changelogs since last checked in on this back when it seemed like it was about done so...yeah.   You may seriously want to consider revisiting this again or contemplating it anew:

Well it's been a long time (for me) but it's finally available. I present to you all now the largest and most likely last major expansion to my game, "Cult of the Dragon King"!

There are many many changes and additions so bear with me and listen to me blab all about it for an eternity now:


    New class: The Cultist! The cultist now joins the others as the fifth playable character in the game. And for equal opportunity and all that it's a little girl! Now she plays a lot differently than the others so listen up-

    + Has very powerful dark offensive skills
    + Can eat rotten food unharmed, and gains double the stamina from said food
    + Gets a 50% Max HP discount when visiting a Cultist Den
    + Can donate $500 in gold there, with a possibility of gaining some stats
    + Gains the Instant Kill effect on the Yellow phase
    - Has serious gear restrictions and in fact can only use daggers, knives, and etc along with clothes and robes
    - Is physically pitiful, and gains stats and levels very slowly
    - She's reviled by most everyone in the dungeon, and is not welcomed at shops or guilds

    This is also the sole class that starts off being locked away to the player. To unlock the cultist class, you'll need to find 50% or more of the game's items. You can easily check your progress in the Items Found Log on the start menu.

    New Floor Event: Disruption Floor! This magic power scrambles the magnetic fields of the dungeon, causing all your controls to be reversed while moving around and negating your compass!

    New Floor Event: Coven Floor! It's now possible to visit an entire floor full of members of the Cult of the Dragon King while playing! Here you'll find cultists and high priests, and if you're really unlucky you might run into the Dragon King himself! This floor is also unique to the game in that there are new specific items that can only be found within locked golden and shadow chests here too.

    40 New items!! This now means my little game boasts a whopping 400 total! That's pretty friggin' good I think :steamhappy:

    15 New maps!! Always a good idea to make more of these.

    New item class: Rotten Food! The game now also has a few items that are.. ah.. past their prime. Rotten food will hurt your HP yet heal your stamina a bit. Think of these as a last resort. If you're playing a cultist though, they'll get healed the HP and take double the stamina from this nasty crap.

    Improved Chamber of Heroes! It's hard to get to, so I made the Chamber of Heroes way better than it was before. It'll totally be worth it now.

    Class selection now has a small description for each! Unsure what a wizard does? Select him from the character select screen and a pop up appears, letting you know all about it. There's one for everybody. Go on, try it now and see!

    New HUD addition for people who are color blind! It's unlikely but I thought hey what if somebody who was color blind tried to play this game? They'd need to know what lantern phase was currently active, right? Well now it's plain spelled out and abbreviated above the HP / STM display on the main screen. And you know what? I think it flat out looks way better for everyone!

    New Enemies: Zombie, Wraith, Cultist, High Priest.

    New major boss: Dragon King! This guy is the real deal:

    If you're equipped with wooden gear it will now warn you you're fire prone on the special screen, along with the qty of items in fire peril.

    Class inate abilities are now listed on the special screen too. For example a Warrior is Magic Prone while the Thief gains a bonus to avoid ambushes.

    1 New Achievement where you have to win the game as a Cultist. It's listed as hidden just in case somebody doesn't read this later and wants to be surprised.

    I've gone back and changed it so that now you'll only see the USE command when an item can actually be used while inspecting it. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of seeing what does what. This works for me however like any big change if you have any issues please let me know in the forums!

    As mentioned above, the lantern color indicator on the backpack screen has been changed to match the HUD but the color's name is fully spelled out.

    Warriors now begin the game with -5 MDEF instead of 0. I know, I know, but honestly the Warrior was too OP. And it makes sense since he's already weak to magic as it is.

    The MORPH ability's success rate has been lowered to 30% + your MAG stat.

    MORPH can now change any enemy into various small / weak enemies instead of just being a slime all the time.

    The THROW battle command now has a 100% hit rate. This change specifically affects the Old Damp Boot and Dodge Ball items.

    Fixed a rare bug where if you chose "no" when canceling a new game while a saved game exists and it erased the save file anyway. Holy crap I'm glad I caught this!!

    Fixed a double dip in the Cultist Den that had Pest Scrolls for sale for both 5 & 6 HP.

I believe that's everything. I can't believe how much I've been working on this thing lately in my spare time however I feel this game is now 100% complete. I'm very proud of my game, which has gone from a little thing on the side to share with my kids to a huge and in-depth project that I play regularly for fun myself.

    The RITUAL skill's damage has been slightly nerfed. Instead of incorporating the Cultist's full DEX value it's now half DEX value.

    The DEATH spell's chance of success has been increased by 10%, however all champ monsters get a 5% resistance to it and bosses get 15%. What this effectively does is make the spell work better on regular enemies and - while it can still take out the game's bosses in a single blow - makes it slightly less possible. And when you think about it, how many games even LET you use something like an instant death spell on big bosses?

    For those who are interested, the chance of DEATH's success is:

    If Random(100) <= (40 + MAG) - Enemy Death Resistance Then dead parrot

    Enemies coming out of late floor dimensional rifts have been capped.. sort of. What I mean is enemies will constantly continue to appear from these as long as the total enemy count is less than Int(Dungeon Floor / 2). So at floor 40 dimensional enemies will appear if there's already less than 20 enemies. So you can still have a ton of enemies, just not hundreds or anything too nuts.

    When an enemy steals an item from your backpack it is now added to its own backpack. If you're a thief and try to steal from it there'll be a chance you can get your stolen item back. Very handy if a Mugger just stole your Weebish Blade!

    The rare yet nasty battle freeze bug appears to have been fixed now! I could never figure out just why this would sometimes happen but after Gasil discovered how to mega level a Thief up, dodge in battle, and use lots of high evasion gear he summised that it had to do with the Thief's ultimate ability to just be way too good at dodging everything.

    Turns out he was right! There was a couple lines of code where the equation wouldn't make any sense if you had mega DEX and super high evasion, if you also dodged during battle. The enemy's equations never made sense, and the game would hang because of it. The way I fixed it was that an enemy can never have below a 5% chance to hit, regardless of stats or gear or anything else. After testing it tonight, it appears to have solved the problem!

    A couple of enemies had a "Speed Potion" as a possible item to be stolen from during fights. This is great, except that's OLD CODING and I had since changed the item's name to "Potion of Speed"! So if you stole a Speed Potion the game didn't recognize it and didn't give it its own picture or stats, instead displaying the values of the last item in your backpack you last looked at. Though certainly not game-breaking like the evasion freeze bug above, this had to be fixed as well and now it has.

Announcements / Re: Tangledeep (now at Update #3)
« on: March 02, 2018, 11:26:54 PM »
Update #3

Hello adventurers! This week's patch is chock full of fixes, balance tweaks, highly-requested QOL improvements, and some new features. Maxed-out corral pets are being toned down while summoned pets are getting a little tougher; Item Dreams are getting more monster variety. Several new visual options have been added, along with new keybindings. The Fast Travel dialog is better than ever.

All of the above, and more! Full notes are below. But we also want to announce that we're putting the finishing touches on the internal tech needed to support localization of the game to virtually any language. This was a big project but it will be absolutely worth it, as about 99.9% of the game's text is now sourced from a single file. We're in talks now to begin the actual localization work and hopefully release in other languages beginning sometime in Q2.

On to the notes!

We’ve observed that the maximum potential for corral pets is extremely high. A maxed-out pet is nigh-unstoppable, dealing thousands of damage per hit and taking almost none. We think your pet should not be massively stronger than the hero, but at the same time, we don’t want to make lower-level, non-bred pets useless. The following changes are meant to tone down the upper limit of pet power, but also make it a bit easier to get to that limit.

    Monster stats are now capped at 150 (down from 255). This is a major contributing factor to physical & elemental resistances.

    Maximum weapon power is now 1500 (down from 2550)

    Slightly increased weapon power scaling via breeding (+1% per generation)

    Increased the JP cost for maxing out growth of upper-rarity monsters

    Reduced the influence of *player* level on pet insurance cost, thus reducing overall pet insurance cost

    Paladin’s Radiant Aura now costs 12 Energy per block (up from 9), Skill Orb version costs 14 Energy (up from 10)

    Seraph’s Tear’s heal on block effect now only triggers if you are under 50% Health

    Sword Dancer’s Qi Mastery now restores 3-5 Energy on crit (down from 3-6).

    Reduced the Token cost of Casino items by about 50%. They should be much more accessible now.

    Many monster abilities that dealt fixed damage regardless of level now scale with monster level. This should help if, for example, you get a Salamander or Alchemist and breed it with stronger monsters.

    The “Familiars” magic mod now grants summoned pets +10% Health and +5% defense (instead of +15% Health)

    All summoned pets now gain an extra 1% defense per player level

    Deadly Riposte (3rd sword mastery) now grants +50% counter damage, down from +100%.

    Abilities like Hail of Arrows and Relentless Current with a ‘windup’ now use the power of the weapon equipped when first casting the power. Previously, they used the power of the weapon equipped when the power finally executed.

    Slightly reduced JP scaling from monsters higher than you in level

    Reduced award JP scaling of higher level rumors

    Reworked the Floraconda’s “Bed of Thorns” skill (from Floramancer tier2 passive). This is now a fixed-position ability that the Floraconda uses if there are enemies in melee range. It does not follow the Floraconda around. The damage is also lower now, but it does stack with YOUR Bed of Thorns, and it can be recast more often.

    Modified spawn tables in Fungal Caves. Floracondas will now start appearing on 8F (instead of 7F), and River Spirits on 10F (instead of 9F).

    Blood Frenzy (Airacudas passive) no longer lasts forever once triggered

    Fixed Casino text referencing winning gold instead of tokens.
    Fixed bug where Spellshaper’s Kinetic Magic would not activate until you dropped below 50% Stamina - it should activate *at* 50% Stamina
    Fixed Sneak Attack triggering bug
    Using Shield Slam multiple times should correctly stack the effect AND refresh duration
    Fixed bug where summoned pets were not getting the +25% Health bonus in New Game+ as intended
    Shadowstep should now cause bleeding to targets around the tile YOU land on, not the tile you *clicked* on
    When extracting a mod from an equipped or hotbarred item, the item should now be completely unequipped and removed from your hotbar
    Fixed bug with spawn rates on floors with Fungal Columns. Previously, killing columns would increase the overall spawn rate permanently.
    Fixed sprite clipping bug when moving from the southeast and southwest
    Item Dream monster healing crystals no longer affect friendly monsters
    Fixed bug where Overdrawing quiver mod was not working correctly when firing ranged weapons with the mouse
    Fixed bug where Ramirel’s Dismantler was not using a lower proc rate vs. hostile enemies
    Fixed bug with Wild Child’s “Foraging” passive where Health herbs never spawned (health herbs restore about 8% max health, modified by Spirit)
    It should no longer be possible to push or pull the final boss (phase 1)
    Fixed bug where ace-high Straight was not recognized by Gambler’s Wild Cards (yes, I know this bug is ridiculously obscure)
    Fixed bug with water, mud, and electric visuals that could occur sometimes on load
    Fixed bug with pull effects where the player could sometimes end up on top of friendly pets (or vice versa)
    Friendly Airacudas will now reliably use Fish Rush
    Fixed bug with Watery Heal and several other monster powers
    Fixed bug with Radiant Aura that was causing it to heal 2x as much as intended
    Fixed bug (again) where items with 5 mods could not handle a free additional Skill orb as intended
    Fixed bug where pressing anything on the keyboard would hide comparison info in shops the after using the mouse
    Spinebro / Quillkin corral pets should no longer become immobile on game load
    The Skill Orb version of Verse of the Elements will no longer hit allied creatures

    Items inserted into the Dreamcaster may now have affinities related to specific monster families, such as Frogs, Magic, Insects, Jellies, etc. These Item Dreams have (as you might guess) more of these monsters than other types. Monsters of this type will be level-scaled to match the rest of the monsters in the dream. For example, a high-level item may have a Moss Jelly scaled up, while a low-level item could have a Mottled Sandjaw scaled down. More variety and fun!

    Added a simple new option for players who want an even bigger challenge in New Game+. When starting your NG+ playthrough and you opened any Pandora’s Chests in your previous playthrough, you will be asked whether you want to maintain the current “Opened Chest” count. This does nothing but make your NG+ playthrough even harder, and give you bragging rights if you can beat it anyway!

    Added new “Tenacious” mod for NG+ champions

    The combat log top/bottom padding have been reduced slightly, allowing for more visible text
    A new “Smaller Combat Log Text” option has been added. This allows for yet more text to be shown at once in the log, and may be desirable depending on your monitor, viewing distance, and resolution
    A new “Battle Text Size” option has been added. This controls the size of popup text during combat, such as damage/healing numbers, “STUNNED!”, “ROOTED!”, etc
    Captured Thunder Spirits (and their progeny) should no longer use Static Charge constantly
    Thorns summoned by your Floraconda are now dimmer, to reduce map clutter
    When entering items with affinities using the Dreamcaster (i.e. Challenge/Rewards greater or less than 0), the affinities will now contribute to the difficulty text (i.e. “Easy”, “Tricky”, “Impossible”). In other words, the difficulty text should be a little more accurate now.
    The info bar at the top of the screen will now show ability costs for whatever ability you are using
    The fast travel dialog at the cave to Tangledeep now shows the closest main floor / path to each side area
    The fast travel dialog now also shows if a side area has a shopkeeper with new goods
    Rumors to side areas now show the nearest main path floor as well
    Added assignable keybindings to use Knight’s Shovels and Monster Mallets from your inventory with just a single key (or button) press. These will be default bound to V (for shoVel) or T (for malleT)
    The “Compare Alternate” keybind can be used while in shops to compare any listed accessory to your Accessory slot 2
    Any kind of fast travel back to town (such as from a side area’s portal menu) will now take you to the cave entrance to Tangledeep, instead of the south part of town

    Added flavor text for the Emerald set
    Slingshots renamed to Slings, to match the art
    Onigiri renamed to Nigiri, also to match the art

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