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Title: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #105) $
Post by: getter77 on July 15, 2015, 02:19:18 PM

http://store.steampowered.com/app/333640/  $9.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Caves of Qud is a science fantasy roguelike epic steeped in retrofuturism, deep simulation, and swathes of sentient plants. Come inhabit an exotic world and chisel through layers of thousand-year-old civilizations. Decide: is it a dying earth, or is it on the verge of rebirth?

Who are you?
Play the role of a mutant indigenous to the salt-spangled dunes and jungles of Qud, or play a pure-strain descendant from one of the few remaining eco-domes—the toxic arboreta of Ekuemekiyye, the Holy City; the ice-sheathed arcology of Ibul; or the crustal mortars of Yawningmoon.

You arrive at the oasis-hamlet of Joppa, along the far rim of Moghra'yi, the Great Salt Desert. All around you, moisture farmers tend to groves of viridian watervine. There are huts wrought from rock salt and brinestalk. On the horizon, Qud's jungles strangle chrome steeples and rusted archways to the earth. Further and beyond, the fabled Spindle rises above the fray and pierces the cloud-ribboned sky.

You clutch your rifle, or your vibroblade, or your tattered scroll, or your poisonous stinger, or your hypnotized goat. You approach a watervine farmer—he lifts the brim of his straw hat and says, "Live and drink, friend."

Who can you do?
-Anything and everything. Caves of Qud is a deeply simulated, biologically diverse, richly cultured world.
-Assemble your character from over 70 mutations and defects and 24 castes and kits—outfit yourself with wings, two heads, quills, four arms, flaming hands, or the power to clone yourself—it's all the character diversity you could want.
-Explore procedurally-generated regions with some familiar locations—each world is nearly 1 million maps large.
-Dig through everything—don't like the wall blocking your way? Dig through it with a pickaxe, or eat through it with your corrosive gas mutation, or melt it to lava. Yes, every wall has a melting point.
-Hack the limbs off monsters—every monster and NPC is as fully simulated as the player. That means they have levels, skills, equipment, faction allegiances, and body parts. So if you have a mutation that lets you, say, psionically dominate a spider, you can traipse through the world as a spider, laying webs and eating things.
-Pursue allegiances with over 60 factions—apes, crabs, robots, and highly entropic beings—just to name a few.
-Follow the plot to Barathrum the Old, a sentient cave bear who leads a sect of tinkers intent on restoring technological splendor to Qud.
-Learn the lore—there's a story in every nook, from legendary items with storied pasts to in-game history books written by plant historians.
-Die—Caves of Qud is brutally difficult and deaths are permanent. Don't worry, though—you can always roll a new character.

Why Early Access?
“Caves of Qud is a colossal project. We've weaved a rich, exotic, and well-researched culture around deeply simulated physical and political systems. The world is expansive, the gameplay is unpredictable, and the plants are sentient. For example, you can:
Play as a turtle-shelled gunslinger
Play as a telepath with amnesia
Dig a tunnel anywhere in the world
Swap stories with an albino ape mayor
Clone yourself, mind-control the clone, and then hack off your own limbs
Before calling it done, we want to watch the community play Caves of Qud, and as the strange, unexpected stories of their characters unfold, we want to use them to refine the systems and make the game better.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“We don't have a strict timeline. At the very least, Caves of Qud will remain in Early Access until you can complete the main plot. In the mean time, we'll be adding all sorts of items, monsters, NPCs, quests, new regions, new systems, tweaks to old systems, and more sentient plants.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“The full version will have:
A completed main plot
Tile art for every tile
Improved UI and graphical effects
Less bugs
Additionally, it'll feature refinements to all the game's systems, more monsters and ite
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now on Early Access) $
Post by: AgingMinotaur on July 16, 2015, 09:21:06 AM
Very exciting, this. CoQ is one of the best games around, and I imagine it's only going to get better now. Note that the devs have pointed out, the finished game will still be available for free, albeit without tiles. (Who needs'em anyway, although I personally like the visual direction they're taking.)

As always,
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #1) $
Post by: getter77 on August 07, 2015, 10:58:30 PM
Feature Friday #1   8)

Now that the code base is stable (knock on wood), we're going to move to a cadence of weekly "feature friday" patches. Intra-week incremental patches will be made to the Beta branch. These patches may not be individually large, and due to the nature of our work we may not always hit our goal, but we're excited to start to bring new content to Qud on a regular basis!

*Default and previousstable branches have been rotated
*Added a new armor mod: recycling. Armors with the recycling mod collect, purify, and store up to 8 drams of the wearer's wastewater.
*Added steel arrows
*Added boomrose arrows. They explode.
*Added UI support for multiple ammo types
*Added a graphical effect for hologram tiles
*Convinced Svenlairnard that he should wield both his legendary swords
*Fixed an exception with the Burgeoning mutation
*Fixed an exception with drawing liquid graphics at the edge of the screen
*Made NPCs equip their miscellaneous equipment a little less predictably
*Improved box of crayons (not all boxes are created equal)

That said, Gaze into the Technical Abyss that has been the interim (Largely Unity) Tech Fighting since launch:

*Added some new tiles, including a unique tile for each caste and kit!
*Updated a bunch of descriptions
*Renamed 'True Man' to 'True Kin'
*Added some additional help text
*Added support for -savepath command line. (i.e. coq.exe -savepath "c:\my data\my qud saves") The directory will be created if it doesn't exist.
*Added support for more OSX & international keyboard keys
*Fixed an exception when reverting a Domination
*Fixed some spiky memory gobbling by flame traps in Golgotha
*Fixed some spiky memory gobbling with electric discharges
*Decreased object creation (and thus zone build) time by around 300% by doing it slightly better than the worst way possible
*Fixed 'throttle animations' option. It wasn't working at all. Turn this on if Qud is melting your laptop into a puddle of lava.
*Improved redrock and rustwell zone creation times by 100% by not doing the slowest part twice for no reason.
*Force disabled compression, disregarding option state, since it makes Unity violently explode at the moment.
*Reduced overall memory use for game objects by about 30%.
*Fixed zone suspension system spamming commands like crazy and keeping references to cached zones.
*More optimization of heap allocations to reduce crashes
*Fixed some internationalization issues with conversions
*Moved every remaining event to the event pooling system. What could go wrong?
*Fixed a really stupid memory leak with the event pool, sheesh.
*Fixed a really insidious bug where silent & cancelled flags wouldn't always get properly reset in event pool events
*The ammo magazines of clone's missile weapons should properly have their contents cloned instead of referenced from the source object. This probably didn't entirely break the object copying system.
*Clones now wait for their entire body to finish materializing before trying to equip stuff. This also probably didn't entirely break the object copying system. Seriously no-one caught this bug in 11 years?
*Updated pathfinding to no-longer allocate as much garbage on the heap. This probably didn't entirely break pathfinding.
*Farmer's daughters are now slightly less captivating.
*Added a friedly warning message when loading old saves, instead of blowing up.
*Fixed an issue with nested object display names
*More garbage carnage for the heapgod
*Added a memory-usage check & warn that will show a warning as you approach 3gb of memory use, so you can save and relaunch the game, instead of heap crashing
*Reduced a pretty horrifying amount of heap thrash on the inventory screen
*Added some more tiles
*Fixed Sunder Mind's damage scaling past level 10
*Fixed a few player-self-hostility bugs
*Fixed pig tile
*Save management now support "D" for delete as well
*Fixed inventory scrolling
*Fixed an exception during segment processing after a game load
*Fixed a pretty heinous new leak in the looker
*Fixed an issue with drum-loaded which was causing trader-screen closes and frozen screens when standing on them
*Lowered the GC memory threshhold for the warning error, since actual memory use was always a lot higher than reported GC memory use
*Changed the RAM warning to be incremental, only warning each time after 500mb more memory is gobbled up, so you can keep going if you're brave or annoyed or don't really care
*Upped the initial warning level to 2gb from 1.5gb
*A few small content tweaks and spelling fixes
*Fixed an unnecessary allocation during main menu rendering
*Assorted memory management improvements
*Reworked UI to generate vastly less garbage
*Fixed a bug with stairs placement that was causing many dungeons to regenerate many times unnecessarily
*Fixed a crash/lockup with buying a power from an unpurchased skill
*Fixed an issue trying to continue an old-version game before starting one
*Fixed the descriptor for <redacted>
*Big performance and memory behavior improvements
*Added a revision number to the save file
*Improved save info file system
*Party members will no-longer auto-target sleeping enemies
*Reworked UI to generate vastly less garbage
*Changed tile textures to 'paint', which will reduce total object count by about 30%
*Fixed a bug with stairs placement that was causing many dungeons to regenerate many times unnecessarily
*Changed the Look menu: space now closes it, and T targets the object you're looking at and closes it.
*Added a UI option to enable space or enter to target from looker.
*Fixed the zealot not being a smart-use target
*Fixed a small issue with looker text
*22 new tiles
*Fixed ASCII-style rendering
*Added some new internal procgen tooling
*Renamed Excavate Up and Down to Dig Up and Down
*Flagged digging up and down as unfinished content
*Walls and liquid pools now dynamically repaint
*Fixed Psychometry not correctly showing both options and not correctly identifying an artifact if you learned it's blueprint
*Fixed target pickers giving away the location of invisible enemies
*Fixed an issue with nearby hostile monster detection
*Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Argyve's quest from advancing properly
*Fixed an issue when bombs detonated inside inventories
*Fixed an issue with building the final zone in Warden Indrix's quest
*Fixed monsters being unwilling to cross a tiny puddle of blood
*Changed monsters to be a little less willing to step into lava
*Fixed harvest spamming the log with "you take" messages
*Fixed harvest saying you harvest a single item even when you harvested multiple
*Fixed a bug with Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis graphical effects
*Fixed ammo autoequip being unable to load into an equipped missle weapon
*Multi-ammo reloading no longer forces you to unload if you exit the dialog without selecting replacement ammo
*Added an appropriate message for when mutant physiology reacts adversely with a tonic
*Lowered the autoeat priority on a couple items
*Fixed small garbage generation issues
*Improved the memory performance
*Fixed a minor text formatting issue with some books
*Fixed an issue with pathfinding in ruins
*Fixed non-phased webs catching phased creatures
*Updated Unity version to 4.6.7p3
*Fixed a typo in the initial pool size that was causing the string pool to be bigger than necessary
*Incremented save file version (i.e. broke saves)
*Fixed long-standing issue with limb regeneration forgetting parts that had been dismembered
*Fixed an issue with limb regeneration improperly sorting regenerated parts
*Added tile support to the hologram material
*Fixed an exception in Burgeoning
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #2) $
Post by: getter77 on August 15, 2015, 12:02:23 PM
Feature Friday #2  8)

*Added a new inhabitant to Joppa (meow)
*Added a new type of bow
*Added resonance grenades that disintegrate inorganic matter
*Added powered exoskeleton ('worn on back', rare)
*Refreshed the Short Blades skill:
-New power: Hobble (150 sp, 15 agility), an activated attack that immobilizes your opponent
-New power: Rejoinder (150 sp, 25 agility), a passive ability that lets you make a free short blade attack whenever an opponent misses you in melee
-Shank now applies to your primary hand attacks as well as your off-hand attacks
-Juke is now a prerequisite for Pointed Circle
-Pointed Circle's cost was reduced from 250 to 100
-Pointed Circle's agility requirement was reduced to 23
*Refreshed the Wayfaring skill's Wilderness Lore powers. They now:
-Double the chance of interesting encounters
-Reduce the chance of getting lost
*Added a new open air tile type
*Made underground caves more cave-like
*Fixed 'Enter' not working properly on the Saved Games screen
*Electromagnetic pulses now properly disable items in the inventories of non-robotic creatures

*Changed build system, hopefully not breaking anything
*Removed some debug code in the hunger/thirst system
*Fixed looking at an item also adding them all in a trade window
*Fixed a rare issue when looking at creatures with certain equipment
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #3) $
Post by: getter77 on August 22, 2015, 07:59:46 PM
Feature Friday #3  8)

*Made a bunch of tweaks to the reputation system
  -Some creatures are now 'aggressive'. Aggressive creatures will attack you even if your reputation with their faction puts you in the neutral range. If their faction is friendly toward you, though, agressive creatures won't attack you.
  -Some creatures are now 'docile'. Docile creatures won't attack you even if your reputation with their faction puts you in the 'disliked' range. If their faction despises you, though, docile creatures will attack you.
  -We introduced the concept of private faction holy places. You're only welcome in a faction's private holy place if your reputation with that faction is friendly or better.
  -The rep values for the dislike/neutral and neutral/friendly cutoffs have changed to -250 and 250
  -Rep values are now properly color-coded on the Reputation screen
    >(bright red = despised)
    >(dark red = disliked)
    >(cyan = neutral)
    >(dark green = favored)
    >(bright green = revered)
  -The Reputation screen displays more info on each of the reputation levels
  -The starting reputation values were all changed. More factions start neutral to you now.
  -The reputation bonuses for genotype, mutations, and kits were adjusted.
*Villagers now admire their warden for defending their village (this means Warden Ualraig and Mehmet will play nice more often)
*Warden Indrix is now always hated by goatfolk for some reason he won't share
*Young ivories and lurking beth changed social groups
*Shield skill refresh
  -Made Shield Slam an activated attack with cooldown 40. It still triggers for free when you charge an opponent.
  -Fixed Shield Slam not triggering when you charge
  -Swapped the prerequisites for Shield Slam and Staggering Block
  -Removed the buckler prerequisite for Shield Slam
  -Wardens now start with Shield Slam instead of Staggering Block
*Acrobatics skill refresh
  -Removed the encumbrance restrictions for Spry and Tumble
*Harvestry now displays the right amount of harvested items
*Faction members will more vigilantly assist each other in combat
*Taught NPCs to use Shield Slam and Hobble
*Elder Irudad now directs adventurers to Argyve
*Underground caves structures are now interlinked
*Fixed some random seeds not saving and loading properly
*Added a new item: metamorphic polygel

*Fixed some issues and improved the performance of the Asphalt Mines builders
*Fixed Pointed Circle's prerequisite link
*Fixed spinner being displayed when you wait 0 turns
*Fixed text-entry fields not responding to escape
*Overland rivers now flow more naturally into bodies of water
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #4) $
Post by: getter77 on August 28, 2015, 11:11:01 PM
Feature Friday #4  8)

*Renamed Cudgel power 'Flurry' to 'Barrage'
*Dual Wield refresh
-New power: Flurry, an activated attack with cooldown 60. You attack with every hand, including extra hands granted by mutation or technology.
-You get both Flurry and Offhand Strikes when you purchase Dual Wield
-Ambidexterity now also reduces Flurry's cooldown by 10
-Ambidexterity's cost was reduced from 400 to 300 skill points
-Two-weapon Fighting now also reduces Flurry's cooldown by 10
-Two-weapon Fighting's cost was reduced from 500 to 300sp
*First Aid refresh
-Staunch Wounds is now an out-of-combat, activated power that immediately cures bleeding effects with a bandage. If you have hemophilia, you have to staunch wounds a few times to stop bleeding.
*Added a new item: portable beehive
*You can now put items on tables. You can examine items on tables owned by other people without them minding. They'll still mind if you take the items, though.
*Moved a book from Mayor Nuntu's inventory to a table in his hut
*Fork-horned helm now increases reputation with antelopes and goatfolk
*Croccasins now decrease reputation with unshelled reptiles
*Issachari sun veil and banner now increase reputation with the Issachari tribe
*Puma chitin vest now decreases reputation with cats
*Ape fur equipment now decreases reputation with apes
*Leafy helm and leafy vest now increase reputation with trees
*<redacted> now decreases reputation with water barons
*Added tiles for shawls and cloaks
*Fixed an issue where directional keybindings were overriding hotkeys on some screens
*Added a UI option to allow directional keybindings to override hotkeys (default: No)
*Added a default keybinding for 'wait n turns' (shift+w)
*Added a default laptop keybinding for look (;)
*Removed some debug commands from the default keybinds
*Metamorphic polygel no longer clones whole stacks of items
*Fixed some build issues with the waterlogged tunnel
*NPCs no longer have the unquenchable desire to shield slam you when they don't have shields
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #5) $
Post by: getter77 on September 04, 2015, 11:39:36 PM
Feature Friday #5  8)

*Bows and Rifles got a big refresh. We streamlined the marking system, made everything much friendlier on the UI, and changed all the Fire powers.
-Updated power: Draw a Bead (0 sp, 19 agi). You spend a turn to draw a bead on a target and mark it. Whenever you fire at a marked target with a bow or rifle, your agility is treated as if it were 2 points higher for the purpose of determining your accuracy. You may only mark one target at a time. If you lose vision of a marked target, that target becomes unmarked.
-Updated power: Suppressive Fire (150 sp, 19 agi). You fire at a marked target. If your shot penetrates, your target is suppressed and can't move for 3-5 rounds. Then your target is unmarked
-Updated power: Wounding Fire (150 sp, 19 agi). You fire at a marked target. For each penetration on each shot that hits, your target bleeds 1 point of damage per round (save: 20 + max damage of the weapon). Then your target is unmarked.
-New power: Sure Fire (150 sp, 19 agi). You fire at a marked target with no accuracy penalty (the accuracy of your weapon still matters). Then your target is unmarked.
-New power: Flattening Fire (200 sp, 25 agi). As long as your target is surrounded by 6 or more solid obstacles, Suppressive Fire is upgraded to Flattening Fire. Flattening Fire also knocks your target prone and disarms them.
-New power: Disorienting Fire (200 sp, 25 agi). As long as your target can't see or hear any faction allies, Wounding Fire is upgraded to Disorienting Fire. Disorienting Fire also reduces your target's DV and MA by 4 for 5-7 rounds.
-New power: Beacon Fire (200 sp, 25 agi). As long as your target is flaming, luminous, or phosphorescent, Sure Fire is upgraded to Beacon Fire. Beacon Fire shots are also treated as critical hits.
-New power: Ultra Fire (300 sp, 29 agi). Cooldown 100. You fire at a marked target. Your shot combines the effects of all the other Fire powers you have. Then your target is unmarked.
*Added a new shield mod: Spiked. Spiked shields add bonus damage to Shield Slam equal to your Strength modifier and cause your target to bleed.
*Blood-stained neck-ring now increases reputation with baboons
*Rejoinder no longer triggers when you're frozen, asleep, prone, paralyzed, stunned or stuck
*Shield Slam damage was reduced from (Strength modifier)d4 + Shield AV to (Strength modifier)d2 + Shield AV
*Paralyze now wears off properly
*The Options menu still loads when there's a corrupt file
*The game now suspends when not in focus
*Added pillarboxing for ultra widescreen aspect ratios
*Fixed a bunch of typos
*Fixed hotkey overlap for Psychometry
*Fixed some minor issues during Golgotha level construction
*Fixed CPU usage going nuts when minimized
*Quditor updates:
-The map is now draggable and zoomable
-Left-click now selects a cell
-Alt+left-click now selects the top blueprint in a cell
-Ctrl+left-click now places the selected blueprint
-Right-click now clears the top blueprint in a cell
-Added an "Add 1 <selected blueprint>" button to Cell Contents
-Added blueprint searching
-Added Save as...
-Fixed file browsing
*Fixed an issue with the Linux x86 build image
*Fixed an issue in autowalk/explore that was causing one extra step to happen on sighting an enemy at the edge of vision/light (including jilted lovers)
*Enemy misses will now stop an autowalk or wait
*Added a default tile for worms
*Added missing natural flag to several pieces of natural equipment
*Fixed an exception when swapping item cells (and several other internally-related exceptions that probably appear random to the player)
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #6) $
Post by: getter77 on September 11, 2015, 11:04:42 PM
Feature Friday #6  8)

*You can now save, share, and import character builds!
-When you create a new character, you can name and save the build to your build library. You can also copy the build code to your clipboard or tweet it.
-From the character build library, you can pick a saved build to play, rename a build, type in a build code, paste in a build code, or tweet about a build. The build library is accessible from the character creation screen.
*Turrets now have a 1-turn warmup sequence before they start firing
*Shank no longer raises the penetration cap of short blades by 1
*Torches now display a description of their condition rather than a precise count of remaining turns (What??? You thought you were some sort of optics savant?!)
*Added an overlay message log that spans the bottom of the screen. It's more readable than the sidebar message log. We'll be improving it, too.
*Added a new UI option "Show overlay message log" under User Interface. It's disabled by default.
*Improved the UI for storing things in containers
*Saved games on the save management screen are now sorted by age
*Improved the performance of the Golgotha level builder
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #7 ARRP) $
Post by: getter77 on September 19, 2015, 01:53:49 AM
Feature Friday #7 ARRP  8)

*Added a new weapon: hypertractor
*With Harvest, you can now harvest dreadroot tubers from dreadroot
*With Master Harvestry, you can now harvest yondercane from yonderbrush
*Added fences
*You can no longer sprint through pools of liquid
*Big pools of liquid now (correctly) cost more energy to wade through
*Gave Intimidate and Berate more descriptive descriptions
*Fixed some typos
*Fixed an issue with slowdown when a sparking baetyl is onscreen
*Fixed an issue where loading a character from the character library would sometimes double-up mutation stat bonuses
*Fixed an issue in the build code validator that was causing 'a problem saving your build' for some builds.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #8) $
Post by: getter77 on September 25, 2015, 10:20:06 PM
Feature Friday #8

*New item: geomagnetic disc
*Qud's foremost historian, the Baccata Yewtarch, graces us with the first volume in his most recently published series, a survey of the strange civilizations across Moghra'yi, the Great Salt Desert
-Vol I: The Sunderlies
*More creatures now carry books (hurray, literacy!)
*Mechanical wings now increase your reputation with birds and winged mammals
*Bludgeon, Clobber, and Barrage now have more descriptive descriptions
*Rejoinder will now only counter-attack misses by your current target
*Added an automatic save game backup & attempt-restore-on-save-exception mechanism
*Mafeo now stocks a lot of basic ammo
*Tinkering lead slugs now creates 50 instead of 5
*19 new tiles
*Fixed torches not stacking properly
*Fixed some typos
*Fixed some book and story formatting issues
*Fixed the asphalt mine stairs again
*Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent canyon zones from generating
*Fixed Yuckwheat Stem's tile
*Fixed Crysteel Hammer improperly being two-handed
*Fixed Rhinox-Skull Maul improperly being one-handed
*Fixed a few unfinished items that were showing up as data disks
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #9) $
Post by: getter77 on October 02, 2015, 10:19:27 PM
Feature Friday #9

*Pistol skill refresh
-Menacing Stare was moved to the Persuasion tree
-Updated power: Empty the Clips (300 sp, 27 Agi). Cooldown 200. For 20 rounds, the energy cost of firing pistols is reduced from 1000 to 500.
*New item: mercurial cloak
*New creature: mercurial
*New book: a parable about covetousness
*3 new master butchery targets
*Whack and trip now have more descriptive descriptions
*Made some significant fixes to the object graph which improves complex game sizes by 50% or more, as well as fixes some very long-standing memory leaks with abilities like fugue and beguiling
*Fixed an issue with buying a new random mutation, and with unstable genome, that would ocassionally cause them to function improperly or not at all
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #10) $
Post by: getter77 on October 10, 2015, 12:31:21 AM
Feature Friday #10

*'Neath the lee of a desert dune, a robot augur has a vision of a Six Day Stilt bustling with merchants and pilgrims. Soon... soon...
*The Baccata Yewtarch's genius is truly unbound. This week, he graces us with his new volume, "Across Moghra'yi, Vol. Ia: Athenreach"
*New rare helmet mod: terrifying visage
*New rare axe and long blades mod: serrated
*Fixed some typos
*Fixed a few issues causing zone building failures
*Fixed an issue with improper wall and water tiling along edges
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #11) $
Post by: getter77 on October 16, 2015, 10:20:21 PM
Feature Friday #11
*We refreshed Adrenal Control. Here's the new version.
Adrenal Control (4 MP)
+5 quickness
You can increase your body's adrenaline flow by up to 5 grades.
Each grade gives you an extra 10 quickness (+1 quickness per mutation level) and +3% chance per round to exhaust yourself (-0.2% chance per mutation level).
When you exhaust yourself, you lose your adrenaline bonus and fall asleep 5 rounds later. You stay asleep for 5 rounds.
Increasing and decreasing your adrenaline flow are free actions.
*The Baccata Yewtarch has outdone himself with a thrilling account of the peculiar habits of foreign espers in "Across Moghra'yi, Vol. III: Oth, the Free City".
*Tidings of the Six Day Stilt renovations have arrived:
-Work on the Stilt continues
-The Mechanimsts have commissioned renowned sculptress Petramaia to adorn the cathedral at the Stilt with several statues and two relief sculptures depicting important scenes from the Canticles Chromaic
-Apple farmers, apothecaries, bookbinders, and cobblers from across Qud have begun their trek toward Stiltgrounds' bazaar
-Scouts have noticed 3 deer centaurs prancing toward the Stilt
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #12) $
Post by: getter77 on October 24, 2015, 01:32:32 AM
Feature Friday #12

*New plant: fracti
*Added bronze brazier
*Added vases, pitchers, and bottles
*Added woven basket
*Furniture now gets placed around merchant tents more pleasingly
*Added a bunch of furniture tiles
*Added fluted wall tiles
*Tidings of the Six Day Stilt renovations continue to arrive:
-Work on the Stilt continues
-Fracti has invaded the Stiltgrounds. Perhaps the Mechnamists will succeed in pruning it
-The priests ready the hologram of Glorious Shekhinah for display
-Petramaia makes tremendous progress on her artistic marvels. Her depictions of the Sacred Joining and the Edification in marble relief look to be unrivaled in all of Qud.
-Restoration work has begun on the astronomical clock
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #13) $
Post by: getter77 on October 30, 2015, 09:12:32 PM
Feature Friday #13
*News is slow this week across Qud, but construction work continues at the Six Day Stilt
-The Mechanimists unveil the first prototype of their Sacred Well, into which pilgrims may toss artifacts in exchange for reputation
-Shoemakers, gunsmiths, and grenadiers have made their way to the Stiltgrounds bazaar
-It dawned on the Stiltgrounds merchants that business might pick up if they hang signs outside their doors
-Lots of new sign tiles
-The Mechanimists have started converting creatures from other factions. They appear around the Stiltgrounds.
-Farm animals are making their way toward the Stilt
-Fraci tiles appear more detailed
-Initial support for music and sound was added. A sample dirge echos through the halls of the Stilt cathedral
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #14) $
Post by: getter77 on November 06, 2015, 12:14:28 AM
Feature Friday #14, boldly going where no Friday deigns to tred---Thursday.  8)

***Quick note: we'll be out of town next week, so there won't be a Feature Friday patch on November 13th. We'll pick up again the following week, on November 20th.

*The 'face' is a new equipment slot distinct from 'head'. So now you can wear helmets and masks at the same time, or, more stylishly, horns and a beak.
-Helmets with the "terrifying visage" mod occupy both the head and face slots.
-Night-vision goggles no longer grant +1 AV.
-The Beak defect now grants 2 bonus mutation points instead of 3.
*A new salt desert ground tile was added.
*The loading font was changed.
*Hear ye, hear ye! More tiding from the Six Day Stilt!
-The Mechanimists have managed to prune the fracti to acceptable levels. They've also noticed the appearance of colorful thorns on the plants.
-The merchants have wisely decided to (mostly) orient their tents toward the road
-Ctesiphus no longer spawns as a Mechanimist convert; his convictions are firm.
-Some regulatory agency mandated that gunsmiths stop selling 12-gauge shells; they were tricking buyers into thinking 12-gauge shotguns had been invented yet.
-The campfire choirs now have a Mechanimist preacher leading their flock. They spout short prayers (soon to be full sermons).
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #15) $
Post by: getter77 on November 21, 2015, 01:59:45 AM
Feature Friday #15

"Look, Elder, across the marsh. It's Sytep and Tirutep."
"Aye. Back from the Stilt, they are. Fetch my cane and ferry me to the cistern. They bring tidings, and I must hear."

*Eschelstadt II, High Priest of the Stilt, has made an appearance inside the cathedral. He's giving a grand sermon to all pilgrims by the Sacred Well.
*The Mechanimist preachers on the Stiltgrounds have started delivering sermons, too. Topics include the Argent Fathers, baetyls, and the story of the Sacred Joining.
*Petramaia, realizing she had reversed her plans for the marble relief of the Edification, tore the relief down and rebuilt it.
*The marble reliefs inside the Stilt were named and given descriptions.
*The statues of the Argent Fathers inside the Stilt were named and given descriptions.
*More animal farmers and shepherds have arrived at the Stilt, including
-goat herders
-ray cat herders
-crab farmers
-beetle farmers
-snail farmers
-leech farmers
-amoeba farmers
*Farm animals no longer open the gates to their pens.
*Beetle jerky was added.
*Stiltground merchants are more conversational.
*The Stiltground road tiles were changed.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #16) $
Post by: getter77 on November 30, 2015, 04:04:37 AM
Feature Friday #16, where Sunday can also aspire to be a Friday with enough courage:
*New book: On the Origins and Nature of the Dark Calculus by Barathrum the Old
*Added Mechanimist pilgrims that trek toward the Sacred Well at the center of the Six Day Stilt from whereever they are in Qud
-Some pilgrims are Mechanimist converts
-Some pilgrims are listening to sermons around the Stiltgrounds
*Fracti were renamed to their singular form, fractus
*New faction: succulents
*Fracti belong to the succulents faction
*When you walk over a fractus, you take 1 damage and your movement is hampered, unless succulents like you
*Added a 'sitting' status
*The flocks of pilgrims, choralers, and converts listening to the sermons on the Stiltgrounds are all seated
*Added a grenade shop sign
*Fixed some issues with extraneous stairs getting generated at the entrances of main dungeons
*Fixed some issues with dungeon map connections in the ruins and Tomb of the Eaters
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #17) $
Post by: getter77 on December 05, 2015, 12:35:18 AM
Feature Friday #17

Tirutep: "On guard, Sytep! A snapjaw approaches.
Sytep: Nay, nay, it's just the Elder. He's knifejacked a snapjaw's furry countenance and wears it over his own!
Elder: "Hello, friends!"

*When you wear the severed face of your enemy, you get an Ego bonus based on the enemy's level and a -500 reputation penalty with each of the enemy's factions
*Severed faces got better descriptions
*The Wardens Esther, sheriffs of the Six Day Stilt, have taken up their post
*Stiltgrounds NPCs now wander around the Stiltgrounds in a more lively fashion, walking in and out of shops and conversing with each other (unless they're rapt by a sermon)
*Pilgrims no longer belt out their intentions
*New possible Stiltgrounds merchant: schematics drafter
*Starting reputation with succulents was reduced
*Fracti actually deal damage when unfriendly creatures walk over them
*NPCs path around fracti now that it's prickly
*The sacred well was greatly embellished
*A splendid, marble dais now surrounds the sacred well
*New tile: bedroll
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #17) $
Post by: jim on December 05, 2015, 07:47:56 PM
Has anyone been playing this? I enjoyed it a great deal years ago, but haven't kept up to date.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #17) $
Post by: akeley on December 06, 2015, 10:39:13 AM
I don`t have the latest version (cursed with an anti-Steam stance) just a bit older Humble release but it`s still as good as ever. They didn`t break anything, just added tiles & loads of new content, plus usual bug hunt, tinkering, and aim to make a main quest finishable. Qud lives & reigns supreme!
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #18) $
Post by: getter77 on December 12, 2015, 03:02:08 AM
Feature Friday #18  8)

*Added tombstones with procedural inscriptions
*Added an ascii plaque to tombstone's look description
*Added 4 tombstone tiles
*Added a graveyard north of Joppa
*Added arconauts to the Stiltgrounds
*Added hookahs
*Added hookah tents to the Stiltgrounds, where pilgrims, choralers, converts, and arconauts gather and sit
*Fixed some typos
*Fixed an issue with Kyakukya's quest destination
*Upgraded to Unity 5
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #19) $
Post by: getter77 on December 19, 2015, 03:05:58 AM
Feature Friday #19

*Added Sheba Hagadiah, Mechanimist convert and librarian of the Stilt. Her creature type is procedurally generated each game.
*Sheba awards XP for every book you donate to her. The more valuable the book, the more XP you get. You can still read books you donate by speaking with her and accessing her inventory.
*Adjusted the prices of some books.
*The entrance to the Six Day Stilt has been adorned with marble and concrete ruins.
*Added a Mechanimist graveyard outside of the Stilt.
*Added a side exit from the cathedral to the graveyard.
*The Sacred Well dais was redesigned.
*The Sacred Well dialog was improved.
*The Sacred Well now shows the reputation bonus you'll get for making an offering.
*When your reputation with a faction changes, you now get a message popup.
*Wardens of the Stilt were renamed to 'protectors of the Stilt' and given appropriate descriptions.
*Added a proper description for leafless dogthorn trees.
*The Joppa graveyard gate no longer spawns on the edge of the screen.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #20!) $
Post by: getter77 on December 25, 2015, 04:27:15 PM
Feature Friday #20!  8)
*The Mechanimist officially welcome you to the Six Day Stilt! Come marvel at the cathedral, shop at the Great Bazaar, and honor Glorious Shekhinah!
*The Mechanimist zealot in Joppa now gives a quest to see the Six Day Stilt.
*The zealot was given more dialog.
*New possible Stiltgrounds merchant shop: exotic liquids.
*The Stilt merchant faction politics have changed a little.
*The Mechanimists no longer admire the Wardens Esther by default.
*Everything inside the Stiltground tents now belongs to the Stiltground merchants.
*A wrought iron fence now surrounds the Mechanimist graveyard.
*There's now a saltstone path that leads from the Stilt entrance area through the graveyard.
*Drinking or pouring from a liquid container that belongs to someone else now angers the owner.
*The Use key now examines statues and reliefs.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #21) $
Post by: getter77 on January 02, 2016, 01:06:04 AM
Feature Friday #21

"Nary a scholar knows who composes the Annals of Qud or when the chronicling began. But the Quantivists devised a way to entangle their own pages with the offical ledger, allowing them to insert themselves into the histories in a favorable light. A few such pages remain."

*New item: Scrodinger page from the Annals of Qud. The page is from either a random chapter or, more rarely, a chapter of your choosing.
*The unique monster builder now increases the level of the base monster when building a unique. This means that the Consider function, the part of the monster's description that estimates its difficulty, is now more accurate for unique monsters.
*The faction encounters were tweaked so that aggro, out-of-depth faction leaders don't spawn between Joppa and Red Rock, in Red Rock, or in the rust wells.
*The maps between Joppa and Redrock were changed to watervine marshes in accordance with their tile on the world map.
*Added a helpful sign outside Argyve's hut.
*Moved the starting tile in Joppa one square north. The old starting tile was OP.
*Changed the base demeanor of waydroids to aggressive.
*Replaced the scrap shovelers in the Temple of the Rock with reprogrammed scrap shovelers that are loyal to the Mechanimists.
*The Manual Equip menu now has a scrollable indicator arrow.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #22) $
Post by: getter77 on January 09, 2016, 02:52:22 AM
Feature Friday #22

*We've expanded support for mods.
-Mods are now loaded out of folders following the pattern %savepath%\Mods\{name of the mod}
-Mods support an optional config.json file. All fields are optional. Here's the template:


'id' defaults to the folder name.
'loadorder' defaults to 0. Mods with lower loadorder load first. Mods with equal loadorder are loaded in alphabetical order.
-Mods support .png format tiles in the \Textures\ subfolder
-Mods support the following data files, which are loaded additively.
-If two entries share an ID, the one loaded later overwrites the earlier one.
-You can now assign the Load="Merge" property on an encounter table or object blueprint in a mod. For example, <object Name="Snapjaw Scavanger" Load="Merge">. This property causes the table or object to be merged into an existing definition, if one exists, instead of overwriting it.
*You can no longer pick up the Sacred Well and walk away with it.
*When you kill a unique creature, you now correctly lose reputation with factions that admired the creature.
*The grammar of generated sentences was improved, though there's still some work left. Please keep posting grammar mistakes and misspellings in the forums.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #23) $
Post by: getter77 on January 16, 2016, 01:31:10 PM
Feature Friday #23
*We've introduced world seeds and added some features around them. World seeds are codes that fix the output of (almost) all the random elements of the game.
-After you create your character, you can choose to enter a world seed.
-From the New Game menu, you can enter a specific world seed and play a fixed character associated with that seed.
-We've added a weekly challenge with a specific world seed and fixed character. New challenges start every Monday. Choose the challenge option from the New Game menu.
*Added an option to roll a random character.

*New book: Aphorisms about Birds.
*Added more reasons for a faction to admire, dislike, or hate someone.
*Baetyls now demand fewer invalid objects.
*Fixed a hang when pasting a character code.
*Work on changing the quest 'Ripe for the Conflagrating' has begun. Stay tuned.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: getter77 on January 23, 2016, 02:19:43 PM
Feature Friday #24

*We've replaced the quest, Ripe for the Conflagrating, with a new (and much more interesting) quest, The Earl of Omonporch. Some chaotic stuff is possible in the course of this quest, so stay tuned for tweaks.
*Added Asphodel, the Earl of Omonporch, and the asphodelytes.
*Added a new music track to the overworld regions.
*The overlay message log can now be resized by dragging.
*Fixed an exception during Grit Gate scripted events.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: jim on January 25, 2016, 04:39:17 PM
Has anyone been playing this? I was fascinated when it came out years ago, even though it was mostly empty after the first couple dungeons.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: AgingMinotaur on January 25, 2016, 09:07:53 PM
Jim: Don't know which version you tried, but I've been playing the free version (several years old), and would say it's already rich in content. I've only finished the main questline once, and never felt like I was lacking places to go and things to do. Currently favoring water merchants with amphibianism, disintegration and 4x unstable genome.

The Steam version seems to feature some very nice additions. They're filling out empty locations such as The Six Day Stilt, and I'm glad to see them replace the "Ripe for the Conflagration" quest, which was an anticlimax after doing Bethesda Susa. I'll probably get it (even on Steam :P) once I can spare ten bucks, although I think the plan is to make all content public further down the road. Only tiles will be reserved paying customers.

As always,
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: akeley on January 25, 2016, 10:19:34 PM
You can buy it from Humble DRM Free, no need to contribute to Gaben`s pile of golden Cadillacs. Mind you, they still have to update the version there (must crank up my pestering campaign up to 11)
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: jim on January 26, 2016, 03:04:45 PM
Thanks, Mr. Minotaur! I guess my experience must be several versions behind.

Akeley, if you are successful, I'll grab it. I am not anti-steam in particular, but the ease of use aspect is a big deal, particularly because I am a big slacker who likes to play RLs at work.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: getter77 on January 26, 2016, 06:01:08 PM
IIRC, the Steam edition can be wrangled somehow or another to just launch directly as is without having to use Steam to play the thing outside of the auto-updating and such---no time wasted on convoluted extra DRM.  You can always ping @unormal on Twitter or some such!
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: akeley on January 26, 2016, 10:04:18 PM
Yes, I heard Steam version doesn`t contain the usual cancer. The Humble one is few months old, not that bad either (tbh, I always die within few quests anyway so could be playing the ancient one for all I know ;)
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 26, 2016, 11:52:25 PM
The Steam executable is drm free, just launch it directly and it won't try to launch Steam. So you can just copy/paste the stuff you get off of steam wherever you need. I have to like manually e-mail people at humble and get them a dropbox link and they have to maybe update their thingamabober, and it's a huge PITA compared to Steam, so it's always way behind.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: jim on January 27, 2016, 08:40:27 PM
You guys rule thumbsup.jpg
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: akeley on January 27, 2016, 09:53:33 PM
I won`t be so charitable: it`s a firstworldproblems.gif from me. I know - in AD 2016 having to "manually" email somebody is understandably a major ordeal. Perhaps, if it was all free distribution any grumbling would be unjustified, but as it is  you guys actually SELL that game at a place called Humble STORE (hint hint)  (make it "games" actually - Sproggiwood is still on 1.0 as well)

So, okay, you only sold 7 copies through Humble compared to 7 kaziilions on Steam - sod these 7 guys, who cares. Fair enough, there`s a simple solution: don`t use Humble! (at least not for the DRM-Free thingy)

It`s not just Qud, this is endemic, hence my little rant. Buy yourself Dungeonmans on Humble - you`ll get a version over a year old. Same for Signs Of Life and probably others that I don`t even check on anymore. At least the Catacomb Kids dude has enough decency to apologise and update frequently.

Makes a man prone to reconsider that whole "support the devs" shtick, dust off the Jolly Roger and sail away.

Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 27, 2016, 11:43:52 PM
Feel free to send me your paypal information, or physical mailing address, and I will be extremely happy to send you a refund.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: jim on January 28, 2016, 05:00:30 PM
Harsh! I think akeley was surprised/frustrated that devs don't support the venues that are (supposedly) designed to better support then.

But then, the wasteland is a cruel place.

Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 28, 2016, 05:06:42 PM
I just think it's pretty audacious to see insanely hard working indie devs, many of whom (including us) who update weekly on steam, for trivial financial rewards even on Steam, realize that a ton of them are behind on Humble and from that draw the conclusion that the devs are lazy, and not that there's a real problem with Humble's update workflow. Then cap it all off with a direct threat to pirate the game. I'm a congenial chap, but c'mon.  ;D
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: AgingMinotaur on January 28, 2016, 08:59:34 PM
Well, this touches on a more principal debate about commercialism and Roguelikes (and Roguelike-likes etc.). The really good games in the genre are so intricately compelling that players also invest their heartblood in them (at least a tiny bit). Note, for instance, akeley has always been a vocal proponent of Qud. I feel that a partial strength of the RL genre has been a certain detachment from the regular economy. It allows for the slow, in-depth game development necessary to work these games. No doubt, the likes of CoQ, ADOM and Dwarf Fortress would have come out differently had they been developed commercially from scratch.

Of course this whole debacle is a grey area. I'm not saying noone should earn a cent from RL developing, although I'm definitely in the free software camp myself. It is easy, from my utterly hobbyist viewpoint, to speak as a true anarchist: my own game'd take a decade to finish, if ever I come to that point, so it'd be futile even trying to sell it.

As always,
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 28, 2016, 09:08:35 PM
I think it's clear we'll never come close to recouping development costs on Caves of Qud, but that's not the point of making a commercial release of it. The income lets us at least partially defray the personal costs and invest in making even more game (Qud and otherwise) for people to enjoy. The only reason to be in games, particularly Roguelikes, is the love of the thing; the financial side of it is laughable from any kind of legitimate business profitability standpoint. I know I'm not here because I'm trying to make the most money with my hours, but any money we can make with Caves of Qud gives me more fuel to improve on Caves of Qud and/or work on more projects to entertain people (commercial and otherwise). That seems like only a good thing to me.

...by the same margin though, it means that the attitude wherein I'm so privileged to have every single customer that I should snap to whenever any one of them has a disagreement about something is also a little askew (in the specific context of Caves of Qud, at least).

I'm working to make something that's not a commodity, that isn't just a replaceable commercial unit, at the cost of things like 'making a living off your work', and I feel like we really share a passion with our fans for our particular style of game. We work hard to make something that doesn't exist elsewhere, and if you're going to write a nasty diatribe, I'll truly be happy to give you your money back so you can find another game to patronize. I'm not salty about it, I'm just not here to take the maximum number of people's money, I'm here to share a collective passion and do what I can to make awesome stuff. I can do that better with some money, and if you want to help out with some of your money, that's fucking awesome and I love you for it. If you're not happy with what you get for your money, I'm earnestly sorry that's true, I'm doing the absolute best that I can and I'm happy to give it back so you can spend it on something else you can be passionate about.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: AgingMinotaur on January 28, 2016, 09:15:27 PM

(eppur si muove, still happy in the pitch black block ;))

As always,
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 28, 2016, 09:16:13 PM
(That said I'll try to get an updated build of Sproggiwood and Caves of Qud up on humble. ;))
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: getter77 on January 28, 2016, 10:04:26 PM
From tales I've heard---this really boils down to Humble dropping the ball as Their Star has generally careened WAAY on out of control versus their, well, somewhat humble origins.  If you can do well, and not be Desura, you can surely try to achieve parity with at least the likes of Steam, itch.io, etc in terms of ongoing support on such a fundamental front with their developers availing themselves of the storefront.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 28, 2016, 10:06:27 PM
From other developers, I've heard increasingly good things about GOG compared to Humble these days.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: akeley on January 28, 2016, 10:39:04 PM
I just think it's pretty audacious to see insanely hard working indie devs, many of whom (including us) who update weekly on steam, for trivial financial rewards even on Steam, realize that a ton of them are behind on Humble and from that draw the conclusion that the devs are lazy, and not that there's a real problem with Humble's update workflow. Then cap it all off with a direct threat to pirate the game. I'm a congenial chap, but c'mon.  ;D

I consider myself pretty congenial too, however I`m allergic to bullshit, and unfortunately that`s what I feel is being proposed here - what with blaming the situation on "Humble workflow". I just don`t buy it. Qud has, to my knowledge, never been updated on Humble - I still get the same Dromad Edition I downloaded last summer. In September 2015 you told me in an email you`ll try to get an update up. 4 months later still nothing, I asked about it in this thread on bay12 to which you replied "Haha, don't worry, Humble's also bugging me to finish it" (http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?PHPSESSID=84ced22a1bbf0d1c753b1e9a03a96255&topic=73201.msg6703577#msg6703577). (does that sound like people who have workflow problems?) Month later, still nothing, here we are.

Trying to make it into a huge issue, as if getting that damn update sorted was really such a big deal, involving multiple couriers, pigeons and favourable moon phases, whereas it really must be just sending off a few emails, is what set me off. It`s simple to see that some devs just can`t be that much bothered because Steam is where its at. End of story. How come other games are regularly updated? Catacomb Kids I mentioned before is a great example - dude missed monthly update, said "sorry my fault," few days later there`s a new version.

Trying to shut a complainee down with "here`s your refund" is another classy move, straight from EA and other faceless corporations book. Sad to see that. Nevermind going on a huge "hard working passionate devs scraping a living" whine - totally uncalled for. Ain`t nobody mentioned or doubted that - all you were asked for - over the course of 5 months -  is just to sort out a really simple, banal thing. I didn`t go on a huge rant about how I spend my hard earned $s, which I risk my life to get (haha true story)  on a hobby still dismissed by majority of public as totally childish. Completely not the point and I never asked for a goddamn refund.

Few years back I started playing Qud, next to Crawl best RL (videogame?) ever and saw a Donate link there. I presumed the development dead since I never saw any activity here, but donated on a whim anyway. To my surprise, I received a a Thank You email from you guys and we had a nice exchange, discussing literature and me getting keys to private beta. That was a better time, sad it came to this here.

Like I said I`m not interested in refunds as it was never my aim. I also lost interest in the whole update angle, as I said above I`m quite happy playing the old version and so no worries, I`m done with this subject - you won`t hear from this "customer" again.  However, I don`t like your new attitude - surely same as you don`t like mine. Thats okay, we don`t have to see eye to eye, and I long ago gave up on the idea that people who create my favourite entertainment have to be on the same page as me. Gene Wolfe, for example, is a staunch catholic :P
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 28, 2016, 10:54:36 PM
e: N/M I'm an idiot and practically I should just shut up and update the humble builds irrespective of any of that and you're totally right that I'm in the wrong for not updating the Humble builds more often. Sorry for snippy responses, I shouldn't have responded like that. Let me try again.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 28, 2016, 11:10:24 PM
Sorry I didn't update the DRM free build, I'm updating it right now! Hope I don't break anything.  :o
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: Tzan on January 28, 2016, 11:22:01 PM
On a different subject.

Thanks for the talk you did on component systems.
Years ago I had read the Dungeon Siege thing but didnt really "get it".
Getting to see even those few code snippets you had really helped.

Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 28, 2016, 11:32:01 PM
On a different subject.

Thanks for the talk you did on component systems.
Years ago I had read the Dungeon Siege thing but didnt really "get it".
Getting to see even those few code snippets you had really helped.


Thanks. Assuming I get to go back to IRDC, I was thinking of making it a "making Roguelikes 101" series where I just talk about how I did stuff in Sproggiwood and Caves of Qud (for better or worse); I was thinking of doing AI this year. Are there any topics you'd be more interested in?
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 28, 2016, 11:45:28 PM
I suppose I'll just have to write an automated packager and e-mailer for Humble updates; that way it happens without all the additional friction, at whatever rate they can handle.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: Tzan on January 29, 2016, 12:25:12 AM
I was thinking of doing AI this year. Are there any topics you'd be more interested in?

I think that AI would be a good subject to cover.

I looked at the Angry Ant Behave system, but I need to get working objects set up first.
So I haven't done anything with it yet.
I have read a bit about behavior trees.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 29, 2016, 12:47:28 AM
Oh, hey, they updated my account to self service builds. All my whining was for nothing.

e: Humble builds now updated to the latest. Since I can now self-service, I'll update them at least once a month.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: akeley on January 29, 2016, 02:19:16 PM
Thanks for sorting it out, but even more so, for the PM. It`s relieving to know us humanoids can still communicate despite bust-ups - a rare thing. Also apologise for my hi-drama flare up earlier. Hopefully we can bury the vinereaper now ;)

GOG.com just announced their own Early Access program yesterday. Maybe worth submitting CoQ there too - definitely more of an audience and real community than other shopfronts, probably best after Steam in terms of exposure. They`re pretty picky about admissions, but I think uniqueness and quality of Qud would be a major asset. Far as I remember they only have TOME and SOTS: The Pit to represent the  traditional RLs there.

Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: unormal on January 29, 2016, 03:53:10 PM
Hah, yeah sorry about that, I was just having a dorky day that day and so ended up responding like a dumbass. All the devs that use gog say good things about it, might pick that over Humble if I were to do it again. Like I said, it looks like Humble actually recently (in the last few months, at least) added the self service-build stuff so my main complaint with them is actually gone. Still more of a pain to update than some others, but no longer an error prone nightmare.

The main problem with it before was not actually the individual build updates, but that if you happened to get a build up with critical issues, you really had no recourse other than have it sit out there for days/weeks/etc until they decided to update it with your fix. Usually it was pretty fast, but an update always risked leaving a broken build out there for an unknown amount of time. That typically meant I was holding off until I felt like I had a "solid build", which is basically never; which helped contribute to being lazy about the lateness. Now that I can fix critical issues essentially instantly for certain, it's a lot easier to make the call to post updates to the builds. There's really no excuse not to just update them continually.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #24) $
Post by: jim on January 29, 2016, 08:09:00 PM
Thank you for updating! I go buy now.

akeley - thank you for the calm head / stones
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #25) $
Post by: getter77 on January 30, 2016, 01:41:29 PM
Feature Friday #25
*We tweaked the Tinker skill.
-Since the Expert Disassemble power annoyingly incentivised you to horde all your items and scrap, we removed it. Instead, we changed Disassemble to give 1 random bit plus a 50% chance for a second random bit.
-You can now learn to mod items! We added a Mod tab to the Tinker screen. Item mods exists as separate schematics. Mods cost 2 bits: 1 bit equal to the tier of the item you are modding (+1 for each existing mod on the item), and 1 bit corresponding to the rarirty of the mod. These costs aren't final; expect some more tweaks to modding in the coming weeks.
-Disassemble is now a prereq for Reverse Engineer.
-Bits are now displayed in alphanumeric form by default.
-Tinker schematics are now sorted alphabetically.
-Fixed the Repair power sometimes having a blank bit cost.
*Added a new, rare item mod: Jewel-Encrusted. This mod can't be tinkered.
*Added some rare jewels that function as currency: rough agate gemstone, rough topaz gemstone, rough jasper gemstone, and rough amethyst gemstone.
*Added a new merchant to the Stiltgrounds: jeweler.
*Fixed the Sound and Music options not being respected.
*Fixed some more grammar errors with generative sentences.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #26) $
Post by: getter77 on February 06, 2016, 02:47:09 AM
Feature Friday #26

*We made some more tweaks to Tinkering.
-When you disassemble an item, you now always get the highest tier bit in that item's schematic. You also get a 50% chance at each remaining bit.
-You can now disassemble tinkered items.
-Item and mod descriptions are now displayed on the Tinkering screen.
We'll improve the UI for this text box in a future patch.
-All of your learned mods are now displayed below the list of items on the Tinkering > Mod screen, under 'Known Modifications'.
-Item schematic bits are now sorted from lowest to highest tier.
-Modding a stack of items no longer results in the modded item disappearing.
-We fixed an issue that caused incorrect bit costs to sometimes be displayed on the Tinkering screen.
*When you buy a new mutation, the mutation descriptions are now displayed on the Choose Mutation screen. We'll improve the UI for this text box in a future patch.
-Factions now have preferences for certain types of items. The preferences change per world seed.
-The faction reward for completing one of the branches of The Earl of Omonporch was changed to a faction heirloom. The heirloom is of the faction's preferred item type.
-New book: Heirlooms of Qud.
-We fixed the broken identation for all in-game books.
-Quditor now supports ctrl+left click to paint continuously.
-Quditor now supports ctrl+right to remove an object.
*Fixed some situations where the game would incorrectly delete the Mods folder
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #27) $
Post by: getter77 on February 13, 2016, 01:30:33 PM
Feature Friday #27

We fixed a bunch of bugs this week and added a few new features.
*You can rename a follower now as long as they don't already have a proper name. 'L'ook at the follower and hit 'R' to rename them.
*Added appropriate body types for fish, oozes, crabs, and turrets.
*Added an option under Automation to automatically light and douse torches (defaults to off).
*Added an option under Automation to autosave every 5 zone transitions (defaults to off).
*Added an alchemist table tile.
*Changed Warden Indrix's tile.
*Fixed the marble dais tiles in the Six Day Stilt cathedral.
*Using all your Light Manipulation charges no longer toggles the light off.
*Changed several items to stack even with minor status effect differences (lead slugs, shotgun shells, missiles, arrows, and bandages).
*Fixed solar cells not recharging while socketed.
*Fixed the AI going dormant when presented with a missile weapon it needed to reload but no appropriate ammo.
*Fixed some corner cases where the Carpace DV penality would become permanent.
*Fixed Kyakukya hunters having no weapons.
*Fixed Mayor Nuntu having only 1 HP.
*Fixed some issues with Psychometry not properly identifying objects and sometimes showing modded object names in the schematics you discover.
*You no longer autoeat while asleep.
*Fixed bridges and dirt roads sometimes spawning multiple times in a cell.
*Fixed one cause of stairs spawning on top of each other.
*Fixed several map types incorrectly marking small, closed-off areas as reachable.
*Fixed several of the character creation options, including the weekly challenge, not being selectable if you didn't have a most recent character template.
*Fixed a zone build crash.
*Fixed stair placement sometimes failing even when valid placement locations were available.
*Fixed some instances of zone build failures due to stair placement.
*Fixed some instances of surface zones failing to build when stairs were requried (particularly the 8 zones around named dungeons).
*Fixed some named dungeons being unreachable through surface travel.
*Fixed canyon builders not being aware of stair locations.
*Fixed a bunch of typos and formatting issues.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #28) $
Post by: getter77 on February 20, 2016, 03:29:07 AM
Feature Friday #28   

*We improved the game summary (death) screen.
-Made the text more sentence-like.
-Added a 'Chronology' section that displays significant events in your character's life, including:
--storied items you discovered
--named creatures you slew or offered gifts to
--lairs you discovered
--mutations you gained
--cybernetics you installed
--baetyls you appeased
--books you read
--diseases you caught
--diseases you cured
--times you gave a book to Sheba Hagadias
--times your tongue rotted or regrew
--times you wered sucked into a space-time vortex
--times you drank lava
--and others
-Added a 'Final message log' section that displays the last 30 lines of the message log leading up to your death.
-Added a scrollbar to the game summary screen.
-Fixed pagedown not working on the game summary screen.
-Re-enabled the saving of tombstone files with game summary info.
*Added an option to grab the current game's world seed. Press 'Esc' then 'W'.
*Added some color to the overworld jungle tiles.
*Fixed an autosave exception when it was triggered by entering the world map
*Added new tiles for the Barathrumites: Otho, Jacobo, Mafeo, Sparafucile, Dardi, and Aloysius.
*Added new floor tiles to the Six Day Stilt cathedral.
*Added a stand-in zone for the next upcoming region: the fungal jungle.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #28) $
Post by: unormal on February 20, 2016, 03:35:42 AM
I'll update humble with this build if it's stable over the weekend.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #29) $
Post by: getter77 on February 27, 2016, 02:53:41 AM
Feature Friday #29

*We got basic mouse support working again (it's a work in progress). To turn it on, from Options, enable 'Allow mouse input' under User Interface.
-Left click on a non-adjacent tile to move to it.
-Left click on an adjacent tile to contextually attack, use, or move.
-Left click on yourself to wait a turn
-Right click on a tile to look.
-You can click conversation options.
-You can click a tile when choosing a direction.
*We added a starter UI for mouse and touch-driven controls (it's a work in progress). To try it out, from Options, enable 'Show Overlay User Interface' under User Interface.
*We added preliminary support for a pannable, zoomable view that centers on your character (it's also a work in progress). To try it out, from Options, enable 'Allow map to be zoomed and panned' under User Interface.
*Added character level to the game summary.
*You can no longer mod an item with the same mod multiple times.
*Variables such as '=Name=' are now correctly replaced in conversations.
*Autoexplore will now halt when an enemy attempts to attack you with a missile weapon, regardless of if it hits or not
*Fixed an issue where liquid colors weren't updating after mixing liquids.
*Metamorphic polygel no longer creates bugged item clones.
*Nature's going wild over in the fungal jungle [extremely prototypical].
-A dense canopy of spores makes overworld navigation near impossible.
-A new liquid, primordial soup, is oozing from the ground. When mixed with other liquids in large quantities, it.... reacts.
-3 curious species of lichen were discovered: acid-secreting lichen, honey-secreting lichen, and lava-secreting lic
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #29) $
Post by: unormal on March 02, 2016, 03:40:23 AM
You can buy it from Humble DRM Free, no need to contribute to Gaben`s pile of golden Cadillacs. Mind you, they still have to update the version there (must crank up my pestering campaign up to 11)

I totally updated it ;)

(but you can't actually buy it on Humble at the moment, we have to get the full store site setup and we pulled the widget almost immediately after launch when we realized how much of a pain it was to update. Since they made it easier to update now, I'll probably put the widget back up.)
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #30) $
Post by: getter77 on March 05, 2016, 03:07:42 PM
Feature Friday #30

*Added new barathrumite: Q Girl.
*Tweaked the quest 'Decoding the Signal' to include an extra step. You must talk to Q Girl now.
*Moved Sparafucile across the workshop.
*Added chronology entries for visiting certain named locations.
*You are no longer asked to empty a container if it contains a liquid identical to the liquid you're trying to fill it with.
*We enhanced the prototype UI for mouse and touch-driven controls.
-The overlay message log ['Show overlay message log' option] now includes all the info from the sidebar.
-The overlay UI ['Show overlay user interface' option] now includes a set of clickable buttons to perform a variety of actions.
-Added a new option, 'Show overlay directional compass'. It displays a navigational compass, useful for mouse or touch navigation.
-Added an 'alt' button to the compass that can be toggled for alternate button use. Currently, the only alternate is force-attacking on move.
-Certain overlay buttons are now accessible from menus.
-Added full mouse support for picking a target.
-Added full mouse support for firing a missile weapon.
-Added support for mousewheeling through lists.
-You can now click, drag, and pan while 'l'ooking at something.
-Fixed some popup menus that wouldn't respond to mouse clicks.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #31) $
Post by: getter77 on March 13, 2016, 12:32:11 PM
Feature Friday #31

*Added a prototype design for biomes, which alter the flora and fauna of maps and appear procedurally throughout the overworld and underground each game. Biomes have multiple grades and are generated with gradient noise maps. To try them out, from the Options menu, select 'Enable unfinished biome content' under Debug. We'll be refining them in coming weeks.
-Added 3 grades of a slime-based biome: slimy, slime-drenched, and slime bog.
-Added 3 grades of an asphalt-based biome: tarry, tar pools, and flaming pits.
-Added some creature templates for creatures generated in slime-based biomes: web-toed, slimy-finned, and slime-spitting.
-Added some creature templates for creatures generated in asphalt-based biomes: kindlethumbed and firethumbed.
-Added a special reward in slime bogs (hint: it's a puddle of rare liquid).
-Added a special reward in flaming pits (hint: fossils).
*Added an option for smaller overlay buttons: From the Options menu, choose 'Show overlay user interface (small buttons)' under User Interface.
*Added mouse support to the main menu and some character creation screens.
*Enhanced framework for more mouse support in the coming weeks.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #32) $
Post by: getter77 on March 26, 2016, 01:56:13 AM
Feature Friday #32

*Added tiles for the following creatures.
-yempuris phi
-disciple of the sightless way
-novice of the sightless way
-sewage eel
-lurking beth
-spitting slug
-Slog of the Cloaca
-Jotun, Who Parts Limbs
-Fjorn-Kosef, Who Knits the Icy Lattice
-Haggabah, Who Plies the Umbral Path
*Added 3 grades of a rust-based biome: rusty, rust-shrouded, and rust bog.
*Added some creature templates for creatures generated in rust-based biomes: rusted (for robots) and qudzu symbiote (for living creatures).
*Added a rust-chewed reward in rust bogs.
*Biomes no longer appear in certain preset locations such as Joppa, Golgotha, and Bethesda Susa.
*Reduced the density of slime and asphalt pools in slimy and tarry biomes.
*Added a new plant to the slime biomes: scumgrass.
*Maps align much more cleanly now. If a tile is open at the edge of a map, you can proceed to the adjacent map (under most circumstances).
*Added an HP bar to the prototype overlay UI.
*The overlay message log and status bar are now seperate UI options ['Show overlay message log' and 'Show overlay status bar'].
*Fixed some memory and crash issues during character creation.
*Fixed some issues with the mouse cursor jumping around.
*Fixed an issue in the asphalt mines that caused stairs to sometimes not be generated.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #33) $
Post by: getter77 on April 01, 2016, 10:24:40 PM
Feature Friday #33

Qud just got more picturesque. Added new tiles for the following creatures and objects.
chrome pyramid
booster bot
scrap shoveler
ice frog
bloated leech
segmented mirthworm
spark tick
irritable tortoise
small, medium, and large boulders
copper, silver, and gold nuggets

Qud just got more descriptive. Added new descriptions for the following creatures and objects.
girshling corpse
glowfish corpse
young ivory
hide-sheathed hermit
horned chameleon
knollworm jerky
plated knollworm
ice frog

The wire strand description now makes it clear that it's copper wire.
Added a hallucinogen to the fungal jungle (more info to come).
The fungal jungle no longer has procedural biomes.
Roads and salt water rivers no longer appear in the fungal jungle.
Fungal jungle maps now generate with their lichen-fueled pools pre-secreted.
A prodigy mushroom scientist has taken residence in the fungal jungle, half a dimension over.
Fixed an issue causing the High Scores screen to be blank.
Fixed an issue causing the Joppa graveyard fence to be removed along the border of the map.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #34) $
Post by: getter77 on April 09, 2016, 12:26:25 PM
Feature Friday #34
    Added tiles for the following creatures.
        salt kraken
        Issachari raider
        Issachari rifler
        twinning lamprey
    Qud's cartographers made great strides this week, discovering not only that the fungal jungle looks nothing like it was conjectured, but also that it's located in an entirely different region of Qud.
        The fungal jungle was moved to a more southernly location.
        The fungal jungle overland terrain tiles were changed.
        Added a few new grass tiles.
        Liquid-secreting lichens were renamed to liquid weeps. For example, 'acid-secreting lichen' -> 'acid weep'.
        Added more weeps! Water, cider, gel, asphalt, salt, oil, wine, and slime.
        As it turns out, there are mushrooms in the fungal jungle. Added spotted shagspooks, dandy caps, and brooding puffs.
        Mushrooms take on the pigment of their nearby weeps.
        Oozes no longer hate fungi.
        The hallucination effect was changed. It should induce fewer headaches now.
    Added support for pinch gestures.
    Add mouse support to Select Arcology and Caste screen for true kin.
    Hovering over conversation choices now highlights them.
    Fixed left click not closing text input dialogs.
    Fixed some issues that caused stairs not to generate in Bethesda Susa.
    Fixed an issue that caused overland encounters not to trigger.
    Reduced saved game file size by ~60%!
    Popup dialog choices are now clickable.
    Fixed an exception when applying the Rusty creature template to robots.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #35) $
Post by: getter77 on April 16, 2016, 12:43:38 PM
Feature Friday #35  8)

    We made some optimizations to memory usage and saved games. NOTE: This patch breaks save compatibility. If you want to continue playing your old saves, switch to the 'previousstable' branch (Right-click Caves of Qud in your Steam library > Properties > Betas > select 'previousstable').
        Reduced the size of saved games by about 80%!
        Reduced the time to freeze and thaw zones by about 80%!
        Reduced the size of frozen zone files by about 80%.
        Reduced the save size of most underground levels by an extra 30% or so.
        Greatly reduced the save overhead of commonly stacked inventory objects.
        Reduced memory usage by about 75MB.
    Added tiles for the following creatures.
        pygmy forager
        pygmy runt
        pygmy blowgunner
        pygmy stalker
        chrome idol
        honey skunk
        glow-wight cultist of Bethsaida
        young ivory
        seed-spitting vine
    Added tiles for the following items.
        nylon bodypack
        copper wire
        cybernetics credit wedge
        light-obfuscating lens
        amaranthine prism
        symbiotic firefly
    Fixed hostile creatures not appearing red in the alt overlay.
    Molting basilisks and their husks no longer have different tiles.
    Repaved the Coral Path with bricks.
    Renamed 'Godshroom' to 'Eater's Flesh' and changed its tile.
    Eater's fleshcaps are now harvestable with Master Harvestry.
    Added an Eater's flesh patch to the center of the fungal jungle.
    Added some human remains to the flesh patch.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #36) $
Post by: getter77 on April 23, 2016, 12:52:49 PM
Feature Friday #36

    You can now give items to followers and command them to attack targets. 'L'ook at them, then hit 'G' or 'A' (follower options appear in the corner of the screen). Be careful, followers don't like to give items back.
    Rejoinder now costs 300 skill points and requires a 29 agility.
    Added mouse support to Pick Mutations and Select Calling screens during character creation.
    Creatures now attack with their torsos less often. When a creature's primary appendage is severed, it'll prefer making offhand attacks with hand-type appendages. If it doesn't have any, a torso attack is still a possibility.
    We made some updates to the High Scores screen.
        Fixed it to work at all.
        Made it scrollable.
        You can press space or enter on a high scores entry to see its tombstone file.
    Vomiting now produces 2-3 drams of putrescence (look, it's necessary for related bit of design).
    We're in the middle of putting into place a new design for sludges created from primordial soup. When soup is mixed with a liquid, it now creates a <liquid> monosludge. For example, 'acidic monosludge' or 'oily monosludge'. When the monosludge moves through a pool of a second type of liquid, it catalyzes into a disludge. E.g., 'acidic spiced disludge.' Then a trisludge. And so on. Stay tuned for updates to the effects each liquid applies to a sludge.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #37) $
Post by: getter77 on April 30, 2016, 12:06:02 PM
Feature Friday #37

We improved auto-explore.

    The algorithm auto-explores much more intelligently.
    Added an option to open chests while auto-exploring (under Autoget options; defaults to yes). Chests with owners won't be opened.
    Added an option to pick up items flagged for auto-get while auto-exploring (under Autoget options; defaults to yes).

Added tiles for the following items.

    leather cap
    elastyne skull cap
    small stone
    witchwood wreath
    Issachari sun veil
    Issachari banner
    droid scrambler

Added a new music track that plays occasionally when you're underground.
Added a Joppa world map tile.
You can no longer offer gifts to hostile creatures.
We did some sludge refactoring for the next few updates.
Sludges now consume some amount of the liquids that catalyze them.
Character chronologies now include the times you witness the rare formation of a penta+ sludge.
You no longer need two backs to equip a portable beehive (unintentional Shakespeare reference).
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #38) $
Post by: getter77 on May 07, 2016, 12:11:10 PM
Feature Friday #38

New item: spray bottle. Use it to spray a 2-dram liquid concoction onto items.
Did some structural work toward adding fungal infections. Expect some new entries to the Corpus Choliys soon (*cackles*).
Taught monster AI to use tonics, force bracelets, and a certain artifact shield.
Added a 'floating nearby' slot to the following body types: quadrupeds, fish, oozes, crabs, and turrets.
Consolidated 'watervine swamp' and 'salt marsh' regions.
Added descriptions on the world map for the following tiles: salt marsh, desert canyons, banana grove, ruins, deathlands, hills, mountains, flower fields, and jungle.
Added tiles for the following creatures:
rifle turret
chaingun turret
laser turret
rocket turret
Pax Klanq
In-game tombstone inscriptions are no longer blank when you quit and reload.
Fixed an issue that caused reputation-modifying items to change your rep when they were equipped by NPCs.
Fixed an issue where non-visible hostile creatures would prevent auto-explore from attempting to explore an area.
Fixed an issue with auto-get not working when non-visible hostiles were nearby.
Fixed an issue that caused objects you had dropped to be ignored during auto-explore.
Fixed the bottom status bar inappropriately blocking tile clicks.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #39) $
Post by: getter77 on May 14, 2016, 03:16:17 AM
Feature Friday #39

Fungi enthusiasts, rejoice! We added fungal infections.

    Depending on your disposition, stay clear—or near—puffing mushrooms.
    In cases of infection, a certain species of fungus colonizes a region of the body, rendering that body part unequippable but providing some benefit. Naturally, acquiring a fungal infection increases your reputation with fungi. The Consortium of Phyta, however, won't be pleased.
    New fungal infection: fickle gill
        As Beniyayut Iym, physician to the farmstead Kardis, reports: "In cases of fickle gill, infection culminates in the formation of fleshy, spore-bearing gills in the colonized region. Upon certain stresses, typically under bodily harm, the gills flex and release a cloud of spores, numbering in the thousands, that shower onto adjacent parties, ostensibly protecting their host. The rained spores in turn colonize their new hosts, rating this disease among the most contagious."
    New fungal infection: glowcrust
        Iym, again: "The appearance of frosty, luminous nodules characterize this colony. As is always the case with symbiosis, the fungus does seem to 'benefit' its carrier by coarsening the skin and providing some protection from the elements. Some patients report gratification in consuming the edible hoarshrooms that sprout from their skin; accounts vary according to the personalities of the afflicted."
    Added a new section on fungal infections to the Corpus Choliys, including their procedurally-generated cures.
    Added choronolgy entries for getting and curing fungal infections.
    Split brooding puffers into two separate creatures, brooding goldpuffs and brooding azurepuffs. They each spew spores, but which type? Who knows.

Added tooltips to the overlay buttons.
Burrowing claws grown from injecting a skulk tonic are no longer permanent.
Effects now properly clear on the world map.
Fixed some map generation issues with maps along the bottom edge of the world map.
Fixed a rare exception with the area of effect targeter.
Fixed an issue where unequipping certain items incorrectly added reputation instead of subtracting it.
Fixed the Yes/No/Cancel dialogs not being properly clickable.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #40) $
Post by: getter77 on May 21, 2016, 02:45:01 AM
Feature Friday #40

We enabled biomes.
A few weeks ago, we added a prototype for biomes, which alter the flora and fauna of maps and appear procedurally throughout the overworld and underground each game. This week, we enabled them by default and removed the biome option from the Debug menu.
Currently, there's a slime biome, an asphalt biome, and a qudzu biome. Each has 3 grades.
Qudzu symbiotes in the qudzu biome are no longer hostile toward qudzu. Hey symbiotes, qudzu are your friends now.
The qudzu tile's background color is no longer brown when the qudzu is unattached from a wall.

We've started to work on a new population engine for the cave systems that aren't affiliated with the major dungeons. The engine is aware of the geography of the cave. Now you find things like:
a tough monster and its treasure horde in the far reaches of a cave
more artifacts in isolated cave pockets
freshwater pools with glowfish and glowpads
recently departed campsites
tarnished ruins with turrets
sparking baetyls
Expect tweaks and more cave work soon.

Glowcrust was sometimes failing to successfully colonize a body part. That doesn't happen now.
When you contract multiple glowcrust infections, you now properly grow multiple 'fungal outcrop' body parts.
All description text is now obfuscated when you're confused.
Master butchers can now properly harvest black puma haunches.
Fixed some issues where beguiled creatures didn't change their behavior when beguiled.
Fixed an issue causing some valid character codes to be treated as invalid.
Fixed an issue where repeatedly equipping and unequipping an item that modified your reputation would keep reducing your reputation.
Fixed an exception in the area of effect targeter.
Changed the bridge tile.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #41) $
Post by: getter77 on May 28, 2016, 12:46:30 AM
Feature Friday #41
We added a fungus-based biome.
The biome appears in 3 grades: Fungus Patch, Fungus Grove, and Fungus Forest.
Spotted shagspooks, dandy caps, and brooding puffs appear in varying amounts.
Valuable liquid weeps, which Qud's botanists have identified as lichen, lend their hues to the surrounding mushrooms.
There are two new creature templates for creatures generated in fungus-based biomes: "friend to fungus" and "fungus-ridden".

We spiced up the unaffiliated cave population some more.
"Look! The bear is distracted by all that honey."
"What's this patch of blue fron..?" *poof*
"Jordi, there's a forge here!"
"Is that a pool of... vomit?"

Reduced the density of all biomes across the world map.
Added chronology entries for fetching an old man knickknacks and stumbling upon flattened remains.
Tweaked the appearance of item weights in the list picker.
Optimized the storage of some map data.
Made the cave populator smarter about cave geography.
Added support for dynamically generated population tables.
Fixed an uncommon map build hang.
Fixed an issue that was causing several effect-on-melee powers, including Qudzu, to not work properly.
Fixed an issue where beguiled followers wouldn't attack their current active target if the player wasn't actively hostile to that creature. They would just sit around doing nothing instead.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #42) $
Post by: getter77 on June 04, 2016, 11:53:03 AM
Feature Friday #42

    Glowcrust infections no longer spew spore clouds. That's exclusive to fickle gill.
    Rumors abound of adventurers discovering Mechanimist statue-shrines deep in the caves of Qud. Did the sculptress Petramaia base her Six Day Stilt creations on earlier works?
    Added new tiles for these items.
        medical locker
        nanopneumatic jackhammer
        leather and studded leather armor
        various plate mails
        cloth overalls
        leather apron
        various energy cells
        laser pistol
        overloaded laser pistol
        plastic tree
    Added a few variations to corpse splats.
    Added the 'seed: n' wish, which sets the world seed to 'n'.
    Quest-based chronology entries actually appear in the chronology now.
    When NPCs overdose on shade oil, they no longer recursively spawn infinite shadow selves.
    Copies of perennial, named NPCs no longer appear in unaffiliated caves. ("Are those three copies of Oboroqoru, Ape God?")
    Fixed an issue that occasionally caused map building to fail, particularly in and around Bethesda Susa.
    Fixed some issues that occasionally caused maps to rebuild.
    Fixed some map builders that weren't properly tied to the world seed.
    Fixed cave layouts being too similar along the Z axis.
    Removed some redundant data storage in save files.
    Fixed a rare corner case that caused maps to build forever.
    Mod support: added 'AdjacentTo:' and 'AdjacentToStartsWith:' population placement hints.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #43) $
Post by: getter77 on June 11, 2016, 03:42:34 AM
Feature Friday #43

We nerfed Shank. Now, your short blade attacks are modified by half your agility modifier rather the full amount.
Weapon penetration displays now take Shank into account.
We added a few features to the prototype overlay UI, which you can enable in the Options menu (User Interface > Allow overlay user interface elements)
There's a gorgeous, new main menu courtesy of Cyril van der Haegen. An army of torches mounts Tel Qorna crosswise the patina of Qud's aurorae.
The help pages were converted to the new UI.
Added new tiles for these creatures.
plated chromeling
worker ant
fire ant
fire ant queen
scrap-clad hermit
leering stalker
Added a new tile for plastifer sneakers.
Added some humanoid corpse varieties to certain encounters.
Added occasional trash piles to the unaffiliated caves encounters. Sometimes there's an extra big pile with some overlooked artifacts. Of course, big piles tend to attract arconauts. You're not the only adventurer in Qud, you know.
Slime puddles were slipping on other slime puddles, causing huge nested slips during the generation of slimy biomes. We fixed that. Qud is a serious place and the image of slime puddles clumsily slipping on each other doesn't belong here.
Fixed an issue causing 'replay most recent character' to fail.
We now allow .png textures from mods to override .bmp core files.
Fixed some issues around the equipment of cloned creatures incorrectly referencing the equipment of the original creature. For example, when your Temporal Fugue clones attempt to reload their weapons, you won't get the reload prompt any longer.
Added Cyril van der Haegen and Laura Bucklew to the art credits.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #44) $
Post by: getter77 on June 18, 2016, 01:46:45 AM
Feature Friday #44

We added some modding features.
Added a Modding Utilities menu to the overlay UI. It's accessible from the bottom right of the main menu. (To enable the overlay, from Options > User Interface, click 'Allow overlay user interface elements').
Ported the map editor to the new UI and linked it from the Modding Utilities menu. We also removed the F11 shortcut.
Added a modding documentation wiki and linked it from the Modding Utilities menu. Here it is: https://freehold.atlassian.net/wiki/display/CQP/Caves+of+Qud+-+Technical+Guidebook
Added support for true color tiles in mods.
Added tiles for these items.
chain mail
ulnar stimulators
all varieties of metal gauntlets
all varieties of cloth and leather gloves
leather boots
chain boots
all other varieties of metal boots
grassy yurtmat
electric snail shell
forked-horned helm
Added a salty pseudopod to salty sludges. It probably doesn't dehydrate you to death (*nods assuredly*).
Added a honeyed pseudopod to honeyed sludges and a tarry pseudopod to tarry sludges. Tar and honey are sticky, so you figure it out.
When soup sludges spit liquid, the color of the animation now matches the types of liquids spit.
When an NPC tries to eat or drink while full, you no longer get the popup dialog asking you to confirm the decision.
The overlay message log no longer blocks tile clicks, making the overlay 7648% more usable.
Added a draggable corner tab to resize the overlay message log.
Fixed an error that occurred when you used Temporal Fugue with a fungal infection.
Fixed an issue where the main menu displayed while you loaded a game.
Fixed an issue where large message log contents that were causing crashes.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #45) $
Post by: getter77 on June 24, 2016, 11:24:57 PM
Feature Friday #45

We added Steam Workshop support.
The workshop is now live for everyone.
Added a Steam Workshop uploader, accessible from the Modding Utilities menu.
Added a tutorial mod to the workshop called Blue Ctesiphus. This mod completely alters the Caves of Qud experience by changing Ctesiphus's color from magenta to blue.
Added an Installed Mod Configuration menu, accessible from the main menu when the overlay UI is enabled.
Added workshop documentation to the modding wiki (https://freehold.atlassian.net/wiki/display/CQP/Caves+of+Qud+-+Technical+Guidebook).

Added tiles for these items.
square cap
chainmail coif
all other varities of metal helmets
recycling suit
Fist of the Ape God
throwing axe
copper, silver, and gold key

Along the banks of the fungal jungle's primordial soup rivers, gelologists continue to observe the strange congealing of soup sludges.
Lava sludges congeal out of soup and lava mixtures again, and now they're appropriately flaming when they congeal. They no longer instantly turn into shale.
Added slimy, oily, and unctuous sludges. Their pseudopods are slippery, so hold on to your weapons.
Added bloody sludges. They are kind, noble beasts who just want to drain your life essence.
Acid sludges congeal out of soup and acid mixtures again. It hurts when they touch you, because of acid.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #46) $
Post by: getter77 on July 02, 2016, 03:50:33 AM
Feature Friday #46

We added more modding support.
Added scripting (.cs) support for the following things.
part builders
zone builders
encounter builders
inventory builders
conversation scripts
quest scripts
Mods that use scripting require manual approval on the Installed Mod Configuration screen. To navigate to that screen, you need to enable the overlay UI.
.rpm maps can now be fully or partially modded by including a map of the same name in the root of a mod folder. A load="Merge" tag combines cell elements instead of overwriting them. You don't need to define all the cells when modding an existing map.
Added two new tutorial mods, "Two Ctesiphus" and "Hued Ctesiphus".
Added a bunch of new modding documentation: https://freehold.atlassian.net/wiki/display/CQP
Added a separate overlay UI option to enable overlay buttons: From the Options menu, choose Overlay UI > 'Show overlay button bar.'
Drinking enough wine or cider gets you drunk again.
Our top sludge researchers have published their new findings.
When a sludge catalyzes a liquid, it now gains some levels, HP, and quickness.
Added lush and spiced sludges. Some arconaut in a hookah tent is telling everyone to let them hit you and you'll get a buzz.
Added sludgy sludges. Sludgy sludges attack with sludgy pseudopods and rust your stuff with sludge.
Added gooey sludges. They're probably poisonous.
Added putrid sludges. Don't fight them on a full stomach.
Added oozing sludges. These guys don't have any sort of negative effect so you should go introduce yourself.
Added luminous sludges. They're also friendly.
Added homogenized sludges. Findings redacted.
Added neutronic sludges. Then all the researchers died.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #47) $
Post by: getter77 on July 09, 2016, 02:18:29 AM
Feature Friday #47

Added a daily challenge.
We made some more modding enhancements.
Genotypes, castes, and callings are now data driven and can be modded. Check out genotypes.xml and subtypes.xml.
The Steam Workshop Uploader is now scrollable for small views.
You no longer have to restart the game for newly approved mods to take effect.
Changed some misleading language when you're evening up a trade with water.
Cleaned up some of the Skill descriptions.
Eater's flesh now has a special interaction with Mass Mind.
Removed some extraneous debug commands.
Added tiles for these items.
night-vision goggles
folding chair
vinewood sap mask and gas mask
telescoping monocle
Added a new book: a scroll bound by a strand of kelp
"I come from the west. My parents sold me into slavery as a babe, though the practice had been formally abolished in Perth years earlier. As a boy I cut my teeth on the reefs of the Shore of Songs, and lulled the Pale Sea to sleep with many a hymn, that she might return our sailors from the Black Stair unscathed. How the melodies whisked inside my skull even then. I was given no name at birth, but the sailors called me Catu."
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #48) $
Post by: getter77 on July 16, 2016, 03:05:57 AM
Feature Friday #48
We added a framework for game sounds.
Added a few basic sounds.
Added an AmbientSoundGenerator part. [modding]
Added support for OpenSound and CloseSound tags on the Door part. [modding]
Added support for ReloadSound tag on the MagazineAmmoLoader part. [modding]
When you get a hunger or thrist warning on the world map, you're now asked if you want to stop travelling. If you choose to continue, you won't be spammed with more hunger and thrist popups.
The following properties are now available as Genotype and Subtype data: BodyObject, BaseHPGain, BaseMPGain, BaseSPGain, Tile, DetailColor, StartingLocation, MutationPoints and Reputation. [modding]
Items with clips and cells are now automatically unloaded when they're disassembled.
Added support for a mutation MaxLevel attribute in mutations.xml. The defaults is 10. [modding]
Added an option to cap keystroke buffering at two commands. It defaults to 'no'. From the Options menu, User Interface > 'Limit the input buffer to two commands'.
Fixed: Fungal infections no longer infect body slots equipped with natural equipment (for example, Carapace).
Fixed: Jewel-encrusted items no longer lose their jeweled display after you save and load. No more fake jewels. (although...)
Fixed: Stats now properly reset when you back up to the genotype selection screen during character creation.
Fixed: You can no longer have multiple 'lost' effects at one time.
Fixed: Priest of All Moons stat bonus are correct again.
Fixed: Liquid-spitting creatures like sludges no longer cause exceptions when they spit.
Fixed an exception that sometimes occured while curing fungal infections.
Reduced sandstone's HP pool.
Fixed: The rusted archway should always generate with stairs down now.
Added a level-up animation for the player.
Mechanimist scholars have resumed their work preparing the library at the Six Day Stilt cathedral for use.
Added a Corpus Generator to the Modding Utilities menu.
As some anonymous Qud author says, "Spittle flies from its bleating mouth into a ploughshare and dissolved his kingdom." [quoted from one of the countless hoary tomes unearthed by the Mechanimists]
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #49) $
Post by: getter77 on July 23, 2016, 11:52:48 AM
Feature Friday #49

Made the zone builder more robust. You can now break out of infinite zone build loops as well as report the error to us.
Added some new descriptions to the world map.
The water tiles have been replaced with tiles and descriptions for the River Svy, the River Opal, Opal's duskwaters, the River Yonth, and a mountain stream.
Added a description to salt dunes.
Added a description to the fungal jungle.
Replaced some extraneous graphics quality options in the launcher with two simple options: Standard and No Vsync.
[modding] Mutations.xml now supports a Type paramater on mutations that overrides the default mutation types (physical or mental).
Fixed: Getting dragged through a sticky substance no longer consumes the creature's energy.
Fixed: Baetyls no longer try (and sometimes succeed in trying) to move around.
Fixed: Some faction-to-faction relationship changes weren't persisting into loaded games.
Fixed several items that use multiple slots not properly requiring them.
Fixed: The option picker dialog no longer hides the selection caret. It also scrolls properly now.
Fixed: During character creation, mutation selections no longer stick around around when you back up to the genotype selection screen.
Fixed: Your character's tile graphic no longer lags behind when you move while zoomed.
Fixed a typo in quadruped and fish bodies.
Fixed a typo in the description of Greybeard.
Fixed some issues with the map editor.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #50) $
Post by: getter77 on July 30, 2016, 12:04:34 PM
Feature Friday #50
We did a lot of backend work to add a framework for graphical effects.
Torchposts and braziers now produce smoke and flame particles.
Six Day Stilt cathedral braziers now burn an appropriately cyan light.
Expect more particle effects in future patches.
Added signs outside the hookah tents in the Stiltgrounds.
[modding] Yau can add a new tag, NoDataDisk, to objects with the TinkerItem part. This tag prevents data disks with that item's blueprint from spawning.
Updated descriptions for the following items.
basic toolkit
Added a tile for fused security door.
Changed the background color on security door tiles to make them more readable.
Slog of the Cloaca's corpse is no longer included as a component for fungal infection cures.
Optimized the memory usage of ASCII graphical effects.
Mechanimst scholar monks continue their tireless efforts to construct a library at the Six Day Stilt. Some of the recent texts they've unearthed include:
Instructions for the Rarest of Circumstances
Skin; Accounts Vary Accordingly
Mustachioed Man Wears a Costume, Vol. VII
One sage has even gone so far as to claim that the number of texts in Qud may approach infinity...
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #51) $
Post by: getter77 on August 05, 2016, 12:43:09 AM
Feature Friday #51

Hey, all. The patches this week and next week are a bit light on content since we'll be attending the International Roguelike Development Conference in New York! Both of us (Brian and Jason) are speaking, and the talks will be streamed, so check it out if you're interested: https://www.twitch.tv/roguelike_con
Added a particle effect to campfires.
In support of the pursuit of knowledge, we added some book-related things.
Added procedurally-generated books. Who knows what wisdom is stowed in their pages?
New piece of furniture: bookshelf.
Replaced the table with a bookshelf in Nuntu's hut at Kyakukya.
Added a couple procedurally-generated books to Nuntu's bookshelf.
Fixed an issue with some true kin subtypes not having the proper resistances.
Fixed a formatting issue with Mehmet's dialog.
Fixed an issue with dual wield powers not applying correctly.
Changed the default MP gain for creatures with no subtype to 1 instead of 0.
[modding] We made some updates and fixes to the map editor.
Added a display for the currently selected blueprint.
Added a view for the selected cell.
You can directly edit the blueprints in the selected cell.
You can now delete blueprints from the selected cell.
Right-clicking now removes the topmost object in a cell.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #52) $
Post by: getter77 on August 13, 2016, 11:52:28 AM
Feature Friday #52

New piece of furniture: candelabra
You may now find the remnants of study alcoves in the caves of Qud. Who knows what fates befell their lettered occupants? Anyway, their valuable books are yours now.
You now get a warning popup when you try to sunder your own mind.
Inanimate objects can no longer spit slime.
You can no longer pick up fused security doors.
When you click on an object in a tile, you're no longer asked to clarify the direction.
Fixed some missing tooltips.
Removed some invalid objects from dynamic population generation.
Fixed the UI not dismissing some screens when you right-clicked.
Fixed an issue with the main menu logo size on very small screens.
Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented clicking on the left side of the screen.
Fixed some exceptions when creating game objects.
Fixed a rare exception when creating force bubbles.
Fixed an AI issue that occasionaly froze the game when descending into Bethesda Susa.
Fixed a rare issue caused by stairs appearing in graveyards.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #53) $
Post by: getter77 on August 20, 2016, 11:48:54 AM
Feature Friday #53
We did some work on the character generation screens for the new UI. You can enable the protoype UI by checking Overlay UI > "Enable overlay user interface elements" in the Options menu.
Added a character type selection screen.
Added a genotype selection screen.
Added a subtype selection screen.
Added a stat selection screen.
Fixed the brief flicker that occurred when you enabled or disabled the overlay UI.
Fixed Unstable Genome's display name.
Fixed a typo in the Select Arcology & Caste screen title.
Added a new liquid: wax.
Candles now drip wax.
Reduced the rates that soup sludges spawn.
Tweaked and added descriptions for some creatures and natural weapons.
brooding goldpuff and brooding azurepuff
seed spit
spark tick
segmented mirthworm
We did some more prep work for the new Mechanimist library. Taking a page from librarians of the past, Mechanimist scholars are busy dusting off marble busts and casting globes from dawnglider eggs. Expect to see them soon.
[redacted main quest information coming out of the fungal jungle] Just listen to everything Pax Klanq says. He'll have a new request for you in a week or two.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #54) $
Post by: getter77 on August 27, 2016, 12:26:14 PM
Feature Friday #54
Added tile variants for various farmer NPCs.
Changed Mehmet's tile.
Changed Putus Templar warden name to knight templar.
Added a new tile for knight templars.
Added a new tile for knight templar faction leaders, warmongers amongst the true.
Tweaked the title modifiers on procedurally-generated book. Every book doesn't have a volume or edition number now.
Added more procedurally-generated books to Nuntu's bookshelf.
Procedurally-generated books are now worth various amounts.
Added a new overland tile for the Six Day Stilt.
Updated the tile for Shekhinah's hologram.
Added new overland tiles for the fungal jungle.
Changed Pax Klanq's skill profile. He's a master tinker now.
Changed Pax Klanq's attributes and HP.
Gave Pax Klanq a description.
Added wax blocks and wax nodules. They melt into molten wax.
Molten wax puddles cool into wax blocks or wax nodules, depending on the liquid volume of the puddle.
Molten wax now warms you if you step into it, drink it, or pour it on yourself.
Changed the descriptions of soup sludges.
Removed the fail chance from desalination pellets.
[modding] Added a new part, CommerceRangeValue, that lets you define a range for the commerical value of an item. Example: <part Name="CommerceRangeValue" Range="100-200"></part>
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #55) $
Post by: getter77 on September 03, 2016, 01:43:44 AM
Feature Friday #55

Added the mutation selection screen to the new UI. Since it's such an important and complicated menu, we expect to iterate on it a bunch.
Added some new encounters to the flower fields. Yonderbrush, forest fires, and bears, oh my!
Molten wax can now catalyze soup sludges.
Added waxen pseudopods.
Fixed soup sludges inheriting from the wrong sludge supertype.
Renamed security turret to the more appropriate "musket turret".
Changed musket turret's tile to a proper turret tile.
Added a new book tile.
Added new tiles for scrolls, some furled and some unfurled.
Gave each handwritten book a proper book or scroll tile.
Gave procedurally-generated books a random book or scroll tile and a random detail color.
Updated the descriptions for yuckwheat and yuckwheat stem.
Updated the description and eat message for canned mystery meat.
You can no longer chat with creatures across dimensions.
Braces ({}), which are used to mark metadata, no longer appear in help topics.
Made a small update to the game credits.
[modding] Added a new part, RandomDetailColor, that assigns a random detail color to an object's tile.
[debug] Added some wish tools for debugging quests and conversations.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #56) $
Post by: getter77 on September 10, 2016, 02:02:42 AM
Feature Friday #56

Added a new chromeling to Grit Gate, Shem -1.
We made a few changes to the mainline quest, A Call to Arms.
Removed the optional step for keeping Otho alive.
Added an optional step for keeping Sparafucile alive.
Added an optional step for keeping Shem -1 alive.
Mafeo is no longer replaced by an urshiib merchant if he dies.
Added new art for the inhabitants of Kyakukya.
New tile for Mayor Nuntu. *tips hat*
New tile for Svenlainard.
New tile and color scheme for Yurl.
New tile and color scheme for Kyakukya hunter.
New tile and color scheme for mushroom gatherer.
New tile and color scheme for worshipper of Oboroqoru.
New tile for statue of Oboroqoru.
New tile for Oboroqoru, Ape God.
Changed human child's tile and color scheme.
Changed scrap-clad hermit's tile.
Added a scroll bound by kelp to the human remains in the fungal jungle.
Added new sounds for the following actions.
seed-spitting vine ranged attack
slugsnout and two-headed slugsnout ranged attack
bows & dart guns firing
sparking baetyls sparking
Expanded the quest framework to support a new type of quest, coming soon.
Scouts report that Pax Klanq is genetically engineering a fungal infection to spread himself around Qud. It's resistant to the normal methods of treatment.
[modding]Added a new sound tag, MissileWeaponFire.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #57 ARRP) $
Post by: getter77 on September 16, 2016, 12:48:39 PM
Feature Friday #57  ARRP
The update is early (and small) this week because we're attending the Roguelike Celebration in San Francisco! Talks from the event should be streamed. Check out https://roguelike.club for info.
Added procedural books to the inventories of some NPCs.
Added firing sounds for musket, borderlands revolver, semi-automatic pistol, and chaingun.
Added combat sounds for missing in melee and blocking with as shield.
Added reload sounds for pump and combat shotguns.
Changed some of Otho's dialog before he offers you the Earl of Omonporch quest.
Fix a few instances of dialog running over its bounding box.
Added a separator to the look, target, and fire selector menus to make the options easier to distinguish.
Snapjaws in Red Rock no longer spawn with high-powered grenades.
Fixed a rare exception when building slime biomes.
(modding) Added a new part, StandaloneMarkovBook, that can be added to a procedurally-generated book object to generate its contents based on a previously generated Markov chain. For example, <part Name="StandaloneMarkovBook" Corpus="LibraryChain.json"></part>

I foresee this conference having an affect on ARRP arrivals this year for the best of reasons!   8)
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #58) $
Post by: getter77 on September 24, 2016, 01:22:36 AM
Feature Friday #58

We tweaked some of the parameters around fungal infections.
Have you contracted glowcrust? Are you wondering why you grow a fungal outcrop body part that's always unequipped? It's supposed to periodically grow luminous hoarshrooms that you can eat. Today, we fixed this unfortunate bug. Glowcrust apologizes for appearing like a parasite when it's clearly a symbiote.
Reduced the frequency of brooding azurepuffs and brooding goldpuffs in high-tier fungal biomes.
Ichor merchants now always sell desalination pellets.
Lowered the cost of desalination pellets.
We added a guaranteed apothecary and ichor merchant to the SE corner of the Stiltgrounds.
Slightly lowered the cost of Corpus Choliys.
When someone in a party kills a monster, they now gain XP based on their level, not the level of the creature that struck the killing blow. This change means that your lower-leveled followers, like beguiled creatures, gain XP at the correct rate.
Dominated creatures now gain XP.
The unstable genome mutation picker is now scrollable and displays details for each mutation option.
We split the option to allow mouse input into two options: 'Allow mouse input' and 'Allow mouse movement'. This change lets you enable mouse input without worrying about accidentally click-moving.
Gave Phinae Hoshaiah some basic dialog.
Fixed a bug that caused procedurally generated books to be worth nothing.
Fixed an issue causing ruin-based maps to fail to build past level 29 in the underground.
Added a chronology event for cloning yourself.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #59) $
Post by: getter77 on September 30, 2016, 10:58:48 PM
Feature Friday #59

If you return to the surface from world map, without moving on the world map, you will return to the same location on the surface.
Added an overlay UI for the character confirmation and name screens during character creation.
Added an overlay UI inputting text.
Added an overlay UI for single-button popups.
Added an extra digit of precision to the dram display on the trading screen.
Fixed an issue with unstable genome incorrectly removing mutation points
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #60) $
Post by: getter77 on October 08, 2016, 12:00:27 AM
Feature Friday #60
Monster AI now properly considers maximum range when trying to use a missile weapon.
1-point mutations are no longer included in the mutation choices offered by unstable genome.
Watervine farmers now correctly start with skillfull harvestry.
You no longer see flurry messages when invisible creatures open into a flurry of blows.
Updated descriptions for the following objects.
poison gas, scalding steam, and cryogentic mist
crusty loaf
hunk of cheese
Ekuemekiyyen greens
food cube
smoldered mushroom
Fixed an exception caused by a bogus item called FungusPuffer3.
Fixed some issues causing auto-movement to not always properly take into account new or destroyed walls.
Fixed an exception occasionally caused by covering items with liquid (e.g., spraying an item in your inventory with freshwater).
Fixed an issue that occasionally caused dismembered limbs not to regenerate.
Fixed an exception caused by monster AI using the area of effect abilities.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #61) $
Post by: getter77 on October 15, 2016, 12:06:23 AM
Feature Friday #61

We found and fixed a bug with Shank that contributed to its arguably broken power level. In addition to its current effect, it was also improperly reducing your target's AV by 2 as a holdover from its previous iteration.
Baetyls now accept all items with the same display name as the item they ask for. This change addresses situations where baetyls seemed to ignore what they asked for, but were really expecting another item with the same display name.
Birds have been removed from the faction encounters that can occur near Joppa.
Slime-spitting creatures in slimy biomes now correctly spit slime instead of [empty].
The opening story that you get upon arriving in Joppa now displays when the new UI is enabled.
Pouring freshwater on the skin now properly hydrates amphibious creatures.
Tam, the dromad merchant, no longer appears in underground caves.
Added support for yes/no popup dialogs to the new UI.
Added support for yes/no/cancel popup dialogs to the new UI.
The Escape key now properly quits string-input dialogs in the new UI.
The Enter key on the keypad now closes 1-button popup meus.
Fixed an issue causing some NPCs to reload their missile weapons before they needed to.
Fixed 1-point mutations still being included in the choices offered by unstable genome when you had either the Esper or Chimera morphotype.
Fixed a few map building recursion loops caused by horned chameleons.
Fixed an ASCII display error in fungal biomes.
[modding] You can now adjust the multiple of your agility modifier that Shank adds to penetration rolls. It's accessible in GlobalConfig.json.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #62!) $
Post by: getter77 on October 22, 2016, 02:43:21 AM
Feature Friday #62!

We have an announcement! Jason, one of our core team's two members, is now working full-time on Caves of Qud! Not only does this mean better weekly patches, but we'll also be bundling updates into bigger feature releases every few weeks. Stay tuned for more info. Until then, here's the first of our new and improved weekly patches.

Added a new quest to the end of the main questline: Pax Klanq, I Presume?
Gave Pax Klanq dialog.
Spruced up Pax Klanq's hut.
Renamed the fungal jungle to The Rainbow Wood.
Added a new fungal infection: Klanq. You may observe strange behavior among the infected.
Added a procedurally-driven quest: Spread Klanq.
Added a new item: quantum mote.
Added descriptions for Eater's flesh, Eater's fleshcap, and human remains.
Added Barathrum the Old.
Added Barathrum's study beneath Grit Gate.
The stairs leading to Barathrum's study are now locked and require a key.
Added Euclid, a Markov-fueled prattleplant that loves to talk.
Added new furniture.
bookshelves with more procedural books
Barathrum clock
Barathrum clock with Q Girl pendulum
brass foaminator
flux gauge
Added new book: Crime and Punishment
Spruced up Q Girl's space, giving her more workbenches and tinker furniture.
Goatfolk no longer always hate baboon faction leaders for disproving famous theorems.
Added message log entries for NPCs unequipping items.
Added message log entries for NPCs tossing items aside.
Added clickable tiles for moving to an adjacent map when zoomed in.
Fixed tile for Mechanimst catechist.
Fixed grammar issue with night-vision goggles' article.
Fixed Shem -1's name in the quest text for A Call to Arms.
Fixed a liquid duplication issue when pouring volumes onto empty containers laying on the ground.
Fixed an issue that caused the sizes of message boxes to grow as more were displayed.
Made the text fit better on some character creation screens in the new UI.
Slightly increased default UI reference resolution to better accommodate small screens.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #63) $
Post by: getter77 on October 29, 2016, 12:22:24 PM
Feature Friday #63

We refactored the population of ruins maps.
Tweaked the baseline populations of underground ruins to be slightly more challenging.
Ruins now include a variety of special encounters found in underground caves.
Underground ruins no longer have the same flora as surface ruins.
We did some work on the new UI.
Added a multiple choice dialog.
Added buttons for increasing and decreasing the message log font size.
Fixed some missing ASCII character mappings.
Fixed some popup menus overflowing the screen.
Reduced the number of mutation points granted by the Amphibious defect from 4 to 3.
Fixed a big bug with movespeed calculation. Getting your movespeed above 100 now properly makes you move faster.
Things with brains no longer catch on fire when standing in the same tile as a campfire.
Let's say you mentally dominate a baboon, level up, and want to buy some skills for your baboon friend/thrall. Previously, based on the way NPC attributes were calculated, sometimes you couldn't purchase the skill even if your thrall had the prerequisite attributes. Now you can.
Tusks are no longer a substitute for horns. After all, tusks are teeth.
1-point mutationts are no longer included in the choices when you buy a mutation.
When you buy a new mutation, exclusions defined in mods are now properly respected.
Creatures no longer fail to equip their natural weapons, like claws and bites, when they're stuck in webs or sticky liquids.
The special event in the A Call to Arms quest no longer resets when you save and load in the middle of it.
Added a downward staircase to the center-right of the Barathrumite enclave in Grit Gate. These stairs let you descend through Barathrum's study level to the underlevels of Grit Gate.
Renamed the fungal jungle to The Rainbow Wood in the sidebar and message log.
Added salt pool and asphalt pool objects. Their absence was causing [empty] liquids to appear.
Fixed an issue with displaying of Warden Indrix's dialog.
Fixed an exception with arconaut and Mechanimist pilgrim shopping behavior.
Fixed a bug with domination that was causing maps to be remain and memory, leading to a slow but crushing memory leak.
Fixed a rare exception during light rendering.
Fixed a formatting issue with the opening Joppa story.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #64) $
Post by: getter77 on November 03, 2016, 11:12:58 PM
Feature Friday #64

Brian is out of town for a week starting tomorrow, so there will be no patch next week, and we're posting this week's patch today. In the mean time, Jason will be working on our next feature arc, procedural histories for the Eater-Sultans of Qud! More info to come.

We fixed portable wall and changed how it works.
Portable wall is now a consumable item that creates 9 contiguous wall tiles in a pattern of your choosing.
Added a description to portable wall.
Added a new wall type: foamcrete.
In rusty biomes, qudzu now tend to cluster on walls, where they can.
New UI: multiple-choice dialogs and popups are now navigable via the keyboard or gamepad.
New UI: multiple-choice dialogs now respect hotkeys.
Player names are now trimmed of whitespace. This means typing 'space' and pressing 'Enter' while naming your character now gives your character a random name.
We made a few tweaks to the process of curing fungal infections.
Leech corpses and bloated leech corpses now have distinct display names. This change means it's now clear which corpse is required for the fungal cure, hopefully eliminating the specific frustration of thinking you've cured your infection when you really haven't.
Salt kraken corpses and worm of the earth corpses are no longer included as possible fungal cure components.
We tweaked the position of the stairwell leading to the lower levels of Grit Gate again. We removed the stairwell added last week, and made the old stairwell in the upper-right corner of the map accessible once you complete the quest 'More Than a Willing Spirit'.
Tinkers now start with freshwater.
The empty glass bottles sold by ichor merchants now properly store liquids.
Fixed a broken sand dune tile on the world map.
Fixed an issue with creature pathing when phased.
The water baron lobby has won a great victory: you can no longer net extra water by pouring water into a pool of more water.
Fixed some weird interactions between bleeding and player mods, including an issue causing the bleeding effect to stack multiple times.
Fixed the 'time-dilated' status effect from appearing multiple times in status descriptions.
Updated the copyright date.
Anthro and phytopologists of Qud are beginning to gain insight into the lives of the Sultans, Eaters who ruled Qud ages ago. Cultural artifacts have revealed factoids such as this one:
"Near the location of Canontau, Yyroq Mon Mad was captured by bandits. He murdered their leader by writing him out of the annals of history, and was thenceforth known as Inkshouter."
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #65) $
Post by: getter77 on November 19, 2016, 03:03:10 AM
Feature Friday #65
We did some more work on the new UI.
Added a new option to show tooltips instead of console 'look' text when right-clicking on an object (under Overlay UI).
Added a new option to show tooltips instead of console 'look' text when clicking or tapping on an object in look mode (under Overlay UI).
Greatly improved the performance of world generation.
The Six Day Stilt librarian no longer accidentally destroys the books you give her.
Fixed some melee weapons not properly granting their Ego bonus.
Fixed an issue that caused objects to be covered in liquid many times (e.g., 'covered in lava, covered in lava, covered in lava').
Fixed an issue that caused the OK button for input dialogs to not work.
Fixed an issue where your input to a popup menu would also be conveyed to the menus underneath.
[modding]World generation is now fully moddable via the worldbuilder nodes in worlds.xml.
We continued working on a big feature arc leading up to procedurally-generated histories for the past sultans of Qud. Historical objects like regions, locations, and items will eventually be incorporated into world generation, and important historical events will be depicted through the art and oral traditions of Qud's present inhabitants. Here are some examples of historical events.
"At the Battle of Duazomor Mesh, Mehur Shwytep fought as a mercenary to liberate vines. He wielded a radiant axe with such prowess, that it became forever known as Radiantacus Vinesgift."
"After striking a deal with frogs, Falawar Farumoshum convinced them to help him found a tavern in Hagaruk for the purpose of cooking meals inspired by emeralds. They named it the Tavern of the Lustrous."
"In early 809, Namumet assassinated the sultan of Qud over an ordinance prohibiting the practice of contemplating the meaning of things. She won and seized the crown. She was 10 years old."
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #66) $
Post by: getter77 on November 24, 2016, 02:47:18 AM
Feature Friday #66

We're posting the patch early this week due to Thanksgiving. Happy excavating!

Oh, and if you're enjoying Caves of Qud, please consider nominating us for one of the Steam Awards. Go to our store page to nominate.

We made some music and sound updates.
Added a new music track to the village of Joppa.
Music now plays continuously if it's enabled.
Music now instantly mutes when you disable it. Same with sound.
We tweaked some tile art.
Added new tiles for herding and guard dogs.
Added new tile for dreadroot.
Added new tile for liquid weeps.
Changed juicing cannibal's tile and color.
Changed cannibal's color.
Changed giant beetle's tile and color.
Changed tiles for slugsnout, two-headed slugsnout, and firesnout.
Changed pig's tile.
Changed great saltback's tile.
Changed phase spider's tile.
Changed the tiles for some glow-wight cultists.
Changed the tile for turrets created with Tinker.
Converted the character build library to the new UI.
Added buttons to the new UI that let you zoom the view.
The new UI now properly represents health info when you have analgesia.
You can now repair rusted items.
The repair cost for a particular item is now fixed per world seed.
There are now less hostile faction encounters in the watervine swamp.
Fixed an issue that caused the trade screen to crash, and items to be lost, when you tried to trade a luminous mote.
Fixed an issue that caused some object descriptions to appear in the wrong colors.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #67) $
Post by: getter77 on December 03, 2016, 02:39:05 AM
Feature Friday #67

We added Steam leaderboard support for the daily and weekly challenges.
For both challenges, only your first attempt counts. We might tweak this logic for the weekly challenge later.
At character death, on the Game Summary screen, your rank is shown, along with the 5 players immediately in front and behind you.
We plan on adding support for leaderboard browsing later.
We added some new item mods and made some related changes.
New armor mod: feathered
New armor mod: scaled
New armor mod: wooly
New helmet mod: serene visage
New boot mod: spring-loaded
Renamed 'spring-loaded plastic boots' to 'bounding boots'.
Croccasins now increase reputation with unshelled reptiles instead of decreasing it.
New book: On Humanoid Mimicry of Animals and Plants, which explains why some creatures like it when you wear clothing that mimics them while others don't.
You can no longer gain your bearings by talking to creatures who refuse to speak to you.
Clones of non-player creatures no longer have the description, "It's evil you."
Fixed an issue causing books to be categorized as 'misc' items after loading a game.
Fixed an issue causing thrown weapons (including geomagnetic disc) to occasionally disappear after being thrown.
Fixed an issue causing the new UI to occasionally remain visible after being disabled.
Fixed an issue causing ganglionic teleprojector to lock up player input.
Fixed an exception caused by inanimate objects trying to take actions.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #68) $
Post by: getter77 on December 10, 2016, 02:32:46 AM
Feature Friday #68

Added a new music track to the main menu.
Added a wind particle effect to salt dunes maps and world map tiles.
New glove mod: gesticulating
Added new descriptions for the following items.
fossilized remains
small sphere of negative weight
scrapped waydroid
dormant waydroid
Handwritten books now have gold titles. Procedurally-generated book have white titles.
Bookbinders now sell both handwritten and procedurally-generated books.
Updated the tile colors of bronze, silver, and gold security doors in Bethesda Susa.
Replaced the sconces in the Temple of the Rock with braziers.
Items belonging to temporal fugue clones now fade from existence when the clone does, even if they've since left the possession of the clone.
Bottles and vases are now listed as water containers.
Powers with burst-shaped effects, such as pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, and stunning force, are now properly range-restricted when you target with them.
Fixed Sheba Hagadias awarding XP for a single book more than once. Exchanging multiple copies of the same book still works.
Fixed axe powers Whack and Trip not triggering properly.
Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the player's current zone to be inactive.
Fixed some text display bugs in the descriptions of floating glowsphere and elastyne items.
Fixed the spring-loaded mod appearing as 'wooly' on tinker screens.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #69 Sultans of Qud Part 1!) $
Post by: getter77 on December 23, 2016, 10:20:17 PM
The Sultans of Qud: Part 1

Qud is a layer cake of fallen civilizations. If you've read the Baccata Yewtarch's influential history book, "Frivolous Lives", you know that the past 1,000 years were dominated by minor humanoid kingdoms and Girsh attacks. Before that was the Age of the Eaters, when the mysterious progenitors ruled from lofty spires now buried under shale. In particular, the lives of 5 great sultans have been preserved through cultural artifacts and oral tradition.

We've introduced the first part of our Sultans of Qud feature arc.
Each game now includes a procedurally-generated history from the Age of the Eaters.
There are 4 historical sites located throughout Qud (more to come in future patches), each one at a different degree of difficulty that corresponds to its location on the world map. Their names, descriptions, locations, contents, historical significance, and look & feel are procedurally-generated and different each game.
Historical sites are populated by cults that worship a particular sultan. Each cult is a coalition of members from other factions, most of which favor the sultan due to some event in Qud's history. The 5 cults are different each game, and each one functions as a faction. You can view your reputation with the cults on the Reputation screen.
Historical sites contain relics. Relics are powerful items that were generated during the course of history. Many of their properties are new effects and are based on the circumstances of their creation.
Shrines to the former sultans are located throughout Qud. They depict significant events from the sultans' lives.
New mods: painted and engraved. Painted and engraved items also depict events from the histories.
Sometimes, looking at a shrine, painted item, or engraved item reveals the location of a historical site. If it does, you get a quest to visit that location.
Sometimes, looking at a shrine, painted item, or engraved item reveals the location of a historical relic. If it does, you get a quest to recover that relic. The relic locations aren't revealed on the map; they are individual levels that exist inside some historical site.
We added a guaranteed sultan shrine to the upper right corner of Joppa. Looking at this shrine reveals a nearby historical location that's usually appropriate, though challenging, for the early game.
Added some new creatures, furniture, and traps for the historical sites. We'll be adding more in the coming weeks.
A few additional notes:
The historical dungeon maps are generated via a new method that produces tremendous variety from themed templates. They take longer to generate, and we haven't optimized the algorithm yet. We'll improve its speed in the coming weeks.
There's a lot going on behind the scenes to generate the histories and the historical sites, and there are definitely bugs. Please report them and we'll fix them!
We'll be adding more unique features to the various types of historical sites in the coming weeks. We'll also be adding more sites, mechanics, and a story arc that integrates this into the main quest in Part 2. Stay tuned.
You can now give procedurally-generated books to Sheba Hagadias at the Six Day Stilt.
Tweaked the value of procedurally-generated books.
Autosave now defaults to 'on'.
Fixed an invalid entry in mid-tier gun tables.
Fixed some issues causing double-key entry reads.
Fixed some exceptions causing graphical effects like torch flickering to stick around on screen.
[Modding] Added the ability for skills to have any part, including mutations, as prerequisites.
[Modding] mutations.xml now supports a Stat field to change the level-modifying stat of a mutation.

This is the start of The Big Time here folks---The Grand Escalation!   8)
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #70) $
Post by: getter77 on December 31, 2016, 12:29:27 AM
Feature Friday #70

Added a minimap (Options > Overlay UI > Show minimap). It defaults to off.
Added rarely-occurring, historic-esque ruins to the underground caves.
Reordered the keybinding menu to put useful commands up top.
Removed the extraneous 'Use Mutation' keybind.
Removed the 'search' command. Now you automatically search when you enter a tile. Your chance of finding hidden things is based on your Intelligence.
All 4 historic dungeons are now discoverable via shrines, engravings, and paintings.
Waste, trash, and scum-based historic locations now occasionally contain conveyor belts.
Unstable Genome no longer triggers indefinitely.
Reduced the amount of qudzu in rusty biomes.
Gave Mafeo some plump mushrooms.
Gave apothecaries some vinewafers.
Added a few more sultan shrines to historic locationts.
Added a nice iron fence around sultan shrines in historic locations.
Added an alternate keybind (northeast) to store an item in a container.
Fixed relics sometimes generating in unreachable tiles.
Fixed an issue causing blink-based relics to grant immunity to all damage.
Fixed a rare exception in the Brain component.
Fixed an issue with case-sensitivity on the textures folder in a mod.
Added a missing acid pool type.
Added a missing oil pool type.
Fixed [redacted].
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #71) $
Post by: getter77 on January 07, 2017, 03:25:38 AM
Feature Friday #71

We spruced up and individualized the historic sites.
Added a 'circuitry' element to sultan mythologies. You may start to see references to circuit boards, logic gates, computerization, and horrific soldering projects.
Added an electrical effect to circuitry-based relics.
Added arenas, weapon racks, gun racks, and armor racks to soldier, gladiator, barracks, and arena-affiliated sites.
Added more sultan shrines to sultan-worshipping sites.
Added full pantheon sultan shrines (megashrines) to sultan-worshipping sites.
Added shale walls with various types of mineral deposits to jewel, jeweler, geologist, and dig-affiliated sites. These walls have a small chance of leaving behind a gemstone when destroyed.
Added holographic shale and meteorite walls with peridot deposits to star, astrologist, observatory, astronomer, stargazer, and light-affiliated sites.
Added new piece of high-tech furniture called quantum rippler to chance, gambler, and gambling hall-affiliated sites. Mhm.
Added some new gemstones: sapphires, emeralds, and peridots.
Added a text-mode UI to High Scores for leaderboard browsing.
Added an overlay UI for High Scores.
Added an overlay UI for Options.
Added a UI option to disable full-screen color effects (e.g., skulk and night vision) for accessibility.
Added an overlay UI for conversation.
Added support for sliders and single-select options on the Options screen.
Added sound effect and music volume sliders to the Options screen.
Fewer inappropriate creatures should climb out of space-time vortices.
You now get a popup message when you enter a map with your evil twin.
Fixed the formatting on some books.
Fixed an issue where getting pushed through sticky liquids caused you to lose turns.
Fixed torches auto-lighting if they aren't in a hand slot.
Fixed glotrot messages for other creatures being shown to player.
Fixed a one-pixel gutter appearing around the overlay UI controls.
Fixed security door rendering.
Fixed the minimap not updating after loading a saved game.
Excluded Fist of the Ape God from dynamic encounters.
Turrets chirping in view now terminate autowalk, explore, and wait actions.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #72) $
Post by: getter77 on January 14, 2017, 03:28:48 AM
Feature Friday #72

We revamped the Long Blades skill! These are the new powers. Check them out in game for the stat requirements and costs.
Long Blade Proficiency. You gain access to two stances.
Aggressive stance: While wielding a long blade in your primary hand, your long blade attacks gain +1 penetration but -2 to hit.
Defensive stance: While wielding a long blade in your primary hand, you gain +2 DV.
Dueling Stance: You gain access to dueling stance. While wielding a long blade in your primary hand, you get +2 to hit.
Lunge. Activated; cooldown 15.
Aggressive stance: You lunge through one empty space at an opponent and make an attack at +2 penetration. You must move through the empty space.
Defensive stance: You make an attack at an opponent then lunge backward 2 spaces.
Dueling stance: You make an attack at an opponent at +1 penetration. The attack is guaranteed to hit and penetrate at least once.
Swipe: Activated; cooldown 15.
Aggressive stance: You make an attack against all adjacent opponents.
Defensive stance: You push all adjacent creatures back 1 space and attempt to trip the ones that are opponents (strength save; difficulty 30).
Dueling stance: You make an attack at an opponent and attempt to disarm them (strength save; difficulty 25 + your Agi modifier). The attack is guaranteed to hit and penetrate at least once.
Improved Aggressive Stance: Your penetration bonus in aggressive stance is increased to +2, but your to-hit penalty is increased to -4.
Improved Defensive Stance: Your DV bonus in defensive stance is increased to +3.
Improved Dueling Stance: Your to-hit bonus in dueling stance is increased to +3.
En Garde!: Activated; cooldown 100. For the next 10 rounds, Lunge and Swipe have no cooldown.
Added some variety to sultan birth events.
Changed the map generation algorithm for overland ruins to be based on the much better historic site algorithm.
When you get the Quills mutation, you now always start with 300 quills.
Fixed a bug causing you to occasionally get less than the documented 80-120 new quills when you level up Quills.
Removed stray '^k' characters from most descriptions.
Gave Pax Klanq a little more HP.
Empty bookshelves are now visually distinct.
When you have a target selected, your target's health estimate is now displayed on the left side of the top status bar.
Historic sites and other dynamic areas are no longer generated on top of important static locations.
When you left-click on an object, you now move up to that object and interact with it instead of trying to swap places with it.
Fixed the overlay conversation UI not respecting variables or random-option dialogs.
Fixed several issues causing failed map builds.
Fixed some issues that caused the middle levels of Grit Gate to not generate.
Fixed some spurious tooltip popups when changing screens.
Give artifact' dialogs are now mouseable popups.
Greatly reduced memory usage during map generation.
Added an overlay system menu.
Added a button for the system menu.
Added support for look mode in the overlay UI.
Added an option to disable blood splatters under Options > Debug.
You can now bind a key to trade while using the overlay UI.
Added better support for navigating options with the keyboard.
Added the ability to escape from several choice dialogs such as 'manually equip' and Klanq infection.
Fixed a bug that caused your character to lose Unstable Genome before you manifested all your mutations.
The minimap no longer blocks clicks.
Fixed a display issue when backing out of a trade in the overlay UI.
Fixed some graphical effects disappearing after loading or thawing a zone.
Fixed the ability descriptions cutting off before the bottom of the window on the ability screen.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #73) $
Post by: getter77 on January 21, 2017, 04:01:27 AM
Feature Friday #73
We revamped the Axe skill! These are the new & updated powers. Check them out in game for the stat requirements and costs.
Axe Proficiency: You get +2 to hit with axes.
Cleave: Whenever you hit an opponent with an axe, there's a 75% chance you cleave their armor, giving them a -1 penalty to their AV. This penalty can stack a number of times up to your strength modifier.
Dismember: Activated; cooldown 30. You make an attack with your axe at an adjacent opponent. If you hit and penetrate at least once, you dismember one of their limbs at random and they start bleeding (1-2 damage per turn. toughness save; difficulty 35). Additionally, your axe attacks that penetrate have a percentage chance to dismember: 3% for one-handed axes and 6% for two-handed axes.
Charging Strike: When you charge an opponent with an axe and hit, if you cleave their armor, they get an additional -1 penalty to their AV. If you have Dismember, your chance to dismember when charging with an axe is doubled.
Hook and Drag (same as before, but lower cooldown and better documented): Activated; cooldown 50. You grab an opponent's limb with the heel of your axe and pull them toward you. If successful, you pull your opponent with you as you move and make a free attack with your axe. Your opponent is forced to move with you but can attack you while moving. Your opponent gets a chance to resist the move (strength save; difficulty 20 + your strength modifier) and a chance to break free at the start of their turn (same save). This effect lasts for 9 rounds or until you dismember the opponent.
Backswing: Whenever you miss with an axe attack, there's a 25% chance you make an additional attack. You can't backswing off a missed backswing.
Decapitate: Heads are added to the list of possible limbs you can dismember. If you chop off the only head of an organic opponent, they're killed instantly. If they have multiple heads, they start bleeding profusely (2-3 damage per turn. toughness save; difficulty 35).
Berserk!: You work yourself into a blood frenzy, and for 5 rounds your chance to dismember with axe attacks is 100%. To use Berserk, Dismember must be off cooldown, and using Berserk puts Dismember on cooldown.
Made tortoises slower.
The historic relics that are mentioned in the histories and the guaranteed relics on the bottom levels of historic sites now live in clearly demarcated relic chests somewhere on the dungeon level. If you seek them out, expect to find some named cultists who don't appreciate your intentions. Note there's still a small chance to find other relics elsewhere in historic dungeons, such as on tables or wielded by creatures.
Sultan shrines, sultan pantheons, and arenas that appear in historic dungeons no longer block off portions of the map or generate partially off screen.
Tweaked how often sultan shrines, pantheons, and arenas occur in historic sites.
Hotkeys are now preserved between games. If you replay your last character, you get the same hotkeys. Different characters get an approximate hotkey mapping.
You can now two-way trade items with your party members.
Added highlights for static villages & dungeons to the ALT highlight display.
Added highlights for discovered historic sites to the ALT highlight display.
Fixed several issues with the ALT highlight display.
Force fields, statisfields, pyrokinesis fields, and cryokinesis fields are no longer visible in unexplored areas.
Robots now spark instead of bleed, and oozes now bleed slime.
Added more variety to the cognomens given to sultans when they're born.
Added more map generation variety to the historic sites.
The surface level of historic sites now incorporates the terrain of their surrounding region.
The overlay UI ability list now displays hotkeys.
Removed 'test dummy', a really tough beetle used for debugging. Will he make a return???
Removed the occasional cultists who preached loading screen quotes.
You no longer get messages when you walk over different types of floors.
Fixed an issue with save game serialization that caused various bad things to happen, including Argyve refusing to complete his knickknack quest.
Fixed another issue causing historic sites to generate on top of static dungeons.
The default action for empty injectors is no longer 'apply'.
Fixed the rendering issues with the message log history.
Fixed some rare cases where damage destroyed natural equipment like carapaces.
Fixed a few rare cases where the stairs at the lowest level of a historic dungeon lead to dead ends.
Removed a few improper objects from appearing in dynamic encounters.
Fixed some cases where baetyls refused to accept the items they demanded.
Removed a few impossible baetyl demands.
Fixed an issue causing XP to be rewarded for each level of a historic site if you discovered the site without a quest.
Fixed skill color coding to respect purchaseability.
Fixed skill descriptions appearing off the bottom of the Skills screen.
Fixed bookshelves and tables appearing empty until you interacted with them.
Fixed several issues where overlay UI buttons didn't work if their default keyboard keys were mapped to directions.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #74) $
Post by: getter77 on January 28, 2017, 02:56:11 AM
Feature Friday #74
We revamped the Cudgel skill! These are the new & updated powers. Check them out in game for the stat requirements and costs.
Cudgel Proficiency: You get +2 to hit with cudgels.
Bludgeon: Whenever you hit with an cudgel, there's a 50% chance to daze your opponent (-4 int, -4 agi, -10 movespeed) for 3-4 rounds. If you daze a dazed opponent, they're stunned for 1 round instead (cannot take actions and 0 DV).
Conk: Activated; cooldown 10. You make an attack with a cudgel at an adjacent opponent. If you hit, you automatically daze your opponent. If your opponent is already stunned, you instead knock them unconscious for 30-40 rounds (unconscious opponents wake up dazed when they take damage).
Backswing: Whenever you miss with an axe or cudgel attack, there's a 25% chance you make an additional attack. You can't backswing off a missed backswing.
Slam: Activated; cooldown 50. You make an attack with a cudgel at an adjacent opponent at +1 penetration. If you hit, you slam your opponent backwards up to 3 spaces, pushing other creatures and breaking through walls if their AVs are less than 10 times your strength modifier. Opponents who get pushed are stunned for 1 round plus an additional round for each space pushed. Opponents who are pushed through or against walls take extra weapon damage for each wall. Colossal opponents don't get pushed but are still stunned for 1 round. You can also use this power to destroy a wall or door if its AV is less than 10 times your strength modifier.
Demolish: Activated; cooldown 100. For the next 5 rounds, your chance to daze with cudgel attacks is 100% and Slam has no cooldown. To use Demolish, Slam must be off cooldown, and using Demolish puts Slam on cooldown.
Historic frills, toys, and gaws now fabricate legendary versions of creatures instead of normal ones.
You can no longer eat robot limbs, but you can disassemble them for scrap.
Added a new wall type, rock salt, for subterranean layers under the Great Salt Desert.
Added a new wall type, tangled mudroot, for subterranean layers under the jungle and salt marsh.
Gave legendary robots more robotic names.
Added a new tile for deep shafts.
Now when an ubernostrum tonic regenerates an arm, it regenerates the accompanying hand too.
You can now pick up bedrolls.
When a creature is damaged while sleeping, it now wakes up in a daze.
Stunned creatures now have 0 DV.
Electric snails now always leave corpses behind.
Fixed an issue causing creature lairs not to generate.
We made the map generation for creature lairs much more interesting.
Dismember no longer triggers if you don't have the dismember skill or a dismembering weapon.
Fixed some ruin maps not having the correct encounters based on their tiers.
You can no longer accidentally navigate to the message log resize buttons.
Skills that require certain weapon types now properly recognize natural weapons if they're of the right type.
Fixed several issues that sometimes prevented ruined areas from generating.
Fixed an issue that caused interacting with a baetyl to occasionally freeze the game.
Fixed an exception in generated histories that caused historic site map generation issues.
Fixed a rare error with missile weapons.
Reduced memory load by ~100MB.
Reduced starting save file size.
Shortened world generation time.
Shortened game object creation time.
Added a version number to the main menu in the new UI.
[modding] Limb and Head base object types are now settable with HeadBase and LimbBase tags. For example: <tag Name="LimbBase" Value="RobotLimb"></tag>. By default the base object for limbs is the Corpse object.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #75) $
Post by: getter77 on February 04, 2017, 02:15:00 AM
Feature Friday #75

Hi, I'm ptychomancer, the other core Caves of Qud dev. Here are some patch notes.
We revamped the Short Blade skill! The last iteration of Short Blade was a bit too powerful. Shank let agility-focused melee characters completely dump their strength stat, and Rejoinder was just too efficient at dealing out damage. With the redesign, Short Blade should now fall within the range of the other newly revamped skills, though it's more flexible in terms of possible cross-pollination with other skill trees.
These are the new & updated powers. Check them out in game for the stat requirements and costs.
Short Blade Proficiency: You get +2 to hit with short blades.
Bloodletter: Your short blade attacks that penetrate have a 75% chance to cause your opponent to bleed (0-1 damage per turn. toughness save; difficulty 20 + your agility modifier). The opponent saves to stop bleeding each round, and the save difficulty decreases by 1 each round. This effect can stack a number of times equal to 1 plus your agility modifier.
Jab: When you wield a short blade in your offhand, you make offhand attacks twice as often. This bonus applies to organic hands (natural and mutated) but not robotic hands.
Hobble: You make an attack with a short blade in your primary hand, looking for a weak spot in your opponent's armor. If you hit, you penetrate exactly once and hobble them (-50% movespeed for 16-20 rounds).
Pointed Circle: Whenever you juke an opponent while wielding a short blade in your primary hand, you make a free attack. If you have Bloodletter, the attack's chance to cause bleeding is 100%.
Rejoinder: Once per turn, when an opponent misses you with a melee attack, there's a 40% chance you make a free attack with a short blade you're wielding.
Shank: Activated; cooldown 20. You make a melee attack with a short blade in your primary hand (preferred) or offhand. If you hit, the attack gets +2 penetration for each negative status effect your opponent suffers from.
The following changes are related to the Short Blade rework.
Reduced Juke's cooldown to 40 rounds.
Reduced Juke's skillpoint cost to 200.
Tumble now reduces Juke's cooldown to 20 rounds.
Reduced Tumble's skillpoint cost to 150.
Aggressive stance and dueling stance now bestow their bonuses on short blades you have equipped, as long as you have a long blade equipped in your primary hand.
Eunuchs start with Hobble instead of Shank.
Changed the wall destruction calculation for Slam. Now you destroy walls with AV less than 5 times your strength modifier instead of 10 times.
Increased the AV of marble walls.
Quests to recover historic relics now properly complete when you pick up the relic.
Fixed a bug that caused all of Qud's lairs to cluster around Joppa. They are now more evenly distributed through Qud.
You can no longer find legendary versions of existing NPCs (e.g., "Esmeralda, the legendary Warden Ualraig").
Added chronology entries for the following actions.
beguiling a creature
proselytizing a creature
renaming a follower
discovering the location of a historic site
visiting a historic site
recovering (some) historic relics
Added an upper bound to particle effects.
Added a button for auto-explore to the overlay UI.
Added a warning before you quit without saving when permadeath is enabled.
Mimics now properly copy the tile of their target.
The 'wait' command in any keybinding is now mapped to numpad5 for the purpose of targeting yourself.
Fixed the title of Corpus Choliys.
Gave plated knollworm the right tile.
Target rifles no longer appear in dynamic encounters.
Excluded several NPCs from dynamic encounters.
Fixed an exception when completing the quest, Spread Klanq.
Fixed a crash and some rendering issues on the text version of the highscore screen.
Fixed weekly/daily seed flags sticking around inappropriately when you picked them, backed out, and then started another game type.
You now get the Unstable Genome message after the levelup message, not before.
Fixed a rare exception with reputation when you moved across maps.
Fixed some stair placement issues in Bethesda Susa.
Reduced a bunch of performance issues in runaway memory situations.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #76) $
Post by: getter77 on February 11, 2017, 02:06:27 AM
Feature Friday #76
Added a new type of overland encounter: secluded workshops.
Added legendary shoemakers (and their hired guards).
Each legendary merchant has a distinct maker's mark that they use to brand their artisan wares.
Added a new faction: merchants' guild.
You can now give your followers randomly chosen names from their particular cultures.
You can also give your followers randomly chosen names from your character's own culture.
Added unique name generators for the following factions.
various animal factions
various plant factions
New UI: added a new sidebar for interacting with objects adjacent to you (Options > Overlay UI > Show overlay nearby objects list). Left-click on an object in the sidebar to interact with it contextually, and right-click on it to get a list of options. It's especially convenient for picking up adjacent items.
Each data disks description now includes the Tinker level required to build the item.
Refactored each region's list of creatures that can become legendary and get their own lairs.
Tweaked lair population.
Tweaked the way merchant guards are generated.
Greatly improved the formatting for multiple-choice dialogs in the new UI.
Fixed an issue where the amaranthine prism sometimes [redacted].
Removed 'a scroll bound by kelp' from dynamic encounters.
[modding]You can now specify static reasons for why various factions admire or dislike faction leaders. Use the StaticLikeReason and StaticHateReason tags on a creature with the GivesRep part.
[modding]NPCs now inherit from BaseHumanoid instead of Humanoid.
[modding]Fixed an issue where inherited objects tried to override existing xtags.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #77) $
Post by: getter77 on February 17, 2017, 10:36:43 PM
Feature Friday #77

Added legendary gunsmiths. You'll find their workshops as new overland encounters.
Added secluded distilleries.
Added legendary ichor merchants and new overland encounters for their distilleries.
Added a new music track "Moghra'yi Remembrance Circle" to desert areas
Legendary creatures guarding the relic chests on the last levels of historic sites are now leaders of their respective cults.
Relic quests now properly complete when you equip or activate the relic directly from a chest.
You no longer get multiple chronology entries for visiting the same historic site.
Fixed an exception when looking at cybernetic credit wedges.
Move Up and Move Down keybinds will now cycle through multiple objects in a cell in look mode
Added UI options to show or hide plants and pools in the nearby items list, defaults to hide
The new UI multiple-choice dialog now correctly supports capitalized hotkeys
Taught the AI to use: bezerk, force wall and the new long blades tree
Updated several NPCs and creatures to the new skills
Reduced the frequency of several items of stacked walls and furniture occuring in a single cell in areas generated by the historic-style dungeon builder
Changed XP Bar to more conventionally display percentage of progress through only the current level's xp
Fixed dismember allowing you to dismember with non-axe weapons
Fixed invisible objects showing up in the nearby items list
Fixed issues with relics with several stat boosts not being properly displayed, applied or removed
Fixed issue with relics applying their boosts in inappropriate slots
Fixed some layout issues with the popup choice window
Fixed some issues with level stacking of mutation power-granting relics
Fixed the trade button in the new ui conversation screen being un-navigable
Fixed XP and HP bars sometimes not resizing properly
Fixed fungal infections dropping as items
Fixed fungal infection items showing up on dynamic tables
Fixed a few rare cases where Calloused's bonuses would stop applying
Fixed some cases where you'd end up with multiple stairs up in a square
Fixed some cases where you'd end up with a missing stairs down
Fixed many effects that were incorrectly rendering in non-active zones
Improved the layout of conversations
Improved the readability of the selection highlight on new ui dialogs
[modding] Added stat:<statid>:<amount> wish to modify a stat basevalue
[modding] Added statbonus:<statid>:<amount> wish to modify a stat bonus
[modding] Added statpenalty:<statid>:<amount> wish to modify a stat penality
[modding] Added xp:<amount> to award a given amount of experience
[modding] Added cureglotrot and cureironshank wishes
[prerelease content] Metamorphosis no longer duplicates inventory and non-natural equipment and transfers your own equipment during transformations.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #78) $
Post by: getter77 on February 25, 2017, 01:30:28 AM
Feature Friday #78

We added hatters, glovers, armorers, and haberdashers.
Added hatter, glover, armorer, and haberdasher tents to the Stiltgrounds.
Added legendary hatter, glover, armorer, and haberdashers. You'll find their workshops as new overland encounters.
Descending into a pit or open air while flying no longer grounds you.
Added more variety to the geometry of historic sites.
The Quest screen now has a scrollbar, scrolls smoothly, and properly wraps text.
Added an option to scale the minimap (under Overlay UI).
Added an option to scale the nearby items list (under Overlay UI).
Monster AI now uses the Cudgel powers Conk, Slam, and Demolish.
Monster AI now considers broken and rusted item statuses when equipping gear.
Oboroqoru and rhinoxes now have a few more cudgel powers.
Slam now properly requires a cudgel to use.
Liquid volumes no longer interfere with other smart-useable objects.
'Spread Klanq' quest steps now properly complete when you spread Klanq to the proper targets.
Made the Pax Klanq quest sequence a bit more robust.
You can no longer choose a square without a target when you charge.
Creatures that live on walls no longer spawn in the middle of a solid group of walls.
Fixed some cases where objects spawned on stairs.
Consuming an Eater's fleshcap no longer permanently decreases quickness.
For clarity, we renamed 'Eater's flesh' to 'elcatl' and 'Eater's fleshcap' to 'Eater's flesh'.
If you have burrowing claws and you use a skulk injector, you no longer lose your claws when the effect wears off.
Made it clear that invoking the Chaos Spiel infuriates Asphodel.
Added more messaging for shaking off dazings and stuns.
Fixed some rare cases where commands were being issued twice in the overlay UI.
Fixed some cases where overlay UI elements incorrectly displayed on top of each other.
Fixed an issue causing the selected conversation option not to be highlighted when a conversation started.
Fixed some rare cases where dismembered limbs didn't drop the items they had equipped.
Fixed some rare occurrences of objects cloning themselves when slipping on slime.
Fixed a rare hang during map generation.
Cleaned up the text for becoming afraid.
Fixed a typo in the hulk honey damage message.
Removed <redacted> and <redacted> from dynamic encounters.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #79) $
Post by: getter77 on March 03, 2017, 11:55:41 PM
Feature Friday #79

We added a new drag-and-drop prerelease inventory screen for the new UI. It's available via the "Prerelease: Use overlay inventory screen." option under overlay UI options. It's work in progress and has some bugs. Feedback is welcome!
Equipment is manageable via a drag-and-drop procedurally generated paper doll based on your character's body
Left click to bring up the item's interaction window
Right click to view an item's tooltip
Filter buttons along the top allow you to quickly filter to specific categories
Updated the stilt well picker dialog
Updated the pour choices dialog
Fixed several issues with screens under the current popup acquiring input or navigation selection
Fixed the AI trying to force prison a target and then shoot it with light manipulation
Fixed Enuch's character creation skill list
Fixed some stair placement issues in bethesda susa
Fixed an issue where phase webs would sometimes leave you permanently phased if you saved while you were stuck in them
Fixed some historic-style areas not having proper tile surface paint
Fixed an issue with move-speed adjusting equipment not properly applying bonuses
Fixed an issue with call to arms that wasn't properly respawning Q Girl in the correct circumstances.
Fixed dynmically mixed liquid volumes not having the proper vapor temperatures
Fixed a stack overflow error when containers disintegrated on the ground from contained fluids
[modding] Merged blueprint changes will now propagate changes to children
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #80) $
Post by: getter77 on March 11, 2017, 02:33:37 AM
Feature Friday #80

We made a bunch of enhancements to the paper doll equipment screen. It's still flagged as prerelease content, but you can enable it here: Options > Overlay UI > Prerelease: Use over inventory screen.
The new overlay inventory is now also used for item pickup and container manipulation.
Item filters now entirely hide the filtered categories.
Item filter buttons now properly respond to the 'use' key.
You can page up and down now.
You can use + and - to open and close item categories.
Items are now properly sorted alphabetically.
Fixed several filter icons in the inventory list.
Fixed some issues with scrolling through the inventory list or the paper doll.
Updated the look and behavior of many graphical elements.
Item selection is now properly restored when the screen refreshes.
If the overlay UI and inventory are enabled, the original equipment screen doesn't appear when you tab through your character screens.
Added tiles for several pieces of natural equipment.
burrowing claws
flaming and freezing hands
Added a tile for mechanical wings.
Updated torch tiles.
Sultans now occasionally fake their own deaths or have their deaths wrongly reported.
Added some sultan events involving chariot accidents.
Improved the grammar of sultan history snippets.
Fixed some cases where looking at a painted or engraved item didn't reveal the proper historic site or give the right quest.
Fixed an issue that was causing the secrets about the location of the Ruin of House Isner not to appear in procedurally-generated books. The secrets are back in!
Added a new textbook to the corpus of text that the procedurally-generated books draw from.
Fixed an issue that caused the player to occasionally become a member of the Beasts faction, resulting in neutral NPCs acting hostile toward you.
Added new options to the main Options screen.
Display vignette
Display scanlines
Brightness level
Contrast level
[debug] Added a wish to clear the player's faction membership: "clearfactionmembership". You can use this wish to fix the hostile NPC bug in older saves.
[modding] The look cursor is now more compatible with full-color tiles.
[modding] Display.txt is now moddable. You only need to include the text you want to override in Display.txt. For example, here's the full text of a mod that disables the vignette:
{ "shaders":{
"enable":"false" }}}
[modding] Display.txt now supports a "tiles" category with "width" and "height" variables. You can use it to reskin the game with an alternate tile aspect ratio.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #81) $
Post by: getter77 on March 17, 2017, 11:02:35 PM
Feature Friday #81

We added a new input manager that supports gamepads out of the box. It's still prerelease content; we'll be expanding support and tweaking the default bindings in the coming weeks.
Added a new options menu: Controls. You can access key bindings and enable the new input manager from this menu.
The default movement mapping is: left stick to point in a direction + right trigger to move. You can also hold down right trigger and point the left stick around to move quickly.
You can also rebind to direct movement. If you do, the Move North/South/East/West commands tilt 45 degrees right when you hold the Alt button (left trigger by default). So, to move NE, you hold left trigger and move north.
These are the current default mappings on an Xbox controller.
left stick + right trigger: move
A: interact
B: get
X: ability menu
Y: walk (move in a direction until you hit a wall)
left bumper: wait a turn
right bumper: fire missile weapon
dpad up: go up stairs or to the worldmap
dpad down: go down stairs or to the local map
right stick: look
click right stick: reload missile weapon
select: menu
start: inventory
left trigger + B: get nearby
left trigger + Y: autoexplore
left trigger + left bumper: rest until healed
left trigger + right bumper: throw
Added, changed, or tweak tiles for the following objects.
pocketed vest
black, ash-stained, and cloth robes
woven and vine-weave tunics
wool kilt
crude and filthy toga
bark armor
ring mail
basic toolkit
stun rod
box of crayons
Joppa and Grit Gate recoilers
iron mace
albino monkey braid
Glass bottles now visually respect the liquids they hold. They appear empty when they're empty; otherwise they show the color of the liquid they contain.
Updated the slimy shaft tile.
Added options for fullscreen mode and target framerate (Options > General).
Improved the navigability of the overlay options.
Fixed books and artifact stories not working when accessed from the new inventory screen.
Fixed monsters being able to melee attack you through floors if they were directly above or below.
Fixed very excessive memory use when browsing the contents of a container that contains many items, particularly liquid volumes.
Fixed an exception on the Quests screen.
Fixed several cases of excessive garbage generation.
Removed some baseobjects (basefloat, tool) from dynamic encounters.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #82) $
Post by: getter77 on March 25, 2017, 01:04:14 AM
Feature Friday #82

We added... well, just read below.
Added a new high-tech item, nano-neuro animator, that makes a nearby wall or door sentient (it'll support more inanimate objects soon).
Added a cheaper, consumable competitor for the nano-neuro animator: Spray-a-Brain.
Added body types and body parts for animated walls and doors.
Added a faction: newly sentient beings.
There's now a very small chance that any given wall or door is sentient.
Updated compass bracelet's tile.
Made some enhancements to the new input manager.
Rebinds are now be properly saved between sessions.
Improved the 8-way directional sensitivity.
D-pad left and right now scroll through your activated abilities.
While scrolling through abilities, 'X' activates the selected ability. Left trigger + 'X' enters the ability screen.
Next page and previous page bindings now work properly.
Menu navigation directions now repeat when held.
You can now navigate to the "buy a new mutation" option on the character screen.
Holding the Alt button while moving now force attacks in that direction.
There are now force attack action bindings.
Added key repeat delay and rate sliders to the Controls options menu.
Trade bindings now work properly.
Fixed canceling causing double input on several screens.
Fixed the pick direction screen not accepting diagonal inputs.
Removed unused 12-gauge shotgun ammo.
Salt dunes tiles now properly animate.
Fixed some memory use issues on the high score screen.
Fixed some rare exceptions in the following parts: AnimatedMaterialSaltDunes, AIPilgrim, Daylight, LiquidVolume, Juke.
Fixed a rare exception with rendering effects.
Fixed cases where the overlay UI stopped responding when you exited to the main menu.
Fixed the mouse wheel not working on the keybind screen.
Fixed controls in the new inventory screen sometimes incorrectly appearing disabled.
Fixed a spurious serialization error.
Fixed a scripting mod compilation error.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #83) $
Post by: getter77 on April 01, 2017, 03:08:22 AM
Feature Friday #83

You can now use nano neuro animators or cans of Spray-a-Brain to make tables sentient.
There's now a very small chance any given table is sentient.
You can now dominate sentient walls, doors, and tables.
Fixed a bug that caused you to be unable to spray brains onto doors.
Added a new book: From Entropy to Hierarchy by Q Girl.
We replaced the old container storage UI with a much better variant of the trade UI.
Additional trade actions are now grouped under a submenu of the trade screen.
Open shafts drop you directly on top of a wall less often.
Fixed the reload keymind in the new input manager.
Added an option to globally enable or disable mod support.
Fixed the message log and status bar options not working properly without the overlay UI fully enabled.
Fixed option drop-down menus not rendering properly and increased their size.
Vendors no longer repair or recharge items when you don't have enough water to pay for the service.
Fixed some issues with double inputs when escaping screens.
Fixed a rare exception with generic ammo.
Fixed the inventory screen sometimes appearing on top of the new UI.
Fixed loading text not appearing when it should.
Fixed some typos.
We're also working on a journaling system and expansion to the Water Ritual. Stay tuned!
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #84) $
Post by: getter77 on April 08, 2017, 12:44:14 AM
Feature Friday #84
Added a helmet mod, two-faced, that grants an additional face slot.
Refactored helmet tables into and helmets and hats (known collectively as headwear).
Added a rare book mod, illuminated, that increases the book's value.
Added secluded scriptoriums.
Added legendary scribes and new overland encounters for their scriptoriums.
Added a new liquid: ink.
Ink catalyzes primordial soup into inky sludges with inky pseudopods.
Gave phials a new tile.
Phial color now changes based on the liquid it contains.
Reduced the capacity and cost of phials.
Reflavored the jungle pygmies as the Naphtaali tribe.
Updated the description for the various Naphtaali, Naphtaali corpse, Naphtaali limbs, and chrome idol.
Made Dueling Stance a requirement for Improved Dueling Stance.
Increased the chance goatfolk leave corpses behind.
We made a few improvements to autoexplore.
Added a message when there are no available autoexplore paths to the remaining explored areas on the map.
Added a message when autoexplore stops due to a hostile creature.
Fixed some cases where you'd take an extra step after seeing a hostile creature.
Autoexplore no longer factors in unexplored wall tiles into its pathfinding.
Fixed an issue caused by unreachable tiles becoming reachable via terrain modification.
Autoexplore now visits tiles with trash in them if you have the Tinkering power 'Scavenger'.
If your body doesn't have arms and you gain the Multiple Arms mutation, one of your new hands now counts as a primary slot.
Fixed an issue with auto-drink not automatically drinking. You had one job.
Fixed an issue with upward stair generation.
Fixed fake errors when dynamic population tables were referred to blueprint inventory builders.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #85) $
Post by: getter77 on April 15, 2017, 02:59:55 AM
Feature Friday #85
Six Day Stilt merchants, and other rare merchants, now periodically refresh their wares.
Added new tiles for these artifacts: hoversled and helping hands.
Sultans now occasionally abdicate their thrones or get murdered under mysterious circumstances.
Sultan counselors now occasionally suggest abdication to their sultans. This can result in various outcomes, some of which are not great for the counselors.
Sultans are now guaranteed to become sultans during the course of their lives. We expect as much from them.
Gave the following creatures new descriptions.
all the cragmensch
Gave clockwork beetles more robotic attributes.
You can now use Rebuke Robot to rebuke clockwork beetles.
You're now prompted to stop traveling on the world map if glotrot causes you to start bleeding.
The container UI now lets you store water containers and other objects that are filtered out of the trade UI.
Fixed some issues that improperly caused the player to be destroyed.
The overlay UI scale is now a slider.
Capped the brightness and contrast settings to prevent completely unusable values.
Continued behind-the-scenes work on the journal and water ritual feature arcs.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #86) $
Post by: getter77 on April 22, 2017, 03:08:01 AM
Feature Friday #86
Added a new fungal infection: waxflab.
Added a new type of fungus puffer: rosepuff.
Removed the max strength cap from cudgel-like fungal infections that colonize your hands.
Added tiles for all the fungal infections.
Updated the Corpus Choliys to include an account of waxflab.
Gave a chat component to the following creature types (their capacity for speech varies).
most other mammals
unshelled reptiles
Made birds extra chatty.
Fixed some grammar issues with popup messages.
Party members now prefer not to attack things that share a tile with their party leader.
Fixed tinker-trained NPCs not being able to repair items.
Fixed some cases where multiple sets of limbs were given the same name.
Fixed some cases where fungal outcrops weren't removed when you cured glowcrust.
Lairs no longer generate on top of historic sites, wiping the sites out of existence.
Fixed some cases where natural equipment, like bites, ended up on the ground when the corresponding appendage was dismembered.
When you cure ironshank, you no longer have a residual movespeed penalty.
Fixed some cases where plant-based lairs didn't generate properly.
Journal, water ritual, and faction work proceeds behind the scenes.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #86) $
Post by: Skeletor on April 30, 2017, 05:19:46 AM
I recently bought this game and so far I have to say I am really impressed. Attention to details, interesting and elaborate story and lore with good sense of humor, good mechanics, high amplitude of different configurations of possible PCs, good graphics and music. Most importantly, the devs seem very passionate about it and update it on a regular basis. Definitively recommended.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #86) $
Post by: getter77 on April 30, 2017, 12:35:32 PM
Easily---and the best is yet to come still.   8)   Next week should be an especially potent update at that...
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #86) $
Post by: Skeletor on May 05, 2017, 12:23:05 AM
Yeah I am really enjoying playing this masterpiece.
As of now is the game complete/winnable or still mostly in a sandbox stage?
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #86) $
Post by: getter77 on May 05, 2017, 11:56:37 AM
Quest line isn't quite done yet---but still a fair bit of an assortment before the gaze turns to the sandbox aspects.

The slick roadmap illuminates the way forward pretty well:

Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #86) $
Post by: Skeletor on May 06, 2017, 04:48:19 AM
Thanks getter, this is interesting.
I love the new steam achievements planned.. Become a goat. Wear your own severed face on your face... brilliant.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #87!) $
Post by: getter77 on May 06, 2017, 12:06:07 PM
Feature Friday #87!  8)

This week, we're introducing two new feature arcs that have been in development for a few months. The first is the Journal. As you play Caves of Qud, you accumulate a bounty of knowledge. We added a journal that tracks important locations you discover, gossip and lore you come across, historical snippets you learn about ancient sultans, and your character’s chronology. You can also add your own notes to the journal and keep track of interesting places on the world map.

The second is the Water Ritual. The reputation system lets you befriend any of Qud’s sixty plus factions by treating with or slaying faction leaders. We expanded the rewards for earning high reputation and gave more cultural texture to the process by adding the water ritual, a custom based on sharing precious fresh water with a faction leader to secure a bond with their kinfolk. When you engage in the water ritual with a faction leader, you can spend reputation to learn secrets that get logged in your journal, earn rewards specific to that faction, or recruit the leader to your party.

The details are below.

We added the journal. By default, it's bound to 'J'.
The journal has five tabs.
The locations tab lists locations you learn about in game, categorized by type.
When you learn a new location, it'll appear in this tab. You can learn locations by finding them yourself or by learning about them via another method, like the water ritual.
When you go to the world map, there's a marker on the worldmap tile that's home to the location. The description of the worldmap tile includes all the location notes it contains.
The alt display on the worldmap shows an alternate icon for locations with notes.
You can toggle off the worldmap markers for a category by hitting Tab on the Locations tab.
When you enter into a category, you see all the locations of that category and their distance in parasangs to the nearest landmark. 1 parasang = 1 worldmap tile.
You can hit Tab or Space on a specific location to track it on the worldmap. When a location is tracked, it appears green and flashing.
You can enter your own notes on the Locations tab by typing +. Your notes appear under the Miscellaneous category.
You can delete notes with -.
Gossip and Lore. Currently, this tab contains any gossip you learn through the course of the game. Gossip is a type of secret that you can learn during the water ritual. See notes on the water ritual below.
Sultan Histories. When you reveal a secret about a sultan, it appears in this tab categorized by the sultan's name. As you reveal more secrets, they'll appear in chronological order.
Chronology. This tab tracks the narrative of your character's life. This is the same chronology that appears in your death summary. You can add or deleted player-added entries by typing + or -.
General Notes. Use this tab to add any additional notes you'd like. Example: "I hate the crab."
As part of the conversion of character knowledge to journal entries, we refactored world generation and the location discovery process. When you discover a special location, such as a ruined site, historic site, goatfolk village, lair, merchant, pig farm, super secret location, etc, it'll be added to your journal now.
If you descend from the worldmap to a tile with a location note, you have the option to descend directly to that location.
Added procedurally-generated names for goatfolk villages and ruined sites.

We added the water ritual and removed the Offer Gift power.
You begin the water ritual through conversation with a faction leader. You'll know faction leaders by the backstory relationships they have with other factions when you look at them.
You start the ritual by sharing 1 dram of (usually) water with the faction leader. If you do, you gain 100 reputation with the leader's faction, and you gain or lose reputation with factions that like or dislike the leader, respectively.
Once you're engaged in the water ritual, you have several options. Here are some of the common ones.
Share a secret.
Depending on the types of secrets this faction is interested in, you may be able to share a secret with the leader. Check out the right column of the Reputation screen to see what types of secrets each faction is interested in trading. Potentially sharable secrets include anything in the Locations, Gossip and Lore, or Sultan Histories tabs of your journal. If a leader is interested in your secrets, you'll get a choice of a few to share. If you share one, you get reputation with the faction leader. Each leader only has a certain amount of bonus reputation they can give you toward their faction.
You can only share each secret once. Once you do, it's out in the world.
You can't share a secret with the faction you learned it from. Who you learned each secret from and who you shared it with are listed in your journal.
Learn a secret. The leader shares a secret with you. The type of secret depends on the faction.
Share gossip. Factions tend to want to hear gossip about themselves. If you have some, they'll reward you with extra reputation.
Learn a skill. Faction leaders can teach certain skills in exchange for reputation.
Join the party. In exchange for a lot of rep, most leaders are willing to join your party.
Special (oooo). Some factions have special rewards.
Added a new skill: Customs & Folklore.
Tactful (150 sp, 19 int): Whenever you start the water ritual with a new creature, you get an extra 25 reputation.
Trash Divining (150 sp, 21 int): Whenever you rifle through trash, there's a 5% chance you piece together clues and discover a random secret.
Lowered starting reputation with the villagers of Joppa and Fellowship of Wardens.

Some other notes:
Changed the logic for finding directions. Now, only humanoid creatures can give you directions if you're lost.
Fixed an issue with the new input manager not detecting gamepad stick x-axis movement properly.
Fixed an OSX launch issue.
Fixed a rare exception instantiating Sheba Hagadias.

There are countless details; we're sure we're forgetting to mention a few. Play around and explore for yourself. Live and drink!
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #87!) $
Post by: Skeletor on May 06, 2017, 03:25:27 PM
Nice updates.

I just found some quills and accidentally equipped them.. now can't unequip normally. Is there a way to get rid of them? Really needed that hand for a source of light...
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #87!) $
Post by: AgingMinotaur on May 06, 2017, 06:15:02 PM
The same happens with fungal outgrowths and other special body parts that can't be unequipped if you get them intrinsically. Quite obviously a bug, so I think there's no in-game way to fix it, short of getting your arm chopped off and wishing for a new one.

I haven't tried the last release, but I looks fantastic. Just when I was hoping that (something like) the water ritual would become available to all characters :) And I love the fact that you can chat with anybody since a few weeks back. The old CoQ was already one of the truly great RLs, and development is soaring these days.

As always,
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #87!) $
Post by: Tzan on May 06, 2017, 08:13:33 PM
I got the game at least a year ago and read a noob guide.
I set up a character as they suggested. They also said you really need to be a certain level before doing the first quest.
So I headed north and my guy was way over power compared to the creatures up 5 or 10 screens.
So I got bored grinding on levels then never went back.

Am I doing it wrong?
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #87!) $
Post by: Skeletor on May 07, 2017, 01:33:49 AM
Thanks Minotaurus, that is the impression I had. Oh well, I'll have to find a headlamp or a way to see in the dark without wielding anything then.
Yes, the last update is great, adds further politics and diplomacy in the game. Slaying factions leaders will always often have an impact on your relationship with multiple tribes, such as doing the ritual of water with one who is beloved by its kin but disliked by others.

Tzan, personally I prefer to avoid guides and live fully the impact of a new atmosphere and game world, and even more I stay away from grinding (see signature) - but that's just me.
In terms of game balancing, not sure where you were and which equipment you found, however as far as I have seen even with very strong characters there is always the chance of getting teared apart by some slumbering woken up by a passing dragonfly, a pack of snapjaw doing a contest of grenade-throw, or that little critter which attacks you for 1 damage which triggers your venomous spores which angry that huge pack of equimax surrounding you - stuff like that. Below the fifth dungeon floor is usually when things get more serious.
Anyway not fully sure how the developers handled the balancing so far, however it is nice that one can play mutants (which are supposed to be more difficult than true kins, at least in the early game) and there are weekly and daily challenges with predetermined character/world seeds.

EDIT: my character just went burned alive by a dawnglider right after taking some stairs, 'a stone block hits your head, you die' deja-vu.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #87!) $
Post by: Skeletor on May 08, 2017, 05:19:36 PM
I just had the most memorable game.. true kin artefix, managed to find a spring of infinite fresh water very close to the town, met a few dromad merchants posted nearby and managed to get very strong artifacts.. crafted electrobow and several grenades, found other absolutely monstrous weapons but decided to stick with the bow because of its infinite ammo with low consumption of energy, light emission, and high penetration value. Blasted my way through becoming millionaire in the meanwhille. Killed a few faction leaders, water rituals with others and became respected by several tribes, but hated by robots.. completed all argyve's missions and the girlshings one but then instead of going for the pilgrmage I had the bad idea of accessing golgotha through the trapdoor and I felt like a lion thrown inside a pool of shark - killed hundreds, thousands of those nastly little crabs while exercising on the threadmill but they kept coming and coming so eventually I had no choice than to get transported to the following trapdoor.. and same thing again, another threadmill.. I had Joppa and Grit recoils with full battery so decided to find a safe place away from the enemies and then teleport the hell out of that madness.. tried to phase my way out with shade oil but looked like it was shalerock everywhere around, then decided to blast my way through and explore around little by little.. countless crabs were teared to pieces by my laser bow, my grenades, and my gaslight kriss.. I managed to venutre a few metres north and at one stage a droid and a slime approached me, both very hostile, and trying to rebuke the bot was what led to my demise as that slime was some sort of super green jelly which stunned and killed me quite quickly notwithstanding my high armor value.
That was full on!
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #87!) $
Post by: jim on May 08, 2017, 05:32:23 PM
I kind of feel like Qud is on the cusp of being a Major Roguelike. It's really come along, and the latest release does a lot to tie the world together.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #87!) $
Post by: getter77 on May 08, 2017, 09:37:13 PM
Qud is/has been/but let's say is* The Beacon for modern Mega Projects of all stripes that, yes...you too, you can also succeed with pluck and luck applied---that there is still room for sprawling projects to achieve that glorious and weighty towering mass as opposed to just smaller experiments and narrow scope(smarter/less insane) ventures.   8)

The only reason it doesn't yet get such credit is probably down to the project being on this long road for a great many years now as opposed to springing from nothing just recently.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #88) $
Post by: getter77 on May 13, 2017, 12:48:29 AM
Feature Friday #88
Added and updated some sound effects.
open and close wooden door
open tech door
hover over UI element
acquire a fungal infection
Added procedurally-generated names for starapple farms.
Added procedurally-generated names for pig farms.
Made some gossip more interesting and specific.
Initiating the water ritual is no longer ever the default dialog option.
Sleep immunity from Sleep Gas Generation no longer applies to Narcolepsy or exhaustion from Adrenal Control.
Myopia is working as intended again.
Smart use no longer interacts with party members.
Fixed a typo in the option to initiate the water ritual.
Fixed a few grammatical errors in the chronology.
Removed Yempuris Phi from dynamic encounters.
Graphical elements like the map note indicators no longer disappear after a textbox appears over them in look mode.
You can no longer initiate the water ritual with clones.
Clones of containers are now empty.
Clones of items with ammos slots are now empty.
Fixed some blank popup messages during merchant encounters.
Fixed the default Journal keybinding when J is in use as a secondary keybind.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #88) $
Post by: Skeletor on May 13, 2017, 02:48:58 PM
I agree with you guys.
Once the main quest plot is developed and the game isn't anymore in pre-release stage, I guess it will officially become a major roguelike given its size and complexity. I have been having a blast so far.

Anyway, does anyone knows how exactly I recover an old version in order to play a save game from it?
In the FAQ it is mentioned that Steam stores older versions, but not sure where I can access them.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #88) $
Post by: Skeletor on May 17, 2017, 05:07:54 AM
Minotauros, really liked the CoQ comics that you have made  :D
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #88) $
Post by: AgingMinotaur on May 17, 2017, 10:33:04 AM
Hehe, thanks, man. I have fun making them, as well.

As always,
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #88) $
Post by: jim on May 19, 2017, 08:41:05 PM
Skeletor, a Steam forum scan suggests that you can revert to a previous version in the betas tab? So you might not need to locate the save files at all.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #89) $
Post by: getter77 on May 20, 2017, 01:32:25 AM
Feature Friday #89

Gave Golgotha a small visual makeover when tiles are enabled.
Added a tile for conveyor drive units.
Added a tile for conveyor belts.
Animated conveyor belt tiles.
Added a tile and description for the Hook for Feet defect.
Added a tile and description for the Beak defect.
'Pour' is now the default action for water containers in your inventory rather than 'drink', making it less likely to accidentally drink from canteens full of acid.
Merchants no longer restock their inventories if they belong to your party.
Removed the double chat popups from most creatures.
Sultans no longer insist that cities be named after their regnal numbers (for example, 'III City').
You may no longer trade with your Temporal Fugue clones.
Items thrown by clones now immediately fade from existence in the player's dimension.
You can now properly read books that you donate to Sheba Hagadias.
Stairs should now always be properly linked between levels.
Cave systems, watervine patches, desert canyons, and historic sites are now more consistent when using the same world seed.
Made some big memory improvements.
Reduced baseline memory usage by about 25%.
Fixed several memory leaks.
Slightly reduced saved game file sizes.
Fixed some incorrect pronouns in text generation.
Fixed some rare infinite loops during history generation.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #88) $
Post by: Skeletor on May 23, 2017, 05:57:47 PM
Skeletor, a Steam forum scan suggests that you can revert to a previous version in the betas tab? So you might not need to locate the save files at all.

Thanks Jim, good to see you're still around. So many years we've been in this forum ha.
Can't find this betas tab on steam though, where is it?
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #90) $
Post by: getter77 on May 27, 2017, 01:51:07 AM
Feature Friday #90

You can interact with the world in a few new ways.
You can sit on chairs.
You can smoke from hookahs.
You cat light fires at campfire remains.
You can put out campfires.
You can now sleep in bedrolls.
Sultans now occasionally get married, cementing alliances with various factions and guilds.
At sultan weddings, guests occasionally give gifts to the sultan.
Depending on the course of a sultan's life, you now occasionally find their wedding gifts at historic sites.
Stopsvalinn no longer shows up in dynamic encounters.
Creatures (including you) now walk over non-damaging liquids, like slime, while auto-pathing.
Creatures (including you) now try to avoid walking through acid while auto-pathing.
You should now always be able to remove two-faced helmets.
Helmets with terrifying or serene visage and gesticulating gauntlets no longer occupy multiple heads or hands slots, respectively.
Improved baseline memory usage by an additional 20%.
Fixed some rare exceptions with history text generation.
Fixed an issue that sometimes caused too many zones to remain in memory.
Fixed a rare exception when find an encounter from the world map.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #90) $
Post by: jim on May 30, 2017, 08:23:07 PM
Maybe it's because I still crave the occasional smoke now and again, but can't tell you how cool it is that I can finally hit the hookah.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #91) $
Post by: getter77 on June 03, 2017, 12:51:45 AM
Feature Friday #91

We tightened up the logic governing which bonuses you get from equipment that's equipped on secondary appendages, such as a second head or second pair of arms.
You don't get AV or DV from equipment that's equipped on a secondary appendage, but you do get other bonuses, such as +resistances or +stats. This is the same logic as before, but it works more consistently now.
Secondary appendages are now marked with a grey 'x' on the equipment screen in the original UI (but not yet the new UI).
Almost always, a secondary appendage corresponds to a second (or third, or fourth) copy of an existing appendage, denoted with '(2)' in the appendage name. The exception is if a creature with no arms, say, gets its first set of arms; those arms will be secondary.
Hands (2) no longer appears before Hands in the new equipment screen UI.

Updated the display names of animated walls, doors, and tables.
Added the possibility of encountering legendary animated walls, doors, or tables.
Gave legendary animated furniture appropriate proper names based on whether they're walls, doors, or tables.
Newly sentient beings, such as animated walls, doors, and tables, can now remind you what it's like to be a child when you share water with them.
Found and fixed a major contributor to late-game memory issues.
If you somehow end up as a merchant, your inventory no longer restocks with merchant wares, obliterating the items in your existing inventory as a side effect.
Removed the mod tier from the display names of flaming, freezing, and electrified mods.
Clarified that flaming, freezing, and electrifying effects happen on hit, not penetration.

We fixed some issues with melee combat.
Charge now properly applies its penetration bonus.
Horns now uses its mutation level to determine its to-hit bonus instead of your Agility modifier.
When you have Helping Hands equipped and you attack with empty robo-fists, they use Helping Hands' flat Strength score of 23 instead of your own strength score.
Fixed an issue where sprinting didn't properly apply melee to-hit penalties.
Removed the vestigial HitDice property from melee weapons.
Fixed some issues causing flickering between fullscreen and windowed mode when the in-game options and the launcher options didn't match.

We made some additional changes to melee combat balance in a beta branch on Steam. If you'd like to help us test these changes, right-click on Caves of Qud in Steam, select Properties, click the Betas tab, and switch to the 'beta' branch. (Thanks!) The changes are listed below.
Some penetration bonuses on weapons were bugged, such as the +1 and +2 bonuses axes and cudgels got, respectively. We fixed these bugs, but we removed the axe and cudgel bonuses since they're part of an older design. Instead, we replaced them with different critical hit behavior for each weapon class.
Cudgels now get +1 penetration and daze on critical hits.
Axes now get +1 penetration and cleave on critical hits.
Long blades now get +3 penetration on critical hits.
Daggers now get +1 penetration and cause bleeding on critical hits.
We tweaked all melee weapon stats to account for these changes.
The sharp melee mod works again.
Gaslight kris and gaslight flyssa work properly again.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #92) $
Post by: getter77 on June 10, 2017, 01:23:31 AM
Feature Friday #92

Added a new music track for Golgotha.
We incorporated the combat changes from the beta branch into this week's main-branch patch. Here's a summary of all the changes.
Some penetration bonuses on weapons were bugged, such as the +1 and +2 bonuses axes and cudgels got, respectively. We fixed these bugs, but we removed the axe and cudgel bonuses since they're part of an older design. Instead, we replaced them with different critical hit behavior for each weapon class.
Cudgels now get +1 penetration and daze on critical hits.
Axes now get +1 penetration and cleave on critical hits.
Long blades now get +3 penetration on critical hits.
Daggers now get +1 penetration and cause bleeding on critical hits.
We tweaked all melee weapon stats to account for these changes.
Two-handed weapons now grant a flat +1 penetration bonus instead of having a higher strength mod cap. Their damage was also shifted up a tier.
The sharp melee mod works again.
Gaslight kris and gaslight flyssa work properly again.
We also tweaked some of the melee weapon skills.
Axe: The Cleave penalty is now capped at half your strength mod, rounded up.
Short blade: Shank's cooldown is now 10 rounds if you shank from your primary hand. It's still 20 otherwise.
Short Blade Proficiency now grants +1 to hit and you make primary-hand short blade attacks as if your quickness were 25% higher. This means you make five attacks for every four that your normal-speed opponents make. These faster primary-hand attacks can trigger offhand attacks.
Long Blade: Reduced Improved Aggressive Stance's to-hit penality from -4 to -3.
New weapon mod: masterwork. Masterwork weapons score critical hits twice as often.
Added a new tile and flame animation for great magma crabs.
Glowfish can effectively bite now.
Chitinous puma can once again equip their natural claws.
If you use psychometry while confused, identified artifacts are no longer named things like 'Uhummwuhwah'.
While on the world map, you can now 'l'ook at the tile you're standing on.
Fixed a bug that caused the critical hit target to change from 20 when you were charging.
Fixed a bug that caused the critical hit target to sometimes change when using a missile weapon.
Fixed some cases where NPCs' strength modifiers were used to determine the difficulty of dodging their projectiles.
Fixed an issue where creature AI wouldn't get mad at you when you used a combat power and missed with it.
Fixed the journal getting unbound when you reset to default keybindings.
Fixed an issue that caused the system menu to pop up when you escaped the inventory screen in the new UI.
Fixed some cases where abilities allowed you to attack phased creatures.
[modding] Changed the event parameter names for PerformMeleeAttack to "Attacker" and "Defender".
[modding] Refactored the 'PenHitBonus' parameter in Combat events to use the 'PenCapBonus' and 'HitBonus' parameters instead.
[modding] Moved the chance to trigger Jab (the Short Blade power) into an attacker based event.
[modding] The AttackerGetWeaponPenModifier event now allows modification of the attack's PenBonus and CapBonus.
[modding] Refactored melee combat so that the chance to perform an offhand attack with robo-hands or the Multiple Arms mutation resides in the AttackerQueryWeaponSecondaryAttackChanceMultiplier event, allowing for similar behavior via mods.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #93) $
Post by: getter77 on June 17, 2017, 03:21:44 AM
Feature Friday #93

Added new tiles for the following creatures and items.
elastyne skin suit
elastyne skull cap
apple farmer's daughter
Added a chronology entry for falling in love.
Shields can no longer be wooly.
Light sources no longer give off light while equipped in the thrown weapon slot.
Spring-loaded shoes now work properly when you mod them via tinkering.
Villagers of Joppa are now properly interested in secrets about all salt marsh locations.
Ironshank now has a maximum movespeed penalty of 80.
Added some new descriptions.
great saltback
great saltback corpse
honey skunk
great magma crab
Added some new functionality to the new inventory UI.
Added item weight to inventory item lines and category tabs.
Added an indicator for current weight and total carry capacity.
Scroll positions now properly stick after manipulating an item.
Ctrl+D now drops the currently selected inventory item.
Ctrl+A now eats the currently selected inventory item.
Ctrl+R now drinks the currently selected inventory item.
Ctrl+P now applies the currently selected inventory item.
Fixed the thrown weapon slot not being equippable by clicking.
Added an icon for meds.
Changed the icon for tools.
[coming soon]If you drink deeply of the psychic well, beware what may find you at the bottom...
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #94) $
Post by: getter77 on June 24, 2017, 12:08:41 PM
Feature Friday #94

We made some tweaks and additions to tonics.
Added a new tonic: love tonic.
Currently, overdosing on a love tonic causes you to erupt into flames. This may change soon.
Added platinum as an unidentified tonic color.
You can now stab people with injectors during melee combat. You must penetrate their armor to successfully inject.
Chronology entries logged while you're in love are now much sappier.
Added a chronology entry for losing the lovesick status effect.
Autoexplore now ignores freshwater if you don't have room to carry it.
Natural missile weapons now require ammo once they're dismembered.
If you go to the worldmap and immediately return to a noted location in the same worldmap tile, you now properly appear in that location.
Fixed some severe memory usage issues during long-running games with thousands of items (mostly ammo stacks).
Fixed Temporal Fugue lag issues in long-running games when there are thousands of items in your inventory (mostly ammo stacks).
Fixed an issue when you canceled out of the pour dialog where you were still asked how many drams to pour.
Fixed an issue preventing you from escaping out of string-entry dialogs (for example, entering the amount you want to pour out of a container).
Fixed an issue causing buggy behavior in the new UI after certain direction selection dialogs.
Fixed an issue where some screens didn't display controls if the new UI was enabled but the new inventory UI wasn't enabled.
Fixed some bad interactions between zoom and panning popups in the old UI.
Fixed an issue that prevented you from clicking on items in the nearby items list.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #95) $
Post by: getter77 on June 30, 2017, 11:07:29 PM
Feature Friday #95

Two-point mutations are now included in the mutation choices when you buy a mutation or when your genome destabilizes.
If an immobile creature gains flying, it can now move.
If an aquatic creature gains flying, it can now move over land.
Added new liquid weeps that produce much smaller puddles.
The smaller weeps now inhabit fungal biomes instead of their larger cousins. The original weeps still inhabit the Rainbow Wood.
Renamed the original weeps from "__ weep" to "giant __ weep" (for example: "giant acid weep").
When you discover a weep in a fungal biome, you now log it as a secret in your journal.
Added an overlay UI option to prevent full screen effects like scanlines from applying to the UI elements
Chests now render on top of corpses.
Domination's cooldown timer now doesn't start counting until domination is broken.
Fixed "SultanCult[n]" faction names appearing in the backstory descriptions of legendary creatures.
Fixed some autoexplore issues where you'd repeatedly try to access objects that you don't own.
Fixed a rare issue with mushroom growth.
You can no longer trade temporally unstable objects.
Added some architecture and design for longer-term feature arcs: [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted].
Mid-week patch notes:
You no longer fall in love with every sign you read.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #96) $
Post by: getter77 on July 15, 2017, 10:04:53 PM
Feature Friday #96

Espers are now being watched.
New item mod that shows up in very particular circumstances: extradimensional.
You can choose to watch the psyches of your enemies radiate into nothingness.
New food item: humble pie. Why be full of yourself when you can just be full?
Get-item dialogs now display your total weight.
Fixed some issues while displaying some non-standard ASCII characters in the new UI.
Circuitry-obsessed sultans now wire things to other things instead of just wiring things to themselves.
Fixed an occasional exception in combat.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #97) $
Post by: getter77 on July 21, 2017, 09:16:23 PM
Feature Friday #97

Extradimensional items now have a very small chance to appear anywhere.
Changed faction encounters with the Seekers of the Sightless Way. Instead of traveling in mind-melting esper packs, legendary seekers now travel with various kinds of psychic thralls.
Added new book: Disquisition on the Malady of the Mimic.
Added a new note on a sheet of paper, lost to its owner, gathering dust somewhere in Qud.
You can now properly learn mental mutations during certain water ritual encounters if you're an esper.
You can no longer learn mental mutations during water ritual encounters if you're a chimera.
You can no longer equip a light torch from the ground into your thrown weapon slot and have it remain lit.
Tinkering directly from a data disk now properly uses any required ingredients
Staircases and pathways between maps are now more common in cave systems.
Changed the value of the bloodstained goatskin parchment sheaf and excluded it from dynamic encounters.
Fixed some issues caused by gaining a new mutation that had already been granted to you by a relic.
Bookshelves will now be auto-looted during auto-explore.
Added a new user option to enable or disable auto-loot of bookshelves.
[modding] Added a new part, HasThralls, that can be added to a creature to give them psychic thralls of around their level.
[modding] Added a new part, UniqueWithAlternative. An object with this part only spawns once. If it would spawn again, instead another object spawns in its place. You can define the alternative object in the part property named "Alternative".
[modding] Added a new JukedObject and WasJuked events, which are fired on the juker and the jukee when juke is used to swap with combat objects.
[modding] Added a new ChargedTarget and WasCharged events, which are fired on the charger and the target
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #98) $
Post by: getter77 on July 29, 2017, 01:19:23 AM
Feature Friday #98

Added framework for new cybernetics system (coming soon).
Equippable painted and engraved items now grant bonus reputation with the cult that worships the depicted sultan.
Added a prototype trade screen to the new UI that's mouseable/touchable.
Switch the tiles for tanglewood tree and swarmshade tree.
Added a new tile for humble pie.
Added new descriptions for the following plants.
tanglewood tree
swarmshade tree
Removed Pax Klanq from dynamic encounters.
You can no longer absorb the psyches of clones.
Negative reputation values now always display as negative numbers on the Reputation screen.
Fixed several issues that caused item-granted reputation bonuses to remain after the items were unequipped.
Fixed some grammar issues with the worldmap tiles.
Fixed an issue where system objects would gain status effects (e.g., "CanyonMarker falls asleep").
Fixed an issue that caused forced secondary attack to not occur when you used abilities like Flurry.
Creature AI now responds better when friendly creatures are blocking its path.
Fixed mod uploader popups being blank.
[modding] .cs files are now loaded from subdirectories in the mod folder in addition to the root folder.
[modding] Added "TemporalFugueCopied" event hook.
[modding] Added "GetPsychicGlimmer" event hook.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #99) $
Post by: getter77 on August 04, 2017, 11:43:41 PM
Feature Friday #99

We're trying out a change to how Willpower works. It now modifies the cooldowns of all activated abilities, not just mental mutations. Each point of Willpower above 16 decreases cooldowns by 5%, down to a minimum 20% of the original cooldown or a minimum 5 rounds. Likewise, each point of Willpower below 16 increases cooldowns by 5%.
We reduced the power level of Freezing Hands and (to a lesser degree) Flaming Hands.
Freezing Hands: reduced the magnitude of the temperature decrease and reduced damage from (level)d4 to (level)d3+1.
Flaming Hands: slightly reduced the magnitude of the temperature increase and reduced damage from (level)d6 to (level)d4+1.
New liquid: sap.
Added sap to the list of potential cure ingredients for diseases and fungal infections.
Creatures now bleed appropriate blood types.
Robots now bleed oil.
Plants now bleed sap.
Oozes now bleed slime.
Fixed an issue that caused shields to not apply their AV bonuses when you blocked an attack.
Made the Berate messages more sensible.
Fixed the reputation formatting on the Reputation screen for factions that love you.
Fixed engraved and painted items occasionally spawning with no historical events depicted.
You no longer get "x pours out all over you" messages when other creatures get liquids poured on them.
Fixed an issue causing cloned liquid volumes to share the source volume's liquid mixture.
[modding]Added the following tags to specify what blood type a creature uses.
BleedLiquid, ex: <tag Name="BleedLiquid" Value="sap-1000"></tag>
BleedColor, ex: <tag Name="BleedColor" Value="&amp;W"></tag>
BleedPrefix, ex: <tag Name="BleedPrefix" Value="&amp;Wsappy"></tag>
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #100) $
Post by: getter77 on August 12, 2017, 12:00:22 PM
Feature Friday #100

Added a new item: phase-shift grenade. It shifts the dimensional phase of everything in its area of effect.
    Added a new geological transition in very deep caverns.
    Added a UI option to display a message in the message log whenever you're in combat and your turn starts.
    Added a debug option to disable the limit of one defect per character.
    Missile weapon descriptions now display additional statistics, including weapon skill type, number of projectiles per shot, ammo use, and accuracy rating.
    Added a new debug wish: curefungus. It removes all fungal infections.
    Fixed an issue that prevented non-phased creatures from passing through phased walls.
    Fixed an issue that caused your character's color not to properly change based on HP and status when the new message log was enabled.
    Fixed an issue with Mark Target's cooldown.
    Fixed an issue causing monsters to fail to properly melee attack across map boundaries.
    Fixed an issue that caused baseline neutral monsters not to attack you after you've provoked them.
    Helping Hands no longer adds additional arms when you equip it to the thrown weapon slot.
    Fixed some engraved items still not depicting a historical event.
    You can now avoid steam damage by phasing or flying over it.
    Changed the default rendering API to DX9 on Windows, which should fix some issues with low-spec machines reporting DX11 support but crashing on launch because they didn't fully support it.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #101) $
Post by: getter77 on August 26, 2017, 12:15:01 AM
Feature Friday #101

Added more support for upcoming Cybernetics patch: coming very soon!
You can now take notes on the world map. If you recently left a particular map from the worldmap tile you're standing on, the note is added to that map. Otherwise, the note is added to the worldmap tile's center map.
Added a control for saved game management to the new UI.
Added an autoget option for books.
Reduced rocket turrets' quickness from 100 to 50.
Oil and sap-covered items can now be washed off.
Items inside containers carried by fugue clones now properly disappear eventually.
The names of items created by Psychometry-generated data disks no longer contain improper prefixes and suffixes.
Fixed an issue causing the "your skin itches" message to appear in the player's message log when NPCs were infected with spores.
Fixed an issue in the character build library UI that caused character builds to overlap with the Back button.
Fixed an issue in the character build library UI that caused builds selected via keyboard navigation to not always be scrolled into view.
Fixed an issue where the "Continue" option was displayed even when no saved games were present.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #102) $
Post by: getter77 on September 02, 2017, 11:55:34 AM
Feature Friday #102   8)

We replaced the old cybernetics system with a newer, much more elaborate one.
Cybernetics are still only available to true kin.
We added dozens of new cybernetic implants.
Implants are installed onto body parts at cybernetic terminals called 'becoming nooks'. Potential body parts include: head, face, body, back, arm, hands and feet. Unlike old implants, these new implants do not occupy equipment slots.
A few implants actually do occupy equipment slots.
You can view your installed implants on the new Cybernetics tab of the Equipment screen. The tab doesn't appear if you have no implants installed.
Implants must be identified before you can install them.
Only one implant can be installed per body part.
Some implants can be installed on one of several body parts.
Each implant has a license point cost associated with it. The total number of license points across all your installed implants can't exceed your license tier.
True kin start with a license tier of 2. You can upgrade your license tier at a becoming nook by spending cybernetic credits.
You can install and uninstall implants freely at a nook, as long as you remain at or below your license tier.
Uninstalled implants go into your inventory. Some implants are destroyed when uninstalled, however. Other implants can't be uninstalled. All this info is in the implant's description.
When installing implants at a becoming nook, the implants must either be in your inventory or the nook's rack.
There are some preset becoming nooks in the game. They also have the chance to appear in certain types of procedurally-generated ruins. Becoming nooks usually have implants in their nook racks.
Implants themselves can also appear as rare loot.
Per the Eaters' architecturally tastes, becoming nooks are usually found along side statues of implanted Eaters.
Most cybernetic credit wedges are now placed in preset locations throughout the world, but they also can appear as very rare loot.
True kin can pick one implant from a subset of the implants to start with at character creation.
The list of starting implants includes generic ones and a unique implant for each arcology only available to characters from that arcology.
Added a new journal category: Ruins with Becoming Nooks.
Some factions, but especially the Putus Templar, now share the locations of ruins with becoming nooks as secrets.
Balanced the Templar's water ritual credit wedge gift for the new system.
Reduced true kin's starting attributes by 2.
Added a whole bunch of minor stuff in support of this patch.
Made the night-vision visual effect more playable.
Fixed an issue with Sense Psychic and Heightened Hearing not properly showing identified object tiles.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #103) $
Post by: getter77 on September 08, 2017, 09:06:47 PM
Feature Friday #103

We made a few enhancements and fixed a few issues with cybernetics.
Added a new implant: force modulator.
As a true kin, you can now choose to start without cybernetics and license tier 0 in exchange for +1 Toughness.
Randomly generated true kin now occasionally start with no cybernetics.
Reduced the movespeed bonus from motorized treads from +100 to +50. The new bonus means you'll move twice as quickly as you do with 100 movespeed (each point above 100 reduces the energy cost of moving by 1%). This was the intended behavior all along.
You no longer prefer to attack with an equipped hand over your fist if you've cybernetically upgraded your fists.
You can no longer pick up becoming nooks and cybernetics racks.
Implants are no longer improperly installed when you cancel out of the installation menu.
Fixed an issue during implant installation that caused the implant to be installed on the first body part listed regardless of which body part was selected.
You now properly automatically ID artifacts when you have optical technoscanner installed.
Matter recompositer now properly teleports you to explored tiles only.
You should no longer get "the way is blocked" messages when using matter recompositer.
You no longer get a blank popup when you share secrets with Putus Templar.
Unidentified implants should no longer have "[implant]" in their names.
Fixed an issue building the new Cybernetics Ward in Bethesda Susa.
Fixed an issue causing some maps to fail to build on OS X and Linux.
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #103) $
Post by: Skeletor on September 12, 2017, 11:16:49 AM
Looks like the devs have been introducing some interesting updates! Haven't played for a while but really looking forward to. Did they manage to balance things a bit with hi ego mind controllers?
Title: Re: Caves of Qud (now at Early Access Feature Friday #103) $
Post by: getter77 on September 12, 2017, 11:42:10 AM
Update 96 onward definitely makes things more...interesting...in the field of mental power doings~   8)
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Post by: getter77 on September 16, 2017, 01:42:20 AM
Feature Friday #104 ~ARRP 2017   8)

Putus Templar now occasionally spawn with cybernetic implants. When one does, they have the "implanted" moniker, their detail color is change, and their implants are listed in the equipment section of their description.
With Masterful Butchery, you can now butcher cybernetic implants from corpses and limbs. You usually succeed, but occasionally you rip them apart in the process.
Added human corpses.
Skillful Butchery is now a prerequisite for Masterful Butchery.
Skillful Harvestry is now a prerequisite for Masterful Harvestry.
Fixed a bug that was introduced when we changed Willpower to affect all cooldowns: Mass Mind now properly refreshes mental cooldowns instead of reducing them to 20%.
Previously, when you equipped (not installed) a cybernetic implant that took up an equipment slot when installed, you couldn't unequip it. Now you can.
Cybernetic implants no longer appear grey on the equipment screen when you simply equip them.
Fixed a bug that caused a dig power to remain in your ability list after the skulk tonic's effect wore off, if you had prerelease content enabled.
Fixed some issues with certain world seeds causing crashes.
Fixed some cases of the new cybernetics UI screens not responding to Enter or prerelease input manager mappings.
[modding] Added a new part for augmenting a creature with cybernetic implants: Cybernetics2HasRandomImplants. Its properties are ImplantChance, ImplantTable, and LicensesAtLeast. ImplantChance specifies the percentage chance the creature spawns with implants. ImplantTable specifies the population table to roll the implants from. LicensesAtLeast specifies the minimum number of license points worth of implants the creature will be generated with. Ex: <part Name="Cybernetics2HasRandomImplants" ImplantChance="25" ImplantTable="Cybernetics4" LicensesAtLeast="6"></part>
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Post by: getter77 on September 23, 2017, 03:03:50 AM
Feature Friday #105

Added an overlay UI screen for cybernetics selection during character creation.
Removed the guaranteed credit wedge from Mafeo's inventory; we meant to remove this wedge when we gave Q Girl one, but we never did.
Autoequip no longer equips multiple torches.
Fixed an issue where fungal infections would knock cybernetic implants out of their equipment slots.
Fixed NPC templars not being recognized as True Kin by becoming nooks.
You can no longer install cybernetic implants on non-natural body parts, like the additional face slot created by two-faced helmets.
Fixed an issue serializing objects with butcherable cybernetic implants.
Fixed an issue causing autoget to not pick up closed containers of fresh water.
Fixed some issues causing autoget to cycle through fresh water puddles forever if the player didn't have room to carry more water in their inventory.
Fixed some issues causing 'w'alk and autoexplore to differ in their decisions about what hostiles they stopped for.
Fixed some issues causing autoexplore to swap with enemies, particularly turrets.
Fixed some issues causing autoexplore to not recognize hostile turrets as hostile.