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Title: Unlichtwesen [7DRL 2017] - Success!
Post by: Jan on March 11, 2017, 09:39:41 PM
I am happy to announce a success for my 7DRL Unlichtwesen! It was a good time and my second 7DRL was a lot of fun to make. Last minute I decided to add the most complicated feature, but it seems to work.

First things first, you find it here on itch.io and via roguebasin:

https://jan-rl.itch.io/unlichtwesen (https://jan-rl.itch.io/unlichtwesen)
http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=Unlichtwesen (http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=Unlichtwesen)

News about it on twitter https://twitter.com/Nicol_Bolas (https://twitter.com/Nicol_Bolas)

and props to libtcod and bearlibterminal that I used to make this happen.

The game is released as 0.9 to be "the nearly complete 7DRL version".

The game is named Unlichtwesen and the true heros should be the procedurally generated demons that you fight in 1on1 turn-based battles. It is basically only boss battles without any dungeon-crawling or puzzle solving before. These demons own their unique moveset and feature compositions, names and bodyparts and you hardly find two similar enemies.

Interlude 1: The list of bodyparts, features and movesets in the game could be infinite, the more the better. For the challenge I was happy with the number of attacks, patters and descriptions, but I will definitely extend this after the challenge and further work on this game.

The player can choose from two out of four different weapons and take one in each hand to face the opponent. The traditional-roguelike-staple "bump to attack" is replaced by directional swings, swipes and bashes, that affect certain quares when you attack. Every weapon has to independent attacks and you can use these with a respective cooldown. So timing in movement, attack pattern and evasion of enemy attacks is  akey element.

Interlude 2: The weapon choice and additional items and options leave still a lot of design space open. I see the addition of a shield, two-handed weapons and many other movesets possible and when I find time I'll add on.

There is limited progression in the game, as every battle stands for its own. However, in the beginning 10 demons are created and saved. You can choose, which you want to fight and nothing happens, when you are defeated. You can fight as often as you want, and when you defeat the enemy, it will stay defeated. Deafeat all 10 and you have basically won.

A meta-feature of the game is, that the unique procedurally generated demons, are stored as separate files and will remain even after their defeat. Share them with friends and brag about you victory, or show impossible fights around, whether someone can do it!

This last feature was important for me, I liked the creatures that I summonend and was sad to see them dissapear everytime the game gets closed.

Enjoy the game!
Title: Re: Unlichtwesen [7DRL 2017] - Success!
Post by: Avagart on March 11, 2017, 11:34:56 PM
OK, it might be problem with my laptop (old, almost dead machine) and that I removed python recently, but I can't make it run. It can't find python27.dll (it's not provided in archive), and manual copypasting doesn't work.

Code: [Select]
Fatal Error! Error loading Python DLL! C:\Users...python27.dll (error code 14001)

Could someone confirm that it's my system's problem, not the game itself?
Title: Re: Unlichtwesen [7DRL 2017] - Success!
Post by: Jan on March 12, 2017, 06:25:58 AM
Thanks for letting me know and sad to hear! I downloaded it on my girlfriend's laptop and it works. Botch machines run Windows 10 though... I'll try again on my old laptop later.
Title: Re: Unlichtwesen [7DRL 2017] - Success!
Post by: Jan on March 13, 2017, 09:29:34 PM
@Avagart: ok, I have an update.

Got feedback from the web, that it works for some but others have the error, too.

Didn't work on my Vista Laptop either, got the same error message.

I did the creation of the exe from the python script on the Vista system and now it runs on all systems. Same code, same method of creating exe, just old Windows...

I uploaded this on the itch.io site as v09b, so you may give it a try :).
Title: Re: Unlichtwesen [7DRL 2017] - Success!
Post by: Avagart on March 13, 2017, 09:47:33 PM
Yeah, it works now, I'll try it tomorrow. Interesting that it comes with much (relatively) bigger executable. Maybe it's pyinstaller issue? Anyway, thanks for taking care about that :)
Title: Re: Unlichtwesen [7DRL 2017] - Success!
Post by: Jan on May 08, 2017, 07:31:16 PM

"Unlichtwesen" version 1.0 has now been released!

Find it at https://jan-rl.itch.io/unlichtwesen (https://jan-rl.itch.io/unlichtwesen)

This is my after-7DRL-version with some easy things fixed, namely:
- Preview of weapon-movesets and demons in the selection menu
- Animations of the moves slower to be more recognizable
- A few things here and there

This could have been my 7DRL final version (with much more time on my hands), but wouldn't have been there without the feedback of the reviewers.
Title: Re: Unlichtwesen [7DRL 2017] - Success!
Post by: Avagart on May 08, 2017, 08:43:59 PM
Nice, congrats :) It's always nice to check post-campo releases, I'll try it for sure
Title: Re: Unlichtwesen [7DRL 2017] - Success!
Post by: Zireael on August 07, 2017, 08:17:28 AM
The 1.0 version hangs on quit :/
Title: Re: Unlichtwesen [7DRL 2017] - Success!
Post by: Jan on March 10, 2018, 03:13:28 PM
Fixed the hang on quit, should work now. Thanks for the feedback and excuses for the late reply. Was not checking until new 7DRL ;).