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Title: Warsim - Text-Based Procedural Kingdom Management Game
Post by: huw2k8 on April 26, 2017, 11:13:21 AM
Hey guys, I have shared it here before so I thought I'd leave it a while but I've made many new developments on my game Warsim its an old project of mine and though it's still in development it's achieved everything I first envisioned for it and more!

It features a heavily procedurally generated world as you try to rule the Kingdom of Aslona, a once great land now plagued by rebellion, a united horde of bandits, two strong kingdoms of goblins and five randomly generated independent kingdoms with randomly generated races as well as countless other side factions, I have always loved randomly generated content and so the game is chock full of it.

* Over 15 quadrillion randomly generated faces!
* Randomly generated kingdoms with random flags, laws, rulers and relations that you can fight, or befriend
* Massive world exploration zone
* Randomly generated buildings and architecture
* Arena gambling, tournaments and grand champion fights
* Player Moddability, add your own jokes, faces, flags, names, races ect
* near infinite hireable companions such as jesters, generals, spymasters ect
* Thousands of random in game events and encounters to keep things interesting
* Tons of cheats and extra features stuffed into the game
* Millions of possible factions and wild and active gameworld
* and so much more!

**Some Screenshots**















* [Here's a playthrough someone did for me that shows off the game quite well](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsUn895-_9s)

It's a free download in the sidebar on www.reddit.com/r/WarsimRpg I am massively open to feedback, I have a tendency to add things that are suggested by players into the game and will respond to pretty much all the comments I get! Happy to answer any questions you guys have!
Title: Re: Warsim - Text-Based Procedural Kingdom Management Game
Post by: huw2k8 on May 02, 2017, 10:03:01 AM
One of the biggest and most feature-full updates I've ever released, two new cheats, billions of new faces including a complete overhaul of cyclopes (they look slightly less like tomatoes now) but the biggest thing of all is randomly generated music, tons and tons of the stuff! From gnome whistlers to Orc grunters, Guitarists and drummers and everything else, the world is a bit more joyful now!


* Overhauled lizardmen faces (259x as many as before)(was 20736 faces)(now 50388480)
* Overhauled ent/treeman faces (30979x as many as before)(was 8437500)(now 261387200000)
* Added Hats for all cheat (747)
* Added 3 different prebattle graphics for bandits
* Added 3 different prebattle graphics for goblins
* Added 3 different prebattle graphics for rebels
* Added new cheat "101" all independent kingdoms become pacifists
* Added new mermen faces (Was 243 million) (now 1.26 billion)
* Completely remade Cyclops faces
* Added 32730614784 new cyclops faces (was 898 thousand)(now 32.7 billion)
* Added Randomly Generated Music to the game (with various lengths and speeds of music)
* Added Two kinds of Randomly Generated Guitarist (with animation)
* Added Randomly Generated Goblin Drummer (with animation)
* Added Randomly Generated Orcish Grunter (with animation)
* Added Randomly Generated Vampyric Guitarist (with animation)
* Added The Magnificent Wulf Thorenson to the Black Market
* Added Game breakingly long song to Wulf Thorenson in upgraded black market
* Added Randomly Generated Gnome Whistler (with animation)
* Added Rare throne room encounter Abomination Musician (with animation)


* Fixed restarting sound bug
* Fixed no colour for 4 demon totems when destroyed


* Added special Tale of Demons singer throne room encounter
* Added Throne room musicians who charge a fee
* Added execution bribe dynamic encounter (credit u/YetiRoadburger)
* Added Cave treasure throne room encounter


* Added The Tale of Demons Lyrics to the Library
* Added 2 new hats to the game
* Added Encounter Selector to Debug Menu (allows you to choose throne room encounters)
* Added prebattle text to bandit and goblins
* Added colour to the sourthern compass
* Added Drylands description
* Added Oasis description
* Added Southern coast description
* Added goblin kingdoms love you when you buy the sceptre


* http://i.imgur.com/AdkMMsp.png
* http://i.imgur.com/32NW6g7.png
* http://i.imgur.com/fLibaF2.png
* http://i.imgur.com/XSl28u6.png
* http://i.imgur.com/egnaE3O.png
* http://i.imgur.com/pq6OWeh.png
* http://i.imgur.com/5J2Drjp.png
* http://i.imgur.com/VJ366Kw.png
Title: Re: Warsim - Text-Based Procedural Kingdom Management Game
Post by: huw2k8 on May 05, 2017, 03:12:25 PM
Todays update is unintentionally huge, I've been working really hard on more updates to the bard system and it's been good fun, there is still more to come like the bards guild and some new musician types but for now I'm very happy with how it's all worked out, ended up working on lots of throne room stuff too, several bugfixes and a new race, also I'm looking into expanding the blackmarket, having recently added two new things to it I'm thinking it could stand to have many more new things, but with the blackmarket grown you'd better believe that the people defending it will put up more of a fight.


* Added Psion race to the game
* Added Warsim Music Library to extras
* Added ability to ask musicians to encore
* Added ability to bribe musicians to play more if they refuse
* Added bards have names
* Added ability to react to bards performances
* Added ability to reward bards performances
* Added a substyle of normal lute (variations)
* Added ability to hire musician as a member of your staff
* Added ability to ask musician to play for any length of time (be careful!)
* Added special super secret guessing game to vampire bard staff members
* Added Elixir stall to black market
* Added Musicians Elixir that makes court bards play faster than anyone!
* Added dynamic scale that makes bards more or less likely to appear in your court based on how you treat them (with a max of 3x as many bards and a min of 50x less bards)


* Fixed demon totem text bug
* Fixed random face generator bug
* Fixed sudden death dice game bug
* Fixed shallowrock goblin screen bug
* Fixed bardskill bug
* Fixed the force encore bug
* Fixed camp assurak image bug
* Fixed spacing bug in Orb Stall in black market
* Fixed Shadow Assassin encounter appearing when you've already paid for it
* Fixed shadow assassin tower allowing you to hire assassins twice
* Fixed mrket text bug in black market


* Made small haven tribute request throne room encounter rarer
* Added Trodden flowers throne room encounter
* Added Smelly wheat throne room encounter
* Added man who lived with rebels throne room encounter
* Added faradals personal guard throne room encounter
* Added shunned rebel throne room encounter
* Added forced rebel throne room encounter
* Added mad money hedge wizard throne room encounter
* Added tavern recomendation fighter throne room encounter
* Added dying father promise armed man throne room encounter
* Added glory seeking man throne room encounter
* Added best choice armed man throne room encounter
* Added 4 new responses for gold coin goblin throne room encounter
* Made gold coin goblin throne room encounter slightly rarer
* Added new passing knight can't join you excuse
* Made forgive outlaws encounter rarer
* Added dynamic forgive outlaws encounter option to kill him


* Updated arena gate animation to be 50% faster
* Updated donations page
* Added dynamic origin story to musicians
* Added new low musician level of beginner (.1 seconds slower than the worst)
* Added dynamic identifier of bard
* Added dynamic response of bards to your reactions
* Made Brawlers pit fighter HP more randomised
* Added dynamic court musician skill level system
* Added dynamic text for court musician
* Added chance that some musicians wont join your court if asked
* Added BardDebug mode which shows you how many beats left until song is over
* Added colour to old ruined totem
* Added colour to camp assurak
Title: Re: Warsim - Text-Based Procedural Kingdom Management Game
Post by: huw2k8 on May 07, 2017, 09:25:30 PM
Today's updated adds the bards guild and finger clicking musicians which I've planned to add since the music update so here they are, the bards guild is definitely worth visiting and can be found in the second region of the west! Also the blackmarket has grown a little bit more and will keep growing, now there is a district of stalls!


* Added Musicians Guild to Songwood
* Added ability for musicians guild to not let you in if musician relation is low enough
* Added ability to hear special unique lute song if relation is 25+
* Added ability to hear special sea shanty if relation is 50+
* Added each of the musician types to the music guild to be heard on demand
* Added ability to take tribute from the musicians guild
* Added song lyrics archive
* Wrote 'Fair Orcish Maiden' Lyrics
* Wrote 'King of the Dwarves' Lyrics
* Wrote 'The Lord of Ice' Lyrics
* Wrote 'Phenor the Black' Lyrics
* Added Bluetrii stall to blackmarket stalls
* Added Face expression tester to the extras concept art menu
* Added Clicker musicians to the game world!


* Fixed broken hat!
* Fixed the combat academy there arent that many troops bug
* Fixed spymasters with less than 100 skill giving you empty reports prebattle
* Fixed brawl pit hp being too predictable


* Balanced Hat Chances in the game
* Added 6 new hats to the game (some weird ones)
* Added 5 new types of punch to brawl pit
* Added ability for punches to miss in brawl pit
* Reorganised Blackmarket to have section for stalls
* Updated blackmarket graphics to represent the now bigger blackmarket
* Fixed wages generated for nonhirable bards
* Added new name suffix 'The Fancyman' (+70 stats)
* Fixed drummer typo
Title: Re: Warsim - Text-Based Procedural Kingdom Management Game
Post by: huw2k8 on May 20, 2017, 04:50:35 PM
Today's update is mainly bugfixes as well as a new little addition to the blackmarket called the blackmarket slums, you can donate gold to it or hire some local scum to fight for you, at some point if you've donated enough they might even send a force to fight with you when you get attacked!

Also 700 subscribers on reddit! Thank you so much for the support guys, the support I've had over the past months in the way of advice, all the lovely comments and suggestions, the donations, everything, it's all been an amazing part of my life so thank you all!


* Added Blackmarket slums to the game
* Added ability to hire peasant scum from blackmarket slums
* Added ability for black market scum to assist you in battle


* Fixed mystery speechless bandit bug (credit u/Fury222222)
* Fixed troop despawn bug
* Fixed Music Guild Tribute text bug
* Fixed music guildmaster text white bug
* Fixed Animal fight pit kicks you out of the north
* Fixed the ORB OF CHAOS stall breaker bug
* Fixed leaving the slums tells you none can be hired bug
* Fixed Fort Gorthmek troop bug
* Fixed black market tower graphic bug


* Added 'The Bucket Knight' and 'The Bucket' suffixes (credit u/ryan055)
* Added colour to songwood compass
* Added new name 'of the blackmarket slums' & 'of the slums'
* Buffed Militia by 2 battlepoints
* Added ability to buy multiple bluetri fruit
Title: Re: Warsim - Text-Based Procedural Kingdom Management Game
Post by: huw2k8 on May 23, 2017, 01:24:59 PM
A lot of new features in this update, humming musicians you can only find in the musicians guild, now when you attack a faction it will show in the battle reports at the end of the turn, two new cheats that allow for an increased challenge, with a spymaster skill of 100 or more the player can see how many people died in each battle in turn reports, also lots of new kingdom names and the ability to take all the troops from an independent kingdom, kill their king and increase or decrease their civility level through debug mode, so now that group of savage trolls with their evil king umbog are no more as you can make them less savage and kill him! Enjoy


* Added Humming Musician to the bards guild
* Added ability for Aslona to appear in battle reports
* Added new cheat '444' surrounded by empires (makes all groups 10x tougher)
* Added new cheat '445' dense empires (same as 444 but lands are the same)
* Added ability to see how many slavers you have in the slaver fort (credit u/GoldfingerLickinGood)
* Added ability to see casualties in battlereports if spymaster skill is 100
* Added 3x as many kingdom names such as (kingdom of racetype) or (racetype domain)
* Added nations on new continents are 10x as powerful
* Added debug mode ability to increase and decrease a kingdoms civilisation level
* Added debug mode ability to take independent kingdoms full troop count
* Added debug mode ability to auto assassinate kingdoms ruler


* Fixed independent troop text bug
* Fixed music playing when disabled bug
* Fixed Goblin Berserkers not in troop count  (credit u/GoldfingerLickinGood)


* Capped demon horde at 2500 units
* Added 6 new flag parts
* Added a new advice item
* Added new name suffix (the hummingbird)